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Nicholas Baldwin and Alice Bee.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:24) in the Essesia system: Retributor.
Major Sierra Rodney and Captain Darik Tailon.

"Captain Tailon, I need you in my office as soon as possible. Thank you." Major Sierra Rodney spoke into her comlink behind her desk in her office. She had been reviewing over Vice Admiral Raven's big plans...plans that almost certainly promised wins should no one ruin the opportunity for him. That was just what Sierra was worried about when she called for Darik. Her fingers clicked off the datapad as she sat back. There was a lot on her mind right now. Another Rebel win was necessary to avoid audience with Lord Vader, or His Majesty the Emperor. Both of those meetings, particularly the one with Lord Vader, had come to the forefront of her mind. Her husband was the Grand Moff, naturally, she worried for him. She grabbed a piece of sliced starfruit from a bowl on her desk and began to eat her midday snack. Since discovering she was pregnant with *twins*, she had varied between having and increase in appetite and, as morning sickness settled in, a decrease in appetite. She realized that her intentions of moving Darik to another department had been kyboshed for now. She needed him. She would need him more in five months, and even more when she finally took her leave. She needed to utilize him more effectively.

As was almost routine to him at this point, Tailon readjusted his collar and straightened his uniform as he walking down to his boss's office. What was it that she needed this time? More datapads to be filed? Another Tea House? He rolled his eyes at that one, remember that he also, apparently, commissioned a swimming pool to be built along with the house. When he found the little trouble maker that told the workers to do that, he would wring his or her neck. None of the workers were saying anything on it, so he would need to investigate into it better. In whatever case, though, the pool incident would have to wait for *after* this meeting. He approached the now very familiar door of Major Sierra, inserted the code cylinder, was rewarded with an approving beep, and then proceeded to step inside as the door to the Major's office slid open.

The Captain would learn the very harsh lesson of what it was to anger both Sierra and Claudius should he wring the neck of the one who requested a pool be made. It was questionable who was more scary when it came to the safety of their children: Sierra or the Grand Moff himself. With hormones on her side, the answer was likely *Sierra*. As the door opened, she lifted her head from her work to smile at him. "Ah, Captain Tailon. Thank you for coming so quickly. I have several things I need you to do." She began, grasping for a datapad beside her. She pushed it on the desk towards him, then grabbed her own. "I'm sure you recall the meeting with General Glin, Major Eona, Vice Admiral Raven, and the Governor?" How could one forget? It had blown up until the meeting was suddenly dismissed.

How could Tailon forget that amazing meeting. Granted, not much seemed to have gotten accomplished, but it was still pretty memorable regardless. He stood at attention in front of her desk, picking up the data pad and curiously turning it on. "Yes, vaguely. If I remember correctly, you were promoted to be a liason, with people either agreeing or disagreeing at the table, to the point where the Grand Moff started shouting." Tailon looked up at the major.

"Yes, yes... *That* one." She sighed. "The Governor and I spoke in detail on the matter. Though I was promoted to liaison, both of us agreed that General Glin and Major Eona preferred to speak to you than to me. Therefore, your duties will include bridging the communication between those two, myself, Vice Admiral Raven, and the Governor. The point of these new responsibilities is to keep everyone in the loop so the different branches stop stepping on each other's feet." She paused to let him soak in the information before she continued. "With that said, I need you to see both General Glin and Major Eona concerning Vice Admiral Raven's most recent plan of attack. You will find the details on your datapad, however, I will also brief you."

She flipped on her own datapad.

Tailon frowns slightly. So...he was also going to be a liaison? He shook his head as he takes a look through the datapad. The plans were all there, just as the Major had said. It seemed sound, at least in theory.

"Yes Ma'am." Tailon said, still scrolling through his Datapad. "I understand. You may brief me on what is going on..."

"Vice Admiral Raven contacted me several days ago. Naval Intelligence uncovered some information that's worth its weight in credits. I don't know if you are aware, but there are smugglers and privateers within the Shell who choose to use their *skills* to assist Rebels. They help provide for the Rebel cells we are having such a massive problem with. There is a band of these fools named the 'Crimson Lancers'. Naval Intelligence discovered where they will be hitting next. As tempting as it is to sack them on the spot, it would also mean we lose a major opportunity to come out on top."

"Instead of doing that, the plan is to infiltrate their ships and supplies. Stormtroopers, commandos, pilots, and so on will aid in this mission. I, myself, will be sending a select handful of people to aid the Vice Admiral." Her list of appointees included that hooligan Cathar who had nearly killed her. "Our men will be able to discover where these thieves are taking the cargo to be processed, and that is where we will ambush them. The intent is that we will be able to find main bases of operation that way."

"Obviously, the one thing that can ruin this plan is miscommunication. We do not want the other branches to foil this plan, therefore, you need to go relay it to General Glin and Major Eona. I have already told the Governor. There will be no problems from our end. It's the other two who I need you to communicate with. It could be a long, long time before we get an opportunity like this, Captain."

