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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:1 - 36:2:4) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Votrad: Petrus Flosgermen's apartment).
Petrus Flosgermen and Luna Ta'em.

"Y-you see sir; I need to get back into apartment number three-forty-one. I accidentally locked myself out." Small hands clutched at the front of a men's white button up shirt. Nearly all the identical white buttons had been ripped off. The shirt looked dirty and wrinkled. It was all the young woman with short, damp blonde hair wore. She acted like an escort, purposely allowing her fingers to slip. The lightly tanned skin of her stomach flashed before the man's eyes just in time for the woman to cover herself up again. The man at the lobby was *sweating*. He had been trying hard to convince her that there was nothing he could do to help her. It was a matter of respecting the privacy of the tower's occupants. She wouldn't go away. She continued to press. "My boyfriend is out of time right now. He'll be so mad at me. Please! I'll do anything!" Her lips quivered. When it looked like the woman might begin crying, the man broke down. "*Please*..."

The bounty hunter known as The Demon made his way inside of his apartment in one of large towers that dominated the city of Votrad on the planet Brentaal IV. He had just returned from killing two smugglers who had dropped their cargo when faced with an Imperial patrol, to the dismay of their Hutt employers. The trip from the Outer Rim back to the Core had been a long, grueling experience, but he considered himself to be a civilized man and refused to live among the filth he thought populated the outlying systems. Almost immediately upon entering the dwelling his hands moved to his head, removing the red helmet, with its distinct horns from which he drew his name. Revealed was a handsome man, perhaps in need of a shave, with short brown hair and vivid blue eyes. As the armor was peeled off layer by layer it revealed a firm, muscular build, with some revered war wounds from his time as a bounty hunter, and sometime assassin, for the past two decades. He was in need of a shower and a drink, but the only question was which would come first. He grabbed a bottle of Corellian whiskey that he prepositioned before he left on each journey and moved with it into the refresher where he would drink *in* the shower. He carelessly tossed his bag of credit chits aside, as he did not trust banks, and because he was unable to declare his illegal income with the Empire. There was more ... much more ... in a wall safe, but he felt his identity was well concealed, and no one would be foolish enough to rob him. As he stepped into the shower with the bottle he took a massive swig, letting out a powerful scream of exhilaration. It was good to be home!

Luna Ta'em was watching a live feed on her holopad. Her eyes scanned the Demon himself as he arrived home from a fresh kill. She had set herself up in an apartment directly below his, "Look who's finally made it home," she said. Her deep brown eyes remained glued to the screen. She watched the Demon undress, drink, and disappear into the shower. The camera seemed to follow him around while still remaining unnoticed. Inside of the Demon's apartment, a small black and white cat hid just behind his toilet. On the outside, it looked realistic. Its fur was soft. Its noises were authentic. Even the twitch of its tail seemed all so *real* when it wasn't real at all. The cat was cybernetic. None of it was real cat. It was Luna's eyes into the apartment, and it had been scanning the apartment for *days* to find his safe. Its location had been unknown... Until now.

The credits on the ground were merely an appetizer for what she believed to be in the safe. The man had fallen into Luna's crosshairs only by chance. He was simply a man who got a job over her. As soon as she realized who he was, she couldn't resist the urge to play with fire. And so, she sat in an armed chair with her booted feet propped up on a foot rest. After the boring days she had endured, it was nice to get a show before robbing the man silly. She could hear him scream from her open window. In her mind, she knew it was time to strike. He had to be tired from work. The whiskey would work to her advantage, though she wasn't stupid. When she stood, she armed herself with two vibrorapier. They were sheathed on her back. She had no qualms about having to kill the Demon to receive his fortune.

And so, she made her way towards the window. The distance between her window and his was short. Through her holopad, she could see her cat-like droid jump on the window sill. It carefully searched for any traps, disarming anything it found. Meanwhile, Luna had placed a large backpack on her shoulders. She sat upon her window sill with her legs dangling down over the city, miles upon miles away from where she was. She had already decided that she would climb her way up into his apartment because the distance was so little. She had done several practice runs. She was ready for this.

