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Sean Brandt, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:F1:2) in the Essesia system: Darkened Oblivion and Interrogator.
El-Nay Darr, Major Serra Eona, Dimona Xirie Nuebla, High Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Flight Captain Randi Trainor.

Randi was at the controls of the Darkened Oblivion, which was shaking so rapidly she was afraid it was about to break in half. "Oh. Maybe those weren't *extra* parts, Serry," she said, as she looked over her shoulder at the Inquisitor, with a sheepish grin. "I did the best I could," she explained, when suddenly the Conqueor-class assault ship began to spiral rapidly out of control as the port stabilizer broke free. "Hang on!" Randi squealed as the ship began to span rapidly, causing her pigtails to flail about rapidly as they spun in a 360-degree spiral. She grit her teeth, grabbing the controls of the ship with all of her might, and attempting to angle them back towards the Interrogator. "Use that Force of yours, Serry," she suggested, as she began to bring the transport back towards the hanger. It took all of her piloting skill to bring the Darkened Oblivion back into the hangar bay, but the landing gear would not go down, and instead she had to resort to an awkward belly landing that sent the ship skidding upon the newly repaired, but conveniently empty, flight deck. When the ship stopped Randi exhaled deeply, and turned her attention towards Serine. "...I don't think it's fixed yet," she said, as she began to get up, but the spinning had made her so dizzy, she promptly stumbled down to the deck.

The moment Randi had glanced back at the Inquisitor, Serine had given her an intense glare. "You said this ship was fully flight capable and restored!" She growled at the other woman while clutching the armrests of the chair she had strapped herself in, nearly fearful the whole assault ship would sever in half during transit. Once Darkened Oblivion began its landing descent, Serine got a rapid vision of the after effects of the Adventurer's catastrophic collision within the hangar bay. The Inquisitor abruptly and fiercely yelled at Randi. "If you crash this ship, I will shear the flesh from your face, Randi." As unsightly as that threat may be, Serine actually had rather full confidence in her pilot to not kill them in a disastrous impact. The actual landing was a bit rough, causing jagged pieces of the ship that were not properly bolted down to energetically rip free from the hull and bounce around the inside, nearly impaling the woman. How Randi convinced Serine to take this joyless joyride was entirely questionable. She winced heavily at the sound of freshly installed deck plating get once again gouged and scraped by reckless abandonment. Finally the ship slowed to a stop and the Inquisitor let out a frustrated gasp before unclipping her safety harness eagerly. It only took a few steps before Serine closed the distance between them. Without warning, Serine grabbed Randi's collar and shoved her forward upon the counsel panel angrily. "Fix it properly!" Irate, but unwilling to further chastise or harm her personal pilot, the Inquisitor stormed out of her own ship and onto the hangar to survey the damage. This diversion had taken up a lot of her time ... time that Serine had intended to use with Major Serra Eona.

The test flight of the Darkened Oblivion wasn't exactly a secret, nor was the expectation some of the Interrogator's engineers had for the event. While the hangar itself was clear the same could not be said for the control room, where Major Serra Eona stood, watching the readouts as the ship was tracked on the Star Destroyer's scanner array, occasionally getting a glimpse of it through the port of the hangar itself. Brows lifted as the ship was on its way back in, evidently suffering from a handful of malfunctions. From the safety of the control room, the Imperial Intelligence officer watched the ship come skidding across the deck. As Serra rode the lift down to the hangar's main deck, the Darkened Oblivion was just coming to a halt. By the time Serine and Randi were stumbling out of the once again grounded vessel to asses the damage, Serra was standing a safe distance away, a burning cigarra between her lips, hands resting in the pockets of her uniform. The whole thing was, in its way, rather amusing to her, but you'd barely know it looking at the Major's face. She thought about speaking up but, considering Serine's obvious mood, chose to simply wait and let the Inquisitor notice her once she was done inspecting the crash.