As he was listening to the Major speaking, Tailon was also following along on his data pad. It seemed straightforward enough, and very by the books. It was important to find out where they were staging from, instead of simply intercepting the runners and merely having the vagabonds find a new way to avoid the Imperials. Tailon nodded as the Major concluded the necessities of the plan. It seemed like Glin liked him enough, though whether it was genuine or a show to win him over, Tailon hadn't figured out yet. He had not had any interaction with Major Eona yet, however.

"You can count on me, Major. I will make sure this information gets to them, and that proper communication is established."

"Thank you, Captain. I like efficiency, so please speak to them as soon as possible. Report back to me when you're done. We will both join Vice Admiral Raven on the Ascension to watch the plan play out." She explained to him as she reached a hand up to push stray hairs out of her face. "I am working on new responsibilities to hand over to you as well. I would like you to remain as my aide until I return from my maternity leave after my twins are born." It was a recent discovery that Sierra was having not one child...but two. "As my pregnancy progresses, I will come to rely on you more and more. However, when I return from my leave, I would like to place you somewhere you can use your field expertise. I need you to think about what you want to do."

Tailon raises an eyebrow. Twins? This was news to him. He wondered if this was only just realized by the Major. In any case, more work for him to complete. 'As if I didn't have enough work as it was' Tailon inwardly scoffed. However, the hardened agent couldn't help but feel a twinge of warmth at the fact that this seemed like the Major was trusting Tailon with stepping up and somewhat taking over her position while she was on leave. It meant that Tailon was doing his job correctly: that she was starting to put some trust in him. He smiled at that, nodding as he took it in, as well as her final words of where he would want to go after this assignment. He still didn't know his place here, and was starting to be comfortable with his desk job. However, he still itched for the fight on the ground. So he assumed he would have to leave the Dreadnaught and the Major. This thought, strangely enough, troubled the agent. While he had had his grumblings over her... he had grown rather attached to her, in the manner of boss and employee. She seemed like a kind and friendly face, which was rare enough to see in the Empire these days. So, as too mask all of this, he simply bowed slightly and nodded to the Major. "As you wish."

Sierra had taken Tailon's situation into consideration. She wanted to turn him over to Doctor Pilaq Tohan, who had been a good friend for some time. She trusted him with her life and the lives of her children. Perhaps he could aid Tailon. She had yet to bring up the possibility to Tailon. In so many ways, they were still getting to know each other. Sierra wasn't as bad as she seemed. Unlike other ISB agents, the heart in her chest still functioned properly. It was simply guarded by more Stormtroopers and defenses than her home on Esseles. She didn't dismiss him immediately. Instead, she continued to speak with him. "Thank you. It's been a few weeks since you came to the Retributor. Are you settling in okay? No newbie hazing going on? I dealt with that for a long time after I arrived from the Imperial Academy." She smiled softly.

Tailon chuckled at that, shaking his head. "No, none of that. I guess being a mix of a Captain and an ISB Agent has scared any of that away. I have settled in fine, mainly kept to my own business and men. That is, when I'm not being utilized, of course." He shook his head and sighed contently. This really had been a good transition, even if he had some grumbles and inward complaints about it. He wasn't one to usually complain, so any gripes he held toward his current situation were mainly kept internal or in the privacy of the men he would like to die alongside and knew him. Not that he had many gripes about his current position, merely small things.

She laughed softly. "Yeah, I can't say as I'd want to mess with you either. It's the white uniform. It scares everyone off... while attracting everything I eat." Sierra pinched the front of her uniform then let it come to a natural rest as she joked with him. Maybe she wasn't doing such a terrible job with Tailon. She had only ever been her husband's aide, and the Grand Moff wasn't going to go around treating her badly. It simply wasn't who Claudius was. Her experience with the ISB Colonel, however, was something she didn't want to repeat with Tailon. "Before I send you off on your way, do you have anything for me? Anything at all? I used to live in the cabins with everyone else. If you want to complain about the torturous beds, I'll listen."

He grinned, but shook his head. "Nah, I have slept on worse. And to be honest, I am having no qualms with my current position. And other than that, no, I believe we have everything straightened out. I need to deliver this to the General and such, so as soon as i am dismissed I will go ahead and do that."

Sierra nodded her head. She was glad to see that they had finally fallen into line with each other. It seem things would work out with him as her aide yet. In time, she'd continue to hand him more responsibilities. "Well then I will..."

All of a sudden, there was a beep on Sierra's comlink. "One moment," she mouthed to him, swiveling away from him. Her booted feet found the ground as she stood with the device in her hand. There was a brief conversation. On Sierra's side, it mostly consisted of 'mhm's and 'I understand'. The call ended shortly as it was all business. Sierra let out a little sigh. "It seems our plans have changed. General Glin has been summoned elsewhere for the time being. You will no longer need to meet with him.... Which obliterates the reason why I called you here today..." She laughed. "See? Communication problems are everywhere in the Empire. Give me some time, Tailon. I will find more for you."

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