Like an experienced cat, she began to scale the building. Her holopad was clipped to her utility belt. She needed to know if the situation changed above. The woman was singing in her head. She thought about how sweet the victory would taste. No sooner had she finished her fantasy did she arrive at his window. Carefully, every so carefully, Luna slid the window open. Her eyes landed on the painted picture of a herd of Nerfs. That was it.

Petrus preoccupied himself with the pressing matter of getting a shower and tying one on. He was oblivious to the plan that was afoot outside of his refresher, and he allowed himself to linger, with his exposed, bruised back beneath the hot water. He was drinking directly from the bottle, and in no small doses either ... a lesser man would have already been drunk. He was debating how long he would allow himself to stay on Brentaal before going out on the hunt again. He certainly had enough credits stockpiled in the next room, but he craved the hunt ... he craved the kill. Word had gotten to him that the Imperials were hiring in the next sector ... good credits too ... and the promise of wicket, dirty work. He preferred to work alone, and without a longterm boss, but rumor was some pretty big names had signed on and it was worth investigating. The sound of him singing in the shower ... badly ... began to fill the apartment consecutively with his feel of the alcohol. The time he spent in the shower was among his favorite and he showed no signs of getting out.

The sound of the shower running played in the background of Luna's thoughts. As indicated on her holopad, he had not left the bathroom. Steam was beginning to rise. It threatened to steal away her visuals, though her visuals were currently on that picture. "So cliché," she said in a barely audible whisper." She tossed the painting aside hazardously. What laid behind it was no surprise: a safe.

The Demon's singing was *terrible*. His baritone voice might have gained something from her high, feminine voice if they ever decided to sing a duet in a Grease-like fashion. You better shape up, 'cause I need a man and my heart is set on youuu. *You better shape up; you better understand to my heart I must be trueee*. Shit. Now it was in her head. Now dancing a jig in front of the safe, she reached her right hand behind her back. She drew one of the long, thin swords from its sheathe. She didn't think twice about brutally sawing open the man's safe until she had created a hole big enough for her hands to fit in.

*You're the one I want, OooOoOoOOO*!

*Sweet Christmas* there was a damn lot of credits in the safe. Luna's eyes sparkled as she stared at the contents that the naughty man had decided to hide from her. No sooner had she find it did she sheathe her sword, grab her backpack, and began rapidly filling it. She imagined raining credits down on her bed while she squirmed from side to side. *You're the one I want, OoooooOoOOooo*!

Petrus would have remained in the shower longer, but the first bottle of whiskey was empty and he would need several to get through his first night back home as he *never* drank on a mission. He tossed the bottle aside, shattering it into a thousand pieces, before walking out of the shower into his living room. His chiseled form was naked, without even a towel to cover his massive member, and dripping drops of hot water upon the floor. When he arrived he saw the beautiful young burglar at his safe, and he flew into a blind, drunken rage. "Whomever you are, you've robbed the wrong person," he said, as he rushed towards her, stumbling slightly due to his drunken nature. If he was sober, he would have grabbed a weapon, and finished her quickly to preserve her wealth, but unfortunately for them he was in the early stages of drunkenness. As he surged forward, he lunged his body at hers, attempting to aggressively tackle her to the ground, roughly, ignoring the fact that she was a *she*.

Her eyes flickered toward her holopad. Her vision in the bathroom had officially been due to the steam. Her fingers tapped over the screen, summoning her cat to the window sill where it sat, waiting for its owner to finish stealing. Loading all those credits into her back took time. Luna would have benefited from paying more close attention to what the Demon was up to. The only warning she had to his advances were the sounds of a shattering glass bottle. Her eyes widened. Her head glanced this way and that like an animal who sensed a disturbance. What happened next came much too quickly. If he was a bull, then she was wearing bright red.

Luna understood that her time had run out. She was sure she had stolen at least several thousand credits from his safe. She attempted to zip up her bag when their eyes met. The Demon was entirely nude. Lust pumped through her body at the very wrong time. It delayed her reactions, causing her to spill credits as she began sprinting towards the window. It was too late. The man was furious. Their bodies collided. The impact was so hard that it hurt. The short-haired woman fell to the ground with a *thump*! "Oomph!" He knocked the air out of her. For a second, she sucked desperately for breath. As soon as she recovered, she tried to get away from the large, naked man who had decided to make her day very hard. Credits continued to spill out of the open portion of her bag. Rather than screaming for him to get off of her, she found it strangled erotic that they were rolling around the floor together. His dampness made the tight latex-like material of her catsuit become tighter. She was very aware of his nudity. He pressed against her while they moved this way and that. "Oooh, quite contraire. I robbed *exactly* the right man." She kicked and punched at him. She scratched and hissed. He was ruining her evening plans of bathing in her new credits.

