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Christopher Fulk, Christopher Levy, Jaina Roberts, and Anonymous.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:2:4) in the Moshaw system: Argo, Communications Relay Station 406, and Gilded Thranta and in the Yavin system: Argo and Yavin 4 (Great Temple).
Commander Derek Atio, Captain Sixtus Brand, Corporal Jakob Elatron, Sergeant Reilly Judah, Trooper Jace Mereel, Trooper Alanya Rockturne, and Ensign Bardon Strikos.

Beneath the lush jungle canopies of the jungle moon Yavin 4, the pot marked hull of the CR90 corvette Argo rested in the shade. The sound of the local creatures scurrying through the flora had Commander Derek Atio feeling uneasy as he stood at the bottom of the ship's landing ramp, leaning against one of the extension arms for support. Although they were only a short distance from Massassi Station, situated inside the Great Temple, the jungle was dense ad crawling with creatures that he would not want to encounter without an armed escort. His right hand hung over his holster nervously, fingers curling over the handle of his SoroSuub QuickSnap 36T blaster carbine. His eyebrow arched quickly as he heard movement approaching the ship. "Was it a creature?" he wondered silently to himself, or was it the next group of replacements reporting aboard the corvette.

Unlike her soon-to-be commander, Sergeant Judah loved the creatures of the jungle. Each sound fascinated her. Currently she was trying to convince a baby Woolamander to take the small piece of fruit she was holding out for it. The young medic was squatting down near some low ground cover ... a variety of plants that she had no idea what they were other than that together they made the area peaceful ... she was dressed in standard Rebel fatigues that had been given to her upon completion of her probation period. The fabric was not as comfortable as Imperial uniforms, but she'd get used to it. "Come on little one...I will not harm you."

Derek turned his head down to look at his wrist chronometer and noted the time. He was running behind schedule, but it could not be avoided. Hopefully the extra time had given the technicians the ability to get all of the systems back online. While the exterior of the Argo left much to be desired, the interior of the ship recently had a major overhaul during its time on Yavin 4. It was the Commander's hope that some of the frequent malfunctions that occurred during the last few missions did not repeat themselves in the days to come.

Jace was worried that he was late for his first assignment! His boots kicked up a cloud of dust right in front of the commander as he slid to a halt at the bottom of the ramp. While he caught his breath he dropped his pack, which contained his weapons and other stuff. He threw a crisp perfect salute to the commander as he stood to attention. Once he had caught his breath he spoke up rather loudly like the typical soldier would. "Trooper Jace Mereel reporting for duty, sir!"

Commander Atio looked over the young Trooper standing before him. He shook his head slightly in despair ... it would seem they were taking them young and younger now. He nodded to him and forced a diplomatic smile onto his middle-aged face. "Welcome aboard, Privately." he said to him cheerfully. "Report to steerage quarters, deck five," he instructed the young man, "You'll find the armory on deck two." His eyes peered into the jungle where he could barely make out the woman and the Woolamander. "Gaah," he groaned, noting he would never get that close.

Alanya literally appeared out of the jungle. The shadowsilk bodysuit hugged close to her form, the passive material absorbing light as well as sound as she seemed to melt out from one of the shadows under the extended branch of one of the low-hanging trees. The specially fluffed silk cut even the whisking noise one might expect, there was nothing but complete silence as she stepped forward. The shadowsilk was all encompassing, save for small opening for the eyes, which was covered by a pair of snooper goggles, the macrobinoculars were currently off, but looked intimidating none the less. A small rectangular black backpack, made of the same shadowsilk was worn upon her back, buckled across her upper chest and waist to hold it snugly. Even her Blastech A280 rifle was covered with shreds of the shadowsilk, attached at various points over the blackened weapon so that it almost melted into her body as she walked forward tow ards the ship. Alanya did not tolerate malfunctions, which was why she insisted on testing out her gear for a few days out in the jungle, alone. Only now was she returning to the Argo, right on time, of course. She approached the ramp, straightening and throwing a tight salute, but remained silent, waiting for the other woman to speak as she held her bearing as well, macrobinocular covered eyes forward.

Reilly heard the 'gaah' and turned quickly toward the noise. Known for her dislike of violence, she did not carry a weapon unless ordered to do so, so nothing would be drawn. The fruit was dropped and the creature picked it up and scurried past the commander, getting a chuckle from Reilly. "Mooch." She then looked up at the man and realized he was her new Commander. Instantly her body straightened, all signs of the smile were gone. She was in Imperial mode, or well, no-longer-Imperial-but-just-as-rigid mode.

"That's Commander Mooch," Derek was quick to point out to the woman in the jungle. His eyes again quickly darting to his wrist chronometer before clearing his throat. "Shouldn't you be reporting in?" he asked her, taking a few steps towards her. He left the safety of the durasteel ramp and entered slightly into the jungle. He felt something move against his foot and squirmed visible in front of her. "Ungh," he groaned as he picked his foot up off the ground frantically. It was only a vine.

"Oh...I meant the..." Reilly pointed downward though the baby critter was long gone. A glance behind her was given as she continued to speak. "I was told to..." and then remembering her rank and purpose she
saluted the man. "Sergeant Reilly Judah reporting for duty, sir."

Following the order like a good soldier, Jace threw the strap of his pack over his shoulder and made his way up the ramp of the corvette missing the strange animal lady as well as the one who could turn invisible. Black combat boots clicked lightly against the deck as he moved. Jace was average height around six feet or so with a medium muscular build. Blue eyes glanced around the corvette's halls as he made his way toward the steerage quarters.

"Welcome aboard, Sergeant," Derek said to the young woman as he gave her a courteous nod. He would have to review her service record later, but he was under the impression she was the new Medical Technician. They would need skilled medics where they were going and he did his best to seem kind and unassuming. She might have to replace one of his kidneys one day after all. "You'll find sickbay waiting for you on Deck 3," he informed her with a kind smile. "You'll find your quarters further down on Deck 5 with the other members of your unit." He cleared his throat, extending his hand to her politely, "I'm Commander Atio and hopefully I won't require your services." His eyes then darted back into the jungle, believing he saw something slither.

"Thank you, sir." Reilly had nothing with her. The Rebellion had provided her a change of clothing but that had been burned in a rescue. Said rescue also left her right hand scarred, though it was healing nicely and no longer tender. This information was certainly in her records so she assumed as they had said in the temple that she would get new uniforms onboard the corvette. Brown eyes drifted to where the Commander looked. She smiled as she saw the snake-like creature. "Isn't he beautiful!" Of course she quickly scurried on board so as not to be scolded for speaking out of turn, a problem she had with the Empire as well. Good thing she was great at what she did or she would probably have long since been executed for being too nice and relaxed.

Derek's attention now turned to that of Trooper Rockturne as he hurriedly returned to the ramp. She was impressively dressed ... he had seen one of those outfits before. "A little warm in that thing, Trooper?" he asked as he nodded to her. He never liked being saluted ... he always thought someone was going to jump out of the bushes and shoot him whenever it happened. "Let's get on board," I've received our orders and we'll be leaving this jungle soon. He looked over his shoulder one last time, shuddering.

"Sir. No Sir. Personal discomfort is irrelevant to completing the mission, sir." She responded quickly, before dropping the salute and stared at his back as he went up the ramp, noticing the shivering. It was only after a moment's pause that she continued up the ramp as well, soft grip boots making her footsteps quiet upon the normally noisy decking as she headed up into the ship. Too bad, this place had grown on her. She had liked hunting the ample game and using the more than ample cover of the jungle to creep about.

So this was going be his new home eh...well it was not that bad. Jace had seen bigger ships on Concord Dawn though but those were mostly the Imperial Navy. He tossed his pack onto the first empty bunk and took a seat next to it. A small smirk rested on his lips as he ran a hand through his short cropped light brown hair. As he was putting his personal things away he was silently praying to the gods of all the worlds that something exciting would happen soon. His short time in the Rebellion had been boring so far.

Derek walked up the ramp into the cargo hold and slapped his palm against the control panel, raising the ramp behind him as it slammed close behind him. He tilted his head slightly, determined to make sure it was sealed properly. He could not get the image from his head of that time they took off only for the ramp to open and spill of their cargo onto that small village. He was amazed he had kept his command after that sorry incident. Satisfied, he proceeded into the turbolift and headed up onto the bridge on Deck 3.

