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Christopher Fulk, Christopher Levy, and Jaina Roberts.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:3:4) in the Rhinnal system: Gilded Thranta and Rhinnal (Rhire: Rhinnal State Medical Academy and Spaceport).

Commander Derek Atio, Trooper Jace Mereel, and Sergeant Reilly Judah.


Commander Derek Atio sat in the cockpit of the Modified Sigma-class shuttle Gilded Thranta, moving his hand over the controls to bring the systems online as they entered the Rhinnal system. "I don't think I've been to Rhinnal..." the middle-aged, slightly rotund pilot commented as his hands moved to the flight controls. His hand slid to the throttle, accelerating the shuttle to its top sublight speed as it moved towards the atmosphere of the planet. The latest transport delivering medical supplies to the Rebel Base in the Ringali Nebula had been intercepting, forcing a last-minute, improvised mission to obtain additional supplies.

"Bunch of fashion snobs." Reilly shrugged and went back to filing her right thumb with her teeth. There had been a snag in her nail. When it was finally smooth enough she looked toward Jace and smirked "Think you can keep your mind on the mission since Tong's bottom ain't here for you to drool over?"

Jace would never miss any chance to watch someone else pilot any type of ship. One of these days he would fulfill his dream and be a fighter pilot, but until that day he would observe others and learn as many tricks as he could. The young soldier and want-to-be pilot was sitting in the cockpit with the Commander and Reilly. He blinked a few times and a shade of red formed across his cheeks "Y-yes ma'am...Do...does everyone think that ab...about me?"

"Doubt Tong and his butt kisser even know you're alive. Don't worry about it." Reilly said.

As he thought about what she had said he figured she was right about that. He doubted the Commander even noticed him either. Jace did not care about the executive officer liking him so that was not too much of a disappointment "He's just a good soldier...I re...respect him for t...hat..."

"Figures." Reilly replied.

"Hang on," Derek yelled over his shoulder, but before giving them any time to properly strap in, he sent the shuttle spiraling down into a steep descent towards Rhire, the planet's capitol city. The ancient shuttle began to violently shake, and unsecured items in the overhead storage began to fall to the floor of the shuttle. As the docking bay came into view, his hand began to ease back on the throttle as maneuvering thrusters were engaged. Hovering over the docking pay, he switched in the repulsorlift engines and began to glide the ship down to the hangar bay floor. With a violent shake, the craft settled down in the docking bay and the ramp began to descend.

Reilly had unstrapped herself earlier to stretch her legs. With the sudden spiral and jerking she fell forward, landing in a kneeling position in front of Jace. Her head slammed into his crotch with such an impact that she was forced backwards and was knocked out cold on her back on the floor of the shuttle.

Jace of course had not taken his eyes off the controls so he knew what was coming and was able to brace himself against something as the commander began his crazy decent. Of course all the bracing in the universe could never prepare a guy for what happened when Reilly came slamming into him. A high pitched squeal escaped his lips as he doubled over.

Derek moved from the cockpit of the shuttle and slipped his QuickSnap 36T blaster carbine into the back of his trousers, concealed beneath his flight jacket. As he made his way into the passenger compartment, a look of dismay came over his face as he looked over the scene that unfolded in front of him. "Not that..." he groaned, shaking his head as he dropped to his left knee next to Reilly. A meaty paw made it's way beneath her head as he lifted it off the ground, slapping her on both cheeks of her face repeatedly.

"Ss...sorry, sir. It was fault." The squeakiness of his voice was not really any different than what he sounded like normally. The pain sure was different though. To think the one time he had a girl's head down there and it nearly killed him! Groaning a little he moved over toward Reilly to make sure she was okay.

There was a nice welt on her forehead. She groaned as she came to, feeling someone slapping her face. Instinctively a fist came up toward the assailant, hoping to punch him in the mouth to get him away from her.

Derek had a glass jaw and unexpected fist connected with his chin and sent his head backwards and dazed him for a moment. He staggered forward, placing his hand down in front of him to brace himself from falling down on top of her. "Ugh..." he groaned, spitting up a mix of salvia and blood on the deckplate. Shaking his head he looked at her, rubbing his chin. "Striking a superior office is a court-martial offense, young lady," he pointed out as he shifted his jaw around to ascertain the damage.

