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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:2:15) in the Coruscant system: Hesperidium (Resort).
Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and Commander Sierra Rodney.

As he stood outside the door of their suite on the Hesperidium, Claudius Rodney bent down to pick up Sierra, cradling her in his arms. He stepped forward over the threshold carrying his new bride into the most expensive suite that credits could afford. As he placed her down upon the massive bed their expansive views of Coruscant came into view. "Magnificent," he said, as he looked down at Sierra, but he was not talking about the suite ... he was talking about *her*. In the corner of the room there was a flower arrangement with a note attached that caught his eye, but for the moment all he could do was smile down at Sierra. He began to remove the grey-green tunic of his uniform almost immediately, followed by his uncomfortable boots, as he settled down on the bed next to her. "How long should we wait before commencing?" he asked, as he looked down to her. His hand moved almost immediately towards her butt, squeezing it, now that it belonged to him. His hand then moved slowly around to her inner thigh, massaging her momentarily before pulling it away. "You are overdressed for this occasion, my dear," he said to her, as he stopped pawing at her to allow her to undress more rapidly.

Sierra had never thought of herself as much of a pervert ... until she was a married woman. At that point, she couldn't wait for their special moment. They'd teased and toyed with each other so much. Her emotions were raw from their wedding. Her love for him had grown so large. She was pleasantly surprised by the way he picked her up and carried his new wife across the threshold. It brought a smile to her face, one which grew as he laid her down on the bed. She couldn't remove his eyes from him. There was a beautiful sight through the view point, but all she could think about was him. Even the flower arrangement would go by unnoticed until she got her head out of the clouds. His compliment took her further away from the real world and further into *their* world. The world of their honeymoon where no one would interrupt them. "Claudius..." She couldn't stop smiling. From the moment she'd woken, her smile had been there. Even her cheeks were beginning to ache.

She watched him begin to remove his clothing. First came his tunic, then the boots that they both hated so much. Her excitement grew. They weren't going to stop this time. "Hm..." She pretended to eye her wrist like a time telling device sat there. "How about... *Now*?" She sighed, her little rear tightening under his touch. It seemed like he was teasing her now. She ached to feel his hand move further up her thigh. "You're right. Care to help me with that?" Sierra sat up so that her back was facing him. The zipper of her dress was visible. Beneath, she wore very little. Her dress wasn't made to be worn with a bra. Her underwear had been chosen knowing full well that he would see them. Sticking with tradition, she wore a garter belt in the very same shade of red as his family's colors. Instead of allowing Julius to see that much of her, she preferred that her husband remove it in private. Her hands reached up into her hair. She began undoing it, letting it flow down over her shoulders.

Claudius reached to her back, grasping the zipper with not his hand, but with his mouth, as he descended towards her. Slowly he pulled it down to expose the pleasures of the flesh he would spend the rest of his life enjoying. As the dress came off her under garments soon followed, carelessly placing on the floor the dress that had costs thousands of credits and hundreds of hours to produce. When he saw the red garter it inspired him, like a bull, and he began kissing her leg all the way down to the garter. His brown eyes looked up at her as he grasped it, too, by his mouth and began to pull it all the way down the floor. "Enjoy this luxury while you have it, my dear. For soon I will be so old you'll have to do everything for me," he said with a laugh, before his hand moved to his own belt. With a simple click he unbuckled his belt and it, with the trousers, dropped to the floor. Now that they were both naked he climbed onto the bed, and he slowly climbed atop her, placing a series of kisses that started at her navel and slowly moved up the length of her body until it met her lips. "I love you..." he said, breathlessly, as he wrapped his arms around her and prepared himself for what was about to happen. *Finally* he could have she who was his wife.

She gasped, then sighed at the lovely way he opted to unzip her. She could feel his warm breath against her bare skin moving down the length of her back. It teased her and stroked her fire for him all at the same time. Her heart was thumping so hard and so fast now. She wondered if Claudius could hear it while he removed her pure white dress. She cared not for where it ended up, for its intended purpose was over. It was meant to be discarded this evening. Sierra didn't feel shy to show him her body. Bare, exposed to her husband in every way except for a tiny garter, Sierra didn't attempt to hide. In her mind, this level of intimacy had always seemed so daunting. He could see every inch of her...what if there was an inch he didn't like? Well, she wondered not about any of those things with Claudius. It was another indicator that he was her *one*. Sierra was so excited that her hands were shaking again.

