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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:9:12) in the Essesia system: Esseles (Larius Lacus: Sierra Rodney's lakehouse).
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Major Sierra Rodney.

It had all been Claudius' grand scheme. It started with requesting additional pillows and blankets at the hotel on Pavo Prime. It ended with what she felt was fairly convincing bundles in bed. Sierra hoped that it was Drusilla who spotted the bundles, because she wouldn't investigate them any further. She'd make her perverse assumptions and leave. With that, Jelena was left with all of the children while Sierra and Claudius escaped to the lakehouse. They had already experienced a wedding with everything they didn't have the first time. Now they wanted the honeymoon that had been spoiled by vomiting the Emperor's uncooked meal.

Sierra was seated on the porch swing with her legs crossed over one another. In her hands, she held a pudding cup. "This is so relaxing." She smiled. Sea Betsy was visible from the porch. She poked her head up around the lake like she was trying to play a game with the otters. Sierra, herself, was feeling this second honeymoon phase they'd been given. The Gungan ceremony had made her recognize how deeply she'd come to love Claudius. She was glad he didn't value his personal bubble, because she'd stayed comfortably close.

Claudius wanted to get to the bottom of whether or not their son really did have a special relationship with the animals, or whether it was just a coincidence. As his wife was on the swing he carefully held Bruce over the railing towards the lake. Moments later the transplanted sea cow began moving towards them, along with a family of otters. Quickly Claudius pulled Bruce back to his chest, which caused the aforementioned animals to become discouraged and swim away. "Hmm," he said, as he moved Bruce back over the railing and the animals began swimming towards them again. He then took his son, clutched him to his chest, and began moving over towards Sierra and the swing. In the background the sealife once again began to disperse. He said nothing to Sierra, as he knew that she knew.

From the swing, Sierra watched her husband experiment with their son. The sea life, which had paid no attention to them, now realized that Bruce was there. It seemed from the first test that they were attracted to Bruce. When Claudius brought their son close to him again, it resulted in the animals returning to their business. It seemed like it really was Bruce, but Sierra still theorized that Claudius had some of whatever Bruce did. Animals were attracted to him too. It had been confirmed: Bruce was capable of drawing the animals in. Her thoughts briefly trailed off to the fact that their son was force sensitive. He was still so small...only three months old. It was irrational to think that the boy might someday be as strong as Lord Vader or His Majesty. "I'm not sure if it's wise to ever take him to a zoo." She commented as she stood up. Her hands ran over Bruce's backside. He lit up when he saw his mother. As of late, he had been reacting more to the people he recognized. He always seemed very happy to see his parents. "It feels as if time has flown by since he arrived. That was already three months ago. Before you know it, he'll be walking, talking, and eating cake as savagely as the girls."

"Unfortunately I think that Ewwiekewwieikkie is aware that her brother is an animal magnet," Claudius informed Sierra, before moving towards her as she stood up so that she could access Bruce. "She may run off to the zoo with him if we're not careful," he said, as he smiled from looking down at their son to her. "Although it feels like we've been living at a zoo as of late," he said, as he offered Bruce over to her. "Before you know it you'll have *two* more babies to care for and worry about it," he reminded, with a wink and a smirk, as he watched her watch him.

"She may. When he reaches three or four, I'm sure it would be easy to convince him. That boy already loves animals." She took Bruce from his father with a widening grin. She cuddled her boy against her chest. The bond she had with him had been spontaneous and it had grown to be strong. Inquisitor Thrope may have thought she destroyed their family when she forced Bruce to come early. In reality, she had only brought them closer together. She laughed. "It does feel that way. It's the stinky bantha. If I could just get Ewwiekewwieikkie to bathe him every once in awhile..." If she asked her to take care of Sorbet's baths, then he'd end up in the pool. Sierra snickered. Her eyebrow rose. "Oooh, *I* will, will I? And what will you have?" She teased him as she turned to look out over the water. "Do you really think we'll be ready for two more?"