Her attempt to fight back made him snort and blow hot air like the proverbial bull that she thought him. Her blows amused him, and he used his substantial weight on top of her to pin her down and keep her from escaping. He grabbed her by the shoulders and began lifting her up and slamming her back into the ground repeatedly, stronger with each thrust, and doing his best to injure her. "You think you can come into my home and steal from me?" he asked her, his skin turning a shade of red reminiscent of his armor, as he glared down at her with piercing blue eyes. "Who are you? How did you find me?" he asked, but before she could he even answer he had rolled her onto her stomach and was pressing her face into the carpet. He tried grabbing her by the hair, but it was cut so short that he could not get a grasp, which only made him angrier.

This wasn't the way she had imagined her evening progressing. She had come into this knowing how important it was to not engage why had she waited to break in until he came home? The location of the safe had been identified with time to spare. While she took her beating on the floor, she realized how badly she wanted this. She had come searching for trouble, the very same trouble that she was now in. Her head whipped against the ground each time he slammed her into it. Pain streaked all over the upper portion of her body. At this point, she was like a rag doll in a very powerful ape's hands. She wasn't ready to die, nor did she intend to die here, crushed by a naked man. She tried to reach her weapons just as her nose began to bleed. His yelling made her panic. A warning sign was going off inside of her head. The time to escape needed to come now. In all the chaos, the bindings holding her sheathes on her back had come undone. Her swords were scattered, just like her plans.

On her stomach, Luna rubbed her bleeding nose into the shaggy carpet. If he killed her, she'd make sure she painted his floor nice and red. His hands flickered through her hair once. This was exactly why she had gone for a boyish cut It was then that the woman learned something new. For those who believe that love and hate are two passionate emotions with not far between them, that was absolutely true. Her body was hot. She was furious. She was even angry when he decided to make a move on her. However, she didn't hate it. She never stopped him. His bare body was on top of her in a position like a big dog mounting his bitch. She couldn't go anywhere under his weight. On her holopad, roughly three feet away, she could see the cybernetic cat's perspective of what was happening.

Her breasts were pressed tightly into the ground along with the rest of her body. Somehow, she managed to free her hands from underneath her. She quickly reached to her utility belt. She grasped a flash grenade. With her eyes closed, she tossed it before her. It's shock waves and blinding light were enough for the burglar to slide away. She crawled on the ground towards the window. She used her arm to wipe away some of the blood from her face. (D)

When the flashbang went off he was immediately blinded, allowing the precocious young minx that was pinned beneath her to momentarily escape. It prevented him from achieving his orgasm, and as a result he was all the more annoyed and irritated with her. "You bitch!" he cried out in the darkness with her. One hand covered his eyes the others searched in vain through the blidness to find her. "When I get my hands on you..." he threatened, as he moved through the darkness towards the window, her only means of escape. As he approached, his foot tapped up against her leg, and he found her. He lunged forward, crashing his considerable weight down upon her with all of his might. As his vision came back, she was barely visible, but this time he was careful to get her down upon her back. His body hovered over hers, as his eyes blinked several times until her bloodied, mangled, face came back into view. "Where do you think you're going? And who are you?" he asked, as he glared down at her menacingly once more. (d)

This was the day that would never end. Her fingers had touched with the window sill when the large man collided with her again. He caught her off guard for the second time today. Her head smashed against the ground uncomfortably once more. "Damn it!" She turned her head to the side to cough up blood. Another stain had been made on his floor. Whoever walked through this apartment after he left was going to wonder what the hell happened. He had pinned her again, only now she was on her back and had the capability to use her hands against him. Through the blood on her face, she focused on his eyes. She stared at him. She was angry too. He'd ruined a perfectly good theft! "I was showing myself out, that's all. I *guess* I should let you finish."

