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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:8) in the Esseisa system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
Prince Pollix Drayen III, Ewwiekewwieikkie, Max Rebo, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lady Drusilla Rodney, and Major Sierra Rodney.

It had seemed like the Max Rebo private concert was never going to work out. Each time Sierra Rodney detailed out plans, *something* happened. So, she let Max Rebo make the arrangements and told no one until the night prior. By some streak of good luck, all Rodneys made it to the day of the concert in one piece. Max Rebo and his band were scheduled to arrive *very* soon. Sierra felt nervous about the whole ordeal, especially because Drusilla had no musical talent and wanted to play alongside the professionals, who would likely drown her out and attempt to ignore her. Sierra had planted Ewwiekewwieikkie and Sorbet on the couch to watch her favorite baby rancor HoloNet video for the trillionth time. Drusilla had yet to make an appearance. Sierra figured she was preparing herself for her big day and that she might need to go fish Dru out of her room so she didn't miss the entire concert. While Sierra made sure everything was prepared downstairs, she heard the sound of a message on her datapad from Max Rebo himself. She cursed under her breath, assuming that he was cancelling out on her last minute.

Instead, he explained that his band's slitherhorn player was ill and would be replaced by a friend (for Sierra knew nothing about playing the slitherhorn). The man's name was Pollix Drayen the Third. Sierra, who was developing her own healthy paranoia, dug deep on the HoloNet to find out details on this man. She was generally familiar with the other members who traveled around with Max Rebo. She simply wasn't about to open her doors to a potential creepo. What she found on the Pollix boy made her jaw drop. He was a prince. A *rich* prince. Even his HoloNet presence was clean. He didn't appear to be deaf, yet the wheels in Sierra's head slowly began to turn. With her datapad in hand, she headed upstairs to report all this to her husband. All the while, she kept searching if he was deaf, or had any handicaps. She looked nervously at Dru's door, wondering if she should check on her... Nope! Straight to her room!

Claudius Rodney had arranged to miss work today, which no one seemed particularly to mind. All he did these days was listen to his diligent officers inform him of what Colonel Zevrin was doing in his name. He did not particularly like the musical stylings of Max Rebo, but he knew the concert meant *a lot* to his daughter and if he was going to start being a better father he would have to take an interest in her interests. "Is everything alright?" he nervously asked his wife, when he noticed she got a message. If the concert fell through *again* he expected Drusilla to destroy the estate and force him to live in a bantha enclosure ... also known as the living room. The security was intense, even by their standards, and there felt like there were more Stormtroopers guarding the estate than the garrison. He was glad his family was safe, but it would make the rest of the planet an easy target. He feared a Rebel attack that would make it look like he stripped the planetary defenses for selfish reasons.

That would have been worse case scenario. Sierra was glad Claudius had stayed home. He would make for an excellent human shield should anything go wrong. If Drusilla became enraged, it was every man for themselves! She hoped that the concert would exceed expectations and, for once, the thoughts of the lost Duchy would leave her youngest stepdaughter's mind if only for a few hours. "Yes, everything is fine. Apparently Max Rebo's slitherhorn player is sick. There were some last minute replacements that he made me aware of..." She approached her husband with the data on Pollix Drayen still pulled up. "Remember how we joked about it being necessary that Drusilla marry a rich prince? It's not best case scenario. This one can hear." She turned the datapad towards him like she was presenting yet another report for him to review.

"A what horn?" Claudius asked, snickering slightly, as he found the whole notion of jizz music to be humorous. "A Prince?!" he asked, as he brought up his hand to his chin, in a manner similar to how Ewwiekewwieikkie contemplated her bargains. "Do we bribe him? Kidnap him? Threaten him? Drug him?" he asked, rattling off a series of nefarious ideas that came off the top of his head. "You're in the ISB ... you're better at these things than I," he said, as he stopped to examine himself in the mirror. He was becoming slightly more vain in his older years. "He can hear *now*, Sierra," he said, before leaning down to place a kiss upon her forehead. "...but perhaps during the show a speaker can blow out ... and *oops* he's deafened," he said, as he brought his head away from her. Perhaps he was once in the ISB himself.