She had to blink and squint a few times before she realized who she had hit. "Aww...son of a motherless Sith..." She shook her fist to get the remnants of pain out of her knuckles. Soon though she was on her feet. Not dizzy. But mad "Why were you hitting me when I was unconscious? Do you really think that helps?!"

Glancing nervously between the two of them. He muttered something to himself about crazy woman as he offered a arm for Reilly to pull her self up "W...well It seemed to work... The C...commander did wa...wake you up."

"We'll deal with it later," Derek said, still rubbing his chin as he rose from the deck and adjusted his clothing. He was still sliding his chin from left to right as he descended down the ramp, heading out of the hangar bay towards a speeder rental service. Looking around at what the Imperial presence was like on the planet, he did not appear overly concerned and had no difficulty renting a ubiquitous multi-passenger speeder.

Reilly liked not having to wear a uniform. She had been in one since she was a child thanks to daddy sending her to a military academy. She continued shaking her head as she descended the ramp behind the hairy backed commander. "I finally hurt someone and 'Captain Kill All' ain't here to see it."

"I'll be s...sure to tell him if you want..." He smiled to himself as he followed the two of them down the ramp and toward the speeder. He shrugged his shoulder, rolling his arms just to get the feel for the small DL-18 in his shoulder harness.

"Skip it." Why Carson and Tong road her butt so much when this clown was around was beyond her understanding.

"It doesn't count if you hurt me. I bruise easily," Derek observed as he hopped into the driver's seat of the speeder. More and more he felt like a glorified chauffer, but without the glamour of a hat. His hand moved to the controls of the speeder once the others had filed and began a steady acceleration towards their destination. "Now remember the plan and we won't end up in a jackpot," he said, talking over his shoulder as he maneuvered the craft through the bustling city streets.

" Ya know, sir...while on planet you should think about getting a hat. That bald spot'll burn easily." Reilly had jumped into the back seat of the speeder and was casually sitting and looking around, actually watching for Imperials, but it looked more like she was just enjoying the ride.

Always the gentleman he held the back door open for Reilly as she jumped in. Shutting the door behind her he slid into the front with the Commander "S...sir...w-what t...he pp...plan." A question like that always caused him to be nervous. The nerves always made him stutter more than it normally did.

Derek shook his head at Jace as they came up to the Rhinnal State Medical Academy, pulling off towards the visitor parking and deactivating the speeder. Once they had come to a halt, he placed his arm on the back of Jace's seat and turned to face him. "Reilly is a trained medic and will blend in as a doctor easily. You keep your mouth shut and act like her assistant. I'll talk our way through and we should be able to make it out the door with some important supplies," he said, nodding his head as he went over each part of the plan. "Got it?" he asked, not giving him time to answer as he slipped from the speeder and waited for them to follow.

It sounded like a good plan to him and Jace did look the part of an assistant to a doctor. The thick glasses, acne and pinched in face would help him blend in easy. In fact his appearance was one reason he was such a good soldier. No one ever expected him to do anything violent and always under estimated him. He slid from the speeder and held the door open for Reilly to exit.

Reilly continued to look around, hopping out of the speeder with ease. She glanced toward the two men, one of whom was younger and one older, neither worth a roll but not as annoying as Tong and his butt-licking goon.

With the two irregular commandos in tow, Derek pushed forward towards the side entrance of the Academy. Although it was largely regarded as a school, it was also a functioning medical center filled with patients and medical supplies.

As he came to the door a burly security guard that had more muscles that Derek had fat glared down at the unwelcome human. "Patients use the emergency room entrance. Visitors use the main entrance and register at the front desk," he said as he shook his head at the bulbous human.

"Do I look like I need medical attention?" Derek said as he shook his head at the man, and began pushing forward, but only clashed with the man's thrust out arm. "...I have with me Doctor Haduj of the Coronet Medcenter. Do not waste our time," he said angrily as he took on the role of a pushy handler.

