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Audra Baldwin, Brandon Dellinger, Andrew Douglas, Robert Dunmire, Greg Edwards, Todd Fitzgerald, Carrie Forde, Nate Lentz, Christopher Levy, Melissa Minor, and Thomas Rogers.
One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:9:22) in the Sriluur system: Argo and Sriluur (Meirm City: The Dancing Rancor and Spaceport).

Doctor Ari'acoda, Commander Derek Atio, Trooper Jake Dayga, Lieutenant Leo Kincaid, Lieutenant Quar Klynn, Corporal Jargo Marx, Lieutenant Riffa'rdac'olounasa, Trooper Leilia Sangre, Corporal Seekith Shardin, Lieutenant Wes Thrum, and Captain Dagon Tong.


Lieutenant Wes Thrum settled himself into the chair in front of the flight controls, a soft cough touching to his lips before glancing backwards to the command chair behind and off left of his own position. "Aye sir, lifting in three , two..." Softer, he spoke to himself as those cerulean eyes shifted back to his console. "Lets hope to the bloody force that this blockade actually buys the ole civilian freighter routine." Hands shifted and manipulated the controls before him, the engines of the Argo firing back to life as he urged the ship off the small piece of Sriluur real estate they had been parked on. Light guidance on the ships controls led her to face more directly in system, an towards the blockade that waited to keep them from their goal.

Commander Atio fastened his safety harness as the tired, old vessel lifted off the moon's surface. His head immediately shifted right towards the ship's co-pilot, "Ardac ... I want to know the second you notice anything wrong with that new transponder flashes across your display."

Ardac's eyes narrowed at his screen. "Aye, aye, Commander." The Chiss's ran a hand through his hair.

"Steady as she goes, Wes," Atio said as he leaned back in his chair. His attention then shifted towards the looming sight of the Star Destroyer between them and their destination. "Steady..."

"Aye... Holding Steady at Ten megalight..." Wes eyed up nervously at the Star Destroyer in the viewport. Last time he'd seen that ever haunting hull formation it had been from an escape pod leaving his past behind. Lieutenant Thrum could not help but swallow dryly as the miniscule, in comparison, Corvette eased ever closer towards that Star Destroyer.

A blast of static was heard on Ardac's communication panel before a male human voice with a Coruscanti accent was heard, "We have you on our screens now. Please identify."

Ardac's eyes shifted from the speaker, to the commander. He keyed on the comm, replying through the channel the ship had opened with them. Ardac kept his voice calm and controlled, but added a lazy tinge. He had been a smuggler for many years. This was not his first time pulling the gag. "This is the Outrunner."

There was a noticeable pause on the comm panel before a second blast of static was heard, followed by the same voice, "What is your cargo and destination? Over."

"Oh, the usual. Running some medical supplies down to Merim City." Ardac leaned back in his seat, eyes flickering to the left for a moment to check the transponder.

The Argo, masquerading as the Outrunner, cruised ever closer to the ISD looming ahead, Wes glanced to his distance marker and sighed in a way that one could almost mistake as a sign of relief. They were within weapons and tractor range of the Star Destoryer now, if anything went wrong, things were going to go from bad to worse, real fast.

A third blast of static soon flickered on the communications panel, "You are cleared to land."

Commander Atio sighed with relief as he eased back in his chair slightly. His head moved towards Wes, "Take us in."

This time, a genuine sigh of relief, rather than its tense and terse counterpart moments ago, left Wes' lips as he nodded in acknowledgement, his voice laced with what was clearly an eager willingness to get as far away from the destroyer. "Aye, sir." Wes nudged the engines up another fifteen-percent as he changed course to egress away from the Star Destroyer and towards their decent path to Meirm City.

The Argo broke the atmosphere of Sriluur and dove deeper into the relative safety of the Planetary sphere, as she broke the upper layers of cloud cover and angled down on the capitol city of Meirm, an ocean aflame in the glow of the local star greeted the bridge crew through the viewport, the setting sun casting an almost welcome glow on the rapidly approaching outline of the Seaboard city that was their end destination, a quick glancing scan over the incoming lanes dedicated to incoming spacecraft showed would be allowed as the Corvette eased and slowed in its approach, guiding over the breaking waters of the local shore and down to Meirm's overhead holding pattern in order to wait for clearance to set down, and idle shift of Wes' eyes would guide to the Chiss co-pilot sitting off to the side of him before directing his attentions to Commander Atio.

"Looks like we're cleared... Touching down, sir." Leiutenant Thrum triggered the landing struts of the Corevette as he circled down to an open landing platform on the northwestern edge of the city, the engines hummed down to standby as the repulsors took over. Slow starboard rotation would point the nose of the Argo back out over the ocean they had flown in over. An adjustment made to the decent of the ship would steady her as the landing struts bought purchase on the platform and the repulsors would cycle slowly into standby to rest the full weight of the ship onto her legs. "Down, dropping into standby, awaiting further orders."

Lieutnenat Quar Klynn stepped out of the craft with his hands in the pockets of his brown trench coat. Quar walked to the end of the ramp pulling a pack of cigarra out of his pocket. He placed it into his mouth bringing a lighter up with his other hand. He lit the tip of his cigarra, placing the lighter back into his pocket.