Sierra grinned. "A slitherhorn." She couldn't help but laugh like she was a little girl. She began to laugh more as Claudius suggested the many ways they could get this Prince to take interest to Drusilla. "Kidnap him. We can brainwash him that way. I don't know if we can afford to bribe him. His family's into the oil industry. If there one person who can afford Dru, it's him." Sierra watched him. If only he could see himself through her eyes, then he'd understand how deep her attraction to him ran. Granted, he probably knew by how physical she was with him. She looked up at him, her smile bursting out wider onto her face until she was laughing again. "You are absolutely sinister, my love." She kissed his chin quickly. "Let's meet him first and then we can decide the best course of action. I don't want Drusilla to get stuck with a horrible man. His HoloNet presence is very clean. It makes me wonder what's wrong with him..." They would soon all find out what was wrong with Pollix Drayen the Third. "I suppose I should go make sure that Drusilla is actually ready. I suddenly *really* don't want her to miss this concert." Sierra briefly visited dreamland; a place where Dru found the perfect rich man to take care of her and got her dream yacht. "Wish me luck." She said, taking a step out of their room before looking over her shoulder. "Slitherhorn." Giggle. Off she went!

Lady Drusilla Rodney was standing in front of three mirrors in her walk in closet that was roughly equivalent in size to her bedroom. Her outfit had to be *just* right for this concert, which would be the biggest day of her life. It was unfortunate that such a momentous day had been brought about by her stepmother, Sierra, as it meant she might actually have to thank her. She had dressed herself and undressed herself at least a dozen times throughout the day and she *finally* thought she had the right one. She was determined not to get either Ewwiekewwieikkie's blue fur or the new mess caused by the bantha on her wonderful dress. She needed to look just right for Max Rebo and, more importantly, the HoloNet cameras that would surely be there.

After knocking softly, Sierra entered her stepdaughter's room. "Dru, it's almost time." She looked at the girl, pondering how many times she had changed already. Drusilla managed to look flawless in a way only princesses could manage. "You look lovely, my dear. Come downstairs. I'll protect you from Ewwiekewwieikkie and Sorbet on your way to the garden." Sierra was still thinking about the prince that would be, unexpectedly, visiting the estate today. It would take a huge weight off of both her and Claudius' mind if they could find someone for Drusilla. It wasn't simply a financial woe. Sierra seriously wondered if the girl would ever find someone who loved her for all of the things that made her an individual. From upstairs, she could hear the doorbell. Max Rebo and his band had arrived. "Come on! Hurry, hurry!" Sierra wasn't going to leave Dru in her room all alone. Three-hundred dress changes later and she still wouldn't be ready. Clasping the girl's hand, she started to lead her out. "You look amazing. This concert is going to be great. Enjoy yourself. It's your special day."

"*Just* lovely?" Dursilla commented with a sigh, before throwing her hair back over her shoulder dramatically. "Oh well. I suppose it will have to do," she said, before delicately stepping down from the platform in front of her mirrors to move towards Sierra. "I swear if they ruin my concert..." she began, but then realized that getting angry would only ruin her complexion. She lowered her hands and exhaled sharply, doing her best to calm herself down. Grabbing hold of the sides of her dress she slowly descended the stairs from the upper level of the estate to the ground floor, where she could already smell the bantha. "Yes. It is *my* special day, isn't it?" she said, as she accepted Sierra's hand for help in getting down the stairs. As excited as she was, she did not rush to the door, nor did she even open it. Ladies such as herself did not open doors. That was for other people.

"More than lovely." Sierra added with a sigh. "No one's going to ruin your concert. It's been put off for far too long. I won't let anything happen." Sierra made her way downstairs. She stood in front of Drusilla, ready to accept a tackle from either bantha or Squib. "Go to the gardens." Sierra instructed. In this case, it was she who was the 'other people'. The ISB officer made her way towards the front door. She unlocked it and threw it open to the members of the Max Rebo Band. In the pack of mish mashed multicolored aliens, there was one human male. He wore a friendly grin on his face and had very short black hair. Sierra noticed that he was just as cleanly dressed as Dru. Her eyes fell down to Max Rebo himself, whom she smiled at. "It's good to see you again. I was starting to wonder if this would ever work out or not. Thank you again for coming."

