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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:3:9) in the Alderaan system: Blue Haven and Delaya (Leiliani: Medcenter and Marcus Rodney's chalet).
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lord Gaius Rodney, Duke Julius Rodney, Lord Marcus Rodney, Commander Sierra Rodney, Lady Zara Rodney, Commander Iyah Xergo, and Mug Zoran.

This was the absolute last resort Iyah Xergo could think of. Weeks had already passed since Iyah and Mug had lost their daughter to the evil Rodneys. All that time, the small little girl had been untouchable on Esseles. There were simply too many Stormtroopers guarding Mug's half-brother's estate for them to get in and out unnoticed. Time was ticking down. Iyah began to feel like they were losing their daughter...until this morning.

Callista had been captured with Ewwie by some HoloNet reporters. She was on Delaya. It was the opportunity that they had been waiting for. The time to move came instantly. Iyah messily pieced together a wild plot to get their daughter back: Marcus Rodney and his wife. They were kind to them in the medcenter after Mug had been hurt. Iyah never felt like they were fighting the same battle as the elder half-brother. Her gut feeling was to trust them, for they could close the distance to Claudius without being noticed. She convinced herself that they could get Callista back, especially because Callista loved Zara so. It was wild. It was crazy. It was *happening*.

The Blue Haven made its descent down to the icy tundra where Marcus and his wife had decided to live. Its seclusion had been perfect for the Imperial-Rebel trade. Now, the terrible climate would keep the Blue Haven's whereabouts unknown. As the ship settled on the ground, Iyah breathed for the first time in hours. They had arrived. Iyah rose from her seat. She had been terribly depressed throughout all of this. The powerless feelings were crushing. Now, she had hope inside of her. While she threw on a thick, black furry coat, she spoke to Mug. "Remember, your half-brother might hate us as much as Claudius does. There's a chance we'll need to run away very quickly."

Mug had longed to have a family ever since his was taken from him when the Empire destroyed Alderaan. Rescuing Callista from the refugee camp with Iyah had been a blessing, but in his first attempt at safeguarding her he had failed, and she was now back in the hands of the Empire. Nevermind the fact that she was with his half-brother ... he was an Imperial Grand Moff ... the *enemy*. The trip to Delaya was a quiet one for Mug, as he blamed himself for her loss. When they finally landed his heart began to palpitate. "He's our last hope to avoid a violent confrontation," he said to her, nervously, as he felt the ship make contact with the frozen surface of the planet. His winter gear was not as glamorous as hers, but he made an effort to reach for her before they braved the wilderness. He wrapped his arms around her, feeling the warm of her fur coat, as he held her close to him. "We will get our daughter back," he vowed to her, before placing a passionate kiss upon her to keep them warm before braving the arctic chill. As soon as he began descending the ramp he had regrets. It was even more cold than he remembered. He led her towards the door of the estate, bracing themselves against the icy winds and falling snow. Loudly he pounded upon the door of the estate, unsure of what to expect. He offered his best smile into the observation camera, but whether they would be received or turned away he did not know.

Zara Rodney felt apprehensive about attending the family get together at the medcenter. As badly as Julius seemed to be doing, she feared what seeing Claudius would do to her husband. No one had attempted to fix what had happened on that long, dreadful night. Zara thought about it frequently...what could have been done differently? She felt stupid for every butting into Marcus' brother's life. Good intention or not, it had all ended for the worse. For that reason, she was taking her sweet time getting dressed. If they arrived late, Zara had the perfect excuse. No one was going to question her rounded belly, especially when she was carrying twins. She'd been slow about *everything* leading up to leaving. First, she purposely tried on a fur lined dress so that *things* could happen. Then, she pretended to have a difficult time deciding what to wear. She dressed as slowly as a sloth. She even braided her lengthy hair. Despite all her efforts, Zara Rodney was ready roughly twenty minutes *early*!!!

And so, defeated by herself, she sat in the living room sipping one last cup of hot chocolate before it was time to go. "Do we have to?" She whined. "We can say I don't feel well. What's the point of being as big as an orca when you can't use it to get out of stuff?" She certainly felt huge at the moment. While she could still get herself off of furniture alone, the time was running out.

