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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:5:18) in the Essesia system: Esseles (Larius Lacus).
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Commander/Major Sierra Rodney.

Although he missed the children terribly while they were in hiding, he did not at all mind a little break from them with the knowledge they were safe and sound at his brother's coronation. Sierra had been weighed down not just by their two daughters, but also by the added presence of their niece, Callista. She had to be exhausted, and he had to do something nice for her. That nice thing, it turned out, was a lot of work for him. Renting a small boat at a nature preserve outside of New Calamar, he found himself rowing around a lake, and getting quite the unexpected workout in the process. "Long ago this is what it was like to be in a navy," he told her, between slightly labored breaths as he continued row. The lake was beautiful, filled with clear water that allowed them to see far below the surface, and they were surrounded by mountains that seemed to stretch into the heavens. It was a far cry from their planned home in the Sea Islands of Delaya, but it did provide a much needed break from Imperial service and parenthood. His comlink began to beep with more mindless reports from his Lieutenant, prompting him to take the device and chuck it into the lake below. "Sorry, my dear. That shall be the last interruption of the day," he informed her, as he briefly stopped rowing just long enough to wipe the sweat from his forehead. In front him was a basket filled with food and drinks for their lakeside picnic that he had an opportunistic junior officer prepare that he would surely take credit for, with the full knowledge that Sierra knew he did not spend the morning making finger sandwiches.

The last few days with Callista in addition to their girls had been amazing. They had also been incredibly exhausting! Sierra felt comfortable when Drusilla had left with the girls to travel to Delaya for her brother's coronation. It left her and Claudius with a night free of work, worries, and children. Sierra sat on the opposite side of the small boat from her husband. She wore a marvelous smile on her face. Natural beauty was something she enjoyed very much. She didn't compare the sight around her to the Sea Islands, but found that she loved the new treasure that Claudius shared with her. She felt very relaxed and happier than she could explain. Her smile grew. "I don't think I'd have been successful in the navy. I think my arms are the weakest part of my body." She didn't envy him rowing. She appreciated it. She appreciated the effort he put into their date.

Her head turned to look over the crystal clear water. There was life beneath the water; beautiful, multicolored fish swam around the boat. The sound of his comlink beeping drew her attention back to him. It seemed that the Lieutenant didn't understand that work hours alone and that they wished to be left alone. To her surprise, he tossed the comlink into the lake. It silenced as it plummeted down to the bottom of the late. She leaned forward to steal a quick kiss. It was then that beeping started again...only this time it was Sierra's comlink. She laughed, throwing it into the lake just as he had. "It's my turn to apologize, huh?" Her hands rolled over his as she sat back. "It's gorgeous here." She commented. She had dressed up for the evening. It wasn't that she hated her ISB uniform, she simply *liked* dressing up from time to time. Her blonde hair fell down in waves over her shoulders. She wore a deep blue knee-length dress. She held herself with confidence...confidence that her husband had gifted to her.

"We can only hope that she does not shuttle down to our last reported location and attempt to give us her briefing in person," Claudius told Sierra after she gave him a brief kiss, but although he was joking it *was* something the Chiss Lieutenant would do. "I would like to thank you for all you have done with the girls lately ... I know it hasn't been easy," he said to her, as he resumed rowing, while the wake the small boat produced attracted sealife of all kinds. "I wanted to talk to you about something," he said, as his tone became a bit more serious. "No more missions, okay? You've our son to think about," he said, as the recent missions on Delaya had given him nothing but concern. The last one in particular, which had nearly cost his brother his life. "Now that my family has been restored to me, and is growing, I simply cannot bare the thought of losing you," he told her, while continuing to do his best effort to row.

