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Danielle Langley and Christopher Levy.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:2:9) in the Aris system: Aris and Nerf Herder.
Sophia Cromwell and Lord Marcus Rodney.

Marc had awakened after getting his customary four hours of sleep, but was careful not to cause a disturbance loud enough to wake Sophia. Marc groaned as he checked the bruise on his shoulder and looked over his muscular frame ... he needed to get clean almost as bad as her. A moment later he stepped forward towards the cockpit and began reprogramming new coordinates in the nav computer. As he sat in the pilot's seat he watched as the stars streaked by and gradually faded back to normal. A lush and tropical planet appeared directly in front of the viewport, which grew larger as the vessel accelerated towards it. Before long, the Nerf Herder had penetrated the atmosphere and was streaking down towards the green vegetation below. Finding a clearing, which was difficult given the amount of tropical growth, the vessel lurched back and forth as it touched down on the planet's surface.

The landing was what woke her. She slept like a rock otherwise. A soft groan left her before she stretched beneath the blanket peaking her toes out, giving them a bit of a wiggle then slowly sitting up. Her body was sore, but a sore she could work easily with. Licking her lips slowly she pushed the blanket off of her and swung a bit to have her feet on the ground before pushing to stand and moving towards the cockpit blinking in confusion "Where are we?"

"Good morning, starshine," Marc said as he rose from the chair. Gone was the carefully molded body armor, and instead he was wearing the same gray shorts and tank top that he had given her the night before. It provided an excellent glimpse at his muscular frame and various scars from past endeavors. As he rose from the seat he moved towards the side of the ship and opened the docking hatch. A moment later powerful beams of sunshine protruded into the ship, fully illuminating it and providing a strong tropical scent. "We're going to get you cleaned up," he commented as he exited the ship and touched down on the vegetation below.

"Just me..? Tch." But she watched him, watched him close enough to notice the outline of individual scaring, as well as the wound he had taken only a day ago. She canted her head before squinting her eyes and raising a hand to block a bit of the sunlight. "Ugh...couldn't pick any place..." She shut up then once her vision was better and began to follow him, eyes wide, obviously she'd never been anywhere like this "Oh wow."

"Stay close. There's several dangerous predators on this planet and I don't want them to get their claws into you," Marc warned, though with the smirk on his face it could not easily be determined if he were serious or not. As they moved through the jungle a loud rumbling noise could be heard in the distance, and as they moved closer it could be more easily identified as running water. As he pushed through the vegetation, cutting different vines with his blade to mark the trail, as small pond became visible with a moderate size waterfall cascading clean water down into it. "This should do the trick," he said to her as he stripped down completely naked, paying no attention to her presence. He had lost his modesty over a decade ago. An instant later he dove head first into the waters, as warm as any bathtub, as he began to purify his body.

The mention of predators she was as close as she could be without touching. The woman was fine against fights, weapons, no fear, but a damned monstrous thank you. When she saw the waterfall the girl smiled, before her smile failed as her eyes followed what was happening to his clothes "What are..." And he was naked, her cheeks flushed, catching herself staring to glanced off and stared at the ground as if to burn a hole through it.

"If you can be disarmed by the sight of a naked man you won't last very long in this line of work," Marc commented as he rose from underneath the water. "It's warm and it's clean. Don't miss this opportunity to freshen up. You won't get another one for some time," he explained as he dipped down below the water and enjoyed a relaxing moment where he could freely swim. In his youth he was in the pool nearly ever day, but in space such a luxury was impossible and his line of work did not come with paid vacations.

"Damn it..." She muttered, but she would not lose her modesty. The woman turned, her back to him she stripped down, reluctantly before she would...walk, yes...walk backwards into the water at least until she could crouch down to hide her...essentials. Then without another word she dipped under and swam off.

Marc laughed loudly as he watched the modest young woman and accommodated her by swimming towards his half of the small pond. "You know," he said to her loudly to compensate for the noise of the waterfall, "...if you've seen one, you've seen them all." Finding a rock that was protruding from the water he climbed upon it, leaving his lower half submerged in the water while he lay down, letting the sun shine down upon his exposed upper half. He never missed opportunities like this, particularly as the assignments he had lined up would prove more difficult.

"Jerk." She was still young, hearing things like that just did not seem to bode well. But ah, the water felt so nice against her bare skin. Sinking below the surface, running her hands through her hair slowly and hands gently over every area she could possibly reach did she surface. Not bad, for a human holding her breath. Her hair was slicked back until she shook her head hard enough to let locks of tendrils caress her cheeks. Licking her lips slowly "You know...hero's don't say half the bull that comes out of your mouth..."