His body spasmed until he collapsed on top of her, drunk and sexually satisfied. "Who are you?" Petrus asked again.

Luna gasped for air. He *hadn't* killed her. In his position, she might have killed the intruder who attempted to steal all of her riches. At the moment, she stopped thinking about how dangerous he was. She screamed loud. Her violence at stopped. Instead, she held onto him with her hands on his shoulders. She felt post orgasmic bliss unlike anything before. "Mmmm..." She didn't reply immediately. Her head was spinning. She wore a wide smile. He really had turned her into a stain on the ground, or, rather, many stains on the ground. The damage was done all around them. Luna laughed. Her head dropped to the floor softly. "Luna Ta'em. I only know you as the Demon. Who are *you*?" She saw her little robotic cat jump from the window sill, causing her to laugh again. She turned her head to the side, spotting her holopad an arm's length away. A hand dropped from him. She reached towards it, bringing it closer to them until she could grab it. The feed was still coming in from her cat. The image on the holopad was of Luna and Petrus as they were now. She turned the holopad so he could see. "Surprise! You're on candid camera."

Before Petrus could tell her anything more about him he saw the recording, and privately wondered if this had given him renewed recourse to take her life. His eyes went from the image of the recording to her and back to the image. He thought about it for a moment before he started to laugh, smiling down at her. She had too many talents and too much ingenuity to kill her. "I have to confess I like what I see," he informed her, as he rolled off of her onto the stained carpet next to her. He lay there on his back next to her, staring up at the ceiling, and trying his best to catch his breath after their fight and lovemaking. Suddenly he felt cold and the only way he could warm himself up was to grab hold of the vixen in the catsuit and pull her a top of him. "Luna, I'm Petrus," he said, as he placed a possessive, kiss upon her bloody face. "And just because you got me off doesn't mean you get to leave," he said to her, as his grasp turned wicked, and tightened around her so firmly that it might pain her.

The holopad carelessly hit the floor as soon as he'd seen it. Luna felt so sleepy after their sex. Maybe she could prolong escaping for another day. She looked proud of herself. His pat on the back felt rewarding. "I'll send you a copy. Who doesn't love home movies? Mmm..!" He rolled off of her, taking his cock with him. She could feel a little rush of cum between her soft thighs. It had been one hell of an evening. She had gotten about the pain in her face, and even the possibility of a broken nose. Instead, she wrapped herself in pure bliss. She didn't care about anything else. Petrus' riches were spilled across his floor. He'd won this round.

He moved her so damn easily. Luna lay on top of him. She didn't fight him, nor did she try to leave. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck. She got comfortable like she intended to stay there for a lengthy amount of time. "Petrus, the Demon..." Her eyes sparkled when she said it. He didn't want her to leave. She felt it in his kiss. She heard it in his voice. She even felt it in that deathly squeeze he gave her. You know? The one that made her squee like a mouse. "Just because I got you off doesn't mean YOU get to murder me in my sleep..." She tried to return a squeeze as tight as his and failed miserably. Her head fell flat against his chest. Her ear lay over his heart. Their combine warmth was working to draw her to sleepy land. "Goodnight, my demon." She whispered. It seemed that the little thing had a possessive nature of her own.

As Luna fell asleep, Petrus suspected that as soon as he drifted off she would make her escape ... and he could not allow that. Without waking her, he carefully lifted her up, cradling her in his arms, and moved towards the bedroom. He lay her battered form down upon his large bed before walking towards his large closet. Once inside the closet, he entered numbers into a control panel, and a second wall opened up revealing his arms and equipment. He grabbed a couple of pairs of binders that he normally used on captured bounties and moved back to the bed, looking down at the sleeping girl. He was not done with her. He wondered if he would ever be done with her. And so he attached one set of binders down around her ankles, before moving up her body and placing her arms behind her back. With her hands behind her back, he bound her again. Content that she was going nowhere, he climbed into the bed next to her, and pulled the covers up over them. He turned to face her, wrapping his arms around her to further hold her in place, and then kissed her upon her split lip before he too drifted off too sleep, but not until after a further hour of considering what to do about her. As his eyes closed and he faded into sleep he had made the surprisingly decision to *keep her*.

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