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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:13) in the New Alderaan system: New Alderaan (New Aldera: Mug Zoran's homestead).
Lady Rikka Dakkar, El-Nay Darr, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Callista Nilar, Lady Drusilla Rodney, Lady Jelena Rodney, Commander Sierra Rodney, and Mug Zoran.

Callista Nilar sat in a bubble filled bath inside of her father's home. She and Ewwiekewwieikkie had decided to dump an entire bottle of bubbles inside the giant bath found within the master bathroom. They had baked a cake for Mug. Rather they had *attempted* to make him one which resulted in both girls being covered from head to toe in frosting, cake batter, and who knows what else. Callista happily splashed her hands in the water as the mess faded off of her. She dipped her face into the water and came up with a long, bubble beard. "Ewwie, look!" She squeaked. She wiggled her head this way and that, getting bubbles on *everything* near the tub. "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! When's Mama gonna be home? I wanna play with her!"

"We talked about this, baby," Mug replied, as he wondered whether or not the Rebels had any surplus cleaning droids he could requisition to help clean their home. "Mommy is on a mission for the nice people who helped the Alderaanians," he said to her, as he tried his best not to break down crying right then and there. In his hand was the richest cake he had ever tasted. Each bite had more sugar than the recommended weekly dosage doctors advised eating. Despite the sugar rush it was giving him, and the knowledge he would spend a long night in the refresher, he made a point to eat every bite of it because of the main ingredient Callista used to make it. Love.

Splish, splash Ewwiekewwieikkie was taking a bath, and Mug was about to find out why this was a dreaded occurrence for the House of Rodney. Not only was her blue hair likely to clog the drain, but when she eventually dried herself it got *everywhere*. Right now she was in the tub blowing bubbles, giggling, and getting partially clean. "My daddy's on the big ship!" she said, cheerfully, as she tried to make a dagger shaped design of a Super Star Destroyer in the bubbles. She had no idea about the politics that divided the family, and simply accepted that she was at a sleepover at Callista's house. "You should come to the big ship. There's big turbolifts! Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down," she repeated, slapping her hand into the bubbling water each time she said 'down'.

Callista had asked the same question a million times. It was likely she'd ask more. As their home came together, she was very excited to show her Mama. She also wanted Iyah to play with her bestest friend. She nodded her head, gracefully accepting the fact that her mother wasn't going to come home yet. "Okay, Daddy. Since you don't have Mama to snuggle at night, you can use Mister Cuddlekins, okay? He's the best snuggle buddy." Callista certainly had love to give. Her heart was full of it. Her brown hair was soaked as Ewwie, too, began to splash. "*Wow*! Really!? I wanna come!! Turbolifts are fun! Weeee!" She stood up in the bath then crashed down into the water, thus making one gigantic *mess*. "Daddy, can I stay with Ewwie and her daddy tomorrow? I'll act like a princess and be good!" The little girl bargained, suddenly tackling the Squib in a tight hug. "I *love* you, Ewwie!" She completed her statement by kissing her on the cheek ... and getting blue fur in her mouth!

Mug was flabbergasted by the innocence of his daughter and unconventional niece. "Um, Sea-mouse, we need to make sure it's okay with her daddy first," he said to his daughter, trying to calm down her excitement about the potential sleepover. But before he could continue his daughter created a tidal wave, as the water splashed over the rim of the tub and soaked his shoes. His good shoes. His only shoes. He could only help but laugh at her playfulness. It was a blessing to have Ewwiekewwieikkie there to help distract from the fact that Iyah was still gone. "Being the ambassador to candy land is a difficult job. A *very* difficult* job," he said to them, trying to subdue his distaste for Grand Moff Rodney. He rose, splashing his feet upon the wet floor and moved to begin putting down towels.

"Oh no! A wave!" Ewwiekewwieikkie announced, as the water went out of the tub and onto the floor. With the water level down most of her wet fur was exposed to the air and she began to feel cold. "Ut oh. Bath's over!" she said, before scrambling out of the tub and onto the fresh towels Mug had put on the floor. She began to shake at a frenzied pace, causing the water and soap to fly everywhere, including the floors that Mug had just toweled off. Her blue fur went everywhere too, but she eventually got herself dry. Or at least close to it. She reached into the tub and tapped Callista on the shoulder. "You're it!" she said, before running from the bathroom, bounding down the stairs, and trying to hide. As she played a game combining hide and seek and tag.