The sudden knock at the door drew her attention. Had Claudius come to punch her husband in the face again? She had seen HoloNet reports about the yacht Drusilla now owned. She looked at the front door, willing it to open by means of the force. When nothing happened, she remembered she wasn't gifted and rose to her feet. She paused at the monitor inside their home. "What the..?" Without telling Marcus anything, she opened up the door. "Mug? Iyah? Come in, come in!" The quicker the better.

Iyah embraced Mug tightly. She didn't blame him for any of this. To the contrary, she did everything she could to fight his demons. She loved him. She believed in him. The situation on Esseles had gotten out of hand. She believed that they would get Callista back. The passionate kiss was reassuring...unlike the cold weather that greeted them just outside. She clutched her jacket towards her body while they awaited for the door to the chalet to open...or to remain closed forever. After an eternity, a very pregnant looking Zara Rodney appeared. She showed no hostility and rushed them inside quickly. Iyah stood in the doorway. "We need your help." Iyah began desperately. "Claudius Rodney has our daughter. We need help getting her back." There wasn't time to explain everything.

Marcus Rodney would have thrown the bastard off his property if Zara was not around. He wanted to live his life in peace and quiet away from the drama that surrounded his oversized family. Zara was becoming increasingly pregnant and he wanted to shelter her from stress and complicated emotions. He listened carefully as Iyah described Callista's plight, which he had heard during the prisoner exchange last month. "And what do you expect us to do about it?" he asked, loudly, as he suddenly emerged from behind his wife. "That's my brother you know. My *whole* brother," he said, as he threw a sideways glance at Mug, his half-brother. Personally the idea of Claudius holding Callista repulsed him, but he was not certain life among the Rebels would be preferable for her. He knew where Zara's heart most likely would lay due to the increase in emotions she was feeling from the pregnancy.

"Brother, you must help us," Mug implored, reaching out with his hand in an attempt to grasp Marcus' arm. He could feel the animosity that existed between them, but he was desperate to get his little girl back. His eyes moved towards Zara, suspecting they had a better chance with her than they did Marcus. "She's all we have," he said, as the emotions began to overwhelm him. His lower lip quivered and his eyes began to well up with tears. He clutched Iyah for support, trembling. "We shouldn't have involved them. Let's go break her out ourselves," he said, resigning himself to defeat, as he turned to leave with her. He had no reason to expect Marcus and Zara to help them.

All of Iyah's confidence had been popped. What was she thinking? She was currently begging for help from a pregnant woman and the brother of the man who had her daughter. The *whole* brother. She would do anything to get her daughter back. Perhaps that was what had motivated her to come to them. "We can't even get close to her." Iyah whimpered, clutching Mug with one hand. "Please. *Please* help us. We love her. Callista has been through so much already. Her birth parents abandoned her after Alderaan was destroyed. After all this time...does she feel abandoned by us too?" She remained standing there, exposed emotionally.

As bad as she had felt for Mug and Iyah when she learned her brother-in-law had their daughter, there had been nothing she could do about it. Physically, she was seriously limited these days. She had hoped Claudius would find it in his heart to give the girl back, but that had not happened. She felt sad for them. The couple's emotions sunk into her like she was a sponge. "Wait. Stop! Don't leave. Give us... Give us a minute..." She was frustrated herself. In her mind, there was going to be this magical moment between the brothers. They would see each other. Stop. Run towards each other in slow motion while crying...okay, it wouldn't be quite like that. She had hoped they would make peace with each other. What Iyah and Mug was asking of them would not help. Her emotions were playing her like a fool, which was exactly why she called for a time out.

She waddled towards the kitchen for a powwow for team Zarcus. She eyed Mug, who she thought was crying at this point, then focused on her husband. "Why did I open the door!?!?" Emotions. Hormones. Stupidity. You take your pick for reasons. "I-I'm split. Neither situation is good for that little girl. Maybe *we* should take her. I don't know! I've never tried to kidnap a kidnapped child. How do you even make that work? We move! That's it! We can build a home on some remote planet where no one can reach us!" Problem solved.

