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Sean Brandt, Kit Gwynne, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:14) in the Essesia system: Interrogator.
Major Serra Eona, High Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Colonel Mark Veller.

Major Serra Eona stepped down from the Lambda-class shuttle's ramp, moving at a somewhat faster clip than was normal. The initial attempt to organize the team of mercenaries had met with a very unusual setback, one that suggested more than simple sabotage or surface level foul play. A deep drag was taken from her cigarra as she marched across the docking bay, catching one of the Stormtroopers who had been stuck with guard duty in the area. "Contact High Colonel Veller. Inform him Major Eona requests a meeting in his quarters at his earliest convenience." While such wording from some might suggest a lack of urgency, from the Intel Officer it conveyed an immediate need. The trooper, after a nod and a salute, moved to do just that. Serra, for her part, made her way through the halls of the ship, heading directly for the Colonel's quarters. The cigarra was burned off in the process, dropped in a disposal unit just before she rounded the corner of the hall that would bring her to her destination.

Mark sighed as he faced this morning's reports on his desk. The door to his bedroom was still open and his bed, only slightly rumpled beckoned him. Four hours of fitful sleep hadn't done much to restore him. A small voice in his head told him he needed to start delegating some of this work, but he had yet to find officers he found satisfactory. He glanced at the other stack of datapads on his desk, all of the potential candidates he had yet to go through. Once again, he cursed the superior officer who had just tossed him into the posting and wondered at the irregularity of it all. The warning signs were becoming more prominent and he was having a hard time ignoring them.

With a growl and a curse, he picked up the first datapad, determined to get through the first list today, no matter what other reports suffered for it. He needed a staff or else he was going to drown in paperwork.

At the buzz of the comlink, he had to hold back a bark of anger. It was unfair to whomever was on the other side that they should bear the brunt of his anger at others. He stuffed that anger away. One day he would find the truth and deliver his revenge as necessary. At the message, his demeanor instantly improved. Major Eona had returned from whatever errand she had been sent on. He read the urgency in the tone of the message and send back his reply, "Please let the Major know I am available at her convenience in my office. I will leave orders for her to be passed through."

Standing up from his desk, he went over and closed the bedroom door and then went over to his caf machine, pulling out one of his better grinds and setting it to brew. Even if it took her a few hours for her to clear her urgent messages before getting to him, the caf would still be good and he could always brew more. Besides, it made a good counterpoint to reading dry personnel files. Sitting down with a fresh cup of caf, he started reading the dossiers, waiting for the Major's visit.

Automated alerts for received messages blipped through her comlink, but Major Eona ignored them in favor of handling what she considered more urgent business. There were always messages. Intelligence reports, surveillance logs, mission updates...they came in by the dozens, and she would review them all in time. For now, however, she remained on course.

The fact she was cleared through without question as she made her way to Mark's quarters was evidence enough that he was expecting her arrival. Despite the fact he technically outranked her, Serra had every confidence that the High Colonel would make the time once she contacted him.

Serra's pace slowed as she reached the front office, falling into a more comfortable gate as she approached the receptionist. Already the hints of an urge for a smoke crept to her, and Serra slipped her hands into her pockets to avoid going for one. "Major Eona. I believe the High Colonel is expecting me." By now nothing about her voice and mannerisms betrayed the importance of her visit. A brief check of the data terminal, a nod, and the automated door slid open to permit her entrance to Mark's office.

As the door opened to Mark's office, the first thing noticed is the smell of fresh brewed caf. If one was used to the caf served in the mess halls, this was a richer and cleaner smell. The other thing one noticed is that his office was neat and sparse. Items were stacked perfectly and each item in a certain designated space. Here was a man who definitely suffered from OCD when it came to his quarters. But it was also this OCD that had gotten him this far, his exactitude and strive for perfection in everything.

His head down intent on the third datapad in the stack that started at ten, he looked up suddenly at the doors to his office opening. There was a very brief moment of anger that flashed in his eyes, but it was instantly concealed, almost as if it hadn't existed. Mark stood, his uniform perfect and crisp and nodded towards the Major, "Major, welcome. Forgive the mess," he motioned to the many datapads stacked on his otherwise immaculate desk, "still working on getting a general staff together." He moved over towards the small table where his caf equipment and brews were. "Can I interest you in a cup of caf? My own personal brew."

