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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:9:1) in the Pavo Prime system: Pavo Prime (Una Bombad Smilin Lodging).
Commander Kerrie Kiley, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lady Drusilla Rodney, Lady Jelena Rodney, and Major Sierra Rodney.

What happened on Pavo Prime stayed on Pavo Prime. At least, that's what people liked to say. Sierra Rodney was hoping that this insane Auntie Mae Gungan wedding would not mentally scar anyone. She did hope that it gained some HoloNet coverage...enough to overshadow the terrible Skor II incident. The whole Rodney family was being housed in a hotel Auntie Mae owned directly across the street from Una Bombad Smilin Shrine. Of course, it, too, was Gungan themed but in an interesting way. Claudius and Sierra's suite was build with aquariums in the walls. There were fish species that Sierra had never seen before swimming around. For Nea, it was slow torture. She had seen the felinx pawing at the fish so many times since they arrived. Though she loved the fish, Sierra's favorite feature was the antique piano that was supposed to be strictly for decoration. Being a musician, Sierra could only resist the instrument for so long. Her fingers were itching to play it.

And so, that is exactly what Sierra was doing on the morning of her *second* wedding to the same man. She only wore her robe. Her blonde hair was damp from the shower she'd only recently gotten out of. Sierra was in an extraordinary mood. She was playing a happy tune as children came in and out of their room looking for this, that, and the other thing. Sierra knew she would be the last to get dressed. She always put everyone else before herself. That was how she preferred life to be. She was determined to make today a very good day.

Claudius Rodney had changed into civilian attire as he knew that there would be a ton of holovids taken the next few days, and he did not want his participation to be construed as an Imperial endorsement. He was holding his son, Bruce in his arms, and allowing him to get a view of the collection of fish in the wall. "He seems really captivated. He's going to love the floor in the Sea Island retreat," he told Sierra, as he tried to ignore the felinx mingling between his legs and pawing at the fish in the wall. "I can't believe we're doing this," he said, as he turned his head and smirked at his wife. "I need to unwind ... *we* need to unwind..." he reminded her, as every time Bruce looked towards the fish it made him feel young as well.

When Sierra's tune ended, she turned around on the piano seat to face her husband and her son. She saw the way Bruce looked at the fish. He seemed to love aquatic life just as they did. "We should take him with us next time. He loves Sea Betsy. He'll be happy to see other sea cows." She smiled brightly. "I can't believe it either. If it turns out to be too ridiculous, we'll run to the Sea Island retreat and pretend it never happened." Sierra rose. She drew herself to her family. "Look at that one." She pointed out a bright blue fish to Bruce, who immediately angled his head to look at it. "How do you suggest we 'unwind', hubby dearest?" Her hand ran over his back slowly. She was glad that they had brought the whole family ... and she was pretty sure Ewwiekewwieikkie was glad to be there because each room had a soft serve Auntie Mae ice cream machine in it.

"I am not setting foot in that retreat until it's been deloused," Claudius stated plainly, still remembering with contempt the damage that had been done by the Rebel scum. "You need to embrace the ridiculousness this week," he said, as he turned to face her and gave her a little wink. "Well, we eat a lot of free ice cream. Let the girls have fun. Get married ... *again*. And don't murder any Gungans," he said, with a straight face, before starting to laugh. "Everyone seems to be enjoying it so far," he said, but they had only just gotten there. Unfortunately because he was holding Bruce he could not cross his fingers.

She laughed. "Agreed. Disgusting Rebels." She rolled her eyes. It was better that they had taken their mattress, because Sierra would have had it burned. She hated to think that Rebels had been in their home. Sierra laughed once more, particularly at the 'don't murder any Gungans' portion of his plans. "Nope. I make no promises about Gungan casualties. Remember Claudius, we're about to meet someone named 'Doo Doo Fast'." Try as she might to say it with a straight face, Sierra burst out laughing. "I read that the wedding cake provided is an ice cream cake. Has Ewwiekewwieikkie ever tried an ice cream cake?" She asked him as she moved towards their suitcase. "If we're going to get married *again* today, I guess I need to get dressed. We'll need to leave Nea here. I really don't know if Gungans eat felinx and I don't want to find out."

"It has always been my policy to never judge an alien by their name, or criticize a foreign culture because of their language, but..." Claudius said, as he moved a reluctant Bruce away from the fish tank back over towards the bed, with Nea in tow. "...but that was before I heard the name 'Doo Doo Fast'," he explained to her, before snorting loudly through his nose. "An ice cream cake? I actually love ice cream cake," he confessed, as he sat down on the edge of the bed where they were quickly joined by the felinx. "I have to assume that she has, but if she has not then I don't think we're getting *any* of that cake," he said, with another laugh ... he was already enjoying himself.