"*I will write him a letter*!" Callista declared. She didn't care what side Ewwie's daddy was on. She didn't even know that there were *sides*. The little girl had knocked out a significant amount of water from the tub. She, too, began to feel cold until Ewwiekewwieikkie's method of drying soaked her. Giggling, Callista squealed. "*I'm it*! *I'm gonna getchu!" She scrambled to get out of the bath as quickly as she could. She stood before her father, attempting to mock Ewwie's shake dry. A second later, naked as the day she was born, Callista went racing off after her best friend. "*I'm gonna get you! *I'm gonna get you*!" Wet footprints and blue fur would lead her father in the general direction of the girls.

Sierra Rodney found the door to Mug's New Alderaan residence to be open. "Hello..?" She called out, stepping into the foyer after closing the door. She could hear the pitter patter of little feet on the ground as well as the thumpity-thump of Ewwiekewwieikkie's feet. All at once, Sierra watched the Squib streak by. The bastard's adoptive daughter was next to bound down the stairs. The young woman stood with her mouth wide open. She began to laugh and laugh. Oh, let there be mercy for Mug's soul.

Instead of heading upstairs, she moved towards the kitchen. She found Callista opening up various cupboards until she let out a happy shriek, having found Ewwiekewwieikkie underneath the kitchen sink. "Hi girls," Sierra said cheerfully. "Why don't we go play the get dressed game? Young princesses shouldn't be running around without their dresses on." She gave them no choice. She wrestled each girl beneath an arm and began leading them upstairs. Callista was happy to see Sierra. "Auntie!" She squeaked, her hand inadvertently touching Sierra's stomach. "*Wow auntie*! *How much cake did you eat*! Your tummy is soooo big!" She cooed, wiggling in Sierra's arms as they all moved into Callista's bedroom to dress.

Sierra blushed as she helped Callista into a dress. "It's not from food, sweetie. I'm going to have a baby." She smiled. "Ewwiekewwieikkie will have a baby brother eventually." She explained to the little girl while hoping that this didn't lead into questions of how babies were made.

"Aww!" Ewwiekewwieikkie went into a pout when she was discovered underneath the sink, thinking she had found the perfect hiding spot. As she climbed out she banged her head into the pipe, breaking it, and causing a leak they would all have to deal with later. "Ouch," she reported, before she saw Sierra. As they went off to get dressed, Ewwiekewwieikkie was quick to pick out some overalls, which she struggled to put on. "Ugh. Ugh. Ugh," she groaned, as she wrestled on the ground, before finally getting them on ... backwards. "Tada!" she announced, as she rose from the ground and outstretched her arms happily. "A baby brother?!" she said, as she ran around Sierra in unabashed excitement. She leapt up onto Sierra, pouncing her, and began to lick at her face happily. Her version of kissing. "Baby!" she said, cheerfully, before offering a hug.

Mug heard the commotion, but when he heard his daughter yell 'auntie' he knew who it was. His heart sunk when he did not hear the word 'mommy' spoken by her. He remained in the bathroom for a while, using the towel to dry his eyes, until he managed to collect himself. Eventually he walked down the corridor to Callista's room, but he did not enter, instead choosing to lurk in the doorway and watch. He was glad his daughter was happy, even if he was not. "Sister," he said to Sierra, finally, as he looked towards her. "You ... you came alone?" he asked, weakly, but he knew that if Iyah had been rescued *nothing* could have stopped her from being here with her family. His pathetic sight was countered by his appearance, slightly wet, and covered in loose strands of blue fur.