Reilly found the sickbay with little effort. It was nothing compared to those she had seen on Imperial ships, but it did have a lab so late night experiments might be a possibility. Ah the things you do for fun when you do not have sex. An exploration of the cabinets found typical supplies, some primitive equipment, and nothing really surprising. She sighed and then headed out to find her sleeping quarters.

When Derek reached the bridge, he sat down on his center seat gently, listening to it crack audibly beneath him. He arched an eyebrow and began giving orders to get the ship underway. As the vessel's main reactor powered up, the entire ship began to shake noticeably. A moment later, the vessel lurched from the planet's surface and soared above the jungle canopy. A pair of BTL Y-wings from Gold Squadron pulled alongside as the Argo entered the atmosphere and proceeded into the Yavin system. "All hands stand by for hyperspace," Derek announced through the ship's intercom. The small craft surged forward in space with a jolt, the stars becoming one swirling mass as the vessel made its way from the Yavin system to the Sesswenna sector.

Ugh, Reilly hated that surge forward into hyperspace. Thank the Force she did not have to be on the bridge when it happened or she would probably have vomited. Just what she would need to do to further impress her new Commander. Bad enough he found her conversing with primates. Her bunk was unimpressive, but did contain a change of clothing. Well, that was something at least. She sat on the edge of her bed, pushing downward to check it's springiness.

Well, that sure got Jace's attention...light eyes glanced over toward the comm system as he heard the message. He gripped the bunk as the ship lurched into soon as he was sure they were in hyperspace he stood glancing around for uh...someone, anyone to tell him what was going on. Not seeing anyone in the bunks he remembered the captain talking about the armory. A smile slid onto his lips as he thought of the weapons and he made his way eagerly toward the second deck.

After Derek received confirmation of their time in transit, his hands again moved to the intercom, "All commandos please report to the meeting room on Deck 3." He stood from his seat and took a nervous look around the bridge. There were so many new faces and he had barely gotten to know any of them. This current assignment would prove hazardous and he hoped they would be up to the task ... only time would tell. He proceeded from the bridge, comfortable that the electrical system was not about to imminently short circuit and made his way into the conference room. He was glad to see that the tactical display of the Sesswenna sector was already activated and displaying brightly on the wall. "Things are looking up," he said to himself as he adjusted his jacket and waited for the troops to arrive.

Alanya hardly seemed to slow even for the jump to lightspeed. Perhaps she had 'space legs' as the old deckhands would say. She had dressed out of the shadowsilk and back into her black thinsuit, preferring it for shipboard tasks. She had of course, left her A280 behind in her quarters...she was not apt to let anybody else touch her weapons. Especially any incompetent ship's quartermaster. She did all her own work and calibrated it just the way she liked it. She would arrive first, as was usual for her as she treated any meeting as the most important thing ever. She exited the turbolift on Deck 3 and walked the short distance to the meeting room, stopping as soon as she entered and throwing another salute. "Sir. Trooper Rockturne reporting as ordered, Sir." Obviously she even took 'please' as a direct order.

"OK girl, time to work." Reilly bounced off the bed and strolled toward the exit of her room. Steps seemed light and she had a smile on her face, though as soon as she hit the corridor that smile and bounce vanished. Her demeanor was all professional now, though if one looked carefully they would see a bit of sparkle in those brown eyes. The lift shot her up to Deck 3 and soon she was entering right behind the other female. To her please meant casual meeting so she sauntered past to find a chair where she plopped down, datapad in hand, ready to learn where people would be shot.

It was like fate was on his side...Jace got to enter the meeting room right behind both of the woman and he took complete advantage of his luck. A small knowing smile was on his lips as he was watching them walk more than anything else. Unfortunately he was not able to make it to the armory before the Commander had called the meeting. He blinked a few times and shook his head to clear it of the thoughts he currently had and snapped to attention. "Trooper Mereel reporting, sir..."

Reilly found it odd that the commander was calling a briefing instead of the man in charge of the commandos. As she looked around, this guy in charge seemed to be missing. A sigh escaped before she realized it.

"Be seated," Commander Atio said to the trio of troopers that had arrived. With the more experienced personnel still needed for the last of the Yavin 4 assignment it seemed he would be tasked to accomplish this task with new personnel. He cleared his throat and shifted his attention to the display. "We are headed to the Sesswenna sector," he informed them, beginning the briefing, "It is the capitol of Governor Tarkin's oversector." He paused, as the planet Eriadu was highlighted and magnified on the display. "Recently High Command has detected an unusual amount of comm traffic between the Governor and his command," he said, continuing, "They want us to go in and hit one of his comm relays and see what we can find." He cleared his throat as the Moshaw Dark Star was highlighted on the map, "This Black Hole will provide an excellent point from us to operate in. The Dark Star Hellions dominate the area, so we should not have a hazardous entry or exit." He moved his hand, touching the area of the screen where the comm relay was located. "Now, this is our obje..." as he touched the screen the entire thing shook and then went dark, cutting off his words.

Alanya would of rather had a shot at Tarkin himself, than some small comm relay. She was the one that should of been sighing. But she said nothing, and displayed nothing on her face as she listened, blue eyes absorbing the information displayed across the screen. She was familiar with the locations, she had not been there, but knew of them. She stared forward as the screen shook and went dark, her eyes only narrowing slightly towards the screen, and then at the Commander for a second, before returning to the screen, as she remained standing, hands now clasped behind the small of her back.

Most would be shocked and perhaps gasp. Reilly had to refrain from laughing. It had been a joke that the Rebels used tiny creatures to power their ships because of their ineptitude toward technology. Oh how some of the others she had worked with had died laughing at this. OK, back into the Rebel mindset. She kept an expressionless look, waiting to see what the commander would do.

He figured this was just going to be some boring meeting so he took a seat when the Commander offered it. The talk of a mission brought him out of of his daydreams of the two woman he was lucky enough to get a good look at and the smile on his face was for a different reason now. He paid close attention to the layout as well as what the commander was saying. An arched eyebrow accompanied the malfunction of the holo projector...maybe he should have stolen some equipment from Concord Dawn before he left.

Derek tilted his head dejectedly like a child who had just broke his new toy. "Just a moment," he said nervously, his cheeks reddening slightly as he slammed his hand against the side of the display once, twice, and finally three times. "It does this you see," he said, buying some time as he tried to nurse it back to life. Eventually the screen flickered, though now on in black and white, and the communications relay became visible. "Who needs color," he said as he turned and looked at them, smiling embarrassingly. "Where was I...," he paused, thinking outwardly, "This comm relay is our objective. It has a standard Imperial operations and security crew. We're understaffed, but you can handle it." He turned, looking at the Medic. "Sergeant Judah," he said in a slightly authoritative tone, "You will have command of the mission." He then turned and looked to them all, "Questions?"

Reilly nearly fell out of her chair at the Commander's words. "Me, sir? I'm a medic...surely..." She looked around. Two troopers. That was it? "...Sir, no offense but, you're sending a medic in with two troopers? Did we do something that warrants execution?"

Derek looked at Reilly, believing she was selling herself short, but her point was valid. "I don't pick the missions, Sergeant," he explained to her sympathetically, "I just give them out." He looked to her and then the two others, "Command wouldn't trust us with this assignment of they didn't believe in our ability to pull this off. We'll be arriving in Sesswenna soon, so unless there are any questions I suggest you start prepping." He nodded to them all, doing his best to boost their confidence.

Alanya shifted slightly, before speaking up. "Sir. If I may make a suggestion, sir?" She asked, glancing from side to side at the other two before she looked towards the Commander, straightening her stance just a bit as her head tilted upwards slightly. Most SpecForce meetings were informal, but one never knew how a regular 'Mud Foot' officer would react to a suggestion from a SpecForce trooper.

"Go ahead, Trooper," Derek said to the ambitious SpecForce Infiltrator. Hopefully she would finally get to put her skills to some use other than killing the local wildlife, although while they were on Yavin he was glad that the critters roaming too close to the ship met a grizzly end.