Oh, she could visualize that all day long. She laughed softly. "She'll make one very awkward third wheel." Sierra began to blush as he thanked her. She loved him. She loved the girls...even if Drusilla's spoiled attitude had resulted in her having to beg Max Rebo to perform at their home this very weekend. The deal resulted in Sierra agreeing to play three nights of shows in New Calamar since he was out a musician. For the girls, for Claudius, she would pluck the stars from the sky. "It's my pleasure, my love. I'll do anything for our family." Which made this the perfect time to bring up her missions. She, too, fell serious. She listened to him closely as he crossed a new topic: her missions. The last one had been a real injection of reality for Sierra as well. Marcus had been injured so badly. It could have been her. She could have been killed on Papius' doorstep. That was *not* what she wanted. She couldn't risk herself and Bruce anymore.

She understood him completely. "Okay. No more missions. I don't want anything to happen to me or our son. That last trip to Delaya... It was a lot. The last few trips were a reminder that I simply *can't*. I cannot be like Kerrie or El-Nay. I need to leave the combat to them." She realized that there were times when she disregarded her own safety for the safety of her girls. It couldn't continue to be like that. The thought of dying and not spending another moment with Claudius was too painful. She loved him, so she couldn't destroy him by falling in combat. "Is there anything else on your mind, my love?"

"Yes," Claudius said, cryptically, as he ceased rowing and allowed his eyes to move down towards the picnic basket. "I got you a small present. It isn't much, but *we* need it," he said to her, as he drew the oars in alongside him into the boat. Now that they were into the center of the bank he reached for the anchor and threw it overboard, allowing them to remove relatively stationary. With the boat secure he leaned forward towards the picnic basket, opening it, and revealing that on top of the food was the rank insignia of an Imperial Major. "Congratulations, you've been promoted," he said, knowing full well they would need the bump in pay that came with her promotion with additional children on the way. "Don't get this get to your head, *Major* Rodney," he said to her, with a smirk. Next to the rank insignia was a bottle of sparkling starfuit cider, as alcoholic beverages were no longer an option for his pregnant wife. "This calls for a celebration," he said, as he pulled the bottle out of the basket and began working on the cork. A moment later it burst forward, hitting him in the nose, and causing him to stumble back in the boat. "I'm okay," he said, from behind his hand as he brought it up to pinch at his nose. His limited domestic skills had once again shown why the Rodney men belonged in a bubble. He imagines their son tripping and falling inside the womb.

Her eyes followed his down to the picnic basket. A present..? Was it...was it pudding? Sierra wondered. *They* needing pudding, right? She scooted closer towards the edge of her seat. As he opened the picnic basket, he revealed something very surprising: a rank insignia. Her eyes lit up. She had wanted to move up rank. The pay raise was a huge motivator, but it also felt good to know she was doing her job well. This promotion was infinitely better than her one to Commander. She felt good inside. "Horray! Thank you, *Governor*." She took the rank insignia and pinned it on her dress. She giggled softly, having just been thinking that she'd ask him to call her 'Major Rodney' in bed tonight. "It totally was going to my head already." She pushed back blonde locks that fell in front of her eyes. She was tickled and totally happy.

He even had her favorite sparkling starfruit cider. Mmm! She watched the cork burst out of the bottle and hit him in the nose. Ouch! "Are you...!?" She began asking him, only to have him reassure her that he was okay. Sierra looked at him, then reached to her side to reveal her purse. She opened it up. A second later, she showed him a tiny first aid kit she carried in it. "Are you sure..?" She smiled. Poor Bruce was going to have a tough time when he learned to walk. The boy was destined to be clumsy. She set her purse aside, withdrawing two flutes from the picnic basket. She snuck the bottle out of his hand and replaced it with a flute which she filled, then her own. "We have a lot to celebrate, don't we?" She set the bottle down. "Like you being the greatest husband in the history of the galaxy. I love you so much." She lifted her flute to him for a toast.

"I really am fine," Claudius said, as he lowered his hand to reveal that mild bruising had formed upon his nose. Taking his filled flute, he briefly connected it with her glass. "To us!" he said, as he raised the glass to his lips and took a sip. "Don't worry. I haven't forgotten," he said, as he reached down into the picnic basket to reveal that he had stocked up on pudding for their little adventure. "By now Marcus and Zara have been coronated and we are officially free," he told her, relaxing somewhat at the notion that he had one less problem to worry about. With all that had gone on, on Delaya, he almost feld bad for them. Almost. Until he remembered how Zara had shot Sierra.