Marcus nodded at Mug and Iyah with a forced half-smile for a half-brother before being led away by his wife to discuss this privately in the kitchen. "I don't know why you opened the door, Zara. Just let *anyone* in why don't you? One day I'm going to try and use the refresher and find you've let the sea monster used the bathtub," he complained, rolling his eyes at the situation. "We are *not* moving," he said, clutching his wife in an attempt to drag her back to reality. "We fought to establish this as our home, and we're not going to give it up now," he explained to her, as he took control of the situation. "Now either we let Callista stay with Claudius and his family, or we quietly use my father's illness to steer her back to those two you let into our living room," he explained, as his eyes moved towards the simple kitchen door that separated them. "Now, what's it going to be? Hmm?" he asked, arching his eyebrow at her, and tapping his foot. She wore the pants in this family. Maternity pants.

"I don't know! We don't get visitors often! I got excited!" Zara blushed. "Hey! The seat monster can use the bathtub if he wants to. He makes for excellent security... Even if he does eat our tauntaun..." Mumble grumble. She looked at Marcus, frowning deeply. No moving. Zara would never answer the door again. As for Callista.... She had to go back to where she came from. Iyah and Mug had properly played her heart strings. She had no idea how they would do it. She followed after Marcus looking like a very guilty girl. This could have all been avoided if she hadn't answered the door. "We'll give her back to the Rebels. They'll never come back here if they have their daughter again." She decided. Zara passed through the door back into the living room. "We will *try* to get your daughter back." She said, thus adding to the complicated relationship of Marcus and his brother. "We are going to see the family now. Go back to your ship and patiently wait until you hear something from us." Oye. Zara was officially driving a crazy train.

"Zara we chose to live up here freezing our bits and pieces off so we wouldn't get visitors!" Marcus explained, raising his hands in the air before letting them fall back against his side. He followed her back into the living room dutifully, barely saying a word, as he let her have the honor of telling them the good news. "But once you have her back we don't want anymore Rebel entanglements," he said, raising his finger and pointing it directly in Mug's chest. He was determined not to be completely silent, and put the bastard in his place. They had caused enough trouble for him and his family. Now he had to mentally prepare himself for a visit with his older brother, who laid him out with a sucker punch the last time the two got together. He let out a sigh before quickly ushering Mug and Iyah out of the chalet. When the door closed he braced his back against it and looked towards Zara with a 'this is another fine mess you've got me into' expression on his face.

She stood back, watching Marcus make it clear that the Rebels were not to come back. This decision was a supported one. They couldn't deal with Rebel or Imperial bull shit anymore. Time was dwindling down towards the arrival of the twins. Zara didn't want them thrust into messes like this one. Soon, they were alone in the chalet once more. She knew that look. She felt bad about it too. The young teen crossed the living room to the door. She wrapped her arms around him. "I'm sorry, Marcus," she whispered. "I promise I'll make all this up to you as long as you don't divorce me by the end of the day." She laughed dryly. Her track record wasn't looking so good lately. The day was not destined to be a good one either. It was probably good that she had picked the black maternity dress with faux fur accents. She was going to need to it sway him back to loving her again once it was all over. "I love you. Let's get this over with. We can leave early."

At the medcenter, the Rodneys were all beginning to gather. That included Claudius and his clan of estrogen. Sierra Rodney had yet to visit with Julius. For all the right reasons, she was avoiding the old man. Her hormones were off the charts. The events since arriving in Delaya had made her raw. Her and Claudius had taken a speeder from the Rodney Castle where they were staying to the medcenter. Sierra was avoiding the landing pad at the top of the medcenter like the plague. She wasn't ready to be there again. She wore her ISB uniform to silently display to Livia and Julius that she was not retiring, but she was also not out of the game as a mother. She did not intend to tell them about her and Claudius considering moving back, but excited talk of their new house had kept them up much too late last night. Currently, she lingered over the table of d'oeuvres. In an act of peace, she ensured that Zara's favorite ice cream was there. Nothing looked appealing to her. The food smelled terrible. Her stomach had decided it wanted to reject everything. And so, she did what anyone not in their right mind might do: she let her thoughts wander away from what could only be an awkward family reunion. She let herself think about the lovely island adventure she had with Claudius. Particular parts had her grinning like an idiot.

