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Christopher Levy.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:4:20) in the Brentaal system: Forbearance.
Major Kerrie Kiley and Major Arden Zevrin.

The brown eyes of the alien opened slowly revealing a fluidic mass in front of her ... panic set in almost immediately. Her eyes went wide and her arms and legs began to flail wildly as she struggled within the sealed tank. Her breathing became erratic and her heart threatened to beat straight out of her chest. Bubbles flew rapidly from the rebreather she had gripped into her mouth, and she bit down hard. This sorry affair happened every time Major Kerrie Kiley had become incapacitated. No matter how many times she was injured and had to go through the process it was always a traumatic affair during the awakening. Her eyes blinked slowly as she shimmered into her human form, always feeling uncomfortable around the crew as an alien. It took her a few moments of staring out from behind the tank to realize that she was not in the Warspite's medical bay ... she was somewhere entirely else. Somewhat angrily she balled her hands into fists and began clamoring against the glass, trying to secure her freedom.

Out of the shadows emerged Major Arden Zevrin, the ISB Sector Officer for the Ringali Shell. The tall, somewhat glamorous, blond had a long history with Major Kiley and she would be lying if she said this was the first time she had the Clawdite caged. She said nothing at first, as she moved like a Corellian slice hound towards her prey. A tight, black synethic leather glove was placed upon the transparisteel of the bacta tank and she slowly pet it, teasing the Major. "Calm yourself. You always were a damned fool," she lectured her loudly so that she could be heard through the tank. "You are here for a reason ... and it's not to bang on a bacta tank," she teased, as she moved towards the controls. Smirking at the Major she deactivated the flow of oxygen into the rebreather, realizing that was the best way to get her attention.

Kerrie was still uncertain of what had transpired ... the last thing she remembered was interrogating the prisoner ... and then everything went black. There was no one in the galaxy she despised more than Major Arden Zevrin and the site of seeing her through the transparisteel set her into a heated rage. Eyes glared, threatening to shoot bolts of energy powerful enough to send a star into super nova as she watched the woman parade about in freedom. Suddenly the oxygen was cut off and she could no longer breath. The bubbles ceased almost immediately and she began to gasp, sucking in large amounts of the bacta fluid. She took both of her hands and began pounding on the tank in rapid succession, desperate to be free of it's enclosure.

"Do I have your attention now, sweetie? Good," Arden sneered as she made her way back towards the bacta tank. "Before you get too enraged you should realize that it was your temper that got you here in the first place," she chastised her as a hand tapped annoyingly on the tank once again. "You and I have had a ... complex ... history," she explained, talking deliberate and slow, fully aware that the Clawdite could only stand to be without oxygen for a limited period of time. "...but I think that you'll agree that things have been ... askew ... since Inquisitor Thanor's arrival," she said, painfully tiptoeing back towards the controls. "I want you to watch something that I think will allow you to see the galaxy through my point of view...' she said, as she depressed the button to return the flow of oxygen to the tank.

Kerrie's hands gripped at the rebreather just as soon as the supply of oxygen had been restored. She was panting more than breathing at this point and fo an instant she shimmered back into her native Clawdite appearance. She did not want to listen to anything the Major had to say, but it seemed as long as she was stuck in the bacta tank it seemed she had no choice but to listen. She let out a deep sigh that forced a number of bubbles out of the rebreather signally that she had submitted to the ISB officer. She could not understand why the Major would pick a fight with the Inquisitor. Personally, Kerrie had come to respect the Inquisitor, and was grateful for being included on the mission to Esseles where justice was done for her squad. She thought it very unlikely the woman's presentation would do anything to change her opinion of Inquisitor Thanor.

Arden Zevrin threw a finger at a nearby monitor and a control technician keyed in the recording of the interrogation cell. An instant later the image of Kerrie being flung through the air and slammed into the bulkhead was displayed to her. It was not necessary for her to see is part of the recording, but Zevrin could not resist in tormenting the caged woman with a slow motion replay of her incapacitation. "That had to have hurt," she said, as she turned to look over her shoulder at the woman bobbing precariously in the bacta tank. "Yes, yes. No need for this. Fast forward ... fast forward!" she demanded, spitting instructions at her technician. Finally the video of Inquisitor Thanor was shown rescuing the prisoner and completely ignoring Kerrie. To add insult to injury the destruction of the access panel was shown. "It took a team of engineers four hours to cut you out of there," she explained, walking back towards the bacta tank. "I hope you will not spend nearly as long inside this tank..." she said with a slight laugh, a cruel smirk curling upon her lips.

