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Sam Allen, Cody Andersen, Bryan Banisaba, Nigel Casantini, Brandon Derive, and Christopher Levy.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:3:4) in the Brentaal system: Envoy, Ghost Rider, in the Rhinnal system: Ghost Rider, and in the Ringali nebula: Ghost Rider and Ringali Station.


Lieutenant Hawkins, Flight Officer Darius Raven, Lieutenant Jos, Flight Lieutenant Bival Rhett, Flight Officer Zan Shelby, Sergeant Evan Teague, and Flight Lieutenant Reek Trolg.


Dressed in his battle armor, Sergeant Evan Teague spared a look at his chronometer as he made his way to the YT-1300. The mission was fairly simple, get onto Brentaal intact and alive, yet he knew it was much easier said than done. He made his way to the lowered ramp, eyes glancing up and down the ship as if he were giving it a quick grade. It would hold, he was sure of it. He found a vacant seat and settled himself into it, buckling the safety restraints tightly. Now he would do the only thing a ground soldier could do during space transport, wait.

Lieutenant Jos was getting things ready for their trip. He was loading up cargo, as well for cover ... he will need it. Also having people onboard the Ghost Rider other then himself. His eyes looked the man over and nodded to him. "We will be getting going here in a little," his voice came from the lift area.

Bival Rhett, Corsair Seven, mounted the ladder to his T-65B X-wing, black synthleather gloves ... hands in his trusty gloves, the ones his mother had given him many years ago and had worn out many times since ... hanging on as he tossed his helmet into the cockpit, one final glance checking out his ship from a better vantage point. "Not bad," he thought to himself, "I may just be ready to fly again." Ziggy, his astromech, bleeped at him from his spot atop the X-wing. His ground crew banged the side of the ship, calling out, "Seven's ready. Locked down, topped off, and ready to go. Good hunting." Bival nodded to the mechanic and climbed up the ladder, moving his helmet aside to slide into the cockpit. Settling down, he pulled his helmet on, cinching the chin strap tight before buckling his five point harness. "Ziggy, is the ship ready?" His yellow astromech warbled at him while a translation appeared inside his cockpit. He began confirming his ship's readiness during preflight checks, making sure that there were no ambiguous or out of tolerance readings that could scrub his flight with this ship. "Lasers, check. Torpedoes hot," he turned on his communications system, then switched to the squadron channel, though leaving his microphone off for the moment. He continued on with his preflight. "Targeting system, calibrated and in tolerance. Deflector shield generators nominal and ready to go live. Engines spun up and warm. Repulsors within spec. Mission computer online and recording."

Zan Shelby, Corsair Two, slowly mounted upward the ladder into the cockpit of his X-wing starfighter. He looked across from his X-wing to see Bival. He climbed into the cockpit seat, felt uncomfortable from the start. This was the first time he had been in a new squad since his transfer, he kind of had the right to be nervous. Seating himself down, he looked around the cockpit and went through his preflight checklist. Checked the fighter's astromech droid, which he had not named yet. Maybe Zef would be a good name for the droid, "OK Zef, you get through today and I'll buy ya a Ruby Bliel." He sat down in the cockpit seat almost ready to go, but his right hand would not stop shaking from the nervousness through his cold body, "OK Zan, calm down. You have done this before, but with a shuttle, breathe slowly and you'll be fine." Breathe slowly as he told himself to. He checked his communication system first of the systems on his checklist, "Corsair Two, checking comm, over."

Jos looked about. Seeing only one of the men that he was going to be taking. "Where is the other at?" looking right at the first passenger. Not liking this at all.

Bival heard Corsair Two come over the system, and checked his comm, "Two, I read you. This is Seven. Element leader, actual. Do you copy?"

Zan looked over the computer readings and replied to Element Leader's reply over the comm, "Copy Seven, almost done with my preflight. How is it on your side?"

While Bival waited for Two to respond, he fired up his fusial thrust engines, which took over internal power from the generators once they went live from the starters.

Jos' hands flipped on the power to the engines, as they roared to life. Flipping on the jump computer and the navcomputer all at the same time. A smile formed on his face. This was the part he loved. Slowly lifting off the landing pad, as the landing gear lifted up and into the YT-1300, as the ship made its way into space.

