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David Cole and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:7:24) in the Kessel system: Kessel (Cabra the Hutt's palace).
Baroness Hanna Ardent and Cabra the Hutt.

For Cabra, he wanted to see his prize in all of her glory. He even knew the steel bikini was not for practical wear on a daily basis. He did not need Hanna's body all cut up and knowing that he had sent her off to be cleaned up and put into a new outfit, he had time for the servants to make her accommodations a bit better. Even the fat slug had a thing for the redheaded human, and wanted to make her feel more welcomed. Who knew chivalry existed among Hutts? A servant had brought out a very plush fur throw rug, blanket and two pillows for Hanna, in which Cabra said "Put those to the side, I will drool over them if they are laid out while she is here." Gazing at the servant as he said "I want her to feel welcomed here. She may be my property, but want her to tolerate her time here." Cabra knew he had to deal with some malcontents today, and a well rested and cleaned up Hanna would have to see some of the nastiness going down. She would have to learn to see some tense scenes if she was to be with him as the Hutt awaited the redhead to come back out, all dolled up for him.

While the leather bikini and bottom that she had been given to wear concealed just as little as the previous attire, she had the consolation of knowing that it was not nearly as heavy or uncomfortable as the metal one it was replacing. Still, the collar and leash remained, and no matter how comfortable they attempted to make her, as long as she was forced to wear such a horrid device she would likely continue to feel more like an animal than a human. She was presented with several jewelry options, but found them all to be rather gaudy and not at all in line with her Core World sensibilities. Eventually she settled upon the simplest trio of bracelet, ring, and earrings that she could find, and sent the rest away to be worn by some Outer Rim woman who had just come into money. Her tastes were more refined ... the product of her upbringing in an old and influential family in the core. When she was finished changing, she was escorted back to the dais, where she was pleased to see that some semblance of a bed had been arranged ... but it was still very far from what she had been used to.

Cabra smiled as the Hutt saw that Hanna looked a bit more comfortable with her new outfit. As she was brought to the dais, Cabra would take her leash and say to her "You look marvelous, my pet. I would like it if you give your owner a kiss." Cabra was trying to be polite, and knowing she might be disgusted by all of this- but he was trying to make concessions for the human. He glanced at her leather bikini and asked "I assume that is a better, more freeing piece of material than the steel you were wearing earlier. And do you wish anything to eat or drink, or do I have to beat a servant for not feeding or giving you anything to drink?" He was serious, Cabra wanted Hanna to be satisfied she could be while here. Glancing over at his frog bowl as he asked "Mind grabbing me a frog, my dear?" Now that they understood their roles in all of this; he was giving her far more endearing terms ... or as much as a Hutt could.

"A kiss?!" Hanna exclaimed in shock and disbelief as the Hutt brought her closer. The thought of kissing that thing repulsed her, but she knew that if she did not comply it would likely just to lead to more trouble. She moved towards Cabra and closed her eyes while puckering her lips, before pressing them briefly against the side of the Hutt's head. "Yuck!" she said as she pulled her mouth away, the skin of the creature leaving a horrible taste upon her mouth. Her lips remain puckered as she waved her hands frantically in front of her face as her disgust intensified. "A drink. Bring me a drink!" she pleaded frantically, as she looked towards one of the servants. The color darkened in her face and she began to look nearly as nauseous as when she threw up the other day.

Cabra laughed as she was not used to kissing the Hutt anywhere on his body. The Hutt knew most humans were disgusted by the sight of kissing a Hutt, and Cabra was no different. He even helped her wave over a servant with a glass of water for her to drink. He laughed, turning to Hanna and said "Perhaps these servants need to scrub me down before you do that again. I do like a kiss from my pet at least once a day. Be lucky I am not some Hutts and expect more from you." As soon as Hanna received her glass of water as he slid that large hand over her shoulder and said "I have been meaning to ask ... what are your desires? Your goals in life? I assume it's not to sit and ride a Hutt's tail all day. But lucky me, if it is..." Yes, it was a dirty line from the Hutt, but he was trying to bring some levity to the situation.

Hanna hurriedly drank the water that was offered, but she wondered if she would ever get the filthy taste out of her mouth. And then just as she was starting to feel better the Hutt's hand was upon her again, and she was forced to deal with it. "Right now my desires and goals in life are to leave this place and go home ... but you already knew that," she said bitterly, as she took a seat on the throw rug that had been placed there for her. She took another desperate sip of the water, before wiping her mouth once again. "Must you refer to me as your 'pet'?" she asked, as she sat there waiting for what terrors this day would bring. It had only been a few days, but it might as well have been a few years. She was convinced she would *never* get used to this. "It's very degrading," she added, before yet another sip of water.