Sierra looked over her shoulder at him. She was grinning. "That name is asking for it. You need to repeat it enough times that we can both hear it without laughing, otherwise meeting him is going to be very awkward." She collected various things from her bag. He'd be dressed in minutes. For Sierra, it took significantly longer. "You love ice cream cake?! You should have told me sooner! I *love* ice cream cake too. As unconventional as it is to say, I like ice cream cake *more* than regular cake." She perched herself on the edge of the bed near the nightstand. First, she grabbed her hair dryer and began to dry her hair on a quiet setting so they could continue talking. She laughed again, imagining Ewwiekewwieikkie shoving cake into her mouth with both of her hands. "Here's what we'll do. You can put a spoon in your pocket. When the cake comes out, you can use it as a distraction. I'll sneak away two pieces. Viola. We got our taste." She chuckled. "You know, I had the top layer of our cake frozen. We're going to try that at our one year anniversary. I have to know if it's still good after that long. If it's not, then I'll be one very sad, sick pregnant lady..."

"Doo Doo Fast! Doo Doo Fast! Doo Doo Fast!" Claudius repeated three times, before bursting into laughter. No, they were *never* going to get used to *that* name. "I try not to mention my love of desserts, for ever since Ewwiekewwieikkie entered my life it's been very difficult to get any. Moreso with Melickielickie added to the family," he said, with a wry smile as he ruefully remembered the loss of two decades of decadent desserts. However, it did make it easier for him to pass his yearly physical. "It's going to have to be one hell of a spoon to distract her from a cake," he said, as he brought his hand up and gently caressed her cheek with his index finger. "Just remember ... never get between a Squib and a cake ... that's how accidents happen," he reminded her, as he had come to know all too well.

Sierra tried so hard not to laugh. She couldn't stop herself. Each time she heard that name, it took all of the seriousness out of her. She couldn't hold back and began to laugh with him. "I'll let you in on my secret, love. Hide in the pantry when you want to eat something sweet. It takes them a good five minutes to find me when I sneak a pudding." Sierra grinned brightly. "You're right... We'd need one of those Big Spoons of Absolute Intelligence from the college in Metrobig.." She frowned, creeping closer towards him. "We're trying to avoid accidents this trip. Ewwiekewwieikkie can have the cake. Are you ready to go?" She asked him despite being dressed in only her robe. "You're going to get kicked out of our room soon. You know the rules; no seeing the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony." Sierra teased as she leaned forward to kiss his lips. She may not get any cake, but she still had plenty of sugar.

"Hiding in the pantry? You're a genius!" Claudius informed her, as he looked at her with an astonished gaze. He had Ewwiekewwieikkie for more than 20 years and had thought of it, whereas in a matter of months Sierra had it all worked out. "Oh sure. Just give away my cake why don't you," he complained, before folding his arms in front of his chest and pouting. Before he could complain further Sierra silenced him with a kiss, which was always his preferred way of being interrupted. "Fine... I'll go," he said, as the kiss broke, before backing away from her while pouting again. "I can't wait to see what you wear this time," he added, with a wink, as he suddenly felt something under his back leg. It was too late. "Gaah!" he cried out, before he tripped over Nea backwards, landing square on his back. "Ow," he groaned, as he lay there, unmoving, nearly dazed. Within moments Nea was upon him, licking at his face, now that he had him right where he wanted him.

"Yes, yes. I *am* a genius." She giggled. Sierra had only figured it out so quickly after she felt murderous when all of her pudding had disappeared. She loved, loved, *loved* her girls but a pregnant woman had her cravings. Sierra laughed once more. "Okay, I'll put up a fight for your cake and we can spend the evening in the medcenter." Her attention turned over to Bruce, who was completely dressed and ready to be taken to the venue. She laid down on her side to kiss his chubby cheeks. "You'll like it. I know you will." She referred to her clothing. No one had seen Nea make his way down from the bed to the floor where he promptly tripped Claudius. "Claudius!" Sierra shot up from the bed to check on her husband. "Nea!" She reached down with both arms and picked up the large felinx. "Are you okay, love? Did Nea assault you?" She placed the felinx in front of a see through wall. She hoped he would be entertained with the fish long enough for Sierra to help her husband to his feet. She arrived in front of him and offered both of her hands to him. "Maybe you should just stay with me."

Claudius lay on the ground nursing a bruised back, but even more badly injured ego, when Sierra rescued him from the fearsome felinx. "Sierra!" he said so weakly and pathetically that it was borderline cute. He looked up at her, before exhaling a deep sigh, hoping this would not affect the wedding or ... more importantly ... the honeymoon. He lay there a moment, before offering up his hands and raising up slowly with an 'old man groan'. "Yes. Yes I think I should," he said, as he made his way back towards the bed with her assistance. "That darn felinx!" he complained, as he looked over towards Nea, who was currently mesmerized by the unobtainable fish.