Ouch, his nose *had* to hurt. As they toasted, she took a little sip of her drink. For a second time, he reached into the picnic basket. This time, he revealed what she thought to be her original gift. Sierra felt that much more pleased. "Exactly. Greatest husband ever." This pudding was convenient, unlike having to climb down Mount Everest at home to acquire pudding. Instead of attacking the pudding immediately, she picked up one of the cute, finger sandwiches. As morning sickness died, Sierra's appetite had begun to return. "That's wonderful news. It was all too much. I think life has been much smoother since we returned back to Esseles. At least no one within our home is trying to murder us." She reached towards him. Her free hand ran over his hand before taking it. Though his time as Duke was brief, she felt pride in him regardless. She didn't think all that had happened was *his* fault. It was circumstances, not him. "Was it wise of us to send all the girls their way?" Sierra chuckled to herself. Revenge! "Did you see Callista left wearing that tiara? She loves it."

"Are you sure we can trust Drusilla?" Claudius asked, before he started laughing. Clearly she was disappointed by his abdication, but certainly not enough to conspire about his death. "Yes. We needed the time alone, and had we not been represented at the coronation in some fashion it would have created quite the scandal and perhaps delegitimized his reign," he explained, though he had quite enough of talking about his estranged brother and sister-in-law. "Yes. I did. She's very cute," he said to her, as suddenly he looked past her, seeming to grow quiet and distant as if his mind was someplace else. "You know ... I've been thinking," he said to her, quietly, as he avoided making eye contact with her at any and all costs. "After our son is born would you like to try for a daughter? One that isn't either using military assets to Rebel against us or spoiled rotten to the core?" he asked, pressing her, as he had hoped to do better next time. Callista had showed him what a truly kind daughter could be like.

Sierra shrugged her shoulders. "I... I figure we'll find out in the morning. If there are no stories trending mentioning us, then we're safe." She knew that she had gifted Marcus and Zara with a handful, but, she agreed that it was important for someone to represent them. The alone time was an added perk. It was lovely to check out of parenting for a single night every rare once in awhile. After all, it was important to continue giving their relationship attention. Sierra was still thinking about Callista. The little girl had been desperate to help the cleaning droid earlier. It was so darn adorable. As she finished her little sandwich, Claudius opened a new topic. He wasn't making eye contact...was there something behind her? She peered over her shoulder to ensure herself that Marcus' sea beast hadn't used instant transmission to move into this lake.

There was nothing but the beauty of the land behind her, so she face him again. She smiled sweetly, opening herself up to whatever he wanted to talk about. Her cheeks flushed as he brought up trying for a daughter. With Callista around, it was hard to not think about it. Callista melted hearts and improved the moods of everyone. She thought she might have even seen her make Dru smile. Sierra happily ran her hands over his face to bring his attention back to her. "I'd love to, Claudius. I'm glad you brought it up because I've been thinking about it too. Callista is such a sweet, precious little girl. It makes me think of what kind of daughter we would have." Her blush became more apparent as she continued speaking. She loved her family and she was on board for expanding it, as seen by her occupied womb. Her finger brushed back through his hair. "Perhaps I've been thinking about it a bit too much. I've got a name in mind." She teased.

"With all these babies to pay for you'll need a Colonel's salary before too long, my love," Claudius said, as he smiled at her from across the rowboat. "Before seeing New Alderaan I was tempted to keep Callista here with us, but now that I've seen it I can see that it is where she belongs and would be a good home for her," he explained, with a reluctant nod of his head. "A name?" he said, happy to find that they were on the same page and perhaps his request was not too crazy considering she was currently pregnant. "And, what name is that?" he asked, pressing her, as he leaned forward, closer to her. His eyes were wide, and he was breathless, hanging on her next word.