"Then it's probably a good thing that I'm not trying to be a hero," Marc shot back at her, laughing softly as he sat up on the rock and looked over towards her. She was truly a sight to behold. Unfortunately for men there were certain biological conditions that occur that cause embarrassment and rather then let that happen he scooted down off the rock and swam over towards a cooler spot in the pool to prevent anything from happening. "You... uh... getting clean?" he asked, fumbling with his words as he tried to regain his composure.

A slender brow rose as she watched him "If you're not trying to be a hero, then tell me your damned name so I don't have to call you one." She licked lips slowly then shrugged lightly. "I'm clean..." With that she began swimming, at least until the woman could stand, her figure being just a bit more above the water, yet not showing anything special yet. The woman had no interest staying in a place that could harvest a beast she could not run away from.

Marc made his way towards the edge of the pond and gradually stepped out of it, his back turned to her. He began drying himself thoroughly and paid no mind to her as he dressed himself again. "We should probably get going," he said reluctantly as he sat down on a rock and finished getting himself dressed. He situated himself so that he could not see her and give her the privacy she needed to dry and get changed. "And be patient," he added in a playful tone, "...I'm sure I'll find a reason to tell you my name."

"Being not something that's strong within me." She slowly walked out, her face blank. Even if he turned to look now she would not hide herself from him. He has seen one, he has seen them all, eh? Fine. Modesty be damned. "Take all the time you like...Hero...maybe I won't want to learn your name in time." A smirk curled to her lips. She stood there nude, caught watching him again before she began to dry herself, starting with wringing out her hair.

Marc turned around to chastise her for her comment, assuming she had already finished getting dressed when he caught a glimpse of her exposed body. His cheeks flushed red with embarrassment and for a moment he had the wind knocked out of him and tried, in vein, to swallow. He looked for a moment, and then a moment longer, before finally turning his head away and moving towards the ship. "Hu...hurry up," he instructed her as he raised his knife and started slashing at vines to unleash some energy.

"Don't you dare leave me..!" She growled, a girl needed to dry off faster than he did! Granted she did not know he had seen her, and thought his stutter to be from anger. She quickly dried the rest of her body and slipped on pants, then the top before she took off after him, raising her hand she rammed her palm into his right side...not too hard, more for attention. "...Talk about wanting me not to get clawed and you leave me...tch. I'm picking another name for you, Jerk."

Marc groaned playfully as she slammed her hand into his side, moving his large, strong arm around the young woman and drawing her close to him as he wrapped around her. "Don't worry, Sophie," he said to her as they moved back towards the ship, "I'll protect you."

Just then a large feline creature emerged from the jungle with a mighty roar and pounced on him, knocking him to the ground and dislodging his knife from Marc's grasp.

"Gaah," Marc groaned as it slashed at his face, nearly succeeding in tearing his face off. He used his arms to press the beast up, keeping it's claws from striking at him while his knees constantly lifted to knee the creature in the gut. "The knife," he shouted to her as he struggled with the creature, "Get the knife!"

She stood frozen. Eyes wide. Luck, she was horrible luck! But seeing him in danger she immediately moved, heart pounding. However she did not give him the knife, no the girl had some brass ones of her own. She waited hardly half a second before she found and opening, sliding and ripping the knife through the beasts back legs, hoping to distract it enough to let him up before she would go in for another strike "Lay off!"

The creature roared as the knife struck into it's hind leg and it immediately turned and lunged towards her. The mighty beast jumped towards her in an attempt to pounce her the same way it had done him.

Dazed and bloodied, Marc could only watch as the diminutive young woman battled the wild beast. "Kill it," he snarled at her as he began to refocus.

There was a helpless whimper as for one second she looked to him, then glared back up to the beast. "Damn you!" For a moment she just grappled the best she could before taking a hit to her own shoulder giving her enough movement to drive the knife into the beasts throat and push it, glide it across it's neck "!"

The beast let out one last roared, but it was soon muffled by a choking sound as blood filled its mouth and it collapsed on top of her in the throws of death.

Marc hurried over towards her and grabbed at the shoulders of dying beast and pulled it from a top Sophia and cast it aside. "Are you all right?" he asked her as he dropped down to his knee to get a closer look at her. There was blood trickling from his own forehead from where the beast had caught him, but the wound was not very deep and could easily be treated.

So much for the nice swim. She was drenched in the beasts guts and a few other chunks of things she could not comprehend. She just stared up at him, her own blood mingling with that of the beast and soaking the ground. Her shoulder was wounded, there was a gash on her leg from hitting a rock on the ground. Her heart was pounding, emotions flowed and only one, won her over. Bounty hunter, murderer, thief, greedy...all in all...she bit her lower lip and despite the pain her hands found him and she pulled herself up to burry her face against his chest. She did not cry, but her shoulders shook with the effort not to. The girl was terrified!