The door slid shut once Serra was two steps inside. The scent of caf was indeed the first thing that struck her. While she hadn't actually visited a mess hall in quite some time, the sort of cheap brew used there was the same she often kept on hand, simply as a matter of convenience. The sort of brewing equipment that was set up in an otherwise rather bare office she had only seen on one or two occasions before, and then only in the quarters of senior officers. The immaculate tidiness of the room wasn't lost on her, and it actually reminded her quite a bit of how she preferred to keep her own work space. No doubt there were different factors motivating them, but the outcome was the same, and she hardly minded. If anything it was another reason to believe that the unprecedented promotion had been the right move. Only after taking in the details of the office did she turn her eyes to Mark. The flash of anger was missed, of course, if only because her attention had been on her surroundings and not immediately on him. "I understand, High Colonel. Finding good subordinates is one of the most difficult tasks any officer faces." She would have hardly considered the place a mess, but there was no reason to give little reassurances or comforting. Such things lead to relaxed standards, and that was never something Serra wanted to promote in anyone she was working with. "Yes, thank you." While Mark moved to the brewing equipment to prepare the caf, she continued on. There was a purpose to her visit, after all. "There has been an incident on Esseles that I felt you should be informed of, High Colonel. It has to do with the mercenary unit we've been recruiting for."

Mark poured out freshly brewed caf into his own mug and a clean on. Placing them on a tray with the usual sweeteners and cream, he carried it over and gracefully put it on the desk, indicating with a motion for the Major to take her choice of the three seats in front of his desk while he picked up his mug and went behind his desk to sit down.

Once seated, he gave the Major his full attention, his ice blue eyes studying the Major. "The mercenary unit, eh? I was hoping it would be better than mine concerning El-Nay, but given the," he paused a moment, considering his next words, "manner of your request, I am not holding that hope very dear." He took a sip of his caf, before setting down the mug on his desk, waiting for the Major's news.

At the gesture Serra took a seat, making herself comfortable. The Major seemed to never appear ill at ease and now was no different, one leg crossing the other as she reached for the closer mug of caf. The fact it was fresh at all was a welcome change from what she usually drank, and the aroma was all the more present. She took a sip, foregoing any additions. If she could drink some of the swill she'd had while on mission black, then this would no doubt prove to be a treat not to be tainted with the presence of milks or sweeteners. The brew did not disappoint. A slight lifting of the brow was sign enough of her approval, not to mention the second sip that followed so close behind the first. It went a long way to dulling the need for a cigarra as well. Her attention lifted back to Mark, carrying on with the matter at hand.

"This extends beyond disciplinary problems with the mercenaries themselves, I'm afraid. A meeting was arranged to solidify the contracts and give the team their first operations, using Saber Enterprises as the front through which they would be handled. A bounty hunter who was not cleared for this team, however, was made aware of the meeting. We don't have much information on him. Only a nickname. The Nerf Herder. Silly, I know, but this man has been problematic in this sector for some time, including an incident a while back involving the defection of a Grand Moff's daughter to the rebels."

Serra paused, taking a sip of her caf, and letting that chunk sink in before she carried on.

Mark's eyes narrowed at the mention of the Grand Moff's daughter's defection to the rebels. "So we have a breach in security of the mission?" he asked.

"It would seem so. My primary concern is that whoever contracted this Nerf Herder seemed aware of the fact that Saber Enterprises was a front organization for Imperial Intelligence. Data files were sliced and before a response team could be scrambled, the Nerf Herder escaped. Two of the mercenaries we recruited gave pursuit. We're reaching out to them now, and hopefully will have some actionable information soon."

Another sip of the caf was taken, and then she continued. "The incident surrounding the defection also involved El-Nay Darr. My superior at the time cleared her for further involvement in Imperial operations, but the fact this Nerf Herder learned of the meeting leads me to believe we have a leak, and she seems a likely place to start. Dimona Xirie Nuebla also has some connection to the incident, though it seems she's one of the hunters currently in pursuit." The whole thing was becoming quite a mess, but there were silver linings to be found. If this exposed a breach in internal security, then the problems would be worth that much alone.

Mark was silent a moment before digging through a different stack of datapads before finally pulling out one about halfway in the stack. He pushed it over towards the Major. "This is the report I have from Sergeant Batua on El-Nay. In no uncertain words he says she's incompetent and is stating she's worthless," he paused a moment, remembering Batua's report, "In fact, Batua said, 'She goes out, she's gunna get 'em kilt,'" Mark finished the sentence with a fair imitation of Batua's accent and manner of speech.