The catering budget to accommodate the pregnant Sierra and Zara rivaled Drusilla's own expenditures. Claudius Rodney had just got done disciplining Drusilla, who threw a fit unlike none he had ever seen. The yacht was gone, and perhaps so was his relationship with his youngest daughter. He looked tired, his hair was unkempt, and his uniform had a few wrinkles. Between Drusilla's outburst and his father's health he was starting to crack, and was not sure if *now* was the time to see his brother. "Do I have to do this?" he asked Sierra, sounding more like her child than her husband. He moved towards the table of food, grabbing a starfruit cookie ... perhaps three ... and quietly munched on them in the corner. "Good selection," he mumbled, between bites, as crumbs spilled down to the tunic of his uniform. "Do you think he remembers that I struck him?" he asked, with a nervous laugh, before turning to wipe the crumbs away. He had a bad feeling about this.

Sierra was surprised that her husband was still in one piece after the yacht had been returned. Her attention turned away from the food she likely wouldn't touch and the happy visions of kissing in the rain playing in her head. She faced him. Her hands patted the wrinkles out of his uniform slowly. "You do. Since you're being a good sport, you can eat as many cookies as you want to get through this," she teased him while he acting childish. She knew times had been hard. She had been right there, living through those times with him. Her hands moved up to his hair. She groomed him lovingly. "As ideal as it would be that he forgot, I'm sure he remembers. I'm sure they remember everything they dug up too." She sighed. "You should apologize, Claudius. Your brother had good intentions. I don't think anyone was in their right mind that night." The night she went and attacked Arden like an idiot. Her hands fell to his shoulders. She lifted up onto her tippy toes to kiss his cheek. "We'll make it through this. It's what we do."

As if the timing could not have been anymore imperfect, Marcus and Zara arrived at the medcenter. The first moment Zara saw Claudius and Sierra, she felt like a defensive little animal over both her children and her husband. They were even blocking off the food! No fair! Zara stopped. "Should we go see your father first?" They had avoided visiting the old man, despite Gaius' health updates. She knew Marcus had been trying hard to keep her comfortable and not stressed out.

Claudius was glad that Sierra was going to let him eat as many cookies as he could, and he quickly moved towards the cookie platter to do his best Ewwiekewwieikkie impression. "Apologize?" he said, dropping his handful of cookies back onto the platter. Before he could say another word, however, Marcus and Zara had arrived on the scene and he silenced himself. It was important to present a unified front. He stepped aside quickly to avoid being trampled to death by the pregnant Zara as she looked towards the food. He said nothing, instead content to stand in the corner to silently eat his cookies in protest. It was beginning to become clear where Jelena and Drusilla got some of their poor manners from.

Marcus moved into the room as slowly as Julius, as he was avoiding his brother and sister-in-law as if they were carriers of some plague. He, too, said nothing, instead allowing his wife to do the heavy lifting. He was some gentleman. "Yes, let's," he said to her, silently, clutching her arm as he stood behind her. He appeared to be more her servant than her husband, as he lingered obediently behind her. He looked at his brother briefly, but his eyes ached when he made contact with him, and he quickly, and noticeably, shifted his gaze away. Yes this was going to be terribly awkward. He swallowed nervously, feeling as if the room temperature had upped several degrees. Finally he moved towards Sierra, giving her a brief kiss on the cheek, but only to be polite. He did not address his brother, instead choosing to allow the women to hash things out first. He considered throwing a phantom punch at his older brother as a joke, but he worried the Empire had sucked out his sense of humor and replaced it with a computer.

Sierra shot her husband a look. Her voice dropped, "You *did* break the man's jaw. The worst crime Marcus is guilty of is meddling." Sierra wasn't entirely sure that he had heard because suddenly, Claudius was gone. She made a mental note to purchase a pair of handcuffs so that he might stay near to her all the time. It was Sierra who would have to make the first move to bridge the gap between brothers. She could already see all the ways that this would go terribly. Playing the role of a respectful woman, she greeted Marcus by kissing his cheeks. "It's good to see you, brother." She said. Her attention quickly turned to Zara, who she greeted in the same fashion. "Sister, how are you feeling? Can you give me any words to help get me through the wretched first trimester?" She smiled. Oooh, she felt weird.