Marc's strong, masculine arms wrapped around her as he pulled her against his firm chest and held her against him for a long moment. "It's all right," he said to her as his hands moved up and down her back to help ease the shock of what had just happened. As he did, he looked over her wounds and did not seem overly concerned and he believed he could easily treat them once they returned to the ship. He swallowed awkwardly, wondering if this was appropriate contact as he continued to cradle her in his arms, protecting her from unseen dangers.

Her hands gripped against him, and her eyes squeezed shut. She just sat there for a long moment before she took in a deep breath and gently let it out. She pushed back away from him, she was embarrassed now, slowly easing away and out of his embrace as well as out of his reach. Her body trembled lightly before it was unnoticeable. "Think...there's time for another swim?" Her voice soft, eyes never looking to him.

Marc looked her over from head to toe, her once clean body and outfit no covered in the blood and guts of the beast that had threatened to make a meal out of them. "I guess we had better. The stink of that drying blood will never get out of the ship," he said to her with a laugh. Taking her hand into his own, he began to move down the same trail he cut before heading back towards the waterfall and pond. When they arrived he was quick to strip out of his bloody clothing, but waited before entering the water until he knew she was safely in. "You go in first," he instructed, "I'll watch for predators."

Modesty aside, she stripped down, letting her clothes pile into a messy heap at her feet before she slipped back into the water, this time completely dipping all the way under holding her breath and just floating there in limbo. Then she began to scrub the blood that didn't belong to her off. Careful of her wounds she swam out a bit more just so she could relax, letting the adrenalin cool in her veins. She surfaced then to take a glance back to him.

Marc moved into the water quickly, gasping softly as the cold water came in contact with his cuts. At first it stung, but soon it began to feel good and relaxing as he trod water in the middle of the pond. "Are you all right?" he asked as he looked over towards her, spreading the cool, clean water across his face. He sighed contently as he considered the events that had just occurred. It would have been such an ignominious end for a beast on this world to end his life and use him for a meal.

She nodded then "Yeah." She watched him still a bit longer with no other words passing over her lips before she closed her eyes and shook her head, shaking the last of the fear from her. A smirk curled to her lips as she pulled that mask back over her visage. "...So much for being a hero then, eh?"

Marc swam towards her and raised his arms quickly up from the water, sending a large splash of water heading towards her. "I told you," he said as a grin curled upon his face, "I'm no hero." He had not played in the water like this since he was a boy, and he hoped that her sense of humor would prevent her from becoming too irate.

She frowned and rose a bit more out of the water, her chest only becoming slightly visible above the waves "Hey!" Her wounds were not so bad now, they would bleed a bit more until they were wrapped, or they would end up being fine either way. "...Then why did you go and save me huh?" She splashed him back, but rose up, everything from her torso up exposed just so she could get enough force to splash "...Ha!"

The cool water that she splashed on him cooled Marc down, his blood already starting to boil as he caught several unexpected glances of her upper torso as she bobbed in the water. "You seem to be getting less modest..." he could not help but comment as he motioned to her exposed chest with a movement of his head. A sly smile formed on his face as he swam away from her, moving out of splashing range in case her reaction became angry.

She stared at him, eyes narrowed. Licking her lips slowly she glanced off to the side, watching her hand move slowly beneath the water with a soft shrug "You said...'Once you've seen one, you've seen 'em all.' ...right?" She glanced back to him, yeah sure she was hurt by the comment, but it could not be helped. She shrugged again and swam further until she found her own resting rock, and hugging it pressing her chest against it and letting her bare back soak in the sun.

As Marc watched her movements he became unsettled, worried he might be becoming physically attracted to the younger woman. He shook his head, frustrated with himself as he dunked himself in the water, trying to cool off. Finally, he began to swim towards her, moving up on the rock next to her, the sun shining down strongly on the beads of water sliding down his muscular back as he lay next to her. "You almost done?" he asked nervously, feeling he would be in more control of the situation once they had clothes on again.

Her eyes were closed at the moment, her arms folded now so she could rest her cheek on them comfortably. She shrugged lightly before blinking her eyes open slowly to look up to him. "Guess I'm not making money laying here..." She glanced up to him, her eyes narrowed then and she pushed herself up a bit, but still hid herself. "Besides you owe me for taking my kill!" An angry naked woman, could be an attractive or dangerous thing.

"You mean the kill that put you in that cage?" Marc said with a soft, playful laugh as he rolled over onto his back, keeping his lower extremities below the water. He looked up at her, his eyes locked on hers as he rested comfortably on the rock, most of the pain from his encounter with the creature subsided. A guy could get used to this, he thought silently to himself as he continued to stare into her lovely eyes.

She watched him, all of him. Well, all of him she could see anyway. She bit her lower lip and her cheeks turned a soft pink before she turned to the side a bit acting as if it were merely the sun in her eyes. "Yes...the bastard that put me in the cage..." She grumbled lightly "I still...can't believe you blew it all up!"