"I'm not sure she's competent enough to be our mole," Mark said, sipping from his caf again, "However, the best moles are the ones you don't think could ever be moles." He put down the caf mug, "Do you have any suggestions on how to find this mole?" he asked.

Serra set her own mug on the desk as she took the datapad, giving a glance over the information while she listened to what Mark had to say. It was no doubt among the various reports that she had been alerted to and not yet addressed. Getting this summary from Mark himself meant she could be spared the time. The imitation of his Sergeant brought about the slightest ghost of a smirk, which just as quickly faded from existence.

"I agree, both with your own and the Sergeant's assessment. Were it up to me she would have been discarded some time ago, but that decision is no longer entirely in my hands." Unless they could pin her to a security breach, in which case Serra would get far more leeway to do away with the Mandalorian. "She's not that clever, but she is that foolish. An accidental mole is still a mole, and even if El-Nay Darr does not prove to be the source of this breach, I believe she's our best option for finding out who is. If nothing else, she might have information on the Nerf Herder worth extracting. What is the Mandalorian's current condition?" Serra certainly wasn't hinging all of her bets on the young hunter, but she full well intended to pry her for information. No stone left unturned, after all.

Taking another sip of his caf, he said, "I believe after the first assessment, El-Nay dragged herself to the medical bay and insisted on being put into a bacta tank. Sergeant Batua stated he didn't rough her up that badly, and I trust his word and the medico's report more than hers. As much as I dislike judging someone from just one encounter, I find myself agreeing with the Sergeant and wondering why she was allowed to leave her mother's side."

He looked over at the Major, "Any ETA on the arrival of the bounty hunters? I had a hope that the good Sergeant could drill something into El-Nay's head, but she might be one that even he can't reach," he gave a slight sigh as he set his mug down again.

"This whole incident has, unfortunately, put a hitch in our plans for the hunters. Once we discover the details surrounding this information leak, we'll move forward, but for now I would rather avoid risking further exposure." Serra returned the datapad to the desk, placing it on the stack from which Mark had retrieved it. She collected her own mug again and took a sip. "I need El-Nay cleared for medical release as soon as possible. Once she is, place her in custody in one of the smaller medical wards, and clear it of any other patients or personnel. If she's as useless as we believe her to be when it comes to operational performance, then she can at least prove useful as a resource for other things."

In response, Mark pulled up a holo of the ISD, marking the various medical units scattered throughout the huge ship. He studied it for a moment, then smiled, "Medical Station 31-A-64 will do quite nicely, Major. Give me a few hours to have the place cleared out and El-Nay transferred in. It's conveniently located near yo..." he broke off as his comlink interrupted him, "High Colonel Veller to Inquisitor Thanor's office immediately." His summons was almost in sync with a similar one that came over Major Eona's comlink as well. Standing up immediately, he keyed the hologram of the ISD to disappear, straightened out his tunic, motioned for the Major to precede him as she was closest the door, "Duty calls, it would seem."

The fact Mark was so willing to help was refreshing. She had no doubt the man knew this would be a very unpleasant experience for the Mandalorian, and those with softer stomachs would no doubt have hesitated and fumbled to try and extract themselves from the situation. Just another sign of loyal service. When the summons came from the comlinks, in slightly staggered stereo, she got to her feet, polished off the caf, and set the mug on the desk. "So it seems." She straightened her jacket and moved to the door, waiting outside for Mark to join her before they made their way to the quarters of the High Inquisitor.

Joining Serra outside his office, he moved to her side, making his way towards the fasted route to the Inquisitor's office. He decided to stay quiet, not knowing exactly what this summons was about and determined not to make a similar mistake in his last meeting with the Inquisitor. Beside him, Serra was quiet as well, no doubt preparing herself for the meeting. Mark himself refused to go into a state of worry, wondering if he had done something wrong. Presenting yourself to a commanding officer in just such a state said you had done something wrong, even if everything was by the book.

Soon enough, the two of them were at the Inquisitor's door. It opened before them and Mark stepped through first this time, his higher rank taking precedence. His eyes roamed the room quickly, taking in any threats and locating his commanding officer. Once inside and facing her, he stood at attention, the good Major at his side, awaiting her notice.

