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Christopher Levy and Darmon Smalls.
Zero years before the Battle of Yavin (35:1:26) in the Tatoo system: Tatooine (Mos Eisley: Chalmun's Cantina).
Commander Derek Atio and Dova Vosadii Juko.

A three-and-a-half-meter Hutt by the name of Dova resided in the Mos Eisley Cantina, guarded by a Weequay armed with simply a BlasTech DL-18 Blaster Pistol that was housed in a hip-holster at the left side of his body. Like the typical stubborn Hutt, he chose to speak in his native tongue Huttese as he was accompanied also by a protocol droid specialized in speaking over 1,000,000 billion languages. The Hutt watched on with large purple eyes as Twi'lek slaves danced in the corner of the cantina to entertain the crowd.

He was once told, 'if there was a bright center to the universe, Tatooine was planet that it's farther from.' However, from his perspective it seemed an awful lot of important events had occurred on this supposedly dull, desert world. Like many before him, Derek Atio had come to Tatooine looking for something. In his particular case he was looking for the notorious Hutt crime lord, Dova. In his particular line of work, he had been forced to deal with numerous types of 'slim customers,' but nothing in his life thus far had prepared him fully for 'dealing with the Hutts.' Regardless, he was a man who followed orders, and as much as he might have personally disliked them, he would follow them as the dutiful soldier. Stripped of his uniform for obvious reasons, he instead wore the traditional garb of this desert terrain. He wore a well-used duster that had not been cleaned since the fall of the Republic, covering a traditional shirt, stained with the grease of a hard day's work on his ship. The trousers he wore had flakes of sand encrusted upon them and the knees were well worn out ... it was obvious that this was a man engaged in some sort of labor. The only armament on the man hung at his right thigh in the form of a 36-T "QuickSnap," a rarely known SoroSuub blaster carbine that suited his limited needs. He seemed to ignore the others in the Cantina, not making time for small talk or banter, nor even a drink. For a newcomer, he seemed to know exactly where he was going ... directly for Dova the Hutt. As he approached he bowed, respectfully from the hip and held his head down. "Greetings, Mighty Dova," he said, presenting himself properly.

Figrin D'an and his band the Modal Nodes enligntened the cantina's occupants with their usual tunes; never going out of style for inhabitants as Dova listened on, the tip of his stubby tail wavering in excitement to the music. The droid standing before him, slightly to the left, a Serv-O-Droid CZ Series Communications Droid picked up the basic language that was spoken by a man who approached and was translated immediately into Huttese so that Dova could 'understand.' "Ooo'," the Hutt's fat potato-shaped head tilted so that his large violet orbs could pick up the sights of this man. His lipless mouth quivered as Huttese left his oral structure so that the droid could translate it into basic for the man to understand. "Dova is curious as to what business you have for him."

Derek remembered what Quar Klynn had told him about dealing with the Hutts before embarking on this assignment and he chose to play the part as best he could. As he rose back up into a standing position he looked at the Hutt, with a proud smile forming upon his lips. "The power of Dova the Hutt is known throughout the galaxy," he began, fighting back the urge to laugh at his own statements, "I am looking to purchase some items you may have come across in your ... 'dealings.' I am sure that someone as wise as you has managed to obtain a large storehouse of weapons, equipment, and other items that could be well-used." He nodded to the droid as he concluded his thoughts and chose to allow the robotic hunk of metal to address his master. He had hoped he had put the correct amount of praise interlaced with his request.

The Weequay armed with a DL-18 watched on as Derek engaged in conversation with Dova and his protocal droid. The CZ's head dithered to-and-fro as he absorbed the basic and converted it once more to Dova as his head shifted so that he could look at the Hutt. Dova spoke. "Ah. Ki Chuba da naga." CZ spoke. "Dova says, 'What do you want?'"

Derek had made the first step and began to ease back a bit as the time for business had begun. He threw a cursory glance about the Cantina ... one could never be sure when an Imperial Stormtrooper patrols might pass by. "I am looking for any large-scale medical supplies you might have come across," he cleared his throat, deciding to bring up this topic more delicately, "I had heard a medical ship was recently attacked by pirates in this area. Surely someone as powerful and far-reaching as yourself must have experienced a ... 'taste' ... of that cargo." He paused, letting his intent sink in for a moment. "I will pay fair value for any of those medical supplies you may now have in your possession," he said in a tone that was intended to be sincere, then took a step back and waited for a response.