"I'm sure someone collected a nice insurance payoff on that one," Marc said with another laugh as he just continued to lay there, enjoying both the sun and the close proximity to her. "How long have you been going after guys like that?" he asked, realizing he had not yet gauged her level of experience. For all he knew that could have been her first mark.

"Six years or so..." She shrugged. The girl was good, but...she was more head strong, just threw herself into things, she did not plan them...she did not think things through when it came to a bounty. She was young, and thought she was indestructible sometimes...hell she did not really care other times. "Why?"

"Just wondering what I'm getting myself into hear," Marc responded as he shifted on the rock, sitting up next to her now. "Let me see how you're doing," he warned her as his hands moved towards her exposed shoulder, checking where the creature had swatted her. "This looks like it'll be fine in no time," he commented as his rough hands moved across her smooth, fair skin.

As soon as he reached for her she tensed up, then his hand slid to her wound and she whimpered lightly, it was sore to be touched, but was fine otherwise. Then his hand lingered and she bit her lower lip, staring at the rock when he was prodding her wound, but her eyes lifted with it was just his hand against it. "I-its just...tender..."

"You'll live," Marc said confidently as his hands finally pulled away from her shoulder. He had left them there longer than he needed to, but he could not help himself. He sat there for a moment, realizing what was happening, and what might be about to happen and it made him feel slightly uncomfortable. "We should..." he stammered, looking away from her for a moment to regain his composure, "We should head back to the ship."

She seemed to swallow hard for a moment then cleared her throat with a nod "Yeah...of course." There was a faint hint of sadness, disappoint, and a tad bit of relief. She was just as nervous and afraid of...well lets just say she was a good girl as much as she was bad. Licking her lips she pushed off the rock and turned her back to him to begin the swim back to their...wait...their clothes were still soaked in blood...

Marc followed her out of the water, emerging slowly and continuing past the pile of bloody clothing. "I'm afraid we're going to have to leave the clothes here. They're all torn up and we'd never get the stains out. They'd only get us dirty again and stink up the ship," he explained as he moved down the path he had cleared earlier with his knife, which was still lodged in the creature halfway down the path. "Stay close to me," he warned as he tried to ignore her beauty and focus on the potential danger.

She got out of the water, but when he began walking is when she could not take it. Her right arm crossed over her chest, hugging her and her left hand slipped gently between her thighs. "No." She bit her lower lip and her cheeks were burning "...I can't just...I mean...just...don't look okay? She waited, then began walking but kept space, plenty of space between them.

"If you want you can stay here," Marc explained to her as he pushed his way through the jungle, but granted her his wish of not looking at her. "Some beast may make a dinner out of you," he joked back to her, "but hey, at least I won't see you naked." His laugh carried him all the way towards the carcass of the beast they had killed. "Just a moment," he said to her as he knelt down next to the beast, pulling his blade from where it had rest in the body of the creature. "It's a good knife ... hate to leave it," he explained to her before he continued back towards the ship.

"Tch. I'm sure you'd kiss a Rebel's ass if I got attacked and left here..." She shook her head, cloaking herself in the anger she carried around. She stepped around the beast, well around the beast before they both reached the ship and her voice was short, quick. "...You've got more clothes for me?"

"I'm sure I can dig something up..." Marc speculated as he climbed back into the ship. It had been an interesting, if not dangerous, time on the planet, but at least they had accomplished their goal of getting clean. "What's more important is that we get you a set of armor," he added as he moved towards a storage bin and pulled out a ubiquitous set of athletic shorts and a tank top. He slid the shorts on and then casually slipped on a tank top before leaving a pair out for her. "There's clothes laid out for you," he yelled to her outside the ship as he moved away so she could more easily conceal herself.

She waited then quickly sipped inside and took no time in slipping the clothes on. She went to her cot and sat down on it with a deep sigh. Closing her eyes moment, biting her lip in thought before she opened them to glance at her shoulder wound, then the gash on her leg, neither was bad. "Where are you taking me now...Hero." A smirk curled to her lips.

"I'm taking you to get a set of armor so that we can begin the series of events that ultimately leads to your death," Marc stated very plainly as he looked over towards her. "It is going to cost more than the Kreto job paid out," he explained as he moved towards the cockpit. "So technically," he continued with a smirk never leaving his face," owe me." He loved being able to point that out as he sat down in the cockpit and began to power up the ship.

With that she thrust herself up to her feet and began towards the cockpit, her brow scrunched together in an angry scowl. She stood behind his chair, grabbing the back of it tightly. "I...owe you..?" She leaned forward then looking down to him, she was so close now her lips were inches from his ear as her breath rolled lightly against his skin. "...How...dare you...You stole Kreto from me, and now I owe you...What if I just worked in this eh?"