The rage built up inside the Clawdite assassin ... first at Kia for the telekinetic outburst and second at Zevrin for forcing her to watch it in slow motion. However, that emotion was quickly overshadowed by the realization she had been abandoned and betrayed by Inquisitor Thanor. She wanted to cry as she watched the access pad explode, realizing that it meant the woman intended her to face certain extinction. It was a bitter pill to swallow that her former adversary in the form of Major Zevrin had been the one who rescued her. Her eyes narrowed as she stared at the woman intently, wondering what was next.

Major Zevrin flashed a toothy grin at Kerrie, realizing she had the woman's full attention. "Now, then, Ker ... can I call you Kerrie? Well, you're not really in any position to talk right now, so I'll just go ahead and call you 'Kerrie'," she said as she motioned again towards the monitor. "You're supposed to be an assassin. A commando. Yet, why is it you always find yourself on the wrong end of a bacta tank?" she asked, folding her arms in front of her chest and shaking her arms in mock disapproval. "Cue up the next recording..." she ordered the technician as she turned to watch it as well. "You have no idea how hard it was to acquire this..." she said in a proud, almost arrogant voice, as she turned to look over her shoulder at Kerrie once again.

Footage from nineteen years ago began to play on the monitor showing the original Clone Commandos. Powerful troops were shown in rapid succession mowing down a series of Jedi Knights. During the presentation Major Zevrin could be seen nodding her head in approval, whereas Kerrie's eyes were wide with amazement. "Perhaps the Inquisitor is not as powerful as she wants us all to believe..." Zevrin stated bluntly as a group of clones were showing blowing up three Jedi on Cato Neimoidia. When the presentation had concluded, she turned and walked back to the controls of the bacta tank. She pushed the emergency release button, dumping the contents of the bacta tank onto the floor.

Kerrie was swept unceremoniously from the bacta tank and landed on the cold, durasteel deckplating of the Guardian-class light cuiser. She pressed her hands on the floor and tried to boost herself up, but first had to cough up large amounts of the bacta. "Ugh..." she groaned as the substance ran down her body, causing the white medical wraps to cling to her mimicked human flesh. She looked up at Major Zevrin, seeming more like an animal, than a person. It was clear there was a plot in the works ... and perhaps she could capitalize on this to remove them both. "What is it you require of me?" she asked, as she continued to remain motionless on the floor.

Major Zevrin pulled the black glove off slowly, before extending a naked hand in front of Kerrie's face in an attempt to get her to kiss it. She pulled back her hand after a moment, realizing that a smooch was not forthcoming. "Not very affectionate, are you? No matter," she said as she walked away from the onrushing puddle of bacta she would make a slave clean up later. "I intend for COMPNOR to recommend that Inquisitor Thanor be tasked with measuring the loyalty of the local government officials..." she explained to the woman, as she looked for something for her to dry off with. She pulled a wet wipe about the size of a human hand from a box and tossed it haphazardly at the woman. "Will that suffice?" she asked, knowing full well it would not even dry off a half of her hand. "We have it on good authority that the Alliance has been developing quite a foothold in this region ... as anyone who watches Imprial Holovision is certainly aware. We must shift the blame of Imperial failure in the Ringali Shell onto the Inquisitor!" she announced triumphantly as she boosted herself up onto the counter to give herself a seat. "Before Inquisitor Thanor arrived I had your master's ear. I was a stone's throw away from a Colonelcy. Now ... now I am second fiddle. I do not take the second seat, Kerrie. See that COMPNOR's recommendations meet with the Admiral's approval ... as a start," she said, as she turned, and walked out of her ship's medical bay.

Major Kiley remained in the prone position throughout Major Zevrin's diatribe, wondering if anything positive would ever happen in the Ringali Shell with virtually every branch of the Empire at odds with one another. Long after the Major left, she remained there considering her course of actions very careful. Yes, Zevrin had shown her that these 'magicians' were not all powerful, but she was reminded that in her full on confrontation with one on Esseles she and her team were defeated. Was Zevrin preferable to the Inquisitor? Each had their positives and negatives, and it would take time to weigh them against one another. However, the situation in the war was worsening and she had come to fear for Lord Rodney's life. Therefore, she believed that any attempt to shift the blame onto the Inquisitor was a worthy task and finally the woman forced herself off the floor and began the process of making herself presentable.

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