As with everything the Inquisitor said and did, there was a very good reason behind summoning both officers to her office simultaneously. There were many issues that were vital to discuss between them, but also individually. It was rather clear that the missions she assigned both Major Eona and High Colonel Veller were beginning to spill into one another and thus, if there was any chance for complete success, they would need to properly plan and collaborate. There were also reports that Serine wished to hear first-hand from her officers, as important details always seemed to be left out in written reports. The Inquisitor also preferred firsthand reporting, as she could not fully gauge them on a personal level. There was much ground they needed to cover and not much time, and in addition to the heavy load she had placed upon Serra, there was one more assignment of utmost importance she needed to deliberate. Both of her officers were quick to answer her summons and had even entered apparently together. Of course Serine knew that Major Eona just arrived back upon the Interrogator, that is why she summoned her so quickly.

"High Colonel Veller." She acknowledged him quickly before attention fell on the other. "Major Eona." The Inquisitor stood slowly from behind her desk but did not yet move from her position. "We have much to discuss." There was a pause for a moment as Serine contemplated how they would proceed. There was a significant amount of information that needed to be conveyed, on both sides. Eyes fell upon the Colonel once again. "It was apparent that El-Nay Darr never left the Interrogator to complete her task given by Major Eona." She said as if the Major was not standing right there, as it did not matter. In this point in time, Serine was only concerned with Veller's answer. "What is your opinion of her?" Serine gave no hint or indication on what type of answer she was expecting.

Suppressing his irritation at what he considered a petty display of power at the lack of seats besides her own, Mark continued standing at attention as he gave his report, "Milord, having read Sergeant Batua's assessment of her abilities and reviewed the recordings, I agree with his assessment that inclusion of her on any mission will result in a complete failure of the mission. El-Nay Darr has repeatedly shown an inability to follow orders of any sort. Her tactical awareness is so low that any decision she makes in the field is likely to result in immediate injuries, if not casualties and a compromise of whatever mission she has been assigned. The only mission El-Nay Darr would success at would be one of distraction." He nodded slightly indicating that his report was done for the moment, "Milord."

The contents of Veller's report were not at all surprising, as the Inquisitor expected as much from El-Nay Darr, but this just completely confirmed it. There was still some worth in a completely expendable member of any team. This did however mean that El-Nay was unable to successfully finish or even start the mission that Serra had given her. Satisfied that the High Colonel gave her a suitable appraisal of that Bounty Hunter, her attention now focused upon Serra. "Major, was that mission of any real consequence or shall we need to assign another member of our staff to complete it?" Said as the Inquisitor moved from behind her desk to approach the two. The lack of any seating arrangements inside her office except for her own was striking, as members of the Inquisitorius most certainly expected officers to stand at attention during meetings. It was well known and quite infamous across all of the representing members including Grand Inquisitor Vader who was most vicious when it came to that practice.

So far, so good. Serra knew she was bringing unfavorable news to the table, and the Inquisitor was her next stop anyway. The summons had made the matter that much more present, but she wasn't one to avoid such things anyway. Avoidance only made things far worse. She stood in silence as Serine addressed Mark, and already it was clear that the new High Colonel could learn quickly. If he could continue to take away such lessons, particularly when it came to addressing a Sith, he had a much better chance of survival. When Serine's attention turned to her, Serra offered a rather formal bow, her hands folded behind her back in a resting attention. "No, Inquisitor. A simple task to make contact with a potential recruit for the mercenary project. Nothing that can't be tasked to another. There is, however, something else of considerable importance. I have reason to believe there is a security leak within the project, Inquisitor. The hunter known as The Nerf Herder was present at the gathering." While she had to bring Mark up to speed on just what that meant, Serine likely already knew. "Two of the other hunters are in pursuit of him as we speak. However, the fact he knew about the gathering at all concerns me. With your permission, Inquisitor, I intend to press El-Nay Darr for information, considering she is known to have some ties to the mystery hunter."

For the briefest of instants, Mark thought about telling the Inquisitor that he and the Major were talking about El-Nay's disposition when the summons came in. Mark stilled such thoughts quickly though, not wishing to interrupt Serra and awaiting his own turn to speak about if it was warranted. He could indeed learn from prior mistakes. Instead, he stood at attention, concentrating on keeping that niggling fear in the back of his brain.