"I don't think we own enough silverware to convince Ewwiekewwieikkie to bathe the bantha, and if she got him in the pool we would have to summon a binary load lifter to get him out," Claudius explained, as he stood at his wife's side with his eyes remaining on Bruce. "I'll have a lot of work to attend to aboard the command ship since my aide will be busy with three infants," he teased, wondering if he was going to get playfully smacked for that comment. "Of course we'll be ready. One or two nanny droids and everything will be under control," he assured her, as he noticed that ever since she began moving the sealife had begun moving towards them once again.

"Ugh. Good point. We'd never be able to get all the bantha fur out of the pool either." She kept an eye on the sealife. As much as she enjoyed it, she did worry for Bruce's safety. The otters were known to get too close for comfort. Indeed, he did get a gentle slug in the arm from his young wife. "As I recall," she began, "It was *your* genetics that made this happen. I will take control on the command ship, and you can become a stay-at-home. I want you to call me Governor Rodney from here on." She had to tease him back. The otters were getting uncomfortably close which caused Sierra to settle back on the swing once again. She settled Bruce against her. She had worries...the same kind of worries as with her first pregnancy. Everything would fall into place once the twins arrived. "Agreed." Her fingers moved through her son's growing blonde hair. "Our family grew much quicker than I expected. It's good. This is what I wanted. And to think at one point I didn't think I'd get a chance to become a mother."

"Yes, Governor," Claudius said dutifully, before clicking his heels together and bowing his head. As Sierra led Bruce back towards the swing the family of otters arrived and began making a clamoring noise. He paused, turning to attempt to shoo away the critters, but they would not be denied. "Don't blame my genetics. I had two biological children until the Dakkar DNA entered the mix," he snickered, before moving to sit down next to her on the swing. "You've made an excellent mother. More children will give you more opportunity to excel," he encouraged her, as he reached over and placed a reassuring hand upon her thigh.

Sierra laughed. "I see why you like it when other people do that. You just gave me a little power trip." She winked at him. "Nooo. We *know* there's twins in your genes. You can't blame the Dakkar DNA. Look at your brother's children. Twins!" She stuck her tongue out at him. With one hand securing Bruce, the other rested on top of his. "Is that the speech you're going to give me after the twins arrive and you try to convince me to go for another round?" Her hand squeezed his. She could hear Bruce laughing as he stared at the otters from Sierra's shoulder. The sound of a baby's laughter warmed Sierra to the core. "I don't trust those otters. Let me know if they get too close." Sierra adjusted to sit Bruce down in her lap. He immediately began smiling and reaching towards his father's hand while babbling away.

"Well just because Marcus and Zara had twins it doesn't mean it's a Rodney trait. It could also be Dakkar *and* Ta'em traits," Claudius replied, with the tongue twister. "After the twins arrive we'll be too tired for any intimacy. Between the two of us we'll be exhausted and will be asleep moments after our heads hit the pillows," he explained to her, with a laugh, but then quickly realized it was most likely the truth. "Look at the way they're holding hands. How can you *not* trust them?" he asked her, as he leaned forward to get a better look at the overly excited critters.

She laughed. Sierra honestly didn't know how Marcus and Zara did it. They would find out once the twins were there. "Oh, come on. I'll be able to manage a back pat or something before I pass out. This time, I'm taking a maternity leave. You'll have your leave too. I don't care who I have to boss around to make it happen." He was right. Parenthood was about to get more complicated than it already was. She was going to enjoy the time before the twins arrived as much as possible. "If I trusted them, they would end up inside the lakehouse living in the bath tub. We can't house anymore pets." She loved the way they held hands and the reason why they did it. Sierra's fingers weaved in between his slowly. She looked up into the sky. Far, far above them laid the command ship. "We should retire here when the war ends. There is a serenity about this place that I love."

"Well, they *do* have a nanny droid," Claudius was quick to point out, as he belittled his brother's parenting skills. "No! I can't have otters in the bathtub," he pleaded with her, begging that no more critters than the ones they had already taken in would take up residence in their estate. While he was looking at Sierra and Bruce he suddenly felt something near his feet. He turned suddenly, looking down, to see that an otter was attempting to climb his leg to get better access to Bruce. "Gaah! Sierra!" he cried out, as he saw several moving up onto their deck to join in on the commotion.

