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Christopher Levy and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:4:34) in the Essesia system: Warspite.
Lieutenant Allegra Ames, Inquisitor Serine Thanor, and Major Arden Zevrin.

The only thing Serine could think about for the past day was Major Zevrin and how that wench had betrayed her completely, politically maneuvering her like a game piece to her liking. In her mind, this animosity from the Major was a complete surprise, the last real occurrence between them was the Inquisitor freeing her from captivity. Why the other woman decided it was a good idea to attempt blackmail and conspiracy against an Inquisitor was beyond her as it was both foolish and unprecedented. Serine had tracked the woman back to her little lair, Zevrin's personal chambers where she apparently conducted her underhanded dealings. The last time Serine came to visit Arden, she had ripped the door off of the hinges, threw it across the room and had her nexu drag the unconscious and profusely bleeding subordinate of Zevrin's all over the interior of the chambers, leaving pools of blood to clean up later. This time the Inquisitor's entrance would not be dramatic at all, but the ferocity would be present ten fold. If the door was locked, it was no longer as Serine forced her way through before sliding the door closed behind her. There was something extremely off with the Inquisitor this day, her usual perfect stoic awn was compromised, a rather cruel but wide smile was displayed across her features as she leaned informally up against the door she just closed behind her. Her mannerisms were eerie and unsettling as she began to uncharacteristically chuckle to herself before she finally lifted her wild gaze to Zevrin. "You're such a fool, Major."

Major Zevrin was unfazed by Serine's entrance, as she had long been expecting it. In fact, she had all but orchestrated it when she revealed that she knew the true extent of what had happened regarding Major Kiley. "Now then, Inquisitor ... please calm yourself," she said, as she rose from her chair and walked calmly across the room to pull out a chair. "Now have yourself a seat and let us talk about this like two civilized adults..." she said, folding her arms defiantly in front of her chest, as she hoped the woman would be mature about this. "I'm sure by now you realize that if I wanted to ruin you ... I could have already done so with great ease," she said, with a small smile, as she moved back to her chair and sat herself back down. The truth was Rodney's promotion had dramatically changed things and made her original plan quite useless.

"Oh could you now?" Taking that as a threat, and not at all convinced that the woman could even come close to 'ruining' her. It was clear that Serine was not ready to cooperate with Arden's intentions to speak rationally about this, at least not yet, as she wasn't compelled to comply. The events of the previous days had weighed too heavily on her, and the sudden realization that Zevrin and Kiley had teamed up to displace her from her duties was the catalyst that set her off in a barely controllable rage the day prior. "You are gravely mistaken if you believe your petty and worthless blackmail attempt could do any lasting harm." Assuming Zevrin was trying to hold her knowledge of leaving Kerrie to die as leverage over the Inquisitor. "Because you see Major Zevrin, it is in my power to remove the 'filth' that clogs the gears of the Empire whenever I see fit." She emphasized heavily, making it very clear that she could murder without cause, and it was true that she dismembered individuals far more important who did far less than Major Kiley ever did. Serine began pacing towards Zevrin, glaring at her like a caged animal, murderous intent clearly visible gleaming in eyes full of loathing rage, her right hand clutching and unclutching the air before being balled into a tight fist as a feint sinister humming filled the air from an unknown and powerful source. It was evident that the Inquisitor was struggling to control her desire to rip the woman apart.

It did not take a Force-sensitive to realize that Inquisitor Thanor was clearly irritated, but that was not Major Zevrin's intention. "I said calm yourself, Inquisitor," she said, rising from the chair and slowly walking towards her like the Inquisitor's fearsome nexu. "Blackmail?" she scoffed, as she shook her head at her, genuinely disappointed she would accuse her of such an uninspired plan. "My dear, Inquisitor, I merely wanted to get your attention ... which I assume I now have?" she said, as she walked slowly behind the Inquisitor's back, and then returned in front of her as she completed a circle around her. "You seem very tense. Perhaps a workout session with Major Kiley is in order. That poor woman always has some issue to work out," she explained with a firm nod of her head, as she came to a stop in front of her.

