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Sean Brandt, Kit Gwynne, Christopher Levy, and Sarah Riggs-Shute.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:20) in the Essesia system: Adventurer, Esseles (The Void), Darkened Oblivion, Fortune's Debt, and Interrogator.
El-Nay Darr, Dimona Xirie Nuebla, Tosha Previn, High Inquisitor Serine Thanor, Major Min Traebor, Flight Captain Raindi Trainor, Rais Triestar, and Colonel Mark Veller.

El-Nay Darr stood in the hangar bay of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Interrogator. The young 'Mando girl' as some of the Imperials had come to derisively calling her was dressed her in suit of old, Clone Wars era Nite Owl armor that once belonged to mother. To the laugher of most, the armor was painted over in a bright shade of orange that to the Mandalorians represented what they called a 'shereshoy', or lust for life. She was in the process of double checking her arms and equipment for the trip down to Esseles to assault The Void, the secret base from which Imperial Intelligence and the Black Sun operated. She had spent time there as a prisoner and a pawn in their sick game with the Nerf Herder, but unlike her 'frenemy' Dimona, she had not blabbed the information to their new Imperial handlers. She was proud of herself for displaying honor in the face of torture and certain death at the hand of the cruel Imperial's droid, but for now she had put that out of her mind as her focus was solely on the mission. As her weaponry was older than she, she was extra careful in checking everything over. Despite the fact that she had a reputation for being cavalier, she nevertheless was the first hunter on the scene, deck out in her armor, and ready for what was to come. When the gear was checked, she moved towards the ship they were expecting to take down, and stood in a rigid form of attention ... waiting.

"A Mandalorian? Well, can't say I was expecting that." The voice, conducted through the dark helmet fitted over Rais Triestar's head, came from behind El-Nay. His own preparations had been seen to the night before, the morning checks finished before showing up in the hanger. Rais's armor was somewhat more contemporary, a design that had been popular with the movement known as the True Mandalorians. Both of the DE-10 blaster pistols, painted in the same midnight blue and yellow as his armor, were fixed to his thighs, with the vibroglaive broken down into two parts and secured beside his jetpack on his back. With a casual saunter the older Mandalorian came to stand beside the one in orange, taking a lap around her to get an idea of just what she was carrying. The armor was old but looked to be in good condition, neither of which was surprising. It wasn't uncommon for a Mandalorian's armor to be a family heirloom, as his own was. As he concluded the little walk around her, he stopped, facing her directly. "Rais Triestar. What do you go by, beroya?"

El-Nay had expected other bounty hunters to join her on the mission, but she did not expect there to be another Mandalorian in the group. When she spun around and saw the man wearing an older suit of armor from a time before she was even born. Her initial thoughts were of hurt and jealousy at no longer being the only Mandalorian here. She enjoyed the uniqueness of it and suddenly she felt less special. Beneath her helmet she began to panic, not sure of what to say or how to react, and her fingers involuntarily flexed and released several times as she considered her words carefully. But, before she could speak or even react, he began to circle around her, and introduced himself, with an insult. "Ni verd!" she shouted to him, angrily, bringing her gloved hand to her chestplate. She banged upon it like a shield repeatedly, until her hand began to swell, shouting the two words excessively. "Ni verd ... nu beroya," she muttered, shaking her distinct helmet with its T-shape helmet at the man. She considered herself a warrior, not a bounty hunter, and in fact no one had even discussed payment with her. She was here to prove her skills to her detractors, and most of all herself.

Rais had to laugh at the anger in her voice, the way she beat the ever loving hell out of her chest as if she wanted to cave in her own heart. Eventually he reached up and grabbed hold of her arm, taking it firmly though not in a truly unkind way. Really, he just wanted her not to break her fingers to pieces. "Calm down, vod. You wear the beskar'gam, you are verd. How good you are...well, we shall see." He let go of her arm then, hoping that she would be a bit more relaxed. The insult hadn't been intended so harshly, but clearly her pride had caused her to take it much worse. Not that this triggered any particular feelings for Rais; some Mandalorians were violently proud, and would have done far worse being called a beroya. "Aliit?" His own clan name he also used as his last, a not uncommon practice. As of this moment, though, he had no idea what this other mando's name was at all, clan or otherwise.

"Ke nu," El-Nay snarled as he took hold of her arm, but before she could say anything further, he released it, and she allowed it to fall in front of her. She moved her other hand on top of it, rubbing at it softly, to help with the swelling from her feverish defense of her pride. "Verd ori'shya beskar'gam," she said to him, softly, repeating the words she had heard her father lecture her with so many times. She turned away, no longer able to look at the man, as she suddenly felt very uncomfortable and light headed. The room began to spin and suddenly the young woman felt very trapped inside of the armor that once made her feel very safe. The question of her clan triggered uncomfortable memories of her father and their complex relationship, and before she even knew what was happening her hands moved to the side of the helmet and she ripped it off. When she was exposed a young woman with an attractive face, but very odd hairstyle was revealed. It was dyed unnaturally blonde and coiffed on the top, with the sides shaved to reveal her true natural brown roots beneath. Her cheeks were flushed red and there were a few beads of sweat upon her furrowed brow. She backed up slightly until she took a seat on one of the ubiquitous crates that filled the hangar, and moved to a pouch on her belt where she produced a cigarra and lighter. A mere instant later it was placed between her lips, and she was taking a much needed puff, before blowing a toxic plume of smoke skyward in a huff. Unfortunately for her, she was sitting on a crate of military grade ordnance with a lit object, but she was too stressed to properly observe her surroundings. She never did answer the man about her clan, as the mere thought of it was enough to make her sick.

