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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
718 years before the Battle of Yavin (683BrS:4:11) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Germanicus Rodney's undersea lair).
Baron Germanicus Rodney (Darth Crassus) and Baroness Raeni Rodney (Darth Radic).

Germanicus Rodney was walking along the shore of the lake on Delaya, where he had not been able to spend much time since beginning his campaign for the throne of Alderaan. To him this was his home, and was the one place in the universe where he felt peace. They had left Magnus in the care of the nanny droid, and traveled back to their former home to escape the suffocation of court politics on Alderaan. While he busied himself ingratiating himself to the nobles as a safe alternative to the House of Antilles and the House of Organa, Raeni had been forced to spend time with the other wives to further gain influence for the vote once the old King finally died. He knew not if the old man would die this week, or linger for five years, further complicating his plans. It seemed every conversation he had was followed by his enemy, Count Sierrus Dakkar, spreading terrible things about him. He outstretched his hand, raising a smooth rock off the shore of the lake, and with a flick of his wrist sent it hopping across the surface of the water, creating an elegant series of ripples. He said nothing.

Delaya was a place Raeni Rodney missed when she was away from it. She was busy chasing the throne with her husband and she didn't resent him for their time spent on Alderaan. Even Ylesia wasn't a home like this planet was. Ylesia held the stench of her past, while Delaya was a breath of life; of her future. She was pleased to return home after far too long of associating herself with noble wives who knew nothing of difficult life. Day in and day out, she used her charm to influence the empty-headed wives and convince them of her greatness. The more time she spent with them, the more she realized that she was the only one fit to be Queen. Every day, she prayed for the death of the King as well as Sierrus Dakkar. Nothing had happened. It seemed Raeni would need to kill Sierrus herself. She had grown tired of his rumors and slander of her husband's name. Soon, Sierrus Dakkar's sun would set, never to rise again.

Raeni was seated at the shore of the lake. Her shoes had been abandoned. The water immersed her feet. She stared at the water, connecting with the beast who dwelled within it. Her head rose when the sound of the rock skidding over the water drew her attention away from the beast. She reached over to her husband, placing a supportive hand on his leg. "What are you thinking about?" She asked him.

Germanicus heard her question, but instead of responding, he remained silent and stared into the water. "I'll show you," he finally answered, slowly turning his head to gaze upon her. There was a look upon his face that was decidedly different ... as if he were hungry ... but there was no food to be seen. He stalked her like one of the predators on that great plains that surrounded the lake, until he was nearly upon her. He raised his hand, lunging for her throat, which he wasted no time in clutching. His hand tightened around her neck, and he forcefully positioned her on one of the larger rocks at the shoreline. He moved behind her, sacrificing the delicate qualities of the dress and tearing it off to reveal what was rightfully his. There was another motion as his hand moved to his belt in a blur, and before either of them could react his pants were at his ankles.

It seemed they had both been thinking about the throne lately. No one knew when the King would die. They needed to be prepared for such a fortuitous event. She couldn't read what he wanted by his facial features. There was dominance and meaning in each step that led him to her. "Germanicus..." Raeni had no doubts. There was something else he wanted, something else more important than the throne. His hand came to wrap around her delicate throat. Her airways were immediately restricted. Beneath the surface a part of Raeni panicked. Further beneath the surface, she knew him better than that. Germanicus wouldn't kill her.

The ripping noises of the fabric of her dress could be heard near and far. She was exposed to a world in which only they lived on. Raeni felt neither embarrassed nor like she should cover up. This was a body that he had devoured time and time again. If anything, her confidence soared without clothing. Her breathing was lighter. She was quickly becoming dizzy and delirious all at the same time. One of her hands weakly rose to his to warn him that she was close to passing out entirely. The restrictions was causing a pleasant affect on her inner walls, which squeezed him with increasing tightness. Raeni's knees felt like jelly as her trust was tested beyond all other times.

With Raeni he would build a dynasty that he hoped would rule the Alderaan system for millennia, and fortunately for him the act of conception was the most pleasurable thing he had ever experienced. The lust and passion between them was intoxicating and threatening to already bring the Sith Lord to his knees. His breathing was hot and heavy, labored with each breath, as he released his grip as to not prematurely end her. It was nice to know that he was still in control. The pleasure that began at the tip of his aching cock soon spread throughout his body, radiating in warm ripples that nearly caused him to reach the point of no return. "I love you..." he told her in a voice that nearly cracked.