"What about the sea cow in the bathtub?" She asked with a growing grin. Her attention diverted downward when she saw the otter attempting to scale Claudius like Nea wished he could. There were others who wanted to join them. "Ah! We're surrounded!" She rose from the swing with Bruce. Reaching out, she grasped his hand and guided him inside of the lakehouse. As she closed the door, she spotted an otter standing up on his back legs like he intended to walk inside and make himself comfortable. "Well, that confirms our theory. The animals are after Bruce." She looked down at her son who was attempting to gnaw on the strap of Sierra's dress. "You're hungry, aren't you?" She asked the boy as she carried him into the kitchen where she began to prepare his bottle. Through the kitchen window, she could see the otters crowding up close to the house. This was exactly how Nea had become part of the family. She turned away from the window. With a warmed bottle in hand, she lead the way back to the room where she lowered herself into a glider. Rocking back and forth gentle, she began to fees Bruce. She looked down at her son lovingly. The next time she spoke to her husband, her voice was quieter. "It looks like we're going to get a little time to ourselves next." She reported. Bruce looked tired.

When Sierra grabbed Claudius and the otter fell from his leg it made both the saddest and cutest noise he had ever heard of his life. "Yes, but it's me that they always latch on to," he complained, as he did his best to barricade the door. There were a half dozen terrifying and adorable faces looking in through the screen door in an attempt to follow them where they went. "Yes I'm hungr-" he replied, with his back to Sierra, but as he turned he saw that she was talking to their son and not him. "If you call every critter within Larius Lacus time to ourselves ... you're absolutely right," he said, as he winked at her, and then moved towards the kitchen to see if there was anything he could prepare for their dinner. "Hey. You want to order delivery from Auntie Mae's rib shack?" he suggested, after less than 30 seconds scouring the pantry.

It took little time for Bruce to consume his bottle and nearly pass out in his mother's arms. She placed him inside of his bassinet where she tucked him in. She stepped back. She was in awe of their son. Biased as she was, the boy was amazing. Sierra emerged into the kitchen as the short search for food ended. "Yes, let's do that. I don't want to cook on our second honeymoon." She joked. She found her datapad and began to order them dinner. "I'm only ordering a single rack of ribs this time. I learned my lesson last time." When the order was placed, she redirected her attention to her husband. She drew herself close to him. Embracing him like she had on Pavo Prime, she began to move side to side in a gentle dance within the kitchen. The otters looked onto the scene from the window. The animals really did always latch onto him. "It's probably going to take some time for our meal to arrive..." Oh the implications. Sierra realized that she had been an intimate monster as of late and let out a soft laugh. "You might want to lock me up until the twins arrive, dear. Otherwise you're going to be exhausted long before we have them to care for." She kissed along his throat gently.

Claudius plopped down on the sofa, unleashing a contented sigh, as Sierra ordered their dinner. "Thank you," he said to her, as he outstretched his arms on either side of him and turned his head to look at her. When she joined them he moved both of his arms around her, tightly, as he embraced her. "I love you," he said, for the hundredth time that day, for she was the one who had ordered him ribs. "I'll gladly lock you up if I can be in there with you," he said, before turning his face into her neck to begin nibbling on it. His mouth opened and his teeth bit at her gently. He only hoped that the delivery man did not find them like this ... or the otters.

"I love you," she whispered to him. Sierra was quick to make herself comfortable in the security of his lap. Her hands rested against his chest. There, her fingers began to draw invisible pictures. "I wouldn't have it any other way, Claudius." She spoke in a delighted purr. His mouth was already occupied with her neck, yet another area of weaknesses for her. Sierra's legs squeezed his while she released a deep sigh. She should have learned during their speeder incident that she was prone to getting them in trouble. Instead, she was settling in for dessert before dinner. "I had entirely too much fun on Pavo Prime with you. I'm pretty sure surviving a Gungan wedding together proves that we can overcome anything." Her fingers lifted from their work at his chest. Instead, they played with his curly hair. She could feel her heart swelling in her chest. She was so madly in love.