"He's on his way, I'm sure," Evan assured calmly. Either that, or the man would be summarily left behind without a second thought. Evan pressed his back against his seat, smiling grimly. He hated space travel, what was more, he hated space battles. But, here we go.

"We're in the green over here, two. Good hunting," Bival closed the cockpit canopy and the life support system hissed as it pressurized the cockpit and began feeding recycled air to him.

Zan fired up the main engines on his X-wing starfighter, the burst of power shook the cockpit a bit. Closing his cockpit he prayed for a safe flight like always, feeling the recycled air being around and a last on his preflight, he quietly strapped on his rebel helmet, "I already miss walking on land."

"Corsair Two is green for launch, control," Zan said over the comm.

Jos looked at the readouts he was getting. All seemed to be going very good for him and the Anthem. Making sure he had the jump already from Rhinnal to Brentaal set in the computer ... s beep came from the computer. mostly to himself, "Of time to get going." As the Ghost Rider shot out of the nebula, his hands flew over the controls of the ship. As the YT-1300 made her run to hyperspace from Rhinnal.

Rhett turned his comms over to launch control's channel and spoke into the live mic, "Control, this is Corsair Seven, element actual, requesting launch permission for Corsair element." Launch control came back over the comm, his voice distorted by the scrambling software. "Corsair element, Two and Seven are cleared for launch. Good hunting, boys." Rhett switched back over to the squadron channel, "One at a time, two. Follow my lead."

"No problem, Seven," Zan replied.

Rhett eased his ship up on its repulsors, elevating it two meters above the durasteel plating of the deck before flipping the switch to raise his landing skids. With three greens for the LG, he eased his craft forward to a speed of five MGLT, gliding past the other craft in the slip, including the rest of Corsair's X-wings and the Y-wing squadron. Once he exited the hangar of their nebula base, he pulled his craft out of the way and onto a bearing of 227 before allowing his craft to drift further into the nebula, just like in the briefing.

Zan watched from his cockpit with amazement in his eyes. He gently placed his hands onto the X-wing controls and breathed slowly, "OK, Zan, it's like the simulator." Seeing Corsair Seven exit the hanger, he gently thrust his fighter forward to the launch waited for the three greens signaling him to launch. "Oh why not," he boosted the speed of the fighter to seven MGLT, thrusting past the sqaudron's other fighters and bombers, off toward the hanger exit

Jos got the OK from his navcomputer, as he pushed full power to the hyper engines. Going from Rhinnal to Brentaal. Should be fun. The YT-1300 entered into hyperspace. "Now for the fun," knowing it was not going to take long for this run at all. The YT-1300 dropped out of hyperspace close to Brentaal.

Bival began the mission countdown chrono. If everything was going as it should, which it usually did not, the transport should be entering hyperspace about that moment.

Zan gently pulled back on his controls as he thrust out of the hanger and breathed a sigh of relief. Changed to a bearing of 227, then allowed the craft to drift into the giant nebula.

Lieutenant Trolg piloted his Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/ln through the area of space near Brentaal, on his routine patrol of inspecting incoming and outgoing space traffic. His eyed widened when he detected the new YT-1300 appear on his screens, exiting hyperspace almost directly in front of him. He adjusted his flight controls to steer directly towards the transport to perform his scan. He activated his comlink to the YT-1300 as his starfighter closed to scanning range, "Unidentified transport ... please identifty. Over."

Jos' eyes narrowed. Dang TIEs ... did they not have anything better to do then bug him, "This is the Ghost Rider ... what can I help you with? Over."

Lieutenant Trolg's TIE/ln began scanning the YT-1300 as he returned transmission over the comlink, "What is your cargo and destination. Over?"

The TIE fighter pilot Darius Raven stared out of the slits of his helmet. His radar rang clear except for a contact and his wing mate. While the Lieutenant played diplomat the second TIE was closing towards the new arrival. Everything ran green across the board. From lasers to the oxygen level funneling through the cockpit. A glance was given towards the fuel lines. Everything was perfect. His comm chirped as he listened in on Trolg's transmission.

Jos' voice came back over the comm to the TIE, "Cargo is dried goods. It is going to Brentaal ... over."

Lieutenant Trolg's screen flashed as his sensor scan detected weapons signatures aboard the YT-1300. After hours of endless patrols, he had finally found one of the transports that he was looking for, "Anthem ... our sensors indicate you are carrying weaponry. Power down and prepare to receive boarders, or you will be fired upon. Over."

