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Sean Brandt and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:9:4) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Captain Serra Eona and Major Min Traebor.

Major Min Traebor stood silently in her office, her back turned to the door as she waited for the Destab Captain she had summoned to arrive. The room was contained deep within the bowels of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer in an area where the regular military personnel feared to go. It required the highest clearance on code cylinders to access and specialized Stormtroopers were on constantly watch. The room was dominated by a large series of monitors on which she could review holorecordings that were transmitted throughout the Ringali Shell. Her desk was barren and devoid of any personal items ... no traces of life at home or a family. The decorations, too, were at a minimum as she knew that her enemies and rivals would use any material they could acquire to undermine her, such as having art from an individual or culture that had fallen out of Imperial favor. The olive-grey uniform she wore nicely complimented her voluptuous feminine form, but it was clear from the way her two gloved hands intertwined behind her back that something unpleasant was on her mind. As she continued to wait for the Captain's arrival she repeatedly lifted herself up, raising her heels off the ground, before letting her foot to fall back down ... pacing in place.

Permanency, personal effects, affection for anything at all...these were antithesis to the life of an Intelligence Agent. It was no coincidence that Captain Serra Eona's own private quarters were just as minimal as the Major's; this sort of thing was drilled into them, and the best took it to heart for the rest of their lives. The path to the room where Major Min Traebor waited became gradually less populated as she passed through the increasing layers of security. Once upon a time being able to use her clearance to get into such areas had carried with it an underlying sense of excitement, but these days she approached it as she approached everything else, with a cold outward apathy and inward chill to match. A cigarra hung from her lips, each inhale burning it down a little more as she made her way to the room. She stopped just outside of it, taking one last inhale from the cigarra before passing it off to one of the Stormtroopers flanking it. She then produced the concealed blaster, handing it off as well. Even with her levels of clearance and proven loyalty, no measure of security was too high. She stepped in, then, arms resting at her side, straightening up to a bit more of a proper stance than she offered to anyone else. "Major. Captain Eona, reporting."

Major Traebor was stationary for a moment, allowing an awkward silence to fall upon the room in order to help craft her stage presence. It was only then that she turned to reveal herself, seeming perhaps a decade too young for her tank and position. Her long, wavy reddish brown hair flowed down, obscuring roughly half of her face, but what was visible was cold and unmoving in their features. There was no attempt at being pleasant or any of the formalities that a first encounter might warrant socially, but rather an intense stare as if her eyes were scanning the Captain. It was only then that she started move forward, but instead of moving towards the junior officer she flowed gracefully towards her desk. She pressed several buttons on the control panel that started a process that began with dimming the lights and completed by activating four of the large monitors embedded on the bulkhead behind her. One by one the monitors displayed images of first Kerrie Kiley, a Major in the Stormtrooper Coprs, then El-Nay Darr, a Mandalorian bounty hunter, Tycho Starlight, a human bounty hunter, and finally Marcus Rodney, identified only as his bounty hunter alias: the Nerf Herder. "Tell me do you know any of these individuals?" she asked in a calm voice, without so much as a look in the direction of the Captain.

Meetings within Intelligence were often something of a game. It was nothing intentional, but rather a product of people who were inherently used to concealment and misdirection, to toying with others and goading them into certain emotions and actions. Those who took the uncaring, cold nature of their fellow agents never lasted very long. While the Major looked very much like she had never seen a day of hard work in her life, Serra knew better than to jump to conclusions. While social status could purchase rank in most other aspects of the Imperial Military, that was very rarely the case in Intel. This woman, despite her looks, had no doubt earned her way to this, and she would be stupid to treat her otherwise. With pure professionalism she took in the images as they appeared, noting each one. "I do. Major Kiley. Some incompetent Mandalorian known as El-Nay Darr. The other two I am unfamiliar with."