It was pathetically cute... Sierra had to internalize the 'awwww' that wanted to escape from her lips. Instead, she helped him up and to the bed. "I came prepared this time." She told him as she sat him down on the bed. She darted back to their suitcase to find a warm compress, a single piece of the first aid kit she had brought with them. The woman glanced towards the felinx who, once again, had forgotten that she and Claudius existed. Sierra settled behind her husband on the bed with her legs situated on either side of his. She pressed the warm compress to his back. "I'm going to get Nea a leash if he keeps doing things like that." Sierra grumbled. No sooner had Sierra begun playing nurse did she hear a knock at the door. "Come in," she called out.

Lady Drusilla Rodney entered the bridal suite wearing a dress that cost nearly as much as a luxury speeder. When she saw her father receiving treatment to his back she assumed the worst and became discouraged. "Ick," she said," rolling her eyes, and turning to face away. "Mama, Papa," she said, as she brought her hand up to shield her eyes from looking towards them. "I received a message saying they needed your exact measurements and recent images for the cake," she warned them, completely unsure of what it was about.

Behind Claudius, Sierra's face had turned bright red. It *did* look bad. She didn't even try to defend herself this time. "Hold this on your back," she said to Claudius, waiting until his hand was over the compress. Sierra then rose from behind him. "You can look again, Dru." She approached her stepdaughter. "Oh, okay." Her measurements? Even she didn't know her measurements right now. Her pregnancy had suddenly become very obvious. It had taken her awhile to show as much with Bruce, but twins came with different rules, she supposed. "I'll send that in right away. Thank you for letting me know. While you're here. . ." Sierra moved towards her suitcase. She dug through its contents until she found a velvet black box. Slowly, she turned back towards Drusilla. "I wanted to give this to you before I married your father on Delaya. It all happened very quickly. We didn't know each other as well as we do now. I didn't feel the time was right. Now is different." She offered her the box. "The Rodney family welcomed me with open arms. I want to welcome you and your sisters will open arms as well. Eight months ago, I married your father, but it isn't his happiness alone that matters to me. Yours, Ewwiekewwieikkie's, and Jelena's matters to me as well."

Inside of the box, Drusilla would find an elaborate bracelet with gorgeous blue gems embeded around it. "My great, great, great grandfather made this bracelet. It's been passed throughout the Dakkar family. It's one of a kind. I want you to have it."

"Oh. A gift? For *me*?" Drusilla asked coyly, but she nevertheless expected a gift at every occasion. Excitedly she snatched the box while listening to Sierra's preamble, but while her stepmother was still talking, she was already working on getting the box open. She gasped audibly when she saw it, but then quickly calmed herself so that Sierra would not realize what a good job she had done. She needed to ensure that she would try even harder next time. "Oh thank you," she said, revealing a half smile, which was a big gesture on her part. Tossing the box away it quickly made itself worthy of an investigation by Nea, while she strapped the bracelet on. She extended her arm, flicking her wrist to see how the light caught it at different angles.

Sierra couldn't stop herself from smiling. It had been a bumpy road with Drusilla, especially after the yacht incident. She hoped the fill the shoes as a mother to her. Lately, she felt as if their relationship had improved. The gift wasn't about buying her stepdaughter's affections. It was symbolic over everything else. "It looks wonderful on you, dear." She said, watching Drusilla continue to investigate it. A half smile was more than enough to make Sierra feel very happy, that and the fact that Dru had called her 'Mama'. "It goes well with your dress. It seems everyone is ready for the day but myself. I suppose I should get those measurements and pictures to Auntie Mae and get ready." Before she could begin worrying about how she was going to take her measurements, she noticed measuring tape on the top of the dresser next to the hotel's datapad which Sierra had used to order breakfast earlier. "Will you peek in on your sisters and make sure they haven't eaten themselves into a coma, Drusilla?"

"Sure, sure," Drusilla replied, but she only heard one word in three that Sierra was saying as she was more focused on examining the bracelet. She turned around slowly, smiling down at the bracelet, and then proceeded to walk right into the door. "Ow!" she said, briefly dazed, before staggering backwards. "Who put a door there?" she demanded to know, before looking up and carefully working out the suite to make sure her sisters had eaten, as she thought she had been instructed to do.

"This whole family is injury prone," Claudius said, as he watched his daughter walk into the door. "That was very nice of you," he said to Sierra, once they were alone. His back was already feeling better thanks to her treatment, but with his nerves the way they were he was cautious of getting out of bed. "I wonder what they have in mind that they need that kind of information?" he asked his wife, as his mind began to race with Auntie Mae and Gungan conspiracies. "We need to install a fish wall in the estate," he suggested, as he watched Nea observing the fish, with his tail moving back and forth.

