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Scott Farnham, Christopher Levy, and Shawn Lovelett.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:5:1) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond: City Square).
Rance Arlos (death), Beerek (death), Baron Jaxxon Diode, Cole Duine, Sergeant Leroy Goodwin, Count Sylvain Isod, and Captain Ithan Tavers.

The city square of Cormond had been filled to the brim with people from varying degrees of life ... rich, poor, and the homeless ... all out for the mere promise of food. A stage had been erected at the foot of the stairs of the Brentaal Houses. Imperial Stormtroopers marched along the crowd making sure that everything had been going along in an orderly fashion. Holo cameras were broadcasting the events to the sister cities of Brentaal where similar events were taking place.

Captain Ithan Tavers stood in full dress uniform with a holstered DH-17 in his holster, he could feel his Uncle's right hand as it clutched his shoulder, he took in a breath of fear.

"I trust the security is in place, I would hate for a repeat of what happened last night." Count Sylvain Isod said, as his hand released his shoulder.

"No, no Uncle Isod. I've personally seen to all of the security uncle, everything will according to plan. I'm quite sure." Ithan, said as he pulled at the curtain, glancing at the other awaiting lords on stage. He nervously took in a breath as he quickly closed the curtain.

There Cole Duine stood. His red tinted eyes overseeing the speech. Standing roughly ten feet away, just off to the side of the person he was hired to protect. He was well armed for the job, as well as armored. Wearing a dark black version Creshaldyne Industries blast dampening armor, just heavy enough to protect, but light enough to allow him the maneuverability he would need. Two BlasTech DT-12 pistols holstered. One against his right leg, and the other having a chest holster against his right side. He would wait for orders, making sure all was safe.

Lord Jaxxon Diode strode upon the dais in his regal robes of state. The aged noble once held a powerful position in the Brentaal Houses, but was now relegated to being a 'yes man' for the Imperial Governor. He was impressed by the display of the crowd that was rallying in support of Count Isod's Brentaal unity movement. "Excellent work, Lord Isod," he said with a firm nod of his head, as he took his seat in the front row of the gathered delegates who were there for the big speech. He had not been briefed on the contents, of the speech, but he was expecting a real barn burner. Lord Isod was known to have a flair for the theatrical, he thought silently to himself as he clapped politely at one of the comments made by an opening speaker of no great regard.

"Uncle must you use...that type scum." He said with a light nod towards the merc. Ithan then straightened his uniform, as he saw the Lord approach the two of them.

"That man comes highly recommended. Thank you, Lord Diode." He said with a light bow towards the man. He glanced down at the chrono it would be soon he thought, he took in a slow breath. "Let us begin..." He said, as he stepped out onto the dais, the crowd immediately responded to the Count's presence. He stepped up to the podium, as his nephew sat down at the end of a line of chairs, closest to his uncle. Isod slipped a datapad from underneath the podium, and started to wait for the silence to take the crowd.

Beerek's suctioned cupped fingers clutched the tool case in his hand tighter, the Rodian's bulbous black eyes watched the target. He could not believe that he and his partner, Rance Arlos, were going to kill this man. Everything had been laid out to him by the Rebel agent ... all they had to do was wait for the pause in the speech, the key word would be Alderaan. He felt his mouth curl up in a smile, as a small chuckle escaped his lips. He started to make his way towards the blind spot in the security that he was instructed to take.

Rance Arlos checked the grenades in the inside of his coat for a second time. He felt nervous ... this was a big chance for him, a lot of credits, and real chance to show that they were not afraid of the Empire. This was Rance's one chance to show everyone that this man was a monster, and that they were going to end it. He gave a double click on the comlink to signal his partner that they were ready.

Cole cracked his neck, his eyes scanning the crowd once more. He honestly did not give a damn about the speech. He was never into politics. He was into credits, cold hard credits. His right hand rested on the gun that was holstered on his right thigh, idly waiting in case something actually was going to happen. Too bad, it probably was just going to be a boring speech. At least he would get paid at the end of it.

"My heart is stilled by this glorious sight. I could have never imagined it in my wildest dreams ... that so many would answer the call to unite here today, as we gather with our sister cities to gather for the coming storm." Sylvain paused for dramatic tension, as the cameras zoomed in, and broadcast the side of his face where the scar started exactly beneath his right eye, and curved down to his chin. The crisp green eyes kept his attention on the crowd ... the next few minutes in the speech were going to be critical for him.