Corporal Seekith Shardin stepped down the ramp right behind Quar. As opposed to his usual green clothes, he was dress in the regular civilian clothes. His right hand fingered his T-6 "Thunderer" heavy blaster pistol in it's thigh holster as he stepped down. It was more out of habit then out of any sort of fear of what they might expect. As he made it to the bottom, he called over his shoulder to Tong, "Hey Captain? What are we doing here again?"

Trooper Jake Dayga had a DL-44 on his thigh, a grin on his face and a full cred chip in his pocket. Time for shore leave. "We're getting us some Twi'lek dancing girls!" Jake was in high spirits, mission or not, a place like this had all the things a guy could ask for with a nice pretty price tag on them. If he were a foot shorter and less heavily muscled, one might call him giddy. "I got dibs on any blue ones." Maybe this time someone would respect the rule of dibs.

An instant grin spread onto Seekith's face as he heard the idea of the Twi'lek dancers. He turned his head back to Jake and extended his right fist to him, "As long as I got dibs on the reds. We'll give Quar all
the Rodians."

"OK," Quar announced as he removed the cigarra from between his lips. He held it between his fingers. He had ignored all the banter as he began to focus on the task at hand. He dropped the cigarra to the ground, allowing his foot to step on it. "Follow me. Go to a table, get some drinks and have fun. I'll meet with our contact and do what I have to." Quar said as he began to walk out of the docking bay and into the general space port facility. He began to walk towards the exit of the facility as he allowed his hands to go back inside of his pockets.

Corproal Jargo Marx stepped out of the hatch looking around with a big grin. It was nice to get out of the old tin bucket and soak up some real sun light for a change. He was dressed to kill wearing a black synthleather jacket over an outrageous silk shirt too loud to control. On each hip he carried a pair of matching WESTAR-34 blaster pistols. He settled a pair of sun shades on his nose and strode out into the open. "Hello ladies..."

"Yeah, Jargo can have the Hutts." Jake pushed his fist against Seekith's, then quieted up. The officers were talking, which meant he was supposed to pretend to listen. He put on his serious face, and followed after Quan. He said fun, that meant booze.

"I dunno Jake, I've seen your mother I think Hutts just are not my thing" Jargo said with faux sincerity.

Tong always found it easier to look a mercenary than a Rebel anyway. Captain Dagon Tong was not known for military discipline in dress or weapon choice in any military he fought for. Just professionalism on the ground. Grey combat coveralls and a synthleather jacket made up the important parts of his ensemble, along with what appeared to be a desert dwellers head scarf and sunglasses. On his right thigh rode a Caiban Model X heavy blaster pistol in a tactical drop holster. Another holster, on the small of his back attached to the utility belt and underneath his jacket was the MSD-32. He was left handed, so it would throw people off if he trully did need to draw a weapon. "We are here because this is where we have to be. No dancing girls either Dayga. We do the job and we get out, just like always. Keep focused." His voice held no irritation, in fact, it was Tong's normal flat tone.

A column of six Imperial Desert Troopers marched through the city outside of the large spaceport complex. The squad leader's gaze immediately focused on the group of undesirable fringers emerging. He thrust his right hand up and spoke in a commanding tone through his helmet, "Halt!" The other members of the squad spread out slightly and focused on each of the individuals. Of note was a particularly bulky troopers equipped with a T-21 repeating blaster.

If it had not been for the Stormtroopers popping up, Jargo would have gotten a mouthful of fist. As it was though, even Jake was not dumb enough to start a fight in front of Stormtroopers. Not without more vulgar terminology used in conjunction with talk about Jake's mother anyway.

Jargo eyed the Imperials, his fingers getting a little twitchy for his blasters.

Quar looked towards the trooper and removed his hands from his pockets. He brought out his Corellian accent as he spoke, "Afternoon sir. What can I do ya' for?"

The squad leader stepped forward and tilted his head slightly down to Quar, "Identification."

Seekith leaned over to Jake and whispered in a low tone, through clenched teach, so that the troopers could not hear what he said, "Dibs on the T-21."

"Right.. Identific...ation..." Quar said as he began to pat down his pockets. He finally found a forged identification card in his breast pocket which came back to a Corellian shop keeper. Klynn extended the card to the trooper and lopsidedly smiled as he did so.

Tong grimaced behind the sand shield of a scarf that covered his mouth. If any of these men had served on Brentaal during the man hunt, and took a long look at his face, they might not be on this mission long. He did not shift, did not become nervous, but he did wait, and hoped that Klynn could talk faster than he could draw.

The Stormtrooper held the identification card in front of the viewscreen in his helmet. It remained there before he lowered it back down to the man, "You'll find it nothing like Corellia here. If you get drunk or cause trouble and you will have to deal with us. Then, you'll end up in an Imperial prison. Deliver your cargo and get out." The squad leader then raised his arm up and motioned his command, "Move out." The Stormtroopers reformed their column and began marching down the street away from the spaceport.

"...Guess that means Quar gets dibs on the blue ones," Seekith joked.

"Thank you sir." Quar took his card back and placed it into his pocket. He glanced over his shoulder at his 'posse' as his lopsided grin faded. He squinted for a moment as he reached back into his pocket to retrieve a pair of glare shades and placed them over his eyes. He began to walk down the street towards the "Dancing Rancor" shaking his head lightly at Seekith's comment.

