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Christopher Levy.

Twenty through fifteen years before the Battle of Yavin (15:F2:5 - 20:9:9) in the Alderaan system: Alderaan (Aldera: Aldera Universal Medcenter and Spaceport; Castle Lands) and Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle) and in the Coruscant system: Superb.


Captain Tyrax Brady, High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Senator Bail Prestor Organa, Countess Julia Reln/Rodney, Lieutenant/Commander Claudius Rodney, Lady Drusilla Rodney, Lady Jelena Rodney, Duke Julius Rodney, Duchess Livia Rodney, and Doctor Pilaq Tohan.


Claudius Rodney sat on the grassy hills that dotted the landscape of the great plains of Alderaan. His brown eyes wandered over the odd series of mounds that had been there for as long as his civilization could remember. He audibly sighed in deep contemplation, staring aimlessly at the wavy grass beneath him. As the Alderaan star rose over the horizon, illuminating the plains, he smiled. It was his only solace in a life currently overwhelmed by war.

Suddenly, a female voice shattered this moment of peace. "Beautiful, isn't it?" the voice asked quietly from behind his seated position.

"Ugh," Claudius groaned, startled by the disturbance. He looked over his shoulder to see a beautiful, young human woman smiling down at him. "Good morning," he told her politely.

"Oh. I'm sorry," she said apologetically, "I hope I didn't disturb you."

"No..." Claudius replied quickly, "No ... don't be silly. It's just there's usually not anyone else here."

"Come here often?" she inquired of him. Her face reddened slightly almost immediately once she realized how foolish her question sounded.

"Only when I need to think," Claudius replied quietly, "Which has become increasingly often."

"Hey," she began nervously, "Mind if I sit down?"

"Go right ahead," Claudius told her.

The woman took a seat next to him on the solitary hill. She looked at his face briefly with a nervous smile. Then, she once again looked forward towards the rising Alderaan star.

"I'm Julia Reln," Julia said, finally introducing herself.

"Claudius," Claudius said, returning her courtesy, "Claudius Rodney."

"Say," Julia asked curiously, "You're not a member of the noble family from Delaya, are you?"

"Actually," Claudius embarrassingly replied, "I'm the Duke's eldest son."

"Oh wow," Julia replied in an impressed tone, "Should I be calling you 'Your Grace' or 'Your Lordship' or something?"

"No," Claudius replied with a light chuckle, "Claudius will do fine."

"Okay ... Claudius," Julia said in an increasingly relaxed tone, "So what are you thinking about?"

"The war," Claudius said quietly.

"Oh," Julia replied, "I hear the war is going well. I think we're safe here on Alderaan. You shouldn't let it bother you."

"No," Claudius explained, "You see I'm in the service."

"You are?" Julia asked, "I wouldn't think a man of your stature would have to go."

"I didn't have to," Claudius clarified, "I volunteered. I'm an officer in the navy."

"You volunteered?" Julia repeated in disbelief, "That's awfully brave of you."

"Or awfully foolish," Claudius replied quickly, "If you listen to my parents that is."

"Have you been in many battles?" Julia excitedly inquired.

"Just one," Claudius began, "I was at Skor II. We liberated the Squibs from the Confederation. It was hard fighting, but in the end General Windu led our side to victory."

"You know Master Windu?" Julia asked.

"Well," Claudius continued, "I wouldn't say I know him, but I did meet him a couple of times."

"Wow," Julia exclaimed, "Do you have any stories?"

"It's really not as exciting as the HoloNet makes it seem," Claudius quietly told her, "Actually it's quite the opposite ... horrible really. In the battle I lost friends of mine who I had known from back when I was a diplomat. Their death made their infant daughter, Kewwie, an orphan. Following the battle I adopted her. My parents are looking after her, begrudgingly. She's only four ... hopefully she doesn't remember too much of what happened." He sighed quietly and lowered his head, staring aimlessly at the ground once again.

