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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:35) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Auntie Mae's retro restaurant and Claudius Rodney's estate).
Commander Kerrie Kiley, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Major Sierra Rodney, and Officer Sammer Senpai (death).

Claudius exited the shuttle and moved down the irregular stone path towards his estate on the outskirts of New Calamar. When he opened the front door there was an unexpected sight greeting him. Nothing. No bantha. No parade of Squibs. No Rainbow Rancor on the HoloNet. "Uh. Hello?" he called out, wondering if something had gone wrong and taken everyone away. "Sierra?" he called out, as he brought his hand up to his head and began to scratch. He wondered if he was supposed to meet them somewhere, but he did not recall seeing a message stating such. As he stood in the empty ground floor he felt *very* confused.

The estate was unnaturally quiet. By the time Sierra arrived home, Bruce's bassinet had already disappeared into Drusilla's room. It felt weird to have both Squibs *and* the bantha missing. Sierra had been able to get in the relaxing bath she wanted this morning, complete with no bantha drinking the bathwater. She had finished bathing, dressed herself, and passed out in bed after a sleepless night and a crazy day. It wasn't until she heard her name that she began to stir. "Mmm..?..! Oh!" Claudius was home! She withdrew herself from their bed and made her way downstairs. For the first time today, she wasn't wearing his clothes, but instead a simple dress. "Hi honey!" She met up with him on the ground floor where she embraced him and kissed him. "We're free for the next night or two. The abridged version of a *very* long story is that Marcus failed to pay a bill to Auntie Mae. She blocked the whole family from ice cream and Rainbow Rancor." She took a deep breath. "We went to Delaya... Ewwiekewwieikkie *bit* your brother. Ultimately, the problem is resolved and Marcus has the girls." She had to laugh. Recounting the story sounded like total insanity. "It's been a *day*, Claudius. I hope yours wasn't so eventful."

"Wait a minute. Let me see if I understand this..." Claudius said, as he gleefully accepted her kisses and listened to her story. Before responding he moved to the kitchen, taking a glass, and filling it with water. He took a sip, leaned upon the kitchen counter, and looked towards Sierra. "We never had to listen to the Rainbow Rancor theme song again... We never had to run up a massive tab at Auntie Mae's... And we never had to deal with the girls having a sugar high again ... and you decided to 'fix' it?" he asked, with a smile, before taking another sip from his glass of water. He was teasing, but of course there were positives to the Auntie Mae's banishment. "This calls for a celebration, and I heard about just the place," he told Sierra, as he put the glass back down and attempted to move her out towards the speeder port. He did not know how long they could stand still before something happened to steal their attention.

Sierra laughed happily. "Well, when you put it like that..." She made a face. "You weren't here. I had *two* crying Squibs." Sierra playfully defended herself. She knew they were just teasing each other. "Oh? Where are we going? Tell me!" She moved along with him towards the speeder port. "Thank you for letting me leave the house clothed. I ended up flying to Delaya in your bath robe." She explained to him, failing to mention all the snot that had gotten on it. "You drive!" She said, making her way around the speeder into the passenger's side. She sat down, relieved to have a night out with her husband. "What happened at work?" She asked him, mentally picturing all the work on her desk ... oh well, she had an aid now!

"My robe? How..? Nevermind," Claudius said, as he settled into the driver's seat of the speeder to the consternation of Commander Kiley and his security detail. "Hang on," he said to Sierra, as he powered up the vehicle and began accelerating down the mountain pass to New Calamar. "Nothing happened, which I suppose is a good thing," he told her, as he raced down the path, taking ever turn hard. When they arrived in New Calamar he got a smile on his face as he knew Sierra would enjoy the restaurant he had chosen, or at least he thought he did. Suddenly among the normal buildings there was one that appeared older, but was really just retro. They had arrived at the Old Republic themed classic diner.

She grinned innocently at him. After the rough ride down the mountain pass, Sierra was pretty sure she was going to drive home. He had never told her where they were going, and thus her curiosity was growing greater and greater. "That is a good thing. I'm glad you weren't heart broken over the loss of Rainbow Rancor." Even as Sierra said the name, the show's theme song became stuck in her head. She hated that song. She got it in her head at the most inopportune times, including intimate moments. Such was parenthood! She was keeping an eye on the city, pondering where they were headed until they came up on a neat looking retro diner. "Oh, how cool!" She exclaimed. They both knew that Sierra had a soft spot for older things. The outside of the diner was perfectly dated. She couldn't wait to see the inside. As soon as the speeder was parked, she sprung up. "Come on! Let's go!" She imagined what kind of retro hangings it would have inside. She showed how impatient she was feeling by racing over to his side and taking his hand as soon as he'd stepped out.