Alanya nodded her head. "Sir. I believe we have insufficient equipment and...human resources to take the station by storm without suffering unacceptable casualties." By that of course, she meant the other two operatives. She had no intent on dying, even on a suicide mission. But, she would offer an alternative. "We should apply our limited resources and skills in such a way to provide maximum benefit. Therefore, I recommend that we approach the comm station in the guise of a relief crew or in some other manner, to gain access to the comm station and subdue the crew, without having to take it by storm. Could we not retrofit the shuttle we have onboard to the appearance and code of an Imperial one? Or perhaps it would be possible to steal a shuttle from a nearby world. Perhaps one of the more poorly defended maintenance points of fleet of Oversector Outer, sir?" She asked, tilting her head. "We have no qualified SpaceTroopers that I am aware of take the station by storm. Doing so would be risky and unadvisable, unless time pressures prevent us from looking at other options...sir." She said, before becoming silent, her eyes still fixed upon the viewscreen as she stood straight, her hands clasped.

"Don't worry, honey, as long as your head's attached I can bring you back." Reilly smirked, knowing full well the cocky militant-like women did not mean she was concerned about herself.

"There just isn't any time to steal a shuttle from one of those worlds, Trooper," Derek explained, though admiring the softer approach she was taking ... he was impressed, "but we can go ahead and 'try' the softer approach using the old Sigma-class we have on board." As he concluded his thoughts the ship shook violent and they could feel themselves moving back into realspace. A moment later the ship lurched violent in space and he staggered backwards, slamming against the wall. "Gaah," he said as he hit in the intercom on the wall. "Report!" he yelled through the comm, annoyed.

"We came out of hyperspace too close to the black hole, sir," a voice replied over the comm sheepishly, "correcting now."

Derek shook his head slowly as he turned back to the commandos ... it was going to be one of 'those' days. "Get your gear," he said, unable to afford anymore time, "and get to the shuttle."

Very professional outfit they had going on here...Jace was going to fit in perfectly here. He kept quiet just watching the three of them. The commando chick had a good plan...but he assumed the Commander was right, there was snot enough time. He nearly laughed when the Sergeant spoke...maybe the two chicks would start fighting or something now that would be a site for sore eyes. The return to real space brought his thoughts back to the mission. At the commanders ordered, he hurried to the see what they had in the way of weapons.

Reilly rose and headed out back to sickbay to grab a field bag. She frowned as she lifted a blaster from inside the bag inspected it. The DH-17 blaster pistol was ready, safety off now. Soon enough she was strolling toward the shuttle, still frowning.

Alanya nodded her head slightly. She glanced towards the Sergeant...and was that a slight smile tugging at her lips before she turned back to the Commander? Whatever it was, any observation was disrupted by the lurching of the ship. She slipped her left foot forward, and her right foot back, rocking with the ship as she stayed upright easily. Space legs indeed. She returned her legs together, throwing another salute. "Sir. Yes sir!" She said waiting until the others had left the room. She would use her thinsuit still, as it provided some vacuum protection. Moving quickly she skipped the armory, and instead headed for her quarters. Again she would use her own equipment, taking of course her favorite multi-weapon. An oblong tube which contained a weighted end for clubbing, a thin slide-out dagger that locked into place and a garrote wire that could be pulled out. She clipped it to her belt. Unfortunately, she would have to leave her beloved A280 behind, instead opting for an Alliance Adjudicator, a classic slugthrower pistol that was whisper silent, clipped onto her belt from it's holster. A breath mask was added to her favorite small backpack, and a rapid fire "Intimidator" IR-5, the rapid fire pistol useful in close quarters for 'spray and pray action.' Several powerpacks were added to her pack and she was ready to go, heading towards the shuttle, glancing towards the Sergeant in charge of the mission with a critical eye, watching her.

That critical eye would find one very relaxed Corellian sitting in the co-pilot's chair. It was an act, just like her military persona, though this one was closer to the real Reilly. A look over her shoulder followed by a nod was made to the woman as she boarded. "Welcome aboard the ship o'doom."

It seemed the armory did not have much to choose from. A sigh escaped Jace's lips as he realized that if he wanted better equipment he was going to have to buy it on his own or steal it. Glancing over what they had he frowned...hopefully he would be able to loot better things off the dead Imperials. Taking what seemed to be the best out of the junk he gripped a DLT-20A blaster rifle for his main weapon...a sigh escaping his lips over that. He would have preferred the A280 or even better an E-11. At least they had his favorite little blaster, the DL-18. Taking the weapons along with a Mk 45 Protective Vest, cargo belt and some extra power packs he mad his way quickly toward the hanger bay trying to put the armor, belt and holster all on at the same time. He was sure he looked a fool to anyone who caught a glance at them.

"Thank you, Sergeant." Alanya said in that very professional manner. Immediately she climbed up the ladder to the turbolaser turret, removing her small black pack and placing it in her lap, just incase as she settled into the turbolaser turret, powering it up and running a systems diagnostic as she glanced down, watching the other member of the assault team board the vessel...tis was not making her feel any more confident about the mission.

" you fly?" Reilly asked in a louder voice since the woman was leaving.

Alanya paused from buckling herself into the turret chair. "Yes. I am capable of piloting a variety of space and ground vehicles. Why do you ask, Sergeant?" She asked, suddenly getting a sinking feeling as she leaned down, peering down the hatch into the shuttle.

"Pa always said that women shouldn't fly. Guess for once I listened to him." Reilly frowned and was about to say more but the third man of their party finally entered. "Hey! You fly, right?"

Derek reclaimed his seat on the bridge and looked out at the Moshaw Dark Star, an ominous, swirling dark mass that loomed large through the viewport. "Try not to get us any closer," he said nervously, his hand moving to adjust his collar which was feeling increasingly tighter by the moment. He activated the intercom again. "Sergeant," he began, "You're cleared to depart as soon as you're ready." He paused for a moment before adding, "Good luck." He could be delightfully corny at times.

Reilly turned back toward the control panel and pressed the comm. "Thank you sir, everything's...ya order n all that. We'll be off right soon."

"...You mean fly that hunk of crap?!" Jace stopped dead in his tracks one arm out of his shirt as he was pulling it over the blast vest. He always hated how dorky the things looked so he wore them under his shirt. Always have to look good you know. Finishing dressing he threw the strap of the rifle over his right shoulder and made his way up the ramp mumbling about flying coffins.

"Don't think of it as a hunk of crap, think of it as a large three person coffin. Now get yer bottom into the pilot's couch." Reilly said.

The hangar bay beneath CR90 corvette Argo began to open beneath the shuttle. It took some time, but eventually it opened and gave the shuttle enough room to descend into space. A few cargo containers that had not been secured properly were sucked out in to space and sent spiraling into oblivious in the black hole.

Alanya watched as the crates were sucked out into the black hole. There was the reason why she didn't let anybody else handle her equipment, for reasons exactly like that. She spun the turbolaser turret around, slewing the gun from left to right to make sure it would not jam when they needed it. "Are you sure one of you can adequately pilot this shuttle? There is a rather large spatial anomaly out there also, I would prefer if our mission not end microseconds after it begins." She said as she slipped the intercom headset down on her head, adjusting the boom mic. It might get hard to hear if she had to fire that turbolaser, all the cycling machinery inside of the ship would be moving.

"Nope, 'n quit talkin' like a droid. We all see the big black hole of death. Don't need to be so technical." Reilly said.

"I've test piloted the new Y-wings. I'm sure I can handle this...thing." Jace muttered a few more horrible words about flying coffins and women...for that matter. Slipping into the pilot's seat he slipped on his headset with his right hand his left began to power up the shuttles main systems. "So...I suppose we just fly down there and pretend to be Imperials..."

"Seems to be the plan." Reilly said.

Alanya stopped moving the turret, satisfied that the bearings were not stuck. She listened quietly to her fellow operatives below, ignoring the comment that the Sergeant had made as she looked out through the turret to the black hole beyond, studying it for a moment before she placed her pack to the side of the turret chair, unclipping the breath mask from her pack and instead putting it on her thinsuit and leaving it there, just in case, it seemed.