Marc rolled his eyes at her as she suggested the notion. "First of all ... nobody would take you seriously in that," he said as he activated the ship's repulsorlift engines, which caused the ship to lurch suddenly as it lifted off the planet's surface. "Second of all ... you need something that can absorb a hit or two," he said as his hand moved over the throttle, accelerating the ship to sublight speed as it moved towards the planet atmosphere. "And finally," he began as he moved his hand forward all the way, the ship moving at breakneck speed through the atmosphere as the craft began to shake violently, "you had better sit down and strap yourself in before you end up with a concussion." He laughed slightly as the blue sky gradually faded away and was replaced with the darkness of space, illuminated only by the distant stars, light-years away.

She did just that. She sat down, she strapped herself in. She sat there for a moment until they were back in space, and until the shipped had settled enough. She got up and moved towards him again and turned to face him, the space as her backdrop "...I refuse to owe you more debt!"

"It was just a figure of speech," Marc explained, trying his best to calm her down as hands moved towards navigation computer, which he programmed to begin downloading the coordinates to their destination. "I was just having some fun with you because of how you kept bringing up how much you lost on the Kreto job. I want you to know that I'll be spending a lot of my own funds to see that you're properly equipped," he explained to her, finally turning his head to look at her while he waited for the computer to finish its cycle.

"That Kreto job was going to help my reputation and refill my credits..." She shook her head slowly crossing her arms over her stomach and propped up under her breasts. "I..." She bit her lower lip glancing off to the side then back to him "I appreciate this, but I owe you for letting me out of the cage and saving my life...I don't want to owe you your funds too."

"Young hunters preoccupied with reputations and credits end up dead," Marc warned her sternly as he narrowed his gaze upon her. "The minute they know your name you never get a night's sleep again," he continued as he raised from his seat and a put an experienced hand on her shoulder. "They would come at you with everything they have and they would never stop. Not just you, but everyone and everything you care about," he continued, speaking as one who knew. "I can't begin to tell you how many young hunters I've seen come and go who wanted to be famous instead of wanting to get the job done," he continued with his stern warning. "They're all dead now," he finished, lowering his head with a contemplative sigh.

Damn him, her heart ached from his story and made her curious about who he was, what his past was. Reaching up she rested her hand over his, for a moment of past comfort, then for the present she pulled his hand gently from her shoulder "Lucky for me, I'm in it for the money, but my reputation helps because of...well look at me. I can't get jobs easy..." She shook her head then shrugged "Besides, I' no one I care about. I'm as a lone out here as the stars. Surrounded by others one close and caring."

"I have an ... intermediary ... who provides me with more jobs than I care for," Marc reassured her as he sat back down in the pilot's seat and strapped himself in. "The money is good and steady and you'll get your fair share," he continued as the navigation computer began to beep repeatedly. "As long as you manage to stay alive," he added as he double checked the coordinates in the computer. "Now strap yourself in so I can make the jump to lightspeed," he concluded as his hand moved over the hyperspace controls.

"Intermediary..?" She moved slowly and sat down, slowly strapped herself in before she licked her lips slowly. She was silent for awhile then, thoughts slipping in and out of her minds eye, memories popping in and out...and a few jumping to the forefront of her mind of the water. When those thoughts slipped to her, her cheeks turned red. " that why you are keeping me?"

"Yes. I take all my jobs through an intermediary. I don't know their name. It's a common thing in this line of work," he joked playfully, referring to his own unwillingness to tell her his name. "I'm sure you'll prove useful," Marc commented with a kind smile as he thrust his hand forward. Gradually the stars in front of the cockpit began to spin and turn into a blur of whirling blue light as the ship surged forward and entered hyperspace. "Or at the very least you'll provide a pleasant distraction to the enemy," he teased her, laughing softly as he checked to make sure the hyperdrive was operating under nominal conditions. Once everything checked out he activated the autopilot and rose from his seat, moving back towards his rack.

She sat up there a bit longer before she slowly unclasped her belt and stood up, stretching lightly. She reached up and began brushing her fingers through her hair, the way she felt. She bit her lower lip then cleared her throat and a smirk curled to her lips as she moved to her own little 'space' on the ship "How about some more of that...poison from last night, eh?"

"I guess we could both use a drink after nearly being mauled by that cat," Marc pointed out as he moved over towards where the liquor was kept and grabbed the same two glasses last night and the bottle of poison they had nearly almost consumed. He let out a large groan of comfort as he plopped down on her cot next to her and immediately began pouring the drinks. Handing one to her he immediately began to drink hers, wondering in the back of his head if he should be getting drunk next to someone he now found so attractive.