When Claudius took Sierra by the arm and guided her into the Old Republic diner it was like stepping into a time capsule. It looked like one of the restaurants he went to when he was young. All of the droids looked to be older than Sierra, and there was memorabilia from the Clone Wars. Of course, not wanting to be shut down by the Empire, there were tributes to then-Chancellor Palpatine, and many symbols mocking the Senate and their former Confederate enemies who were now species condemned by the Empire's xenophobic policies. To his surprise the host that greeted them was a repurposed B1 battle droid. "This way!" he ordered, with a slight deal of menace in his voice as he led them to the table. He placed their drink orders to which the droid, predictably, replied, "Roger! Roger!" and marched away.

"Wow..." Sierra looked around the diner. There was so much old memorabilia. There were so many things to look at. She picked the diner apart piece by piece until the repurposed B1 battle droid walked up to them. She recalled that they were heavily used in the Clone Wars as well as during the invasion of Naboo. It was incredible to think that Gungans had fought against the droids. Her hand squeezed Claudius' arm. She already loved the diner. When they were seated at a small booth, Sierra scooted in close until she sat, hip to hip, with her husband. She watched the droid walk away with a growing smile on her face. "How did you find this place? It's awesome!" She cuddled up with him. "Look at some of those retro posters. I wonder where the owner got all this stuff." She pointed to an old poster of Chancellor Palpatine. "Can you believe we had dinner with him? I'd never thought I'd meet His Majesty, let alone dine with him on our wedding night."

"I overheard the crew talking about it. I hear it's a real hit with people who grew up during the Empire and knew the decadence and corruption of the Republic," Claudius said, as he settled into their booth beside her. "He looked much different then, before the Jedi attempted to assassinate him. Fortunately he survived and he was able to end the war," he said, as he began to look over the menu. Every dish had a parody name, some of which made him snicker. "I actually think the girls would love this place," he said, as he watched the old droids march back and forth. It was like being back in the war all over again.

She had now met the Emperor twice in her life. Sierra hoped to avoid a third time, as she feared he would come to take Bruce earlier than Lord Vader had requested. She picked up her menu, beginning to look down at the parody names, some of which made her giggle. "I will *not* be getting the Spicy Mustafar Chili. That sounds like a bad time." She set down her menu on the table. "We should bring them with us next time. If we teamwork it, I'm sure we can get Drusilla out of her room and make her come too." She slid her fingers in between his. "What are you going to get?" Because we all know Sierra was going to steal a bite of whatever he selected.

"Well I think I'm going to start with the pâté Amidala," Claudius said, with a smirk, as he read off one of the appetizers. He doubted it was real pâté, but he nevertheless had to try it. "For my entree I think I'll have the Mas Ameatballs," he said, hoping they were not blue like the Vice-Chancellor turned Grand Vizier. Soon the droid was back to take their orders with another round of "Roger! Roger!" as it reported back to the kitchen to get the work. It was enough to give an old clone a bout of PTSD.

The silly names made Sierra laugh hard. "I'm surprised you didn't want to try the Jar Jar Blini." If the meatballs came in blue, she was going to die. She ordered chicken strips. The droid was efficient and they were left alone. She turned slightly. Her knees brushed against his legs. "Does this place bring back memories?" She asked him. She felt like this was an ideal time to learn a little more about the man she loved so much. Her other hand fell over his. Her fingers ran up and down the top of his hand slowly. She spotted a small holotransmitter which was playing old pod racing clips that were time period appropriate.

"Yes. But I'm not sure if I should be telling you 'Old Man' Rodney stories. It'll only remind you how old I am," Claudius teased her, as he looked across at her affectionately. Before long the droid placed a small plate of pâté Amidala in front of them. Every touch she offered him caused a shiver of pleasure to run up and down his spine, and the hairs to stand up wherever she touched. He took a cracker and dipped it into the pâté and took a bite, finding it surprisingly good for such a simple restaurant. "Try some. You're eating for two," he reminded her, as he settled in next to her. For once eavesdropping on crew gossip was paying off.

