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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:4:8) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Medcenter and Imperial garrison).
Governor Papius Arundel, Farrah Ette, Lord Gaius Rodney, and Commander Sierra Rodney.

Sierra Rodney's suspicions grew the longer she sat on them. She was disturbed by the most recent attempt on her husband's life. It had lit a fire underneath her because, for the first time, she was close to figuring it all out. Recalling who she was, an ISB officer, she decided to use Arden Zevrin-like tactics to get what she wanted. The weight of the recording box hidden inside of the front pocket of Sierra's hoodie seemed to weigh so much. She had been busy playing Duchess for the majority of the day; sitting through meetings, scheming ways to improve the economy, and so on. She had visited briefly with Claudius, where she spotted Gaius on watch at the medcenter. He wasn't at his home in the castle. She did not expect anyone else to be there either. One advantage of him living in the castle was in ease in which it took her to break into the spire. She used a common code the maids had and dressed discreetly to avoid being automatically noticed.

Sierra did *not* want to be walked in on. What she was doing made her look paranoid, especially if she was wrong. She had paid someone to call in a threat to the medcenter. In her mind, Gaius was still trying to be impressive and do his job well. She figured that he would *personally* investigate. She thought she had time.

The Duchess snuck into his spire silently. Her eyes flickered over the interior of the rooms. Hm. There was evidence that someone else was living with him despite the fact that no one had seen his wife in some time. Frankly, she couldn't blame the woman. Sierra found the best spot for the device: on top of a high bookcase. The amount of effort that it took the short woman to actually place the device was ridiculous. "Oh my.. I'm out of shape." She huffed after climbing down. Nothing was disturbed. By the thickness of the dust at the top of the bookcase, no one had looked there for a *long* time. She wanted to look around more but her time was suddenly cut off by the sound of someone at the front door.

"Little bitch!" Farrah growled, rubbing her head. The little girl was sour days after the run in with the *Tramp* of Delaya. The woman had used her Hulk-like hands to pull her hair out from the root. It was so cruel and unlady-like. Farrah had decided that she'd pluck every fake blonde hair from that woman's head before she died. In a sheer act of confidence, Farrah continued to work in the castle. Everyone knew that the Duke and Duchess were hiding elsewhere when they weren't busy being hospitalized. Farrah sighed. Her fingers slid over the slim white box that she carried. It bore a bow. Her Father had been going through such a mess lately. That Tramp treated him so badly! Soon they would be reunited. Soon *she* could make everything better.

Lord Gaius Rodney was returning from a meeting with the new Imperial Governor who had stripped the Alderaan Guard of most of its duties and left it more of a ceremonial function. He was furious. When he stormed into his office he quickly slammed the door behind him, and moved so quickly towards the bar in the corner that he did not notice Sierra. His hand shook with rage as he poured himself a glass of whiskey, and drank the entire glass in one swig. His heart rate began to elevate, his cheeks flushed red, and he coughed slightly. The bumbling assasination had brought the Empire down on all of them, and he felt increasingly like he was running out of options. He turned slowly, and there he saw her ... Farrah. "Hello, my dear. Clearly my meeting with our new Imperial overlords did not go as well as hoped," he complained bitterly, before moving towards his chair. His feet kicked out of his uniform boots almost instantly, and his feet then rose up onto his desk and he leaned back. It was a disaster ... a disaster Farrah's faulty aim had caused them.

Farrah appeared so suddenly. Sierra didn't know where to go, so, she hid in the first place that came to mind: under the bed. She slid beneath the bed skirt in a rapid fashion. She made her breathing as quiet as possible. From there, she could listen to the small girl. Without seeing her face, Sierra was certain that it was the girl from the hospital. She could see her buckled shoes moving back and forth across the floor before Farrah launched herself face first into the bed.

