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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:4) in the Essesia system: Retributor.
Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Commander Sierra Rodney, and Colonel Arden Zevrin.

While his wife was undergoing rigorous training at the Void, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney was finding himself in a world of hurt aboard the Executor-class Star Dreadnaught Retributor. He stood next to his tactical officer as he watched Imperial forces continuing their operations on the worlds of the Ringali Shell on the orders of the newly self promoted *Colonel* Arden Zevrin under his name. In real time the screen was lighting up with casualty estimates, which caused him no end of misery. "Enough," he said, as he lowered his head and moved away from the holotank that provided a real time view of the battles. "Have you seen Commander Rodney?" he asked the Lieutenant, with his back turned to her. He brought his hand up to his nose, rubbing it slowly, as he tried to understand what exactly had gone on in his absence. Not only did he need his wife, but he desperately needed his adjutant.

Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca stood next to Grand Moff Rodney for the first time in months as they watched ISB raids taking place simultaneously across every major city on the six primary planets in the Ringali Shell. She was impressed by the lightning precision of the raids, though she privately had misgivings about the selection of targets. As she held a datapad with the list of planetary officials being rounded up she felt few of them had any real power of influence on their worlds, and she suspected none had any true connection to the Rebellion. She did however understand what was happening here ... an Imperialization of these worlds to punish them for the actions of the actual Rebels. It was a heavy-handed approach, which she would have advised against due to the likelihood of it creating actual Rebels where there were none as a response. However, no one had asked her advice in a long time. When he said 'enough' her hand moved to the control panel to deactivate the holotank, and she was turning on her heels to return to her duty station in the crew pit when he spoke. "No, milord. I provided her reports in your office the other day, but I have not encountered her since," she said in her cold, exotic voice, with little empathy for his plight.

Sierra Rodney's time at the Void had served it's purpose: it made her feel better. She was open minded and ready to learn from Kerrie and El-Nay. She knew she'd be back sooner than later. In the meantime, she had abandoned her husband on the Retributor. She was sure he needed saving ... and he probably needed his adjutant. Returning home, Sierra had quickly threw back on her ISB uniform and arranged herself. She also made sure to check on her adoptive Squib daughter, who seemed like she would never be empty of gems and various trinkets. With a cup of pudding in hand, Sierra made her way back to the Retributor in their shared ship. She could only imagine what was going on. Waking up to the realities of what had happened while they were gone in Delaya was difficult. *Colonel* Arden Zevrin was busily making a mess of everything.

And there was no clear way to stop her yet.

No sooner had Claudius asked about her did Commander Rodney herself appeared at the holotank. In shifting through the sea of reports on her desk, she was pretty sure she knew what her husband had just been exposed to. She looked to Claudius and then Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca. She greeted them. "Governor, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca." She nodded to both of them. In her hands, she clutched her handy dandy datapad which housed all the information for her husband's day-to-day schedule. If he thought today was rough, he should prepare himself for tomorrow. (D)

Claudius immediately perked up when he heard the voice of his wife. He spun on his feet quickly, but before he turned around he had begun biting his lower lip to prevent from looking too happy. "Commander, good of you to join us," he said, with a wink, as if he was actually chastising her for being late. "You missed Maj- *Colonel* Zevrin's latest round of arrests," he said, sounding equal bits tired and annoyed. He moved closer towards her, giving a quick glance towards the Chiss tactical officer to dismiss her. "We can not avoid her forever," he said quietly to his wife, while nodding his head as if he was giving orders. "We are going to have to meet with her," he said, quietly, before turning his body and looking at the other officers. It was a silly way to behave for sure, but he did want to maintain some level of professionalism when dealing with his wife in front of subordinate officers.

Professionalism had become a difficult aspect of the job. Especially when he was on the bridge having a *really* long day. Sierra felt that physical barrier between them most on those days. There was a sparkle in her eyes when he chastised her. She would do her best not to abandon him too frequently. She became serious when he discussed *Colonel* Zevrin. It was amazing how the woman could keep promoting herself up the chain like so. The Emperor was pleased with her actions though. All they could do was stand back and allow her fire to burn itself out. The damage control afterwards would be immense. She brought the datapad in front of her and began looking over his schedule to find a place to put in a new, and incredibly unpleasant, meeting. "I know," she nodded her head as a show for the other officers. "We need to form a plan before we meet with her. It seems like she always has an extra card up her sleeve. Ah, here." She found an opening in his schedule. "There's time tomorrow at the end of the day. Is it too soon?"