"Well, they were nice." Jargo moved closer to Tong noticing Jake's rather angry looks towards him. Jake was the last crew mate he would want to get into a fist fight with, though the first he would pick for a battle of wits.

"No way, I called it." Jake followed quickly, "No fair takin' my dibs Lieutenant, I called the blue ones and you gotta respect dibs."

"Just keep moving and shut up. You tried to call the droid to, and I had to pull an MP to guard it last night. You were no where to be found." Tong spoke as he walked, and was surprised the troopers had let them go so easily.

Quar stepped inside of the bar. He viewed the surroundings from behind of his glare shades. He looked towards the bar and began to walk towards it. He left the pack of men that were with him as he took a seat at the bar. A one eyed bartender walked in front of Quar. Quar held up one finger and nodded. The bartender pulled a bottle of ale up from a small refrigerating unit and placed it on the bar.

As they entered the bar, Tong nodded slightly towards Quar. "Seekith, you and I are staying with stay with our Intel. Dayga and Marx are going to get a table near the door and cover our evac if we need it. Do it quietly, and stay focused." Tong glanced about the place a moment, and had no doubts this was a good place for such meets.

Jake walked in grinning. Then his grin faded. There were not any Twi'leks here at all. What a rip-off. "Well this is pretty awful." He crossed his arms, then turned to Tong. "Hey, you know how much a Twi'lek costs?"

Seekith nodded and started to slowly make his way to the bar. He choose a seat that was three away from Quar. Itwas close enough that they did not seem like they were together but close enough that he and Tong could make a move to save their intel officer's life.

"Too much for you laser brains." Jargo teased Jake. He nodded to Tong in respects to his orders and casually took a seat at a table conveniently close to the door. As he sat he removed the holster straps on his blasters for a quick draw if necessary, his sharps eyes kept on the look out for trouble.

An indistinguishable Weequay stood from his table and nodded to his guest. He approached the bar next to Quar and made no eye contact. He nodded silently to the bartender and was quickly served another Corellian ale. He took a sip before placing the mug back on the counter. He sighed and spoke, as if to anyone, "Damn. I feel like I just made a blind jump into hyperspace."

Quar brought the ale to his lips as he took a little of the semi-bitter liquid into his mouth. He swallowed it just as quickly as he had sipped it. He placed the glass back down onto the table and said, "Yeah, well that can happen when you are in the vacuum of space."

Jake dropped into the seat across from Jargo, but did not go anywhere near his blaster. Instead, he propped his feet up on the table, "Even if I saved? I'm pretty sure I could get a fat one, you know? Then just starve her some until she thinned up."

The Weequay took his mug of ale and walked away from the bar, slowly. He sat down at a quiet table in the back of the bar, out of the way from things.

Jargo looked at Jake with a mixture of disgust and amazement slack jawed. As hard he tried he could not help but laugh at what he said and clap him on the shoulder, "Only you Jake, only you."

Lieutenant Quar Klynn removed the glare shades from his face and folding either arm of them down. He placed them into the breast pocket of his brown trench coat as he grasped his ale and stood. He walked towards where the Weequay's table, taking a seat across from him. "I appreciate you meeting with me." Quar said softly.

"Forgive me for not introducing myself," the Weequay said quietly, "In situations like this names are best left unsaid."

"Yeah, I know. You gotta learn to think outside the box like that." Jake tapped himself on the side of the head. "It's called creative thinking. My old sergeant said it was what was always holding me back. My creative thinking."

Jargo burst out into a roar of laughter motioning over a waitress. "I have no choice but to buy you a drink Jake." He ordered two ales for the both of them still chuckling at the ridiculousness that was spewing from Jake's mouth.

"I'm surprised you got this far," the Weequay told him, "Traveling in large numbers around here tends to draw 'Imperial attention.' You were quite easy to spot."

"It is forgiven. For reference, you can call me Conundrum. Either way, I believe we both have something for each other." Quar said as he reached into his trench coat's left pocket to remove a small data card. He placed it on the table keeping his hand on top. "We have seen a few Imperials around, been stopped once. I am not too concerned. Imperials are like banthas ... they herd together, they smell bad, and they are incredibly grumpy and stupid."

Dagon lit his cigarra only after he made sure that there was not a camera on him, and waited. This was the worst part of meetings like this.

The Weequay slipped his own datacard from his duster and concealed it within his hand. He placed his hand on the table next to Quar's own and in a moment, with all the skill of the best con artist, the hands switched places instantly without revealing the datacards to any of the eclectic group that populated this dive. "And the materials?" he asked.

"Alright! Never say no to free booze." Jake slapped his hand on the table. "Gimme a umm..." Jake mostly frequented places with a more human clientele. "Whatever the Wookies drink."

Jargo quirked a brow at him, "Just give him an ale..." Last thing he needed was Jake drunk on Kashyyyk liquor during an operation.

Seekith's eyes glanced over to Quar in the booth and then over to Jake and Jargo at the door. Seeing the two of them laughing and having fun, he frowned slightly. He looked at Tong to see if there was any hope of them striking up humor conversation. Instantly realizing that it was not going to happen, he hung his head a swore silently to himself, "Damn I hate you some times, sir."