The young woman had never thought too highly of the act of conception. As a slave, she would never have had the right to pick the father of her children, nor would she ever have willingly given herself up. The day she let her powers explode forth was the day she changed life for herself...and for her offspring. Back then, she had associated sex with terrible things until the day they consummated their marriage. Now, she loved Germanicus far too much to not give herself to him repeatedly.

Before the lake, he promptly reminded her that even though he let her take the reigns at time, it was *he* who was the master and *she* who was his submissive. Raeni was right on the urge of passing out just as his hand released. She let out a gasp of air so quickly it made her head twirl. With their bodies intertwined, she could feel his hot breath. She could feel every muscle in his body tense while they both closed in on orgasm. "I love you..." The words came out surprisingly gentle for how aggressive he made her feel. Resting her hands on the rock, Raeni thrust her rear end back against him. In the water near to them, she spotted their reflection, their body locked in the most natural act. Her body was beginning to physically change. Her small, slightly rounded stomach was only noticeable when she was entirely nude as she was now. "Germy!" She gasped. Her body was quickly going past the point of no return. Her back arched. She couldn't stop it.

Even his mastery of the force could not prevent from happening what happened next. "Ugh," was the only noise that escaped his lips. "Raeni," he cried out, like the helpless little boy that Darth Diabolus abducted in his youth. He was completely spent, and when the tremors stopped his body fell, collapsing on the ground beside the rock. There was a flash of lightning in the distance, followed by an echo of thunder that briefly caused all of the animals to stop eating and look up. A light rain began to fall upon their naked, hot flesh as the wind began to stir up the waters of the lake.

Raeni's hands clung to the rock for support as much as she could. Her eyes closed. When he had finished her, Raeni remained upright. She used the rock for total support into her shaky knees gave in and she fell over into the grass beside him. She climbed over his nude body as the thunder, lightning, and rain began. She snickered. That's one way to tell that the sex had been *very* good. With the light rain washing over her, Raeni laid on top of her husband. She said nothing, allowing actions to speak louder than words just as Germanicus had. Her lips locked with his. She loved him so much. It was here, on Delaya, that those feelings had truly solidified. It was home.

"There are moments like this where I don't want to go back," Germanicus confided in Raeni, as he wrapped his arm around her body and drew her in more near. "I *deserve* to be King. I am stronger, smarter, better in every way than those sniveling, weak politicians," he complained, bitterly as the mere thought of the Alderaanian court began to get his heart racing again. His hands clawed into the rocks and sand next to them, as he tried to vent his anger to keep from becoming too worked up. The creatures could sense it, and had began to move away from the couple. "It isn't fair," he whined, revealing the impatience and greed that had made his seduction to the dark side such an easy task for his deceased master.

The solitude of Delaya was a welcomed change compared to what she dealt with in court. She knew her attempts to make peace with the ladies of the court was working because they wanted to talk to her more. She loosely wrapped her arms around his neck while listening to plight. His anger transferred over to her. She could feel it, and quickly made it her own. "It isn't fair." She agreed. "You do deserve to be King, which is why I'm going to make sure you become King. I would destroy Alderaan if that damn Dakkar was selected over you." The rain continued to fall gently. It was pleasant if nothing else. "I feel the draw to stay here too, but there's unfinished business left for us on Alderaan. When we return, we will reveal my pregnancy and I will kill the Dakkar man." She confessed to him her own plans. She had been thinking about how she would pull the strings to make the man's death look like an accident.

"That will *never* happen. You must eliminate the old Count long before the vote," Germanicus informed her, as his hand moved to the back of her head. He was glad they were in agreement, which was nihilistic news for Count Dakkar. "Yes. We will turn you into a HoloNet sensation. The promise of a future heir to avoid *another* succession crisis will do well to cement our claim," he told her, as he lifted his head up to place a kiss upon her. "You are as wise as you are powerful. You are a great asset to me, and my plan," he told her, as he began to calm down, which caused some of the animals to return to the shoreline to drink.