"Oh," Julia quietly said, realizing how foolish she had been, "I'm so, so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. That was very kind of you to take her in."

"It's okay," Claudius reassured her, "You were thinking what everyone who has never been in a battle thinks ... what I once thought ... that war is an adventure. Well, it's not. As for Kewwie ... I had to take her in. There has to be some good that comes from this awful war."

"I should probably get going," Julia quietly informed him, "You probably want to be alone and I've embarrassed myself."

"If you want to," Claudius nervously told her, "You can stay. My family didn't approve of my decision, so I don't have much company."

"Oh. Okay," Julia replied nervously and then tried to make herself more comfortable. She leaned against him slightly, nearly laying her head upon his shoulder as they continued to watch the Alderaan star rise. "So beautiful," she told him quietly.

"Yes ... you are," Claudius told her without thinking. An awkward moment came over them while Claudius' face grew steadily redder from embarrassment.

Claudius turned his head to look at her, "I mea..."

Before Claudius could explain, Julia moved his head towards his and gently kissed him. When she pulled her head away, he opened his eyes with a completely shocked expression on his face. He began to open his mouth, but she places her index finger upon his lips to stop him. He then moved his head towards hers again, and they passionately kissed, their heads framed by the rising Alderaan star.

"Out of the question," Claudius' father, the Duke of Delaya, told him bluntly, "You cannot marry her."

"But," Claudius explained, "I love her."

"Since when has love ever mattered in noble marriages?" the Duke questioned.

"It will in mine," Claudius angrily replied.

"Then fall in love with someone from a more prestigious family," his father demanded, "Not some common schoolteacher."

"I am going to marry Julia, father," Claudius told him in no uncertain terms, "And you will just have to deal with that."

"Both of you be reasonable," Claudius' mother pleaded.

"Stay out of this, Livia" the Duke informed her.

"He is my son too, Julius," the Duchess told her husband, "Besides, I have actually met the girl and she seems very lovely."

"I am sure she is very lovely," the Duke explained, "It is her family ... not her ... that is the issue."

"I am not marrying her family," Claudius interjected, "I am marrying her."

"Your marriage to her inexorably links her family to ours," the Duke replied.

"Julia is the one I love," Claudius told them, "Julia is the one I am going to marry. There is nothing more to discuss."

Claudius and Julia both sat at dinner, neither was able to say a word. Occasionally they would look at one another before withdrawing away in fear. Finally, both got the courage to speak and both said the exact same thing, "I have something to tell you."

Claudius and Julia both relaxed from this brief moment of humor, before he had the courage to try again, "You go first,"

"No," Julia replied politely, "You go first."

"Alright," Claudius hesitated before continuing, "I've been promoted."

"That's great," Julia said excitedly interrupting him.

"There's more," Claudius said quietly, "My furlough is over. I received my new assignment."

"Oh," Julia said sadly. She knew he was in the military and that it was only a matter of time before he had to rejoin the fight, but she did not realize it would be this soon. "What is your new assignment?" she nervously asked him, doing her best to put on a brave front.

"Operations officer aboard the star destroyer Superb," Claudius began to explain, "Assigned to General Kenobi's fleet being sent to the Outer Rim Sieges."

"The Outer Rim Sieges?" Julia replied grimly.

"Yeah," Claudius said before changing the subject, "What's your news?"

"I don't know if I should even tell you now," Julia said quietly.

"No," Claudius insisted, "Tell me. It may cheer us up."

"I'm pregnant," Julia told him bluntly.

"What?" Claudius exclaimed as he leapt from his seat and rushed to her side. "Are you sure?" he asked her in disbelief, "That's great."

"I hate to ask, Claudius," Julia said quietly.

"Ask away," Claudius said, smiling from ear to ear.

"Are we going to have time to wed before you leave?" Julia asked him.

"Of course," Claudius reassured her.