The Hutt's head rolled backward as he slipped into deep thought in reference to what was being discussed. The CZ explained to Dova that Derek's interest is in the supplies on a ship that transported medical supplies. Dova nodded his head in response as he approaches a decision. "Tagwa. Me ashka..." The CZ interrupted, knowing all too well what Dova had in his inventory when it came to such dealings. "Dova says he has much to offer. He came across a large scale amount of spices that would prove profitable in the hands of the best dealers. How much are you looking for and are willing to spend?"

Derek looked over the Hutt for a moment and shook his head slightly. "I have no interest in spices, Mighty Dova," he continued, deferring for a moment as best he could without giving offense. "What I am interested in," he continued, doing his best to explain, "Is what medical supplies you might have. Bacta tanks. Medical droids. Pre-assembled medpacks. Bacta itself." After listing the items he paused, waiting once again for the droid to translate to the Hutt. It was at times like this he wished he had watched more of those educational programs on Imperial Holovision that promised to teach people 'Huttese' in half an hour.

CZ looked back to Dova, telling him of Derek's request. The Hutt's large eyes opened wide, hearing inquisition about 'Bacta,' a definite first in all of his exploits. The Hutt looked on with the new introduction of Stormtroopers to the business transaction that was unfolding. "Pihotas." The Hutt and the CZ droid kept silent as to not say anything that would get them in trouble with the law, even though the Hutt already had his stubby fingers in most of the underworld business that was taking place in that particular section of the galaxy, especially on Tatooine.

Derek looked at the Hutt crime lord and the droid for a moment. A confused look appeared upon his face as he considered the implications of the silence. "Great and illustrious, Dova," he began after a moment's silence of his own, "Perhaps this forum is not suited for such a discussion." He paused, collecting his words properly. "Perhaps," he continued, "I could negotiate with someone on this matter in private."

"The ship that he has confiscated has a number of bacta tanks, as well as some bacta left for your usage. If you have the tools necessary as well as the credits, you can extract the tanks from the ship." CZ informed Derek.

Derek's mouth was watering as he contemplated the thoughts of securing those Bacta tanks. It was exactly what the Alliance would need for their base on Yavin 4. He paused for a moment, folding his hands in front of him as he tried not to seem too eager. "For one as strong as you, Mighty Dova," he began, once again doing his best to stroke the Hutt's ego, "I am confident that you would have what I am seeking. I will ready the necessary tools and secure the funds." He looked down for a moment, his hand rubbing over the other slightly. "How much does the wise Dova request for these tanks," he asked, his attention now focused on the droid, "Considering, of course, the labor and parts required on my end."

"Boj waronga creeda che haz." CZ translated. "That will be 100,00 credits for each. The ship has a total of three bacta tanks." Be happy, 100,000 credits was the lowest rate you could purchase bacta tanks for. Luckily for him Dova was not interested in keeping bacta tanks anyway.. the real wealth was in dealing illegal substances and weaponry. The Hutt listened on as the Modal Nodes continued to play their music in the cantina. Business was always first, but enjoyment came secondary in his lifestyle, just as long as he wasn't disrespected. If that was the case, there was a bodyguard with a pistol right at his side just itching to squeeze the trigger.

Derek computed the amount in his head, rolling the amount over in his head. For a humble man like himself, it was an obscene amount of money. In fact, if he ever had in his possession that sum of credits there would assuredly be an investigation. However, he was negotiating on behalf of the Rebel Alliance, and although Dova did not know this, he had access to a considerable sum of credits. "That is a large sum of credits," he said to the droid, appearing to be hesitant. He waited a moment, appearing to be thinking it over in his head. "I accept," he announced to the droid and bowed once again to the Hutt. As he rose, he spoke once more, "I will gather the credits and the supplies and meet one of your associates aboard the medical ship. Thank you, Mighty Dova."

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