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Teddy Gunther and Christopher Levy.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:4:1) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate and Curavao).


Morus Drake, Enkido, and Ruyor Farlo (death).


Enkido, the Rodian crime lord of ever-increasing notoriety sat quietly upon a throne like seat in the center of his well protected estate. Ever paranoid, his glance remained fixated on a series of monitors that showed every entrance, corridor, and landing platform on his palatial estate. He nervously awaited yet another bounty hunter whose services he required as his rushed expansion had rubbed several smaller criminals the wrong way. He intertwined his two green hands, leaning back in his chair to ponder the possibility of becoming the most powerful crime lord in the Ringali Shell. It was a dream he had thought up long ago, but never seemed possible until the Galactic Empire sent the local authorities into chaotic distraction. Now, it seemed, only the local Black Sun Vigo stood in the way of his ultimate criminal triumph.

Morus Drake, the bounty hunter from Corellia rode on his X-34 landspeeder on Brentaal which would be first time on the planet. He was contacted by a crime lord which he knew little about which made him a bit tense. Many have tried to betray Morus in the past while he did their so called contracts. So there was no surprise that he would be ready for anything if this turned out to be a trap. The landspeeder came to a stop in front of the estate which seemed to be very fancy compared to the places he has lived. He hopped out of the landspeeder onto the estate grounds still somewhat alert in case something were to occur. Slowly walking towards the entrance of the estate, he looked around for a welcoming party if there was one. His hands were down to his belt where his blaster pistol and vibroblade were located. He knew from the look of the estate, there would be good money here.

Enkido spotted the bounty hunter approaching the entrance of his estate. His agents had provided him with a holographic representation of his appearance for security reasons. He thumbed down on one of the array of buttons on his control panel, which activated the entrance's door mechanism. With a hiss of the hydraulic mechanism activating, the entrance to the estate slowly opened, revealing a well lit corridor that would eventually lead towards Enkido's so-called throne room.

Morus saw the entrance doors opening as he approached still somewhat cautious. His hands remained down at his weapons so he would be able to get to them quickly. He took one last look at the exterior of the estate before walking into the corridor. Wondering who and what was caused the doors to open, he continued to make his way down the corridor amazed at the structure. He would like to have an estate like this but had to keep a low profile since people might be searching for him. Morus was a hard man to find which made him wonder how this crime lord was able to contact him but it did not matter much to him since a contract was a contract regardless. He quickly gazed over his shoulder at the doors closing behind him what made him even more tense and alert. Continuing to slowly walk down the corridor, he changed his gaze ahead at a room which looked like a throne room of some sort. He was confused that there were no guards or any other visible signs of protection. He continued to wonder into the apparent throne room looking for somebody to greet him, maybe the crime lord who called him here.

Having watched the bounty hunter's entire journey to the throne room, there was nothing but an expectant look upon Enkido's Rodian face. He did not move from his seat, nor did he perform and gestures that might make the bounty hunter seem more comfortable. "You know why you're here," Enkido began, "so we shall dispense with the formalities. Come forward and we shall get into the details."

Morus' gaze was now on the Rodian sitting on the throne in front of him with a slight smirk on his face. "Good I don't like formalities ... causes too much problems for me," he replied. When he was about a few steps away from the throne, he stopped and folded his arms across his chest. Morus liked people who get down right to business instead of pleasure. "So what do you from me?" he said with a stern look on his face.

"There is an individual," Enkido explained, "who incorrectly believes he has the right to sell spice on my territory. I want him put out of business," he paused for a moment before finishing, "permanently."

"Ah a spice merchant ... interesting," Morus replied with a nod. He had hunted down many merchants across the galaxy for years on end so this seemed to be a easy contract for him. "Alright so what does this individual look like and where can I find the target?" he asked.

"This fool operates in the southern section of Curovao," Enkido informed the bounty hunter, "He's a Nautolan named Ruyor Farlo so he will be easy to find. He frequents dive bars, alleys ... wherever the trash is. You'll smell him before you see him."

Morus nodded to the Rodian as he heard the information. "Nautolan ... Ruyor Farlo ... southern section of Curovao...," he said repeating the key information to the Rodian crime lord.

Upon exiting the estate of the Rodian crime lord, Morus hopped into his landspeeder and rode out of the estate grounds. He repeated the information about the target to himself recalling the key information which would help him identify the merchant.

Morus asked around to the locals of the planet to the location of the city which the merchant was rumored to be. When he finally rode into the city of Curovao, Morus hopped out of the landspeeder deciding to continue on foot. Those blues hue gazed around the streets searching for his target. Many of the people around him looked at him and moved out of his path with some caution.

Ruyor Farlo stood on his corner, as conspicuous as possible on a planet that was predominately human. He was covered in a robe that was two sizes larger than it needed to be, which could conceal almost anything. His abnormally large eyes surveyed everyone who passed by on the streets of Curovao. He did not need to advertise, or persuade anyone to come over to look at his merchandise. The locals knew who he was, and what he had to offer.