The Hutt was going to tease her a bit, as his tail slid up and caressed Hanna's leg and smirked a bit. He knew she was not enjoying this as he commented "Well, we all know that releasing you isn't in the cards. I hate to tell you, but your father was into me for too many credits that he could pay. Taking you was the only way I could keep him alive, so that perhaps you will see him again one day. I am sure he is very angry over all of this ... but he has no one to blame but himself. As she began to say how much she disliked being called a pet and how degrading it was, Cabra continued to commented "Well, it will be degrading for you ... given your past lifestyle." His hand not on the leash would slid to her body, slowly caressing her stomach and smiled while saying "Well, in this position Evona ... you are a pet. Do you wish me to just refer to you by your new name? I can leave words like 'pet' and 'slave' out of it." Cabra smiled, letting that hand move to her back, pulling her closer against his skin and whispered to her "You will need to be on your best behavior when the criminals of this planet come to see me. Some may perish at my hands today..."

A shudder ran through Hanna's entire body as she felt the tail move against her leg, finding the very nature of his form to be utterly revolting. And then there was the hand again as she was pawed at by the creature, as she had never been touched by anyone in that way previously. It was highly inappropriate and her instinct was to simply slap his hand away, but she knew the consequences of such an action. "Of course I don't want you to refer to me as 'pet' or 'slave'," she informed him, stating the obvious, as she did her best to pull away and move back down to the relative comfort of the throw rug. "You're going to kill people?" she asked, in disbelief, as she tried to imagine what it was exactly that a Hutt crime lord did. "Do I really *have* to be there for that? It sounds dangerous," she quickly asked again, as she looked to the others who had gathered in the throne room. It seemed like everyone else in the room wanted to see the spectacle aside from her.

Cabra was completely trying to test her. He knew the Baroness was not in any mood to give into his advances, but did not want her to run away in tears either. She was young and actually headstrong, so, Hanna would not be giving in anytime soon. He had a soft spot for humans, and Hanna was quite attractive and well suited to be his pet. However, she did not want to be referred to as that and the Hutt would proclaim "At events, you will be referred to as a 'pet'. In all other circumstances, you will be Evona, one of my servants. Eye candy, as your people say..." Smirking as the idea of killing potential malcontents was discussed as he said "As you are here for two years ... you will see being perish into the rancor pit and sent out to the mines for far more brutal punishments." Looking to a servant as they asked if the first being on trial was to be brought in, as Cabra nodded. He turned to Hanna and said "This person stole thousands of credits worth from the mines."

"The penalty for theft is death?" Hanna asked, shaking her head in disappointed fashion, as she felt that this society was far less civilized than her own. "On my world we haven't punished a thief for death in countless millennia," she quickly pointed out, chastising him and his ways. She looked to the thief briefly, before breaking eye contact, and folding her arms around her in front of her chest. She let out an exasperated sigh and shook her head. "Just because you do this in front of me doesn't mean I have to look," she pointed out, as she turned her head away and waited for the ordeal to be over. She was amazed that anyone would work for a creature who unleashed such harsh penalties for small crimes.

The thief would actually spit at them, and be defiant in his charges against him. He actually spit as far as Evona, hitting her leg, and that made Cabra mad. The thief told Cabra he was proud of doing it, because it was taking money from Cabra, and to his people and that 'your whore' deserved it. And once he insulted Hanna, Cabra was seeing red. The Hutt grabbed a spear and threw it, right past Hanna's head and impaled the thief in the stomach. The thief held the spear as Cabra hit the lever to send the thief plummeting down into the rancor pit as he said to Hanna as the dais was moving closer to the pit, to see the thief to be eaten as he said to Hanna "I refuse to let him talk to you like that. Even though you are in my custody, I have some common decency."

Hanna turned her head to look at the thief as the spit hit her leg, but unfortunately it was at that moment that he was hit in the chest with the spear. "Ugh," she groaned in revulsion, as she tried to shield her eyes from the revulsion that was on display before her. She shielded her eyes as they moved over the rancor pit, before turning her attention back to Cabra. "Decency?! You call that decency?" she asked repeatedly, as she looked up from throw rug at him. "You struck him with a spear and then fed him to a creature even more horrible than you ... whose existence I would not have thought possible," she quickly added, unable to hold back at this moment. "There is nothing 'decent' about that," she concluded, turning her head away from him as she looked away from both the Hutt and the rancor.