Ever since Serine had met Arden the very first day of her arrival, she knew that woman had some gall, and she still did, which was at least commendable if nothing else was. Zevrin was a snake in the grass, could never be trusted, and as far as Serine knew, had plotted to send her on missions to remove her presence from Warspite. None of that settled well with the Inquisitor, she would not stand for this sort of insubordination, but she knew she had every chance to remove Zevrin now if she wished, what was the harm of at least listening ... perhaps something would perk her interest and if not, someone would be cleaning up yet another stain in Zevrin's office ... for the last time. The Major was playing such a dangerous game, Serine was not one to toy with or be challenged, and yet Arden felt the need to do both at once, what a deadly attempt. It appeared Serine considered the notion, perhaps even out of a shred of respect, as one predator to the other, both woman vicious in their own rights, both sizing each other up in what may be a ruthless struggle. "I'm listening." Her voice sharp and unwavering, it was very apparent that Zevrin would have to make it very compelling as Serine was posed to strike but stayed unmoving in her aggressive stance even as the other woman stalked around her.

Arden nodded at her, the smile never fading from her beautiful visage as she looked over the Inquisitor carefully before replying. "Good," she said, with a polite nod, as she moved back over towards her seat. "I don't care what you do ... but I'm sitting down," she said, as she plopped herself back down onto her comfortably appointed chair. "I suspect you would agree with me that the situation was more manageable when we were dealing with an Admiral Claudius Rodney rather than a Grand Moff Claudius Rodney?" she said, shaking her head in disbelief that the man had managed to rise so quickly through the ranks. "I'm sure by now you realize it has already gone to the man's head ... and then there is the addition of his new aide ... who I am completely thrown by ... perhaps he is ... well ... you're an adult.." she paused, snickering at her comments as she lazily envisioned the Grand Moff and the aide in all sorts of mishaps. Why did she not have an attractive young aide, she thought to herself as she quickly became distracted and moved off track.

If Zevrin's ornate plan really was to attract Serine's attention, well then she was successful, and the Inquisitor could completely agree with the other's statements, but her expression never changed from one of total disdain as she warily eyed the Major cautiously. Her arms crossed over her chest as she shifted weight to one leg, making it clear that she refused to sit down and have a heart-to-heart chat with this despicable woman. "Are you inferring that something be done about 'Grand Moff' Rodney?" She asked visibly shocked that Zevrin would even hint at it. Serine was a lot of things, but she was not a betrayer of the Empire, she would never openly or otherwise plot against a higher ranked officer, no matter how much she felt he was unworthy of the position. However, the Governor's new aide, that was something she was particularly irked about. "I do not trust that woman." Serine freely blurted out quickly, very willing to express her opinion on that topic. The sudden entrance of Liliya Benedt to the Warspite was extremely questionable and suspicious, she wouldn't put it past Rodney, having little respect for him as it is, but his personal life was not her concern. Her concern was the abrupt way he took on a new assistant. He did not seem to need one before, and despite the promotion, the Inquisitor doubted he would need one now, and the woman's whole persona bothered Serine. It was hard to place a finger on it, but the best she could muse to herself was that Liliya was too ... 'nice.' If that were possible. "What of it?" She sharply snapped at Arden, obviously very annoyed and agitated as she shifted her weight once again impatiently.

Major Zevrin nodded at the Inquisitor as she mentioned 'doing something' about the new Regional Governor. Her attention was also piqued with the mention of the newly arrived Liliya Benedt. "You realize of course they are both Alderaanians ... and by now we all know about the loyalties of Alderaan..." she mused, as she openly questioned the loyalty of Grand Moff Rodney. Zevrin was playing a dangerous game where she was strategically turning the senior staff against one another, creating a setting where no two officers seemed able to work together, and chaos would then ensue. Chaos that would clear out the rabble and leave her standing. She could not help but smile as she thought it through in her head, but there was much she needed to do before she could declare victory. "He married a Hapan ... renowned throughout the galaxy for their beauty ... and now he returns from Coruscant with a beautiful aide even younger? Blech..." she groaned, as she shook her head at the Inquisitor. "He does not respect you. He does not respect women. As long as he is Grand Moff your advice ... our advice ... will never be heeded..." she said with a mock sadness, forcing a frown onto her beautifully pert lips.