The blue Ortolan stood just outside the estate to which his old friend now occupied. He recalled the days performing with Sierra Dakkar when his career began. They had kept in and out of touch, if only for their common ground in music. His dark, beady eyes peered up at Sierra, whom he had seen several weeks ago in the city. He laughed. "It's all good." He said, giving her a one-armed hug. "Where should we set up?" He asked, to which Sierra directed them to the garden.

Pollix Drayen the Third was feeling excited. He *loved* jizz music and frequently drove his family insane playing the slitherhorn as loudly as possible. The man had contacted Max Rebo repeatedly for a chance to play with him...and that opportunity had arose today. In reality, Pollix had worn down the Ortolan until he needed a good slitherhorn player. The man had dressed to the nines, though it was completely unnecessary for such a show. His black hair was neatly combed. His blue eyes held an innocence to them. For Pollix, he was relieved to take a break from the politics of his planet. He, and all the other true members of the band, followed the woman's directions into the gardens. As he arrived and began to set up, something caught his eye. Rather, *someone* caught his eye.

On the outside Drusilla was maintaining the poised exterior that she had honed the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies, but on the inside she was completely freaking out. Her eyes were totally fixated on Max Rebo, and she had no time for Pollix or any other members of the band or entourage. She moved towards the musician, doing a subtle curtsy to the man, before letting Sierra handle all the arrangements. She did not speak a word, in order to maintain her demeanor, and she carefully followed the band out towards the garden. It had been transformed into a small concert venue, as if they were at a wedding reception. As the sun went down thousands of small lights illuminated, making it quite the romantic setting. She moved towards the front row where three reserved seats waited just for her, so that no one need sit on either side of her. This was the greatest moment of her life.

The world began and ended with the lovely creature; Drusilla Rodney. Pollix's jaw was agape and his eyes went wide. He momentarily forgot what he was doing and dropped the case for his slitherhorn on the ground. His heart beat hard. Suddenly, the three layers of formal wear which he had opted to cloth himself in were *too* hot. An alien behind him made a snide remark in a language he didn't have to understand to catch the gist of it. He *had* to talk to her. The orange colors of the sun setting cause a halo to form around the brown-haired girl's head. All Pollix saw was an angelic being.

Max Rebo chattered at Sierra on the way towards the garden. He'd seen the New Calamari show and was trying to get her to record. They parted at the makeshift venue so Max could prepare. He recognized Drusilla Rodney from the HoloNet. When she approached him, he spoke to her. "Heya toots. Happy birthday!" From his own belongings, he drew out a Max Rebo band poster. All the original members had signed it, plus there was the addition of a private note from Max himself. He approached Drusilla, thrusting it out to her. "What's your favorite hit, milady?" He asked her.

Sierra stood at the back of the small seating area made for Dru. She watched over set up. Pollix had moved to the back of her head in the beauty of the setting sun. There was a lot of pressure for the concert to go well. Drusilla had a difficult time too. She took the loss of the Duchy hard. Slowly, Sierra lowered herself into a seat at the back row. She looked over her shoulder for her husband. Perhaps she should have dragged him out of their room too.

Claudius Rodney powered down his comlink to the Retributor and powdered down his terminal. From his window in the upper level of the Rodney estate he could see their guests had gathered, and realized he needed to hurry. He made his way down the stairs and past Ewwiekewwieikkie and the batha ... yes, a bantha ... to exit out the rear entrance that led him into the garden. There was quite the crowd of selected Imperial loyalists drawn from Esseles and the neighboring planets of the Ringali Shell. There were many people whose hands he needed to shake, and others he needed to desperately avoid, but for now he needed to meet the guest of honor. "Max Rebo ... you honor my home with your presence," he said, begrudgingly, in his best diplomatic tone, before bowing his head at the musician. Stepping away with Sierra he whispered quietly down into her ear. "Which one is the Prince?" he asked, as his eyes scanned over those in attendance.

When Max Rebo told her 'happy birthday' life momentarily froze and she had forgotten everything, including her name. "Um. Um. Um," she stammered, before realizing she was beginning to make a fool out of herself. "Drusilla ... wait ... no ... that's my name," she said, as she started to sweat under the hot lights. She was completely star-struck. "Lapti nek!" she blurted out finally, before looking around to see if anyone else had noticed. She certainly hoped they did not, as this was supposed to be her big night. She swallowed awkwardly, before an embarrassed grin took over her beautiful young face.