"Dru..!" Sierra cried out in warning, only to watch her stepdaughter collide with the door. She was already on her way to look in her first aid kit for something for Drusilla when she made her quick departure. With a sigh, Sierra grabbed the measuring tape and made her way over towards the bed. "Bubbles for *all* of you!" She unrolled the measuring tape with a growing smile on her face. "It's something I've been wanting to do for her awhile. I'm glad to see she liked it so much." She offered him the measuring tape then slipped off her robe. Beneath it, she wore her underwear and that was it. "I can only imagine what they want our measurements for... Do you think we should run away now? Can you measure me?" She asked him, offering him a pout of her own. "I can't keep track of my measurements when my stomach grows by the hour." She chuckled. Pregnancy wasn't a negative thing for Sierra. She enjoyed it. She was also more than a little shocked by how different it was the second time from the first. Time seemed to be passing much quicker this time too. Her attention moved over to the amused felinx. "I think so too. I can imagine Bruce and Nea sitting in front of it watching the fish for hours... We really need to take them both to the Sea Island retreat."

Claudius had faced off against Rebel terrorists during his last trip, but he would prefer that to revealing to Sierra her new measurements. "Uh. Yeah ... sure," he told her, before swallowing nervously and rising from the bed. He reached out and took the measuring tape from her as if it were his death warrant. Moving behind her, he carefully took measurements at all of her key areas, but just because he knew them did not mean he had to tell her. "Okay. That's done. I'll get these off to Auntie Mae," he said, quietly, looking down at the floor, before putting the measuring tape back and hoping that was over with. "Yes. We need to get to the sea islands," he said, nervously, as he attempted to change the subject.

*She* didn't need to know. Sierra simply stayed still and let him take care of everything. "Thank you, love. I hope we don't regret sending those..." Imagining all the bad situations they could be walking into made Sierra feel uptight and uncomfortable. "After all this is over, we'll go back there." She decided. At long last, Sierra was able to get herself dressed. From their suitcase, she pulled out a dress concealed in a bag. "Close your eyes," she said to him with a little giggle. "At least let me surprise you a little." She removed the dress from its bag. She had opted to wear white again, only this dress wasn't the one she had worn on Delaya (it was likely she didn't fit in it at the moment). She slowly put on the dress. It had no sleeves. Instead, it clung to the sides of her arms revealing her slender, feminine shoulders. It was form fitting enough to make her baby bump obvious, but not enough that she was uncomfortable. She didn't let him look until she finished fooling around with her hair. Only then did she approach him. "Okay. You can look now."

When Claudius turned to look and open his eyes he was caught by the striking vision of his wife who looked, in a word, ravishing. His heart stopped, and not merely because of his age, but because of how he was taken by her. "Don't move a muscle," he pleaded with her, as he took a mental picture of her. He wanted to remember this. But, before he could say another word the moment was interrupted by the opening of the door. He assumed it was one of the children, and it was, but the last one he expected.

Commander Kerrie Kiley entered the bridal suite, but rather than being dressed in her Imperial uniform or armor, she was instead wearing her old Mabari armor from her native planet of Zolan, which she had used during her bounty hunting career. "I have done your bidding, milady," she said, with an obedient bow to Sierra, before revealing she was carrying the stunned and bound body of Jelena Rodney. She had traveled to New Alderaan as ordered, but rather than attempt to reason with her, she simply stunned her and abducted her. In her mind, she had returned their daughter to them and had performed her duty perfectly.

Sierra wore a wide grin on her face. She was feeling very, very happy today. Whatever happened at the ceremony, she'd ride through it with Claudius and return to their suite to laugh at the name 'Doo Doo Fast' later on. He turned her into a blushing bride as he instructed her not to move. She stayed. The way he looked at her made her heart melt. It may have been the second time they wed, yet it was still so important. Sierra would never forget it. Her intent had been to kiss him, then gather all the children and leave. They were disrupted. Her head shot to the door, fully expecting Melickielickie or Callista. Instead it was...

"Kerrie!" She gasped. Though she spoke the Clawdite's name, her eyes were glued to Jelena who was stunned *and* cuffed. The surprise for father's day had been foiled. Jelena was sure to be furious when she came back to. Sierra stood there, open mouthed and wordless. "Kerrie." Her mouth was dry. "I told you to ask her to come home. I didn't want you to force her! Uncuff her." She brought her hand to her face in both disappointment and rage. She forced herself to take a deep breath. "Claudius," she began, feeling as if she might have a heart attack over Kerrie bringing Jelena here without concealing her on top of being ... *cuffed and stunned*! "I asked Commander Kiley to go to New Alderaan and see if Jelena would come home for father's day. I thought it would make for a nice surprise for all of the children to be here for it. She wasn't supposed to use force." Now Sierra was the one feeling weak. She lowered herself onto the bed. It was a stupid idea. She should had never asked Kerrie for help.

Claudius was horrified when he saw Kerrie enter the room with a subdued Jelena. He made his way swiftly across the room until he was standing in front of her. "Imbecile," he chastised her, before bring his hand up swiftly to backhand her, causing her to stumble back in shock and horror. "Sierra, check on her vitals," he said, as he looked down at his stunned daughter. "You ... you remove these cuffs and leave!" he ordered her, his cheeks flushed red as his heart rate massively elevated. His breathing was intensified and he was nearly panting, while his nostrils were inflamed like a nerf in heat. If Kerrie had hurt Jelena she would pay dearly.