Quar's own hand immediately slid off the table and into his pocket. He picked up the ale and took another small sip out of it before setting it back on the table. "Docking Bay 33." Quar said as he rose to his feet. He shot a glance over to Tong and the other men as he walked towards the door leaving his ale on the Table. He reached inside of his breast pocket removing the glare shades and placing them back over his eyes.

Wes lifted his arm and rubbed the back of his wrist against a sweat beaded forehead, his gaze drifting over to the others working at unloading the cargo from the bay of the Argo. Well this brought back memories, thats for sure. He started back up the ramp of the Cargo bay after leaving his most recent crate in place next to the others they had thus far unloaded. "How's your arm treating you Lei?"

Unlike the others, Ardac worked with a quiet, calm efficiency. Even in his advancing years he proved able to hold is own weight. Red eyes glowed from weak oxygenation as he moved yet another crate down the Argo's suddenly very steep ramp.

Leo Kincaid wore his uniform, sans blaster, as he dragged cargo down the ramp of the Argo, sweat soaking his shirt. He didn't mind the labor, he liked making sure the supplies were in good order.

Leilia Sangre nudged a crate into a more secure position with her foot, lining it up for a smooth glide down the ramp. At Wes' inquiry, she gave the fingers of her securely bandaged left arm an experimental flex, nodding briefly. "Not hurting so much anymore, but it's still pretty much dead weight right now." She braced her right hand against the crate she was moving, carefully guiding it down the ramp before coming back for more.

Into Docking Bay 33 strutted three quite menacing figures. A Trandoshan, sporting a rifle the size of his Rodian counterpart, and a bulky Houk, suitably armed as well. The Rodian stopped dead in his tracks and glared at the Corellian Corvette, "Are you sure this is right place?"

"I'm sure," the Trandoshan responded, "My contact assured me this is where the Outrunner landed."

"Well it doesn't look like the Outrunner," the Houk added.

"I'll get to the bottom of this," the Trandoshan approached the group that was unloading the ship and snarled menacingly, "What's going on here?"

Ardac looked up sharply. He had just set down a crate. He turned slightly, so the DH-17 on his hip was out of view to the men at the bottom of the ramp. Red eyes flashed and narrowed with annoyance. "Unloading," He said coolly, and in a testing tone.

Leilia was edging a final crate down the ramp, sighing heavily; working one-handed was kind of tough. She was taking a much-needed breather when their little group was approached. "Yeah, what he said," she added lightly, nodding her head toward Ardac. "Why, you wanna lend a hand? Believe me, I could use another one. " Leilia smirked slightly, folding her right arm casually behind her back ... fingertips brushing against her sole means of protection: a simple whip of braided leather.

As he had been in the bay at the time, he'd not seen the initial approach of the trio that was standing with them in docking bay 33 now. Wes shifted his gaze from Leilia to the Trandoshan and his slightly more distant companions, but he remained carefully silent as he measured the situation and continued on with the unloading as if nothing at all were amiss. Suddenly that DL-44 strapped to his right leg felt really good, even if he was loaded down with a crate at the moment.

"We were told the Outrunner had docked here," the Trandoshan growled as he looked over the cargo.

"What ship is this?" the Rodian asked as he stepped forward next to the Trandoshan and lowered his blaster rifle.

"What business do you have with the Outrunner?" Ardac demanded, arms lingering at his sides. The unseen just a hair's breath from his blaster.

Leo Kincaid looked down at where he usually kept a sidearm, though he knew it wasn't there, then looked at the three armed thugs. "This ain't it, I can't tell you that..."

"What ship is this?" the Rodian asked again, his voice raising in tone with anger.

"Woah, woah, woah... this is the Sunfighter Franchise, we made a deal with some pilot for his transponder!" Kincaid blurted out, hoping his feign of honesty would satisfy the trio.

"That pilot would 'not' have made such a deal," the Trandoshan snarled back angrily at Leo.

"I'm willing to bet my creds he did" Leo put his hands in the air to show he wasn't making any moves. "What's your business with him?"

Ardac's eyes narrowed more, leaving ruby slits. In the dimness that surrounded him, they were faintly luminescent. "...This is her. What's your business, gentlemen?" There was bite to the Chiss' words.

"Cute," the Rodian said as he snapped off a blaster bolt at the arrogant Chiss' shoulder.

Ardac winced suddenly, and bit down hard on the tip of his tongue as the skin atop his shoulder was seared off by a sudden blaster bolt. He stumbled back over a crate, and his blaster was out. He snapped a shot of his own off, aiming at the Rodian's face.

The blaster bolt impaced the Rodian, who went down with a dull *thud* as he impacted the sand-covered floor.

Leilia dropped to cover behind a nearby crate the instant the first shot was fired. No blaster of her own put her at a disadvantage, there was no point in getting shot trying to find an advantageous position. in the thick of things. "Can't you people make it a day without getting shot at ?!"

A flash of motion from Wes' right arm and he flung the crate in his hand as best he could across the open space separating himself and the trio of troublemakers they were faced with, his now empty right hand dropped to grasp the DL-44 from its holster and swing it up to level at the chest of the Trandoshan, as he was the closest to Wes' own position, he waited only util he heard The Chiss' shots ring off, and he would respond with a pair of bolts all his own, no point wasting time now, one of them was already dead, the other two would join shortly hopefully.

