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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:4:20) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Rodney Castle) and in the Essesia system: Demon Cat and Esseles (New Calamar: Claudius Rodney's estate).
Luna Flosgermen, Petrus Flosgermen, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Lady Drusilla Rodney, and Commander Sierra Rodney.

Spira was providing Claudius and Sierra with some time *off*. It was hard to completely turn her back to the workings on Delaya, but Sierra realized if she didn't recharge, then they both would burn out. All the empty rooms in their suite were a constant reminder of who wasn't there. She missed the girls. So, several days into their vacation, they decided to go pick them up so they could all spend the final days together. Sierra had work to do on her and Drusilla's relationship. Her mind was always moving forward, always planning. She had some ideas of how to make up for the yacht, the lack of Max Rebo, and heading off to Spira with Claudius (gez, mothering was hard). As the shuttle came to land at the Rodney castle, Sierra realized how much her mood had improved. The sight of AT-STs marching about the city reminded her that she was ready to face off against Papius...but not today.

"Okay. I'm going to take the brunt of Drusilla's anger about us going to Spira without her. You get the burden of ruining the Max Rebo concert, deal?" The young Duchess grinned. For Sierra, everything had leveled out. She no longer felt the weight of first trimester morning sickness, nor did she fear Gaius and his daughter. She had fix life. Together, the couple exited the ship. Sierra held onto her husband protectively, watching with full anticipation for another attack on their lives. Thankfully, nothing happened. "I can't wait until the girls don't have to stay here anymore." She liked all of her ducklings to be close by. The distance between them made her feel less in control...less capable of protecting them.

And so, off to Drusilla's room she went. She was surprised, and more than a little scared, when she found the doors leading into it open. The gates of adrenaline opened inside of Sierra's brain, invoking the new motherly urges she felt. You wouldn't think the Duchess could pull off looking scary until that moment. Where was Drusilla? She turned her predator gaze on the first Alderaan guard stupid enough to cross paths with her. "Hey!" She called out. "Where is Drusilla? Did someone take her shopping?" Sierra's blood was already pumping hot. If Gaius had taken her...if he had done something to her...!!

The return to Delaya was not a joyous one for Claudius Rodney. There was the lingering matter of the Imperial Governor who was tormenting his wife, and his cousin who seemed intent on murdering his entire family to deal with. As he descended the ramp of the shuttle he was less than thrilled to be *home*. While Sierra moved to check on the children, Claudius moved to his office to check on all that had transpired while he was away. He would prefer a Drusilla temper tantrum compared to the stacks of datapads that were waiting for him. He did not get very far when he heard his wife call out, and he moved towards her. "Is something wrong?" he asked her, not sensing anything serious yet. "Where is Dru?" he asked, as he brought his hand up to scratch at his head whilst looking around. "She's probably spending our money," he commented, rolling his eyes slightly at the prospect.

The guard had informed her that Drusilla had left for Esseles, causing her blood pressure to rise through the roof. On Dru's bed, she found a datapad with a colorful advertisement for a sale at Drusilla's favorite boutique. Sierra sighed, staring down at the ad. "Well, that *is* a pretty good sale.." She mumbled to herself. She made her way back towards Claudius. "Yeah...she is, but not here." She turned the datapad towards him. "She went to Esseles. Some idiot guard didn't even try to stop her." Now that they never spent time on Esseles, she began to dislike the planet. There was nowhere safe there. Adren's eyes stretched far. She had been able to find out about Sierra's pregnancy rapidly. "Why don't you let me deal with this one? I'll go get her."

"I really shouldn't let you deal with this alone," Claudius said, as his mind reflected on what Drusilla could be like at her worst. But before he could protest the centuries old structure began to shake. "Wha..?" he asked, looking concerned towards Sierra, before running towards the window. In the distance he could see smoke rising up over the city of Leiliani. TIE strikers were bombing the Jelena Rodney center for the Alderaanian refugees. "See to Drusilla, see to the safety of our family..." he said to Sierra, before moving swiftly towards where his speeder was waiting. He could have to deal with this directly.