"Tomorrow?!" Claudius replied, perhaps a bit too loudly, which caused him to become slightly embarrassed. "Commander, follow me to my office," he said, as he gave a cursory nod to the other officers. He moved swiftly with her towards the turbolift that would slowly descend the command tower to the level containing his office. He walked slowly down the corridor until they arrived at his office. Once inside he took a quick look around to make sure no one was lurking, and then quickly focused all of his attention on energy on her. His hand moved to the top of her head, plucking off her hat and allowing it to fall to the ground. He moved towards her, until she was practically pinned against the wall. And then, and only then, he moved his face towards hers and placed a fierce, passionate kiss upon her lips, biting at her lower lip and toying with her in a state of frenzied tension. The game with the other officers had gone on too long. He could not resist his urges any longer.

Well, clearly that had *not* been the right answer. Sierra blushed wildly. She turned her back on the other officers and quickly moved with him towards the turbolift. She wasn't entirely sure if she was in trouble or not. She was certain that she could find a more suitable place in his schedule. She thought of Kerrie's advice about being too aggressive. Perhaps she should take a more lax approach. Sierra set her datapad on his desk. She intended to sit down and discuss a more adequate time with. The temperature in the room drastically changed from the simple action of her husband removing her hat. Her body felt so hot. Surprising her a second time, he nearly pinned her against the wall. Her backside pressed against it lightly. She recognized now that she wasn't in *any* kind of trouble. To the contrary, she was about to engage in one of her favorite things. She toppled into passion with him, kissing him like she was an animal. Everything suddenly smashed down on her. Their lives had become so difficult. Now the only way life could go was up. While her tongue wildly assaulted his mouth, Her hands began to remove his tunic. Her absence had been brief yet she had missed him *so* much. The kiss briefly ended for the sake of removing his tunic and throwing it to the ground. Her offense continued through the way she ground her hips into his the second time they kissed.

"Oh I can't stand these procedural meetings," Claudius complained, as she undressed him, having spent the entire day being buried in trivial facts and figures. "That woman is worse than a droid," he confided in his wife about his tactical officer, as his carefully ironed tunic fell to the ground. "Where were you?" he asked her, before she silenced him with a kiss. He privately wondered if she had concocted some excuse to avoid having to listen to the Chiss tactical officer prattle on like a child looking to avoid school. If so, he was very jealous. Her grinding had caused him to forget what question he had even asked by the time their kiss broke. He lifted her up with both of his hands and began carrying her towards the desk. When he neared it he lay her on top of it, causing his pile of datapads to fall to the ground like a child's game. He cared not about the military operations or Colonel Zevrin ... all he could think about was his wife.

There were few voices in the world that could put her to sleep. The Chiss' voice was one of them. Sierra snickered playfully. "I know. I was playing hooky. Can you blame? If anyone else asks, you know, *pregnancy* stuff." At least her reasoning was true. She disliked procedural meetings so much. Next time she'd have to be there to make up for her absence. The matters of the Retributor fell out of her mind once he picked her up. Her legs briefly wrapped around his waist. They made a mess out of the built up datapads. She could hear them clunking hard against the floor while they fell at Claudius' feet. Sierra was experiencing a case of tunnel vision. Her urges overshadowed everything else. If she didn't have him, she wasn't going to be able to function properly for the rest of the day. Determined to be nude, she removed her annoyingly cream tunic. She sat up slightly to undo her trousers then push them down. She lay back on his desk. Her soft skin was inviting him into enjoy she who was his wife. "I love you." She said affectionately. "Now give us what we both want, *Governor*."

