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Erin Highberg and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:11) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle).
Nona Jast and Lord Gaius Rodney.

The chaos that surrounded the royal palace since the unending surge of Alderaanian refugees had threatened to drive Gaius Rodney to the brink of exhaustion, and only the presence of his fiancé, Nona, had managed to allow him to keep his sanity. It was another evening in the castle where he had arrived much later than expected, long past dinner had gone cold, and he had once again headed directly for the bath to soak his aching body. He knew by now that she would eventually join him, understanding the importance of his task and the crisis that was underway. The wedding was rapidly approaching and despite the custom to not engage in relations before marriage, he nevertheless found himself taking her at every opportunity. There was something intoxicating about her form that made him unable to resist her, and also soothed him after the long, bitter days at work. His frame was growing more tone by the day, despite his age, as he worked under extreme conditions with only the smallest amount of rations. There were the occasional slight bruises upon his body where rioters and protestors had struck him, but she had done an excellent job at nursing him through it. He let out a tired, desperate sigh before allowing his head to sink momentarily below the bubbling waters of the bath before she arrived.

It seemed to her that Nona Jast had bitten off a little more than she could chew. But, with her connections, she'd hopefully be able to sway her very soon to be future husband to set his pride aside to ask for aid from the rebellion. She was very much a sympathizer of the resistance and the rebellion. Perhaps he knew that as well. Taking in a deep breath she had made her way into the large bathing room. Lavish wasn't the right word in this case, but she was certain grandiose would do the trick. The blonde aristocratic woman walked with elegance. The only thing that adorned her curvaceous form was a simple slip robe. "I thought I might find you here." She whispered as Gaius came up for air. Hands moved to the simple sash as she tugged at it. The silken material seemed to melt off her body and pool at her feet as she slowly moved to climb into the bath with the man. Of course she didn't ask if he'd let her join him.

"I make myself easy to find," Gaius said with a playful smile that lit up his face, his brown eyes locking on hers in a toxic mixture of love and lust. He moved towards the side of the large, garden tub, pressing his body against the porcelain, before rising up out of the water to move closer towards her. His chest was as hard as the marble that the castle had been constructed out of, his well form pecs glistening in the dim lighting of the room, trickles of water running down his flesh as the air moved across to dry him. "What took you so long?" he asked, hungrily, as he pulled away, causing a rush of water to swirl around the tub, as he moved back down into the water, giving her plenty of room to access the tub with him. His tongue moved from his lips like a predator, flicking gently along his lower lip as he waited for her ... impatiently.

Nona gave a soft smile as she'd move slowly into the warm water. Eyes closed slightly as she'd move next to the man. "I was learning the layout of the castle, what rooms are for what purpose. If this is to be my home, I shall know it." She spoke in that soft accent. That pale soft skinned, lightly freckled body would lower into the water. "Mmmmnnnn." She gave a content sigh sitting next to Gaius. "I could have also not come to you, impatient man." She rose a hand up and poked his nose. "I can tell by your demeanor that today was no easy turn over." She gave a frown and kissed the nose she had just poked.

Gaius let out a soft laugh as she poked at his pose and playfully attempted to bite at the finger before she pull it away. Despite the heat of the water, somehow she managed to always make it feel a few degrees of water. "But ... you did come," he said, as he moved closer towards her, his strong arm moving around her in a tight embrace, as he drew her body against his in a firm embrace. "No. It was not easy. Each day seems worse than the one before," he said, as he received the playful kiss upon his nose. He did not want to think about his day ... only distract himself from it. He moved his face directly in front of hers, his hot breath escaping his lips and blowing upon her face. Slowly he tilted his head to the side, closed his eyes, and allowed his lips to connect with hers. It was gentle at first, but soon evolved into something more as his tongue darted from between his lips and intruded upon her mouth. He sighed contently as his tongue first brushed against her teeth and then lovingly ran against her own tongue.