Her cheeks turned red instantly. "And we can't have that, now can we? You'll have to wait to tell the stories until after the food arrives. I want us to have both eating before the hanky panky ensues." She teased him right on back. She was happy to have caught a midday nap, for her mood was greatly improved by it. She looked down at the pâté, which had been made up to look like Queen Amidala. That was it. They were going to become regulars here. "Oh, you can't start using that this early. I'm *barely* pregnant." She reached over, picking up a cracker and dipping it into the pâté. She ate it, shocked that it actually tasted *really* good. Sierra had set her expectations appropriately. She loved little diners like this, but seldom was the food extra delicious. "Mmm. It's good." She exclaimed, reaching over for a second cracker. "We really have to bring the girls here. Maybe we'll be able to get them to eat something besides sugar.." She thought of being sick a few days prior and eating pure sugar. Yuck! "I said *maybe*!"

Suddenly a Droideka came barreling down the row of tables until unexpectedly stopping in front of them. "Gaah!" Claudius yelled, remembering these fiendish droids from the Battle of Skor II. But instead of attack Claudius and Sierra it was delivering the Mas Ameatballs which, for reasons he was not entirely sure, *were* blue. "Uh. Thanks," he said, as the giant platter of meatballs were laid in front of him. "Y-y-you first," he said, as he stuck his fork into one of the large blue meatballs and placed it on the dish in front of Sierra. "Smells good," he said, as he anxiously watched her take the first bite.

Sierra looked over at the Droideka. Now that was a piece of Clone War history she knew about. It instantly made her have second thoughts about bringing Ewwiekewwieikkie to the diner as she recalled what had happened on Skor II. Sierra tightened her grip on Claudius to remind him that she was there. Whatever seriousness passed as she saw that the meatball *were* blue. Sierra began laughing. "Oh my gosh," she giggled. "What? Me first?" She looked down at the solo meatball which was now on her dish. She reached over, grabbing the fork. "I'm *pregnant*. If I get sick, you'll feel really bad." Now she was using her pregnancy as an excuse. Nonetheless, Sierra brought the meatball to her lips and took a bite. She was expecting it to taste weird because of the blue flavor. Instead, it was good. There was nothing off about the flavors. She ate the rest of the meatball, shrugging her shoulders. "It's good! You try one now." She pierced a meatball with the fork, offering it back to him. "I's actually good." She reassured him.

"Yes. I will feel terrible, but if you get sick at least I'll be well enough to take care of you," Claudius said with a wink as he watched her eat the meatball. "It's good?!" he asked, arching his eyebrows and looking at her skeptically. "I mean, uh, of course it's good. I wouldn't have let you eaten it if it wasn't," he said, scrambling to cover up his potential food crime. He then leaned forward, almost colliding his forehead with hers as he ate the meatball off her fork. It *was* good, he concluded, and together the two of them combined to eat most of the food laid before them. He was leaning back in the bench, having a bit of a post meal stretch, when the droid returned with a dessert. Two Ice Cream Clones on the house. "Uh. Thanks," he said, as he handed one to Sierra and began eating one himself.

Her eyes slanted. "Busted!" She pointed a finger at him. Despite their strange color, it seemed that they both enjoyed the blue meatballs because they all disappeared from the plate. Sierra thought she was content until the droid arrived with ice cream. It made her think of the funny Auntie Mae's ice cream. She took her ice cream clone from Claudius. "Thank you." She began to eat her dessert slowly, savoring it instead of giving herself a brain freeze. "Gosh, even the ice cream is delicious here. This place could give Auntie Mae a run for her money. Thankfully, the flavors aren't named after the family either." She extended her legs out beneath the table to engage in a playful game of footsie. "I hope the girls aren't behaving for your brother.." Sierra commented, snickering.

"I hope they aren't either!" Claudius said, sounding very childish and spiteful, otherwise known as acting like a brother. "Wait a minute, Zara has 2 babies and 2 Squibs to deal with?" he said, before starting to laugh at their misfortune. His attention returned to finishing off his ice cream clone, which he admitted did taste just as good as Auntie Mae's. But then a painful realization came over him. "Wait a minute..." he said, as he looked around the Old Republic themed diner. "Oh no. Oh no," he said, as he looked towards Sierra and began to laugh. "Sierra, I think this *is* an Auntie Mae's owned restaurant he said," before bringing his palm up to his face. How could he have missed it?

"No! No! Don't laugh at their misfortune. Zara told me that twins run on *your* side of the family. You're jinxing us!" She beamed. She was having such a good time with her love. "What? No... You can't be serious!" Sierra turned. As she did, she saw *it*. On a napkin holder, there was an Auntie Mae's logo. Auntie Mae was staring at her with a smile on her face; taunting her. "Aw man. This place is good.." She put her forehead in her palm after she had finished her ice cream. "She is *everywhere*, Claudius. If I didn't know better, I'd stay she's involved with the ISB." It wasn't going to stop her from coming back. If the diner could make tasty blue meatballs, then the rest of the meal was probably pretty good too. "And let me guess...the ice cream we just ate is 'Deadbeat Dingleberry'?"