With Sierra's legs wrapped around his waist it was a struggle for him to reach his belt buckle, but with some work he was able to rid himself of it and drop his trousers. "Let's hope the Rebels don't choose now to attack," he said with a bit of dark humor, as he looked down at her naked form.

When it was over he collapsed on top of her, covered in sweat, and completely exhausted. "Cancel my afternoon meetings," he said to her, before placing a kiss upon her cheek and beginning to fall asleep.

He'd placed a big grin on her face. She felt amazing and exhausted. Nuzzling her nude body against his, she nodded her head. "Consider it done.." She kissed his forehead. "Sleep tight, my love." She, too, surrendered to a midday nap.

Without a knock, or a request for entry, the door to Grand Moff Rodney's office opened to Colonel Arden Zevrin who saw to it she had access to every area to the Retributor. "Eww," she said, as she could smell the sex in the office. "Someone needs to open a window," she declared, but as she took a step forward she spotted the Grand Moff and his wife on the desk, completely naked and sound asleep. "Good grief," she complained, as she rolled her eyes, before moving towards the seating area near the entrance to the office. She looked at the priceless and irreplaceable vase that sat on the table that was handmade on Alderaan some time ago. Her eyes moved slowly from the vase to the couple and then back to the vase. With the use of one finger she poked the vase, knocking it to the ground, which not only caused it to shatter, but also to make a tremendous noise that should wake them up. "Oops," she said, as her cheeks flushed red, and she raised her hand to cover her mouth.

Sierra Rodney was napping on the job ... and so was her boss. Fancy that, he was laying on top of her at that very moment. The young ISB officer slept soundly after having forced herself to clear Claudius' schedule. She was still out like a light when *Colonel* Zevrin showed up on the scene. As typical of any teenager, she felt *hard*. Sierra didn't wake until the vase crashed into the ground and scattered into a million tiny pieces. Her blue eyes shot open. Her head turned to the side. A cold chill shot down her spine. Arden Zevrin. Speak of the damn devil. Sierra felt tremendously embarrassed that the woman hadn't bothered to knock. "Oh, hello... *Colonel*..." Her hands ran over her husband's back to wake him. "We have a visitor," she whispered into his ear. She looked back to Arden. "Could you possibly give us a moment to wrap up this meeting?" She clung to him. If he moved away from her, she was going to be entirely exposed to Arden. Right now, he was making for a fabulous human shield.

Claudius was awoken by the sound of his vase crashing to the ground, being shattered into as many pieces as Alderaan. His eyes locked onto Sierra, the most beautiful sight he could behold, but behind her Arden came into focus, which was perhaps the most wretched sight he could imagine. Any hope of round two had been lost as his libido wilted in Arden's presence, resulting in the little guy retreating like a broken enemy. "Do you mind?!" he asked her angrily, as he did his best to conceal his wife, but her rather substantial hind quarters made it difficult. "I am *still* the Grand Moff," he ordered her, as he filled with an incredible rage. He would have thrown her out of his office by the back of her neck ... if only he had some clothes on.

"Modesty?" Arden asked, as she wagged her finger at the two of them. "Come now. We're all adults here," she said, as she moved towards the most comfortable seating area. "Go ahead and get dressed. I won't look," she assured them, as she plucked up a datapad and began to surf the HoloNet. "Hmm. A new flavor at Auntie Mae's," she said, to no one in particular, as she read the filler material. "Oh. Did you know your brother is on Ithor?" she said, as she moved to the gossip section. Her eyes slowly moved to take a peek at the couple as she continued to read the latest news. "Oh. By the way. I heard from Governor Arundel. Your mother is dead," she mentioned, like it was nothing, before diving back into the HoloNet.

She could feel his rage. It bled into her as she fully woke. Arden made it clear that she wasn't going to be leaving any time soon. In fact, she made herself right at home within the seating area. Oh, if she knew what had happened on the chair she sat in, then she would *not* be sitting there. It was news to Sierra that Marcus was staying on Ithor. She tried to keep in contact with Zara, but life was busy and she simply had been focusing her efforts towards protecting her family. They were having a standstill with Arden. Sierra refused to let Claudius dress. She didn't want to remind Arden that she was carrying their child. The witch's tongue continued to release venom into the room. The woman casually brought up Governor Arundel, then revealed that Livia was no longer alive. Internally, Sierra was shocked, however, shock wasn't the emotion that she showed to Arden. Ferocity was.