The small girl jumped at the suddenness in which her father arrived home. She placed her hands underneath her and pushed herself up back to her feet. She made her way towards her father with grace in her steps. "Clearly. What happened, Daddy?" Her latest failure had hurt them *badly*. It was something she felt guilty about. She wanted to please her father, not give him one bad day after another after another. Pausing at the bar, Farrah picked up the bottle of whiskey. She continued towards him. Farrah sat herself in his lap with her legs dangling to one side. She took his empty glass and filled it once more, offering it back to him. "I'm going to make sure everything gets better soon." Farrah was so fierce. She had killed the late Duke. She *would* succeed.

"The Imperial garrison has been unleashed on Leiliani," Gaius revealed, before his hands moved to the second glass Farrah had poured. "My Guard has been limited to the castle itself, guarding Claudius and his family," he said, rolling his eyes as he moved to take another sip of his whiskey. She was on him quickly, causing him to let out a soft groan from the sensation. "It needs to get better," he said, before finishing the glass. His heart was beating out of his chest now, a combination of the whiskey and his anger at the Imperial Governor. "At least they will be out of our hair soon. In their stupid little islands getting a tan while the planet goes down hill," he bemoaned, before looking towards the box. "What's in the box?" he asked her, pressing, while adjusting himself beneath her to become more comfortable.

Her face twisted to show both disgust and disappointment. "That's so unfortunate. I hate seeing your skills wasted on *that* sick old man." They had spent so much time planning Gaius' route to becoming Duke. Farrah would always be bitter that Claudius and his wife had complicated the situation. She set the bottle aside. She could feel how rapidly his heart was beating against her soft, small body. Rolling her eyes, Farrah tried not to imagine Claudius getting away from her. The islands were untouchable. "Maybe the people will revolt and solve our problems for us." She nuzzled into his chest. A little smile appeared on her youthful face. "A gift and a promise." Farrah began, presenting him with the box. She flipped the lid open to reveal a razor sharp dagger with an intricate handle. "I'm going to kill Claudius with this." She told him. "And we're going to keep it as a lovely way of remembering the end of an era of terrible men." She picked up the dagger. Bringing it to his chest, she carefully began to cut through the middle of his top. She was careful not to cut him. "And the beginning of *your* time. I believe in you. No matter how hard today is...tomorrow is gonna be better." When Farrah had finished slicing open his top, she set the knife aside. "The Duke's suite has been empty for weeks. I think *we* should go there. It's exactly what you need."

"The last thing I want is a revolution," Gaius said, with an exasperated sigh, as he rolled his eyes at Farrah's notion. "Democracy ... blech," he said, before reaching past her for another drink. The only thing worse than living under Claudius would be living under an elected government. "Killing him with a knife, eh?" he said, as he reached to take the dagger, examining its fine craftsmanship. "At least with a close kill you'll be less likely to kill an Imperial advisor," he said, unwilling to resist the opportunity to torment her. "Thank you, my dear. Put it to good use," he said, before leaning forward to kiss her ... but not on the cheek ... on the lips. The kiss they shared was warm and passionate, not like the kind a father and daughter should share. "Yes. You are right. Such a shame for the master suite to go unused," he said to her, as soon as the kiss broke. He then sat up, allowing her carefully to fall from her lap before leading her out of the office towards the spires.

Farrah's pale cheeks turned bright red. She would never live down accidentally killing an Imperial advisor. Behind her sniper rifle, she remembered the despair she felt. The shot had been perfect one second...the following, the Imperial advisor was bleeding out on the ground. At best, she had hoped Claudius would have a heart attack and die from the stress. Instead, the old man kept going like a damn energizer bunny. She gave him a look. "You can't tease me about that forever!" He was being playful and so was she. Their conversation was briefly derailed by a lovely kiss. Farrah's small hands cupped her Daddy's face. It was completely inappropriate. Undoubtedly, there was a *very* embarrassed Sierra underneath the bed. Her feet met with the ground. There was an abnormal skip in her step while she followed along. The evening was going to be much better than the day. She could tell that her Daddy needed her most right then.