Beerek climbed up the ladder looking like a common tech crew. He reached the top and snapped open the case as Isod began to speak. He pulled off the top with the tools and waited for the key word.

"I would like all of us to to give a few moments of silence in remembrance of those that have lost their lives on Alderaan, and our own spaceport days ago." Isod said, bowing his head in silence, as the crowds of people started follow suit.

Beerek heard the words and went to work assembling the Czerka Adventurer. He was informed that the weapon had been perfected and it was ready for use. He leveled out the weapon on a case, there was enough cover so that he would not be spotted.

Cole would slowly make his way over to one of the Imperial Stormtroopers. He would lean in and speak quietly, as to not interrupt the speech. "I am going to get a better view ... make sure if anything happens he is off that stage ASAP" He would then make his way past the Trooper and head to an area that was slightly elevated. His red eyes glancing around the area, trying to see if anything seemed out of the ordinary.

Rance Alros's right hand slowly tugged on the grenade in his pocket. He licked his lips as he heard the sound of the keyword, which meant Beerek would be in position, and that the fireworks would soon start at the climax of the speech. He almost choked back a scoff, as he watched most of those around him bow their heads like common vrelts, and there on the stage was the king of them, he thought as he stood there his teeth gritting in silent anger.

Ithan nervously readjusted the tunic on his uniform ... his uncle had informed him that after he was finished it would be up to him to take up where he left off ... it was something about leaving a good impression. Ithan could only think of his failure the night before in the Unlucky Star Cantaina. How was he going to follow his amazing Uncle?, he thought looking towards him as he continued his speech.

The second Cole's eyes caught sight of a man, more specifically a Rodian seemly setting up some sort of device. Wait, that was not just any device ... that was a rifle. Oh he did not make a loud issue with the situation ... no, he kept quiet. He snuck his way towards the shooter, going behind the crowd so he would not get noticed. His mission was to stop him before a shot would ring out, but that only would happen if the man pulling the trigger decided to wait. Only time would tell.

The time was drawing to a close, Isod thought as he said, "This day is not only a day for you the people ... it is also the first step towards a united Brentaal, and to show our strength as a sign of peace and defiance against these Rebel terrorists. I plead to you, my fellow Lords, stand here on the dais with me as equals! That we do not fear the terrorists ... they should fear us! A united Brentaal hand and hand with it's stalwart protector ... the Empire!" He said, and with that he started to clap, and step away from the podium.

Ithan stepped up to the podium passing his uncle as he moved. He took a deep breath in, as he caught the sight of a strange looking man wearing a long coat, and was currently fidgeting with it. He kept the man in mind as he took a breath in.

Lord Jaxxon Diode rose from his seat along with the majority of the other diplomats and nobleman on the dais and give tremendous applause to Lord Isod and his speech. It was a great triumph, he thought, and was proud to have been there. The older man did not have a combat sense and did not realize the danger that was potentially building. He was quite confident as he walked towards Isod, and patted him firmly on the back in congratulations. "Excellent speech, Milord," he said proudly, as a smile formed upon his aged visage.

Beerek squinted through the scope, bringing the metal piece in line with Isod's head. The Rodian could feel a chuckle raise to his lips, as a suctioned finger depressed on the trigger, and a single shot rang out through the crowd.

The shot ripped through the air, but did not hit where it was supposed to go ... it ripped through Isod's left shoulder splattering blood all over Jaxxon's face, and caused Sylvain's body to twist from the shot, and fall to the ground. The pain wracked all over his body, he realized it could have been worse ... there was only a likelihood it could have ripped through his heart, yet any price was worth the success of his Empire, even his own life.

The shot was the sign to Rance ... he pulled out a grenade, and started to raise the grenade up, as his finger went to the pull pin.

Gloved hands would wrap around the ladder that Beerek had climbed to get a vantage point. Once nearing the top, Cole had heard the shot echo through the air. Damn he was not fast enough he thought. His right legged pistol was pulled from its holster, pressing it against the aliens head. His left hand unholstered his other pistol and pressed it against his chest. "One more move and this sexy face is the last you will ever see." Sexy? He was a Zabrak. Horned and fairly evil looking, but for him ... he was sexy. Well, overly confident at least.