"Next time, find some other planet to wash off on, or hell get a droid to install something in this dump..." She shrugged, wrapping both hands around her glass. To sip, or to gulp...She licked her lips slowly and brought the glass to her lips and sipped lightly, sipped a bit more...and sipped down half the glass sighing, ignoring the burning in her throat.

"Installing a sonic shower on this ship would cause it to lose some of its charm," Marc explained as he finished his first drink. Instead of immediately pouring himself a second drink, he thought better of it and leaned back slightly, getting more comfortable as he rested against the bulkhead, letting the gentle vibrations of the ship soothe him.

"Charm..?" She glanced back to him, shaking her head. "There is nothing charming about this ship." She frowned lightly "You blew up there was a good ship, I spent quite some time fixing that heap of junk." A smirk curled to her lips and her first cup was gone. Hesitating she reached out and took the bottle and filled her own cup up, but did not drink it yet. Sleeping in the same ship as a man...a the drinks helped.

"Nothing charming at all?" Marc quipped back quickly, obviously referring to himself as he looked over towards her with a smirk. "Well now I need that next drink," he added as he slipped the bottle from her hand and poured himself a second. He was quick to drown the drink, hoping perhaps that the alcohol would serve to calm his nerves and keep anything he might regret from happening.

She smirked and leaned back with him, bringing the glass to her lips she kept her eyes closed a moment. Waiting then blinking open and looking over to him. "Why do you need it now huh..?" Even though her glass still had liquid in it, she snatched the bottle back from him, just for the hell of it.

"Because you are dangerous," Marc explained as he placed his hands behind the back of his head and leaned back on her cot again into a more relaxed state. The two quick drinks had caused his body temperature to rise a bit, coloring his flesh and causing the start of a couple beads of sweat upon his forehead. He was becoming a bit more relaxed and loose, but his senses were diminishing along with his self control.

"I'm dangerous..?" He was two drinks down, should not she be even? Well one and a half drinks made her lips tingle, so she was waiting to finish her drink. Licking her lips slowly she laughed lightly at an afterthought. "How in the I dangerous..?"

"You're a beautiful, young woman and you're trapped inside a confined space with me," Marc explained with a soft chuckle as he continued to lean back on her cot. He really should get over to his, he thought as he continued to look at her. "That's more dangerous than any predator we left down on that planet," he explained as he considered the prospect of a third drink.

As he spoke her cheeks burned with the thought of a compliment. She tipped her head back a bit more and downed the rest of the drink. Two was enough for her, she coughed lightly, pressing her hand to her chest as she set her glass down. Taking time to clear her throat, licking her lips she coughed a bit more then glanced towards him "E-excuse me...I'm not..." She bit her lower lip "...I'm only trapped with you not..." She waved her hand lavishly "not...anything else you said..."

Marc laughed at her refusal to accept the compliment. Women were so difficult about such things he had learned on his journeys, even the most beautiful of women, such as Sophia, were convinced they were absolute dogs. "Remind me to get you a mirror when I pick up your armor," Marc joked at her as he sat up, the warm, hairy flesh of his arm brushing nonchalantly against her as he moved.

"Tch. No thanks..." She shook her head, bad idea. Her hands reached up and rubbed her temples lightly. She was still leaning back as he sat up, and with this lovely poison coursing through her veins she began to see him, really see him in an unmasked light. His personality showed his age, his body however...showed years of battle but...that did not stop a soft nip of her lower lip as something new surged through her "How long do we have until we...reach...wherever?" She was still staring at him, and if he turned, she was brave enough now...not to look away.

"We won't arrive until tomorrow afternoon," Marc confessed dejectedly as he reached his arms up over his head to stretch. The muscles in his chest rippled against the fabric of his tank top, displaying the phenomenal shape he maintained to keep himself alive in this line of work. "It's a fast ship," he explained with another laugh, "but it's also a very big galaxy."

She shrugged lightly, then sat up a bit and reached out. Maybe it was just an urge, hell maybe it was caring...maybe it was...she just had to. Her fingers were slender and gently ran along the edge of his shoulder blade, the one where he got wounded helping her. "How's...your shoulder anyway?" Despite her work, her hand was soft.

Marc let out a soft, content moan of pleasure as her hand ran against his shoulder, immediately soothing his aching flesh. "Much better than it was a moment ago," he said in a subdued tone as he let her hand continue to rub against him. He felt something stir inside of him, something he had hoped to avoid, but the two drinks in his system prevented him from getting up and walking away.

"Really..? Oh, here. I' nimble fingers." She moved slowly so that she sat directly behind him. It was a tight squeeze. She had brought her knees up to her chest and now both hands found each shoulders, sliding closer to the neck and began pressing gentle fingers against his skin. Her legs started to ache however.. "Uhm...sorry..." Mumbling she stretched her legs out on either side of him.