The moment of intimacy beginning between Claudius and Sierra was interrupted by the sound of a man screaming outside of the lakehouse. "Oh no. The food!" he cried out, as he pushed himself up off the sofa and ran towards the door. As soon as he got it open he saw that the otters were attacking the delivery boy and attempting to eat their dinner. "Damn it, man. Get in here!" he ordered, but instead he dropped the food and began running back towards the speeder. Claudius watched hopelessly as the food crashed to the ground in slow motion. "Oh no," he said, falling to his knees in a manner similar to Ewwiekewwieikkie, while the otters made fast work of their dinner. It was a fitting revenge on their part for taking their Bruce away.

If there was one noise that could ruin the moment, it was the screaming. "What's going on?" She asked as she quickly rose from the sofa. She reached the door behind Claudius in time to watch the otters beginning to devour what was supposed to be *their* meal. Her smile fell. Sierra's hunger was on the verge of turning to hangry. Before she could succumb to her hangry, she snapped out of it, closed the door, and kneeled down to embrace her husband. "Don't worry. I'll feed you." She promised. He really did remind her of Ewwiekewwieikkie, which only made her wish she could produce food out of thin air. She grasped his hands to lead him back into the kitchen. "Alrighty, let's see what we've got..."

Soon, Sierra was hovering over the stove as she cooked them a meal. There was a single otter watching her from outside. "You don't get this food." She said to the otter. Others were carrying the bones from the ribs out towards their makeshift homes on the banks of the lake. When the meal had reached a point where everything could cook without her constant attention, she moved behind Claudius and began to rub his back. "I never asked you.. How's your back doing after the incident with Nea?"

Claudius never knew an otter could devour a rack of ribs like that. He was led to the kitchen sadly, pout plastered on his face, before climbing onto a stool to watch her prepare something. "Go away, otter!" he said, sadly, but it was not impressed and just kept looking through the window. "Mmm..." he moaned pleasantly as Sierra began to rub his back, causing him to become more relaxed. "Oh it's much better," he told her, as he looked over his shoulder to smile at her. "Thank you for everything," he said to her, sincerely, as he could no longer imagine what life would be like without her.

Her small hands rubbed along his spine, then spread out over his back. She was more than happy to do anything to make his life better. "I'm glad to hear it. I worry about you." She leaned forward to steal a quick kiss. Resuming her back rub, she made the rapid decision to make the rest of the evening all about him. "You never need to thank me. I love you. I love our lives ... just not our hungry little otter friends at the moment!" She pulled away from him to plate their dinner now that it had finished cooking. She distributed plates amongst the two of them. She also made a point to grab a bottle of sparkling starfruit cider from the fridge. She settled on the stool next to his. "When we're finished eating, I'll give you a proper back rub. You're *always* spoiling me rotten. Tonight is your night, my love." She opened up the sparkling cider and poured them both a glass. "This isn't going to be as good as ribs, but at least Auntie Mae won't make a single credit off of us tonight."

"No need to worry about me, my love. You have a half a dozen children to look after," Claudius informed her, after mentally counting each one to ensure that no one got overlooked. "Friends never eat other friends ribs," he mused about the otter 'friends' who were surrounding the lakehouse. "I would love a back rub," he said, as he smiled up at her earnestly. A home cooked meal was always better than ordering out. "You mean Auntie Mae didn't sell you the groceries in the lakehouse?" he asked her, with a snicker, wondering why she had not taken over the grocery business yet. He did not want to give her any ideas.

"Goodness. Is the count up to half a dozen already? At least two of the little Rodneys are still inside of me. That makes it easier to watch them." She commented as she glanced down to her belly. *Twins*. She didn't know when that fact would fully settle in. Regardless, she was excited to have a daughter and another son. "Shhhh!" Sierra looked around suspiciously. "You know that woman hears everything we say. Don't give her ideas! I purposely avoid the blue milk with Auntie Mae's logo." She began to eat now that she felt like she could no longer wait. Her appetite was another something that had changed from her first pregnancy to her second. She felt starved at meal time. She dug in like Ewwiekewwieikkie might. Her feet dangled down from the barstool. She wasn't quite tall enough to reach the ground. Ever the initiator, Sierra rubbed her feet against his leg. She was looking forward to the closeness they would have during his back rub.