"Don't take this personal, my love, but I do not think there is a single officer within the ISB capable of a plot as fiendish, and successful as Auntie Mae," Claudius teased, as he considered how far the business had grown. "Deadbeat Dingleberry?! I *hope* I didn't eat that," he said, as he tried to remember the flavors he had had. "Well, hopefully that becomes a limited time flavor once Marcus turns over the last of the treasury to Auntie Mae. Now I'm glad that Drusilla managed to get the jewels safely away to our side of the family," he added, as he leaned back in against his wife. He did not get many nights alone with his wife like this, so he was in no rush to leave.

She laughed. "No offense taken!" Sierra hadn't fully realized what she was getting into when she joined the ISB branch. "Speaking of jewels... I'm *still* finding them in the house. Is this just going to be our lives? In twenty years, I'll still be finding jewels?" That seemed pretty likely. Both of her arms draped around her husband. She snuggled against his side. The droid had left them alone to their own devices, so Sierra relaxed and enjoyed the old tunes playing on the radio. "I haven't said this nearly enough today... I love you. I love you so much." She leaned up, placing three kisses in rapid succession along his neck.

"You're *still* finding them? Poor Ewwiekewwieikkie," Claudius said, before she showered kisses down upon him. "I love you as well, Sierra," he said, as he looked up at her. "We should go somewhere more private or this frenzy of passion will end up an Auntie Mae's flavor," he warned her, as he rose from the booth and began to lead her back towards the speeder. As he past the Clonetrooper display clase he had to admit that Auntie Mae was a marketing genius.

"Ughno. The last thing I want to do is see a carton of 'Sierra's Cherry Cordial'." She laughed shyly. They were lucky that Auntie Mae had yet to exploit them together, only separately. She tucked her arm back into his as they walked out of the diner. At the speeder, it was she who decided to sit behind the wheel. "It's my turn to take you somewhere. Admittedly, it isn't as good at the diner, so set your expectations low." She buckled herself in. The sun was beginning to set over New Calmar. The skies were painted in a thousand different colors. Once they were on the road, she reached over towards the dash and pressed a button. The top of the convertible speeder retracted towards the back of the car. Fresh air swept through the speeder. Sierra grinned, happily taking a different road up the side of the mountain like she intended to head home ... which she didn't. Instead, they veered off onto a dirt road for a short time before coming to the stop near the edge of the mountain overlooking the city. Sierra shut off the speeder with a bright smile on her face. "Here we are."

"Oh good. You're driving. After one ice cream clone it's no longer safe for me behind the wheel," Claudius teased, as he settled into the passenger's seat and allowed her to surprise him. "Low expectations? Check," he said, and then the top began going down and they were exposed to the evening air of Esseles as they began their joyride. Up the mountains they went, which caused him to become all the more curious. "Hmm," he said, bringing his hand up to his chin in a manner similar to Ewwiekewwieikkie when she had begun one of her grand bargains. He could not stand the suspense of surprises and not knowing, so he began to shift excitedly in his seat. And then just when he was about to burst the speeder stopped and they arrived at the overlook. "Oh what a view," he said, as he looked out at the distant city of New Calamar. He leaned over, across the center console, and began to place a kiss upon her.

Sierra laughed. "I wouldn't want to see what *two* ice cream clones would do to you." She looked out over the city. Living in Esseles had never been in her plans, yet she had grown to love the planet very much. She didn't know if they'd abandon it for Delaya after the war or not. Regardless of where they lived, as long as she had her family, she was content. She turned her head, watching him lean towards her with a growing smile on her face. They were safe here. Auntie Mae wouldn't be able to expose least that was the theory in a nutshell. Her hands brushed over his face and down to his shoulders as they began to kiss. "You wanted someplace private," she said against his lips. "How's this?"

"*This* is perfect," Claudius said, as his hand moved across to her body, beginning to explore her stomach, which was only showing her pregnancy a little. Behind them the sun was beginning to set, creating a beautiful sky with reds and purples. In the distance, above the Terril Naval Base, a large Imperial Star Destroyer loomed in the distance. It was a magnificent sight as afternoon transitioned to evening. There was no one else around. It was perfect. His hand moved up from her stomach to cup her breasts. His hot, heavy breathing was beginning to fog the speeder's windshield. He felt like a teenager, only he was such a proper nobleman when he was a teenager that he had never done anything like this before. He was glad the first time would be with Sierra.