Awwww. Ewwiekewwieikkie looked adorable in her overalls even though they were on backwards. Sierra realized that neither her nor Claudius had broached the topic of the new baby with Ewwiekewwieikkie. She was happy to see the Squib's reaction, which ultimately ended with Sierra on the ground receiving Squib kisses. She was wiggling on the floor, squeezing her adoptive step-daughter when Mug appeared. "Okay girls. Why don't you both go play downstairs? I'll be down in a minute." Callista hugged Sierra. She made her way over to Ewwie and crawled onto her back. Sierra didn't speak to Mug until they were both gone. She looked at him. She could feel for him. Iyah was trapped with Papius. She had left him in a house with three girls. "I tried to get her. I failed." She admitted to Mug, stepping towards him. "Your brother, Marcus Rodney, aided me. I was injured. He was hurt much more." Sierra sighed.

She reached into her pocket, withdrawing a data disk. "You can never reveal where this came from." She pressed the disk into his hand. "I was able to download the information on the Imperial garrison where I believe your wife is being held." Marcus' droids had died loyally. "If you provide this to the Rebels, there's a chance that they will be swayed to go save her." She closed his fingers around it then drew her hand away. "I'd act quickly. Take this to your superiors as soon as you can. Go to Delaya. Save your wife from Papius Arundel." She stepped backwards. She could hear the girls laughing again. "We shouldn't make them suffer for the sides that we've chosen. Ewwiekewwieikkie missed Callista so much."

Mug closed his hand around the datadisk, realizing it was the only chance he had at rescuing Iyah from the clutched of the Empire. "Thank you," he said, as he lowered his head, considering his next words. "Take your children. Go home," he said to her, as he began to leave the room. "Ewwie is here. Drusilla has been spending most of the time on your freighter. Jelena, if you can believe it, is the leader here," he explained to her, offering her a small smile, which was all he could muster at the moment. "Callista missed her as well," he said, trying to be standoffish with the ISB commander, but at the same time they did share a family bond.

"Thank you for seeing to my daughters. I'm really, *really* sorry about your bathtub drain." She started heading towards the stairs. "Ah, that's not surprising at all. Contrary to what my husband things, I know Jelena wants to be here now. I only wish we could all be together." Jelena was a woman who had the power to lead. She hoped that the people of New Alderaan respected their leader. She stopped at the top of the stairs. "Maybe we can... Maybe we can figure something out. We may be enemies in war, but no one would ever hurt Callista." She turned away from her brother with the intent of grabbing up her girls and leaving. However, something walked through the front of Mug Zoran's home that gave her pause.

"...Did you *see* that dress Na'hal Maz wore!?" Rikka Dakkar was referring to one of the stars of The Real Huttesse Wives, who had recently come out wearing a dress made of bantha meat. "If a woman is covering herself with meat, it should be of the finest quality." The woman had run into Drusilla Rodney by chance. Knowing her connection to her treacherous daughter and feeling furious with Claudius, she decided she'd befriend the girl. Apparently she had only briefly been swayed away from her daughter. She looked amused the moment she spot her daughter, who was shrinking towards the ground and looking sick. "Sierraaaa, darlin'! I've missed you *so* much." And thus, it began.

"Sierra?" Drusilla exclaimed, not expecting to see her on New Alderaan. "Look who I found. My new grandmama," she declared, as she strutted through the Zoran homestead. "Ick," she said, as she looked at how simple it was. "I'm glad your last name is Zoran, because a Rodney should never live like this," she said, as she lifted her chin pompously. She moved towards one of the chairs in the living room, and pressed down on the cushion apprehensively. "I suppose this will do," she declared, before sitting down and looking over her family whose tree was more complicated than a bureaucratic flowchart.

Mug looked to Sierra, then to Rikkia, and then back to Sierra. The complexities of what was going on was unknown to him. "Do you ... do you know this woman?" he asked Sierra, sensing something was 'off' about her. Perhaps, instinctively, he moved to the room where Callista and Ewwiekewwieikkie were. Moving close to them, he put a protective hand on each of their shoulders before leading them all to the room where everyone else had gathered. His house had never been so crowded, but the only two he wanted here were Callista and Iyah.