Marc let out another soft moan as her skillful young hands continued to work on his shoulders. It had been a long time since he had gotten a massage, and he did not think he had ever received one that he did not have to pay for. A surprised look formed upon his face as he was startled by the movement of her legs around his body. His hands moved forward and his fingers began to gently caress the flesh around her kneecap. He was surprised at how smooth the skin felt. "Where do you find time to shave in-between hunts?" Marc jokingly asked as his hands moved further up towards her thighs.

"Huh? Oh...I..." She bit her lower lip. It was just a massage. Right..? Sure they were close, in proximity, but that was not a bad thing was it? Closeness plus liquor plus gentle hands against toned, muscular skin... "...bought..." She left it at that. Licking her lips slowly gently before she whispered lightly her hand still working against him "...Is...this okay?" She was doing her best to just enjoy his own hands...for now."

"I'm not complaining," Marc said as he leaned back into her massage a bit more. The strain of his work was gradually being evaporated from his body along with the physical discomfort leftover from the Kreto job and their close call with the jungle predator. His own hands continue to rub softly against the warm flesh that covered her thighs. He was wondering what he was doing. He knew he should stop and move to his bunk and get some rest, but he could not move.

Her hands slipped over his shoulders to his chest and pushed him gently against her. So that he could lean completely on her and she could lean back and have support. Her hands moved down each shoulder, down his arms slowly. With him leaning back into her, her heart was pounding, her breath was a bit...unsteady. Her voice dropped down to a soft whisper, licking her lips slowly her voice came out in a shaky lull "Please...tell me your name now..." Oh she had a motive, but even being sneaky, she was losing her back bone in her reasons for massaging him.

Marc could feel her heart pounding in her chest, thumping rhythmically against her back. Oh what a dangerous spot he was in. When she asked for his name he swallowed deeply, his Adam's apple bobbing visibly in his throat. He was in trouble and there was no foreseeable way out of it. Everything he had learned in his years out here told him that he should not tell her. He only just met her and he was not quite sure he could trust her. For all he knew she was a carefully placed Rebel spy that had been left there for him as bait. But, he had a few drinks and her hands was working wonders on his aching body, and those two things overcame all the judgment he had acquired over the years. He was a man and she was a woman and nothing could overcome that. "My name is Marc..." he said to her quietly, not believing the words as he heard them being spoken in his own voice.

"Marc..? Her hands stopped for a moment, and her smile curled to her lips then, and soon those same smiling lips were inches from his ear "...Thank you Marc..." And her hands began moving again, but every curve she traced down his arms and back up, ever knot she worked from his muscled shoulders she bit her lip hard. "I uhm..." She stopped, her hands slid down his chest again, but she was just holding him to her, again her voice shook as she spoke "I-its cold..."

"It's always cold in space..." Marc said sadly as she held him close to her. Finally he broke from her grasp and turned around to face her, realizing that this was the moment where he would really get himself in trouble. He looked at her for a moment and again swallowed before placing his hand upon her side and pulling her down to lay on the cot. He himself soon found himself laying down next to her, his hand reaching down to pull the blanket up over them as one of his arms wrapped around her to pull her close and snug against him. "Warm now?" he asked, as he snuggled against her beneath the blanket.

"Yeah..." It was barely audible. But she still shook, it was npt from the cold this time. She licked her lips slowly, they were so many things could go utterly wrong or they could simply go utterly right, depending on how either one of the saw it. "Marc..." Her voice was soft, and thick with...with desire, with wanting company, with loneliness...with a desire to be protected... "Marc I..." Her hand moved to rest on his own side, slid over to wrap around him.

Marc had to be the adult here and even with the desire he secretly harbored for her and the two drinks in his system he could not give in to temptation ... at least not yet. He moved his face forward and his lips connected gently with her forehead, placing a soft, tender kiss upon it. "It's all right, Sophie," he said softly as his arm brought her closer to him. "You'll be all right," he said again as he closed his eyes and leaned his head down against the pillow.

Well that solved that problem, but again that was a split emotion, she was glad he had taken the route he had, but with the feel of his lips against her forehead she shuddered her eyes closed and sighed lightly, in that moment she was disappointed that he had chosen that path. So to easily contend with her...heart...she curled as close to him as a human body would allow and nuzzle her face against his chest, her eyes open staring for a moment at his chest, then slowly closed. "...But will you..?"

"Stick around and maybe you'll find out," Marc joked with her as he moved his hand up slowly, running it through her long, black hair. It had been so long since he felt a woman's hair. It was such a foreign feeling, but he could not help himself from letting her raven flocks flow between his worn fingers as he felt himself begin to grow more tired. He wondered if in a month from now he would wish he had left her in the cage.