Her attention shot towards the window. The castle was shaking. Considering its location, something like an earthquake wasn't ideal. There was black smoke rapidly rising into the sky. The blood surged away from her face. The Jelena Rodney Center was being bombed. The remaining refugees were being put through hell for the millionth time. Anger reflected on her face. Her fear of Papius turned into hate. Before she could rush towards the Imperial garrison base, Claudius reminded her that they had a daughter to worry about. She cast a worried look towards him. "Be careful with that man, Claudius. I'll be back as soon as possible." The messes were multiplying worse than rabbits. With a huff, she turned back to check on Ewwie before leaving for Esseles. At least one daughter was safe.

Sierra had flown to Esseles feeling anxious. There was shit hitting the fan left and right. For that reason, she found it essential to arm herself with a standard E-11 blaster and her favored throwing knives. Arden Zevrin was an evil woman who Sierra had not been keeping tabs on.

Thoughts of Zevrin quickly moved to the back of her head. They were exchanged with concern for her husband and the refugees. She was tired of Papius causing terror on Delaya. He had to go. Her thoughts changed to Drusilla when she arrived at the girl's favorite shop and found no sign of her...and no sign of any sort of sale. The employees said they hadn't seen Drusilla Rodney in months. The girl was memorable. Sierra justified it...maybe it was an old ad. Maybe Drusilla was acting like a teenaged girl. She decided to check at the old estate which still held a majority of their belongings. She took a speeder to the estate. The Stormtrooper she spoke to at the gate confirmed that her youngest had come home. Her fingers lingered over her comlink. Should she call for Claudius to let him know everything was okay? She wanted to. He probably had his hands so full right now. She would call after she made it back to the ship with Drusilla.

Sierra made her way into their home away from home. "Drusilla?" She called out, flipping on some lights downstairs. It was so *quiet*. "Hm." She hadn't been there in so long. Last time they were home, Callista was still a part of their family. Sigh. She missed that girl. "Drusilla?!" She called out louder as she began making her way up the stairs.

The estate was quiet until it wasn't. Suddenly the sound of someone playing the drums began to fill the upper level. The lights went dark, but the music grew steadily louder. But instead of Drusilla suddenly deciding to use the set she had spent a fortune on and never used, it was Petrus Flosgermen making the racket. He gave a wink to Luna as he heard Sierra approach. The time to make their move and earn a fortune was nearly at hand. After one last pounding he rose from the drums and took up position near the door. Abducting pregnant women was far too easy, but he was never one to complain about easy riches. After what the family had foolishly paid for Zara he expected five times as much for Sierra. Unfortunately he was putting his droids before the speeder.

The banging drums scared a tense Sierra. Her ears were now enduring what she thought to be the sounds of teen angst. She imagined Drusilla, seated behind her set, furious with all the new developments in her life. She wanted to reach out to the girl. Sierra followed the noise towards Dru's old room. She didn't bother knocking, for Drusilla would have never heard her over the ruckus. The sounds of her boots in the sudden silence made it clear to the intruders that the Duchess had arrived. "Drusilla.." She sounded relieved. In the darkened room, even Sierra realized that there was no one at the drum set. "I know you're angry with me about the concert." She began talking to no one at all. "I apologize for that. Your father was injured and I couldn't..." That's when she noticed a red dot hovering five and a half feet in the air. Behind it, she saw a silhouette of another woman.

Luna was filming the whole thing. She felt it fitting for the ISB officer to endure her big moment being caught on tape. She anticipated Petrus grabbing the girl. Once again, their evil plans were in action. It took time for the stupid, stupid woman to notice that she wasn't alone. She was pleading with her daughter without realizing that Luna and Petrus had already carted her off to a ship stationed just outside the estate. When Sierra noticed her, Luna's face lit up. "Smile, you're on HoloNet camera!"

Petrus rose from the drums, brandishing his blaster rifle at the ISB Commander and Duchess of Delaya. "Don't make me use this. You're much more valuable with an intact spawn," he said, as he moved nearer her towards her, until he was close enough to poke her in the belly with the barrel of the weapon. "Don't get any ideas, Luna. Remember, one and a half Rodneys is worth much more than just one," he snarled, as he backed her up a bit. "Please don't scream. I wouldn't want you to strain your voice before filming a recording begging your husband to pay our ransom," he said, with a wink, before attempting to restrain her with a pair of stun cuffs. As far as he was concerned he was now hours away from securing the Delayan treasure vault and living the rest of his life in unparalleled luxury.