"Right...I hope that other chick knows what she's doing with the turbolasers..." Shaking his head, Jace took the controls of the Gilded Thranta. He had not flown anything this old...ever the shuttle was probably older than he was. But he got the hang of it quick enough. The small Sigma-class shuttle began a slow decent out of the corvette. Clearing the larger craft he increased the speed of the shuttle heading in the direction of the com relay thing.

"Seems like a breathing battle droid. Don't you fret." Reilly nearly rolled her eyes at her own words. What was there not to fret over?

Alanya kept her eyes outside, immediately scanning for targets. Her eyes flicked back and forth from the tactical computer in front of her to scanning space. Somehow she didn't feel confident enough to rely on her compatriots or the Argo to provide overwatch, so she would do it outside, always on alert as if a TIE fighter would appear from nowhere, or out of the black hole even. She scanned constantly, turning the turret every now and again to scan a new sector of space for anything out of the ordinary.

Keeping the shuttle at the same approach speed, Jace glanced toward the sensor readout making sure there was nothing else out there that could surprise them. He glanced over toward the Sergeant as he spoke. "Ma'am...they will want to be hearing from us in a minute or two...are you ready..?"

"Sure..." Hey, Reilly could do Imperial good!

The comm unit on the shuttle flared to life, static, followed by a Human male voice. "We have you on our screens now," the authoritative voice began, blaring over the comm, "Please identify." Two TIE/ln starfighters broke from their patrols and pulled alongside the shuttle and began to run the standard scans.

The shuttle continued its slow and perfect approach toward the station Jace figuring this is what an Imperial would do. The two TIE snub fighters appeared on his sensors a moment before the voice broke over the com unit. Muttering to himself how this was a dumb idea he activated the com unit and gave a quick nod to the Sergeant.

Reilly glanced down at the data pad which had the fake ID for the ship and crew. After winking to the closest TIE pilot she hit the comm in response. "Shuttle Elektra here to repair your communication with Governer Tarkin's new tech to help with the black hole anomaly." With the comm off, she glanced at her pilot. "They don't buy this, I hope you got some fancy flying up your sleeve."

The screech of TIE/ln starfighter engine could be heard as it crossed over the top of the shuttle and circled around to come up behind it. The comm remained silent for a moment as the shuttle continued on its course towards the comm relay. "Shuttle Elektra," the voice replied back over the comm, "You are cleared to initiate docking procedure. Over." It would seem the transponder was working.

"I couldn't out fly a space worm in this thing..." Jace said.

"Alright! Seems we're in." Reilly sat back in her seat, sighing in relief.

Jace could not believe that he had been expecting to fly them into the black hole to get away from the imperials. Sighing his fingers flicked a few more controls across the board. Bringing the small sigma close toward the docking hatch of the comm relay station. "So what...we open the doors and then start shooting now..?"

"Nah, we look like geeky techs...not a stretch for you at all...and then head to where the com system is." Reilly said.

As the shuttle neared the comm relay station, a welcome part of an Imperial Navy ensign and three Imperial Navy troopers took up a formation at the hatch. They were not sure what to expect, and stood waiting for the hatch to open on the shuttle.

Alanya kept the turret forward, not wanting to spook the pilots or to make them think that something was out of the ordinary. She glanced from side to side in the turret, studying the TIEs. She hoped the Argo would be able to deal with them without falling apart. Otherwise the three of them would be in real trouble. She unbuckled herself and slid down the
ladder, removing the breath mask and placing it over her face. "As it would be impossible for me to do so I suggest that you two enter, and that I remain on the shuttle. I believe I can find my own way in, if you agree, Sergeant?" She asked, glancing over at the other woman as they docked.

Reilly scrambled out of the co-pilot's seat once they had landed and opened up a small storage container that held the appropriate uniforms. She tossed one to the male trooper and then looked at the warrior woman. "Yeah, get hidden. If we're more than twenty minutes do what you can to complete the mission."

The dock of the station seemed to just be a hatch they would have to connect to. Great...they could shoot them one by one on their way out of the hatch. As the shuttle lined up rather perfectly with the docking port Jace put the small ship on standby keeping it hovering along side the station. Taking the DLT-20A into his hands his left hand on the barrel grip and the right around the trigger he turned to face the two women. "So...this is the plan." He smirked as he caught the uniform and held it up for inspection.

"Seems like a great one, yeah?" Reilly slipped the jumpsuit on over her clothing, which apparently had an Imperial flare to them if this was supposed to be secret ops. "Put that rifle away. Techies wouldn't carry it."

"Yeah...great one." Jace muttered to himself as he let the rifle rest on his seat. Apparently the techies would not be wearing a blast vest either so that went right along side the rifle. Which meant he had to strip all over again. Someone could told him all of this at the start so he would not of changed in the first place. Of course this did give the two chicks who were probably going to end up getting him killed a short time to check out his body while he put the jumpsuit on. He was not going in there unarmed though, so the small DL-18 was slid into a pocket of his jumpsuit.

Alanya watched for a moment, almost certain that the two of them would be caught. At least it would provide her with a bit of a distraction. She moved towards one of the emergency hatches, barely big enough to fit out of as she opened the inner door and slid inside, closing the inner door as she doubled over to fit inside of the small space between the inner and outer hatch, waiting and listening as she slipped the breath mask on over her face, securing it into the groove onto the thinsuit that then sealed tight around the mask, creating an airtight seal. It was meant for emergency use only, but this would probably qualify as an emergency.

"Lead the way, Ma'am..." Jace said.

Reilly smirked once her partner was ready. "Makes ya look like you're excited. Might wanna use a holster." With that said, she moved to the ramp, hitting the button that would launch their opening into enemy territory.

Taking a datapad with him, he followed the Sergeant...figuring the dork type would have nothing better to do than look at the datapad instead of...the Sergeant in her fancy jumpsuit. He kept his eyes down at the screen. The device was held in his left hand. His right in the pocket holding his DL-18.

When the hatch opened the Imperial officer stepped forward, the three Navy troopers remaining behind. "Welcome aboard Communications Relay Station 406," Ensign Bardon Strikos said in a polite, but authoritative tone. "Allow me to escort you to the data relay center." He concluded, nodding his head to the duo as he looked them over carefully. It was his nature to be suspicious.

Reilly nodded to the Imperial, keeping her face expressionless like a good little Imperial. "Mind fueling us up while we work? That black hole is hell getting near."

Seemingly preoccupied with whatever was on his datapad, Jace gave a quick, but polite nod to the Imperial who greeted them. He did take a quick glance at the three troopers though. Those three were the real danger. He started to formulate his plan. He would take the Ensign and use as a shield as he killed the other three. He would probably be able to get two before they killed them. He held in the urge to mutter under his breath.

"See to it Trooper," Ensign Strikos said to one of the troopers who then hurried about his business. The officer, and the two remaining troopers, then proceeded down the corridor towards the data center. The officer walked on one side of the two 'maintenance workers,' while the two troopers lined up against the other side of the corridor, wedging them in the middle of the corridor.

Reilly kept looking from where she was walking to the officer. Finally she slowed down just a bit. "Don't I know you? You look really familiar."

Ensign Strikos stopped in his tracks and looked her over from top-to-bottom, she was attractive and that was all he noticed. He did not think he had seen her before, but if he had he probably would have remembered it. "No," he began slowly, "I don't think so." He looked at the boy, thinking him awfully young to be a technician. "This way please..." He said, continuing down the corridor.

Reilly shrugged and began to pick up her pace again. "Hmm, you look just like this guy a friend of mine met at the last cotillion on Coruscant." Once they got to the site, she patted her Trooper on the back. "Get to it, wonder boy." With that she leaned against a wall, crossing her arms. "Ever been to a cotillion there?"

Alanya waited a few seconds after they had left before she equalized the pressure in the crawlspace, and then opened the outer hatch. She remained there for a few more seconds, before slowly easing her head out and looking around. Making sure that neither of the TIEs were near, or that any of the station's defense guns happened to be pointed her way. Only when the proverbial coast was clear did she reached back into her pack, removing two small molecular adhesion disks and slipping them over her gloved hands. Using them to climb out of the access-way she began to crawl over the hull of the shuttle, grateful for the dark color of her thinsuit as it provided her with some camouflage.

