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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:3:17) in the Brentaal system: Darkened Oblivion, Horizon, and Warspite.
Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Flight Lieutenant Randi Trainor.

The Conqueror-class assault ship Darkened Oblivion guided through the Brentaal system on a mission to test its flight capabilities. The converging space lanes of the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way caused this area of space to be particularly well-trafficked and the ship performed admirably weaving between the large transports. At the controls, Lieutenant Randi Trainor had a focused look on her face, her gloved hands tightened around the controls, concealing her white knuckles. "Now this baby can move..." she said as she turned to look over her shoulder to Serine, the proximity alarm beginning to sound. "Gaah," she groaned, turning around to see how close they had come to an Action IV transport, pulling back on the controls to glide over the ship with less than five meters between them. The young woman was greatly enjoying her time behind the controls of something more than a shuttle.

The Inquisitor sat slightly annoyed in the co-pilot char with her arms crossed as she stared directly ahead, obviously not too pleased to be on yet another mission that distracted her from her prime objective. Serine recalled the events not but a few hours prior when the Lieutenant had pleaded desperately with her for more flight experience in which she reluctantly agreed. As Randi weaved in, out and around starships at uncomfortably close proximity, Serine slowly grew more... anxious, though she trusted her pilot, perhaps a bit too much. She was regretting this decision. "Randi, you have yet to convince me that you will be fully familiarized with my ship after this. I would be extremely... disappointed if you lead me to believe you just wanted an excuse to fly her again."

"Aww, Serry," Randi said as her hand moved over the throttle, pulling back on it just a bit. The sleek hull of the Darkened Oblivion slowed in space, moving at a more rational speed as it navigated the crowded shipping lanes. "I thought you'd enjoy getting off the ship. Nothing but a bunch of people sitting around talking..." she commented as she maneuvered the hull down slightly, gliding beneath one of the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates that was attached to the pursuit line. Before she could continue the communication panel began to flash, sounding a light alarm through the ship. She frowned, assuming someone was complaining about her piloting, and her hand moved to activate the comm. "Darkened Oblivion..." she began, sheepishly, much like a child who had gotten caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

"Lieutenant Trainor..." the foreign sounding voice of Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca spoke through the comlink. The Warspite's Chiss tactical officer began, her icy personality never fully warming to the eccentric pilot. "One of the patrolling corvettes has detected a transport behaving ... irregularly ... in your vicinity. Captain Anson requests you investigate," she instructed matter-a-factly. The transmission ceased almost immediately, the Lieutenant wasting no time with small talk.

As soon as the ship was hailed, Serine had an ominous sense about the situation. She was dismayed about the situation even before the tactical officer informed them of a mysterious issue. "Well, Randi, it appears as though I am stuck on yet another misadventure with you." She grimaced, teeth grinding just briefly as a rather unpleasant scowl formed on her features.

"Don't worry, toots. I'm the best pilot in the Outer Rim..." Randi explained with an emphatic nod as she maneuvered the craft towards the waypoint transmitted to the Darkened Oblivion. Her eyes locked in on the blue dot as she accelerated to attack speed, her left hand moving to power up the ship's weapons system. In the distance the outline of a large Action VI transport became visible. The transport was maneuvering out of control, spinning on its axis as it slowly moved towards no discernable destination. Randi swallowed nervously, her attempts to raise the ship on the comlink producing no results.

"We are in the Core, Randi." A hand was raised to her forehead, trying to forget just what an idiot her pilot was at times but her attention was quickly snapped up by the transport vessel spiraling in space. She leaned forwards in her chair as she surveyed the ship and area around it. "What would cause that outcome?" The Inquisitor's hand clumsily rooted around on the panel in order to activate the ship's internal scanners as her eyes were still locked on the display screen.

"Looks like they got a drunk piloting her..." Randi observed as she watched the ship continue to spiral out of control. She felt slightly dizzy watching the vessel rotate repeatedly and shook her head violently to snap herself out of it. Firing the maneuvering thrusters she rotated the Darkened Oblivion's hull to place its dorsal hull against the transport, now identified as the Horizon. "Hang on..." Randi exclaimed to Serine as she matched the rotation of the out of control transport. Swallowing she fired a quick blast of the maneuvering thrusters and the docking hatches of the two vessels locked on, connecting the two ships as they hurdled throughout space.

Serine managed to tear her eyes away from the screen in order to gaze upon the readout of the scanner which picked up sporadic non-human life forms aboard the Horizon. "Curious, I doubt an intoxicated individual is to blame here." Randi gave little time for Serine to prepare for the sudden jolt as Darkened Oblivion reared violently to one side, causing the Inquisitor to slam up against the panel with a snarl. "Randi!" Shouted while recovering as eyes became transfixed at the situation that was unfolding before her. The lieutenant was extremely brash and hasty, but this could potentially be a solution, however, that didn't calm Serine's anger. "You will be painting her outer hull later today, I assure you." There would no doubt be scratches up and down the side of Darkened Oblivion.