Jos chuckled. Hitting the button for the X-wings to start with their operation. He did not have time to play these games. He cut back on power some until the X-wings started in, "Understood."

A signal lit up on Bival's comm, blinking right as the chrono hit zero. Excellent, "Punch it, Two. Maintain radio silence, call 'em as you see 'em and keep 'em off your tail. Just like the drills." He threw the throttle to 100%, the acceleration kicking him back into his bucket seat as his craft accelerated to 100 MGLT.

Lieutenant Trolg activated his comlink to his command ship, the Imperial Star Destroyer Warspite, to inform them of his findings, "Warspite ... this is Trolg ... we've detected a transport carrying weapons ... deploy one of the shuttles."

Zan jammed the throttle to its maximum acceleration behind Corsair Seven.

While the nebula obscured everything further than the length of his craft away, Bival's nav system showed him the direction of the target, and he gently guided his craft toward the Corellian Space Cruiser.

Zan postioned himself in the direct path toward the Corellian Space Cruiser.

In a few moments, the nebula gradually began thinning out as Bival neared the edges. They began to see the brightest stars in the galaxy through the gases, "Arm your torpedoes, Two. Stay in formation."

Zan thought to himself, "Something ain't right here. This seems too easy."

Jos' hands tightened around his controls. "Come on where are they?" he thought. He still had the dang TIEs on his ship and was not liking it at all.

Lieutenant Hawkins, the pilot of the space cruiser Envoy immediately detected the incoming X-wings on sensors. "Ensign," he shouted, "Get us some blasted help out here!"

Zan flipped the switch in which armed his proton torpedoes, maneuvered his fighter under the soft belly of Corsair Seven's fighter.

"Tighten it up a little bit. You're too loose. Stick to your lasers. Lock S-foils in attack position, " Bival called as he flipped the switch to give his X-wing its deadly and familiar X shape, the action simultaneously arming his lasers and setting them to the default dual fire linked configuration. The Corellian Space Cruiser began to distinguish itself among the other stars as they cleared the nebula, it being a slightly different color and slightly larger than the blanket of stars it was set against.

The Corellian Space Cruiser's co-pilot immediately got on the comlink, issuing a general distress call to all Imperial ships in the region.

"OK, sir," Zan switched his X-wing into its infamous attack position.

"Lieutenant, sir!" Raven's radio chirped, "we have an incoming distress signal from an Imperial ship." That hard and rough voice bit through the com link, ''Should we saddle up and go play cavalry and come to the rescue?''

Lieutenant Trolg looked at his comlink and saw that the nearby space cruiser was about to come under attack. "Blast!" he shouted before activating his comlink, "Officer Raven ... form up and let's get those X-wings."

With lasers ready and torpedoes hot, Zan felt brave enough to take on the whole Imperial fleet right about now.

Lieutenant Trolg maneuvered his TIE/ln away from the YT-1300 and accelerated his starfighter to its top speed, heading towards the space transport and the two rebel X-wings.

''That's a roger. What about this bastard?'' Raven said staring at the vessel that was making to stop. Flying his TIE in tight formation with maximum throttle and acceleration, ''Oh bugger it. Let's kill some Rebs.''

"Hold your fire, make a pass and then come back around and let 'er rip." Rhett pushed his stick slightly forward, dipping the nose of his craft to pass under the aging Corellian Space Cruiser and give those aboard a good scare.

"Roger that," Zan replied, yanking upward and rolling counter clock rise over the Corellian Space Cruiser.

Jos chuckled, as the TIEs will bug out to help their friends that is. Hitting the engines to full power, making his way to Brentaal. Felt the Ghost Rider shake some from the power to her engines. No way he was going to get  stopped from getting where he wanted to go at all. Making his way into the atmosphere.

Zan was focused. He felt faster, stronger, and was dangerous even to his allies when he was in that good of a mood.

Passing under the Corellian Space Cruiser, Bival immediately threw his stick forward and to his right, twisting into a reverse Immelman that turned into an upward climb at the belly of the cruiser. He centered his targeting reticule on the craft and pulled the trigger to let a burst of fire fly.

The bursts of laser cannons struck the Corellian Space Cruiser, which was rocked with minor damage to its shields.