Serine had been so absorbed with surveying the damage to both her personal assault craft and also the deck plating, that she did not immediately notice Serra standing there patiently. Clearly frustrated she pulled herself away from the unsightly though minor damage and began walking from the area. Only then did Serine noticed that her newly promoted Major was waiting to speak with her. This was a welcomed diversion to get her mind away from desiring to strangle the life from her pilot. "Major." A simple acknowledgement to the other as the Inquisitor approached, a bit less infuriated than before. "There are some pressing matters we need to discuss." Serine motioned for Serra to follow and she quickly turned from the woman to traverse the hallway towards her office. This was some rather sensitive information that she rather not have prying ears overhear. She mentioned nothing else the entire way, but Serra could tell that this was not wasted time for the Inquisitor. She was in deep contemplative thought. Once they arrived within the relatively safe confines of her office would Serine feel more comfortable disclosing her rather unique mission briefing. "Your promotion comes with new responsibilities, Major. I have two projects I want you to spearhead." The Inquisitor's attention was once again a bit distant that comes with speculation and deep reflection. "One of which will be highly classified." Eyes then flowed back up to meet Serra's. "Can you handle this burden or was your promotion impulsive?" Said as eyes narrowed ever so slightly. Serine needed to know she could fully trust Serra and the Inquisitor was not yet fully sure she could ... her response to Serine's inquiry would be the test.

Serra Eona gave a slight bow to Serine as she approached. "Of course, Inquisitor." The orders for a meeting had come through, of course, but as was not uncommon among the chief officers of a ship, the timing had been loose, allowing for other more urgent duties to be seen to. Still, even with that leniency, it was unwise to make a Sith wait. Serra had made herself available as soon as possible. With the motion from Serine, the newly made Major fell in behind her, becoming her shadow just as she had during their last trip to the Warspite. The cigarra wasn't immediately discarded, but it was abandoned before they reached Serine's office. While Serra was becoming more comfortable aboard the Interrogator, she knew better than to smoke near Serine's private office and quarters. The long silence wasn't anything she wasn't used to; for years discussions and meetings she was part of had to take place behind closed doors. This sort of thing was common practice these days. Once inside the office with the doors securely shut, her full attention was devoted to Serine. Even when the Sith took on that more distant stare, Serra's own eyes were unwavering, just like the expression on her face. Still, despite her clear comfort and calm, Serra took a moment to decide on precisely what she should say. It was obvious, by the narrowing of the Sith's eyes and the way the question was presented, that a great deal rode on it. "There is no burden too great, Inquisitor...or too small. Ask for a handful of blank datapads, and I will see them to your office personally. Ask for a planet to burn, and its very people will do the deed themselves once I've finished. All done with the utmost discretion and care, above and beyond what is to be expected from the Bureau." Careful words indeed, and while it might have seemed like grandstanding, Major Serra Eona's record showed that it was all very much within her capabilities.

Serine fell silent for a moment after Serra finished to appraise the other's words and found them acceptable. The true test of course was completing the tasks Serine had in mind for her new Major. The missions themselves were of importance but if botched they would not ruin the Interrogator. It was the perfect weight of gravity to evaluate Serra's worth, and if the woman should fail, then the Inquisitor would only be down one single Major. There was, however, real benefits to being in Serine's good graces, as she could be surprisingly generous when her orders were carried out successfully. "Very well, Major. I believe you will find these tasks to be of appropriate challenge." She made her way over to the large desk in the room and settled in comfortably. It was not terribly often Serine was not boiling over with rage, but Serra's response was exactly what she had been looking for. "As you know, we lost quite a few officers recently, one being the previous Legion Commander. He had been running drills during... that crash." This was still a very sensitive topic for the Inquisitor and she visibly tensed when discussing it. "I'm tasking you with finding his replacement. That should be no issue with your skill set." This was the easier mission to be certain. The following one was the mission that could prove to be rather hectic and difficult to manage because the individuals involved were... unstable at best. "I seem to be collecting undesirables." Said extremely bluntly with an unusual amount of sincerity. Due to a series of strange circumstances, Serine had acquired not one, but two Bounty Hunters. It put a disgusting taste in her mouth just thinking about it.