Claudius and Julia stood hand in hand in Aldera on a balcony overlooking the vast landscape of the Alderaan countryside. In attendance were Claudius' four-year-old adopted daughter Kewwie, his parents, his brother Marcus, Julia's brother Joseph, former Senator Bail Antilles, and Senator Bail Organa and his wife, the Queen of Alderaan. Claudius' father struggled to put on the appearance that he supported the marriage, but on the inside, he disapproved of his son's decision to marry a commoner. However, his mother was genuinely happy.

There was no time at the conclusion of the ceremony for a private vacation. Claudius only had moments to embrace his new bride before boarding the shuttle that would take him to his new assignment. Julia did her best not to cry as she watched the ramp to his shuttle ascend. As the shuttle entered Alderaan's atmosphere Claudius' mother placed a hand on her shoulder, giving the strength she needed to keep from breaking down.

Above Coruscant the Republic fleet clashed with General Grievous' massive force that struck in a surprise attack. Claudius' vessel, the Venator-class Star Destroyer Superb, had returned from the Outer Rim Sieges when word had reached them that General Grievous abducted Chancellor Palpatine.

The Superb slugged it out with two InterGalactic Banking Clan frigates. Explosions erupted all around them as the vessel continued to plow forward through the fleet of Confederation ships. Commander Rodney stood on the bridge, monitoring his displays and assisted the tactical officer with his sensor readings. "Sir," Claudius shouted to Captain Tyrax Brady, "There's a federation battleship at zero-two-five."

"Commence firing," Captain Brady shouted to the tactical officer, "All batteries."

As the Superb began firing on the Trade Federation battleship it was bearing down on, the tactical officer received word of an incoming personal transmission. "Commander Rodney, sir," the tactical officer began, "You're receiving a personal transmission from Delaya."

"We're a little busy now, Lieutenant," Rodney explained as the battleship unleashed a volley onto the Superb's starboard hull.

"Captain," the tactical officer shouted ecstatically, "General Grievous flagship is going down. The Confederation ships are starting to move off." The members of the Superb crew began cheering wildly at the news.

"Keep firing," the Captain Brady shouted back down to the tactical officer.

The next volley unleashed by the Superb shattered the central structure of the Federation battleship and the entire vessel exploded.

After the battle, Claudius retired to his quarters to view the transmission he received during the battle. The image of his Doctor, the Ithorian Pilaq Tohan, slowly faded into view.

"There has been a development with your wife," Doctor Tohan's transmission began, "She went into labor. There have been complications ... your daughter is fine, but Julia was injured. Please return home as soon as the situation permits."

Claudius' face sunk immediately and he began to go into a panic. He immediately opened a transmission to his friend, Senator Organa, on Coruscant.

"Claudius," Senator Organa said warmly, "On behalf of the Senate and the people of Alderaan allow me to praise you and all of the Republic's brave warriors on your victory against the Confederation today."

"Thank you for the kind words, Senator," Claudius began, "But I received a transmission from home. My wife has gone into labor and she is not doing well. I need to get home. Is there anyway you can get me in contact with General Kenobi?"

"My thoughts are with you during this time," Senator Organa told him, "I will connect you with him personally though my office."

"I am indebted to you, Senator," Claudius kindly told him.

After several moments of staring at a blank screen, the image of Master Obi-Wan Kenobi appeared from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. "Commander," General Kenobi began, "Senator Organa has taken the liberty of informing me of your situation. I have instructed your Captain to give you a leave of absence until your family matters are resolved. It is my sincere wish that you find good news on your return home. May the Force be with you."

"Thank you so much, General," Claudius said with a sigh of relief.

"I have managed to stabilize her condition," Doctor Tohan said, "but..."

"When can I see her?" Claudius interrupted.

"Let me finish," Doctor Tohan replied calmly, "I have stabilized her, but it will be extremely dangerous if you ever try to have another child."

"I don't care about that," Claudius told him, "Just let me see her."

Doctor Tohan stepped aside allowing Claudius to pass. He immediately surged through the doors to Julia's hospital room. He looked at her and did his best not to cry. Her hair was a mess and she skin was frighteningly pale. He rushed to her side and took a seat next to her bed. He reached across to her take her hand in his. He gently rubbed her hand before speaking, "Julia?"