Sierra was glad to see Claudius; her human shield! Kidding, kidding. He drew her away off to the side where they could talk together. "He's the only human in Max Rebo's band. He's got dark hair. He looks awkwardly out of place." She whispered to Claudius while they moved to take their seats with the other guests. "I say we ambush him after the concert. Per the HoloNet, he isn't seeing anyone. Another article seemed to show that his father is becoming desperate to marry him off. He is the man's eldest son." It all seemed to be playing into their hands. Still, Sierra wasn't putting her eggs into the basket just yet. After all, they hadn't even met. If nothing else, now Sierra could see that Dru was enjoying herself. That made all the arrangements worth it.

Max was used to this. People grew star-struck around him *all* the time. He winked at the girl if only to see if he could make her faint. "Lapti nek, you got it!" He wandered up the stage and stared at the little crowd that he had to entertain. He looked at Pollix. "Ready, Prince?" He couldn't help teasing the boy. The first time he got a message from him, Max Rebo had laughed and laughed. He didn't take Pollix seriously until he actually heard the boy play. "One ... two ... three..." He counted the band into the first jizz song. Like Drusilla had wanted. It was Lapti nek. The concert kicked off smoothly. In her chair, Sierra began to deflate.

"Great. I'll stay here to maintain appearances, and you go and get the bantha harness," Claudius quietly whispered to Sierra as the concert began. His eyes moved towards Drusilla, his youngest daughter, who therefore held a special place in his heart. She seemed to be the happiest he had ever seen her. Sierra was responsible for this. As he watched his daughter his hand moved towards Sierra, taking her hand in his, and squeezing it lovingly. "You did this," he said, his voice breaking, as a tear began to flow. He turned his head, kissing her on the cheek affectionately. "Thank you. She'll always remember this. I love you," he said, as he squeezed her hand firmly to support himself. His attention then moved towards the Prince in the band ... would that be his son-in-law? He was getting ahead of himself. First, Sierra would have to nab him!

Sierra snickered. "I knew I should have picked up some tranquilizer darts." She snapped her fingers softly. It was amazing to see Drusilla in her current state. Sierra realized that this was never going to happen again, and quickly engraved the image into her long term memory. Inside, she felt very happy for her stepdaughter. Her eyes shifted down to their hands. Her fingers linked in between his. She became shy and bashful over Claudius' words. Sierra wasn't very good at taking credit for her efforts. She could tell how emotional it was for him, and thus felt swept up by her own emotions. As she turned her head, she snagged a quick kiss to his lips. "I love you. It's so rewarding to see her like this. I'm happy it all finally worked out." Maybe she was on top of the motherhood game more than she realized. Now...if only she could get the Prince to marry Drusilla...

The concert was amazing. Max Rebo went through all of his well-known singles. He even performed a jizz rendition of 'Happy Birthday' especially for Drusilla, in which he featured a slitherhorn solo. He made sure to look at the birthday girl frequently to give her the experience of a lifetime. At the very end of his concert, he decided to play a lesser known Max Rebo Band song ... the Rainbow Rancor theme song. It was an upbeat, fun jizz song. No one realized that they were singing about adorable baby rancors. In the crowd, Sierra's eyes widened. She had heard that song over and over again.

Ewwiekewwieikkie was sitting on the sofa when she heard the Rainbow Rancor theme playing. "What? What? They watching without me?" she asked, as she took hold of her bantha, and began walking towards the back door. Sierra had asked her to stay in the estate, but she now believed that it was only so that they could watch her holovid without her. "C'mon, we're going!" she said, before thrusting the door open. The bantha surged forward, moving into the garden, trampling the flowers, and eating every flower that was left standing. Ewwiekewwieikkie meanwhile moved through the crowd towards the stage as if the song called her like a siren. "Yay! Yay! Yay!" she said, as she began clapping and dancing in front of the stage. Suddenly everyone's eyes were on her and *not* Drusilla, the birthday girl. Suddenly she climbed up on the stage and gave Max Rebo a hug mid-performance. "You my favoritest," she declared, as she snuggled him, inadvertently ending the song.