While the two of them had gained some level of mutual respect, it was true that this was the first time Serra and Serine were actually working together. This meeting was a reminder that, while she had been elevated rather substantially by being promoted and moved to Serine's command, Serra still had a fair bit of work to do in order to prove herself everything her record and demeanor promised she could be. It would take more than a clever mind to accomplish. The first task didn't really warrant any response. It was accepted outright, something that would only require some digging through potential candidates to find one that suited their needs. It would take time, of course, but that was all. As to Serine's next remark, that got a lifting of a brow. "Undesirables, Inquisitor? I suppose you're referring to those...assets you acquired." By the way Serra said the word, it was clear just what she thought of those assets.

"You assumed correctly, Major." Said as arms were crossed with a growing agitation at how this all came about. "I refuse to allow them free reign on my ship." Why the Inquisitor did not just kill them was the more amusing part of all of this. Serine did not wish to explain her reasonings though unbeknownst to her, Serra was already a good deal informed of the whole Dimona situation. Without disclosing the details, Serine did wish to add at least some information that might explain what otherwise was an irrational decision. "Dimona Xirie Nuebla was offered her life in exchange for information." Of course Serra would know more, but what Serine said was the truth, although severely lacking in those rather bizarre details. "As for El-Nay Darr..." Serine caught herself from revealing more than she wished, and she had no reason to need to explain anything to one of her subordinates. "Regardless! The circumstances are indeed unique and thus I have decided to do something with these ... unsightly assets. I want you to form a team, including those two, that will conduct ... hazardous missions..." Serine tone shifted to a rather dark foreboding one at the end. Although she did not come right out and say it, it could be gathered that the Inquisitor wanted this newly constructed team, full of completely expendable individuals, to execute nearly impossible missions. If they were successful, the Empire would benefit of course, but if not... the Empire would still benefit, and so would Serine.

Serra knew quite a bit more about how those two interrogations had gone, but she wasn't about to reveal as much to Serine. She could out her source and see the hapless officer burn for it, but that wouldn't bring any benefit to her. No, right now, it was much more useful to leave him be and piggyback on his spying to do a little of her own. Even with that knowledge, Serra couldn't entirely fathom why Serine would preserve the two, but soon enough it became more evident. Her brows lifted in consideration, turning the idea over in her head. Really it was very much like work she had done with DeStab. Using teams of contracted soldiers and guns for hire was an excellent way to deflect responsibility and blame, so long as you were careful. "I see. Any special constraints or requirements? If not, I'll use previous experience as a framework and build from there." Serra wanted to reassure Serine that she was trusting someone capable with this task.

"This entire operation is to be off-the-record, Major. Any and all incidents must not be traceable back to this vessel or to the Empire. In addition, the missions if successful must pose a certain benefit to His Majesty." Serine wanted it to be clear that this assortment of individuals were not *just* being thrown to their deaths carelessly, but giving a real opportunity ... that just so happened to also be a death sentence. "This is to be the priority assignment. I want this started immediately." Serine was anxious to get these Bounty Hunters off of her ship before they unintentionally destroyed something else. Best to focus those destructive tendencies and harness them in ways that would be beneficial for the Empire. "I also want you to find a leader for this rabble, someone you can covertly relay orders to that can not be traced and who would take full blame for any unsightly infractions." This was to be a team that would perform illegal and precarious activities and Serine did not wish their acts to be tracked back to Imperial command.