"Yes. We should sign up for a rewards card at the One Stop Baby Shop," Claudius teased, as he realized now that he was relying on an Imperial governor's salary and not the treasury of Delaya raising all of these children was going to be quite expensive. Suddenly the temptation of all of the bribes from local officials was with him, and he brought his hand up to his chin to stroke it in silent contemplation. He put it from his head though, shaking it, and then returning his attention to her. "Indeed. Auntie Mae's network is second to only the ISB ... you should know," he teased her right back, as he matched her game of footsie.

"I've thought about it. The problem is that there are monthly drawings for reward card holders. I'm afraid we'd actually win." Sierra grinned. The only person she was really tempted to steal credits from was Zevrin. She would make sure Zevrin, unknowingly, purchased the twins' bedroom set. "Hey!" She stuck her tongue out at him. "The ISB are bad and all, but *you* married an ISB officer. What's that say about you, Governor?" She knew that he would never stop teasing her about her affiliation with the ISB. "Because I think it says a lot of things." Sierra's eyebrows wiggled while she playfully engaged him. She felt good, happy; weightless.

"Hmm. What's the prize? I can't imagine anything more bizarre than a Gungan destination wedding," Claudius replied, with a smile as he looked across at her. "It says, if you can't beat them ... marry them," he said, as he reached out to take her hand, and winked at her. He had forgotten all about his hungry as they engaged in a pleasant conversation combined with the under the table foot play. He was happy, and as he moved his pointer finger over the soft knuckles of her hand in a motion that was both playful and therapeutic he realized there was no place he would rather be.

"Wellll," Sierra began, thinking back to some of the prizes she'd seen in advertisements. "There was a family trip to Auntie Maeland, a week with a Gungan chef... Which, now that I think of it, I wonder if that was Doo Doo F-Fast." She tried to keep a straight face but she couldn't stop herself! She laughed. If they hadn't ever gotten a chance to meet the man, Sierra would have question if he actually existed. "There was a really big one...a year's supply of ice cream. Now, I know what you're thinking; 'that's great!' Can you imagine the girls after that year? We would have to send them to rehab to get them to kick their ice cream addiction."

Sierra's eyes lit up as he took her hand. "I guess that worked out for you." She let out a sigh. "And me too," Sierra added truthfully. The affection they shared was wonderful. Her heart skipped a beat inside of her chest. She loved him so, so much. Slowly, she slid off the bar stool. Her hand remained in his as she led him towards the bedroom. "Back rub time, back rub time..." She sang happily.

"Well the girls did love Auntie Maeland, *but* ... I'm not sure that's worth the risk of a week with Doo Doo Fast," Claudius reasoned, but then he heard about the final prize ... a year of free ice cream. "F-f-f-for everyone? Or just the girls?" he asked, so nervously excited that he stuttered at first. He reached for his fork, but instead his hand collided with his glass of water and knocked it over. "Oh!" he clamored, as he reached to right the glass and blot the spill with his napkins. Fortunately he was saved by the notion of a back rub, and he rose from the table, following her willingly into the bedroom ... although the thought of a year's free ice cream was thoroughly embedded in the back of his mind.

"For everyone!" She laughed softly. "Should I pick up a rewards card, Claudius?" She couldn't help teasing him. Sierra didn't care for the spill, nor was she thinking about anything else going on outside of the house. The idea of a year's free ice cream did sound appealing, but she wasn't sure if that was a result of pregnancy or not. She paused in the doorway of their bedroom, suddenly turning around. Her arms suddenly moved around his neck. Her lips pressed against his passionately. Their Gungan ceremony had left her feeling raw in a very good way. All the love she had for him was suddenly at the surface. She was *very* glad that Bruce was asleep and that none of the other children were around to see what happened as a result of that. All Sierra wanted was to be close, so be close she would.

