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Christopher Levy.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:27) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Votrad: Benjamin Nam'a'taht's estate), Sonthi, and Warspite.
Major Kerrie Kiley and Lord Benjamin Nam'a'taht (death).

Major Kerrie Kiley took in a sharp breath as she first awoke, cradled in the fetal position on her small cot. Her arms were wrapped in a death grip around the small stuffed bantha named 'booki' her parents had given her so long ago ... her last remaining tie to her innocent youth on Zolan that now seemed like a different life. In an instant she shifted into the appearance of a human female the crew had come to know so well. It seemed as if she spent more time in this appearance than as she did as her true self.

Rising from the bed she moved slowly to the refresher, the cold metallic durasteel plating causing shivers to go up her diminutive frame ... she was not the kind of person who owned a pair of slippers. She let the water run in her basin for a long while before splashing it upon her face as she went through the morning ritual of waking up. She sighed as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, wondering where the once fiercely regarded warrior had gone. Kerrie had dwell on the words of Inquisitor Thanor and she had spent several days wondering how best to rectify it. Finally, she had a thought as how to redeem herself.

Coming out of the refresher, Kerrie turned her attention to the locker on the far side of her small cabin. Opening it revealed the dark colored suit of armorweave she had worn during her times as a bounty hunter. She held the helmet in front of her face for a moment, canting her head as she examined it carefully. "I hope this still fits..." she said, talking more about her mental size rather than her physical size, as she snugly plopped it down over her head. Moments later she had forced herself back into the set of armor given to her by the Mabari during her training on her native Zolan and for the first time in a long while she felt herself again.

As Kerrie navigated the winding corridors of the Warspite she felt the eyes of the crew upon her, who were whispering about her choice of attire. She paid them no heed and instead walked with renewed focused and determination towards the flight deck. It had been two years since she had made use of her personal craft and she wondered if it would still work. After checking with a technician who assured her they had been regularly servicing the vintage craft she made her way across the hanger to the Sonthi.

Kerrie placed a gloved hand upon the black alloy of the fighter's hull, stroking it lovingly like a long lost pet. She walked around the vessel slowly, examining it for any sign of damage ... or explosives given the nature of treachery aboard this vessel ... and performing her pre-flight check. Satisfied she grabbed hold of the side support of the port wing and climbed back into the cockpit. As she strapped herself in the transparisteel dome closed over her head and she began powering up the ship's reactor. "Warspite. This is Major Kiley. I am departing for Brentaal IV. Over," she announced over the comlink to which she quickly got a reply from the vessel's Chiss tactical officer.

A more delicate pilot than Lieutenant Trainor, Kerrie gracefully glided the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Sonthi out of the Warspite's hanger at regulation speed. As she entered space she maneuvered the shuttle around until the distant orange and white mass of Brentaal IV came to life in her viewport. A gloved hand tightened around the throttle and quickly moved forward, accelerating the ship to it's top sublight speed. She had a date on the surface she did not want to be late for.

Landing the Sonthi in the outskirts of the city of Votrad, Kerrie began making her way on foot towards the estate of Lord Benjamin Nam'a'taht, the local nobleman who had insulted and discredited her to the Inquisitor. In return for her earlier assistance to Major Traebor, Imperial Intelligence had provided her with surveillance footage linking the man to the local Rebel cell. It was all the excuse she needed to take her revenge against the noble swine.

Arriving at the exterior of the man's palatial estate, Kerrie held up a pair of macrobinoculars and began scanning the interior. She picked up several heat signatures on the lower levels who she believed to be security and staff. There was only one signature on the upper level, which she was convinced was Nama'a'taht. Creeping forward, she reached the wall of the building and produced a grappling hook from one of the pouched on her armor. Hurling it upwards the durasteel hook clamped into the duracrete window sill and took a secure fitting.

Kerrie pulled on the rope of the grappling hook and it seemed secure, and with great ease began scaling the side of the building, pulling hand over hand as she ascended towards the man's window. As she reached the window she let out a deep breath, wondering if she was doing the right thing. Surely identifying treachery of a local member of the Brentaal Houses and bringing Imperial justice to him would impress the Inquisitor. If not, at least she had the satisfaction of knowing she had eliminated a traitor.

Kerrie's left hand moved to the top of her helmet as she pulled the targeting scanner down over her eyes. She blinked several times as she readjusted herself to the interface, while her free hand moved to slide her carefully polished KYD-21 from her holster. An instant later she smashed through the window, and after performing a roll she came up in a crouched position with her blaster aimed squarely at the man's bed. "Lord Nam'a'taht. A pleasure as always," she announced as a smirk crept onto her face.

Lord Benjamin Nam'a'taht had been resting comfortably in his bed for sometime reading a serialized drama on his datapad. He was therefore quite understandably disturbed when the Clawdite assassin came tumbling through his window. He attempted to reach for his security device, but with the woman's weapon already trained upon him he thought better of it. "Who are you?!" he demanded, speaking in a loud enough voice that he hoped one of his incompetent security officers down below might hear and respond. Truthfully he did not remember the woman from his encounter of the other month, as she looked quite different than she did at the time and he had encountered so many since.

"I am the incompetent buffoon you described to Inquisitor Thanor," Kerrie explained as she rose from the ground, never taking her blaster pistol off the man's form. "Well ... this 'buffoon' has evidence you are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor!" she confidently announced as as she waved the index finger of her left hand at him in a scolding manner. "Now what are we to do about that?" she asked, sitting herself down on the side of the bed next to him.

Lord Nam'a'taht squirmed as he realized his predicament, and began frantically attempting to come up with some sort of plan. It was true he had been using his shipping company to deliver equipment to the Rebellion on Brentaal IV, but they had scored so many victories in rapid succession that he had felt it was 'safe' to support them. "Look ... I have credits ... lots of credits," he began stammering, as he crawled away from her in the bed, pressing himself helplessly against the backboard. "You can have them ... we can just forget about this!" he pleaded with her, unfastening his expensive wrist chronometer and throwing it towards her as the first offering of a bribe.

There was a time when Major Kiley worked for money, but that was long ago and now she worked for blood. "Bribing an Imperial Officer and attempting to interfere with her duties, Milord?" she said sarcastically, shaking her head at him as she stared down at him through the targeting goggles hovering in front of her eyes. "This 'buffoon' is above petty bribes," she said one last time before pulling back on the trigger of her KYD-21 and unleashing a stun bolt at the man's chest. As soon as it hit his chest, the man fell silent and unconscious in front of her.

Kerrie slid the KYD-21 back into her holster and pulled out a thermal detonator from the side of her belt. She programmed it for a five minute detonation and shoved it into the unconscious noble's mouth like a piece of fruit at a roast. She wanted to take a holovid, but she felt the Admiral would chastise her for leaving evidence, and thus she reluctantly darted back towards the window. Rather than climb down she lept from it and landed with a loud *thud* on the ground below.

Unexpectedly, rounds of blaster fire began going off all around her from inside the house, but none of them were skilled enough marksmen to pose her any damage ... or so she thought. Keeping low to the ground she began heading towards her ship as blaster fire tore through the air in front of her. She moved in front of trees whenever possible and have several close calls, but she kept moving, knowing the explosion would occur at any second. Suddenly a massive explosion erupted from the top floor of the estate, sending out a massive fireball that illuminated the night sky. Kerrie smiled contently as she raised the targeting scanner back over her helmet, knowing her prey was dead and justice had been carried out. A moment later she was back at her ship and preparing for her triumphant return trip to the Star Destroyer.

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