The removal of the helmet and the refusal to give a clan was more shocking than anything else the girl could have done. Both were among the most important things in a Mandalorian's life, and to strip one away and deny the other...well, that spoke of something deeply troubling indeed. The more immediate concern, of course, was the fact she just lit up a cigarra sitting on a bunch of highly explosive ordnance. Rais marched right over and snatched the smoke out of her hand, crushing it in his gloved fist to make sure it was snuffed out as rapidly as possible. "Haar'chak! Are you trying to kill us all?" He tossed the remnants of the cigarra aside, well away from the boxes that El-Nay was sitting on. What had started as a light hearted conversation and a pleasurable surprise at finding another Mandalorian was proving to be a far more serious thing. Rais didn't often find himself angry, but this was starting to get him there. "You are quick to take offense for someone who cannot even speak the name of their aliit. If you are half so well versed in your heritage as you seem, then you know what that means." Rais's tone had become far more serious. His own clan held close to many Mandalorian traditions and beliefs. To reject your clan was to reject the Mandalorian way entirely, or so he believed. Dimona had spent the whole night on her ship so she would already be ready to go come morning to begin their grand assault on the Void. She was definitely not going to risk being left behind, and she had restless waking hours all through the night in anticipation for the main event. The thrill seeker had been awake for hours now, impatiently waiting for her two fellow Bounty Hunter companions to finally make their way to the hangar bay. The heavy sound of a ramp lowering cut through the background noise of the area, and shortly after, Dimona's boisterous voice filled the air with a near deafening ring. "It is about time!! Damn! What, did you guys need to strap everything you owned to your bodies? What the hell are you two talking about in your super lame Mando language, or whatever?! Let's go!" She vigorously pointed to El-Nay before thumbing to the back of her towards the inside of the ship. "You're with me, El. Move your ass!" She was not about to be wasting time, she wanted to get things moving, for there was adventure to be had. Dimona's attention then was directed towards the other Mando with a playful wink. "Don't get lost, luv, or you will miss out on all of the fun."

El-Nay was immediately inflamed when the other Mandalorian struck her cigarra away, as she was unaware of the danger she had not noticed where she was sitting. She rose from the crate in a fit of undisciplined rage, preparing to strike the larger, more seasoned Mandalorian. "El-Nay ... aliit Darr," she said, nearly hyperventilating as she froze in front of the man. Before anything could go any further Dimona arrived on the scene, and for once she was glad to see her. "Took you long enough," she said to her sometimes rival as she transitioned to speaking galactic basic. She did not even mind the way Dimona spoke to her, as she had broken up the socially difficult task of dealing with another Mando'ade. She was quick to throw her helmet back on her head, shifting all of her attention to Dimona. "Ready," she said as she began to move towards the ramp to board the ship. As long as she didn't have to talk about her family she would be fine.

When the younger Mando jumped up to face off with him, Rais had half a mind to give her a knock to the head and remind her just why a Mandalorian didn't part with their helmet so casually. The opportunity to do so was lost as fast as it came, though, thanks to the sudden appearance of Dimona as the other bounty hunter came down from her ship. All the same, Rais stood right there, staring down El-Nay from behind his helmet until she went to walk away and head for Dimona's vessel. As he finally moved to head for Fortune's Debt, he shouted back to Dimona, his voice back to the usual pleasant tones. "I wouldn't dream of it, Dinii!" The last word carried a suggestion of an affectionate term to it, much like 'love' or 'sweetheart.' El-Nay would, of course, know it actually meant lunatic.

Dimona stared at El-Nay nearly exacerbated from the statement she made. "What do you mean, it took me long enough? I've been right here waiting for your slow ass for hours! Ha!" And with that, Dimona gave a rather hard slap to that Mando's behind as she walked right past, with no regards for any sort of decency. "So, is this all of us, huh? The three of us versus the galaxy? I'm fine with that," she said with a large grin that was flashed towards Rais which turned into a sheepish smile with his little pet name for her. She did not at all know what that meant, but she could always look it up. Dimona did not yet know too much about her fellow companion over there, but she figured, by what she did know about him, that he was likely saying something clever. "If you just called me a bitch, I'm going to be really disappointed, as I thought we were growing close!" Really, he could be saying anything in that language of his and she would not have a clue. Well, it was certainly time to get this show on the road and with a coy wave to him, she briskly turned around to march up the ramp to her ship, the Adventurer. They probably should have spent some time discussing a plan, but apparently they were too good for that. As soon as El-Nay boarded the vessel, the mouse droid Peep saw her and beeped his anger at seeing that woman who caused him so much distress and malfunction. "You play nice Peep!" Dimona warned her lovable little pet. "We have work to do. You leave El alone, torturing her is my job anyway."