Morus continued to walk slowly down the streets within Curovao searching for Farlo who he was hired to take out. He walked up to random people asking him if they knew who Ruyor Farlo was and where he could be found. After asking many people, a local entertainer pointed to a person in robe standing on a corner. Morus had found his target, now he just had to plan a way to eliminate the merchant. He nodded to the person who showed him where Farlo was and started to slowly lurk towards the merchant.

Ruyor looked at the oncoming individual. He did not immediately recognize him, and he was not one of his previous customers. He suspected that this might be a new customer, but was ever cautious from his line of work. He smiled widely at the man, trying to keep things calm and size up the situation. "Good day," he said warmly, "you look new to Curovao."

Morus stood in front of the merchant with a glaze locked on him. "Hello there, I'm a traveling spice merchant that just arrived a few days ago," he replied calmly. He could smell Farlo's foul stench which was somewhat revolting but it did not bother him. He knew this was the man he had to get rid of but it was all about the timing. "I was told you were the one to see on this planet," he said, "are you the one named Farlo?"

Ruyor considered the possibilities for a moment, studying the man. He seemed like the criminal type, but he was still weary of any new potential competition in the region. Enkido's people were already giving him enough trouble. "Yes," he began, "I am Ruyor Farlo, and your information about that business would be correct, but if we are to discuss this ... it should be done quietly."

Morus nodded to the merchant and looked around the street at the random people. Now he had the name along with the smell, enough information needed to confirm his target. Morus just needed to the opportune moment to initiate his attac k. "Agreed," he replied with a strong nod, "What do you suggest my friend?"
"Let us make our way to my office," Ruyor told the man, before heading down the alley behind his corner. He never turned his back on the individual, and he was ready for anything.

Morus nodded as he followed Furlo down the alley. This merchant seemed cautious but anyone has some sort of weakness and he would find it soon enough. And when he did, that would be moment to capitalize and attack his target. His right slowly moved down to his blaster pistol which was holstered on his belt just enough so the merchant would not notice, "So how long have you been in the business?"

"Seven years," Ruyor informed the man, "I have built up my trade from the ground up and established a good customer base for my product."

"Interesting," Morus replied to the merchant. "Do you have any products that are highly demanded?" he asked acting interested in Farlo's goods. His hand slowly unclipping his blaster from the holster then moving over the handle.

A quick lift of Morus' hand brought the blaster pistol out of the holster with the barrel moving towards the merchant. His eyes narrowed as the blaster aligned with the merchants torso with his right eye staring into the pistol's sight. With a squeeze of the trigger, a burst of laser was sent out of the barrel zooming towards Farlo.
Ruyor groaned in pain as the blaster bolt tore into his abdomen, burning him moderately. "Assassin," he yelled at the top of his lungs, before heading down the alley at his top speed.

Morus smirked as the man started running away from him. Just the way he likes his targets, running and screaming for their lives. He brought the blaster up front of him again with the sight locked on the man's torso. He squeezed the trigger again which sent another burst of laser out of the pistol barrel towards the merchant.

The shot flew over Ruyor's shoulder, impacting the wall at the end of the alley. He took cover behind the garbage receptacle near the end of the alley, and withdrew his own blaster pistol from underneath his robe. He aimed at the man's torso, and fire off a quick blast from his pistol.

Morus watched as the blaster shot flew way past him then gazed back at the merchant. He let out a mere laugh and prepared to fire his blaster again. "Nice shot..." he said with an evil smirk on his face. He raised his pistol in front of him again, this time targeting the man's head. His eyes narrowed down the sight of the pistol locking on his target. Another burst of laser flew out of the pistol towards the merchant with another squeeze of the trigger.

The blaster bolt glanced the side of Ruyor's head, causing no apparent harm to him. He considered himself fortunate, but he still felt like his luck was about to run out. His only choice it seemed was to again return fire at the man's torso as he continued down the alley towards him.

The bolt of laser flew past Morus again as he continued to laugh. "You should have learned how to use that blaster," he said. He then started to move a bit towards the man with his blaster in hand.

Ruyor realized he was not a very good shot, and wished he had Enkido's money so that he could afford people to fight for him. Nevertheless, he fired off another blast at the man's midsection.

Morus felt the blast the hit him in the midsection but no damage to his body. He slowly shook his head looking from where the bolt hit him to the man, "Tsk tsk tsk..." He was becoming somewhat entertained with this merchant who clearly did not know how to use a blaster. Quickly raising his blaster targeting the man's head again, he squeezed the trigger sending another burst of laser flying towards the man.

The blaster bolt slammed into Ruyor's forehead and he was dead before he even realized he had been hit. His head exploded like a piece of rotten fruit, splattering over the walls of the alleys and over the trash receptacle. The lifeless corpse fell to the alley pavement, the right leg still shaking from the nerve impulse.

Morus slowly lowered his blaster pistol with a satisfied grin on his face. The merchant was now dead and he would get his payment. He slowly walked up to the corpse of the merchant to confirm the kill. After examining the corpse, he took a piece of the late merchant's skull and went back to his landspeeder. He hopped into his speeder and rode off to the Rodian crime lord's estate to receive his payment. Another job well done and man fallen to Morus Drake's blaster.

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