The Trandoshan snarled angrily as the blaster bolts impacted his chest. He staggered backwards, but he did not go down. Instead, he opened up fire from his repeating blaster at the crates Wes was hiding behind. A series of bolts slammed into the containers, rendering their contents utterly useless. "You should not mess with the Black Sun," the Trandoshan growled as he continued to fire across a wide swath.

"Don't move!" Ardac managed, blood dribbling down his chin. He was hunkered down behind the crate, his blaster leveled on the Houk, the biggest target.

The Houk turned his attention to Ardac and began firing from his blaster rifle at the crates in an attempt to keep him pinned down while his Trandoshan partner unleashed from the big gun.

Leilia peeked over the edge of her cover; if she could make it to behind the next crate in font of her, getting her within about two meters of the thugs, she would be well within range. She kept low to the ground, and worked around the outside of the crates, using the thugs distraction with the other crew members to her advantage.

Leo ducked and tried to run up the ramp, hoping to get on the ship and stay there until the fracas was over.

Ardac dropped back onto his rear as the shots came, tearing into the crate's facade. Using his legs, he pushed his way behind a higher stack, stood. Peeking around the far end of the stack, he began to fire at the Houk.

The rather large and bulky Houk was too large to avoid the fire. He let out a tremendous roar and fell to the ground, his blaster firing wildly at the sky as he dropped.

"Surrender!" Ardac demanded to the Trandoshan, from cover. They needed to take him prisoner, if possible. He hoped at least one of his crewmates had the sense to realize that. Ardac peeked around, but could not get a bead on anything but the sentient's torso.

Wes grimaced slightly as he held down behind the paltry cover given by the crates he was hidden behind, with the stream of fire soaking into them, he dare not try to move away from them, he would surely take at least one or two bolts.

The Trandoshan snapped his glare over towards from where Ardac had spoken and growled furiously. He continued firing at random at the crates. By now, most had taken considerable damage and it would be a miracle if anything had survived the chaos.

Suddenly a steam of fire impacted the Trandoshan from behind. A confused look appeared on his face. He then fell to the ground, dead.

The sound of bootsteps could be heard in the docking bay as a half dozen Imperial Stormtroopers appeared in the hangar bay. Their weapons were all at the ready as they fanned out through the area. The squad leader glared angrily at the destroyed cargo containers, "Surrender ... or die."

Wes gave a glance to Ardac as he spoke, and then a further look of confusion as the fire stopped... Wes slowly lifted his head from behind his cover to survey the situation, and look at the slightly more grim situation now facing them.

From his high cover, Ardac was farthest away form the Stormtroopers. But firing on them would be suicide ... there was a big difference from three aliens with blasters, and six highly trained Imperial troops. He shot a glance back to Wes.

Kincaid heard the familiar sound of a Storm Trooper's vocabulator from aboard the ship, near the ramp. His face went white and he hugged the bulkhead hoping they were unaware of his onboard presence.

Leilia was not entirely sure if she had been spotted by the newly arrived Storm Yroopers or no, so she stayed hunkered down behind her crate, waiting somewhat impatiently for either the rest of the crew to arrive.

Tong was walking back towards the ship with the men he had brought out, and then he heard the shots. On a world with this many Stormtroopers, it wasnt all that disconcerting, or at least it was not until he got closer to the Argo. The sight of the Stormtroopers in the docking bay was just a perfect end to the day. He gave a quick hand signal to his two men, ordering them to fan out, seek cover, and get ready. It was a rather simple signal too, just his hand, palm down, waved back and forth. Immediately afterwards, he sought cover behind a crate directly behind the center of the formation of Imperials, and pulled both the blaster pistol, and the MSD-32. He looked quickly over his shoulder, to check and see if his men had sought cover yet.

Jake was following along, still kind of upset about not getting a Twi'lek, but mildly appeased from the booze. When he spotted Stormtroopers, his initial reaction was to hit the closet cover, yank his pistol and get ready to blast some Imperial heads open. Then he noticed the big gun laying at the feet of one of the corpses and turned to the others, mouthing one word. "Dibs."

Seek nodded his understanding. He quietly moved to a position of cover near some crates, and drew his BlasTech T-6, leveling it at the nearest Stormtrooper.

"There's no use," the Squad leader shouted at the men and woman hidden behind the crates, "Surrender."

Ardac looked around, to see if there was anything useful handy. His blaster was useless in this firefight.

Wes simply growled gently and shifted his glance over to Adrac once more... Stuck between a rock and a hard place. The thought almost broadcast itself in the helpless look in Wes' eyes as he considered his other options.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting ... this was getting sort of boring. Jake peeked around the edge of the crate he was standing behind, then said to Tong, as soft as he could manage while still being heard, "Can we shoot them yet?"

Leilia was not stupid. She was not going to pop up into view to get her head blown of, but there was no way she was taking a whip to whole squad of Stormtroopers. She stayed right where she was, shifting nervously.

Tong wanted to slap the man. But it did not show on his face. He wanted a field of fire that would cover more angles, and instead, he was close enough to hear a whisper. But he said nothing, only leveled the MSD-32 on a target, and the Caliban Model X on another, making sure that both Stormtroopers were in the clear, and then pulled both triggers simultaneously.