Ensign Strikos, being from Berchest, had never even been to Coruscant and was now beginning to wonder about the woman. "No," he continued, becoming slightly irritated at her continued pressing of the matter, "I think you must have me mistaken for someone else." He then proceeded to enter the six-digit access to code to open the doors to the data storage center.

"Pity, you'd have all the ladies lining up to dance with you." Reilly said.

Jace nearly missed a step when the Sergeant said that. She really did want to get them all killed. He glanced up not having to feign shock. He shook his head and glanced at the two troopers...well at least they were close enough now where he could maybe not get killed. But he'd probably have to save the woman...and die in the process.

Ensign Strikos stepped away from the door as it opened, providing them access to the data storage room. "You think so?" he asked her nervously, wondering if she was flirting. He adjusted his tunic and looked down at her. "Maybe you would like to stay and join us for dinner after you've finished for work?" he smiled at her, hoping for a positive response.

Reilly bit her lower lip and cast her head slightly down, allowing her eyes to gaze upwards in that cute sexy way chicks could do that men just could not resist. "I'm probably speaking out of turn. That'd be nice...but I gotta get wonder boy to his next assignment. Tarkin loves this kid. Got a mind like a droid they say."

Ensign Strikos smiled as he looked down at her, moving away from the troopers to lean against the wall and admire her more carefully. "That's a shame," he said, in a mock disappointed tone. "Perhaps some other time..." he speculated aloud as he motioned to the open doorway. "Well, there it is," he informed them.

Reilly looked at her trooper and then back to the ensign. "Maybe on our way back. It sure would be nice to share the company of such a handsome man."

Jace flashed the Imperial who was doing the talking a nervous smile when the Sergeant pulled that lie out of her ass about him. He stepped past them both toward the console. Sliding into the seat he had no choice but to let go of the small blaster in his pocket and began to hook up his datapad to the console. He did not want to jinx the mission or anything but it seemed to be going rather well. Only downside was it looked like he was not going to get to loot the dead Imperials for their weapons and whatnot. He finished hooking the datapad to the console and started to scan the files for the information they were looking for. "It may take a while to load the new software,'am."

"You think I'm handsome?" the Ensign asked, leaning up against the wall. "Sure," he said to the boy, dismissing his presence entirely as he focused on the woman.

Alanya had not seen anything that indicated an alarm. Mildly surprised that they hadn't been captured yet she clamored over the shuttle and then the airlock, crawling onto the hull of the station as she would glance around. Instead of heading towards one of the entrance hatches she headed towards the relay, crawling quietly along and avoiding viewports, going out of her way to avoid crawling over them. Now that could of raised some eyebrows...

"Yes, quite handsome. But I'm sure you've been told that a lot." Reilly flashed a shy smile along with a bit of red coming to her cheeks in a blush. Yeah, she knew how to work this.

"Are you sure you wouldn't like to stay for at least a drink?" Ensign Strikos asked, smiling down at her, admiring the many facets of her face. "I have a lovely bottle of Whyren's Reserve aboard that I've been saving for such a lovely person like yourself," he said, using every once of his charm.

"I'm not supposed to let wonder boy out of my sight. Though..." Reilly looked into the room at her man and then to the troopers and then back to the Ensign. "No...I couldn't." She lowered her gaze, giving the impression she was embarrassed of something.

Ensign Strikos frowned, almost as if he were pouting and shrugged at the young woman, giving up. "Disappointing," he commented, "But I understand of course." He changed the subject as he looked over at the datapad, "What exactly does that software do?" He wondered, not entirely sure what they hoped to accomplish. There's even talk about sending a ship into the black hole." She looked up and smiled. "I do hope it won't be yours."

"It strengthens the signal." Reilly shrugged. "Actually, most of my training was medical, but I did well enough on the placement that I was assigned to assist the tech geek with his work. Once this is installed throughout the Empire, nothing will be able to hinder communications."

Jace glanced up at the Imperial who was looking over his shoulder at the datapad. His fingers continue to move across the keys as he searched through the various programs for the information they were looking for. He gave a nod to the Imperial indicating that the woman was right about the software. Just a few more minutes of this and he was sure they would be done.

Alanya continued her crawl. It was tough work, and slow, but eventually she reached the relay and opened one of the external panels and peered inside. She got to work using her multi-tool to tap into the wiring, searching through the complex mesh of cables and cords as she looked for what it was that she needed, ignoring the rather amazing sight of the black hole not too far away. Glad for the adhesion disks as they kept her from spiraling off into it.

"Just strengthen the signal?" Ensign Strikos asked. He did not understand, as theirs was one of the most widely used communication relays in the Outer Rim. "I'm sorry," he continued to look down at the young woman, "But I'm afraid I don't entirely understand. Certainly there is more to it than that." His eyes peered into the room with the worker again, wondering what he was up to.

"Yeah, lots more. But like I said, I'm the side kick. Wonder boy is the whiz and Tarkin's all over this like ice on Hoth so it must be good, right?" Reilly said.

Ensign Strikos nodded to her and assumed she was just another attractive woman who had no idea what was going on. "Of course," he said to the woman, nodding and smiling at her politely. "I'm sure it's all outlined in your work order," he was quick to point out. "May I see your work order?" he asked, inquisitively.

Jace kept an ear open to the conversation the two were having in the hall behind him. But knew he could not keep looking over his shoulder at the two. He hoped the sergeant knew what she was doing. A small tone brought his attention back to the datapad. He had found what they were looking for. A few quick commands from his fingertips on the console and the download of the information began. Hearing what the ensign said he took a breath to calm himself and slipped his right hand into his pocked fingers sliding around the small blaster.

"The technology is on a 'need to know' basis. This one Admiral nearly shot me for not disclosing our orders. You could check with Tarkin's men though. ...You do have access to Admiral Daala, right?" That last part was said in a very low voice. Few knew about Daala, though there were rumors. The only reason she knew was because an ex boyfriend had been stationed on it to set up weaponry.

Ensign Strikos titled his head and looked at her quixotically. "There 'has' to be a work order," he said to her, his eyes now narrowing on her carefully. "Are you telling me you don't have a work order?" His eyes darted quickly to the troopers, wondering if something was afoot.

"I'm telling you that Governor Tarkin has this assignment nearly as 'hush hush' as the girlfriend is. You got issues, call him." Reilly said.

Alanya carefully use the blade of the tool to slice open the outer covering of a wire, peeling it open like a fruit to expose the core underneath. She reached back into her pack, holding on with the single adhesion disk as she removed a small clip on carrier bug. Carefully sliding the small bug over the wire until it's edges clipped on a small light glowed green, indicating it had a good connection. Only then did she pull the stripped cover up to partially overlap the bug, and tuck it back in amongst the other wires before she slipped the panel back over and screwed it back into place, glancing around as she folded up the tool and clipped it back to her belt. She turned, using both hands to drag herself along the skin of the station, coming to one of the viewports she peeked over just slightly, peering inside of the station.

"I will do just that," Ensign Strikos announced as he pointed a finger at one of the troopers. "Contact Governor Tarkin on Eriadu immediately," he said. With that, the one trooper left the group and proceeded back towards the command center. This left the Ensign and one trooper remaining with the two 'technicians.' "Watch him," the officer said to the other trooper. The lone remaining trooper proceeded into the data center and stood over the young man's shoulder.

"Man, they got you on edge out here, don't they." Reilly looked toward 'wonder boy' concealing the removal of her DH-17. "Hey Dav, you go that message from Tarkin on ya? These boys are getting tetchy." She then turned, the blaster at her waist and fired toward the Ensign, nearly at point blank range. *Bam!*

Ensign Strikos was caught off guard. The blaster from her DH-17 tore through his chest, dropping him to the ground before he even knew what hit him. The smile from her flirtation was still plastered upon his face as his body lay slumped against the corridor.

So much for doing this all covertly. Jace spun around in the chair the small DL-18 coming out of his jumpsuit pocket as he brought the sights of the small blaster set to kill to bare on the neck of the trooper. At this range hopefully the small blaster would be powerful enough to kill the man through what ever armor the guy might have. He squeezed the small blasters trigger sending a crimson bolt blasting form the DL-18 barrel toward the front of the trooper.