Serra Eona listened dutifully, though what Serine was instructing wasn't anything new to the veteran agent. All the same, it did serve to clarify where the Sith stood with her expectations, and more than that, revealed that the woman had a mind for this sort of thing. Serra knew that Serine was intelligent, of course, but insight into the utilization of a team of this nature wasn't common knowledge. IT was satisfying to know that the woman she now worked under had some understanding of how to deal with such clandestine affairs. "Of course, Inquisitor. I'll begin work right away, and update you of any progress, regarding both matters." The search for a new Legion Commander wouldn't take her long, a few days at most, so Serra decided that her first task would be to set the bounty hunters to work. There were useful things they could be doing while she saw to other matters. "Will that be all, Inquisitor?" Not that Serra was in a hurry, but there were now things to be accomplished. The Major always relished a new task.

The Inquisitor perked her eyebrows just a bit at the other woman's motivation and incentive. That was an excellent quality. "One final thing, Major. I'm giving you full control over those two. Do with them as you wish, and repurpose them quickly." Of course she was referencing Dimona and El-Nay. Satisfied that this meeting went well, Serine leaned back in her chair feeling rather confident. So... this is what it was like to have competent people. "You are dismissed."

El-Nay found herself in Dimona's quarters, repaying the life debt she had taken on when the fellow bounty hunter unexpectedly saved her life. "You've got to stop moving!" she argued with Dimona, as she attempted to hold her feet in place with one hand, while painting her toe nails with the other. This was not exactly what she had in mind as she delicately painted her toes the same shade of orange that she used on her Mandalorian armor. "Isn't there something else I can do? Shoot somebody maybe?" she asked, as her blue eyes looked up the length of her body at the insane bounty hunter. When she was young on Corellia she used to get pedicures in an attempt to fit in and attract the scoundrels, but it never quite fit her. She did the best job that she could, but Dimona's feet moved as erratically as her mouth, causing her to occasionally paint some of her skin as well. It was then that the dryer beeped, causing El-Nay to sigh, and put the paint down for a moment. Moving towards the unit in the wall she began to collect Dimona's carefully washed socks and undergarments. "...maybe shoot myself?" she muttered under her breath, as she began to fold Dimona's oversized colorful granny panties.

Dimona playfully squirmed as El-Nay attempted to properly paint her toes a tacky orange to match that ridiculous set of armor. "It tickles!" She cheerfully giggled. "You really suck at this." If Dimona knew she could have gotten the other woman to basically be her servant, she would have 'saved' her life forever ago, alas. But at least now she was going to abuse the hell out of it until El-Nay just couldn't take it anymore. "Look hun, if you wanted to be my servant all of this time, you should have just said something! That whole saving your life thing, that was your excuse wasn't it? Be honest!" Dimona erupted into laughter when she saw those obnoxiously patterned panties that El-Nay was being forced to launder and fold. The fortune hunter in no way wore those, but thought it would be hilarious to make the other woman cater to them ... and she was right. This was the best present to herself ... ever. From under the chair she was sitting on rolled out Peep who was fully repaired and finding the scene just as ludicrous as Dimona was. "Oh Peep! Don't be upset I'm not giving you *all* of my love." And with that, the small mouse droid was quickly scooped up, placed on his back upon Dimona's lap and his wheels were rolled back and forth with her fingers. Peep whirled with affectionate beeps with what could only be described as a droid giggle. "See, it tickles Peep to have his feetsies touched too!"

Many times throughout her service, Serra's duty required interaction with less than desirable sorts of people, and this would be no different. A brief bit of research provided valuable intel on one of the people she intended for the two to fine, as well as a laundry list of others who were to be approached with an offer for a contract. The details for how this would work out had been sorted, an easy enough process considering how often this sort of thing was done, if not quite on this scale. There was no need for Serra to knock when she reached Dimona's quarters and so she didn't, simply using her more than sufficient clearance to open the door and walk inside, letting it whisk shut behind her. What she found, laid out before her apathetic gaze, was Dimona playing with the wheels on her mouse droid while the Mandalorian folded a pair of undergarments that looked like they would be large on a wampa. She looked between the two, and reached into her jacket. "I'm Major Serra Eona, with Imperial Intelligence." She produced a cigarra, lit it, and took a deep inhale. As the smoke billowed out from between her lips, she continued. "Both of you will now be working for me, per orders of the High Inquisitor. You have a mission, beginning immediately."