She kissed him. Her hunger for power made her want the throne too. A day needed to come where she ruled as Queen of Alderaan. She wouldn't accept otherwise. Raeni's hands pushed her into an upright position on top of him. Her hands ran down the length of her body, pausing at her womb where the heir to their House was growing. She was prideful over her unborn son. Raeni had given her husband every tool needed to grasp the throne. "I enjoy it. I want to see us succeed together. I want to usher in centuries in which the House of Rodney rules." She reached out towards a nerf which was drinking close to them. Her fingers slowly ran through its fur. "It's going to feel so good to rid the world of Sierrus Dakkar." She had plans for him already.

"Together no one will be able to stop us ... not even the *Jedi*," Germanicus replied, with a level of disgust, as he looked towards the nerfs that had come to join them. "Once I am King we can focus on restoring the Sith to their former glory. My master did not want to waste time on Alderaan, but he was a shortsighted fool," he continued, sounding more and more arrogant with each passing word. "From Alderaan we can influence the Senate ... and from the Senate the galaxy..." he said, as he began to formulate a plot far beyond merely seizing the throne of Alderaan. There was an entire galaxy out there, but unfortunately it was filled with over 10,000 Jedi.

Raeni had mercilessly killed Jedi before. Though she was unaware of the one working against them on Alderaan, she felt confident in herself. "We will kill anyone who stands in our way...Jedi included." It seemed that Raeni had moved on from the sight she saw within the tombs of the dark lords. She thought that if she kept progressing in her training, she could make Germanicus untouchable. "You're much wiser than him. If he had been intelligent, he would still be alive." She hated his old master. The man had spent too long torturing her husband. She still regretted missing his moment of triumph. She smiled. Germanicus had his plans, plans in which she would blindly follow him. The young Sith apprentice bent down. She kissed both of his cheeks. "You'll become more powerful than your master ever could have dreamed. *We* will make it come true."

"Yes. That is true," Germanicus said, as he, like most who walked the dark path, was easily susceptible to flattery. As he listened to her false praise he knew that if not for the intervention of the monster that dwelled deep within the lake he might be the one no longer roaming the galaxy. Before he could dwell on his shortcomings she kissed him, twice, and he began to snap back into reality, and smiled up at her. "I already am more powerful, Raeni," he said to her, if only to give himself more confidence. In his mind he wondered what remained on Moraband, what his master had been searching for, and what, if any, value it might hold for him. There was a reason that his master labored on that forgotten world, but he had neither the insight or the patience to learn. Perhaps he should have listened more. "With you at my side I know that we can," he said to her, as he lifted his own head up to plant a kiss upon her.

Germanicus' success was important to her. She had become a vital tool in that; a position in which she loved. Her hands cupped his face sweetly after such rough intercourse. They kissed slowly. She despised the idea of going back to Alderaan when everything she needed was here; Germanicus, their hidden home, and the beast which kept the whole family well guarded. As she progressed in her pregnancy, she felt the need to increase everyone's protection out of her own paranoia. "I wouldn't have it any other way. You need me." Raeni teased. She slowly began rolling off of him. She lay, on her back, staring up at the darkening sky. "And *we* need you too." She marked her words by grasping his hand and letting it rest over her womb.

Within her Germanicus could sense the new life that would blossom from her and go on to lead the family after he was gone. He took comfort in the knowledge that they had accomplished at least that much. He could not help but smile as his hand groped at her stomach, touching the soft layers of skin that separated him from his son. The news of the pregnancy had been of great comfort and joy to him, and the he knew that the people of Alderaan would respond so positively to the development of new life in the wake of so much death. Everything was proceeding as he had foreseen ... for now.

She, too, began to smile. The problem of succession had been taken from them early in their attempt to claim the throne. The House of Rodney was secured for another generation, and she hoped that their son would be capable of creating a heir. "I love you." She squeezed his hand. "I want to stay here for the night. In the morning, we'll return to Alderaan and make our presence known in court. Your time is coming. The King's health is failing." She reminded him, glancing over toward the torn fragments that had once been her dress. She laughed. The passion was alive and well in their relationship.

"I love you too, my Raeni," Germanicus said to her, as he turned his head to side so that he gaze lovingly upon her. "We can stay here. I would like that," he said to her, before rolling over completely onto his side so that he could face her. The light rain had faded, the clouds were parting, and rays of sunshine were beginning to cascade down upon them to dry their bodies. "He will not last long, and then it will be *our* time," he promised her, sounding more confident than he had in ages. She had reinvigorated him and soon all of his dreams would come true, which would be nightmares for the rest of the galaxy.

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