As soon as Sierra registered where the song was, she realized that there was no stopping what was going to come next. When she looked behind her shoulder, she saw Sorbet gobbling up the last of the beautiful flowers in the garden, not to mention the trampled mess behind him. Ewwiekewwieikkie had made her way up to the stage. Sierra opted to stay back and let this fire burn itself out. After all, Ewwiekewwieikkie had remained inside for nearly all of the concert. Drusilla was lucky to get so much alone time without her adopted sister. The concert ended right then, with Max Rebo awkwardly embracing the Squib. He'd been warned of her and wasn't shocked by her appearance. Sierra watched the Prince pack up his instrument. "Let's go talk to him." She said, finding it necessary to find out more about him. What she didn't realize, as she approached the man, was that she cut him off from seeing Drusilla. Max Rebo, still connected to Ewwiekewwieikkie, made his way down from the stage to talk to the birthday girl and give her a chance for some Q and A.

Pollix was in la la land. He hadn't even noticed Ewwiekewwieikkie, and continued to play the song several seconds after his bandmates had stopped. Embarrassed and nervous, he packed back up his instrument. He intended to present himself to the angel in the first row. There were no pressing needs for him on Onderon. He rose from his seat, heading towards her when two bad things happened. First, Max Rebo began chatting her up. Second, he was cornered by the beautiful girl's *parents* Needless to say, his lower region's slitherhorn had crawled inside to hibernate for the rest of his life. The man broke out in a cold sweat, yet maintained a diplomatic appearance. It was he who moved to greet them first, offering a hand to the man he recognized as Claudius Rodney. He was aware of who these people were simply because of the HoloNet attention that followed them. "Milord, milady. My name is Pollix Drayen the Third." He said, sounding confident and calm while he melted internally. He shook Claudius' hand firmly, then greeted Sierra professionally. "I was honored that Max Rebo allowed me to join him here."

Claudius shook Pollix' hand cautiously, as he tilted his hand and examined him as if he were a captured Rebel agent. "What is your name, boy?" he asked, still shaking his hand ... he might never release him ... he could get away! "Who were your parents? Do you have any communicable diseases? What is your blood type? Are you married, or engaged?" he asked, hitting him with one question after another, all while continuing to shake his hand with a seemingly neverending handshake that was so constrictive it threatened to cut his circulation off. He might never get a chance to put his questions to the Prince like he had now.

As if one person drilling the boy wasn't enough, Sierra was there to make this meeting all the more overwhelming. "What are your parents like? Where do you see yourself in five, ten years? Can you have your medical records sent to my office for inspection?" Claudius had him right where they wanted him. He couldn't hope to get away until they were done with him. The more time he took to respond, the greater the next list of questions would be.

Ooh, that grip was quite a bit harder than Pollix thought. He could see his hand beginning to pale from lack of bloodflow into it. Grand Moff Claudius Rodney shattered his cool exterior. He had met Kings, paupers, and everything in between. No one had him sweating like this man did. He gulped. "Pollix Drayen, sir." He considered how much of a loss it would be if he were to bite off his hand at the wrist. Robotic technology was getting better and better, When he had a metal hand, it wouldn't matter how hard anyone shook his hand. His fingers were numb. "My father is Pollix the Second, my mother's name is Merisee, she, too comes from a royal house... Ow..." He whimpered softly. "N-no communicable diseases. Type O positive... Ow!" Claudius' final question earned a short pause. His blue eyes lifted from the man, back in the way of the pretty girl. Did they *want* to marry her off? She was so beautiful. Surely, she wouldn't give him the time of day! "I'm not married or engaged currently, and I haven't ever been."

The woman was playing tag team with her husband. Together, they kept Pollix on his toes. "My parents are kind. My dad is getting old. He wants me to marry so he can retire. I-I-I hope I've found a bride by then and that I'm a good ruler of my planet..." The boy's fingers twitched. "I'll send my records to you as soon as I return to my ship." His free hand moved through his hair. It was damp from sweat. That wasn't going to earn him any points with the girl. Since they had asked him so many questions, he shyly decided to ask about *her*. "What...What can you tell me about *her*?" He asked, clearly looking at Drusilla with puppy dog eyes. He said it without saying it.