Kerrie staggered backward when struck, quickly bringing her hand up to her bruised cheek in an attempt to protect herself. She quickly dropped to her knees, groveling pathetically, until she was given orders. "Y-y-yes, milord," she said, as she quickly moved to the fallen body of Jelena and removed the binders. When done, she quickly rose from her feet and scurried from the room like a pest. She did not understand what went wrong, as she had assumed that Claudius and Sierra would have been happy to have Jelena back.

Jelena would need to be returned immediately. This wasn't the way Sierra had planned things. She wondered if she should have instructed Kerrie more clearly to avoid such a grave misunderstanding. She felt bad when Kerrie was backhanded. As massive as the mistake was, Kerrie had made plenty of sacrifices for the family before. She didn't know that she deserved to be so harshly reprimanded. Regardless, the Clawdite scampered off and Sierra made her way to the ground beside Jelena. She rolled her onto her back where she began to check her vitals as well as search for any sign of additional injury. "Shit Jelena, I'm sorry." She whispered to her long-time best friend. Her eyes rose up to Claudius. "No injuries. Her vitals are fine. ...I can't believe Kerrie did this. I told her to back down if Jelena didn't want to come, not to use brute force and kidnap her." She frowned down at her stepdaughter. She ran her hand through Jelena's hair slowly. "Come on. Come back to us, Jelena."

"Ugh," Jelena Rodney groaned as she started to come around after being stunned by Kerrie. The last thing she remembered was walking back from the command center on New Alderaan when suddenly the lights went out. "Where ... where am I..." she asked weakly, as all she could see at the moment was a red blur. Her eyes open and closed slowly until the blur began to clarify and the image of Sierra came into view. "Sierra?!" she exclaimed, as she attempted to lift her bed quickly off the floor, but she did not have the strength yet.

Sierra placed a hand on her friend. "Stay laying down. You were stunned. Give yourself a few minutes and I'll help you up." Sierra promised. "You're on Pavo Prime with your father, myself, and the rest of the family. She peered over to the bed where Bruce had fallen asleep. "Let me explain what happened. Independently, I approached Kerrie Kiley to ask you to return home for the weekend so you could celebrate father's day with us. I explicitly instructed her to back down if you didn't want to come home. Apparently she didn't listen to me. You were shocked, cuffed, and brought here. Did anything else happen? Are you in pain?" She asked her in a concerned tone. "I will take you back to New Alderaan as soon as you are well enough."

"Stunned? What?" Jelena asked, as she tried desperately to remember what happened, but everything was still fuzzy. "Pavo Prime ... I'm not supposed to be..." she said, weakly, as she placed her hands on either side of her and attempted to push herself up the ground. "Kerrie did this?" she asked, as she managed to rise up to a seated position. "My head hurts," she explained to Sierra, before raising her hand to rub the side of her head. "Why ... why are you on Pavo Prime?" she asked, as she looked down to the ground and continued to blink to sharpen her vision and regain her composure. She did not understand why this had happened.

She wondered if Jelena had hit her head after she was stunned, or if her headache was relating to aftereffects of getting stunned. She pulled away from her for a moment to find painkillers. When she opened up the small fridge within their room to find something for Jelena to drink, all she found was blue milk: her latest addiction. She sighed, grabbing a bottle of it before returning to her. "Take this. It should help with your head." She handed her the medication and a drink. "Please have Doctor Tohan check on you when you get back to New Alderaan.." In this family, every day Sierra regretted not being a medical doctor. She kept a hand on Jelena's back to help steady her. "We're here because one of your sisters entered us into some insane Auntie Mae sweepstakes ... and we actually won. We won a Gungan wedding. I figured for all she puts us through, we might as well go through with it. Ridiculous, isn't it?"

Jelena reached up to take the glass of cold blue milk and pain medication, which she quickly downed. However, when Sierra continued with the story and revealed the purpose of their visit to Pavo Prime she was concerned she might have suffered a brain injury for she could not believe what she was wearing. "A Gungan wedding? Are you sure that's considered 'winning'?" she asked, as she raised her hand to her head and began to scratch. She exhaled deeply, before raising up from the ground and trying to get back on her feet. Her eyes moved towards her father, cautiously, as they still had a very complicated relationship. "Hello, father," she said, awkwardly, as she shifted her gaze towards her baby brother instead.

Claudius watched Sierra tend to Jelena while he tried to catch his breath after dealing with Commander Kiley. "I am sorry for what has befallen you," he said, slowly, as he waved his aching hand a bit. "Will you stay for the ceremony?" he asked, before uncomfortably swallowing and shifting his gaze down to Nea in front of the wall of fish. His breathing was strained as he was unquestionably nervous about his unexpected reunion with his eldest child.