"He called you a whore. I am not going to stand for that. You are much better than that ... I stood up for you, if anything. He's another thief about to..." And at that point, the thief could be heard screaming as the rancor began to eat him. Hanna would turn her head as the thief was eaten. At that point, someone else ... one of the thief's friend came in with a blaster, aiming it right for Cabra. But it was directed at Hanna's direction. Once the next accomplice shot towards Hanna. Cabra threw her out of the way, off the dais and took the shot. However, he shot him right in the fat and was barely hurt in the incident. The Hutt was angry and looked to Hanna as he said "If I wasn't trying to keep your interests in heart before now, there you are..." The Gamorreans snapped the assailant's neck, and let him drop into the rancor pit. The Hutt was a little angry with Hanna, hoping that she saw he was not all bad.

"The penalty for insulting someone is not death!" Hanna yelled at him angrily, as assailant entered the room, but was unnoticed by her until it was too late. "Gaah!" she screamed as the Hutt unexpectedly flung her, and she went tumbling off the dais before awkwardly impacting on the cold, unforgiving floor below. It was an incredibly painful fall, and she had suffered bruises on several parts of her body, but none so severe as what happened to her neck, as the leash had only allowed her to be thrown so far, before the tension of the chain snapped back, slamming her unceremoniously to the floor. "There I am," she said, echoing the Hutts words, as she lifted her face from the ground, and brought her wrist up to wipe the blood away from her fall.

After what had happened, Cabra might have been a little rough with Hanna ... but there was some level of protection when he sent the assailants down to the rancor pit, to their deaths. As Hanna landed hard on the floor, two female servants walked over to help the redheaded Baroness back up onto the dais. Cabra would take her leash and softly reel her closer to him as his hand slid over her stomach. The servants backed away as the fat slug said "Insulting someone isn't worth death, but using a blaster to kill someone is." Turning the redhead to look into those reptilian shaped eyes as he continued "You would have been killed if I didn't throw you. I was looking out for your best intentions and whether you like it or not, you are under my rule and protection now. That can be used for positive reasons too." At that point, the rancor bellowed out a large scream that could be heard ... a sign of a full stomach and victory as Cabra said "I think for apology is due from the young Evona."

"He would not have attempted to use that blaster had you not sent his friend to his demise," Hanna pointed out, as she was forced back into the Hutt's unpleasant embrace to her great displeasure. "The only thing violence creates is more violence, but it is far too uncivilized out here for you people to understand that," she said, very condescendingly, like the Core World noblewoman that she was. She would not grant him an apology, as she did not see one as necessary. It would take more time for her to become accustomed to the Hutt's court, if ever such a thing would occur. A shudder ran down her young, exposed spine, as the noise of the rancor made its way up from below. She could not restrain a soft groan as she heard that monstrous belch.

It was time that Cabra and Hanna were going to have a little conversation about the differences of their worlds. Glancing at the beautiful redhead, he said "You can relax Evona ... you can learn to be a little less serious around me." Cabra shook his head and was trying to make her life as painless as possible ... given the crappy situation she was in. Cabra said to her "I know your planet is a very peaceful one. But the men are spineless there. Those men that just attacked us were more brave than 99-percent of of the men of your planet. On this planet, someone like myself is always a target. People try and kill few every days or so. It is a harsh world. You will see people die somewhat frequently. But I am as fair as I can be on this planet. There are many miners who I could play sadistic games on, but I do not. Their lives are tough enough doing my bidding. So...your beautiful collar and ensemble and your position with me...consider yourself lucky for this planet."

"I do not know why you stay here then ... it is a horrid place," Hanna astutely commented, as she folded her arms in front of her chest and looked around the throne room. She found the place to be so cold and uninviting, and even if she were not a slave, she would have found it to be equally inhospitable. "I could not imagine why anyone would want to kill you," she said with a slight smirk, before turning her back to him so he could not see the extent of it. "A braver man would find a way to make a life free of such crime and cruelty," she added, before taking a seat back down upon the throw rug, and moving her hand up to her neck to rub the muscles that the collar were making uncomfortable. "Just how many more people do you have to kill today anyway?" she asked, laughing softly, at something that really was not funny at all.

"None actually ... I should show you where else I hang out when I am not sentencing people to death." Cabra looked to the servants and setting the leash down and said "Take her to the oasis room...she may see one of the few beautiful spots of the entire palace. I will be there shortly." The servants would motion for Hanna to follow them. Once Hanna would take the several minute walk towards the opposite end of the palace ... she would see a large window that did not overlook the disgusting mines, the workers the horrors of the planet. Instead, she saw a majestic desert, with even a few palm trees and inside ... it was modeled after a Sultan's throne room ... made for a Hutt. Throw rugs and plush pillows all within the room. Plenty of places for Hanna to make a bed in the evening. There was plenty of water and fruits from undisclosed locations to eat. Hanna would be able to look around, as one of the Twi'lek servants looked to Hanna, whispering to her "Try to act impressed Evona...the Lord does not bring many of his pets here."