Ultimately, this was Zara's fault. She knew she needed to fix the awkwardness in the room as quickly as she could. If she didn't, then Claudius was going to get punched in the face. . . possibly not by Marcus. "Hi Sierra," she quickly kissed the evil ISB woman's cheeks. Her comment about the first trimester actually made her laugh. "It gets better. Congratulations, by the way. We haven't seen Julius yet. We were just going to do that."

"Oh..! Let me come with you. I owe you some time as your human shield, right?" Sierra shot a look behind her shoulder at her husband. There was only so much she could do. He needed to apologize! She led the couple into Julius' room with the discomfort of what she was exposing herself too. At least her body wasn't on display in her uniform. "Father..." She called out. His condition did not seem to be improving. The brothers needed to mend themselves before this man died. Sierra fear it was his time.

Julius Rodney's face lit up when he saw both Sierra and Zara enter the room. "There they are!" he said, as he attempted to sit up in the bed, but failed ... miserably. "The heir," he said as he looked towards Sierra's stomach. "...and the spare," he said, as he looked toward Zara's. "Come closer," he said, moving his hands in a sweeping motion towards him. He was very pleased to see the two women who had combined to guarantee a successful succession. "Where are my sons?" he asked them, unaware of the conflict between them. They were of no matter, really, as he was more interested in the two unborn grandsons that dwelled within the wombs entering the room. On the readout his vitals noticeably improved as they managed to get his heart pounding at a health rate once again. A smile crept upon his aged lips, before catching a whiff of the food that lurked behind the doors that separated him from the outside. The hospital food did not agree with him.

"Claudius," Marcus said, breaking the silence, as he chose to be the better man and break the silence first. "I am sorry," he said, going a step further by apologizing to the man who had sucker punched him. He kept his head lowered, and his body language read as nervous. He did not know what to expect. He did not even rule out the possibility of being laid out again. He had never had a particularly close relationship with his brother, but certainly nothing as distant as this. He envied the women for being in the presence of his father, but knew Zara had left him here alone with his brother to force the issue. Whether or not it would work was yet to be seen.

Claudius remained silent for a moment, ashamed of what he had done to his brother during their confrontation at the chalet. He did not approve of the man's slandering of his beloved wife, but Sierra had ordered him to make peace. As she was the true victim he had to abide by her decision, and reluctantly moved towards his younger brother. "You look well. As does your wife," he said, diplomatically, as he drew upon his practice negotiating with hostile opposition. Finally he broke down and brought an arm around his brother, embracing in a brief hug. "Well. Should we let our wives be victimized by the old man a little longer for leaving us two out here alone?" he asked, with a soft laugh, as he stared at the closed door that separated them. He had a little Drusilla in him at that moment.

*The heir and the spare*. There was a collective groan from both woman. That was one saying that needed to be done away with. Sierra's eyes brushed over the monitor. Pervert. Of course his heart rate jumped up when they came in. Knowing full well what was coming, Sierra sacrificed herself by stepping up to Julius' bed side. "Zara has a cold," she explained. "She shouldn't come too close." She braced herself for the handsy old man. "Last time I saw my husband, him and Marcus were reaching for the last star fruit cookie. I'm sure they'll be in once they figure it out." They *better* figure it out. Being a human sacrifice to Julius was no fun. "How are you feeling, Father?"

Zara didn't want to deal with family drama. Sierra was playing nice, so she felt no need to senselessly attack her. While the ISB was vile and evil, the woman before her had really improved Claudius' life. He looked better every time she saw him. Third time's a charm, yeah? Catching that Sierra was trying to save her, Zara managed a believable cough. "I'm sorry. Marcus didn't want us to come visit you until I felt completely better." She had inched closer, but was still much too far for him to reach. The twins were feeding off of mommy's anxiety by kicking her in the bladder repeatedly. Zara idly wondered if Sia had sucker punched Darrus too. She tried to deal with it, but with each kick, she grew closer to peeing herself. "I ... gotta go, bye!!" Zara shot out of the room quickly. "Awww..." She said, noticing that Marcus and Claudius had made up as she quickly waddled to the first refresher in sight.