Now that they were alone, Sierra felt content with allowing her lust for him to build. Like him, she had never done anything alike to this as a teen. Rikka had all but locked her up in a place called the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies. She felt youthful and excited. She was glad to tact like a teenager with him. In her mind, there was nothing to worry about. He couldn't possibly get her more pregnant than she was. Knowing how crazy they both were about their family, even if it was possible, it probably wouldn't stop them. One of her hands reached towards the center console. She pushed the glove box upward so it would no longer be in the way. "Mm..." She whimpered as another jolt of pleasure ran up her spine. She adjusted to sit sideways in the speeder with her back against the door. She leaned forwards, her fingers unbuttoning the collar of his tunic to make it less constructive as the heat increased between them two of them. "Claudius..." She purred, kissing him a second time. Her hands drew him towards her while her tongue danced into his mouth.

Suddenly there was a light being flashed on Claudius and Sierra. The Ringali Shell Security Force had arrived. "You in the speeder. You are detained," a voice shouted from behind the light source. Slowly, Officer Sammer Senpai of the RSSF moved towards the driver's side of the speeder and discovered the naked couple. "Oh my," he said, as he was getting ready to arrest them. "What is going on here? Don't you realize where you are?" he questioned them, wondering if she was a prostitute, or whether they were high on spice. Given the apparent age difference between the two he expected the worst. "Put on your clothes and step out of the vehicle," he ordered, as he readied his blaster pistol. He had no idea he was dealing with the Grand Moff and his wife.

"Oh no!" Claudius cried out to his wife, when he saw the light shone upon them. He moved his body to cover up as much of her as he could, as the RSSF officer approached them. He knew that this was going to become the HoloNet scandal that happened to his brother, and that they had desperately tried to avoid. He was too embarrassed to say anything, but instead reached over and began trying to get his uniform back on. He looked to Sierra wondering what they should do. Maybe he could just shoot the guy and claim Imperial authority.

There was an unnatural light in the speeder. "What the..." Her eyes adjusted to the light. They focused on a RSSF officer. She could *not* believe that they had gotten busted out there on the secluded mountain overlook. Her face was bright red. She sunk beneath her husband and attempted to become one with the speeder's seats. "Oh no..." She found her dress and quickly put it back on. She was tempted to point out that the RSSF officer was dealing with the Grand Moff, but she wasn't entirely sure that would make the situation better. "Um, um. There's been a misunderstanding." She started, grabbing articles of clothing to help her husband dress quickly. All the while, the man continued to shine his light on them to make it all the more awkward. She stepped out of the speeder. Her blonde hair was messy from their romp, and, despite being caught, she still felt really good. "Excuse me, sir. Me and my husband were simply enjoying some ... evening air. We didn't intend to cause problems." She looked at Claudius for help. Didn't he have immunity with the locals? Regardless, she realized that this story wasn't going to stay between the three of them.

Officer Senpai blinked when he shone the light in the man's face and recognized him immediately as the Grand Moff. His face was well known to everyone. "Good evening, Governor," he said, as he flashed the light in his eyes as well as the woman's, who he was slightly displeased to see was the man's wife. If he had caught him having an affair it would be much better for him. "Enjoying the evening air with no clothes on," he said, in an accusatory tone towards Sierra. "This is a public lewdness charge. Minor, but embarrassing for two individuals of your stature," he said, as he shone the light again in the man's eyes. "For the right amount of credits, however, I could get back to my speeder and move on," he said, before waiting for a reply. This was his big opportunity to make enough money to retire.

Sierra had been hoping the man was a social recluse. However,he dashed these hopes when he recognized Claudius immediately. She was unimpressed with the RSSF officer, especially when he revealed that he could be silenced for a price. Sierra wasn't about to hand over the hard-earned credits that put food on their table because an officer had caught them being intimate together. "Oh, I think not." She leaned into the speeder, feeling around on the floor until she found her comlink. She showed it to the officer. "If you want to be the corrupt cop, then you probably shouldn't play the game with an ISB officer." She tapped her finger against the comlink. "If you think I haven't been recording every second of our interaction, you're wrong..." She looked at Claudius. "Dear, how much trouble can our 'friend' get in for exploiting a Grand Moff?" Sierra had no recording, but it was the convincing, confident way she spoke which made it seem like she did. She didn't miss a beat.