The trooper was not expecting a move like this and the blast from the DL-18 caught him in-between the shoulder blades, tearing through his uniform and dropping him to the ground as well.

"Let's move!" Reilly started down the corridor, blaster leading the way. "We can only take what we've got so far. Come on!"

Corporal Jakob Elatron, the Imperial trooper who had stayed by the shuttle to supervise the refueling, heard the shots and he immediately went for his DH-17 blaster pistol. He aimed down the corridor from where they were coming and pulled back on the trigger. He unleashed a series of wild, unaimed crimson energy bolts down the hallway. The young trooper was panicked and not knowing what to expect.

Well, Reilly hoped the other Trooper had listened and stayed on the shuttle and could now take care of the fire coming their way.

Jace turned back to the datapad as he stood to his full height. He glanced down at the device to check the download. Thankfully the device had finished it's download. He unhooked the cables and slid the small device into the pocket of his jumpsuit as he headed toward the two dead Imperials.

Alarms began sounding on the station. It was clear that their intentions had been discovered. In the upper levels the small garrison was preparing for battle, while Corporal Elatron remaining at the docking hatch nervously clung to his DH-17 as he waited for reinforcements.

"Let's hope our warrior woman can follow orders..." Reilly moved down the corridor, keeping close to the wall to avoid the blaster shots. As they entered the docking area, she began shooting. Just in the direction of the trooper since right now that was all she could do while keeping covered.

Corporal Elatron squirmed as random blaster shirts went all around him. "Baah," he grunted as he pulled back on the trigger and fired off several more random shots from his blaster. "Surrender," he yelled towards them in an angry tone, "And I will spare your lives." He again fired off a series of blaster bolts, hoping he might get lucky.

Sliding the DL-18 into the other jumpsuit pocked, Jace took up the Ensign's DH-17 in his right hand as he slid the other one into the band at his waist. He followed the Sergeant down the hallway keeping an eye out for any other Imperials who would surely be on their way now that the alarm was blaring. His boots clicked softly on the deck, Concord Dawn security training paying off in the ways of stealth. His thumb ran over the DH-17 safety making sure it was off.

Reilly laughed at that. "Cocky, dead guy." She looked at her Trooper, whose name she did not know, and nodded, hoping he would take out the trooper and they could be on their way.

Great, the woman ran into the room shooting. Jace muttered to himself as he slowed his pace keeping close to the side of the wall using it as a shield. As he reached the opening to the docking hatch he peeked around the corner, taking a quick glimpse of the area so he could spot exactly where the trooper was. He was as crazy as the woman was just firing off
random pot shots like that.

"Would you kill him already!" Reilly said.

Ignoring the crazy woman, Jace went to one knee incase the trooper saw him peek around the corner. This way if the trooper was aiming at him hopefully he'd miss. He leaned out from the corner again this time bringing up the DH-17 to where the trooper should still be. A quick reflex brought the sights of the large pistol to bare on the torso area of the trooper. Another squeeze of the trigger sent a larger crimson bolt than the DL-18 could deliver from the carbines barrel toward the center mass of the trooper.

Reilly continued shooting as a distraction, hoping wonder boy would get in a good shot and they could be on their way to face death in space.

Corporal Elatron failed ins valiant effort to prevent them from returning to his ship. The blaster bolt impacted his chest, dropping to the ground and falling dead in front of the hatch with a dull *thud*. At the other end of the corridor, an entire squad of troopers began marching down. There were more greatly armed and prepared.

She assumed that Alanya was back on the shuttle, not that Reilly was much on caring at the moment. She strapped herself into the pilot's chair and hit the engines full blast. The shuttle barreled away from the comm relay, breaking off in a matter of seconds. Any turret shots brought jukes and tilts, much to the chagrin of the crew no doubt. "Strap in, it's gonna be bumpy!"

Bumpy yeah you could say that...Jace muttered to himself as the crazy woman took control of the shuttle. Dropping the pistol, his hands out stretched toward the wall to brace himself. "You...should calm down, ma'am."

"Unlike you, son, I enjoy life, including time with the opposite sex. I'll calm down when my lilywhite ass is safe on the Argo." Reilly said.

Jace shook his head...hoping that not all these Rebels were so inexperienced. You had to keep calm and a level head during missions otherwise you would end up just dead. Finally making his way into the cockpit, he glanced at her in 'his' seat. "So...are you going to fly us outa here or am I..?"

And just because he said what he said, Reilly took the shuttle in a full 360-dregree horizontal flip. And then flipped the comm. "Argo, this is your suicide crew." She then looked at him and smirked. "Yeah, I lied about not knowing how to fly, go figure."

The two TIE/ln starfighters soared back towards the Sigma-class shuttle. The comm unit flickering to life once again. "Stand down," was all that was heard over the comm as the lead starfighter opened up on both of it's laser cannons and began unleashing a stream of fire in front of the shuttle.

The shuttle veered to her starboard, turning over again. "Get one of those guns online!" Reilly said to Jace, since hopefully Alanya was already in one and shooting.

Alanya had not made it back into the shuttle. In fact, only a last ditch leap from the surface of the station to the shuttle right as it had powered up had allowed her to latch one of her adhesion disks onto the hull, holding on for dear life as the shuttle had rocketed away, only managing to slap the other disk hard onto the shuttle to keep her onto it. Crawling across the station was no easy thing to do, mind you at speed. Instead she simply hung on, watching as her fate hung in the hands of the two at the controls, something she was not too hopeful about. It was not until the Argo arrived that she realized she might not perish out here but still didn't believe it until the shuttle was actually in the hold of the corvette, still hanging on with her adhesion disks.

The Argo emerged from the distance, having heard the distress call from the shuttle. Her guns were blazing at the two TIE/ln starfighters, who did not expect to find a capital ship in the vicinity. One of them took a hit on it's port-side engines and swirled into oblivious, assuredly to be pulled into the black hole. The other TIE/ln turned tail and moved off away from the shuttle and the corvette. The shuttle eventually made its way into the welcoming hangar bay of the corvette. It would seem they had survived their first assignment, but not without considerable effort.

Reilly unstrapped herself once the shuttle was securely on board the Argo. No words were spoken to the other two. She made her way down the ramp, unfastening the jumpsuit as she walked.

Commander Atio walked into the hangar bay to greet them, wondering how their mission had went. He saw the Sergeant emerging from the shuttle, seemingly unhurt and for that he felt relived. He smiled at her diplomatically, but waited for the status of the other members of the unit before acting too outwardly excited. He looked up, spotting what he thought looked like Trooper Rockturne atop the ship and his face turned very confused. "Trooper?" he asked as he took a step backwards, unsure what might have transpired.

Reilly stopped in front of the Commander. There was a hint of anger in her expression and definitely present in her tone. Looking up at him took a bit of effort, he was a bit taller than her. "What's the punishment for disobeying orders?"

The Commander tilted his head to look at the Sergeant, not understanding. "What do you mean, Sergeant?" he asked, his voice eager to illicit a response. "Was your mission successful?" he asked in a quick follow-up.

Reilly nodded to the woman on top of the shuttle. "I needed her and suddenly she wasn't where she was supposed to be. Not sure if you think of crap like that being good for rebels, but in my book it's disobeying orders and putting fellow soldiers in jeopardy. If she was more than a trooper I'd ask that she be stripped of rank and but in the brig." Oh yeah, someone had a temper.

After gathering the blast vest along with the rifle, Jace made his way down the ramp of the ship glancing at the two women as well as the Commander. He only got the tail end of their conversation but he decided it was time to be somewhere else. Sliding the data pad from his pocket he held it out toward the commander. He was probably a site to see, Three DH-17s cradled in his arms along with the DLT-20A, and the blast vest. "Sir, mission went fine. Here is the information. I'll report to the armory to give them the weapons I collected."

Derek stood there and braced himself against the storm unleashed by the obviously agitated Sergeant. "We'll get to the bottom of this," he told her as he looked up at the Trooper still attached to the ship. "But more importantly," his attention shifted to the Trooper who was offering him the data.

"Fine? Four men died. How is that fine?" Reilly said.