Min's tongue swirled about violently in her mouth, pressing against her cheeks as she considered what to share and what to conceal from her underling. "I should have scheduled a meeting with you when you were transferred to this oversector, Captain, but I read your file and determined you were best left to your own devices. Since joining Intel it has been my experience to share as little information as possible and attempt to stay out of the way of other agents," she began, in a long soliloquy as she moved towards the monitors. "The bounty hunter known as the Nerf Herder, working in tandem with other hunters captured Grand Moff Rodney's treacherous daughter Jelena down on the surface of Esseles," she revealed, feeling a slight bit of pain from having to share her data with someone ... particularly an underling. "But from Darr we learned that instead of turning her into us ... he aided in her escape. Fortunately I was able to capture Darr and *persuade* her it was in her best interest to deliver us the Nerf Herder so that I might determine why he allowed the little wretch to escape ... and if at all possible where she is," she continued, offering a firm nod of her head, as it sounded like a good plan to her. "To my surprise Major Kiley barged into this office and threatened me if I interfere with El-Nay Darr. I understand you had multiple negative encounters with the Major. I'd like your assessment of her and her loyalties before I meet with Darr to capture her prisoner," she said, before moving to take a seat in front of her black desk with its polished mirror finish. At long last she made eye contact with the Captain as she impatiently waited for every word of her report.

"Thank you, Major, for your confidence." A matter of decorum to show a little gratitude. Hardly necessary, but she found it often paid dividends with superior officers when you appreciated something they did. Other than those words, Serra listened, taking in the details of the events that had recently transpired. Darr playing a significant roll was a bit surprising considering her one encounter with the Mando, but she didn't let it show and certainly didn't dwell on it. The fact the daughter had been captured, however, was big news, and something that had been a top concern of hers for some time. Her own maneuvering had left her less than capable of immediate action, but observations and the ability for Serra to remain close to those tied to the situation on the Imperial side had taken precedence over anything she might have done otherwise. Once it was her time to speak, she did, making no move to shift from her current position. Assuming any sort of friendly mannerisms was the surest way to find yourself thrown off to some low level desk job, if not outright dismissed. "You are correct. When the betrayal of Jelena became known, I personally spoke with several tied to the incident, including Major Kiley. It is my opinion that the Major's loyalties lie more with the local Moff and his governance than they do with the Empire. Though I never received a clear admission, I would suspect she has some sympathy for the traitor. Something I suspect of her family as well." There was no flinching when she spoke, no trouble in her voice. Serra had committed far worse atrocities in the name of the Empire than paint such a negative light on a handful of people.

As Serra spoke, Min began rhythmically tapping the index and middle fingers of her right hand upon the surface of the table ... it helped her think. When the Captain had finished she moved her hands together and began to strip them of the black leather gloves that rounded out her uniform. Her hand moved up, running through her hair, and repositioning it out from in front of her face, which allowed her to look on the officer with both of her eyes. She bit slowly at the inside of her lower lip as she considered her next words carefully ... very carefully. "Then ... in your opinion ... *should* the Grand Moff come into conflict with the interests of the Empire Major Kiley would side with him? Your opinion, of course..." she posited, before turning her head to its side slightly, in the manner of an animal, as she waited intently for a reply. There was much she had not revealed in this discussion and still much for her to consider and a fresh set of eyes on the problem was much needed.

Serra stood, her hands moving to fold behind her back, simply for want of some place to put them. It was the only change in her stance, just a slight shift. As the Major thought, the Captain waited, standing patiently as those eyes both honed in on her and those carefully chosen words came free. The nature of the woman's movements wasn't entirely lost on Serra, but she well knew she was in no position to question her intent. When it came to ranking Intel officers, it was her duty to serve. "I have no doubt that Major Kiley will support the Grand Moff in whatever action he takes, Major." She damn well knew that she might be signing the death warrants of any one if not all of the people being discussed, but if she had any concern for it, none showed.

"Then Major Kiley cannot be trusted," Min said, as a statement, rather than a question, looking up from her desk at the Captain. "I tell you now that having a daughter so deliberately defect to the Rebellion in a public way has done nothing to enhance the Grand Moff's already diminished reputation in some circles..." she said, as again that lower lip found itself pinched between her teeth. "As he close the net around his daughter he may not act in the Empire's best interest. Thank you for sharing with me whose side the Major will be on *should* that time come," she said, before rising from the desk, and slowly circling around it before coming to a stop in front of the officer. "I will need you to join the detail of agents that will be accompanying me to this encounter with the bounty hunters. Your insights will be much valued," she ordered with a firm nod of her head. "...and it's high time that I began learning about those under me," she concluded, before bringing up her exposed right hand to paw at the woman's shoulder.