Julius lived up to his reputation by moving his arm towards Sierra as soon as she got in range. He was disappointed that he did not get the opportunity to impregnate herself if his son was not up to the task. "And how is my grandson doing?" he asked her, as he spoke to her stomach. His hand moved towards her, resting upon her stomach where the future Duke was being brought to life. His heart was now beating so rapidly that the alarms began to sound. He was excited, which caused his broken hip a great deal of physical pain. "I hope I live long enough to see this young man emerge and set eyes upon what will one day be his," he said, ruefully to Sierra, as he pulled his hand away from her and looked upon her hopefully. "You have saved *us*," he said to her, as he shifted in the bed, letting out a painful groan. There was nothing more painful than a broken hip at his age.

What!? She'd been abandoned! Zara had left unexpectedly. Now she was alone with her father-in-law who felt he could get away with touching her. Sierra was beginning to gain weight in her lower stomach area as her body prepared itself to accommodate the growing Bruce. "He's well. I have a visit with Doctor Tohan when we go home. We'll see how the little man is growing in there." She spoke affectionately of her unborn son. The Duchy aside, every woman desires a baby boy, just like most men want a Daddy's girl. Lucky Claudius, he had so many! She looked down at the Duke's hand; conceal don't feel, she reminded herself. The situation only grew more uncomfortable when alarms started sounding all around her. At this point, Sierra could only hope a sniper took better aim this time around. "You'll get there, Father, as long as you accept that your future in gymnastics is over," she winked. The alarms had caught the attention of doctors and nurses, which now came pouring in. Sierra seized the opportunity. "Rest well. I'll be outside your door." And before she could see the spike in his heart beat again, she ducked out his door. Ewwww. She felt so violated. She wondered if Julius had always looked at her the way he did. Had it taken her so long to realize it. Glaring at Claudius, she shot him a finger. "You owe me!!!"

When Marcus saw Zara running out of Julius room and heading towards the refresher it made a convenient escape for him as well. "Excuse me. You know how pregnant women can be," he said to Claudius, with a smile and arch of his eyebrow before running after her. "We have a short window to grab the girl," he whispered to her, as he moved off with her through the medcenter. *Somewhere* Drusilla, Ewwiekewwieikkie, and Callista were camped out getting into trouble.He was morally opposed to kidnapping, but technically he justified it by the fact that they were technically undoing a kidnapping by returning the young Callista to her rightful family.

As one Rodney departed another Rodney made his way in. Lord Gaius Rodney, Commander of the Alderaan Guard, and the architect of all their pain made his way into the medcenter near Duke Julius' suite. "Cousin," he said politely to Claudius, before offering a polite nod as well. "I received your message that you wished to discuss a new security protocol?" he asked, sounding a bit surprised, but also pleased that they would be so close to him. "How is the Duke?" he also asked, as protocol dictated. He did his best to play the part of a dutiful servant to avoid arousing suspicion in the rest of the family. His ineptitude in protecting them played into his hand, as anyone that incompetent would not be thought capable of such a massive and complicated conspiracy. He knew that Farrah would soon remove an obstacle to the throne. Now, perhaps, Claudius and Sierra were making it easier for her to remove more.

Sierra greeted Gaius with a forced smile. There was such a thing as too many Rodneys in one place. She had yet to cool off from Julius. However, Gaius' appearance was a positive thing. They needed to explore the security options for their new home. Even the thought of it made Sierra jittery. She was excited. "Better. While his hip continues to bother him, he's still full of piss and vinegar." Maybe he would surprise everyone again...though Farrah Rodney would disagree with that. Even now, the little girl was plotting the final pieces of eliminated the Duke once and for all. Sierra and Claudius would have to fall next.

"We wanted to talk to you about us potentially moving back to Delaya." Her hand found Claudius' while she began to talk. "We'd like to build our home above the waters near the sea island. What kind of security can you guarantee us with a place like that? We really don't want to have to bring seatroopers in. Locals will understand how precious the area is much better than they will." She was antsy to make the move no matter how far away it was. As much as she loved Esseles, this would be a home they built *together*. It was important.

