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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:6:21) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
Ewwiekewwieikkie, Melickielickie, Callista Nilar, Lady Drusilla Rodney, Major Sierra Rodney, and Ensign Bethany Sheppard.

It seemed as though the galaxy was fighting against Sierra Rodney today. Home was complete chaos. It began with every crisp-white ISB top being ... well, not so white. She *really* needed to talk to someone about the color of the ISB tunics. She was to be attending an important meeting regarding Chandrila with her husband today and she wanted to be there. As soon as she saw the state of her tops, she'd sent him on ahead while promising she'd be there. After unloading a literal ton of stain remover and washing her tunic, finally she had something to wear ... but then her boots were gone. As much as she hated them, she couldn't leave without them. Her hat had mysteriously disappeared too. Inside her room, where the girls couldn't hear her, she cursed. "Okay, okay." She said taking one deep breath. Sierra made her way downstairs rapidly. She spotted Callista in the kitchen, pouring cereal into one of Sierra's boots. "Oh, nononono." She squeaked, running up behind her niece to stop her. "Here sweetie..." She reached over and grabbed a bowl from inside the cupboard. She made Callista's breakfast for her.

Since El-Nay's helmet had made such a great ice cream bowl, it seemed logical that Auntie Sierra's boots would be great for breakfast. Callista had sent Melickielickie into Sierra's room in the wee hours of the morning to collect her boots. The small Squib had brought back a hat too, which Callista deemed to be Melickielickie's crown. "Hiya Auntie!" Callista squeaked as fruit loops fell to the ground while she overfilled the boot. "Weeeee!" Her little feet wiggled. Her Auntie had taken the boot away, but Callista was more than happy to be fed. "Thanks, Auntie!"

The back door to the Rodney estate opened revealing the presence of Drusilla Rodney who had been out all night. She thought she would be back before Sierra woke up, but unfortunately as she crept into the kitchen she was there. Her face immediately went red as she became flustered, not knowing what to say. She had been caught and there was no way out of it. For the first time since Sierra had meet her, she was speechless. She swallowed, and her eyes moved about quickly ... it was apparent to any body language expert that she was forming a lie. "Good morning," she said, as she finally managed to find some words. "You're up early," she fired at her, bitterly, as her plan had been foiled by a damn Imperial meeting.

Sierra had her back to the door. She dumped out the cereal from her boot, noting that it still smelled rather fruity. With a groan, she slid her foot in. One boot down, one to go. She was nearly out of the house! As Sierra turned, she busted Drusilla coming in from the back door. Instantly, Sierra's jaw dropped to the floor. Her blood pressure went through the roof. Drusilla had been out *all* night. Drusilla had been out *all* night. Her brain hiccuped on the thought like it simply couldn't process it. It was that Prince! Her eyes briefly lingered on the knife block, which, thankfully had no knives in it.

The little part of her that cared what Drusilla thought of her latest stepmother told her to calm down. Her motherly instincts, which overpowered everything else, were her first defense. "Were you out all night!?" She gasped. "With that Prince?!" She made her way towards her stepdaughter looking red in the face. "You're *grounded*!" It was the first time that Sierra had ever said those words. "You are to go to your room and stay there! If you sneak out again, I'll install bars on your windows!" She snapped, "I will tell your father and see what punishment he sees fit! I'd like to start with no allowance for the rest of the month!" Oh, and it wouldn't end there. Sierra was going to go see Prince Pollix and ground him too. If he even *touched* Drusilla... Her hand clenched into a fist. She was going to kill that boy.

"I-I-I..." Drusilla stammered, as Sierra questioned her about her relationship with Prince Pollix. "...but he's a Prince!" was the only thing she could think of saying, which was perhaps the most Drusilla-like thing of all. "Grounded?! You can't!" she said, as her cheeks became flushed red, and her little feet began to stomp on the ground. "Daddy!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, unaware that he had already left to prepare for his meeting. "You can't! Oh, you can't!" she said, as the tears began to flow, as she began a full pout. "I hate you! You're going to ruin *everything!*," she shouted, before dramatically rushing past her, and bounding up the stairs. A moment later the sound of her door slamming was heard, following by the overpowering maximum volume of her jizz recordings.

Drusilla only confirmed her suspicions. She'd been out with *him*! Sierra was seeing red...but not for her innocent little girl. She was seeing it for the lecherous Prince. He was a bad influence! Dru hadn't snuck out *before* they met. Sierra made herself firm and crossed her arms over her chest. Perhaps she *was* scarier than Claudius. It didn't matter how loud Drusilla screamed, her father wasn't home. "I *can* and I *will*! I won't let this boy hurt you!" Ohno. She was crying. Her heart ached to hear her youngest stepdaughter proclaim that she hated her. As she watched Dru disappear up the stairs, Sierra's eyes felt hot. Being a mother was *not* easy. She groaned, looking down at her stomach. "That's what happens when you sneak don't!" She told her unborn son.