"They said to investigate ... let's investigate..." Randi said excitedly as she unstrapped herself from the pilot's chair and began to move towards the rear compartment of the ship where the hatch was. She had never been on a real mission like this before and she was both inwardly and outwardly excited. She opened a locket and removed a DH-17 blaster pistol, which was perhaps a bit too large for it. She felt like one of the action stars in the holovids she watched as a child on Corellia. She reached up, opening the hatch before she began to ascend the access ladder that would take her into the compartment of the other ship. Her blues eyes pierced the darkness, seeing nothing. As she pushed forward she hopped up into the cargo bay and looked down the ladder towards Serine. "Looks to be all cle..."

Before Randi could finish her sentence a large, black Nexu appeared from the shadows. The creature had remained hidden, its stealthy motion keeping it well obscured from the dimwitted pilot. Suddenly in surged for her, pouncing on her from behind as it's large front claws attempted to claw into her back. The beast was in a frenzy, having broken loose from its cage and killed the entire crew. The dark furred beast was covered in blood, it's claws covered in fresh entrails. It was looking to transform the Corellian pilot into its next victim.

Inquisitor Thanor shook her head at the other woman who was nearly overwhelmed with excitement. "Are you even combat trained for ground missions?" Said as she eyed the pistol within Randi's hands, wondering if the pilot even knew how to use one. Though Serine trusted the Lieutenant with her ship and her life while in the darkness of space, she heavily questioned the other's ability in everything else. She slowly rolled her neck to the side, affording a loud pop as she loosened her shoulders while a hand lowered to the hilt of her lightwhip. "I would rather you let me investigate first, don't just eagerly..." Her sentence was cut off abruptly as a huge cat-like creature exploded into the scene with her pilot pinned under it, clawing at her helpless form. What the hell was this? Serine had never seen such a beast before, but she did not have time to admire or even fear it, Randi was trapped beneath the hulking mass and would soon be devoured, for the creature was lowering its massive fanged jaws down towards her with the intent to pierce her head. With a haste only afforded to those that could harness the Force, Serine was within range to thwart that bite as she shoved the taut coils of her whip into the Nexu's mouth as it chomped down on it instead of Randi's skull. Despite the huge ivory teeth, the coils of the lightwhip were nearly indestructible and could stand up to the intense pressure.

Randi let out a painful groan of pain as the creature's claws easily tore through her flight suit, leaving three massive scratches upon the naked flesh that it exposed. Blood began to protrude from her wounds and she surely would have been dismembered if not for Serine's timely intervention. Weakly, the battered and bruised pilot began to cross against the deck of the transport's cargo bay, leaving a trail of blood reminiscent of a Giant Ithorian Snail.

The creature's attention shifted from the pilot to the Inquisitor as it's mouth clenched down on the fibers of the lightwhip. The creature groaned in pain as it bit down upon it, its teeth scraping against it rather than severing it as the simple beast expected. Its tongue surged forward, spitting the whip back down to the ground disgustedly. Lowering its torso against the deck, it offered a low profile to the Inquisitor as its eyes narrowed upon her. Using its impeccable feline reflexes, the beast surged forward as it attempted to pounce the woman in the same manner it had just used successfully against the pilot. Its front legs extended before it, long claws extending as it closed the distance between them rapidly.

This creature was huge and intimidating, a giant feline with a hideous maw lined with rows of teeth, massive claws and jagged razor-like spikes down its back. Serine was nearly in awe as it lunged for her, but she was ready. Instead of bracing for the oncoming impact, she went with it, rolling back upon the floor and taking the creature with her. In one solid fluid motion, boots were jabbed into the Nexu's stomach and kicked backwards, ultimately launching the creature into the control panel. Heavy claws dug into her flesh, passing easily through the armorweave as if it was paper and then were ripped outwards painfully as the feline was kicked through the air. As it collided, sparks erupted as its massive body created an unsightly dent in the panel.

The creature squealed in pain as it collided with the control panel, the electricity coursing through its entire body. Slowly, it collapsed to the ground in front of the panel, stunned to the point it could no longer effectively move. The cargo bay was soon flooded with an ominous red light as the emergency power kicked in. The destruction of the control panel overwhelmed the transport's systems and any hope of regaining control was soon lost. An alarm klaxon began sounding as the life support system began to falter, the vessel entering into a death spiral as it accelerated further out into the Brentaal system.