A snarl was given as Raven pursued the attacking X-wing fighter. The bastard was going to attack the Imperial Navy was he!? He followed the X-wing's path as he attempted to sidle up behind him . Attempting to get the craft in the sights of the square. His hand jerked the trigger sending green lasers spitting towards the X-wing.

Bival's ship was rocked with laser fire behind, while his shields took the brunt of the damage as he spun away. He checked his diagnostics, which showed his shields at 66%. "Frell!" he called out to himself.

Lieutenant Trolg observed his wingman attacking the lead X-wing, and his targeting crosshair immediately lined up with the second X-wing in the formation. His fingers pulled back on the trigger unleashing two laser blasters at the X-wing.

Zan felt intense rumbling through the fighter. "Damnit," he exclaimed.

"Get out of here, Two! You're no good to me dead!" Bival cursed his luck that his wingman would be damaged this badly in the first moments of engagement.

Fearing being blown out of the sky, Zan shoved the throttle back to maximum and jet back towards the nebula for cover, "I'm sorry, Seven."

"Just get clear and make sure they don't follow you," Bival replied.

Zan's X-wing starfighter retreated to the safety of the nebula, "Becareful, Seven."

Zan thought deep with the sub thought of his mind, "Damn it Zan, you blew it again." He slammed his fist hard against the fighter's cabin.

Rhett growled, frustrated and tense as he slid his stick to its maximum range of movement, flipping his fighter over and around to line up on the fighter furthest from him, the one that'd shot at his wing both out of anger, and knowing he could not turn on his pursuer at the moment. He let a burst of laser fire fly at his target.

Lieutenant Trolg's TIE/ln shook violent as the laser cannons impacted his hull. Sparks flew from his control panel as the hull of his craft was lowered to only fifty-percent of its former rating, "Gaaah."

"You want some more!?'' Raven snarled as he banked left to line him right up with the enemy fighter pilot. The sights locked onto the target as he depressed the trigger sending laser pursuing the elusive craft.

Verdant laser fire streaked past his fighter and off into the dead of space as Bival breathed a sigh of relief at dodging his pursuer's fire.

Recovering control of his craft, Lieutenant Trolg lined the sole remaining X-wing in his crosshairs. Lining the X-wing in his sights, he pulled back on the trigger unleashed two laser bolts at the X-wing.

Laser fire stroked Bival's shields, a small blossom of flame from the impact as one bolt spent its energy being deflected while the other streaked off into the space to the starboard of his fighter. He eased his fighter down, before kicking the throttle back for an instant as he stood it on its starboard s-foils. Half an instant later, his fighter was arcing back the way it had come as he kicked the throttle back up to full. He lined his targeting reticule up on his pursuer just as he pulled the trigger to loose a blast of vermillion fire.

''Go back to flight school, you suck!'' Raven said giving a very rude gesture towards the X-wing fighter pilot. Once again he was looping back towards the enemy fighter, maneuvering for a position behind the stupid X-wing fighter pilot. Letting loose a bunch of lasers, "Just die already jerk."

Verdant energy washed over the fringes of Bival's shields, dispelling most of the energy without being reduced significantly.

Zan looked at his fuel meter, which now was getting low, but he did not want to leave his wingman behind, "Come on Seven, get out of there."

Lieutenant Trolg steadied his aim at the X-wing, growing weary of the endless stalemate as was common in dogfights. He pulled back on his trigger unleashing another wave of blaster fire at the craft.

More verdant fire washed over Bival's shields while one bolt streaked off into the abyss of space. His shields dipped again, significantly, but he was more confident now. He rolled his fighter over toward the nebula, his mission chrono having counted down more than enough time for the freighter to escape. If he continued this game, more Imperials would arrive, and the Rebels didn't need more dead men. He doubled his rear shields, locked his s-foils in cruise position and high tailed it out of there.

Zan could not wait much longer or his ship would be lost and so would he.

"Lieutenant, this is Raven. I'm returning to base. Over," he said pulling away and heading back towards there carrier for some much deserved chow.

"Let him go, Raven." Lieutenant Trolg stated on the comlink reluctantly, "If we follow him into that nebula we'll never find our way back out. With any luck he'll rot in there. That damned freighter made it to the surface. The Admiral isn't going to like this. Hopefully one of the other patrols had better luck."

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