Gaius gave me a reassuring smile to Sierra when she mentioned that the Duke was doing better. "That is joyous news that sooths my heart," he said to them, acting as a complete and utter suckup. He was surprised by their decision to move back to Delaya, and even more surprised by their choice in locations. "I am sure it is a wise choice to return to Delaya. Your people will welcome you with open arms," he said, smiling at them both, with a shallow, obedient bow. "The sea islands are a complicated matter, Milady. It is a wildlife preserve. Technically, no human is allowed to set foot upon the surface of them. That is what caused such an uproar for Lord Marcus and his wife," he explained, blushing slightly and clearing his throat. "Because of that I cannot position guards on the island. We would have to construct similar floating barracks for the personnel. Perhaps in your planned dwelling to save cost. Aquatic and aerial craft would also be recommended," he suggested, as he went over an elaborate protection plan. It was a hefty security detail, but given the recent attacks and their importance he felt it justified. In reality, he was attempting to get them to decline protection to make it easier for him to strike in the future.

You had to give it to him, Gaius' class was grade A. He flew under the radar because he was so unsuspecting. If nothing else, Sierra thought he was a kiss ass. Little did she know, little did she know. She listened to him talk about the sea islands. She knew full well that both her and Claudius as well as Zarcus had broken rules by stepping foot in that sacred, beautiful place. It seemed like everyone would never forget what Marcus and Zara had done. "Yes, yes. I understand that..." Luckily, she would not suffer the same fate as Zara. When deciding to get natural in nature, she had the mind to do it where there was coverage. Eeee. She wished they were still in the islands. What they did there quite possibly topped the insane coffee table breaking sex.

Sierra pushed her pervertedness to the side while realizing that she really did belong in his family. She was as sick as Julius, only better at hiding it. The only part of what Gaius said that she didn't like was sharing their home with guards. That was if she wanted to be cost effective. Clearly, they didn't. "What do you think, love?" She asked, looking upwards towards him. "I don't find it necessary for there to be guards on the island. Not many people even know exactly where they are. Those who enter are arrested. I would prefer that we construct something for the guards to live in."

"Excuse us," Claudius said to Gaius, before he moved his wife to the other side of the room to confer with her privately. "Aquatic vessels? Aerial vessels?" he said to Sierra, repeating Gaius' words. "It'll be just as bad as the estate on Esseles. Maybe ... maybe we should have come back without telling anyone and chanced it," he said, second guessing their decision to be so public with their decision. His head was starting to hurt and he needed more of the cookies that she had promised him. "I don't know that the seatroopers would be any more subtle. Though they'd have no problem stomping around the islands and being slightly away from us," he said, but he realized the inherent danger to the wildlife could be a problem. "I do not want to move from one fortress to another," he told her in a deliberate, but vague answer.

She moved with him. Security was a complicated topic. In her mind, seatroopers were eliminated already. She would rather be left exposed than hurt the land they loved so much. She stood close to him, listening to him. What he suggested was unexpected, though she didn't dislike the idea at all. There were too many strangers close by in Esseles. The troopers were too close. The sounds of aircrafts flying over their home was never ending. As insane as the idea was, Sierra approved it. "I don't want that either. I think that we would all be happier without all the military measures. Gaius is the only person outside of our family who knows. I doubt he will share our secret with anyone. We'll distinctly have our home built and move in without saying a word." As if she was reading his mind, Sierra stepped away from him to collect the platter of star fruit cookies. She had officially left Gaius hanging. "Let's talk it over while we eat way too many of these."

Claudius' response to her decision was silenced by the promise of cookies. "Lead on," he said, as he took her by the arm and led her towards the cookies in a confident strut. As he reached their destination he turned so that he was standing in front of her, and lowered his head to place a passionate kiss upon her lips. "I love you. Thank you for helping with Marcus, and getting this move taken care of he said," looking down upon her affectionately. With that matter concluded he turned his attention to the cookies, grabbing more than he should have. No response or acknowledgment was given to Gaius whose presence he had forgotten about completely. That was how dismissively he viewed his cousin.

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