"Well hello tall dark and mmm mmm mmm" Reilly walked up to the rent-a-trooper, smirking. Not only had it been far too long since she had been with a guy, but that amount of muscles was quite the turn on. She cleared her throat and nodded "Yes, I'm Doctor Haduj. We're here for supplies. Care to be my escort?"

The security guard's focus turned towards Reilly, and he sized her up from head-to-toe, and studied her over carefully. "Hmm," he said as he looked her over. Seemed to fit the role of a doctor, but as she was also quite attractive his defenses were softened and he stepped aside and nodded his head to them. "Have a pleasant stay, Doctor. If you need any help ... do not hesitate to ask," he said as a sly grin curled upon his chiseled exterior.

"Honey the help you could give me, you'd be begging for more." As she passed him, she swatted his butt and winked. And strolling down the hall she began to look for the supply room.

He blushed again ashamed to be around this strange lady. Shaking his head he shrugged toward the guard as he passed following the Doctor and her shaking ass.

Derek turned to look at Reilly and raised his right eyebrow, offering a quick smirk before he walked inside of the medical facility. The smell of cleaning fluids permeated throughout the hallways, causing the pungent smell to immediately heighten their senses. He shook his head, never liking hospitals. "Let's get in and get out," he ordered as he folded his arms, leaning against the wall and folded his arms across his chest as he posted up.

"I'm sure that's how you do it, sir." She entered the supply room, typing in the Rebel code that would allow her to enter the restricted area and get the supplies they desperately needed.

Screwing up his nose at the smell he followed Reilly to the supply room. Glancing nervously around he hoped no one would notice him. At the moment he was sure he looked like a criminal being followed by the authorities. It would just be his luck that he was the one who got them caught.

Suddenly the door flung open and a pair of orderlies ran down the corridor with a stretcher containing a Human male with visible burning. "Doctor. We need your help," one of the orderlies demanded, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her along with the patient into a nearby room. "We need your help," the orderly announced, as he drew the curtain around them. The man had been in a speeder accident and was suffered second-degree burns over most of his body.

"Bacta..." Reilly remained calm, approaching the patient and assessing the situation "lots of it..."

He jumped nearly a foot straight in the air as the two orderlies surprised them. This was just getting horrible. Although he did respect and maybe even hero worship Captain Tong he was glad the man was not here now. He would of just killed the two men and most likely the burnt one also.

"Use the distraction as a chance to begin moving the supplies," Derek ordered as he peered down the corridor towards the 'doctor' as she worked with the patient. He swallowed, feeling the collar of his shirt tighten. Jace was no expert, not even a novice, and for all he knew the boy would end up looting suppositories. He moved down the corridor slightly, pulling back the curtain to check on Reilly. He shook his head at her and then hurried back to check on Jace.

Well of course he would use the distraction! He was npt a complete moron. He just needed a second to get his wits about them. He did not like hospitals at all...he did spend most of his childhood in them. Poor Jace was allergic to just about everything. Muttering to himself about getting no respect from anyone he slipped into the supply room and began to glance over the various supplies.

"Get moving," Derek instructed Jace with a sharp nod. With a loud huff he rushed down the hall again, taking up position where he could peer through the curtain to view Reilly's progress. "Doctor. We must continue with your tour..." he instructed her, shaking his head once again. He understood her desire to help the man, but there just was not any time.

A tech began assisting Reilly, who was applying bacta patches to the major burns while a tank was prepped. "Get him in. Hurry." She moved toward the door, acting like she was going to get something. Instead she made her way back to the others and began loading up a gurney with needed supplies. "We should grab the bacta tank they're bringing for that guy."

Well he did not have ten arms or anything like that and apparently the 'oh-so-great' Commander did not bring anything to carry supplies in. Muttering to himself he dashed out of the room and toward the two of them. Giving them a dark look he took the gurney and pushed it back into the room. Well sure leave all the manual labor to him as if he were a Wookiee slave in the Empire. He continued to mutter to himself as he just took random supplies off of shelves and threw them onto the gurney.