The very conclusion that Serra had drawn some time before, though thanks to this conversation she was happy she shared little enough of her findings until this moment. It wasn't a matter of impressing a superior officer, of course. That was never her desire, never even on her mind. It came down, fully, to serving the will and need of the Empire, to safeguarding something that existed beyond all the individuals who created it. When the woman came around and touched her shoulder, Serra's glance at the hand and then shift of emotionless eyes to the woman made it somewhat clear that familiar touching wasn't something she was in any way used to or had much use for, but she wasn't about to cross the Major by rejecting it. So the hand just pawed at her and she failed to further react at all. "As you wish, Major. Anything for the Empire." She utterly meant that as well.

"Now what have you learned from your Captain?" Min asked, having been the first to raid Major Zevrin's files when the ISB sector officer was driven from power. She knew all about the comings and goings from Captain Anson's cabin and safely assumed that Eona was up to something. "I don't mind, of course ... and I certainly don't judge," she quickly added with a soft smile, her hand never leaving the woman's shoulder. "But if there's a nugget or two you might deem to reveal, as I have revealed to you so very much, I would certainly appreciate it," she said to her, her thumb moving in soft circles to rub at the woman's collarbone.

The physical familiarity was certainly something Serra had not expected or been prepared for. It didn't unnerve so much as confuse; affection for affection's sake was far beyond her realm of thought. There was always some further purpose, some deception behind it. What confused her, more than anything else, was wondering just what purpose the Major had in touching her. Still she did nothing to dissuade or encourage. She simply stood, letting it carry on as they spoke. "I mostly use him as a means of ensuring loyalty, Major. Seduction is not one of my finer points, but he took to me, so I thought it best to take advantage. It's remarkable how free and easy some men will be with you if you help them get off once in awhile." She lifted one hand to reach inside her jacket, producing a datadisk, which she offered over to the Major across the very short distance between them. "Schematics for the new ship, Major. I imagine you could access this easily enough, but that's not the point. The Captain gave this to me with no argument, no real questions. It's a token to show how deeply in our control he is."

"It is amusing to me how weak men are and how easily controlled they can be ... and yet they are continuously rewarded with promotions and key positions that we women must struggle for," Min said to her with a firm nod of her head, before she turned her attention to the datadisk. "That is why men have never held my interest," she mused, before slowly moving towards her terminal. She paused a moment before inserting the disk and in short order the schematics of a massive Executor-class Star Dreadnought began to display on the terminal. She glared at the image, growing increasingly more frustrated from studying the technical readouts of the overpowered command ship. She snarled angrily, before powering off the display and turning her attention once again to the captain. "This vessel is too powerful for one who has achieved so little and is surrounded by traitors. Thank you for sharing this to me," she commented, perhaps revealing too much personal insight. "Go now. I have much to do," she said, finally, before turning her attention to a datapad on the desk, not offering so much as a 'goodbye' or a final exchange.

That explained the touch, then. Serra was incredibly fit, of course, but rarely thought of herself as attractive, if only because the whole concept of attraction was something she really only bothered with on an intellectual level. In any other word she would have likely been committed to therapy, but in Intel, these qualities made her ideal. Still, when the Major moved away, Captain Eona wasn't unhappy to be rid of the strangeness. "My interest is in my work, Major. Little else." A nice little truth to share while the Major went about popping in the data disk and looking over the schematics. A nod was given to the thanks, and those words were something she took very great notice of. It was a reveal into her superior's line of thinking, and that was never something to pass up. Another slight bow of respect was given and she turned and stepped out of the office. She retrieved the blaster pistol and slipped it into place, retrieving a fresh cigarra as well. Once it was lit she moved on, heading back to the more common ground of the ship. Back to work.

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