Finally, she released Claudius and made her way out from underneath him. Nude as she was, Sierra stood tall. She approached Arden too angry to care about consequences. "You need to leave *now*." She said as she snagged her datapad up. "The Governor is available for meetings several times throughout the next few days. I will send you a meeting agenda." *Claudius...* First he'd lost his father and now his mother too. Sierra would *not* allow Arden watch him fall apart. It would be a reward to her...and Sierra was so determined to deny her of it that she pressed her hand into the woman's back to persuade her up and out of the Grand Moff's office. Protecting her family involved so much more than a gun.

Arden looked towards Sierra as she approached, but did not react to her command to leave. "Hey! I was reading that. There are some good coupons in there..." she muttered, shaking her head at the woman. She leaned forward, arching her around Sierra's massive behind, to briefly look over the blubbering mess that was the Grand Moff. "It's all right, Commander. I think I've had my meeting. It wen't well, don't you think?" she asked, with a cruel smile, as she rose from her seat and looked her subordinate clearly in the eye. She felt she had just neutralized the returning Grand Moff, preventing him from getting in the way of her plans. "Toodeloo," she declared, with a wave that involved flapping all of her fingers. With that she was gone, but the damage had been done.

She did her best to shield Claudius from Arden's view. Her eyes narrowed as she stared at the woman. She could feel her blood pressure rising. She wanted Arden to suffer for all of her crimes against her husband. Someday, she was determined what it would happen. As soon as Arden had left, Sierra's heart fell down into a great abyss. Livia was *dead*. She had seen the woman as a true mother for a long time. Livia had always been kind to her. Despite the woman being an elderly drunk, she had imagined that Livia would be there for years to come. Now she was gone. . .

She felt sad as she made her way back to her husband. Her hands urged him towards her. She gave him a place to break down within her arms. "I'm so sorry.." She whispered, clinging to him tightly. She buried her head into his hair and began to cry. Arden had used his mother's death as a weapon. Sierra saw it for what it was: a way to bring the Grand Moff down. The only problem was that Arden had not taken into consideration the young woman who had become his wife. She would support him *and* navigate them through the path to beating the woman. "Claudius..." Each month was harder than the last. Sierra was determined to push through and change everything for her husband.

Since returning to the Ringali Shell Claudius Rodney felt he had been on his best behavior. He stayed away from drinking and focused on learning the ins and outs of what had transpired during his sabbatical on Delaya in preparation for putting Arden Zevrin in her place. He was even beginning to feel confident, but then she came into his life like a maelstrom once again. It was bad enough that she found him in a compromising position with his wife, but to deliver the news that his mother had perished had absolutely gutted him. His father's death was expected, but he did not expect his mother to die. He began to panic. Suddenly the room became very small and he found it difficult to breath. The tears came quickly and he rolled onto his side, curling up in the fetal position, and began to hyperventilate. His wife attempted to reach him verbally, but he was in such a profound state of shock that her words did not move him. That bitch of a woman *always* knew exactly what to do to break him.

Sierra could feel his pain. She felt horrible for her husband. Both of his parents were gone now. It had happened within the span of a few months. Delaya was there but untouchable. Her hand ran over his back to let him know that she was there. She could hear him hyperventilating. She could nearly feel his panic. The Grand Moff's hard headed wife wasn't going to abandon him. Instead, she started to persuade him out of the fetal position with her hands. When her hands found his, her fingers locked with his and she began to pull him off of the desk. He could either watch his wife over exert herself, or break down and follow her towards the couch in the sitting area.

Of course, being that she was pregnant, she won that silent argument. She made him come with her, seating herself on the couch with him in her lap. Sierra wrapped herself around him tightly. He was still hyperventilating, so she cupped her hand gently over his mouth. "Breath slowly." She commanded him. Outstretching her foot, Sierra caught the fleece throw blanket at the end of the couch. She had complained about it always being as cold as the arctic and brought the blanket from home to keep warm. She used it to cover her and her husband with one hand. They wouldn't be moving from the couch for some time. Behind him, Sierra kissed the back of his head.