The hairs on the back of her neck were standing upright. That *witch* would not die! She recalled the last time she had seen Rikka, when Claudius made use of the weapon she'd brought to the castle for her to hurt Bruce with. She felt weak and sick until she spotted Drusilla. Anger swept into her mind. It was clear that Rikka hadn't hurt Dru, but she didn't like how she stood close to her stepdaughter. She disliked seeing her mother's reptilian-like hand on Drusilla's shoulder, nor could she handle how they sat together. Rikka made herself at home. She nuzzled herself into the rough cushions. She laughed loudly at Drusilla's joke. "Drusilla, my dear, you would have *loved* the Dakkar estate. My husband built me a closet as large as a banquet hall to house all my shoes. Poor man! Bless his soul!" The woman was acting nice. With Rikka, the act could only last so long.

Reluctantly, Sierra nodded her head. "Yes. She's my mother." Her eyes followed Mug. Without verbal confirmation, he understood to keep a close watch on the children while the witch was near. Attempting to be civil for her daughters, Sierra made her way downstairs. She sat across from Rikka and Drusilla, maintaining a clean posture like she was ready to pounce if her mother did *anything*.

A concerned look took over Rikka's face. "I wanted to come visit you on Esseles, Sierra. I heard a *very* concerning rumor... You know, I have *so* many connections." The woman had always been a social butterfly. "...Did you dishonor our family?"

"An estate? How quaint, grandmama. I have one of those on Esseles," Drusilla replied, dryly, as she examined the tips of one of her nails. "I also have a house being built in the Sea Islands of Delaya, which is off limits to the wretched commoners," she added, with glee, as she offered a brief nod to Sierra for that. "But of course my primary residence is the Castle," she declared, inhaling through her nose loudly. No one, but no one, one upped Drusilla when it came to discussions of real estate and property ownership.

"Ooooh. A castle!" Rikka held her hand to her chest. Drusilla had derailed her from completely rolling over her daughter. The time for that would come. "I wish *I* could live in a castle. I kindly asked your father to allow me to come live with you. He rejected me!" She pouted sadly. "Sometimes tells me that your *evil* stepmother had something to do with that.." Rikka's fake voice chimed. "Anywho, darling, I heard that the castle isn't to be yours anymore. Don't you check the HoloNet, you silly girl? Marcus Rodney is rumored to be the new Duke. They are trying to keep the whole ordeal very hush-hush and seeing that his coronation happens quickly. What *did* your daddy do? Or was that your stepmommy again?"

Drusilla went deathly still when she heard what Rikka said, like the calm at the eye of the hurricane. "What?" she asked, without moving her head. "What?!" she then erupted, screaming, as she leapt from the chair. She marched towards Sierra immediately, stepping on the tips of her toes to get closer to her height. "Is it true?!" she asked, screaming, as her little face turned red with anger. "What did *you* do?!" she asked furiously, as she was nearly hyperventilating with anger. Suddenly she began stomping her feet angrily as she huffed and puffed. "No! No! No! No! No! No! No!" she screamed, as she began flailing about wildly.

Ewwiekewwieikkie's yellow eyes widened when she saw Drusilla's outburst, and she burst free of Mug's grasp to run towards Drusilla. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she began cheering, as she danced around, thinking this was all part of some game. She was glad to have her sister back, especially for an unexpected dance party. She began giggling as much as her sister was crying, polar opposites.

In that moment, Sierra's world burst into a million pieces. She had endured a stressful flight with her mother was there antagonizing her. It couldn't get worse and then, of course, it did. Sierra's face went red. Her mother brought up her brother and the shift who held the Duchy. It was a huge blow that left Sierra momentarily speechless. The abdication had happened so quickly. They hadn't decided how best to tell Drusilla. A yacht was Sierra's first thought. Instead, her furious stepdaughter had set her sights on Sierra. She was screaming so loudly that it hurt her ears. For such a small girl, you wouldn't expect it to be painful as she squished the tips of her toes. Sierra looked down at Drusilla. She allowed the girl to tantrum up until Ewwiekewwieikkie burst into the middle of it all. She grabbed Drusilla by her shoulders and shifted her aside. "This is *not* a matter we are going to discuss here, young lady. I'm taking you home." And to Rikka...well, her words for Rikka were better not spoken in front of the children. Despite what had happened in the past, it would be wrong for her to paint her mother in that light. People could change...