Getting the cue to go, Seekith moved out form behind his crates at fast rate of speed, firing his T-6 heavy blaster pistol at the second closets Stormtrooper. He was quickly on the Stormtrooper on the far left side with the T-21. As the trooper turned to face him, he quickly grabbed the man, spun and hip throwed him into the air at the other Stormtroopers.

Oh crap, somebody was moving. Jake popped up from behind cover and took a pair of shots at the closest Stormtroopers to give Seekith some covering fire. "If you die I get the red ones too!" Fair's fair, after all.

Well finally, the cavalry was here. Leilia could not help the smirk that curled her lips as she heard chaos erupt on the opposite side of her hiding crate. Without another though she popped up over the top of the crate, right arm flashing out in a smooth movement. The Stormtrooper nearest her did not even have time to acknowledge her appearance before the weak area of his neck was split open, armor and flesh severing easily.

As if a row of dominos had been tipped, one-by-one the Stormtroopers toppled to the ground. None of them had thought to cover their behinds as all of the shooting had been going on inside the hangar bay.

Seekith was quick to keep moving and soon came up on the thrown trooper. Still gripping his blaster pistol in both hands, he fired to quick rounds into the man's face plate before he could recover.

Jake advanced at a steady walk, one handing the DL-44 as he put blast after blast into the fallen Stormtroopers. He could not tell which of them had actually been hit yet, so he was going to keep shooting until it was certain none of them were getting back up.

A distraction, the Stormtroopers attention would be split. Wes dove to the left and lay out on the ground, only his upper body jutting from the crates cover. A thrusting motion of Wes' right arm would be given as he snapped his aim outward, only in time to catch sight of the last of the troopers dropping to the ground, he frowned mildly and slowly pushed back to his feet. "Well that was anti-climactic."

Ardac heard a volley of fire, and several filtered, monotone grunts. Had the cavalry arrived? Ardac rose steadily to his feet, finally feeling the pain from his shoulder more intensely. With his gun held up, he came around the crates. He took a quick look at the damage the crates had taken, and the body count. A grimace crept onto his face. "Well, I hope the Weequay appreciate this."

Leilia smirked, folding her arms atop the remains of what had been the crate she had hidden behind. "Well hey, we delivered it in one piece ... Never said it would stay that way."

Seekith re-holstered his blaster and then looked around at mayhem. Spotting the large weapon the Trandoshan had, he moved over and picked up to look at it.

"Grab their weapons and equipment belts, and get moving. We need to dust off, and dust off now." Tong spoke quickly, and started doing just as he'd ordered after holstering his own. Equipment belts, ammo, and weapons were collected quickly and simply dumped on the deck. "We were saving you from a detention camp. Now get aboard. The Weequay have had all the help their getting from us on this trip."

Wes took one look around, sighed, and shook his head. "Great, just great." He lifted a comlink to his lips as he spoke towards Commander Atio and rapidly apprised him of the situation. "I'm on my way back to the bridge, time for a rapid escape, with your permission of course, sir." Wes spoke as he ran swiftly back into the ship and made for the turbo lifts.

Jake holstered his pistol, stepped over the bodies of the guards and slapped Leilia's thigh. "Nice one, I'll cover your backside any time." Then he snatched the big gun out of Seekith's hands, "I called dibs, dangit."

"Charming. I think it's time we prep for launch," Ardac said suggestively, before holstering his weapon. He limped his way to the cockpit, where he found comfort before the Operations board.

Kincaid ran down the ramp, looking in part horror, part anger at the carnage and devastation done to their cargo. "You fools! What the hell are you thinking!?"

Seekith snapped it back out of Jake's hand and lifted it up as high as he could. Being the tallest person on the Argo, no one would be able to get it away from him. He smiled at Jake, "I'm the biggest guy here, and in charge of the big weapons. You just try and take it from me."

"Yes, daddy!" Leilia couldn't help but quip at Tong. Nevertheless, she made short work of stripping troopers nearest her before heading up the ramp with her looted prizes.

"Hey, no fair! I called dibs!" Stupid aliens with their stupid being tall. "Gimme that back, you can have the red Twi'leks even if you do die, now gimme my dang gun!"

"Ooh i get them too," Seekith answered. Not relinquishing the rifle, he proceed to help Tong collect the ammo and gear from the fallen troopers.

"Dayga, Seekith, if you both dont get aboard and worry about the weapon later, I'll shoot you myself. Now move." And with that Tong stepped onto the ramp. There should not be but one or two troopers left to loot by now, and though they needed the gear, prison and an execution would have hindered his pursuit of revenge.

Kincaid kicked one of the crates off the ramp in pure rage, storming aboard the ship, to angry to actually say anything. In his mind, they had a major snafu, doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Jake headed onto the ship grumbling, then turned around, whipped out his blaster and put a bolt right into the front of that big gun. "Accidental discharge!" He yelled with a grin, then slipped his DL-44 back into his holster and climbed on board.

Seek just smiled and walked onto the ramp. As he passed Tong he gave him smile and nod, "Sorry about that Cap'n. Troopers these days."

Leo Kincaid, in an action so out of character, slugged Jake right in the side of the face. "That's equipment we can't afford to lose, you insolent dope!"

