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Nicholas Baldwin and Alice Bee.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:35) in the Essesia system: Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
Major Sierra Rodney and Captain Darik Tailon.

The estate had been oddly quiet since the adopted Squibs had been sent to spend a couple of days with their uncle and aunt on Delaya. Major Sierra Rodney made her way downstairs in her home. She exited out through the back door, briefly stopping to admire the ducks that had come to live at her home. She continued on her way towards the construction site of her and Claudius' brand spankin' new tea house. Since her hands were not full with her children, she had the time to come and supervise Captain Tailon. "Captain." She said as she approached him, folding her hands behind her back. "How is construction going?" He was on her turf now. The area surrounding the estate was messy with Storm troopers. The sound of a TIE fighter screech shook Sierra's ear drums as it passed by overhead.

Tailon turned, smiling at the Major as he turned off the Datapad he was looking at. "Aw, Major... Yes, construction is going on schedule. The main structure and foundation are complete, and we are currently working on some inside modifications, including insulation, crawl spaces, security systems, electrical nonsense, and the basement." Construction was actually slightly ahead of schedule. Tailon's request for an Imperial Technician to be brought down from the Retribution was almost instantly answered, and the wiring was currently in process. In addition to all of the things the Major had requested, additional bits to improve the state of the Tea House were also being installed.

She listened to his report with a firm nod of her head. "Good, good." It seemed he was taking his job seriously and working hard to ensure that everything was done right. Perhaps she could share more responsibilities with the man in good time. She looked forward to walking through the tea house upon completion. "Why don't you take a little break and come with me?" Sierra stepped back. Despite the fact that she was home, she still wore her ISB uniform, complete with the most uncomfortable boots in the world. She eyed the tea house over his shoulder. She couldn't wait to use it. She knew once her girls discovered the purpose of the new building on the premises, they'd want to live in it.

Tailon looks at the Major, tilting his head. "A break? Um ... yes, Ma'am. Give me a second." Tailon quickly ran over to the building, calling into it. A few seconds later, the Sergeant known as Grear showed up. "The Major has some business she needs me for ... can you oversee things here until I get back?" The Sergeant nodded at this, saluting before turning on the datapad and walking back into the structure. Tailon then turned, adjusting his cuff link as he followed the Major. "Where are we headed?"

Sierra gave a respectful nod to Sergeant Grear. Like Captain Tailon, he probably wasn't pleased to be put on such an odd assignment. That was neither here nor there. Sierra expected the task to be completed at its best. She turned on her heel and began walking back towards the estate. "...To the kitchen." She replied as she opened up the back door and stepped inside her home. For the amount of live that ran through the estate, it was fairly clean at the moment. Sierra gave him no tour, nor did she allow him to go anywhere except the kitchen that they had walked into. "My girls are in Delaya visiting with their aunt and uncle." Sierra explained to him as she rounded the counter. "So there's actually sweets in the house." She chuckled softly, opening up the freezer. "If you're going to be my aid, you should probably know what ice cream tastes like."

Tailon purses his lip slightly in slight confusion. While he was curious as to his taste, he had to wonder what this Majors obsession was with the food. "You just want me to taste Ice Cream?" He looks around the kitchen of the Major, taking in the sight.

She laughed. "Oh, I guess you'd prefer to wash my daughter's miniature bantha then?" From the freezer, she withdrew a carton of Auntie Mae's Purple Potato Ice Cream. It was the flavor which her sister-in-law had made famous some time ago. By the feel of the carton, there wasn't much left. She could see blue Squib hair on the outsides of the carton. She opened it up, sliding the carton towards the Captain. She also found a spoon for him, which she offered over.

He took it, scrunching his nose slightly as he looked at it. "'Purple Potato'? What an interesting sounding flavor." He shrugged, opening the carton and looking at the contents inside. "Well, I guess a taste won't kill me." Eyeing the Major, he takes a spoonful, tasting it. His first reaction was too shiver, the cold taste hitting him hard and unexpectedly. Then the flavor cascaded over his taste buds. "Huh ... interesting... It's certainly different from anything I have tasted before."

Sierra found it interesting to watch someone try ice cream for the first time. It was hard to explain the food without actually trying it. She laughed as he shivered. "Don't eat too much too quickly. You'll get a brain freeze. It's unpleasant." Sierra warned him like the mother she was. "It's good, huh? There are thousands of different flavors. The sky's the limit. Now you can stop saying crazy things like you've never had ice cream before." Sierra teased.

Tailon chuckled, shaking his head. "I suppose you are right... I might have to try it again sometime." He put the carton down, smiling up at you as he leaned against the counter. "Was that the only thing you wanted to talk about, Major?"

"It was... Unless you have something you want to discuss with me?" She turned towards the Captain. Sierra was trying to decide if he was trustworthy or not. Allowing him into her home meant nothing when she had a Clawdite and Mandalorian for her family's guards, and Stormtroopers so close that they could snipe Tailon if it became necessary. Not to mention, though Sierra's experience on the field was limited, she knew how to use a weapon. "Are you settling in on the Retributor okay?"

He nods, making eye contact with the major and studying her facial expressions. He bites his lower lip as he crosses his arms nonchalantly. "Fine, thank you... very cozy." She didn't trust him. While it was no surprise to him in the slightest, given both and and the Major were ISB, he couldn't help but feel a slight bit of sadness. He really was trying his best to win the favor of the Major. Not that he was a suck up. He was anything but a suck up.

She nodded her head. Since they had nothing more to discuss, Sierra began leading the way towards the backyard. "If you have any problems, please let me know. There are things I can do to help." She told him. Trust was something he had the possibility of learning. At least he was proving to be useful in her day-to-day life.

He followed, returning back to the tea house. "Don't worry, Major. At this rate, the Tea House will be complete and ready to be used within the week." Saluting to the Major, he returned back to the house, watching as the technicians leave the house, reporting that the electrical aspects were just about complete. All that remained now was touching up bits of the inside, installing the security room, the panic room in the basement, finishing the basement, and making sure the final components were all together. Tailon smiled, admiring his work. While he was very unsure about this at first, he was very proud at how this was all working out. Though, he still had to wonder why she wanted him to be the designer of a Tea House ... an ISB Agent of all people. He could easily install bugs, trackers, listening devices, and many other things into the house. He wouldn't do that, granted, but he had to wonder if this was a test of some kind...

There would be hell to pay should she find any kind of recording device in her tea house. Sierra took the security of her family seriously. She would see to it that the Captain never saw the light of day if he tried anything. She glanced towards the tea house, doing her best not to judge it before completion. Overall, it looked nice. "Good. I look forward to its completion. Good day, Captain." She said by way to dismissing him. She promptly turned her back on the Captain and made her way back inside the estate. If he did a good job, maybe she could send him to another place sooner than she expected. Sierra much preferred *only* herself handling her husband's work.

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