Lord Jaxxon Diode let out a horrified scream as the blood splattered upon his face, not quite sure what had happened. "They're shooting! They're shooting!" he screamed at no one in particular as his true colors began to show ... he was a cowardly old man. Without checking on Isod's condition, he dropped to the floor of the dais, and crawled beneath the front for of chairs, hoping he would be shielded from any further shots. Members of the Ringali Shell Security Force began to flock the dais, ushering the VIPs off the stage and presenting themselves as shields to block against any further shots.

Ithan heard the shot ring out, and was going to turn towards his uncle's direction, but forced himself to keep his eyes on the crowd. He could see the man in the long coat had pulled out a grenade. It only took a few seconds to pull the DH-17 free from the holster, and he took careful aim at the man's arms as he raised the grenade. He depressed the trigger, releasing a single crimson bolt from the weapon, as the RSSF and Imperial forces started to work together, and kept the crowd from hurting each other.

Beerek kept his hands on the rifle, as it suddenly grew still. "You can't stop the Rebellion! This man is the terrorist, and he must be punished!" He replied to the Zabrak with the rifle in his arms. The plan had gone horribly wrong, and he could not understand why, as he heard a blaster bolt ring out. He wondered if he was just shot, and then turned his head off to the right, seeing Rance lose his right arm to a blaster bolt, and was lost in a crowd of people that were now beating him to death. The Rodian quivered now in fear.

Sylvain twisted his body so that he would be on his back. The pain was all he could feel, yet everything had gone according to plan ... the weapon was sabotaged. He could look up to his nephew and see him with the smoking DH-17 and knew that he had succeeded. He felt hands as people surrounded him, a medic would be there in a moment or two. He gritted his teeth, as he yelled. "Ithan! It's up to you! You will have to carry on if ... I die!" He said, reaching out to his nephew, with a truly painful look on his face. Holo cameras kept rolling, as the medics finally reached him, and started to take him away.

"Then I should say that the Rebels should have learned to offer a better bargain," and with that, both triggers were squeezed. Sending a bolt into the head, as well as the chest. A double tap execution. Just as quickly as the guns were fired, they were holstered. He dropped to the body as it fell, gloved hands moving to check its pockets for anything to signify who he was. That, and to see if he had anything of value. Once he was done examining the body he stood. "Over here! The shooter was taken down!"

Sergeant Leroy Goodwin quickly arrived on scene, his face concealed by the intimidating site of a plastoid Stormtrooper helmet. His MFTAS scanned over Cole and detected the weapons he had on him, but was also identified as being Count Isod's personal protector. <Click>"Good job,"<Click> he said through the comm system of the helmet, dropping to one knee to immediately search the fresh corpse for any form of identification or information that would provide insight on the Rebel terror cell he suspected the man falsely of being a member of.

Ithan stood there for only a second after the shot had taken Rance's arm, and the crowd were on him beating him to a pulp. Ithan summoned up the rest of his courage to attempt to pretend that his uncle Isod was not just shot a few feet before him. He could feel the heavy weight of the sight of the holo cameras on him, as he grabbed the microphone, and went into action. As his uncle's passing words rung in his head, he forgot about the failure of last night, and focused on the now. "Sergeant Goodwin, secure the other Rebel's body ... Lieutenant Carthos of the RSSF, I want you to calm the crowd, the rest of you I want on detail." He said, as he then turned his head back to the people. "Please everyone remain calm. Count Sylvain Isod will receive the best medical attention possible...Beta Company, 104th Repulsorlift Battalion, will see to your safety civilians, please calm down." He said, as the Stormtroopers and RSSF went to work in trying to calm the crowds.

Sylvain grunted as he was carried away on a stretcher, medics pawing him through his expensive clothing. He did his best to ignore the pain, as he focused on the people around him. The medics were doing their job seeing his was properly treated with pain killers, which soothed him. He heard a holo reporter in passing. "Today at the United Brentaal rally there was an attempt made on the life of Count Sylvain Isod by two rebel agents. As you can see only seconds ago Captain Ithan Tavers has taken charge of the scene as Sylvain is escorted..." The reporter continued on as Isod was loaded into a medical transport, and the doors were closed.

Before the doors were closed Cole ran his way to the medical transport. He looked to the guards only to have them step aside and he stepped in. He would not leave his target, especially because there might be another attack soon to come.

When the doors closed with a loud clang, and the cameras were no longer looking, Sylvain allowed a smile to spread across his lips. The Medical officer looked down at him, puzzled, and then remembered the drugs that they were pumping into him. Sylvain Isod closed his eyes, rather pleased everything had gone so smoothly, perhaps his nephew was not a total fool after all.

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