This new string of information was a complete surprise to the Inquisitor and there was no masking that sudden look of shock. Eyes grew considerably wider with the report and suddenly things got way more complicated than a simple rendezvous at Saber Industries. How could there be a security breach when El-Nay Darr was still onboard Interrogator and Dimona Xirie Nuebla being the only other member. As far as the Inquisitor knew, only four people, maybe five if Dimona had successfully completed her mission, knew of this. Serine for a moment seemed a bit distant as she recollected memories regarding The Nerf Herder. It could not possibly be coincidence that he would show now... with the other two Bounty Hunters he had been associated with regarding Jelena Rodney also involved. They were all connected somehow, and perhaps soon she may have all three. After a few blinks Serine was back into the present and suddenly anxious and a bit frustrated that Major Eona could not possibly know more about the current pursuit. "Very well, Major. Though I would also suggest, when able, to question Dimona as well. Perhaps she may even return with that Bounty Hunter." There was more Serine wanted to discuss, but this had been a blow to her entire thought process, and she was still reeling from the implications.

The implications of what had occurred went far beyond an issue with the mercenaries themselves. It threatened the security of a major Imperial Intelligence operation, and the severity wasn't lost on the Major. Fortunately it didn't seem to be lost on Serine either, or the fact that getting to the root of it was more complicated than disciplinary actions and demanded answers. "Of course, Inquisitor. Dimona Nuebla is one of the two hunters currently in pursuit of the Nerf Herder. Upon her return, she will be questioned." Serra left it at that for now. Too many words lead to problems when it came to dealing with Sith.

With a slight nod, Mark said, "Milord. El-Nay Darr is currently in the medical bay, having apparently complained loudly about her," he paused, "inconsiderate treatment at Sergeant Batua's hand. Given what wasn't written in that report, I now believe the medical officer put her into the bacta tank to quiet her. That also presents us with an ideal opportunity to isolate her from the rest of the crew, if she is, indeed our security leak. With your approval, I will have her transferred to a medical bay near the Major's quarters. As well, again with your approval, the bounty hunters can be quarantined to specific area for their stay on the Interrogator. Training facilities as the Major and I deem necessary for the mission's success, barracks and mess hall will be all they see. Again, this will keep whatever security risks they present manageable and at a minimum," he ended with another slight nod of respect.

Serine listened intently to the High Colonel's observations and suggestions, finding them both insightful and clever. His additions to the initial report were a far better improvement from the additions he had made in their last briefing. Her expectations of Veller had already been high, and he was seemingly beginning to meet or even exceed them. The Inquisitor was right to bring him closer into the fold. "Excellent. I want that carried out immediately." She said in a rare strong praise to the officer, impressed with his ideas and wondering why Major Eona was not as canny to suggest them. Nevermind that the Inquisitor had also failed to think of it herself, hypocrisy aside. "That will be all, High Colonel Veller. You are dismissed." She said as a slight nod was given towards him, and it could be gathered that the Inquisitor was quite pleased with his professional recommendations. She still had business to discuss with Major Eona, and thus her attention quickly moved back to that woman, but the matter was sensitive, so she patiently awaited Veller to depart before she began.

Giving the Inquisitor a short, respectful bow, Mark said, "Milord," and smartly turned to exit the room. As the doors closed behind him, he breathed a small sigh of relief, not quite sure why, but he did note that niggling fear eased off as he retreated back to his office. At least this time in leaving the office he hadn't gotten a fellow officer in trouble. Arriving to his office, he once again pulled up the holo of the ISD and began making the arrangements his summons had interrupted. It would take a few hours to move all the personnel around in order to leave El-Nay the sole occupant of medical bay 31-A-64, but the orders were in motion. He added an additional order to the medical officer in charge of that unit, stating that all medical procedures had to go through Major Eona first, and that included when El-Nay would be released from the bacta tank.

Taking a sip from the now cold caf, he settled into his other duties. Sure that Serra would drop by when they had business to conduct, he left standing orders that she was allowed to interrupt him and that she wasn't to be kept waiting. Despite these new orders, life in the ISD went on and he still needed to settle on his staff, grabbing the next datapad in the stack.

Considering the countless pitfalls that seemed to be cropping up during the establishment of this operation, things were turning out for the better. It wasn't chance, of course; left to chance, they would be looking at failure. It was the officers in charge that were keeping it moving, and it seemed Mark wasn't hesitant to put himself in the line of fire when it came to establishing his position. Serra was grateful for it. Competent help when it came to any sort of delicate operation was a necessity. As Mark turned to leave, Serra shifted slightly, watching the High Colonel depart. He had handled this meeting incredibly well, and shown great aptitude. When the door shut she knew it was her turn to once again prove her worth. It was a never ending effort when working beneath a Sith. Serra turned back to Serine then, devoting her full attention to the woman and waiting to see what would come next.