As the oasis came into view, Hanna was initially impressed, but that soon gave way to the realization of how many had undoubtedly suffered to create this. She placed her hands upon the sill, as she leaned forward to look out the windows at the expanse. She tried to offer up a smile, but instead unleashed a weary sigh. "This is but an illusion, like the oasis' of myth," she pointed out, as she nodded her head several times. Her hand moved to her hair slowly, allowing her fiery red locks to flow between the gaps between her fingers. She thought back to sitting on the balcony of her family's estate, remembering the expansive views of the city, and the stars above at night. She began to wonder if she would ever see that sight again and cursed her father for condemning her to this for his mismanagement of their finances.

Once the servants left, Cabra came slithering into the oasis room through the expansive doors. He saw Hanna looking out the window as he would not grab the leash or anything just yet. However, he tapped her shoulder and offered her a fresh fruit before slithering onto his dais. The slimy Hutt gazed out to the desert, in which everything was there, but there was not much. However, there was no hard labor and despair to be seen, as it was on the other side of the mines. Cabra said "I take it this view is more pleasing to you. Most of the women I've had never see this room. Most succumb to the perils of the rancor pit or other desires before they get to see this room. In this world, you will have to see both areas. However, if you would like to start sleeping in here in the evenings ... I can arrange for that." But Cabra did not specify that he would not be in here as well with her.

"It's lovely," Hanna said briefly, before turning around to face the newly arrived Hutt. "And how many slaves perished in its construction?" she asked him, as she shook her head at him, before moving to explore more of the room. "No matter how appealing you make a cage, Cabra, a cage is still a cage..." she pointed out to him, before flopping down on one of the throw pillows. There was something awful about being teased with glimpses of the outside world, yet remaining unable to experience it. She reached across the floor to grab one of the pillows, wrapping an arm around it for emotional support and comfort. Although she was hesitant to accept a gift of him ... she was nevertheless hungry and ate the fruit for a combination of pleasure and sustenance. She did her best to conceal the fact that she was enjoying it from him.

Cabra smirked at the comments about the slaves, as he said "Slavery on this planet is a generational situation. Many of the people in the mines, their mothers and fathers built this area. It is a private getaway and I assure you no fewer than a dozen slaves died creating this area." Watching as Hanna slid down onto a pillow, enjoying her fruit ... Cabra slid a basket of various fruits in her direction as they talked. The Hutt was trying to reason with the Baroness as they discussed cages, and the land in front of them, saying "My darling would not last an hour out there. The mines actually protect the slaves from the intense heat." There was a glass of water that was for Hanna as well. Cabra was not the type to take advantage or something, but there was a bit of the same ingredient from his leafy substance in the hookah pipe that would help calm Hanna down. The Hutt would ask "What did your people tell you of Hutts and our nature?"

Hanna raised both of her legs in the air as she lay on her stomach, rocking them back and forth behind her. A human might have found this a particularly attractive pose, especially in respect to what she was wearing, but she was blissfully unaware that a Hutt was capable of lusting after her. She attacked the fruit with all the determination of one of the Hutt's mercenaries, as she enjoyed what had become a rare treat given her circumstances. The water too was much needed as she found the air processors to dry out her skin a bit much, and she felt very dehydrated. "They say Hutts are gangsters. Not to be trusted. Not to be dealt with," she explained, rather insultingly, as she took another bite of fruit and another sip of water.

The Hutt lusted at her differently than a human would. Of course, he found the redhead wildly attractive. On some weird fantasy level, the Hutt wished he could provide her pleasure, but it just wasn't in his nature. What he could provide was some sort of nurturing and caring for her, like a owner would with their pet. But her movements and near euphoric state had Cabra intrigued. As she ate the fruit and drank the water, he heard what she knew of his kind. Cabra would say "Most of that is very true...but seeing how I haven't killed you as of yet...there must be some honor in at least one Hutt." Glancing at the redhead as he asked "Are you enjoying yourself Evona? I might actually see a smile on your face. Tell me what you are thinking right now..." With the substance flowing through the water she was drinking, he was quite curious to hear this answer.

Hanna rolled over onto her back as she first stared up at the ceiling before allowing her eyes to eventually make their way over towards the Hutt. "Of course I'm not enjoying myself. I'm wearing a leash!" she yelled at him, as she brought up her hand to jingle the chain that was wrapped around her neck. "There is absolutely nothing enjoyable at this experience whatsoever," she reiterated, before rolling on her side to turn her back to him. "How would you like it if you were brought in chains into one of my planet's zoos for someone's amusement?" she asked him, but did not turn to face him. There was a bitterness in her words, but it should have come as no surprise.

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