"Ugh," Julia groaned. Her eyes opened and she looked at him. She was tired and disoriented, but that did not prevent her from recognizing the man she loved.

"Don't speak," Claudius pleaded with her.

"The baby?" Julia asked weakly.

"Fine," Claudius replied, "She's fine. Just as beautiful as you."

"Jelena," Julia told him weakly before falling back asleep.

"She needs her rest," Doctor Tohan said.

"Alright," Claudius said. He slipped his hand from hers and followed Doctor Tohan out of the room. He stopped at the door, turning to look at her one last time, before leaving.

"Where is my daughter," Claudius asked.

"With your parents," Doctor Tohan informed him.

"How is she?" his mother asked, genuinely concerned.

"She's resting comfortably," Claudius informed her, never taking his eyes off his baby girl that he was now holding, "Doctor Tohan believes she will recover."

"Thank Goodness," his mother replied.

"Have you decided on a name?" his mother inquired.

"Jelena," Claudius told her, "Jelena is what she wanted her to be named."

"It's not a family name," his father quickly pointed out.

"It's a lovely name," his mother said.

"Hopefully the next one will be a boy," his father said, "You must produce a male heir."

"There will be no next one, father," Claudius explained, "There were ... complications. Another pregnancy could kill her."

"Could," his father pointed out, "Not will."

"Julius," his mother said disgustedly.

Claudius sat in the main hall of his family's castle watching his daughters Kewwie, now eight, and Jelena, now four, playing happily. From behind him, his wife approached, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"Your father asked when I was going to have a grandson again," Julia told him quietly.

"Ugh," Claudius groaned, "When will he stop?"

"Maybe he has a point," Julia pointed out, "You don't want your family line to end?"

"You've been listening to him too much," Claudius replied.

"At the very least," Julia reasoned, "If we have a son your father will be more accepting of our relationship. Please, Claudius, it's important to me ... to us."

Claudius turned his attention away from watching Jelena playing and rose from his chair. He turned to face her and placed both of his hands upon her shoulders. Looking down at her his eyes met hers. "We can't," he pleased.

"We can," Julia insisted.

"Gah" Julia cried out in pain as she lay in her hospital bed.

The GL-7 medical droid hovered in front of her, waiting for the child to emerge. Doctor Pilaq Tohan stood next to her, nervously watching the vital signs. Claudius sat beside her, holding her hand as tightly as he could. Outside Claudius' family had gathered, including young Jelena.

As the baby emerged from Julia, the GL-7 droid readily scooped it up. To everyone's horror, Julia's blood covered the infant. She had hemorrhaged just as Doctor Tohan had feared. Doctor Tohan rushed in and attempted to stop the bleeding. The droid brought the baby up to the couple. Claudius looked at the baby and saw that it was another girl. The time for disappointment was not now, at this moment he was more concerned with his wife's health. He took the infant from the droid, and placed it in Julia's arms, which were growing increasingly weak.

"It's a girl," Claudius said with all the cheer he could muster.

"I'm sorry," Julia said tiredly.

"Don't be," Claudius reassured her, "You did great."

"Name her," Julia managed to say through coughs of blood, "Drusilla ... your grandmother's name ... maybe it'll make your father..." Julia's eyes closed suddenly as the equipment in the room began to beep.

The Duke of Delaya sighed upon hearing the news that it was not a boy.

"We're losing her," Doctor Tohan alerted the droids.

Doctor Tohan tried his best to revive her, but the damage was beyond anyone's ability to repair. Julia bled to death internally, clinging to her newborn daughter. The infant Drusilla began to cry incessantly. Claudius sank to the floor next to the bed and began to sob.

Outside the room through the glass enclosure young Jelena watched on, too young to understand what was going on.

"Mommy is sleeping," Jelena told her grandmother with a smile.

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