Sierra would have to rewatch the footage in horror again and again to fully grasp what had just happened. She had seen *them* *together*!!! The best reaction to all of this seemed to be to crawl up in the fetal position and cry. However, Sierra was now on a tight schedule. She had a meeting with Governor Arundel to *hopefully* save Zara and Marcus. Despite the girl's threats, Sierra was fairly certain that the duo would be busy in her and Claudius' old room... Which was highly disturbing. They could never stay there again. She felt like she should shower or something. What was going on was perverse at a level she wasn't ready to comprehend. She left the room as soon as they were gone. She couldn't think about this right now. She needed ot be at the top of her game for Marcus and Zara. As she flew towards the garrison base, she sighed. She needed to move her husband out of the hospital tonight. Gaius and his *daughter* were planning something.

Sierra Rodney was having an incredibly long day at this point. She tried not to think about what her recording device was going to capture inside of Gaius' suite. Instead, she focused on her husband. She hungered to crawl back to his side and forget the rest of the world. Sadly...she needed to finish this business before finding herself in her favorite spot. Several Stormtroopers escorted Sierra to Governor Arundel' office. She appeared before him dressed as an ISB agent. He may have outranked her, but today she held information that was worth its weight in gold. "Hello Governor." She greeted him as she strolled in. She was much more confident without Zara to worry about.

Governor Papius Arundel was standing in his office in the central tower of the Imperial garrison. In front of him was a holographic map of Leiliani with the location of all Imperial forces overlaid. All of the non-humans were being rounded up and questioned, as he believed aliens were responsible for most of the Rebel activity. Holdovers from the Clone Wars he suspected. His back was turned to the Commander, instead choosing to focus his attention on incoming reports. "Ah. Commander. This is beginning to become a habit," he said, in the most condescending tone possible. "Don't you have a husband to take care of?" he asked, before placing his thumb down on the terminal to authorize further roundups. He did not want to be here anymore than Sierra did not want him here. He was determined to find Rebels, earn distinction and the promotion that would surely follow, and move on to greener pastures.

"I know. I considered bringing a fruit basket this time. Perhaps next visit?" She said with dripping sarcasm as she stepped forward. Sierra was bold enough to approach him. "I do. Hopefully you understand that I'd like to take care of my affairs quickly so I can make my way back to him." The woman took a seat in front of his desk. She pulled several datapads from underneath her arm. "Now, let's set aside all these social niceties. I know you don't want to be here. I didn't exactly welcome you with open arms either. You want to use this as a chance to get recognition. I have information that will help you. Tell me, did you have an AT-ST in the northern district go down for an hour yesterday?"

"A fruit basket is not much of a bribe if that is your offer to spring your brother-in-law and his wife from this dungeon," Papius said, as he continued to ignore her, while going out the business of governance. When the topic switched to the AT-ST he turned suddenly, looking at her with a look of total indignation. "And how do you know about that?" he said, viciously, as he took a couple of steps towards her. Any setbacks, any negative news, whatsoever he did his utmost to quash. "By the way, what is this Auntie Mae's nonsense the prisoner keeps demanding? Is that a code," he said, arching his eyebrow as he tilted his head to study Sierra for any kind of facial response that might be useful to him.

"Clearly you've never had an exceptional fruit basket." She crossed one leg over the other. The words she said enticed the reaction she wanted. She glared at him as the distance between them became less and less. "Because I infiltrated a group of Rebels while I've been *taking care* of my husband." Sierra threw the words right back at him. "I know a lot more than just about the AT-ST. There's only one problem. With this wealth of information, I cannot decide if I should turn the Rebels in myself or not. I mean, my rank would surely be raised. As a mere commandeer, I could use that." She looked at him. "Bringing in a group who is actively conspiring against you and the Empire...doesn't that sound like a nice accomplishment for a future Grand Moff?" Her nose twitched when he brought up Auntie Mae's. Unable to contain herself, Sierra began to laugh. "Goodness, no! You do realize you have pregnant woman in her *third* trimester in your dungeon, right? She has cravings. Auntie Mae's is an ice cream shop in Leilani. I'm surprised she hasn't ripped open a wall since you've been denying her." Poor Zara.