"Well ... I'm not saying *don't* pick up a rewards card," Claudius said, sheepishly, like a young boy. When she paused and began her onslaught he was not surprised at all, as the passion between them was very real and palpable. "Hey, hey, hey. You're supposed to be relaxing me with a back rub, not stirring my loins," he teased her, as the kiss broke and he smiled down at her. "Ow!" he said, obviously playing around, as he moved his hand around to his backside and grabbed at it in the worst acting since Ewwiekewwieikkie's first grade play of Squid Lake.

"Okay... I totally *won't* pick one up." She winked. She let out a soft laugh. "I'll behave for now." She reluctantly agreed. The woman was trouble, as he had witnessed in their eight months of marriage. Sierra played back with him, gasping softly. "Oh no! I think we're going to have to call Doctor Tohan." Pilaq would, undoubtedly, beat them all with his walking stick if they did. Instead, Sierra lead him over to the bed where she rid him of his tunic and instructed him to sit. "Relax yourself as much as you can. I know. Easier said than done." She lowered herself down onto the bed before beginning to settle behind him with her legs outstretched on either side of his body. At first, she wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed. She placed three gentle kisses to the middle of his back. "I love you," she whispered. After she had her moment, Sierra sat back, brought her hands to his backside, and began massaging him slowly.

"Where are the scented candles? Where is the slow jizz music?" Claudius asked her, as he was led to bed, continuing his fake complaints as a night of teasing seemed to be on the menu. When he sat on the bed he waited for the magic to begin and then, as if on cue, the massage began and he started to slowly moan. Drool formed at the corner of his mouth before slipping out as he let go completely. "I wuv you too," he said, weakly, between moans, as she worked his truly aching back. Like most men his age *everything* was starting to ache.

Sierra took her time. If the rest of the universe allowed it, they'd have the remainder of the night to enjoy each other. Her hands worked slowly. Each fingertip searched for knots playing underneath his skin then soothingly rubbed them out. Behind him, she chuckled. "They are right there." She said, pointing towards a closed box. "You can light the candles and turn on the music when you return the favor." She teased right back with him. In reality, she was content with just rubbing him. It relaxed her to put him at ease. His moans were certainly a treat for her. She scooted in a little closer to reach up to the back of his neck. Her burgeoning baby bump pressed against him. There was no slow jizz, but as Sierra got into the massage, she began to hum a song to him softly.

"Oh sure," Claudius complained, but did not turn to look to see if a box was actually there to avoid wrench his neck beyond her ability to fix with a massage. The neurotoxins being released from her massage threatened to make him fall asleep and it became a struggle just to keep his head upright. "Ugh," he groaned, before forcing his head back up and opening his eyes wide to avoid from falling asleep. "Your turn," he said, cheerfully, as he moved from the bed and went to investigate this mythical box. To his surprise there actually was box, but when he opened it he found an extra surprise. "Uh. Sierra," he said, as he held up one of the candles, which clearly had bite marks. Of course there was blue fur there too.

Her hands were working over his neck and shoulders. Claudius didn't relax nearly enough, so she had taken it upon herself to change that. "My turn?!" A large grin quickly appeared on her lips. She released her grasp on him and began making herself comfortable for her massage. She was untying the halter styled top of her dress when she saw the candle with bite marks. "Oh my. When did they get into those candles?! I was hiding them at the top of our closet at the estate. I *knew* I should have never bought that sugar cookie scented candle." She worried for the health of Ewwikewwieikkie and Melickielickie. She couldn't imagine that eating candles was good for their digestive systems. She needed to Squib proof the estate when they arrived home. "Are they all eaten?" Sierra frowned.

"Well..." Claudius began, as he examined each of the candles one at a time. "You would think after taking a bite of one and discovering it was not food they would have stopped, but no ... it seems they had to be sure and took out a bite of each and every one," he said, frowning, before pulling out the small music player. Fortunately they did not attempt to eat Sierra's jizz. An instant later the music began playing and he sashayed his way over towards the bed to join Sierra. "Are you ready for this?" he said to her, with a playful wink, as the music moved to an up tempo beat.