The conversation was starting ... to get interesting actually. Perhaps Serine did want to ... hear a bit more. The two woman seemed to share quite a few perspectives. A chair was dragged harshly across the flooring on purpose, leaving scratches behind with a horribly loud screech before it was shoved downwards a few feet from where Arden was sitting, clanging noisily before the Inquisitor slowly lowered herself to sit down. She crossed her arms once again, still glaring at the other but perhaps a bit more subdued, anything was an improvement to murderous vengeance. "I do not care how the ... 'Governor' spends his time. That does not concern me. However, I must admit that his lack of respect and refusal to heed to any of my advice has been a constant reminder that I may be wasting my time aboard." Serine said honestly, bitterness seething from her, and it was for the first time not directed at the Major. "The Empire sent 'me' to aide him, and yet he neglects his duties to assign me accordingly. I am ... I 'was' willing to follow his orders without question." The Inquisitor was freely giving information away, seemingly forgetting who was she talking to, perhaps it was out of desperation for her voice to be heard by someone, anyone, who just happened to be probably the worst person to discuss anything personal. "Although, that is not my place to decide, and neither is it 'yours'." Another harsh glare bore towards the Major, very easily hinting her complete rage over being forced an assignment from anyone other than the Governor.

Arden Zevrin stood from her chair and locked eyes with the Inquisitor as a slight hint of her own rage began to show. "I am here to be the eyes and ears of COMPNOR. And if our commander is lost to the charms of Alderaanian school girl then you would be wise to realize it concerns us all, Inquisitor!" she said angrily, the tone of voice rising dramatically. She would be damned if her influence would be lost to a pesky diplomatic aide. "Use your senses. Things are not right here. The Rebellion has struck a major blow against the Empire here. Do you think the taint of that will fall upon Lord Rodney alone?" she asked, as she walked across the room to draw closer to the Inquisitor. "I think not. You will be held equally to blame and the last I've heard you do not hold the same influence that our new Grand Moff has. You would be wise to heed my advice. The Governor does not heed yours ... learn from his mistake..." she said, with a firm nod, as her left hand slowly moved through Serine's hair as she stroked it appreciatively. "Who does your hair?" she asked, as she pulled her hand away, bringing it up to her nostrils to take in her scent.

There was a beep on the door control panel that interrupted the awkward moment between the Major and the Inquisitor, as Lieutenant Allegra Ames entered the fray. "Major," she said with a polite nod as her eyes moved from woman to woman. "Inquisitor," she added, with a firm nod of her head. "I hope I am not intruding..." she said slowly as she noted the close proximity between the two, thinking it rather odd. "I used the ship's internal scanners to locate you. I hope you don't mind. There is a matter of great urgency I must speak with you about," she said, sounding overly dramatic, as she moved deeper into the room. She was in the lair of the ISB and she found it very uncomfortable. Many an officer's career ended in this room. She did not want to be one of the unlucky souls that found their way to an untimely and permanent demotion.

Serine listened to Arden's speech unfazed, though there were valid points there, she did not at all appreciate the other's tone with her, finding the woman's choice of words disrespectful but she was willing to completely discard them as this was not even the true issue behind the Inquisitor's previous fury. The topic of Arden's political manipulation and maneuvering had yet to even fully come up into the discussion, and Serine had all intentions of remedying that oversight. However, she was not at all prepared for the sudden and completely unprecedented conflict that would transpire. A gesture seemingly small, but with infinite ramifications, Serine was beyond shocked Arden would dare touch her ... fondle her hair! Whatever Arden's intentions, she could not fathom the implications and the Major's hand was slapped away with an instant lash as the Inquisitor stumbled backwards out of her chair, knocking it over and nearly tumbling herself but she recovered just in time with a wild confused surprise displayed all over her facial features and body language. Completely disheveled, no one had ever even hinted at such a feat and the situation only got more complicated as Allegra let herself in with absolutely no regard for protocol or even damned courtesy. Allegra claimed she had a matter of great urgency?! Nothing was more urgent than the situation right here and now. Bewildered and immensely infuriated, a hand dropped to the hilt of her lightwhip before snapping it heavily upon the ground in a dramatic vengeful display. "Get out Allegra!!" She screamed at the other viciously, never using anyone's first name before.