"Clearly," Papius quipped in response to her fruit basket comment, but his arms quickly folded in front of his chest to indicate he wished to quickly get to the matter of the AT-ST. "You infiltrated a group of Rebels?" he said with a snicker and a snort from his nasal passage, rolling his eyes at her. "What else do you know?" he pressed her, taking another step forward until he came to a stop directly in front of her. He angled his head down, pressing his nose practically into her forehead, his hot breath threatening her skin. "Ah. I see. You propose trading these Rebels for your in-laws?" he asked, before pulling away from her defiantly. "Do these Rebels even exist?" he asked, as he circled 'round her like a cunning predator. "Ice cream, huh? She could stand to lose a few pounds if you ask me. The dungeon will do her some good. Perhaps start a new celebrity diet craze," he said, before coming to a stop behind her. He admired the way her uniform clung to her flesh, particularly how the black trousers hung her butt. "Being a Grand Moff certainly has its advantages..." he said, as his tongue slithered over his lips.

"It seems you've forgotten that I was an ISB officer long before I married a Grand Moff. I have my talents." She was already over Papius occupying her planet. He made her feel so small and insignificant despite her accomplishments. His question was followed by silence. Sierra was going to withhold the information until they defined a deal. Her eyes narrowed. He drew closer and closer until he was less than an arm's span away. His hot breath felt like lava on her soft, delicate skin. Inside, he had shaken her. Outside, she remained firm for the sake of her in-laws. Before he had tortured her for long, he had pulled away. She watched him circle her with a growing eagerness to get out of here.

"The Rebels exist, I can assure you that much. You'll find four of them inside of that AT-ST. Unless you agree to release my in-laws, I'll let the information I've learned help me...not you." The man was cruel and horrible. It seemed low to insult a pregnant woman's weight, yet here he was, doing just that. "Perhaps. Are you sure you want that to be your call to fame? Dr. Papius' total cleanse?" And then he stopped. Her uniform was becoming tighter as her body filled out. She *swore* she'd grown a cup size over the past two months. Her breathing became shallow. She was uncomfortable. Cold sweat began to form on her forehead. "I-It does." She stuttered. Fumbling, Sierra dropped her datapads to the ground. She bent at her waist to collect them. Her heart was in her throat.

"I tell you Commander I am becoming less and less concerned with your talents as an ISB officer, and more concerned with the talents that landed you a Grand Moff for a husband," Papius informed her, as he looked her over from head to toe. "I wonder if this is some sort of trap," he said, before moving towards his chair. He sat down on the chair, backwards, with his legs straddling either side of the chair back. "Take off your clothes," he demanded, as his head leaned forward, on the back of the chair. "I want to make sure you're not wearing a recorder," he said to her, while fantasizing about what was underneath. "Your husband is an old man. He won't live forever. You need to think about your future," he informed her, as he waited for her response. This next few minutes would tell him *a lot*.

Sierra didn't like what he was implying. The thought eclipsed her mind that Papius and Zevrin were in an alliance together and that he might know *exactly* how things really began for the Grand Moff and his wife. She breathed once he was seated. Her finger were shaking. Her composure had changed since walking into the room. She no longer knew how to handle the bull in front of her. Perhaps her first mistake was assuming she could sway him with knowledge alone. While ISB officers were known for certain tactics, she was shocked when he demanded she take off her clothing to prove herself. Sierra's arms crossed in front of her chest. She began to debate it; weighing the pros and cons. Her allegiance to her family was so strong.

But was it enough to entirely expose herself to the Governor?

His implications became even harsher. Claudius would be the first and *only* man for Sierra. When he was gone, she would miss him madly and dream for a day when they would be reunited. She would also feel incredibly sad over it. Her stomach and her heart now *both* had relocated to her throat. "I'm not wearing a device," she defended herself. Even her words felt weak. She understood he wasn't going to simply expose himself to her. If she successfully bribed him and it was recorded, the reign of Governor Arundel would end forever. Sierra thought about Zara. She had been worried about her in-laws. She didn't want Zara and Marcus to lose their children. She wanted everyone to be *happy*. The datapads fell back onto the ground, only this time, Sierra did not try to pick them up. "I am not concerned for my future." She informed Papius just to let him know that she wasn't interested.