Randi lifted her head weakly, her doe-eyes widening as she watched the results of the explosion. She grew up on Corellian designs like this and knew all too well what was happening. "Ugh," she groaned as she staggered up to her feet slowly. She grimaced as the muscles of her back tensed, her backside covered in a crimson mask. "Time to go!" she observed, pointing out the obvious as she began to move back towards the hatch that would lead back to their ship.

"That is an obvious assessment. Go!" She groaned for a moment as she staggered up to her feet, blood dripping through gashes in the coarse fabric of the armorweave. Serine mused to herself that this combat suit really didn't help her in many situations thus far on Warspite. As she made a wild dash towards the hatch, she scooped up the whip before glancing over her shoulder at the collapsed feline heap, weary the creature would follow them. "Do not disengage Horizon, its loss would be costly." She yanked on the lever to seal the hatch quite hastily before the creature may have a chance to pursue them.

"Do not disengage?" Randi exclaimed as she settled back into the cockpit of the Darkened Oblivion. "You gotta be kiddin' me," she said in disbelief as she struggled mightily to strap herself in. She grimaced in visible pain as her back leaned back against the chair, sending a shiver of pain through her entire body. Her hand fired a blast of the vessel's maneuvering thrusters, attempting to counter balance the movement of the much larger freighter. There was an ominous sound of tearing metal echoing throughout the entire ship as the docking coupling threatened to give way. Simple physics dictated that what Randi was attempting could not be done, but unfortunately she was home schooled and learned science from her father, a man who made a career going against the laws of nature.

"You question my judgment? Just stabilize her." They didn't have much time until the two ships would be torn from each other violently. As Serine feverishly handled the communication controls, she hissed softly, the movement reminded her of the deep slash wounds that nearly littered her form. A slow breath was eased in to mask the pain before she began her broadcast. "Warspite, this is Darkened Oblivion. Come in." Despite the situation, Serine's voice was steady, cold and proper. "We report the crew of Horizon have been brutally murdered by a rampaging animal of unknown origins. The situation as it stands is dire. We require immediate assistance, over."

There was a long pause on the comlink as the crew of the Warspite struggled to deal with the information that was being broadcast to them. The voice of Meham'ohorovi'cloca eventually responded over the com, her usual icy nature sounding somewhat phased by the report. "We are ... maneuvering towards your location at present ... but we are currently a substantial distance from your location. Please standby," the woman explained, wondering what kind of creature the two had unearthed.

Randi swallowed as she listened to Meham'ohorovi'cloca's less than optimistic report was not what she wanted to hear. "Damn it, Blue, if you don't get here soon the Inquisitor's going to be sucked into space and the Admiral ain't gonna be none-to-pleased!" the crude-speaking Corellian replied over the com. She attempted to tie in the auto-pilot, using its superior navigational skills to compensate for the rotation of the Horizon, but even the speed at which a computer could process movements could not compensate for the greater mass of the transport. "I think we gotta cut her loose!" she exclaimed over her shoulder to Serine, the noise in the ship sounding like someone was attempting to crush a tin can.

Noticing that the situation was escalating beyond their control, she had to make a judgment call. "You delayed the spiraling as best you could, hold the thrusters, let her loose Randi." It was too late to cut the connection between the ships now, and if they continued this tussle, surely a hole would be ripped within Darkened Oblivion which would be fatal. "The best we can do now is wait for Warspite."

Randi let out a relaxed sigh as her hand flipped to the auto-pilot controls, deactivating the maneuvering thrusters. The sound of the crumpling metal ceased as the Darkened Oblivion gave way to the more powerful engines of the transport, spiraling out of control with it. She sighed painfully, slumping forward on the controls as she peeled her back from the chair. The blood had caused her to adhere to the material of the chair and it was causing her sheer agony to the point where she could no longer sit properly.

So there they were, at the mercy of the aimless spinning and rolling of Horizon, continuously and uncontrollably drifting towards a bleak end in the emptiness of space. Despite that horrid possible future, the Inquisitor wasn't worried, having full faith that they would be rescued, and even if something should happen and they were not, her ingenuity would pull them through, it never once had failed her. "Let me see your wounds, Randi." The woman's gashes were not as numerous or as deep as Serine's, but the pilot more than likely did not have the training that the Inquisitor had, nor the unique abilities. "That's not so bad, in all honesty." She downplayed the wounds... they truly were hideous, but Randi couldn't see them, nor would they feel nearly as horrendously painful the moment Serine lightly touched the other's back. She didn't expect the ignorant pilot to know what had just transpired, but the Inquisitor graciously decided to control the other's pain through the Force. "Flesh wounds always look worse than they actually are."

The Darkened Oblivion came to a sudden and unexpected halt as the Horizon ceased its movement. "Huh?" Randi asked, Serine's technique easing her pain and allowing her to focus on what was now transpiring. The ship jolted violently and suddenly they began being pulled upward, the jerky motion causing the assault ship to shake and rattle. "We're caught in a tractor beam..." Randi informed Serine, and although the transport blocked their view of the situation, it was clear to her that their mother ship had arrived. She felt relieved already and began moving her hands over the controls to power down the ship's engines.