Allegra's eyes went wide as the Inquisitor snapped in terror, and she quickly staggered out of the room before anything could go wrong. She took in a deep breath as the door snapped closed right in front of her face as she reached the safety of the corridor. Her face was flushed red with a combination of fear and embarrassment as she nervously paced the hallway, wondering if she should simply run away. She desperately needed to speak to the Inquisitor, but it seemed that now was not the right time.

Arden was surprised by Serine's reaction, but it was clear she had gotten to her ... and that was her real intention. The sudden arrival of Lieutenant Ames had helped greatly, as the situation was in danger of getting out of hand rather quickly. "Oh that poor thing..." she said to the Inquisitor, referring to Allegra's pathetic exit from the room. "You have quite the reputation on this ship, you know..." she said as she moved back to her chair, her hand throwing her luxurious blond locks over her left shoulder, before turning to look back at her. "I think I've made myself clear..." she said as she thumbed the activator on the monitor so that she could watch Allegra's nervous pacing in the corridor. She had heard about the woman's father and she suspected that it had something to do with her nervousness. A once promising rise through the ranks now seemed over. Another wasted soul, she thought to herself, as she sat down in the chair and kicked her luxuriously long legs upon the work station in front of her.

How Major Zevrin could stay so calm while Serine was boiling over was incredible and she was quite fed up with the other not giving her due respect and her full attention. "Yes, yes I do." It was part of her responsibility and pride to install fear on this ship, and Arden was not falling in line as appropriate, thus ... it was time to make an example out of her, perhaps it was way overdue. "There is one more thing ... we have yet to discuss, Major." She said with a cruel sneer as her wrist flicked violently, sending the metallic whip sailing across the room to wrap around Arden's neck. With a yank, the coil tightened quickly, encircling her throat, before causing the other woman to jerk forwards, sprawling down upon her lavishly decorated office desk. "I do not appreciate you taking liberties with my assignments." Serine said coldly as she dangerously stalked towards the other that she now considered at her mercy. "The fact that you saved Major Kiley could be forgiven ..." Another harsh tug on the whip caused it to snag even tighter."... but not the apparent alliance to destroy my career." The Inquisitor was now close enough to the other to grab a fist full of her hair, and unlike Zevrin's delicate touch, Serine clutched it mercilessly. She wrapped the remaining loose lightwhip coils around her arm to steady the pressure and free up that hand to retrieve yet another weapon, Ty's lightsaber that was now in her position. A long snap and hiss was heard as the blue blade was ignited, and that searing weapon was held extremely close to Arden's face, but not enough to graze her. "And Major ... you are not following regulation." The faintest hint of a sinister smile tinted her lips as the blade began to burn through the hair giving off a very distinctive but repulsive odor.

It had been a very difficult encounter for the Major, whose arms instinctively went to her neck, struggling against the coils that were wrapped around her throat and threatening to strangle her. She struggled against the weight of the Inquisitor and when the lightsaber tore through her lovely locks she began to panic. "Ah!" she screamed as she could smell her hair burning ... she could only imagine how much it would cost to have a stylist repair it. She doubted there was anyone in the Ringali Shell who could do it and feared she would have to travel as far as Coruscant for a proper job to be done. She fell to the ground in a heap when she was released once her haircut was complete and she gasped for air like a badly wounded animal on the floor. Her eyes caught a glimpse of the severed hair and she instinctively reached for it. She clung to it in her hand tightly, as she struggled to stand back up. "Whips are very kinky, my dear," she said as she waved the severed hair teasingly close to the Inquisitor's face. Her hand then opened to reveal the locks, offering them to her. "Something to remember me by when you're alone in your bed at night?" she suggested, as she continued to work her charms on the woman.