Jace really did not want to be in the middle of this, the crazy Sergeant woman already wigged out in his mind. When she took the ancient shuttle into a loop. Which caused him a small cut on the side of his head. If they looked close enough they would see the dried blood in his hair. "None of them were us, ma'am."

Derek was glad they had accomplished the mission and acquired the information. "This is what's important, Sergeant," he said to her as he held up the data, "and unfortunately in war countless souls will perish before our ultimate victory."

Alanya released each magnetic adhesion disk and dropped to the decking, landing upright as both legs spread and lowered to absorb the impact, her right hand lowered down to steady herself before she raised back up again and looked around slowly as she slipped the adhesion disks off her gloves. She reached behind her back and unstrapped the fasteners, removing the pack and placing it down in front of her, slipping the adhesion disks inside. She grabbed a small datapad and flipped up the antenna, checking in on something.

"And that makes a difference?" Reilly said. "You sound just like them."

"As much as I would prefer this would be a bloodless conflict," the Commander was quick to reply, "In war such situations cannot be avoided." He nodded to her and the other two. "You accomplished your mission," he said to her in a congratulatory tone, "And took no casualties. You are to be commended on a job well done." He smiled to them both, quite satisfied with the outcome.

Right...well Jace was done here and did not need to get his eyes scratched out. He would have his head looked at by someone after the armory. He made his way out of the hanger bay heading down toward level two.

"I want that one court-martialed." Reilly said with a quick point toward the woman and then she walked away, heading for her quarters.

Derek was a bit surprised by her abrasive response, but tucked the data under his arm in a satisfied gesture. He then walked over towards Trooper Rockturne who was standing near the shuttle still. "How did you end up on the exterior hull of the shuttle he asked?" He looked her up from head to toe and it seemed that she was remarkably intact. Her skills as an Infiltrator did prove extraordinary after all it would seem.

Alanya remained quiet, saying nothing to the Sergeant's words. Instead she studied the datapad before glancing up as the Commander approached and quickly shut the folding screen of the datapad, pushing down the antenna and dropping it into her bag. She assumed a straight stature, and threw a quick salute. "Sir. I ended up on the exterior hull of the shuttle during the extraction from the mission, sir." She said, dropping the salute.

After dropping off the three carbines at the armory, Jace made his way up to level five to his bunk to drop of the weapons he was going to keep. Then it was off to sickbay to see what needed to be done about the small gash in his head.

"I ... see," Derek replied, although he failed to see how it was as simple as she made it sound. "Are you all right?" he asked as he tilted his head to look at her more carefully. In all his years in space he had never heard of such a feat before. "Well, I will read the Sergeant's report on the matter," he concluded and nodded his head to her politely.

Reilly had changed and then headed to the sick bay to return the medpac to its proper place. Entering just behind the trooper she paused momentarily trying to come up with the proper words to say. " did great." Yeah, that covered it.

"Of course I did... "Jace flashed her a charming smile as he made himself at home on one of the beds in the medical center. "You're...crazy flying gave me a little souvenir." He indicated the small gash on the side of his head along with the dried blood. "Next time a little cleavage and maybe we would not of had to kill anyone..."

Alanya nodded, and saluted again. "Yes, sir. I am sure it will be an interesting read, sir." She said, in that level tone of hers that made it hard to tell if she was being sarcastic or not. Indeed, she seemed quite fine, without a scratch on her as clambering on the outer skin of a station in only a thinsuit and breathmask seemed suicidal. "Yes, sir. I am unharmed. I trust the mission was completed to your satisfaction, sir?"

"Aww did joo get a booboo?" Reilly moved to the supply cabinet and pulled out an antiseptic and then turned back around to face him. "I had that guy waiting for me to get naked. You were just too slow. Up on the bed."

"Well, that's not for me to say Trooper," Commander Atio confided in her. "I'm just the delivery boy," he continued as he walked with her into the turbolift so that they could exit the hangar bay. "I am satisfied that some data is here, that you all have returned, and that the shuttle survived," he added, "But not in that particular order." He chuckled slightly as the doors closed behind them and the lift began raising to Deck 3 where he could return to the conference room.

Alanya picked up her bag and followed. She remained standing, staring straight forward at the closed doors as she stood straight, before speaking aloud. "Sir. Permission to speak freely, sir?" She asked, her eyes still not moving from their fixed spot at the center of the turbolift doors. She slung the bag up from her hands and onto one shoulder, letting it hang there as she shifted to slip her other arm into the loop.

Reilly moved to a datapad and began recording her report. It probably should have been done after a few drinks, just to calm her temper down, but she wanted to do it while it was still fresh in her mind and she would not let details slip away that might be important later on.

"Go ahead, Trooper," Commander Atio said as he exited the turbolift and walked forward back into the conference room with her. Once inside, he took a seat and lay the collected data on the conference table in front of him. "Would you like to sit down?" he asked her, motioning to one of the ubiquitous empty seats surrounding the table. His attention was focused on her, eager to hear both sides of the account.

"All was going smoothly until some idiot 'forgot' to give us a work order... No...idiot is wrong. Well, not wrong but not appropriate for a report." Reilly erased the sentence and retyped, "All was proceeding according to plan until a work order was requested by the Imperial Ensign..."

Alanya followed, staying silent however until they entered the conference room. "No thank you, sir, I prefer to stand." She said, clasping her hands behind her back before she spoke. "Sir. I feel I must tell you that I will be applying for a transfer from this duty station at the earliest opportunity, sir." She said, evenly, not looking at him as she stared at the wall, her eyes unmoving again. It was so hard to read her face...was she upset? Angry? Sad? It was impossible to tell, even when she was not wearing a breathmask.

Commander Atio was a bit taken back by the young woman's request, but given the animosity that developed between her and the Sergeant he felt her feeling uncomfortable might be justified, but he did not want to lose such a valuable asset to the ship on future missions. "I want you to take some time to think about it," he said to her, his face growing dejected, "I would hate for you to request a transfer after only being here a short time." He nodded to her, as he rose from his seat to deal with her on an even eye level. "Let's give things time to cool it down," he said to her, hoping she might reconsider.

Alanya did not move or react to his words in the slightest. "Are you denying my request, sir?" She asked in that deadpan voice. A ship's commander could of course, deny any request such as that before it would ever reach the eyes of others. She had a way of cutting right to the bone of an issue, of stripping everything away. She was in a somewhat better debating position, as her face was completely hidden behind the breathmask, although even with it off her expression would not give him much. Her arms remained at her sides, palms resting against her hips.

Well, Reilly had covered the facts, the orders she had given, those that were disobeyed, the results. What she could remember of the Imperial technology. After finishing, she leaned back and sighed. How the hell did she get put in charge of a mission?

"I am simply requesting that you withhold your request for a period of forty-eight hours," the Commander said to her as he extended his arm, and placed his hand upon her shoulder. "If after that time," he continued as he focused on morale rather than parsing the data for the time being, "You still wish to request a transfer ... then I shall consider it." His eyes widened a bit as he looked her over, wondering if his words had made any impact on her outwardly resolute, stoic approach.

Well, time for that drink. Reilly sent the data to the Commander's personal computer and then headed for someplace that looked like there might be alcohol.

Alanya seemed to think on it for a moment. "Very will, sir. I will wait forty-eight hours from now." She said as she looked back at him, her breaths slow and even as that mask increased the volume of them somewhat. The polarized eyepieces gave no hint as to what she thought of his words. "By your leave, sir?" She asked, raising her hand and saluting again.

"Will you take that blasted mask off now, Trooper?" Derek asked, making a request of her. "You're liable to convince some individuals that Lord Vader has come aboard ship," he commented with a slight chuckle. He could tell she took her job very seriously. He sat back down and his eyes guided over the datapad as he began to see what was recovered.

Okay, Deck 4 it was then. It did not take a Corellian long to find the bar. Reilly took a seat at an empty table in a corner, not really up for chit chat yet In honor of the fallen ensign she ordered Whyren's Reserve.

Alanya nodded her head. "Yes, sir." And reached up immediately, removing the straps that held the mask to her head and slipping it out of the seal, revealing her pale skinned face, and her blue eyes. She looked remarkably calm as the removed breathmask was placed into her pack. She pulled down the head covering of the thinsuit, bunching it around her neck as she shook her brown hair out around her shoulders. She stared at him, tilting her head. "Is there anything else, sir?" She asked in that same even tone of voice.