Sierra was caught. The instant she realized who was in her home was the very same moment she realized where this was going. She remembered Zara's sister. She had barely batted an eye when Claudius and her decided to help the girl reconnect with her sister. It had caused trouble for the family in more than just financial ways. Sierra had spent time talking to Zara about her brief time in captivity. She knew what was coming...and she was going to keep Drusilla safe from it all. The Duchess became so heated from her anger. She wanted nothing more than to destroy both of the bounty scums who dared to hurt the Rodney family a second time. She glared at Petrus. Instead of falling back, weakened by his weapon, Sierra lowered a hand and gripped the barrel. "You've done this before. If you kill my son, you'll have the Empire breathing down your necks." Her heart was thumping quickly. She was terrified and ready to kill all at the same time. Surrendering, Sierra pulled the E-11 blaster from her hip and tossed it to the ground. She let the large man restrain her. "Is my step-daughter aboard your craft already?" She asked.

It was so hard not to destroy the little witch in front of her. Luna never had a thing for royalty. Like the rest of the galaxy, she assumed that Sierra had only married Claudius out of status. Still, she bounded right up to the woman like an angry panther. "My oh my. What if he has a heart attack when he sees you? Problems of marrying old, I suppose!" She stroked over the woman's blonde hair. Luna didn't seem scared by Sierra's threats.

"Yes. The child was an added bonus. I hope your husband can afford you both, or perhaps he might choose *her* over *you*," Petrus teased her, before grabbing her by the arm, and bending it in a way that pinned it to her body and gave him leverage. His grip was painful, and he twisted her arm nearly to the point of breaking, as he led her from the estate to where their ship was waiting. "Remember. Don't scream," he whispered in her ear, like a predator, as his mouth hung near her ear. There was something very easy about kidnapping pregnant women and children, but he was never one to seek out a challenge. "Are there any others we can kidnap in your family once we spend all this money? The Zara fund didn't last nearly as long as we planned," he said, with a laugh, as they approached the Demon Cat. "However, Luna does now have a rather extensive wardrobe," he said, rolling his eyes at his wife.

On the bright side, Sierra now knew where Dru was. She couldn't let this happen. On the outside, she tried to remain as cool headed as possible. "Then so be it. Drusilla is his last blood daughter. I would not blame him." Thoughts of how she could save both her and her step-daughter were still forming in her head when the man grabbed her arm and bent it. Pain shot down the length of her arm. *Fuck*. It hurt! She said not a word, keeping her head down so they could not see that her eyes had become hot and red. Defeated, she made her walk of shame towards the hooligan's ship. His words were just as painful as the way he held her arm. These two deserved to be promptly burned for all their mischief. They were deceitful, naughty little children. The game had to change.

Luna whistled a happy little tune. She grabbed up a fancy, expensive looking vase from the Rodney estate as she left. "This is mine now." She proclaimed, silently hoping it was something that Sierra valued. She rounded up the parade into the Demon Cat. "You'd think with *all* those credits I spent on my new wardrobe, the clothing would cover more parts of me." She let out a shrill, dramatic laugh, helping Petrus shove the girl into the cage with her *daughter*. Luna crouched down. "She looks too good to be a victim. I don't like that." She ruffled up the woman's hair. "Hmmmm... Hmmmm..." Luna was in the best mood. She loved it when a big payday came around. Removing her glove, she swiped her finely manicured nails across Sierra's cheek. Blood rushed to the surface. "That's a little better. No worries, we'll do hair and makeup before you make a video for the geezer. Remember...the camera adds twenty pounds. You can't afford that!" The cage door slammed shut.

"Oh no!" Drusilla exclaimed, as Sierra was placed in the cage with her. "This is going to cost so much of *my* money to get us out of this mess," she said, with a pout, before stomping her feet aggressively. "Just make sure you ask more for me than her," she screamed out to the bounty hunters, before folding her arms in front of her chest. "Some *Commander* you are, step mummy ... you got captured too?" she asked, stating the obvious, as she rolled her eyes at the situation. "Don't worry, papa will pay ... hopefully not *too* much ... but he will pay," she said, before moving closer towards the woman. "Do you know these two?" she asked, not entirely sure what was going on. She did not protest much when she was captured, as she was very much the coward in situations like this.

