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Christopher Levy and Tara McLaren.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:5:31) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: The Speakeasy).
Major Kerrie Kiley and Valeria.

A wide-eyed smile was fixated upon Kerrie's lips as she looked across the table at Valeria. "Ralltiir was interesting to say the least," she explained, nodding her head excited at her former compatriot. "Unfortunately we didn't get to the base in time to take out the Rebels, but we did find some great intelligence in there..." she said, as she brought her hands together in a firm clasp. It felt as if things were starting to go right for her after far too many failures. The young woman's expertly mimicked Human face was threatening to stretch in half from the confident grin that would not cease to fade from her lips.

"You look very happy." Valeria folded her hands in front of her, her silver-blue eyes beaming. It was sincere. She did in fact like that Kerrie was pleased with what was going on, even if she was in the process of deceiving her. Her former rival just had not been the same since she had joined up with the Empire. At least, that was how Valeria saw it. "And I am glad to be of service."

"It took a lot to arrange this..." Kerrie said quietly as she reached into a pouch on her belt and produced a small datacard. Nonchalantly she slid it across the table to the woman, before her attention turned to the Whyren's Reserve she had ordered to celebrate the occasion. "That will get you service at the naval base on Esseles. I'm sure the technical staff there will have no trouble succumbing to your charms," she said with a quick wink, as she took a long, tender sip of her first glass of the Whyren's.

Valeria made the datacard disappear quickly and for a change subtly. She would tell the serving droid to begin bringing her a stream of Corellian ales as she studied Kerrie. "Although this is a little off subject, I like to think I've never convinced someone to do something they didn't already want to do." She ran a hand through her hair, before beginning to peel off her gloves. Valeria liked to be comfortable when she was with an old acquaintance or friend like Kerrie.

Kerrie reached her hands above her head and pulled off the reinforced durasteel helmet that clung to her head, revealing neatly braded brown locks that were slightly messed from beneath the dome of her helmet so long. "Whatever you need to tell yourself, Valeria," she said with a soft chuckle as she placed her helmet on the seat next to her. "I suspect your special set of skills is playing a role in how you acquire this data," she said with a bit of laughter, before taking another sip of the Whyren's.

"As if to imply that I am deceitful. Hmph." Valeria put on an expression of mock outrage, even as she thought of what she could do with that invitation to use the services of those Imperial techs. They might have been relatively bad at improvising compared to outlaws that had to make do with outdated or broken parts, but they made up for it with precision and attention to detail. "So you were saying that you were pleased with the info you've gotten so far?" The first glass of Corellian ale arrived and she would toss it back shortly after accepting it.

"Very pleased," Kerrie said, as she nodded emphatically at the woman. "Unfortunately the Rebels had cleared out so we did not get any prisoners, but they left behind most of their equipment and a sizable cache of information. It seems we've got them on the run and we've begun redeploying entire regiments to combat their movement!" she exclaimed, perhaps revealing too much information. Unfortunately, she was well into the Whyren's by the time Valeria arrived, and as she already knew she rarely held her liquor well.

"It sounds like you'll be able to keep checking their movements." Valeria's grin widened as she showed her teeth. For a moment Valeria even forgot that Kerrie was working off deliberately planted data. The poor Major was so earnest that the smuggler was inwardly rooting for her to win. "I imagine the stormies must be so eager, all dressed up in their armor waiting to deploy."

"They do what they're told ... these new recruits aren't nearly as compliant as clones," Kerrie explained grimly, thinking about the recent defections in the wake of the destruction of Alderaan. Her two hands rubbed awkwardly against one another before she finally relented and slid her gloves and gauntlets from her hands and wrists to reveal the clammy hands that were contained beneath. "Yeah. The information we pulled out of there should keep us occupied for months. It's our first real progress on Ralltiir..." she revealed, before starting to pur herself a new glass of the Whyren's.

Valeria's thinsuit gloves would come off and were placed in her jacket. Her suit was made of an armorweave-reflect blend that ... while not providing as much protection as hard armor, certainly played towards Valeria's other assets, which despite Kerrie's suggestions she would not admit to having used. "So if you're occupied, am I to assume you can't use more information? I don't want to overburden your forces." Now that her hands were free of the gloves Valeria was back to playing with her hair. It was not vanity, exactly, but the smuggler had always seemed to be very much in love with herself.