Seekith quickly stepped in to grab Jake so he would not slug Leo back, "Woo now! Keep moving Trooper. You can settle with the supply guy later."

Jake jerked his face back and had his blaster out and centered on Kincaid's chest in a flash. "Yeah? So are you. You should be more careful you don't hurt yourself." Jake glared at him for a long time, then pushed off of Seekith and put his blaster back. "Yeah yeah, I'm moving."

"Kincaid. End it. It's done. And we didn't need them, remember? The Weequay did. We collected supplies. So get ready for dust off. We're leaving." And with everyone aboard, Tong raised the ramp, and ended the day for the ground team.

Leilia pointedly ignored the altercation taking place between the crew members, instead focusing her attention on studying a blaster she had kept out of the stash of goodies she had looted off the troopers in the docking bay. Would not hurt to have one of these as a backup weapon ... just in case.

"You guys will hear from me later when I cool off..." Leo trailed off as he made his way to his bunk, slamming the side of his fist into the bulkhead.

"Prep for takeoff," Commander Atio ordered as he strapped back in to his seat.

"Way ahead of you, sir. Engines are coming online now, ramp is retracted, and the repulsors are warm, lets blast this hunk of rock..." Wes rushed up the controls of the Corvette and forced the ship into the air. He was suddenly glad he had taken the time to face his escape vector when landing, it made it easier. he set full throttle and angled the corvette up nto the atmosphere in a blast of engine wash.

"Don't break out the bubbly yet, we still have to slip back out. The transponder is still functioning, Commander. Let's hope they have not flagged the Outrunner. And where's the flaming medic?" Ardac touched his shoulder wound, wincing, before committing himself to the control board. A red light flashed. His eyes did the same, matching the color. "Spoke far too soon ... Commander, Star Destroyer closing in. Orders?"

"Engage that damn hyperdrive," Commander Atio yelled at Lieutenant Thrum as the Star Destroyer began to get a little too close for comfort in the viewport.

Suddenly turbolaser blasts began to splatter across the hull of the Argo as the Star Destroyer opened fired. The vessel shook violently, but held together under the strain.

Wes was not waiting for orders. Imperial-class Star Destroyers did not have interdictor fields, he was already cueing up the hyperspace computer in his computations for the jump to hyperspace. They had to get out of here before they were drawn within tractor range. "Five seconds..." He counted down tersely before Wes whispered a silent prayer and triggered the hyper drive and leapt in a blind flash towards the Vergesso system.

"Commander, raising shields to max, unless you'd rather I wait for the order?" Ardac said with a sharp tinge of annoyance, as he drew power to the Argo's less-than outstanding shields.

Well if nothing else caught Lei's attention, the sudden assault on the Argo's hull certainly did. She hastily tucked the blaster into her belt, getting herself into the closest seat and strapping in. "You sure this bucket will hold together?"

The Corellian Corvette Argo lurched forward, away from the Star Destroyer, and streaked into hyperspace back to the Vergesso Asteroid. The odyssey in the Srrilur system had come to an end, with very little to show for it.

"Better get down to sickbay and let the Doc have a look at that wound," Commander Atio said to his operations officer.

Once the Argo cleared hyperspace, Ardac delegated what tasks he could to the Argo's on-board computers, rising steadily from his seat. "Thank you, Commander." Ardac found himself wishing for a cigarra. Not usual for him ... he hated smoke. The walk back to sickbay was slow, with each step a sharp pain radiating out form his shoulder. His tongue was healing, but he had nipped off the end. Wheeling into the room, the Chiss knocked lightly on the frame of the doorway. "Is the doctor in?" He said. Annoyance was still thick in his voice. He was more irritated by the injury than anything else.

Sometimes Ari'aoda thought she would have been happier kept aboard the Comfort. Particularly times like now. At least it had been a little less creaky and the sick bay a little more stocked. She had had more time to study there, so at least she felt a little more prepared. During the commotion she had stayed put, ready to tend to any if needed, but keeping herself well out of the way. At the knock, she shook and moved towards the door. "Yes, sir. Please come in." It was a struggle for the Twi'lek not to cross her fingers that the injury be fairly mild.

The Chiss, the grumpy old Ardac, eyed the Twi'lek with those piercing reds. In his youth, the wide variety of aliens the universe offered was something of interest to him. Now, they were all just ... sentients. The Operations Officer tugged off his shirt, setting down on the first available table. The flash-cauterized gash from the blaster bolt was on his left shoulder. It was fairly deep, and hurt like flaming hell. He did not say anything else.

Seekith walked into the medlab soon after Ardac. Seeing the wound, he raised a quizzical eyebrow, "What happened to you old man?"

"Ouch!" She pulled down the overhead light for a better look, frowning at the charred and lacerated flesh. "Not to worry, we can have that back to rights in no time." With that she turned from him with a light 'hmmm...' and pulled a cart closer, selecting from it a packet of suture and a container of greenish ooze. "I can't promise that this won't sting a bit before it gets numb." This she warned him before extracting a soaked gauze from the container and carefully applying it to the wound.

