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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:28) in in the Ralltiir system: Ralltiir (Refugee village).
Trooper Kaiya Crion and Commander Thaddeus Updike.

"Nyah..." Trooper Kaiya Crion had been out for days. Between her injuries, blood loss, and over exertion, her body *needed* the rest. No one had treated her or Thaddeus with respect. The medics barely treated her. The leader of the village who had allowed them to stay there had not made a second appearance. Any other interactions with those who lived within the village were limited. They were given food, but only enough to scrape by. No one was pleased to have Imperials at the camp.

Kaiya's golden eyes blinked several times. Her body felt cattywampus. When she had been hurt previously, she was able to recover in a bacta tank. She healed very quickly. Here, Kaiya was left for her body to naturally recover. As she came to, she realized she was laying on a bed made of blankets and furs...furs of the very same tigers she and Thaddeus had battled. She could feel bandage wrapped around her chest. "Thaddy..?" She began trying to seat herself upright. "Where are we? What's going on?" She recalled that they had crashed. They had no supplies and no ship. They had nothing but each other...which really wasn't all that different from every other day.

Commander Updike had spent the entirety of the time by Kaiya's side, for he knew that the people of this makeshift 'village' knew who they were, and likely despised them for what the Empire had done to Ralltiir. If he were in the same position he likely would not have been as charitable if Rebel refugees were in need of his assistance. He was not sure why they were helping them, but found it unlikely they would heal Kaiya just to execute her later, so he did not feel particularly threatened. Still, as soon as she was able he planned to abandon the village and attempt to link up with Imperial patrols elsewhere on the planet. "Kaiya!" he exclaimed when he heard her stir, but then quickly silenced himself so no one else would hear. "We're among the Ralltiiri ... what's left of them," he said, anxiously, as his eyes shifted around. He moved his hand to the top of her head and began to pet her gently. "You're going to be okay. Then we're getting out of here," he told her quietly, while giving off all the verbal cues and body languages of a very anxious man.

Her nose twitched. She quickly began taking in their surroundings. There were many smells that were unique to Ralltiir. The soil itself seemed to smell *different*. She was relieved to see that Thaddy was unharmed, but he was certainly uncomfortable. They needed to leave the village as soon as possible. "Thaddy!" She squeaked affectionately. She began to purr softly as he pet her. She reached up to rest a paw on his knee. "They didn't do anything to you, did they?" A low growl rumbled in her chest. If someone had laid a finger on him, she'd kill them with her claws. "These people have food and stuffs, I smell it." Her voice dropped down to a whisper. "We should steal from them before we leave. They don't *need* all that stuff. Ugh..." She sat up. Pain reawoke in all of her wounds. "Thaddy, I will never take the bacta tank for granted." Kaiya frowned.

"No. They didn't do anything to me," Thad told her, reassuringly, as he tried to keep his voice down. He was convinced they were being listened to ... even if they were not. "Yes. For what they are they seem well supplied," he pointed out, as part of his mind wondered if they should attempt to overpower them and steal their provisions. After all ... they were traitors to the Empire. "You are not well enough for anything like that ... yet," he added, as he smirked down at her, realizing they were on the same page. "As soon as we get you back to Esseles it's right into the tank for you," he promised her, as he continued to rub the top of her head.

"I'll have never been happier for a swim in bacta. Nyahh!" She nuzzled her head against his hand. If she had been stuck in this predicament with anyone else, they would already be dead. Thankfully, it was Thaddy. Thaddy, who she thought was smart and skilled. "You're right..." Her ears fell. "But we can use me not feeling well as a chance to scope out this place. Mebe they have weapons. They have to with all those crazy tigers out there." She scooted closer towards him. "How long was I out?" She asked him. Now that she was awake, her survival mode was pushed back into overdrive. She wanted to put them in a better situation than currently...and she would. It didn't matter if that meant slaughtering all of the survivors.

Thaddeus smiled at her bacta comment. He wished he had some right now so he could heal her faster and get out of there. "That's a good idea, Kaiya. We will use their naive charity to our advantage," he told her, but when she suggested they might have weapons his ears perked. He had not considered that. "Several days ... unfortunately," he revealed to her, as he continued to look around to make sure no one was lurking around eavesdropping. "Should I summon them?" he asked her, as he wondered what their next step might be.

"Several *days*!?" Her frown grew deeper. Needless to say, Kaiya had some pretty unrealistic expectations for herself. She wanted to be battle ready *now*. Instead, her body ached and every wound threatened to reopen at the wrong movement. She shook her head. "Nyu, not yet. Let me get a little more acquainted with this place first. It smells so weird here, Thaddy. It never used to smell like this." She explained. She was doing a best to get a feel for the camp by smells and sound. Slowly, she lowered herself back down to her blankets. She rested her chin on his leg and closed her eyes. Her focus settled on what she could not see. "Small camp. I'd say there's... Maybe twenty people here, slightly less." She inhaled sharply. "I do smell food. A lot of food. It's close by. My guess is that it's a supply tent. Um. Um." Her ears twitched, then her tail. "I can hear an engine. I think it's roughly a few hundred feet away, but getting closer. It isn't a ship...a small speeder of some kind. Nyah, the engine doesn't sound healthy..." Her eyes opened. "That's the best recon I gots for you, Thaddy."

"Yes. Several days," Thad repeated, as he gently rubbed her head in an attempt to keep her quiet so that their 'hosts' would not realize she was awake. He waited patiently while she attempted to focus and determine their surroundings. He listened to everything she said and made mental notes about what she suspected was in the village. Two Imperial Storm commandos *could* easily dispatch 20 villagers if fully healed and with the right equipment, but they were battered and did not have their gear. The information about the supply tent and potentially a vehicle was very useful, but in their capacity they were limited in one action they took. "When you're well we can attempt to steal that vehicle," he informed her, but he knew for now they were going nowhere.

"Okay. I'll tell you if I figure out any other stuff. It's hard. Everything is so different here. I'm surprised people are even living down here still. How did these people survive?" She wanted to be well *now*. Her body wasn't keeping up with her and that was a problem. So Kaiya did what Kaiya does...she fought it. The little Cathar withdrew herself from her boyfriend. "I'm okay," she told him, throwing the blankets back off of her body. She looked down at her legs with determination. Stupidly, Kaiya began forcing herself to her feet. "I don't want us to have to stay here any longer." She growled at her own weak, exhausted body. "Nyah, I'm better than this." She made it to an upright position but it was painful for her. She winced. Cathar were proud warriors. It was in her blood to not given in to injuries. Her knees were shaking like a newborn deer. Kaiya had found her match in that tiger. It had seriously hurt her.

"These Rebels are more than scum. They are vermin, and vermin can survive almost anywhere..." Thad reminded her, as he continued to listen for any noises indicating they were coming, although her senses were more attuned than his. "What are you doing?" he asked her, angrily, as she attempted to stand up much earlier than she should have. "Get back down. That's an order!" he told her as he, too, stood up and pointed at her in frustration. He watched helplessly as she began to shake, which only caused him to react with more frustration. "Trooper, I order you to lay down," he said, his eyes widening and glaring at her, before folding his arms in front of his chest. He was still her commander, despite their change in situation.

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