Derek nodded his head to Jace as the gurney was filled with the various supplies. "I think they'll notice a bacta tank heading out the door..." he said to Reilly as he began walking towards the door. "Now remain calm," he said to Jace, noticing his early stuttering. He refused to meet his end in a second-rate university on a planet like Rhinnal.

After throwing a sheet over the gurney she started to push it toward the door "gonna need a stun coil for the hottie."

Derek stopped in his tracks and shook his head at the medic. "You think I can afford a sidearm with a 'stun' setting?" he asked with a laugh. He turned to look at the young trooper, and gave him an insurrectionary nod. "Take the man out," he ordered as he pushed forward on the door to hold it open for the stretcher and the medic. Nodding his head to the security guard, he offered would could only be described as a polite smile and waited for Jace to make his move.

Well that was something that Jace could do well! Smiling a small cocky smile to himself he slid the small blaster from it's holster around his shoulder and slid it into his pocket for an easier draw. Inside his pocket he flicked the weapon over to stun and double checked that the safety was off. After that he followed the two of them down the hall to the exit. Nodding in acknowledgement of the command the youngster slid the weapon from his pocket and in a smooth motion brought the barrel of the weapon to bare on the torso of the guard. A small blue bolt escaped the blaster as he tugged lightly on the trigger, heading directly to the guade Reilly liked so much-

The security guard turned too look at the trio as the door opened, but before he could react the young trooper had already fired off a stun bolt directly as his torso. "Ugh," he groaned as he felt the consciousness leave his body, and he fell forward, landing directly on the gurney, and causing it to fall to the side, knocking their supplies all over the ground.

"Damn it," Derek cursed as he got down on the ground and began trying to set the gurney back up in the correct position. "Help me, Trooper," he ordered with a groan, struggling to lift the contraption that was pinned beneath the substantial weight of the security guard. Over his shoulder a blaster bolt soared by, singing the wall behind him. "Get down," he yelled as more blaster fire came in.

A pair of Imperial scout troopers had been operating their 74-Z speeder bikes in the vicinity of the medical facility when they witnessed the calamity surrounding the security guard. Taking up defensive positions behind their bikes, they began repeatedly firing wild, unaimed shots at the trio of individuals they suspected of robbing the hospital.

He heard the shots coming before the warning. Cursing to himself he to the right of the entrance pressing his body as close to the inside wall as he could. Hopefully that would give him enough cover from one of the troopers as he fired on the other. The small DL-18 was not very powerful but what it lacked in firepower it made up in speed. Jace was really only good at one thing and that was shooting. His right arm raised up quick to level the barrel of the small blaster toward the battery packs at the end of one of the speeder bikes. Before he pulled the trigger his thumb clicked the blaster over to the kill setting and crimson bolt after crimson bolt blasted from the DL-18 toward the bike.

Reilly cursed under her breath and used the gurney as cover, but instead of firing she began gathering the supplies. "Kill 'em already!"

One of the two 74-Z speeder bikes exploded in a fiery explosion after taking repeated blasts from the DL-18. As the speeder erupted, the scout trooper was thrown to the ground and laced with shrapnel, killed almost instantly from the impact of the blast.

Derek slipped his 36T blaster pistol from behind his back and brought it up to a level aim, using the gurney to support his firing arm. Repeatedly, he pulled back on the trigger sending multiple red blasts of energy in the direction of the scout troopers. "Jace. Get, Reilly to the speeder," he yelled angrily as he provided cover fire for the pair of commandos.

Without hesitation he grabbed Reilly under one arm and began to move quickly toward the speeder. He helped the Commander with the cover fire by popping off as many shots as he could toward the surviving scout trooper.

She was surprised that the kid could hold her as he was, even with her arms full of medical supplies. She managed to wrap the edge of the gurney onto her foot and it was being pulled along with her "Get the supplies!"

"Wait!" Derek shouted as the gurney was pulled away, removing any cover that he had available. Now exposed in out of the open, the scout trooper had no problem zeroing in on the large human male and a bolt of energy soon tore into his stomach. "Argh," he groaned as his hand moved to cover his stomach, causing him to slump down to the ground, the pain becoming almost too much to bare. "Get her out of here," he reiterated to Jace as he struggled to even hold his weapon up any longer.