El-Nay looked up from holding Dimona's underwear at the Major that entered the room unexpectedly. "A mission!?" she said excitedly, letting Dimona's garter to fall to the ground unceremoniously. "It's about time," she said, as she moved towards the officer, but stopped to grab hold of the distinctive helmet of her Mandalorian ancestry. "Whatever it is ... I'm your girl," she said, as she moved to place her helmet back on top of her head. "...unless it's more laundry," she muttered silently to herself, beneath the anonymity of her helmet. "Sorry, Dim. I'll get to your bras later. Duty calls," she said, hiding the giant smile that was plastered beneath her T-shaped visor. She had no idea who the Major was, nor what the mission would entail, but *anything* was preferable to *this*.

The Major would be able to get a good solid look at Dimona who was comfortably reclined in a chair, tenderly embracing a mouse droid. Her bare feet were propped up on a desk with brilliant orange toenail polish gleaming in the lights, still fresh paint. "Ha! Who is this? Darlin' I only answer to the Inquisitor. She is my boss... you're just a wishful thinker." She smirked rather coyly at the officer. "Besides, I have two things to add. One, I'm not going anywhere until this polish dries." To emphasis her point, she wiggled her toes at the other woman. "And two, I only work for people who I would like to kiss ... and smokers taste like shit. So fuck you." Dimona smiled rather devilishly at the other woman, challenging her authority over her certainly. This was all too amusing to her and she found herself lightly chuckling before eyes drifted to the discarded laundry. It was a bit of a bummer, she was having so much fun with El-Nay and it had to be ruined by this upstart. Joy kill for sure.

The readiness of the Mandalorian was pretty much expected. Even if she was a subpar example of her kind, the mindset was there, and it was something that could be counted on. Dimona, on the other hand, was going to be a challenge. Serra knew as much going in, but just how much she would have to do in order to get some level of compliance had yet to be seen. Watching the interrogation had gone a long way to showing just what Dimona was after, though. How much she'd enjoyed getting a rise out of Serine, how she relished in the abuse. Really, Serra was likely one of the most ideal people to handle the gun for hire. Even with the derision and resistance, the Major was unmoved. Her eyes simply held on Dimona, unwavering, dead and cold as a corpse but with a living focus. She let the madwoman finish, then took a deep inhale of her cigarra once more, holding the smoke in her lungs before letting it roll out into the room. "You're welcome to take it up with the Inquisitor if you like." Serra knew it was generally ill advised to bother a Sith, but she wasn't about to warn Dimona. Not that she suspected the woman would be inclined to listen if she did. El-Nay, being trusted to stand by while this got sorted, only received the briefest of glances. Serra's attention was on the resistant one.

"Oh for..." El-Nay muttered as she listened to Dimona's diatribe and seeming refusal to want to go on the mission. "Listen, Major. I'm not here for a mani-pedi. I'm here to kick some ass. So I'll go," she said, as she brought her gauntlet up, and banged the two plates of Mandalorian together as she struck her chest thrice. "I'll go and have *all* the fun, and she can stay here and do whatever it is she does with that droid when no one is looking," she informed the Intel officer, as she rolled her eyes at Dimona beneath the privacy of her helmet. "Anything she can do I can do better," she boasted, puffing up her chest, and allowing her hands to rest confidently at her hips. Privately, El-Nay did not know why the Inquisitor kept Dimona around ... although she wondered if she kept her around like some ancient despot who had a jester to entertain them when bored.