The bitter feelings inside of Sierra were growing. She'd do anything to be back on a beach with Claudius, happily sipping some lovely fruity drink. But no. Reality had given her this heaping shit of a situation. She was not as fearful as Drusilla...which wasn't necessarily a good thing. Seeing Dru made her feel a lot better. It was clear to her that her step-daughter had not been exposed to any of the antics the two criminals like to partake in. Sierra lowered herself to her knees in front of Drusilla to take on a protective stance. "They're already going to ask for a pretty credit for both of us. It's going to break the bank if they actually succeed" Sierra spoke quietly. The woman's nails had been sharp like a lion. "It's not like I sent them an invite to kidnap me. I came to find you...speaking of... You know not to go out on shopping rendezvous alone! You have to be careful!" The tone of her voice was not was concern and worry. "Your father is already worried sick about you." And now Sierra also would not be returning.

With a sigh, Sierra nodded her head. "The woman is Aunt Zara's sister. The man is some criminal piece of shit that she married. They were the ones who kidnapped Zara a few months ago. If you want to be angry about someone for ruining your chances at a's those two. With the amount they asked for Zara, you could have kept the damn luxury yacht." She watched Luna and Petrus disappear towards the front of the ship. "Are you okay? They didn't hurt you in any way, did they?" Behind her back, she began to make her hand as small as she could to attempt to slid out of the stun cuffs.

"Wait ... banks can break?" Drusilla said slowly, horrified, before the tears began to flow from both of her eyes overdramatically, as teenage girls were prone to do. "Well if you hadn't left me alone I wouldn't have had to go alone now would I?!" she said, in what made perfect logic to her. Her arms folded in front of her chest constantly, as she huffed and puffed like a character in one of her childhood stories. "Aunt Zara's sister? Oh, Uncle Marcus has never had good judgment when it comes to women. Just look on the HoloNet," she complained, while swirling her tongue around her mouth. "Doesn't that mean Marcus and Zara should have to pay?" she suggested, as she wormed her way around to trying to keep her share of the treasury intact. "No. I'm not okay. I'm in a cage, being held prisoner," she said, sarcastically, before blowing out a plume of air that caused her hair to blow away from her face. "I thought you were supposed to be a psychologist or something. You should know I'm not okay," she said, before extending her finger and poking Sierra in the rank insignia.

Shit. Now she was crying! Sierra considered shutting her mouth and never opening it again. Was she a difficult teenager too? *Yeah*, more than likely. "Shhh. No, no, no. It's okay. Papa won't let that happen. Nothing is going to happen to *your* money." Sadly, Drusilla was right. Sierra had left her alone. They could have had an enjoyable shopping trip together. "I didn't realize you actually wanted to spend time with me. After the yacht and the Max Rebo thing..." Things had been complicated. "I'm sorry that I left you alone, Drusilla. I'd like to do more with you after we get out of this." She said sincerely. Her comment about Marcus actually made her laughed. "Yes, yes. Uncle Marcus liked to pick interesting women."

She shook her head. No. Zara and Marcus weren't going to pay for all of this. Sierra wasn't going to begin to explain it all. The metal of the stun cuffs began cutting into her wrist. She was determined to get them out. Sierra couldn't help but laugh then let out a dramatic puff of air herself. "I know. I was only asking to make sure they didn't hurt you or subject you to anything." She inched a little closer to Dru. It looked as if she was embracing the girl with no arms. She whispered her makeshift plan into the girl's ear. "I'm going to make sure you get out of here. I'm confident I can get one of my hands out of these cuffs. As long as I can figure out a way to break out of this cage, you can leave. I saw an escape pod. You can go back to Esseles and call for help. I want you to contact Kerrie Kiley and then Papa, okay? Make sure you tell him that we're both okay. The ransom video is going to upset him." She pulled back. She looked very worried. A pained look crossed her face while she made one final, rough tug and slid her right hand through the cuff. "Fuck." She cursed. She blushed immediately when she realized what she had done in front of her step-daughter. "Sorry...language." She brought her hands to the front of her body. Her free hand was bloody from scraping her skin to escape. She took a deep breath. "If I was only a psychologist, you'd be in trouble." She grinned as she reached into her vest. She drew a throwing knife from it with a glimmer in her eyes.

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