But Rikka Dakkar could not. While her daughter collected the fur beast and the tantruming teenager, Rikka took to following them. She cut Sierra off at the door. "When he leaves you, you can come find me. I'll be here for you. If his children hate you, it's only a matter of time. Goodbye, deary!"

Sierra felt sick. Her heart was beating so hard. Her blood pressure had skyrocketed to the point where she felt like she was about to faint. There were tears of anger in her eyes. It wasn't fair for Rikka to continuously try to destroy the life she built up. However, Rikka had won by a landslide today. "Uhhh.." El-Nay. She should have brought El-Nay into the house with her. She would have sent a rocket up Rikka's ass. Her hands released both girls as she suddenly fainted and fell backwards onto Ewwiekewwieikkie. It had been a rough day. Sierra needed a vacation. (D)

Mug Zoran hated the Empire with all of his passion for the destruction of Alderaan and the death of everyone he knew, but despite the fact that Sierra was a member of the Empire's most nefarious branch he could not ignore what happened. He moved forward, until he was near Sierra, and raised his hand to place it upon her shoulder. "Sister. Ignore everything that woman has said," he said to her, in a confident voice. "I see you now to be a good person, and an honorable woman, despite the uniform you wear," he said to her, with a nod of his head. "You are a great Alderaanian and you will always have a home here among our people. Your people," he said, before wrapping his arms around her tightly. "I am very glad to have you as a sister," he said to her, before letting go, and moving towards the door to help her escort the children towards the ship.

She did not feel well. Rikka had opened a can of worms that she wasn't ready to deal with. She prayed El-Nay had a type of sedative to use on Drusilla, otherwise they would suffer from her screaming all the trip home. Mug made an unexpected gesture towards her. She looked at him with sad eyes. Even the bastard saw the truth of her mother. He offered her a kindness that was shocking. While she would never live on New Alderaan with the Rebels, it was nice regardless. She hugged him weakly. "Thanks, brother. Good luck finding your wife." She leaned against the doorway watching Mug help out with the children. All of a sudden, there was a tug at her top. "Auntie?" A soft voice asked. Sierra turned, spotting Mug's brown-haired child. "Hi sweetie. What have you got there?" In her hands, Callista was clutching a picture. She offered it to her aunt. Sierra looked down at it and smiled. It was a picture of Callista and Claudius at a tea party. Both of them were wearing gigant crowns that were the size of their whole bodies. She turned around the picture to find a 'message' which was written in multicolor scribblings.

"Daddy said we needed to talk to the ambassador of candy land so Ewwie can spend the night. I wanna come over too! *Turbolifts*! *Yay*! *Up*! *Down*! *Up*! *Down*! *Up*! *Down*!" The little girl bounced, sending her damp curls flying this way and that. She gave Sierra a big hug. "Can Ewwie's brother play with us next time too? Pwweeasseee?" The little girl rested her head on Sierra's stomach awkwardly. She didn't understand how there was a baby in there until she felt a tickle on her chin. "Hey!" She squeaked, backing up. "He kicked me!"

Mug's heart ached when he saw Callista interact with Sierra. He inhaled sharply, trying to fight back the tears. "You can go, Callista," he said, before moving closer to Sierra. "You know what I have to do. There's no one hear I trust to watch her while I'm away. Would you look after her?" he asked her, pleading with her. He knew it was a risk to take, but after spending time with Sierra he knew that Callista would be safe ... and happy. If anything happened to him on his mission to rescue Iyah at least she would be with family.

"Please! Please! Please! Please!" Ewwiekewwieikkie said, repeatedly, as she began jumping up and down like a maniac in front of Sierra. When Mug said yes, that was good enough for her, and she moved to give Callista a big hug. She let out a loud grunt as she lifted Callista up as best she could and began attempting to carry her towards the ship. "We going to the big ship! We going to the big ship! We going to the big ship! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!" she declared, cheerfully, as happy as she had ever been.