Claudius was outraged. He could not believe he was there, on the side of a mountain, after the perfect date night, being extorted by some low level RSSF officer. "A lot of trouble, but unfortunately if we bring him up on charges the nature of what he was attempting to do would be exposed," he said, grumbling, as he finished getting dressed. He believed that it would be better for Sierra to use ISB tactics to silence the man, but she was not that kind of agent. He let out a dejected sigh, wondering if this would not be easier to simply pay the officer. "A moment, officer," he said to the man, as he looked towards his wife. "We could report him, but everyone would know what happened. Or, we could pay him, and go home, but he could always come back for more later," he said, going over their options. "What should we do?" he asked her, feeling awful that his passion had allowed this calamity to occur.

She huddled up with her husband to overview the options. "Or we can let him charge us and deal with the consequences." If they paid him, he *would* come back for more. Someone who was willing to stoop to that level would milk the bantha for all it was worth. "If we pay him, there's nothing to say he won't spill something anyway. Especially to the HoloNet. Can't you just shoot him or something? Maybe a speeder accident?" Sierra said quietly so only Claudius could hear. She ran her fingers through her hair. She sighed, wrapping her arms around him. "Let him charge us. We aren't the first Rodneys to get in trouble for something like this. We can both be thankful there's no footage for Auntie Mae to use." She cuddled against his chest. She refused to let the perfect evening be ruined by a snotty little RSSF officer. "I'm sorry, love..."

In his mind Claudius was formulating a plan that would solve this problem, but he could not allow himself, or his wife, to murder someone. However, he could certainly order someone to perform a murder for him. "Officer, I will have a member of my staff bring the credits. Just give us a moment," he said, as he looked to his wife with a small smile. He took the comm from her and transmitted a message to Commander Kiley at the estate, along with instructions to kill the man she would find with them. "She's on her way," he said to the officer, before winking to Sierra. He was going to get them out of this. "I promise everything will be okay, my love," he said to her, before leaning forward and giving her a hug.

She knew he had a plan, but she didn't put it together until after he had transmitted the message. They had people who could take care of problems like this for them. The RSSF officer thought that he was about to get rich off of an opportune meeting, instead, he was going to die. Their secret would stay safe and they wouldn't have to pay the man. It seemed like a win-win situation. She winked back to let him know she understood and that she was on board. Her arms remained around him tight. "Thank you." Sierra *really* didn't want a scandal alike to her brother. Next time they decided to 'enjoying the evening air', it was going to need to be done in a more secluded area. "That man didn't spoil the evening. I've had a wonderful time tonight."

Before long there was another light approaching from the distance as Commander Kerrie Kiley arrived via shuttle to speed the time it would take for her to get there. She had no idea what to expect, as the Governor had been frustratingly vague in his instructions. However, one thing was clear, if he needed someone eliminated something unexpected, and perhaps even dangerous, might have happened. As she approached the speeder she could spot the Governor, his wife, and a man dressed in a RSSF uniform. She arched her eyebrow, wondering if perhaps the situation had already been dealt with by local authorities. "Is this the man, Governor?" she asked, before proceeding. The last thing she wanted to do was shoot the wrong person. When he nodded, she quickly drew the finely polished KYD-21 blaster pistol from her holster and unleashed a deadly bolt of crimson energy that left him dead on the ground almost instantly. "I suppose I should not ask what that was about," she said, as she holstered her sidearm. "I advise you to leave immediately. Do you wish to take my shuttle, or continue in the speeder?" she asked, as she looked around, to ensure that they had not been heard.

It was relieving to see Kerrie, who was the solver of all problems. All it took was a nod of his head, and Kerrie shot the man dead. It was not the first time Sierra had seen someone die before her so the event wasn't shocking. She knew it was necessary to protect the family and their reputations. A weight instantly came off of her. The problem was taken care of. She wished Inquisitor Thrope could be taken care of so easily. "Thank you, Commander. We'll continue home in the speeder." Clean up duty was also assigned to Kerrie. She said nothing else as she released Claudius. Together, they moved into the scene of the crime. Sierra did everything she could to arrive back on the mountain pass as soon as possible. Night had fallen over the city now. The air felt cooler as the speeder worked its way up towards the estate. "Well, that was certainly a wild night. Thank you for taking care of that, love." She reached over to him, linking her hand with his. They'd had dinner at an old school diner. They'd made love on the mountain. They'd ordered a murder. It had been a crazy, crazy date night.

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