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Alice Bee.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:35) in the Essesia system: Esseles (The Void).
Inquisitor Jessa Thrope.

*Dagon* Ever since Inquisitor Thrope had 'questioned' Kel Tillisk, his parting words had been on her mind. *Dagon is hunting you...* The words repeated in her head as Jessa tried to sleep that evening. Her burned arm was stinging. She thought it was symbolic of the Mandalorian's hate for her. He had cursed her. He had marred her. Not a day of her life would pass without her considering what had happened during the raid on the Rebel bunker in Chandrila. Jessa let out an enraged growl. She ripped her sheets from her body and stood. The Lepi woman made her way into the bathroom in her private quarters within the Void. She leaned over the sink. Her hands gripped its edges. The dark side was erupting inside of her so immensely that her breathing became ragged. "I will kill you, Dagon." When she lifted her head to look into her mirror, the mirror shattered. It fell to the floor, having been obliterated to the state of glass sand. The woman turned away from her bathroom and moved into her room to dress. Until she investigated him, she wouldn't catch a wink of sleep.

Ultimately, Jessa ended up in the digital Imperial archives. She had no doubt that a man of Dagon's skill had been come across before...she simply didn't understand what kind of revelation she was about to make. "Dagon... Dagon... Dagon." Her search stopped. "Tong." Her nose twitched. Had she found him? The name was unique, only found within a roster of training cadre for the clones. He had been around for awhile. With this information, she began to delve further into the man. His file was classified, though there was very little information that was beyond her paw. If she couldn't get into the file, she'd simply rush up to the *Retributor* and throw her weight around Rodney's office.

She began to delve into her supposed enemy. Through skimming his file, she realized she recognized one of the names in conjuction with him: the former Commander Kerrie Kiley. "Hmmm." As she continued to scroll, she found an old picture of Dagon Tong. Jessa felt outraged upon seeing the picture. "You...!!!" She yelled. His armor had made it completely impossible for her to see him yet she *knew* this was the same person. Her paws clenched hard. She made the picture disappear before she destroyed the Void with her anger.

Formerly Major Dagon Tong, the Mandalorian male was noted as being 'Deceased' in his records. More interestingly, he was once an Imperial. She read the details about his life which were presented in his file. He had been a commanding force on Mantooine and Fest. "You bad boy. You broke Mantooine's parliament... You are smarter than I expected." Why had she not been warned that someone like this existed? She could tell that they would meet again. This man wasn't going anywhere. In fact, she bet he was making himself nice and comfy on one of *her* planets. She highly doubted the other Rebel prisoner knew. While Tillisk had given her ground breaking information, it had nothing to do with Dagon Tong's location.

She continued to read up on his work as an Imperial. Nothing was beneath Dagon Tong, the Major who ruthlessly blew up a medcenter on Brentaal IV, killing many 'innocent' people. In his last mission, he had slaughtered his target's family. It seemed then that enough was enough. The Imperials decided to pull the plug on Dagon Tong ... but it hadn't worked. There was nothing else regarding the man. It was assumed he had died, though no body had been recovered. The man struck her as someone who would eliminate his own body just to make sure it didn't fall into the wrong hands. "Kiley has been hiding things from me, I see..." She said thoughtfully. The last time she saw Commander Kiley, the Clawdite was a heap on the floor: degraded and demoted. She had not bothered to seek out the woman, for Kiley had proved herself to be useless during the Chandrila raid. was a different story. Inquisitor Thrope rose. She didn't have to think twice about where Kiley was hiding. The Clawdite was Rodney's lapdog...for whatever reason. It was time to take a visit to the Rodney estate. Jessa *needed* answers. She *needed* to find Dagon and his Rebel cell. Until she brought them down, he would continue to taunt her until the end of time.

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