As he heard the commander groan he looked back over his shoulder and his eyes went wide. Coming to a quick decision he pushed Reilly toward the speeder "Start the speeder!" Spinning quickly he turned back toward the hospital and made a mad dash toward the entrance. Sure he was disobeying orders but if they both survived then he really couldn't get in trouble. More shots flew from his DL-18 toward the trooper all of them random and not very accurate...he was running rather quickly after all.

Reilly dropped the supplies in her arms onto the floor of the speeder and then hopped into the driver's side. The speeder was started up, lifting slightly higher. With that completed, her DL-18 was pulled out and aimed at the scout trooper's chest. Thumb switched off the safety as pulled back the trigger sending a kill bolt toward the trooper''s chest.

The scout trooper took a shot to the chest that tore through the bare resistance offered by his 'armor' and fell to the ground like a sack of duracrete, his brief career in the Imperial Army coming to an end in a shootout in front of an obscure medical school on a planet he had never heard of.

"I said... get..." Derek groaned to Jace, his head tilting down the right on his chest as he felt himself lose consciousness. He could feel himself going under, but there was nothing he could do about it. An instant later, his eyes rolled shut, and his head slumped down as he reached an unconscious state on the ground in front of the academy.

A single glance told him the trooper was down. He threw a silent prayer to all the gods for that. Sliding the DL-18 into it's holster, Jace had to use all his strength to pull the Commander into his arms. Gripping the large fellow under the armpits he dragged him walking backwards to the speeder hoping the crazy woman followed his order and started the speeder. If they were lucky she would be smart enough to pull it over to them.

Reilly parked the speeder and assisted Jace with getting Derek into the back seat. "Drive. Fast!" At least she had grabbed some bacta patches. After tearing Derek's shirt opened she applied the bacta directly to the wound.

After getting the Commander into the speeder he slid into the front and took a split second to get familiar with the controls and then he gunned the accelerator. The speeder flew as fast as it could toward the docking bay.

The bacta began to work its 'magic' on the wound. Reilly checked Derek's vitals and then looked up to see how far they were from the docking bay "Get us as close as you can, Jace." She returned her attention to her patient, though there was little more that she could do until they got to a medical bay.

Well in the holovids this always seemed to work so hopefully it would work for him as well. As they came flying into the docking bay the kid tried something crazy. He spun the controls of the speeder to the right putting the small craft in half of a spin. Then he let go of the controls as the speeder slid sideways so the door would line up directly next to the ramp. Of course this was the first and hopefully only time Jace did this so the speeder slammed into the ramp and slid up a few feet or so. The sudden impact pushed him hard across the front seat and into the door "Ugh...I h...hope that's c...close enough..."

"Ya did great." Reilly stood up, checking Derek's pulse again by placing two fingers on his neck. "We need to get him to sick bay." Reilly took Derek's shoulders and nodded to Jace to grab the feet. "Lift on three," And she lifted her end of the fat, hairy backed Commander.

He smiled to himself apparently he had done a good job. Sliding out of the speeder he helped Reilly drag Derek into the shuttle. At the top of the ramp however he left both of them alone...hoping the crazy lady was strong enough to get the Commander to the sickbay. He had more important things to do at the flying the shuttle out of here before a garrison of troopers came to stop them. As he reached the cockpit he hit the button to close the ramp and engaged the start up process. Well he had read all there was to read about flying and actually did it a few times also. So the take off was not too bad he only banged the right side of the shuttle against a random wall for a second or two before he corrected his mistake. In no time the shuttle was flying almost smoothly into inner space...they would be into outer space in a moment or two.

In the back of the shuttle, the unconscious body of Commander Derek Atio lay slumped on the cold, unforgiving durasteel of the floor. It would be a long journey back to the Ringali Station where he could receive proper medical attention, most likely relying on the supplies they had only just obtained. The operation itself would be lucky to break even. If he survived, he would make a note not to return to Rhinnal.

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