She snickered. "I'll get there! I haven't heard any complaints from my bossman yet. I must be doing something right." Sierra knew everything would work out one way or another. She'd get another promotion in time. "I felt the same temptation. Seeing it, I'm glad her situation has improved so much. I don't like keeping Ewwiekewwieikkie away from her. It seemed Mug felt the same last time I saw him and was willing to work something out." Sierra had hooked in her husband. She looked at him with a sparkle in her eyes. He was so close to her that she couldn't resist kissing him, torturing him for minutes longer. "Olivia." She told him. Obviously, it was partially a way of remember his lost mother and a woman they both loved. It also had its own, unique twist. Now it was Sierra who desperately awaited his next word. She *needed* to know what he thought of it.

"Olivia..." Claudius said quietly, as a dreamy smile crept upon his lips. "Olivia..." he repeated again, but this time louder, before gently standing up in the boat. "Olivia!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, excitedly, causing his voice to travel and rattle in the distant mountain ranges. Unfortunately, in his excitement he forgot he was standing in a rowboat. The boat began to rock from side to side from his excited motions and before he knew it he fell over the starboard side right into the lark with a tremendous splash. He went under, but fortunately he had spent so much time with Sierra in the Sea Islands that he was an experienced swimmer. "I'm all wet," he said, as his head breached the surface, looking at her from outside the boat. Suddenly his mouth open and a blast of water surged forward from his mouth at her.

Bruce and Olivia. Both were good, strong names. Olivia instantly got the husband's seal of approval as he repeated it. It was the smile that crept over his face that made her certain he loved it. Sierra watched him shout the name out to the heavens. She felt *very* happy. "Olivia!" She yelled with him as the boat began to rock. Her hands clung to the sides, but he was thrown into the lake. Sierra giggled at her wet husband once he had resurfaced. "That you are!" She poked his nose gently only to be blasted with a surge of water in the chest. She tried her best to make an angry face, but her smile ruined it. "Oh! Now you're in trouble!" Sierra stood up, diving into the water near him and splashing him in the process. She resurfaced beside him with her cheeks slightly bulging with water. Payback! She squirted at him!

Before long a school of dolphins had come to investigate the newest visitors to the lake, cautiously circling around them before, pressing in closer to investigate. "Everywhere we go, nature follows," Claudius told her, as he moved closer to her in the surprisingly warm water. "I really should have had us worn bathing suits, but I didn't want to give away the surprise," he told her, before moving directly in front of her, treading water. As she splashed him he did not protest, but simply moved his face in towards her to place a loving kiss upon her. "I love you so much," he said, before wrapping his arms tightly around her. It would not be long until she was as pregnant and immobile as Zara, so he intended to enjoy the time he had now while he could do things like this with her.

Well, Sierra could officially check off 'swim with the dolphins' from her bucket list. She'd had an unhealthy fascination with them as a child after reading a marvelous book about swimming with them. She was in awe. Somehow, the man before her continued to make her happier and happier. She truly felt like the most lucky girl in the galaxy because Claudius made for her perfect partner. She had no qualms about getting her clothing wet. This surprise had been so wonderful. Sierra's revenge ended in passion. She kissed him, truly feeling so in love with him. Each day they were together, she discovered a new reason to adore him. "I love you so much." She locked her arms around his neck. They were both so wet and silly! Her forehead pressed into his. "I take it you *really* like the name then?" She teased her love, releasing a sigh of pure contentment. "I love you, I really do. You know, I didn't think anything like what we have would ever happen for me. My time with Rikka, it had lasting effects. She convinced me that I was a person I wasn't all the while planting insecurities in my mind. Yet, the longer I'm with you, the more all of that heals. Frankly, you make me feel like the hottest lady out there. How can I be insecure?" She laughed. "*You* make me feel so good. I *love* you. I'll spend my entire life making sure you know that."