"Don't you have something big and noisy to lug around?" Ardac said in a not-so jokingly tone, his eyes cutting into the Cathar. He would have said something else, but his attention was suddenly drawn to the stinging sensation that racked his body. His back stiffened visibly, and his fingers dug into the edge of the table. Otherwise, he did not make any other sounds.

"Of course I do," Seekith answered, "Seriously though, are you going to be okay?"

Tong was looking for the two men that were his responsibility on this boat. And he was pissed, a cold fire had lit in his eyes. He was supposedly running an elite commando unit. And instead, he had an operator that seemed to think closing and throwing men was as effective as shooting them. He finally made his way to the medlab, and grabbed the Cathar, spinning him to face him. "If you ever pull that kind of a stupid stunt again, I will shoot you myself. You put yourself, and the entire crew at risk. Do you understand me?"

"I'd be better off," Ardac took a moment to wince, "If you'd walk a bit faster..." He was relieved when Tong stormed in, grabbing the Cathar's attention away from him. He spun his gaze to the doc. "Throw some med-adhesive on it and let's call it done." If it was possible, he sounded even more annoyed.

Seekith snapped to attention after being turned around by Tong. His eyes were wide with a slight bit confusion sitting in them.

Ari frowned sympathetically when the man reacted to the sting. "I can do as you request, but it will heal a little better with some absorbable sutures underneath. It's up to you."

"You are not one some spice sniffing tribal Wookie. You will fight as you were trained. And I know for a fact that I did not train someone to engage in CQB when they did not have to. You are a member of my Cuy'Val Dar. You piss on tactics like that again, and I'll make certain that you truly do not exist any longer, except as a pile of ashes floating in space? It will be hard to lay hands on Twi'leks from their, no matter their color. Do you read me?" Tong was ready to shoot the heavy weapons specialist as it was, but now was not the time.

"I don't want to lose any function in my arm. If that helps, go ahead." Better safe than sorry: he choked back his annoyance long enough to speak earnestly to the doctor. She didn't shoot him, no reason to be snide with her. "Don't use anything you don't have to. I don't need pain suppressants." More correctly, had enough pride he would rather deal with the pain. He would, too. The Chiss were a powerfully willed people, and he was from a warrior family ... even if he had been disowned, in a way.

Seek just stood completely still and took the verbal ego whooping. He snapped a fearful answer as fast as he could, "Yes, sir! Sorry, sir! No excuses! It won't happen again, sir!"

That being the case, she would not tell him that aside from a disinfectant, the green ooze was mostly just a sort of Novocain. "You should not feel them at all, and I'll be quick." A needle driver was pulled from a sterile pack and the sutures opened and set, then she began, working quickly and accurately to suture the under layers so that the outer layer would heal without scarring too tightly. While she worked, she listened with some interest to the two bickering nearby.

"It had better not. And the next time I give you an order, you follow it, instead of arguing with a squad mate about who gets to keep what. Because I am not going to be captured, imprisoned, and or executed because you cant even spell operation professionalism, let alone act by it. Now, you are going to report to the captain of this damned ship, and find a dirty job to do, and I don't care if that means licking his boots clean after he steps in a poodoo pile. Is that clear?"

Ardac could not help but grin, as much as the pain coursing through him allowed, at how Tong handled the insubordinate Cathar.

It really did not take her long at all, just a quick line of continuous should do the trick. With a blade, she had to freshen the edges of the outermost layer due to the cauterizing effect of the blaster bolt, but he shouldn't notice. A simple application of glue and medadhesive finished the job. "All set. Let me know if you have any trouble with it or need anything for the pain in the morning."

"Yes, sir!" Seek answered. He still had some supplies that he had brought up from the cargo hold. He turned as set them down, taking a second to speak to the doctor, "Extra medpacks we lifted of the Stormtrooper for you ma'am." He smiled ear to ear and blushed as he saluted the Twi'lek. His eyes turned backed to Tong and the goofy smile almost immediately jolted back to fear. He practically sprint out of the medbay.

"I could hug you!" She beamed widely at Seekith before he would hurry off. She would be entertained for hours going through that stuff.

"I am going to just shoot them all, and start over.." He muttered softly, and lit a cigarra before rubbing the bridge of his nose. The calm facade that the soldier had possessed all those years was being replaced day by day it seemed, the Mandalorian passion chipping away at him.

Ardac rose to his feet, testing the mobility of his arm. It hurt. He suffered through. "Thank you, doctor." As he strode out the door, he slowed to offer Tong a respectful nod. But he turned away as the cigarra was lit. Irritable might as well have been tattooed across his forehead. "...You know, I'm not one-hundred percent clear on the Alliance's repercussions for misfiring into, say, something tall and fuzzy. I could look it up for you." He said it passively, before he moved to return to the bridge. His pace was slow and measured.

Seekith soon reappeared in the medlab, this time in the turbo lift. He took half a step out before he saw Tong still standing there. "Oops! Wrong floor!" he lied. He quickly stepped back into the turbolift and continued taking it back up to the command deck.

Dagon made no reply to that, he was not about to ask the Alliance for permission to do anything at this point. They were the same idiots who had handed him this team, and then deployed them without adequate time to train. He was ready to ring someone's neck as he moved out of the medbay, and returned to his bunk.

All of them having left, she gave an exasperated sigh and began going through the new medpacs so that everything could be arranged how she liked it for later use.

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