The music was so loud that it rattled the walls in the estate. Drusilla wasn't capable of watching the girls. Sierra realized she needed help...and she knew exactly who to call. With her comlink in hand, she walked out into the living room. "Ewwiekewwieikkie, have you seen my other boot?" The Rainbow Rancor video was on *again*. To her comm, she spoke. "Ensign Sheppard, you're needed at the estate as soon as possible". Sierra *needed* to not be late for that meeting.

Ewwiekewwieikkie looked at Sierra for a moment, bringing her paw up to her chin. "Boot. Hmm..." she said, as she started to chew. "Oh. Oh," she said, as she hopped up and down excitedly. "That's not a boot anymore," she told Sierra, before shaking her head at her stepmother. "You left it. Finders keepers!" she said, raising her hand at the woman, as it was one of the tenants of Squib culture. "It's a hat now. I put it on Melickielickie!" she said, before pointing at the other Squib in the corner. The boot was so big that instead of sitting upon her head, it fell down, covering her face and obscuring her view.

Melickielickie was feeling her way through the living room. She left a trail of fur on the wall as she touched it repeatedly with her paws. "Eeeeee!" The little Squib loved her hat despite not being able to see at all. "No see! No see!" She stumbled on nothing at all and fell. Her knee gently grazed the floor and suddenly she was wailing like someone had given her a fatal wound. She clutched her knee. "*Owwwiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*! *Owwieeeeeee*! *Hurt hurt*!" Her words were muffled by the boot.

Sierra's face shrunk. "Finders keepers... But I *swore* I took my boots off in my room..." She knew better than to argue with Squib logic. At least there wasn't breakfast cereal in her other boot, but Melickielickie's head. "It's a nice hat, but I'm going to need to borrow it." No sooner had Sierra taken a step towards Melickielickie did the little Squib fall. Her screams of despair were louder than the sound of Dru's jizz music. That was it. Sierra was *never* getting out. She quickly scooped Melickielickie off the ground. She removed the boot from her head, which meant her screams were not muffled in any way. Sierra looked down at Melickielickie's knee, which was virtually unharmed. "Oh no." Sierra said, frowning. "This is serious. I don't think kisses are going to cut it. I need a doctor!"

Callista came running out from the kitchen carrying a bright purple doctor's bag. Sierra had seen the little girl playing doctor with the bantha the other day. Melickielickie's crying had stopped, if only momentarily, as she wondered what was going on. Sierra laid out the little Squib on the couch. "Okay, Doctor Callista. It's all up to you." She began to sink away from the scene. She had two boots...and now she needed a pudding.

"Yes. That's where I *found* them!" Ewwiekewwieikkie said, thinking Sierra was silly. "Oh no!" she squealed when Melickielickie fell, causing her to rush into overprotective mode. "Fix her! Fix her! Fix her! Fix her! Fix her! Fix her!" she said repeatedly, in a frenzy, as she scurried about. When she heard Sierra describe the injury as 'serious' her eyes went wide, and she felt faint. "Is she broken?" she asked, as she watched Callista work on Melickielickie. She was trembling with nervousness and excitement, but that went away the moment she saw Callita's purple doctor's bag. "Wow!" she said, as she moved towards the doctor's bag. "Wow!" she said, as she saw all of the toys inside, which to her looked like real medical instruments. Real *shiny* medical instruments. And, in that moment, she was totally divorced from reality and instead remained focused on the toys.

It was about that time when a beleaguered Ensign Bethany Sheppard entered through the front door of the Rodney estate. She had been promoted, in a sense, to Babysitter-in-Chief, which, unfortunately, did not come with hazard pay. She did see Sierra, but what she did see was a case of children apparently playing doctor in the living room. She began to feel anxious, worried that she had arrived too late and missed Sierra, thus earning a reprimand. "Where's your mom?" she asked Ewwiekewwieikkie, who completely ignored her as she focused on the toys. She leaned over Melickielickie to check on her, as the rays of the morning light crept into the estate and caused her rank code cylinder to shine especially bright over the Squib's face.

It seemed to be safe to take a moment for herself before leaving. Sierra slunk quietly into the kitchen. She moved into the pantry with a pudding cup and a spoon in hand. She didn't even bother turning on the light as she stood in her hiding spot and ate pudding. It was *wayyy* too early to be hitting the pudding, yet there she was, acting like an addict trying to get a quick fix. She eyed the crack between the door and the floor, watching for the feet of her girls. If one of them found her, her top wouldn't be cream anymore ... and her pudding would be gone.

"Hmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmm!" Callista looked down at her patient. "I'll fix her!" She declared, pulling out a toy stethoscope. She pressed the instrument to Melickielickie's arm. "Hmmmmmmmmm." Her other hand tapped her chin. She dropped the stethoscope, grasping a sparkly reflex hammer which she used on Melickielickie's toys. "Yeah. She okay! *Fixed*!" She tackled Melickielickie, tickling her all over. The little Squib's wailing shifted to laughter as both girls wiggled on the couch together. "*Bethnee*!" Callista squeaked mid-tickle. Callista thought that Bethany was talking about *her* mom. The little girl shrugged her shoulders. "Space!"

Melickielickie wiggled and giggled until she was nearly breathless. Her big yellow eyes were attracted to the shiny thing on Bethany's tunic. "Oooooo..." She began to climb to the top of the couch. She stared at the shiny then slowly, slowlllyyyyy snatched it off of Bethany's top. "*Eeee*"! She squeed excitedly, darting over to Ewwiekewwieikkie to show her. "Finder's keepers!" She took off in the direction of the kitchen, moving straight into the pantry where she found... "Mama! Whatchu eatin'?!" Busted.

Bethany was distracted by Callista's speaking to her, which prevented her from stopping Melickielickie from stealing her rank code cylinder. "Hey! Wait! No!" she said in a panic, as she knew without that she would not even be granted access back onto the ship. She attempted to chase after the Squib, but she was too quick for her. Suddenly she felt something under her feet ... it was a toy rancor ... but before she could step herself she stumbled forward, hitting the ground hard. "Ow. Damn it," she said, as she lay on the cold, hard floor in agony. "This deal gets worse all the time," she muttered to herself, before attempting to get back up.

"Wow! What is that?!" Ewwiekewwieikkie shrieked as she saw the code cylinder in Melickielickie's hands. No one had ever taught her to share before, so living under the same roof with another Squib who wanted an equal, or even greater, amount of the loot. She did not have one, and she began getting quite agitated by that. "Ngh. Ngh," she groaned, as she looked around anxiously for anything that might be as good ... if not better. That's when she saw that Sierra had one of her own and she began to hurry towards her. She began reaching up towards the code cylinder at Sierra's left shoulder, but she could not reach and instead just fumbled about at her chest. "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" she groaned, as she attempted to grab at the cylinder. But then she felt her hand against something ... better ... her rank insignia. She gasped, pulling at the rank insignia and grabbing it off her uniform. She ran to the corner of the room, sat down carefully, and held onto it with both hands. "Mine!" she declared, in a pout, while feverishly looking around the room.

Chaos had erupted again in the estate. Dru's music continued to blare. Sierra heard someone...Bethany...hit the floor as she emerged from the pantry. She surrendered the remaining pudding to Melickielickie to avoid her uniform becoming a massive, pudding mess. She saw Melickielickie dipping Bethany's rank code cylinder into the pudding and using it like a spoon. Help had arrived...but not before Sierra lost her own rank insignia to her Squib adoptive daughter. "Ewwiekewwieikkie!" She called out. She saw that the chances of her getting her rank insignia back were slim to none. She had nothing to offer in trade. Time was running out. There was no way for Sierra to get her rank insignia *and* leave on time. So, she approached Ensign Sheppard. Sierra bent over, offering the young woman a hand. "I apologize for your rank code cylinder. If you aren't able to get it back, I'll retrieve it when I get home." She helped Bethany back to her feet. "There's an important meeting I cannot miss this morning. I require your help here, Ensign."

Bethany accepted Sierra's help getting back on her feet, but while her body was upright her soul was still on the floor. "I ... I understand, Major," she said, sounding grim, and finding it hard not to frown, despite her desire to influence the Governor's wife *and* aide. "Go to your meeting, Milady," she said, as she looked around the room desperately. "I'll figure out a way to get a handle on things here ... somehow," she said, before offering a half smile at her superior. Of course she had no idea what to do, but she considered food as her most powerful tool when dealing with the children. "I think I'll send for an order from Auntie Mae's rib shack," she said, as she looked into the kitchen ... Melickielickie had her rank cylinder, Ewwiekewwieikkie had Sierra's rank insignia, but fortunately Callista had yet to make off with any Imperial equipment. "May the force be with me," she said to herself, as she marched off into the kitchen.

Sierra smoothed the front of her tunic. She thought it unlikely that anyone was *really* going to make a big deal about her missing rank insignia today. The more pregnant she got, the less comfortable people seemed approaching her. Honestly, it was a nice change. "That's a great idea, Ensign. Please save my rank insignia while the girls are distracted by the ribs. And...if you see Drusilla out of her room, contact me immediately. She is not to leave this estate." She quickly said her goodbyes to all three girls. Sierra made herself disappear quickly after that, for if she didn't leave the house now, she would be embarrassingly late. Still, she couldn't help but feel nervous as she left Ensign Bethany alone with a house full of girls.

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