At last, her hands touched with her crisp cream top. He just wants to make sure I'm not wearing a recording device Sierra told herself. I'll be able to redress quickly she promised herself. In a desperate attempt not to make a show of it, the Duchess began to remove her clothing. First her top, then her boots so she could pull down her trousers. She did not take off her panties or her bra. The feeling of discomfort had quadrupled. The only man to ever see her in any state of undress was her husband. He had earned her trust long before seeing her body. Papius, however, was a stranger. She was so cold. Her nipples protruded through the material of her bra. Goosebumps had begun to appear along her flesh. Still, she held out her arms to him. "See? I'm not wearing a recorder." She pointed out to him bluntly.

A smug smirk formed upon Papius' face as he watched her undress. It was a wonderful sight to behold, but like all greedy men he wanted *more*. "Spin around. Let me make completely sure," he told her, as he leaned back slowly. He really needed a glass of wine for this, but she had caused a problem where he could not simply rise from the seat. He inhaled sharply through his nose, while moving his tongue swiftly through his mouth. "I think you are doing an excellent job seeing to your future, and for that if your family," he told her, condescendingly, as he looked over every centimeter of her teenage body. "If all women from Alderaan looked like you it was a pity we destroyed it," he said, with an arrogant laugh, revealing information he probably should not have.

It was terrible being at his mercy. Had Zara and Marcus not been captured, then this meeting would have gone differently. Since those weren't the circumstances, Sierra was verbally forced to spin around in a slow circle. She could feel his eyes devouring her body. She was small and soft, unlike the Stormtroopers who kept him company. After she had spun once, she came to stop in front of him just in time for him to drop a bombshell. The *Empire* had destroyed Alderaan!? The good parts of Alderaan flashed before her eyes. It had been such a gorgeous planet. She looked like he had punched the air out of her without laying a hand on her. "*What?!*" His laugh was like salt in her wounds. She needed to know more, but not when she wore nothing but her underwear. "Are you satisfied?" She asked him impatiently.

Papius closed his eyes, inhaling deeply, while making a soft series of moans. *Finally* he was able to stand, but instead of moving towards her, he moved towards his desk. He reached into his drawer where he produced a small blade and then moved in her direction. He came up behind her, the heat of his body enough to melt her. He was directly behind her now and moved the cold blade over her flesh seductively. It found the back of her bra strap and it cut it loose, allowing it to fall. The blade moved down her side, cutting at the left side of her panty strap. Then it moved to her right side, cutting the second strap. She was completely exposed to him now. It gave him power over her. "Now I am satisfied," he said, as he leaned his head forward, speaking directly into her ear. "Now collect your in-laws and, despite how much I wish to see you bend over ... leave the datapads," he instructed her, before moving back to the tactical display of the Leiliani patrols.

She told herself that it had to be over now. Papius had seen all he needed to see. Sierra made the mistake of allowing herself to breathe while he moved towards his desk. Upon returning, he took her breath away in all the worst ways. He came back, closer than ever, with a heat that threatened to burn her and a knife that dared to cut her. She visibly quivered as the blade licked her flesh. It traveled through a land that had been hurt over and over again. The woman was speechless even as he cut her bra. It fell to the ground. Sierra rapidly tried to cover up her breasts but then Papius went a step further by completely undressing her.

And there she stood, the Duchess of Delaya, weak, powerless, and nude. Silent tears streamed down her cheeks. He allowed her to take Marcus and Zara...but how much of a win had it been? She pathetically fumbled through putting on her trousers and her top while fully aware that he was watching every move she made. Dressed, Sierra scurried away from Papius like a fearful little mouse. She descended to the dungeon of the garrison base where the Stormtroopers had already been ordered to release Zara and Marcus Rodney. She had not gained composure when she saw them. Her hair was a mess. Her clothing was disheveled. Most of all, there were tears in her bloodshot eyes. Papius was her new worst nightmare.

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