Satisfied with the outcome, the butchered haircut rather fitting, Serine unraveled the whip from around the woman's neck and stepped away from her while deactivating her trophy lightsaber and hooking both weapons to her belt. She watched with an eerie stare as Zevrin gasped and gagged on the ground rather pathetically. The Inquisitor was far too wary of that woman now to give her much leeway, and her suspicions were justified as the Major was so inclined to still have something clever to spew forth from her like venom. This woman was impossible, did she not realize how close she constantly was to being executed? Serine could not even determine if Zevrin was doing this on purpose to catch her off guard or if the woman was generally insane. Eyes narrowed intently towards the other as Zevrin approached her once again, but this time Serine was having none of her nonsense. As the Major reached out, the Inquisitor snatched her wrist and painfully twisted it to gain control of her instantly before fiercely pulling her from the room to toss her out into the hallway. She wanted others to witness the Major's shameful condition, well known for her luxurious hair in which no one dared to enforce the regulation standards, no one except Serine of course. As she too exited the room, she angrily smashed her fist into the control panel, breaking it instantly into a brilliant display of sparks and flying debris. The Major wasn't going to be allowed to retreat back into her office anytime soon.

Arden flew out the doorway of her office and slammed into the wall, impacting with sufficient force to necessitate a trip to sickbay. The young woman let out a pained groan as she rolled around on the floor in pain, a trickle of blood flowing from the corner of her lip. "Temper, temper," she said, as she found herself sitting on the floor, looking up at the Inquisitor and the broken access panel. "Breaking one of those is what got you into this mess..." she said, still remaining seated as she was still in too much pain to move. Her left hand nervously went through her hair to inspect the damage. She remembered having a cover for her uniform ... somewhere. It had been ages since she wore one as part of her uniform. Perhaps the Inquisitor had a hat fetish, she speculated as she continued to nurse her wounds.

Allegra gasped suddenly as she witnessed the Major thrown from her office and thrown into the wall, quite surprised by the outburst. Suddenly her 'important' discussion with the Inquisitor seemed to pale in comparison and she began to move down the corridor as quickly as she could. She just had to tell anyone who would listen what she had just witnessed. With all of the estrogen running around the Warspite, cat fights such as this should be expected as frequent occurrences.

With all of this aggravated commotion between herself and the unruly Major Zevrin, Serine had completely forgot all about Allegra. But once again, her attention snapped to Arden because the woman just couldn't keep her mouth shut. The Inquisitor pointed a finger down at her in a quick snap in a very threatening manner. "You will keep that to yourself Major Zevrin, or I may find reason to come back and cut something else off, something that won't grow back." A deep scowl on her face, dealing with that woman was exhausting, she should ... just kill her. She wasn't quite sure why she did not do that already. Eyes flicked back to Allegra, the broken and battered woman on the ground was now of no consequence. "Something of utmost importance I believe you said, Lieutenant Ames?" It could almost be comical, and it was not quite apparent if Serine was purposely intending that to be a quirky joke, but her voice sounded too serious to be taking anything lightly at this moment.

Allegra froze in her tracks as she heard the Inquisitor call her name. Damn, she thought to herself as she scrambled inside of her head to think of what the appropriate thing to say was. "N-no... no..., Inquisitor," she stammered, like a Cadet fresh out of the academy. She was breathing very hard and the Inquisitor's acute hearing might allow her to hear the heart that was threatening to beat out of the junior officer's chest. "I was ... I was just going to report to my duty shift on the bridge," she lied, as she was hoping she could be quickly dismissed and avoid a haircut of her own.

It must not have been so damned important then, she thought as she scoffed to Allegra before waving a hand of dismissal at her, a heavy look of disapproval of the other's previous antics. "Next time you feel the need to track me down, don't be so negligent of protocol!" She snapped to the other, anger still reminiscent of the entire ordeal still coursing through her. It was unfortunate that Allegra was witness to any of this, save the end ... she was hoping that would get around to shame that belligerent woman. Eyes fell down upon the form of Zevrin that was still on the ground, she still could not believe that woman's inappropriate conduct. An intense glare of severe warning was shot to her before the Inquisitor turned, leaving the other to her own devices.

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