Claudius did not have the strength to resist her, and moved with her like dead weight. As she comforted him his breathing eventually began to settle, and slowly he came back to reality. "Sierra..." he said to her, slowly, as he moved his hand to rest upon hers. "I must ask you to do something, and it will not be easy," he said to her, as he tightened his grip on her hand, and stared off into space. "You must determine if this is true and, if so, what happened. I know it means crossing paths with Governor Arundel again, but..." he hesitated, taking in a deep breath. "...I need to know," he explained to her, weakly, with a voice full of emotion. He had the life completely drained from him.

She paid attention to his breathing. The last thing she wanted was for him to make himself pass out. When he began to breath regularly, Sierra's hand took hold of his tightly. "Hm?" The woman would do anything for her husband. Even when that anything including diving into the belly of the beast to determine what had happened. She knew this was going to be her hardest mission yet...but it was one she had to go through with. Arden had done so much to hurt her husband. It was possible that this was another way of manipulating him into the palm of her hand. "Then you shall know." She responded to him without an ounce of doubt in her voice. "I will go to Delaya and find out the truth for myself. We can't trust anything that comes out of that woman's mouth." The words hurt regardless. "I need you to do something for me while I'm away. It isn't going to be easy either." Sierra sighed. She rested her chin on his shoulder. "I need you to be strong while I'm gone."

Claudius had come to rely on Sierra, and while the request she made of him seemed simple, in actuality he knew it would be quite hard. "I shall try, my love. I shall try," he told her, as his hand continued to rub against her own hand. "I don't think we should contact Marcus or tell the children until we know more details," he said, as he put his family before himself once again. "Do you wish for me to draft orders authorizing you to take any backup with you?" he asked her, as he put her safety first. He did not trust Governor Arundel as far as he could throw him, and he already went after Sierra once before.

"I agree with you. I'd rather they not know if this is all just another terrible scheme." Like with Jelena. A part of her clung to the idea that it was all a lie. That thought would help her get through her difficult mission in Delaya. Until she saw proof, she couldn't let the sadness consume her. Her free hand ran up and down his arm. "No. We have some friends who will be more than willing to assist me under the radar. I don't want to draw attention to myself." Governor Arundel would love to get his hands on her again. Leaving Claudius was going to be incredibly difficult. He needed her right now...though he needed her to find out the truth more. She closed her eyes, squeezing him tightly to her body. "I'll leave tonight." She promised him. "There's one more thing I need you to do while I'm gone." Sierra said, clearly being greedy. "Take care of yourself. We all need you, Claudius."

Claudius was terrified about Sierra going off to Delaya alone. He had lost so much that he could not stand to lose her too. He now lived in a world where he could not imagine life without her. If anything happened to her, he would take the Retributor to Delaya and crash it into Governor Arundel personally. "Do you have to leave *that* soon," he asked of her, as he slowly rolled over until he was facing her. His eyes were red, stained from the tears, but when he looked at her face he could not help but smile. "I love you so much," he said, as he brought her hand up to gently caress her soft hair. His face pushed forward, pressing his lips against hers in a soft, gentle kiss. There was no fire behind it ... only love.

Even Death himself couldn't take Sierra from her husband. She would fight, tooth and nail, to return to him. Her eyes fell on him. He had lit a fire inside of her. She would see to it that all these terrible people paid in due time. Patience was the the same time, it was the hardest thing in the world for Sierra. She shook her head. "No. . . Tomorrow. . ." Leaving him at any point was difficult. Her hands cupped his face. She would worry for him the whole time she was gone. They tended to function better as a team, after all. His smile moved her heart. His world was falling apart quicker than she could put it back together...yet, for her, he smiled. Her own smile began to pull at her face. "I love you so much," she repeated. Their kiss was truly beautiful. Claudius had convinced her that true love wasn't just more than a was what they shared together. She would protect him. She would avenge with him. The galaxy needed to learn not to mess with the Grand Moff's wife.

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