"More information?" Kerrie said, perhaps a bit too loudly, as her perfectly mimicked blue eyes widened at the prospect of gathering more data. "What have you been up to, Valeria?" she said slyly, with a bit of a smirk crawling upon her face. "Holding out on me?" she asked, in mock disappointment, before folding her arms in front of her chest in an attempt to pout.

"Holding out? No." With a flick of her wrist a datacard would appear there ... not the one that Kerrie had given her. "But the Rebels are pretty good about preventing information from leaking out. I didn't want to be followed while delivering this information to you." Valeria ran her tongue along those large teeth of her's as she spoke in a soft voice, a singsong quality to her words. "How would you like to know about some defecting nobles?"

Kerrie's hand clenched into a fist and slammed on the table angrily as she listened to Valeria's words. "Damn those fools. They never had it better than they did under the Empire," she said, as she quickly confiscated the data and slipped it into a pouch on her belt. Only a month ago she had personally eliminated one of the members of the nobility for treason Perhaps now she would be given more opportunities to redeem herself in the eyes of the Grand Moff. "Thank you..." she said quietly, as she looked down at her shaking hands, trying to contain her enthusiasm. "No really ... thank you..." she said as her eyes moved upward and focused on the woman, locking eyes directly with her. She could remember earlier adventures they had and feelings she had long since repressed towards her.

"You really need this, don't you Kerrie?" Valeria's eyes were soft and understanding. While the smuggler was reputed to be charming, there was no disguising the genuine concern in her voice and face. "If you match up that information, you'll see gaps in the schedules of the nobility where meetings with the Rebels took place. Its highly suspect."

"We all need ... something," Kerrie said weakly, as only one who is truly broken could say. She had a rough time over the past few months and it seemed as if she was in and out of bacta tanks on a steady basis. "They will pay for their crimes," she said confidently, already imagining the various ways with which they could be dispatched. However, she learned her lesson when it came to acting independently in the past and had already set herself towards doing it the 'right way' this time. There would be no hasty executions this go 'round.

"I don't need any credits for this one. Just make my relationship with the boys... " She paused. "...and girls, I'm guessing ... on Esseles a permanent one. I promise I'll behave." She folded her hands on the table casually, looking as sweet and innocent as someone could when they were a known thief, bounty hunter, and smuggler, among other things.

Kerrie blinked slowly as she listened to what Valeria had to say. That would be a very difficult task for her to achieve, but she did not have time to worry about that now. "That's ... that's fine," she said, stammering as she worried she was promising she could not deliver. Her hand trembled as she poured herself another glass of the Whyren's, spilling some of the precious liquid on the table to her embarrassment. "Sorry. Guess I'm a little overexcited," she admitted, as she took a quick sip of the drink to calm her nerves.

"Pfft." Valeria smiled as another glass of Corellian ale arrived for her and she began to sip it. "You'll find its a lot better deal for you than credits. I value expertise more than time or parts when it comes to these consultations." She nodded, as if to reinforce her point. "Just make sure they don't cute and put a tracking device on it. If the Rebels find it, the game would be up."

"A tracking device, really?" Kerrie said as she laughed into her glass, trying not to lose her composure in front of her old friend. "You don't think we'd try something that simple on you, do you?" she said, as she took a longing sip of the Whyren's. "Give us some credit!" she said, as she shook her head disappointedly at the woman.

"Technicians have been known to take the initiative before...and they aren't always good at subterfuge." She shook her head, her silver-blue eyes glimmering with mischief. "No, if I were you, I think I'd lace my drink with a radioactive compound, then equip a scout ship with specially tuned sensors to track my movements."

"Oh come on now, do you really think it takes all that to track a chrome plated gunship?" Kerrie asked, mocking her choice of transport. Her bottle of Whyren's was nearly empty, and she had a sad look on her face as she emptied the bottle and refilled her glass one last time.

For a moment Valeria was tempted to defend her ship, to mention how the hull could be primed and painted over. She could have also mentioned various sensor jammers and...other devices, working on non, that made her job easier. But then, that would pretty much ruin the whole plan she was working. "Very funny." She downed the glass of Corellian ale, before reaching out to pat Kerrie's hand. "You be careful, alright?"

"I'm always careful!" Kerrie exclaimed as she slid the last of the Whyren's down her throat before tossing her gloves in the helmet and carrying them off as she slid from the table. "Just keep getting me more. I'll be good to you if you be good to me..." she said, starting to walk away, before turning to flash one last smile over her shoulder. She felt she really had some good leads from her old 'friend' and was on the verge of striking a severe blow against the Alliance. Little did the poor woman know that she was just a pawn in a larger scheme.

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