Drusilla watched as Max Rebo showered Ewwiekewwieikkie with attention. She was too scared to even approach him for an autograph, so instead she chose to move towards her parents. "Did you see what *she* did?" she complained, stomping her feet and thrashing about angrily. "*She* ruined *my* concert," she said, as her feet began to stomp even more quickly. "And that *thing*..." she said, in a huff, before pointing towards the bantha in what was left of the flower garden. "...that *thing* is destroying all of our flowers," she said, completely exasperated, as she flung her arms up in the air and unleashed a light scream. She did not even notice poor Pollix, as all of her attention was focused on complaining to her parents about Ewwiekewwieikkie.

"It looks like you'll get a chance to learn about her yourself." Sierra said, watching Drusilla stomp towards them like a full grown rancor. She listened to the girl ramble on and on about Ewwiekewwieikkie and the bantha. "Oh, Dru. She came in at the last song. You're going to get plenty of time with Max Rebo." Sierra grasped Pollix, turning him towards Drusilla. "Talk to him in the meantime. Pollix is a *Prince*." She said, clearly stating the word so Dru might see what perks came with that. "He was playing with Max Rebo. Maybe he can help you get Max's attention." Just like that, Sierra threw the boy under the speeder bus. She stepped back with her husband to watch all their hopes and dreams fall apart.

She was coming! Pollix's heart was beating halfway up his throat. He stood there, listening to her complain in awe. The angel had such a lovely voice. He sympathized with her, suddenly angry that her special day hadn't gone perfectly. Drusilla's stepmother was more than happy to introduce them and leave them alone. Pollix frowned. "Lady Drusilla, *I* will make everything better!" He declared, first running off towards the bantha. "Shoo! Shoo! On your way!" He flung his arms about as he tried to get the mini bantha back into the estate...was that *really* where it had come from? The Prince had to work harder than he ever had to push the bantha indoors. With a single task complete, he was already covered in brown bantha fur. He appeared before Drusilla again, bowing to her.

"A Prince?!" Drusilla exclaimed at Sierra, before finally turning her attention to Pollix. "Why didn't you tell me we had a Prince present?!" she asked Sierra, shooting her eyes up at her so powerfully that it threatened to annihilate her. She exhaled deeply, allowing her fingers to open and close repeatedly as she worked on calming herself. She closed her eyes, concentrated intently, and gradually the natural color returned to her face. "I would like to apologize, your highness, for my parents inability to safeguard my *sister* and her *pet* and thus interfering with your masterful performance," she said, as she engaged in curtsy in front of him. "Your mastery of the uh..." and that's when she realized she had forgotten what instrument he was even playing. "Well. I don't know the names of the instruments of course," she said, with a smile, as she brought her hand up to her head and exhaled, to imply that she was not very smart. "But you were wonderful," she said, as she reached out and inserts her arm between his arm and his body, locking him in place. "Let's get some punch and get away from these *old* people," she said, as she gave one last glare to her parents before leading him off to the refreshments.

Sierra slowly began to creep behind her husband. There simply was no pleasing Drusilla. She recalled how happy she had been only a few moment ago while making her slow retreat. Out of the blue, Drusilla became straight up decent. She was using flattery on the Prince like a pro. As Sierra looked onto them, she could see Prince Pollix growing more and more bashful. Her youngest took him away as Sierra turned to Claudius. "Fingers crossed." She whispered, taking his hand to lead him to a place where they could watch from afar ... or plan a wedding.

Prince Pollix was star struck. His heart thumped hard in his chest. Briefly windswept, he didn't seem to mind Drusilla's outburst. If nothing else, he looked even more attracted by such an honest woman. The man laughed softly, waving his hand. "They were no trouble, milady." He smiled brighter and brighter, totally flattered by Drusilla's compliments. He ate them up. His family found the slitherhorn *annoying*. "It's a slitherhorn. It pleases me to hear your enjoyed it. When Max Rebo told me it was your birthday, I wanted to make sure that I played my best." Pollix frozen for a second as Drusilla wrapped her arm around his. He gladly stood upright, attempting to show himself off to her. Laughing, the Prince took the beautiful girl over to the refreshment table. He looked down at the punch bowl. There was a hunk of blue fur floating on top of it. "This is hardly acceptable for you, milady. Please, allow me to take you out for a proper meal." He cranked his charm to ten in hopes that she would be attracted to him. (D)