The moment Veller left the office and the door slid shut did the Inquisitor begin, but this information was on a highly personal level, causing Serine's tone of voice to considerably soften. It was almost uncanny for her, and certainly Serra would have never heard Serine talk in any other fashion besides rigid formality. "Major, my apprentice... I do not know where she is, and I would be lying if I said I was not worried for her well-being." It was an unprecedented admission, and it could be quickly assumed that the only reason Serine was even telling her, was that she trusted Serra a great deal. The Inquisitor had been gone for months, the details of her departure and arrival and everything in between was a great mystery, but she had purposely sent her apprentice away to complete a task. The task had been important, but the real reason was to keep her apprentice from the very real danger she had faced during those three months apart. Now that her trials and tribulations were over, Serine felt that the younger woman, Inquisitor Kia Kaen, could return to her once again. "I know you remember her, you both shared time together. I want you to find her... Bring her home." It was a painful confession but it was the truth and it needed to be said. Though Major Eona had a small trip-up recently, Serine still have confidence in that woman's ability and this was most certainly a chance to get back into the Inquisitor's full good graces. Bringing home her apprentice would instantly wash any negatives far from Serine's mind.

This was certainly not what Serra had expected. With so many different things to oversee, the fact that Serine might not be in contact with her apprentice hadn't even occurred to the Major. She listened, the concern in Serine's voice certainly unlike anything she had seen from her or any other Sith. It made some sense, of course. Sith were capable of feeling and even embraced their emotional range, though many tended to present anger and rage more than anything else. While Serine had those moments, Serra found her to be level-headed and professional so far as a Sith went, and this showed yet another facet of the woman she had been called on to serve. The fact this particular subject provided a chance for Serra to put her abilities on display once again wasn't lost on her, either. "I will depart at the start of the next day cycle, Inquisitor. Until I return, perhaps I can provide some comfort. Your apprentice is alive and well. I have managed to keep track of her through the holonet, following her presence there. She keeps her communications carefully guarded, of course, and minimal, but there if you know where to look. Finding her should not be a problem."

Admitting all of this to her subordinate had been a struggle but extremely necessary, as her strong desire to locate her apprentice far outshot the risk of appearing fragile in front of her officer. Serine's skill set, although formidable, did not include any sort of slicing or technology savviness. Unfortunately, she had just enough knowledge to turn on a monitor and collect reports, and if anyone ever found that out, they would likely perish. Serine would not have been able to track down Kia with the bits of digital clues left behind. Having Major Eona on her staff, who was very capable in these avenues was going to be vital in this operation. Hearing that Kia was likely well and up to her own brand of mischief was indeed a relief, but the Inquisitor was not concerned that Kia had been severely physically harmed, as Serine would have likely sensed that no matter their distance. Regardless, the Inquisitor seemed to appreciate the extra bit of information and gave her some alleviation knowing that the Major had confidence and apparently a head start in finding Kia. "That will be all Major..." There was a short pause as if Serine wanted to add one more thing, but it would have been far too difficult for her to say. Instead, the Inquisitor began to fall back into her more recognized inflexible exterior, silver eyes hardened once again. The change was striking. "You are dismissed."

They all had their failings. Major Eona herself, aside from a habit which kept her from being in tip-top physical condition, fell short in her own ways as well. They were compensated for and covered as much as possible, but they existed. Fortunately, however, the work of a spy was the one place she excelled, and finding Kia fell perfectly in line with her talents and skills.
"As you say, Inquisitor." Serra gave a formal bow and turned, wondering what Serine hadn't said, but knowing better than to press her. Had it been important or relevant, she would have, or it would get caught by some feed that she could track down later. At the moment, she had other concerns, the chief among them being the retrieval and lighting of a cigarra as soon as she was out of Serine's quarters. She stood there as she took a deep inhale, savoring the sensation that she had been denied since entering Mark's office, and then headed for her own quarters. There was a bounty hunter to be interrogated. El-Nay Darr would, hopefully, be just as pliable as she had proven to be in the past. Serra had no time to waste, after all. Tomorrow she would be on a shuttle, departing once again from The Interrogator.

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