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Sam Allen and Christopher Levy.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:4:24) in the Brentaal system: Black Raven and Brentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate) and the Corellian system: Black Raven and Corellia (Coronet City: Vrask Holm's estate).


Maarek Dune and Trassk.


Trassk waited the arrival of another smuggler on the walkway that led from Enkido's estate to the docking platform. Night was beginning to descend upon the skyline, and a cool gust of wind brushed by. He squinted menacingly as he looked up towards the sky, attempting to glimpse the smuggler's transport. A lot was riding on this mission, and Enkido would have his head if he failed to select the right smuggler for the task.

The YT-1300 Transport came out of the clouds and made its way down to the landing platform. The engines whined, as the landing legs lowered down and out of the ship. Maarek was looking about seeing what was there and about. "I just love this work," he said to himself. His ship softly touched down, as he made his way to the door way to meet the person who asked for him.

"Welcome, human," the Trandoshan Trassk began as he approached the man. "You must head immediately to an estate northeast of Coronet on Corellia," he explained, "a shipment will be waiting for you, which needs to be delivered back here as quickly as possible."

Maarek nodded to the other, "I see ... how much are you paying for this?"

"Five thousand," Trassk explained, "the same rate as always. Now, get moving before you're late."

"Very well," Maarek walked back to the cockpit, as the door closed. The ship lifted off the landing platform, as the landing legs lifted back into the ship. Slowly the Black Raven flew off.

Maarek got his ship ready for the run to Corellia, as he went into space. Seeing there was no trouble he went into hyperspace and should be there very shortly. Maarek's smile grew. Today should be an easy run.

His ship dropped out of hyperspace at Corellia. He did a fast scan to see what if any other ships were about . Maarek made his way down to the planet and to the estate. He saw the capital and then the estate. Good no need to talk to any one. The landing legs lowered from the ship, as he touched down on the estates landing platform.

Two Human thugs slowly walked towards the craft, which had just landed near their employer's estate. They were well armed, and took up defensive positions near neatly stacked crates that had been made ready for shipment.

Maarek made his way to the platform, as the elevator lowered with him on it. He smiled seeing the two men, "I am here for the shipment." He looked them over. He saw what type of weapons they had on them.

"Good," the second thug said, "better you have it than us. Get it loaded and get out of here."

Maarek's brow lifted. What did he get him self into? He looked to the cargo, as he started to load it. He saw how heavy they were. He looked to the two men from time to time. There was something odd about them. "Why is that?" seeing if they would talk or not.

"Hopefully you won't find out," the other thug said, as they moved away from the transport and the cargo.

Maarek nodded to the two men, as he got all the cargo onto the elevator, as the cargo lifted into the ship, "I see." Maarek made his way back into the ship and lifted off and back into space. His cargo was in and was locked down. He hoped no one was heading for him and or the cargo that was. He looked at the scans, as he made the run to hyperspace. Once his ship was in hyperspace and made his way back to Brentaal.

This was not as easy as he thought it would be. Maarek's ship dropped out of hyperspace in Brentaal's orbit. Maarek made his way back to the landing platform he took off from, as the landing legs lowered, as he landed. Time to see when the man would show back up.

Trassk emerged from the door of the estate flanked by two Barabel thugs. He came to a stop several meters from the transport, but the two thugs continued towards the transport. They hurried to get a hold of the cargo, which they barely spent the time to adequately inspect. "Good job, Human," Trassk informed him as he supervised the thugs moving the cargo inside of the estate.

Maarek watched the two men, and then the big man that seemed to run things, "Thank you. So when do I get my money?"

"You'll receive it in your account just as soon as we retrieve the last crate," Trassk told the smuggler, keeping his attention focused on the thugs to ensure they handled the containers carefully.

Maarek's eyes narrowed, "I see." This was not what he wanted. He hoped to get out of there soon so he could get some new weapons placed on his ship.

One of the Barabel thugs removed the last cargo container from the YT-1300 freighter. He nodded once to Trassk, and then proceeded back inside of the estate with his companion. Trassk depressed a button on his datapad, which transferred five thousand credits into the smuggler's account. He nodded politely, and then withdrew inside of the estate as well.

Maarek made sure all the money was there. He saw it was, as he made his way back to his ship. He walked back inside, as the ship lifted off and made its way to his next job.

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