"I am not. However, I think it's worth letting it all play out. If nothing else, I know Ewwiekewwieikkie, Melickielickie, and Callista will have a good time." Sierra rose back to her feet and made her way towards the bed. She needed to get her comlink. She'd need to summon El-Nay to borrow her ship to take Jelena home, as using an Imperial ship wouldn't go over well. Sierra felt tired already and the ceremony had yet to start. She took to the sidelines while Jelena and Claudius had their awkward reunion. Sierra preoccupied herself with her son. She gently picked him up from the bed and cradled him against her body. Her fingers ran through his hair and down his small back. "Are you watching the fish?" She whispered to him as she tried to follow Bruce's line of vision to... Nea. It seemed he was watching the felinx's twitching fluffy tail as Nea grew excited by the fish. She saw him paw at the wall as one neared.

Sierra was brought back into the conversation when she heard Claudius' question. Jelena hadn't been there for their wedding. That occurred during the time when they all thought she was dead. As badly as she wanted her best friend to witness some sort of a wedding, she couldn't force it. "You don't have to, Jelena. We're not going to force you to stay. I can get a ship here rapidly." Sierra reassured her. She nudged her husband with her elbow to remind him that she was there to support him.

Jelena bit at her lower lip as she listened to her father's question, but rather than answer she simply shifted her focus to the ground and moved her right foot about anxiously. "So you got a felinx?" she asked Sierra, and Bruce, as she did whatever she could to shift the conversation elsewhere. It certainly seemed that her family was stockpiling critters by the dozen. She moved over towards the wall to watch the fish and sealife swim by, and caught a glimpse of her reflection as she considered their request. "Very well. I will remain," she replied, after a long pause, and without turning to look at either of them. "Where is Drusilla?" she asked, thinking it best she move from the scene to hide amongst her sisters.

"It's more like we attracted a felinx. It was a stray that fell in love with your father." If the wall of fish wasn't there, she had no doubt that Nea would be on top of Claudius. The shift in conversation made Sierra assume Jelena was declining and trying to think of the best way to do it. She was already reaching for her comm when, to her surprise, Jelena agreed to stay. Sierra saw how uncomfortable she was here with them. She had no idea if that would ever change or not. Regardless, Sierra decided to give her the out she needed. She rose with Bruce in tow. "I'll take you to her. She can help get you ready." She led Jelena from their suite and into a short hallway. "I'm glad you're going to stay. When we married on Delaya, I would have given anything for you to be there... Pissed at me or not." Sierra smiled. She paused at Drusilla's door and knocked. "Dru! I need you to help out your sister." She called out.

There was a loud groan from Drusilla's suite as the teenager heard the knock at her door, interrupting her makeup session. She extended her hands in front of her and exhaled deeply to calm herself, before gracefully rising from her vanity and moving towards the door. "I already made sure that Ewwiekewwieikie and Melickielickie ate. I opened the minibar for them," she said, before opening the door and seeing Jelena with Sierra. "Oh. Here to upstage me, sister?" she asked, before moving away from the door to pout as she once again felt relegated to second place with the presence of her elder, firstborn sister.

Sierra sighed. It seemed Drusilla had barely been listening by the time she asked her to check and make sure they weren't eating themselves into oblivion. "Thank you, Dru." Sierra said regardless as she pushed Jelena into her room quickly. "Have some sisterly bonding time together. I don't want anyone to recognize Jelena when you're done with her, Drusilla. It's important that no one finds out she's here. I don't want anymore trouble today." Sierra couldn't take the pouting. Before she got a triple pout from Dru, Jelena, and Bruce, she turned away from them to head back into the safety of her own suite. Briefly swallowed up by her thoughts, Sierra didn't notice Nea switching from one wall to another. She tripped on the felinx, quickly managing to regain her balance before she dropped Bruce. "Gah!" She stopped walking. The felinx weaved in and out of her legs. She looked at Claudius and pouted. "I think we should just leave for the Sea Island retreat now." She said, placing Bruce inside of his bouncer where she couldn't accidentally fall on him. "Everything is already falling apart." She complained while clipping him in.

"Careful!" Claudius cried out as he saw his wife nearly trip over Nea as he did. That darn felinx, he thought to himself, as he rushed to be near his wife. "You know if that's what you want I'll absolutely start packing and see that we get there," he said, as he waited for her to finish securing Bruce in the bouncer. Once he was secure he stepped forward and wrapped both of his arms tightly around his bride. "It's not your fault what happened to Jelena," he said to her, reassuringly, before placing a kiss upon her. "I love you. Jelena loves you," he promised her, as he rested one hand upon the small of her back, while he brought the other up to support the back of her head.

Sierra rested herself against her love. She closed her eyes tight. What had happened to Jelena made her very upset. The instructions she gave Kerrie had been implicit. The frustration and upset weighed in on her until she was sobbing against his chest. Her head shook. "No, no. It *is* my fault." She said, lifting her chin so he could hear her instead of having to decipher muffled noises. "I should have gone to New Alderaan myself. That's what this whole debacle has taught me. First El-Nay betrayed my trust by endangering the girls at the zoo...and now Kerrie and Jelena. I should have known. I *know* their history." She explained to him, drawing her face back against his chest. "I try so hard and sometimes it totally blows up in my face." She took a deep breath.