Callista elevated moods like there was no tomorrow. The picture which Callista had given Sierra was absolutely adorable. She knew how much her husband would like it. When Mug allowed for Callista to come back to Esseles, Sierra felt the strength of their family. She also was sure that Claudius would understand. Together, Ewwiekewwieikkie and Callista really did make amazing friends. She would be a cherished guest in their home. Sierra smiled, watching Ewwiekewwieikkie carry Callista off. "Well, I suppose that decides it. We're taking Callista with us." She looked softly towards them. "Do not worry about her, brother. We'll take care of her. Let me know when you successfully find Iyah. If you see Jelena, please let her know that I did try." With the picture in hand, she, too, headed back towards the ship. Claudius Rodney was soon to get exactly what he wanted: a home where silence didn't exist. She could already hear the shrill giggles of Callista as she was happily carried off.

Jelena Rodney watched as members of her family, including her stepmother, moved through New Aldera. She decided it would not be polite to have her come all this way and not make some effort. Placing her datapad down and leaving the architects who were busy on recreating the former city of Aldera, she moved across the dirt streets to intercept them before they leave. "I see you have the children," she said, while being deliberately vague. "Mission accomplished?" she asked, optimistically, as she assumed the deal had been executed to everyone's satisfaction. But then she saw Callista was going with them, and she wondered what that was all about. Talking around the children was always difficult, as she did not want to upset them, because she thought the complications would only confuse and hurt them.

Sierra let herself believe that she was going to make it off the planet without seeing her eldest ... until Jelena caught her. Since nothing could be worse than Drusilla's outburst, she stopped and turned to her. Her head shook from side to side. "No. Go speak with Mug. That isn't a two person job. I have given him the means to convince others to help him. He's informed me that you're a leader here..." She let the word drag out slowly. "So make sure the information he has makes it to the right people. Callista is going to stay with us for a little while. I will bring her back after her parents have returned." She informed Jelena. "I know you're going to wind up back on Delaya trying to save that woman. Please, please be careful I won't be able to come for you this time."

Jelena looked to Sierra and deflated when she revealed that Iyah was still being held by the Empire. She bent down and gave Callista a hug goodbye. "Enjoy your trip, Callista," she said, before moving to give matching hugs to her sisters Drusilla and Ewwiekewwieikkie. "I love you all," she said, as she looked down at them, wondering if she would ever see them again. She then came to a stop in front of Sierra and moved to wrap her arms around her. She turned her head slightly, placing a kiss upon her cheek. "Thank you. I know you tried," she said, genuinely, as she looked at her affectionately. "Take care of these girls. If you can manage them, then my brother should be a piece of cake," she said, as she noticed that Sierra was already showing. "Keep safe," she said, finally, as she moved to clutch her hand.

Callista squeezed Jelena. "Thankies!! I'm so excited! I'm so excited!" The little girl made her way into El-Nay's ship. Sierra stood aside, watching Jelena say her goodbyes. There was a bitter sweetness to it. You never knew when you were reaching your final goodbye. She hugged her stepdaughter. She placed an identical kiss on her cheek. "I'll miss you." She wanted to take Jelena home, hold her against her will, and save her from all the terrible things in the galaxy. Yet, she couldn't. Sierra chuckled, squeezing her hand. "Take care of Mug. It seems you have some family here that's decent..." She winked. "I knew you'd always grow up to become someone great. This is where you're meant to be. I bet you're one hell of a leader. These people need you, so don't leave them for too long." With that, Sierra stepped back. "We need you too." She turned her back and headed into the ship with the rest of the girls. At last, it was time to return home.

"There you are!" El-Nay said, as she walked down the ramp of the ship. But she was not talking to Sierra. She moved past the girl and went straight for the Squib. "C'mere," she said, as she began chasing after the girl. Unfortunately, Ewwiekewwieikkie thought they were playing a game, and she began to run in circles around here. "No. Get back here!" she cried, while the Squib did nothing but giggle, before beginning to chase her around. She was beginning to sweat, and quickly got out of breath from her heavy suit of armor. Then, she considered something, remembering the sweetness of the girl. "I just wanna give you a hug!" she said, hands on her knees, gasping for breath. As the Squib approached, she squeezed her as tight as possible, causing a bunch of gems to come out of every hole. The Squib just thought it was a game and did not seem to mind. She held up two fingers at Sierra and winked, before squeezing the Squib again, repeating the process. Once complete, she reached down, and collected the gems before leading everyone onto the ship.

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