There seemed to have been much more on his mind then what was happening outside the palace walls. It was obvious with the way he touched her. Those arms pulling her in. She welcomed it of course as she licked her own lips. "I am sorry you must see the things that you do. Perhaps next time I will come with you..." But before she could utter another word, Gaius' lips locked with her own. Eyes fluttered close as she leaned into him. Those thick soft lips massaging into his own as she gave a content sick. Tongue gently rubbed up against his own after his ran over her teeth. "Mmmmmnn." She'd let out a gentle moan into their kiss. If this was what he needed and wanted, she'd happily oblige.

When the kiss broke his eyes blinked several times until his gaze once again focused on her beautiful form. He brought his left hand up to brush against the side of her face, caressing her with love and affection. "If you wish to come I won't prevent you, but it is quite perilous," he explained, tilting his head to examine her beautiful features more carefully. He let out a tired sigh as he lowered his head, placing the side of his face against her neck and allowing his lips to press gently against her neck and chest as he grew increasingly content in her arms. "I love you, Nona," he said, with a deep passion in his voice, as he began to think only of her and not the crisis that threatened to envelop them.

Nona felt a wave of comfort knowing that he would let her try to do some good. Her fingers moved through Gaius' hair, almost gripping his hair tightly. Her head turned to kiss his forehead as his lips moved down over her neck and chest. A flutter of butterflies moved over her stomach as she heard the man speak. "I love you too, Gaius," she said softly, almost in a whisper. Her bright eyes closed slightly as she gave a content sigh. Lips rested at the top of his head. "Maybe we should take dinner in the bedroom," she said in a teasing tone, maybe to imply that she didn't want him to leave her side this evening.

"Dinner?" Gaius asked, as he pulled his head up from her chest, slowly rolling his eyes up towards her with a devious smile. "I thought he were going straight to dessert," he was quick to point out, before letting go a soft laugh, and lifting himself up off her. He raised from the tub slowly revealing his well toned physique to her, soap bubbles covering some more of his personal areas. He moved from the tub, moving to offer her a towel, before finding one of his own. He stood there in the cool night air, as a breeze swept in from the open window to the balcony in the bedchamber. He shuddered against it until he found himself inside a plush robe, and waited for her before proceeding into the bedroom. It was there that a small table for two had been set, complete with candle and one native flower, with the food beneath a polished silver dome, which was hopefully still somewhat warm. "I wonder what the staff has prepared for us tonight..." he queried, as his attention shifted, ever so slightly, from her to the food.

Nona blinked as an amused smile formed over those angular features of her face. "You tease me so." That slight accent a bit apparent with those words. She watched as that broad body moved from her and stood up. She'd follow suit. Standing up as those bubbles and water cascading down her tones and curved body. Perky breasts with those hard nipples that pointed up towards the air. Shiver formed over her own body as she smiled wide and grabbed that towel. She stepped out of the bath and started to pat her body down, drying herself off. She took in another deep breath as she looked around to find her own robe. That blonde hair a bit messy and the tips of it a bit damp. She'd wrap her own lithe body up into that fluffy rub and walk into the bedroom. "You really think of everything. So I really get to spend an evening alone with you?" She came up behind him, moving to wrap her arms around his waist, resting her head against his back.

"Barring Imperial attack ... yes," Gaius teased wickedly, just as she was wrapping her arms around him. He could have remained in that position for hours, even days, but the food was getting cold. He pushed forward, pulling out her chair as a gentleman should, and then circled 'round the table to take his own seat. He pulled the dome off the dinner to reveal that it was a local game bird, complete with root vegetables and legumes that had been roasted together. Their one dinner represented more food than the average refugee in the city was given in a week. He was quick to serve some of the food on her plate, before pouring them each a glass of Alderaan ruge, from one of the last cases to survive. "So are you feeling more at home?" he asked her, with a hesitant smile, before taking a small sip from the glass in front of him.

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