"It's not your fault. It's dangerous for you to travel to New Alderaan. Particularly with Inquisitor Thrope breathing down our necks. It was wise of you to take precautions," Claudius continued, as his hand moved up and down her back affectionately. "Jelena is *fine* and now she'll be here for the wedding. Everything is okay, my love," he told her, before lowering his face and placing a kiss upon the top of her head. "Nothing has blown up in your face. Everything is okay," he repeated, in another attempt to reassure her. "I know what may cheer you up. I have a surprise, but I planned to save it for *after* the wedding..." he told her, cryptically, before backing away from her with an up to something smirk plastered upon his face.

Claudius reminded her of the road of logic that Sierra had considered before summoning Kerrie in the beginning of this adventure. It wasn't so easy for her to go to New Alderaan. Everyone would be deeply affected if the Rebels were to capture her. They couldn't afford it. She wrapped her arms around her husband. There, his words and gestures slowly calmed her down. Sierra never wanted any of her family to get hurt. Seeing Jelena cuffed and stunned had set off an emotional response inside of her. It was the one that turned her from mama to mother lioness. Slowly, she pulled her head away from him and allowed the dark clouds to pass by. On the morning of their second wedding, he reminded her of one of the million reasons why she loved him. She started to feel better. He finished the deal by preoccupying her with the lure of a surprise. His smirk was a hint and a was a good one. "What?! A surprise!? What is it?" She pressed him, then bit her lower lip. "Ugh, you should save it. Don't surprise me because Kerrie put me in a crappy mood." She wanted to know. It was in her eyes. If he made her wait, it would be a continuous tease.

"Shh," Claudius pleaded, as he touched his right index finger to his lips. He stepped away to take hold of his luggage, before digging around a bit. Moments later he produced a small jewelry box, delicately wrapped, and moved all too slowly for her. He reached out, handing her the box, before smiling proudly at her. "I hope it means as much to you as it does me," he said, knowing full well that it was not the *real* surprise. Inside was a decorative identity collar for Nea.

Sierra watched him. She was looking for clues as to what the surprise was. He was very sneaky. She had no idea that he was up to anything. Eyeing the jewelry box, Sierra couldn't begin to guess what was inside of it. It could be anything from pudding...yes, pudding was the pregnant woman's first any variety of jewelry. She brought a hand up to her face to wipe away her tears. Jelena would recover from Kerrie's mistake. They would all move forward from it. She blushed as she took the box. "I'm sure it will." Sierra responded with a growing smile. Slowly, she pried open the box. What she saw inside made her laugh. "Oh honey, you shouldn't have.." She lifted the decorative collar from the box and held it against her neck. "You probably should have gone for a few sizes bigger." She winked at him. "Nea!" She called out. She needn't search for the felinx. She saw him seated beside Bruce purring loudly. She placed the collar on him. "It's official, you're stuck with us, Neapolitan." She looked down at the felinx. She pet him with both of her hands. "What do you think?" She picked up Nea to show Claudius.

"Purrfect," Claudius told her, before laughing at his admittedly awful pun. He reached forward, scratching at the felinx' head, before moving away to return to his suitcase. This time he pulled out two flimsiplast scrolls wrapped in ornate bows, with one having rather obvious strands of blue fur on it. He held one in each hand before moving over towards her and extending them to her. One was from the High Court of Delaya certifying Sierra's legal adoption of Jelena and Drusilla, while the other was from the Squib Polyanarchy certifying Sierra's adoption of Ewwiekewwieikkie ... along with a note from the King and his personal comm frequency. It had taken some work on his part, but he had managed to arrange everything to make her their *legal* mother. Quite the achievement considering she was his aide which meant having to do it on his own with no assistance.

Sierra laughed at his pun. She set Nea back down on the ground and watched the felinx dart towards the wall to watch fish once more. "He kneads you, Claudius." Sierra offered up her own terrible pun with a growing smile on her face. From his suitcase, Claudius withdraw what Sierra could only assume was the real surprise, or some more accessories for Nea. She understood. She'd browsed the felinx toys last time she bought Sorbet food. He had her totally stumped. Looking down at the flimisplast scrolls, she had no idea what they would say. The perplexed look on her face said that he'd successfully surprised her. "What is this?" She asked him. Sierra reached for the scroll which had obvious blue fur on it. This one had to be from Ewwiekewwieikkie...or had at least touched her. She carefully unwrapped the ornate bow and opened the flimisplast scroll. In an instant, it was obvious what the scroll was. As she read its contents, the smile on Sierra's face grew and her tears came back...*happy* tears. She was speechless. She looked up at her husband in awe. Could the other scroll be...!?!?