Dimona could not help but to burst into legitimate laughter with the hilarious jab from El-Nay, so much so that she had to weakly wipe a tear away. "Damn El, that was funny." She happily sighed at the two woman staring at her, she enjoyed the attention. "Honestly? Darlin', you had me the moment you entered the room. Of course I'm in!" Another huge grin as she rolled her eyes as if there could have been any other outcome. "You think I want to sit here all day and watch El botch up this sorry attempt? Look at what she did!" Dimona motioned to the sad excuse for a paint job with orange smeared over skin. "Pitiful! I'm telling you." Her attention was lovingly placed upon the droid she held in her arms. She conversed with it in a cutesy manner as if it were a cherished family pet. "You're ready for adventure, aren't you? Aren't you Peep? Yeah! You know it! You're so cute, I swear." Peep chirped and tweeted in compliance. "Peeps says he is also in." A huge smile plastered all over her face as she looked up to Serra. "So luv, when are you going to quit smoking so we can make out? Just give me a timeline."

Eagerness and annoyance from one, amusement from the other...and Serra Eona stood there looking for all the world like she was watching paint dry. The laughter and joking and the positing didn't seem to get the tiniest rise out of her. It was quite intentional, of course, something well honed and practiced. The garish nail polish job did earn a glance, at least, though shortly after she was reaching into her jacket once more, producing a pair of datapads. The question about smoking? Well, that got another waft of smoke by way of response as the cigarra was balanced between her lips. "Before we go further, it is imperative that you understand you are no longer under contract with the Empire, and will no longer be affiliated with the Empire in any way. You have both been issued lucrative new contracts through Saber Enterprises. You are approved to offer additional contracts to these personnel." One datapad was handed to El-Nay, the other offered towards Dimona. "Your initial objectives will separate you. El-Nay Darr, you will be locating a man by the name of Jerris Vox. He is currently held captive by a small criminal organization, from which you will have to free him. Once he is secured, you will link up with Dimona." Her attention then moved to the other woman. "You will start working through the list of contacts provided, recruiting them for a team being contracted through Saber Enterprises. No known complications, but you never can tell with such people what mess they might have found themselves in." It truly was a testament to hard professionalism that these two didn't shake her, for all that one of them made an effort.

El-Nay took hold of the datapad and examined the dossier carefully. "Why do you want someone that got caught anyway?" she asked, as she noted that intelligence currently had him in the Jabiim system. She shook her head, as she put the datapad down, committing the contract to memory. "If you want him, you got him," she said, confidently, as she leaned against the wall, looking towards Dimona. "Don't get lost," she said, snickering softly, as she shifted her attention towards the Major. "Anything else I need to know?" she asked, tilting her head up to examine the woman more carefully. The young Mandalorian was eager to accomplish her first mission for these people, to prove herself and find a youthful role. But, perhaps more important to her on a personal level, she had to get away from Dimona.

Dimona noticed the rather generous inhale of that cigarra by Serra and mused it was the obvious answer for 'never' to her question. "Ah, well, you're missing out." A playful wink was given to the woman as she was handed a small datadisk with her mission objectives. "Hold this for me Peep?" And with the request, a small hatch on the mouse droid popped open and the disk was placed inside his chassis for safe keeping. "So useful!" As soon as she heard the two Bounty Hunters would be separated, she gave a sly look to her would-be rival in training. "You sure you don't want me to hold your hand for this, El?" Dimona might certainly have a unique insanity, but her track records for mission successes were *nearly* perfect with only one real blemish, and it had been wholly on purpose. "I mean, you're not exactly known for your outstanding performances. Besides, you're going to miss me. Say you will."

El-Nay was about to get it from both sides, it seemed. "Despite the man having a track record only slightly better than your own, he has information the Inquisitor requires, so he is of use to us." The Mandalorian could read all she wanted into that statement, and it would likely be true. She paused long enough for their little discourse, smoking patiently, speaking up once their was a break in it. "You will not be reporting back to this ship. I will contact you with coordinates for a rendezvous location after you have departed." With that, the Major was done with them, and turned to leave. Before opening the door, Serra took one last drag from the cigarra. With the stick nearly burned down, she crushed the ember on the wall, smudging it out, and then casually flicked the butt back to bounce off the mouse droid. The door slipped open as if on cue, and Major Serra Eona left the hunters to their work.

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