He came at her like a passionate bull. Each kiss drew her breath away. 'Mmm.." And then there was the way he *looked* at her. Her teeth scraped her lower lip. He was so intense. She wanted him so bad. She greatly enjoyed him removing her garter. It joined with the mess on the floor. She intended to give it to him as a way to remember this very moment. Laying back on the bed, the man she loved so much never ceased to make her stop laughing. "Oh, I will. I promise not to torture you *too* much when you surrender control." The final piece of clothing was shed so easily. Sierra decided right then and there that she enjoyed his uniform on the floor best. The sight of his body made her feel so warm. Her cheeks were flushed. Her entire body anticipated the very moment that was coming. "You're so sexy, Claudius." She told him affectionately as he climbed onto her. Bare flesh touched with bare flesh in ways that it never had before. Little goosebumps appeared along her hairless arms. They grew as he kissed his way from her navel up her body. Surely he knew how quickly her heart was beating now.

There was so much passion built up between them by the time their lips met. Sierra's arms wrapped loosely around his neck. Her fingers pressed into his hair. She enjoyed how it felt to move her fingers through his locks. "I love you so much," she whimpered to him. She didn't press him forward. It was important that he be as ready as she was too. In the silence, Sierra began to speak. "It's never been like this for me before. I've never been this happy. No human being has ever made me feel so good. As young as I am, I was already content with being alone the rest of my life." She kissed both of his cheeks. "You changed *everything*. For that, I'll always be thankful to you. I'll always appreciate you. I'll always be there for you. It may have taken a long time for me to find you, but now that I'm here, you'll never have to see me go." She smiled against his cheek, her nose nuzzling him there. "Now take me..." She whispered.

Outside of this room he was a Grand Moff, and she was but a mere Commander, but in this bed she was in command and he would follow her orders like a fresh cadet. "Yes, Milady," he said to her, before placing another kiss upon her lips. His lips stayed connected with hers as he awkwardly shifted himself on top of her, getting into position for what would be their first time together. "I want us to always be as happy as we are now. Let no one and no thing come between us," he said, as his brown eyes look down upon her in her virgin state for the last time.

As he collapsed beneath her, Sierra tried to catch her breath on top of him. She hadn't a clue that they had reproduced. In her mind, the fertility medicine was out of her system and thus nothing to be worried about. Life began as she cuddled him post sex. When she could feel her legs again, she slowly crept off of him and sat on the bed beside him. It was only then that she noticed the flowers. She spotted the card. Before reaching for it, she brought the blankets up over her and her *husband*. She leaned over, snatching the note and opening it up. She was still smiling. She probably wouldn't stop for some time.

When the card opened it revealed the most astonishing and unexpected of news: "His Majesty, the Emperor, summons Grand Moff Claudius Rodney and his wife, Lady Rodney, to dinner at his retreat this evening. Attendance is compulsory." As Claudius read the words his eyes widened, his mouth hung agape, and the color retreated from his flesh. Suddenly he felt sick, as if he were about to thrown up. "The Emperor has summoned us," he said, looking to Sierra, wondering whatever it could be that he wanted. During his long career of service he had crossed paths with the Emperor on several occasions starting when he was delegate from Delaya in the Republic Senate and Palpatine was still Supreme Chancellor. He had lost crossed paths with the man during a visit to Coruscant where he was blessed with the opportunity to present his former wife and three children to the man before being ascended to Grand Moff. This, however, was a dinner. Never had he ever spent such time with the man with so few in attendance. He needed to be at the top of his game, and ... unfortunately ... so did the newest Lady Rodney.

It took reading the card five hundred more times for Sierra to totally process what it said. Her mind was still cloudy from their love making. She had never met the Emperor. However, she was very aware of who he was, what he was, and how extremely dangerous of an enemy he could become. Her eyes flickered up to Claudius, who looked like all the blood had spilled from his body. She took his hand in her own. "Don't worry," she tried to relax him. "We'll go. We'll have dinner with him. I'm sure this isn't going to be all play time. I wonder what he wants." Sierra internalized how concerned she was about the dinner. You couldn't protect yourself against the Emperor, let alone another person. She wrapped her arms around him, squeezing him tightly. "I'll have your uniform pressed and made proper. We should shower and prepare ourselves..." Because she wasn't going to meet with the Emperor smelling of sex. She read the note again just to make sure the message had not changed. Nope...