A smile curled to her lips gently, it was soothing, his fingers flowing through her hair. "...Until I die, remember?" A slender brow rose and her eyes opened as she took a small peek up to him. "I' your debt...and...I'll stick by your side until its paid in full...or I die..." She was always mocking his words, but she enjoyed it. Leaning up in the slightest, she did not kiss him no...but her lips happened to reach the corner of his lips, a gentle press of soft petals, hesitating before she laid back down more comfortably.

"I might have to work on keeping you alive," Marc joked with her as he continued to play with her hair. His eyes closed softly and he let out a content sigh, his body trembling against hers, yearning for more, but his brain was still in control. If he were ten years younger he would have rolled over on top of her and had his way with her by now, but he had learned a lot in that ten years, and it kept him on his side of the cot for the moment.

A soft laugh left her and she moved just a bit away from him so she could easily look up to him, watching his face a moment before she smiled gently and spoke lightly "Yeah...some hero you are..." She moved just a bit so that she could lay more on her side, and face him more easily. "You can't...even save me now, can you?" was the alcohol...easily.

Marc's hand withdrew from her hair and moved down her back. She was so young, so beautiful, and so close. He could not stand it anymore. His body was shaking, throbbing with desire and it was taking all of his strength of will to hold him back. "I'm the one that needs saving," he correctly pointed out as he again swallowed, trying to regain his composure.

She watched him, her face seemed to soften once she drew on the desire from the way he watched her. She blushed gently and glanced off to the side a moment before looking back towards him. She licked her lips gently, parting them to speak...changing her mind and saying something else... "...From...what..?" She traced her hand up his side, then slowly over his stomach...there was just something about him, before she caught herself her hand jerked back a bit "Oh I...heh."

"From you..." Marc explained as he let out a pained groan as her hand moved against the tender flesh covering his stomach. He was in agony now, a sense of desire that he had never felt before screaming from his loins to just go ahead and take the girl. He needed to be strong and he needed to show restraint. This was a woman whom he had high hopes for in a professional sense and to taint that with an act of lust would needlessly taint their ability to perform in a combat situation. "Ugh," he cried out as his hips bucked slightly, losing control for just an instant.

"...Marc..." Oh if he only knew her past, he may run away from her. Marc was older and had 'seen' them all, but Sophia? Oh no...She had always been a good girl when it came to...well this, except for now. He may have restraint from his torso up, but that is where she gave in and hell the poor girl mumbled an apology. Her hand moved from his stomach, tracing and sliding up to his chest before lifting and resting on his cheek a moment, she was...nervous and inched so much closer, her lips hovered inches from his own, but she waited.

Marc moved his face towards hers and tilted his head slightly. He would regret this, but for now he could not restrain himself. His eyes closed slowly as his lips pressed against hers and he sighed into a deep and passionate kiss. His arm that was wrapped around her pulled at the small of her back, forcing her already painfully close body deeper into hers. It felt so good, but it was wrong, and he knew it.

There was a whimper that left her, her lips pressed back into his, her eyes closely closed and her arms slipped around him, fingers...gentle nails tracing down his back. With his hand pressing to the small of her back, the closeness, well...her legs were just not comfortable. Her leg lifted just a bit and slid over the pair of his, but just barely. The kiss...her heart ached for it, her body ached for his warmth and well...there was another ache that pulsed through her body, causing a soft...moan to slip through their kiss.

When Marc felt her leg slide around his body he knew it was over and he closed his eyes and pushed forward, causing her to fall backwards and lay on the cot. An instant later he rolled on top of her and he was now looking at her, his body quivering in anticipation. "Sophie..." he cried out like a helpless child as he moved his face down towards her, placing another tender kiss upon her lips, but this time sliding his tongue between her lips and probing the inside of her mouth.

There was a soft gasp when he pushed her to her back. "...Please..." Whatever this feeling was, whatever it would boil into it...she needed him now. She could say no more when his lips found hers and she felt his tongue slip between those teirs her own tongue moving to glide along his. She pressed her hands to his stomach at his waist line before slowly sliding those digits along his waist and to his back, to pull him closer.

Marc was speechless and after a moment he rolled off her, laying beside her as his body continued to tremble. He already regretted it, but it was done and nothing could take that back. His hand slipped beneath the blanket and took her smaller, feminine hand into his own and gave it an affectionate squeeze. "Perhaps we should push the cots together," he said half-jokingly as he rolled over onto his side to look at her, the red in his cheeks and the sweat pouring from his forehead causing him to glow.

She looked up to him. She was young and thought nothing about how this would effect them in the future, for now she just smiled softly before she spoke lightly again "...You...are so handsome..." She blushed deeply then, before she bit her lower lip, thumb caressing the top of his hand before she curled into him. "Just...stay close, okay..?"

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