"They are *always* trouble, Your Highness," Drusilla explained, as she rolled her eyes at the thought of the Squib and her new 'pet'. "She's a war orphan ... you know. I take care of her. In fact, I just told my stepmother that my sister should be allowed to stay with us for as long as she wants," she said, in a bold face lie, in an attempt to seem more humane and caring. "A slitherhorn? Oh how wonderful!" she said, smiling from ear to ear as she looked at him. "You did play your best, Your Highness," she said, as they neared the punch bowl when she saw the fur in it, which made her frown ... it seemed to be everywhere. "A proper meal? Well, if you insist," she said, with a smile ... she had just been asked out by a Prince!

"A war orphan? What a wonderful person you are! Beautiful inside and out." He proclaimed, amazed that she dealt with a Squib adoptive sister. He had once witnessed a Squib in a jewelry store. The destruction that followed, while incredible, was costly. If he was to be with her, then he needed to be careful should his in-laws come to visit. He nearly pumped his fist. She accepted! It would be easier to woo her when he could use his wallet too. As shady as it seemed, he thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. He was desperate. His blue eyes widened. "I ought to make sure it's acceptable with your father first." The man terrified Pollix, for he never wanted to feel the man's wrath. Still, he directed Drusilla towards him. Upon reaching Claudius and Sierra, he offered a more professional smile. "H-Hello again." Claudius had put the fear in him. It would never go away. "There's fur on the punch and no food left to eat. If you don't mind, I...I'd like to take your daughter to dinner. I will have her back by seven." He gulped.

Claudius watched the teenage boy put the moves on his youngest daughter. Part of him wanted to break the boy in half, but the larger part wanted his daughter to marry a Prince. It was fortunate that when Jelena began dating on Alderaan he was away, and therefore not subjected to meeting her dates. "Hmm," he said, as he looked to his daughter, who was several crucial years younger than the prince. "What do you think, my dear?" he asked Sierra, as he wanted to make a very public show that Sierra was the woman of the house and the decision maker. It was his hope that this would make Drusilla more compliant if she knew that she could not simply have her way with him as she used to.

Drusilla scoffed when Pollix said he was going to ask her father, but as they approached him she knew exactly what to do. "Oh please, Papa. He is a Prince afterall," she said, before flashing him her brightest smile. She held her hands behind her back and swayed from side to side, turning her charm up to eleven. But when he passed the credit to Sierra a shocked look came upon her otherwise youthful and happy face. She could not help but roll her eyes and let out a soft sigh at this unexpected decision. "Please, Sier- ... please, mama," she said, as she looked towards Sierra, smiling, and doing her best to launch a charm offensive against her. "I promise we'll be good," she said, before crossing her fingers in the hand held behind her back.

It was hard to believe this was actually happening. Sierra watched the boy making a peacock of himself for her youngest stepdaughter. She wished she could hear what he was saying, and actually thought about how she could get a listening device on him. All she wanted to know was that his intentions were pure and that he wasn't going to hurt Dru. She needed to be taken care of. He had the finances to do so...but did he have the heart? She watched him stumble through asking if it was okay for him to take Dru out. Sierra did her best to look like she wasn't pleased with all of this. "Hmmm.." Claudius had passed the torch onto her. The charm in which Dru laid on Sierra worked. It was the first and likely the *only* time where she would hear Drusilla call her 'mama'. Finally, she smiled. "Okay, okay. It's fine with me. You may take her out, Prince. I expect you to treat her well." The way she spoke, it seemed like there was a part two to her words; an unheard threat. "Go on, get out of here." She leaned against Claudius and quietly watched the two head off. She wondered if they should follow them. Deep down inside, Sierra wanted the best for her little girl.

"Oh thank you, mama," Drusilla said, as she put on quite the show for everyone. She moved forward towards Sierra, before raising up on her feet to bring her head to her level. Then she unexpectedly placed a kiss on both of Sierra's cheeks. She then turned towards Pollix before once again locking her arm with his ... it was doubtful she would ever let the Prince go. "Lead on, my Prince," she said to him, in very un-Drusilla-like behavior. If she was going to rescue herself from her family's current titleless state she would *have* to make this work. She may have lost out on a Duchy, but she now had a Principality in her sights.

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