"I love the name. As soon as our son is born we'll give your womb a rest and then, for the first time, I'll try for a daughter," Claudius said to her, as he moved his hand to press some wet locks out of her face. "You have nothing to be insecure about. You have made me happier than I deserve," he told her, as he drew her close to him. "I love you so much, and for the first time in a long time I am looking forward to my future," he said, as he passionately kissed her in the tranquil waters of the Esselian lake. "You know what happened to the Grand Moff who got everything he wanted?" he asked, in a rhetorical question. "He lived happily ever after," he told her, with another impassioned kissed.

The cool water of the lake did nothing to calm his urges, and while he had her he began to undress her. As he slid his own pants off they descended to the bottom of the lake, never to be seen again. He was not thinking about how he would make it back to the estate. He was only thinking about how much he wanted her.

All this talk of filling her womb again turned Sierra on. The water around her was warm, but her body was so much warmer. Her heart was full of love for him, and she wanted to promptly express it to him in the greatest way possible. As they treaded water together, Claudius Rodney melted her heart. She, too, was looking forward to the future for the first time in her life. She had everything she wanted, everything she needed. "Happily ever after.." She repeated. Their love transcended reality. She knew his words to be true; they would live happily ever after. The young woman poured her passion out in their kisses. She was so happy that she had managed to find the love of her life.

Close together, Sierra became aware that she wasn't the only one catching heat from the intensely emotional moment. Her dress was easy for him to remove and once it was gone, Sierra didn't think twice about it. The only logical thought in her head was that she was going to take her husband right in the middle of his lake. Nothing else mattered. It certainly didn't matter that she was very much so naked and now he was half nude.

As he came down from his blissful state the implications of what had happened finally dawned upon him. "Sierra, I've lost my pants!" he said in a panic, as he remained in the water with him, now a little murky, wondering how he would ever make it back safely. It was then that he heard the sound of an Imperial engine. It was a shuttle ... it would seem the Chiss Lieutenant *had* gotten concerned when her comms went unanswered!

Slowly, she entered reality. "Pants..?" She blinked. "*Pants*! *Dress*!" She looked around, quickly spotting a dolphin who was playing with her dress as it swam in the water. To make matters worse, what had been a funny joke between them turned into a reality. The Chiss Lieutenant was coming to join them. Where were Claudius' pants?! The water was mostly clear. There were some things that people were bound to notice! Grabbing her dress from the dolphin, she quickly slid into it. "I have an idea!" She exclaimed, quickly ushering him back into the boat. Sierra sat in his lap and spread out the skirt of her dress as much as she could to cover him. It made it less noticeable that he wore nothing from the waist down. Sierra tried to act casual, or simply like she hadn't just achieved a mind-numbing orgasm.

A naked Claudius was covered up only by the presence of his wife on his lap, which would have failed miserably if not for the plentiful nature of her derriere. "Oh this isn't going to work at all," he moaned, as he wrapped his arms around her from behind. Near the shoreline he watched as the shuttle touched down on the shoreline, and Imperial troops began to descend. The Lieutenant pointed at the rowboat, causing Claudius to bury his face in Sierra's shoulder to hide him embarrassment. "It would seem there is no endless supply of privacy, my love," he said, as he kissed the side of her neck. "We must cherish what little we have, when we have it," he said, with a contented sigh as he prepared for the embarrassment to come.

This was already an incredibly embarrassing situation. Sierra felt like *she* was the exposed one as the Imperial shuttle touched down and troops...the people they saw on a near daily basis...loaded out. "It would seem so..." She sighed, nuzzling her face against his head affectionately. She saw a small group of Stormtroopers load themselves into a rowboat and begin making their way over. When they were close enough that they could hear her, Sierra spoke up. "We're *fine*." She reassured the troopers. "Return to the Retributor. I will call the Lieutenant as soon as we arrive home." She was doing her best to avoid making this situation even worse for her husband. One trooper spoke into a comm, then began heading back to shore awkwardly. Sierra sighed. "Crisis averted, I think... Let's go home. We can't get in trouble for being pantless there." She smiled. It had been a damn good night.

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