"It could very well be, but I don't like to assume anything in any situation." A hand slipped to the com once again as she hailed the Warspite. "This is Darkened Oblivion. We desire to check your status in relation to our own, over."

The comlink crackled with static as the voice of Meham'ohorovi'cloca responded. "Using an ... unorthodox technique ... Lieutenant Sheppard managed to accelerate our arrival," the calculating voice of the Chiss tactical officer explained. "We will have you in our docking bay momentarily. A squad of Stormtroopers has been dispatched to deal with the ... beast ... you have vaguely described," she reported carefully, treating each word as if it were an independent though, her attention to detail and meticulous nature known throughout the squadron. "Do you require any additional assistance?" she asked, not out of concern, but out of duty.

Serine was rather relieved to hear that the Warspite had arrived extremely quickly to their aid though she already had been confident of that outcome. "Inform medical that there may be potential survivors on Horizon, we have also been wounded." She paused for a moment, considering the beast... this wasn't a typical animal she felt a group of storm troopers could handle as it had decimated an entire crew by itself. "I have already silenced the creature to my knowledge, however, I will verify it once again. Otherwise, proceed with caution." Once the ships were pulled within the hangar bay, Serine would open the hatch that connected Darkened Oblivion to Horizon. Slowly with her weapon on hand, she would enter into the darkness. "You stay here this time, Randi." Spoken as the Inquisitor disappeared into the adjacent ship.

As the Horizon settled into the Warspite's massive hangar bay the situation inside was quite severe. The crew of twenty were deceased, killed in a number of ghastly methods that would sicken inexperienced soldiers. They had been attempting to transfer the creature to the Black Sun on Brentaal IV, who desired to use the creature as a way of disposing with individuals who had failed them. Unfortunately for them, the greed got the better of them and they lacked the necessary experience to properly handle the creature. The mistake had cost them their lives. The ship was filling with smoke from the electrical fire, no longer able to be dispersed as the environmental system had failed. The creature, still suffering from the electrical shock lay helplessly whimpering on the floor. Its breathing was shallow as fresh oxygen ceased to be bumped into the ship. As a medical team moved towards the Darkened Oblivion, a squad of Stormtroopers prepared to enter the Horizon and unceremoniously slay the creature.

Before when Serine had entered the ship after Randi, she had failed to notice the many bodies strewn about in horrifying ways, many could barely be identified as humanoid. She carefully stepped over the bodies... and body parts towards the incapacitated creature that lay near motionless where she last saw it. Its soft wheezing sounded pathetic, perhaps it was time for a mercy blow. As Serine readied a final blow, she faltered a bit... being drawn to the creature. There was something about it that... perked her, perhaps even fascinated her. The beast was beautiful in a brutal, petrifying way. What was it... so unique, the black fur was becoming as well. As she slowly reached out to touch it, nearly transfixed, the sudden sound of the door scrapping open startled her and she jumped backwards slightly. It appeared as though the calvary had arrived. As the squad approached her, she commanded a rather odd order. "I wish this beast to be sedated and contained within my quarters."

The Stormtrooper squad leader stood there for a moment, wondering why the Inquisitor would choose to maintain a beast of such ferocity, but it went against his very nature to question her reasoning. Using a voice that clearly indicated the man was a Clone, he issued his orders to the members of his squad. He raised his E-11 blaster rifle and aimed it at the creature, pulling back on the trigger as he unleashed a stun coil that would surely sedate the creature. Two of the troopers then moved to the creature, struggling to lift it off the ground and carry it from the transport.

Randi was seated on the floor of the hangar bay, a ubiquitous medical technician attempting to treat the wounds on her back. Unfortunately, she was too far down on the food chain to warrant the direct involvement of Doctor Tohan. As her eyes wandered towards the transport, she witnessed the Stormtroopers carrying the beast for Serine and her eyes went noticeably wide. "Oh ya gotta be kiddin' me!" she exclaimed as she pulled away from the medic, his job unfinished as she moved towards the scene. "That ... thing ... tried to eat us. Flush it into space," she pleaded with the squad leader as the medic hurried behind her to finish his work on the run.

"Watch your mouth, Lieutenant, or I will flush you into space." Said extremely coldly as she intensely glared at the woman. It was fine for the two to share an informal friendship in privacy in the confines of Darkened Oblivion, but it was unacceptable for Randi to question Serine where others were witness. "Report to medical bay immediately, and as soon as you are physically capable, make full repairs to my ship." Serine rudely brushed past Randi as she lead the way towards her chambers for the troopers to carry her prize.

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