Sierra couldn't stop herself from laughing. She placed her head in her hands, shaking it. "Even 'Autumn Leaves'?! Not all of those were food flavored... Quite on purpose, might I add." She could almost see Melickielickie and Ewwiekewwieikkie finding the box. It was the perfect size for an imaginary starship. She could clearly see the two girls trying each candle like it was a buffet. She dropped her hand. Her cheeks were still colored from her laughter. "I love being a parent." On the bed, she swayed back and forth to the music. "Definitely not. Are you ready for this?" She winked right back him. She dropped her top, giving him access to her whole upper body. "We can both be grateful that my jizz didn't get switched with Dru's. There's nothing relaxing about the mess she listens to." Sierra grabbed a pillow. She held it to her body as she bent forward slightly. Her blonde curls fell over her shoulders.

"Yes. Drusilla's music is more for..." Claudius began, but then stopped himself, his face flushing red with anger and his jaw clenching so tightly it threatened to crack his teeth. "Pollix..." he murdered under his breath, before refocusing on Sierra and began the process of gently massaging her shoulders and neck. All of the relaxation he was experiencing thanks to Sierra's massage was quickly evaporating as the inevitable erotic nature of his massage of his semi-nude wife took hold. "Don't expect this to be a regular occurrence," he teased her, as his hands began to move down towards her shoulder blades. "Oh. You're very tense," he said, not because he felt something, but because he had heard a masseuse say it in a HoloVid once. (D)

Somewhere far, far away, Prince Pollix was sneezing. Someone was talking about him...or thinking about murdering him. It had taken Sierra a lot not to chase him off from the Gungan wedding. The only reason she didn't was because she didn't want Auntie Mae to profit off of her hormonal outrage. She had more than enough with Marcus and Zara's special home video. "Mmm.." She sighed. "I'm sure I am. Carrying two of *your* children is no joke." Their playful nature was in full swing tonight. She loved teasing him. "Thank you, my love. You're making me melt." Sierra was a woman who seriously enjoyed her back rubs. She didn't realize how much she needed it until his hands were on her. (D)

"Melt ... like all that free ice cream you're going to win me ... err us ... err the girls," Claudius replied, as his hands moved down from her shoulder blades to the small of her back. Suddenly he lowered his head, raising his hand to brush the hair away that covered the back of her neck. He began kissing at her neck once it was exposed, biting first, and then gently nibbling and suckling. A massage with his mouth was much more naughty than with his hands, which was exactly his intention. Suddenly he placed his tongue at the center of her back and slowly traced down her spinal cord until he arrived at the base of her spine where he swirled his tongue around to further stimulate her. Who needs candles, he thought to himself, as he continued to tease her. (D)

She snickered. She was going to get that rewards card now. With an unlimited supply of ice cream, they could make ice cream cakes for every occasion. Birthdays? Ice cream cake! Bruce's first steps? Ice cream cake! Now he had her thinking about ice cream. She would talk him into a trip to Auntie Mae's before their solo trip was over. Sierra made a delighted noise when he shifted to massaging her with his mouth. Her eyes closed tight. It was arousing and wonderful. "Claudius!" She gasped. It certainly was more naughty. Soon, she was moaning. She should have removed her dress in its entirety. She had a feeling it would be getting in the way sooner than later. "Y-You're still thinking about ice cream, aren't you?" She said as he used his tongue on her spine. She was in heaven! If he wasn't careful, she really would marry him again and again and again. (D)

"If Auntie Mae makes ice cream that tastes like this then we'll have to really wonder," Claudius said, as he pulled his mouth from her back and raised back up into a seated position behind her. "Well that was great. Now we're nice and relaxed and can go to sleep!" he declared, before dramatically flopping down onto the bed next to her. He closed his eyes, folding his arms in front of his chest, and began to snore in an obviously fake manner. After a few moments of this he opened one eye and peeked towards her to see if she was buying it.(D)

"Don't give her ideas, dear." Sierra rolled her eyes. Auntie Mae would stop at nothing to exploit their family. She began to turn around. After all of the caressing, bites, kisses, and licks, she was pretty certain where everything was going. Her husband was such trouble. She watched him with a big smirk on her lips. "Okay! Good night!" She decided to play around with him, though the fact that she didn't put back on her top showed that she wasn't buying it. She darted beneath the blankets, pulling them up over her head. She lay on her side facing away from him where she, too, pretended to sleep. She couldn't make fake snoring noises because her smile was far too wide. Instead, faint giggling could be heard beneath the blanket. She knew he would come for her.