Taking command, the nude Sierra picked up the pieces to his uniform from off the floor. She used a holopad that was left in the room by the staff, using it to demand someone come up immediately and pick up his clothing. She was relieved that she had chosen to bring her own uniform. She wouldn't abandon her husband. As soon as the uniform was gone, she started prodding him out of bed by his hands. "C'mon, hubby."

Claudius lay in the bed as Sierra went to work preparing for their evening, instead choosing to take as much rest as he could. Finally, when it seemed he could no longer waste time, he rose from the bed at her prodding. Feeling his second wind, or rather his third, he reached down and grabbed hold of his wife again. He carried her forward into the refresher, and did not stop moving until they were in the shower *together*. He turned the water on to its hottest setting, but it could not compare to the heat between their bodies. His mouth pressed against hers as he backed her up against the wall of the shower, hot water streaming down upon their naked bodies. Three times in one night? Maybe Claudius Rodney was not as old as his birth certificate read.

Eep! Sierra squeaked. She was unexpectedly swooped off of her feet. He did that a lot, didn't he? It broke the tension in the room and brought back the sound of her laughter. Inside of the shower, warm water cascaded down their bare bodies. Perversion swept back into Sierra's mind as soon as her husband initiated such a hot kiss. Her bare back was right against the wall. Their bodies found themselves tangled together again. All of the waiting was surely to boil down to this; an evening where they couldn't get enough of each other. The note from the Emperor seemed less pressing to more important issues; Claudius. While her hands took his face in between them, she propped her leg up on one of the thick edged of the shower. It seemed that the resort understood what kind of couple was renting out the best room. She pressed her hips forward to grind herself against him. Her comfort with him had grown greatly. So much so that she was content to run her hands down his face, his neck, his torso, and then even lower.

As he lay there helplessly in her embrace all he could think about was how fortunate he was that she came to him in this time of his life. "I love you truly, madly, deeply," he told her, for the thousandth time that evening, as he shuddered against her. The water washed over their flesh, cleaning them of their lust, and preparing them for their meeting with the Emperor. The time would soon be upon them, as he was not known to be a patient man. "As much as I would like to lay like this forever," he said, showering her with kisses within the shower. " that we have seen to ourselves we must see to His Imperial Majesty," he said, as he attempted to get up for the shower. But the combination of age, nervousness, exhaustion, and slippery tile proved too much ... he was back down on the ground before he knew it. "Ooof," he said, as he found himself lying beside her once again. "You may find yourself attending me sooner that I expected," he said, as he reached for one of the support grips installed for disabled guests. "I'll figure this out yet," he said, as he pulled himself back on his feet, smiling down at her, while extending a hand to help her as well.

Sierra held her husband tightly to her body for what could have been forever. She wore a huge smile that grew while his words touched her to the core. "Oooh, my Claudius.. I love you truly, madly, deeply," and she wouldn't ever stop. Not for a second. She allowed herself to enjoy the shower pitter pattering on her back for just a little while longer. They had to get up. His shower of kisses wasn't overly convincing that she should move. "Mmm... Okay, *okay*. I'll make myself decent." She started by climbing off of him. When he fell back to the ground, there was nothing she could do. She *tried* to catch him... and failed miserably. "Are you okay?" She was concerned! Claudius had put so much effort and energy into her tonight. And what did he do? The damn man joked about it. Sierra laughed, "Oh my, what am I going to do with you..."

He still offered her his help because he was a sweet man like that. She took his hand, kissed it, and stood. She turned off the water to eliminate one obstacle keeping him down. Then, with all her might, she helped him rise just as she would every day of his life. "Or we'll figure it out *together*."

Claudius found it difficult to put himself into the grey-green uniform he had worn the past two decades, as the realization of what was about to happen dawned upon him. Of the countless souls who served the Emperor only a handful had been raised as high as him. In truth his command of the Ringali Shell had not gone well due to unexpected Rebel victories, infighting among his staff, and the unfortunate business with Jelena. He wondered if this was a death sentence ... many who were summoned by the Emperor never came back to explain why. As he looked to Sierra he gave her the best reassuring smile he could offer. "His Majesty will be pleased to see how lovely you are, and proud of your service to him," he said to her, trying to boost both of their confidences. One thing was certain it would be a memorable first dinner as a married couple.

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