She quickly grabbed it. Her fingers were shaking while she undid its bow. She opened it up. Indeed, this one was from the High Court of Delaya. She read every word of its contents as tears streamed down her face. She loved Jelena, Drusilla, and Ewwiekewwieikkie very much. Secretly, she had wanted this to happen badly. Sierra also thought it wasn't something she should press. They were legally her children now, and she, *Iegally* their mother. She could only guess all the work her husband had secretly done to arrange this. It was the perfect surprise. "Claudius!" She tackled him. Her arms wrapped around his neck. Her shaking hands were still clutching the scrolls. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!"

"Oof," Claudius groaned, as she unexpectedly tackled him, causing them to both fall backwards onto the Gungan water bed. "Careful, or you'll break this," he said, unaware that there were fish inside of it as well. "I'm glad you like it ... truly. Just promise me you'll never contact the King on that private comm frequency," he teased, before lifting his face and placing a loving kiss upon her. "You're welcome," he said, as a smirk returned to his face. "Now what did you get me?" he asked, with a soft chuckle, before leaning up to kiss her again.

Sierra laughed and laughed. "Ew, no!!! The King will not be hearing from me!" Her mood had completely overturned. She pressed her lips against his neck and kissed him. She only derailed briefly to kiss his lips. She was *legally* his children's mother! The happiness she felt as a result of that was impossible to describe. There weren't enough 'thank yous' in the world to express how grateful she was that he saw her fit to mother Drusilla, Jelena, and Ewwiekewwieikkie. She lifted her head from his neck. "Mm.." And right back into another kiss. Cupping his face, Sierra kissed him deeply. "What did I get *you*? I got you a felinx, a sea cow, otters, a miniature bantha, *another* Squib daughter, a, *two* sons, and a daughter. Not to mention the last eight months you've gotten to spend with me. What more can you ask for?" Sierra playfully nipped his throat. "You're right though. I wouldn't leave home without something for you. It's more of a father's day present than a second wedding present. Stay put." She instructed him as she rose from the water bed.

It was her turn to search through her belongings. What she withdrew from her suitcase wasn't nearly as interesting as the scrolls. In fact, it was nothing more than a simple datapad. Sierra sat on the bed at his side. She flicked it on, then navigated through some files until she found one of three that were for him alone. "Here. Poke the middle of the screen when you're ready." She placed the datapad in his hands. Her fingertips brushed over the back of his hands affectionately as they moved away. "Even I haven't seen this video yet." She told him, sinking in closer. The video was a 4D ultrasound of the twins. She had very carefully had Doctor Bailo do the ultrasound at home without letting anyone know. Neither she nor Claudius had really seen the twins yet. In many ways, it still seemed surreal.

Claudius reached for the datapad cautiously, with his eyes going slowly towards his wife. After the the Nea joke he had just played on her he wondered if she had something else in store for him. "What is this a video of? Is this another Auntie Mae special? Oh please don't let it be from the King of Skor II..." he said, with a soft chuckle, before moving his finger onto the screen to start it. Unfortunately, he was now so old that his circulation was slowly and his finger was not warm enough to activate the video. "Blast," he said, before poking it repeatedly, which caused the video to play. "Oh my ... is that..." he asked, as he saw the amazing footage of their twins come to life on the screen. Tears began to well up in the corner of his eyes as he watched the future unfold before his very eyes. "Okay. You beat me," he said, before leaning over to place a kiss upon her again.

"Any transmissions from the King of Skor II are to be deleted." Sierra squeaked. She felt anxious as he poked at the screen repeatedly. Would he like it? It was round two for Sierra and she still felt excited about everything...did he? The answer she was looking for came rapidly once the video was playing. She glowed with pride as she watched the footage with him. There they were; Noah and Olivia. Despite the fact that they had tried for a daughter, they'd still gotten a son as well. Sierra was very happy. The kiss they shared was even more loving than the last. Sierra thought she might like to lay in bed kissing him for the remainder of the day. "Nuh-uh. I'm pretty sure it was a tie." In her mind, Claudius had beaten her all day long. She would read through those scrolls a thousand times between now and when they arrived home. "Two more," she whispered, reaching over him to poke at the datapad. She played two sound clips for him: each twin's heartbeats. "They are just as healthy as Bruce. Everything is going so well." She reported to him. "I love you so much. I'm so proud to have you as my husband and the father of my children. You truly are incredible, Claudius." She instigated another kiss this time. "Now let's go get married ... again."

"I love you, Sierra," Claudius pledged to her, as he looked on to the video of the twins. In eight short months she had more than doubled the number of children he had, and he could not even do the math on what magnitude she increased his number of pets. He finally placed the datapad down and moved his hand to touch her stomach where his twins were waiting for him. He smiled, before inhaling deeply in a vain attempt to stop from crying. "Oh if you insist," he said, before winking playfully at her, and rising from the bed to begin the process of getting ready ... again ... this time hopefully without interference from Nea.

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