"Yes, Trooper," Derek asked as he was glad to see the mask had been removed. "What prompted you to go outside the ship in the first place?" That was the one part of the story he did not quite understand just yet, and he was eager to illicit some sort of response from her in the first place.

Alanya stared back at him for a long moment. "I am not at liberty to say, sir." She said, evenly and clearly, knowing that was not exactly what he wanted to hear at all. She remained as she stood, her eyes straight forward. She had not wanted to say anything at all in the matter, and to simply get by with a failed attempt to enter the station from the outer skin. But, she doubted he would of gone for it, and it probably would only of created more suspicion than anything else she could of said.

Derek's expression turned blank as he considered her words, only to repeat them, "Not at liberty to say?" He had no idea what she meant by that and he was a bit surprised by her use of the phrase. "May I ask why you are not at liberty to say?" Derek asked, attempting to work his way through the logic she used and hopefully reach some sort of understanding.

"I am not at liberty to say that either, sir." Alanya responded with an even more frustrating response. There seemed to be no logic to get at. There was simply a durasteel wall that went up, seemingly blocking every attempt he made to understand what had happened upon the station. She however, kept that even, almost deferential tone in her voice towards him, and did not raise it or even change it in the slightest as she simply seemingly refused to answer any of the questions he was asking her.

"I need a drink," Derek mumbled to himself as he looked towards the Trooper. "Very well," he said as he determined he would worry about it later, "You are dismissed." He rose from his seat in the conference room and walked through the corridors until he reached the turbolift.

Alanya saluted again. "Sir." She said as he exited, lowering her dead as she turned her head to watch him go, studying him for a moment before she turned to exit as well, heading towards her quarters where she would quickly unpack her equipment, and that datapad again which she glanced around from side to side to make sure she was alone in the bunks, a rare moment of semi-privacy as she activated the pad, the glow highlighting her face as she read.

After a moment in the lift, Derek arrived on the next level and walked the short distance towards the lounge. Inside, he spotted Sergeant Judah, who also seemed in need of a drink. Walking up to the bar he nodded to the automated bartender, "Alderaanian Ruge." He then turned to the Sergeant as his drink was poured. "Tough first assignment?" he asked.

Reilly had yet to touch her drink. Instead she was staring at the liquid while her fingers turned the glassine container around on the table. As she heard the commander she looked up at him. "Would have been a cake walk if your girl was where I told her to be."

Derek brought the drink to his lips and took a hearty swig, happy to have a relief from the rigors of duty. He cleared his throat as the Ruge went down, place his glass on top of the bar. "Sergeant," both you and those under you returned unharmed 'and' you accomplished your mission successfully." A smile formed upon his face as he looked at the newcomer on the ship. "Please," he continued, "Be satisfied with that." He brought the glass back to his lips and took another sip. "As for her," he added, having just confronted her himself, "I will discuss it with Command upon our return."

"Not when one third of the troops disobey orders. Sir, she could have gotten us all killed. Surely you see the need for teams to be in sync on missions. And if you don't, well frankly, I'm on the wrong boat then." Reilly said.

Derek seemed to be surrounded by dissatisfied women lately. He sighed as he instructed the droid to pour a drink. "I understand your point of view, Sergeant," he said to her as he considered the matter in great detail, "And I am sure your report with be forthright on the matter. However, she claims to have been operating on some alternative task and therefore I must allow Command to sort it out when we return to base." The newly poured drink was hurriedly consumed as he looked to wash away the rigors of the day.

"See, here's the problem with that, the way I figure..." Reilly leaned forward, letting her crossed forearms rest on the table. "She was on my team, Palpatine be damned if she should do something that could jeopardize lives. Can't see any reason other than being a plant that that would happen, can you?"

Derek raised his eyebrows at her and heard the logic in what she was saying and was found hard-pressed to agree. "Sergeant," he began as he sipped the drink, "We are both links in a chain. We both just do our best to follow the orders given to us." He put the glass down, wiping his chin slightly, "It is possible she was acting on orders from someone further above us. Until I get back and speak with Command I really cannot be certain." He lowered his head dejectedly, hoping she would understand.

"So its OK that me and the kid nearly got killed. As long as she obeyed someone else's orders?! That's a big heavin block of sith spit, sir." Reilly said.

"It is possible that she was acting on something of greater importance," Derek speculated, not entirely sure of the Trooper's true intentions himself, "I am not told everything. Only what they feel I need to know to captain this vessel and guide it safely from point A to point B." He sighed deeply, even though he had not participated on the mission, it seemed to be taking quite the toll on him. "Please understand that I will seek out the advice of Command upon our return home," he concluded, hoping she would listen to reason.

"Understand? How about you understand that two of 'your' crew nearly died because she disobeyed orders. And where is she now? Not locked up, I'm bettin! She's a risk to your whole ship and you just sit here like some pup waiting for a master to give you the ok to arrest someone who is practically a murderer?" Reilly said.

"Believe me, Sergeant," Derek quickly, visibly moved by her words, "There is nothing more important to me than the welfare of every life aboard the ship." He allowed himself to take a long sip of his drink to calm himself down before refocusing his attention on the woman. "If I found she was acting without instructions from a superior officer," he continued, "Then she shall be disciplined severely, but given her role as an Infiltrator ... she is often privy to assignments that I don't quite comprehend."

Reilly took her drink and downed it in one gulp. Then rose from the table. "She acted without instruction from her superior officer on this mission. The rest of this is kriffen dung, nothing more." The glass was slammed down on the table and she headed toward the exit in a lovely storm.

Derek sighed deeply as she stormed out of the room. He continued to sit there and smile at the droid. At least there was some good company to be had. The Argo was on its way back to the Moshaw Dark Star, having completed its first mission on its new assignment ... with considerable drama.

Alanya did not head to the lounge to relax. In fact, as one would think about her she was not relaxed at all, rather she was doing pushups, one after another after another in the semi-privacy of the belly hold, nobody ever bothered to come down here. The layout of supplies offered various impromptu exercise opportunities. At the moment her legs were on top of a supply crate, toes hooked under a supporting length of synthrope while her hips and body hung off the other side, hanging upside down as she stared off. She had paused with her pushups and had decided to switch to sit-ups. She was however, lost in thought about something, ignoring the trickles of sweat along her skin that ran down towards her head, dripping from her forehead onto the deck. Everything was upside down indeed...she herself, was upside down. In more ways than one.

Derek's shoulders lowered, the weight of command a heavy burden upon his back. He sighed as he felt the alcohol fuel his mind. He understood the Sergeant's complaints, but at the same time had an opportunity to spend a great deal of time with Trooper Rockturne on Alderaan. He suspected that someone like her was likely involved in something far beyond what he realized. He was giving this too much thought. His eyes turned down to look at his chronometer, it taking some time for his eyes to shift into focus now after the drinks. They would be back soon and then he would sort this out.

Alanya stared straight ahead a moment longer before she pulled herself up. In one powerful motion she pulled herself up from lying flat back against the crate up and around all the way up, until the tips of her extended hands touched the tips of her boots, and then she went back down again. She had changed out of the thinsuit into something more suitable for exercise, a charcoal gray tank top and a pair of black utility pants. She remained silent, except for the small noise air made passing between her lips as she repeated the extended sit-ups, she concentrated only upon that, upon punishing her body to the absolute extremes again and again and again with each sit-up, or so it seemed.

Booted feet indifferently stepped over the down, fallen corpse of an Imperial soldier ... a causality in the guerrilla assault on the station. Black Imperial uniform slacks were bloused over uniform boots, a white long-sleeved uniform tunic worn over the male's upper torso. A holsters was on his thigh, boasting a DE-10 blaster pistol in the leather holster. The station's Commanding Officer was busily explaining the details of the assault to the laconic Imperial Security Bureau officer, whose eyes were idly roaming the hallway scorched with misfired blaster shots. Calloused thumb brushed along the stubble-covered jaw-line, only half listening to the commander as Major Sixtus Brand surveyed the damage.

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