As the man Claudius' urges were harder to resist and naturally he was the first to give way. "Ugh," he groaned, before exhaling a deep sigh and unfolding his arms from his chest. A moment later he rolled over on top of her. "Wake up," he insisted, before performing his family's hereditary pout. He lowered his face to place a tender kiss upon her lips, attempting to wake his sleeping beauty. If that did not work there were other things he could try, he thought to himself as a smirk inevitably made its way into his face.

There was movement beneath him. Still, Sierra kept her eyes closed and continued to sleep. The only time she was immune to the family pout was when her eyes were closed. She was safe! A little smile started to reappear on her face after the kiss. She decided to push him further. She moved her head to the side but remained 'asleep'. She was obviously to what she was setting herself up for. She managed to make one, tiny snoring noise. It was oh so authentic ... except not.

Oh no ... maybe she is asleep, Claudius thought as he looked down at his wife. He debated what to do before taking the risk of lowering his face and take her nose into his mouth, before gently biting down upon it. When the act was complete he lifted his head and smiled, hoping that she would not react offended. If only the scented candles had not been chewed up, he thought, as he also considered turning the music up louder as a last resort.

"Gah!" The bite did the trick. Sierra's eyes were open. She looked up at her husband. "Sorry, I was getting my 'beauty' sleep." Her hands came up to his cheeks. Leaning forward, she stole a kiss to his chin, his lips, his nose. She was acting so affectionate and sweet. Then, all of a sudden, she opened her mouth and playfully bit his nose to even the score. "You're trouble, Claudius." Her body nuzzled against him. She wasn't allowing him to forget the intimacy of their massage. "What're you going to do now, troublemaker?" Her hands settled on his shoulders.

"It seems to have worked," Claudius said, as he smiled down at her, before bringing his hand to gently caress the side of her face. Just when he thought he had been completely sweet she lunged up and bit his nose, causing him to unleash a pitiable yelp of pain. This time he was not playing around. "Hey! That hurt," he said, as he brought his hand over to inspect his nose to see if she drew blood. "This..." he said, as he lowered his head and placed his mouth to hers, biting at her lower lip, and forcing his tongue into her mouth to playfully wrestle with her tongue.

"I was gen..." Sierra was cut off by his mouth. Happiness spread rapidly through her body as their tongues began to engage each other. Her tongue fought with his within her mouth. The temperature in the room was rising. Her body felt so warm that what she still wore was too much. Sierra wanted nothing more than to have her husband, so have him she would. Her hands moved over his back. "Claudius!" She moaned. Her hands spend up as they descended down his body until they reached his pants. They slid to the front of his body where she blindly began fumbling with them. Even though the kiss broke, her mouth didn't leave his flesh. Instead, she trailed kisses to his neck where she assaulted him with love bites. Her body was screaming to be reunited with his. At last, she undid his pants.

"I love you so much, my Sierra," Claudius tiredly mumbled into the pillow as he felt the call of sleep. "There is no place I'd rather be stuck," he told her, as he clung to her, the moonlight cascading down upon them through the skylight. "Like the otters," he said to her, knowing full well that they were out there ... waiting. The kiss was enough to settle him, causing his breathing to normalize, and his eyelids beginning to weigh heavily. "Until tomorrow," he told her, before leaning over to place a kiss upon her, half his face squished from being pressed into the pillowcase.

Just like the otters. There was no chance of Sierra floating away. To be sure though, it was better for her to never let go. "Until tomorrow, my love." They shared a final good night kiss. The happiness stirred inside of Sierra. Luckily, tomorrow would bring another adventure that they would face together. Even if they had to fight their way through the otters, which undoubtedly would want to say good morning to their son. As she began to fall asleep, like every night, her last thought was of him.

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