The sizeable Bantha-class shuttle Fortune's Debt settled into an entry pattern over Esseles, accompanied by the Adventurer. This was going to be a day remember, so Rais believed, if things went well. While he certainly trusted his own abilities, the other two he had yet to see in action. Dimona carried herself with all the confidence of a true warrior, but was it more bravado than skill? El-Nay...well, when he first saw another Mandalorian, his hopes had gone up, but she had promptly brought that into question. "Considering you've visited before, Dinii, have any thoughts on our best way in?" Might as well make a plan now that they were almost on top of the place. Still, not like they needed a significant amount of preparation. Schematics had been available to some degree, and he had taken the time to study them, trusting that the others had done the same. All the same, some idea of what they would each be doing might prove helpful.

"Oh hun, I love it when you call me crazy." Apparently Dimona had found what what Dinii meant during the time spent traveling to the Void, and she was not at all offended. In fact, it tickled her to no end and she could not help but to giggle some. Her delightful look dimmed into one of thoughtful remembrance as she recalled the few times she had witnessed the interior of this secret base carved inside a mountain. "I have been here three times, but it has been some time since last I stormed this place, but I only ever used the front entrance. What is to stop us from just flying in there and wrecking the place? That was how Marcus 'rescued' me last time, though I do admit, he really sucked at it," she said while snickering at the thought, she did live to tell the tale so he had not been a complete failure, it was messy though, very messy. "I am open to suggestions. They will not likely expect an attack, and they had seemed completely unprepared for it the last time. I also single handedly rescued Marcus, and nearly captured Min, but I threw her ass out of the ship because I didn't need her. And this time, I have you and El-Nay." Realizing she had his help made her feel more confident, but then with the realization she *also* had El-Nay made her lose that confidence. "Well ... heh ... hrm ..."

El-Nay still could not believe how freely Dimona was blabbing, but that discussion could wait for a later date. "Step aside, di'kut," she cursed, as as she muscled in next to her in the cockpit. She had remained silent the entire trip down to the surface, but now that the conversation has shifted to the operation she felt the need to intercede. She punched a few buttons on her left wrist gauntlet and suddenly a holographic model of The Void was projected from it. She had made a careful analysis during her stint there as she had always planned on taking revenge before becoming sidetracked. "The hangar is just the top level. It's just an external bay where they store ships, droids, and prisoners they *want* to escape..." she began, as she zoomed out to show the various sublevels to Dimona, whom she feared might already be zoning out. "The real facility with monitoring stations, droid foundries, and detention cells are hundreds of kilometers below the surface. Even if we clear out the droids, thugs, and Imperials in the hangar we'll still have to claw our way down," she explained, with a firm nod of her head. She was deathly serious on mission in stark contrast to her persona when she was down.

So she had figured it out. It wouldn't stop Rais from calling her that, of course, though it did make him chuckle to think that she had taken the time to find out what the word meant. He hadn't expected her to bother. Her direct approach wasn't entirely unappealing, but then El-Nay spoke up and, much to his surprise, seemed to be offering a much more detailed idea of what they were getting into. Guess the girl really did have some Mando blood in her after all. "Seems to me our best bet is to start from the inside out, but I don't think all of us are going to slip inside without drawing attention. Fortunately for us, I have a plan." Rais had, of course, done some homework himself. He lacked the first hand knowledge of the other two, but that didn't stop him from formulating an idea as to just how they were going to pull off this feat. "If I'm not mistaken, there is an air ventilation shaft that runs up to the landing platform, direct from the lower levels. It's a straight drop; bad for most, but good for us. I propose we go in hard, and while myself and Dimona engage the defenses and keep them busy up top, El-Nay can take the shaft down to the bottom and get to work making sure the people we've come here for don't make a run for it."

Dimona took a long hard look at the readout that El-Nay provided and was quite impressed. "Damn hun! Where did you get that? I've been here three times and didn't have that information. You've been holding out on me. I see how it is." Rais' plan seemed to sound decent enough, though she hoped El-Nay, being removed from the group, would handle herself without a babysitter, and she secretly wondered if Rais suggested that on purpose for some nefarious reason. It did make things a bit difficult that there were only three of them, so unless they always stayed together, someone would be separated. "Well?! I'm excited, let's do this. We are going to have to kinda go in guns a-blazing though, since as soon as we land, perhaps even before that, I imagine we will be under fire. So I guess we just cover for El-Nay long enough for her to get into that ventilation shaft." It was a sketchy plan at best, but still better than her zero plan, she guessed, but it did assume a few things, like there being an easy open path to get to that shaft, and if it was even still there and in use. Oh well, they will find out soon enough.

El-Nay listened to Rais over the comm, feeling that the fellow Mando'ade was already beginning to exert himself, take charge, and even give orders. She reached forward with a gloved hand, covering up the transceiver on Dimona's ship in the hope that Rais would not hear what she said next. "Where did you find this guy?" she asked, rolling her eyes beneath her helmet in dramatic fashion. "'re not sleeping with him, are you?" she asked, as she felt her lunch coming back on her at the mere thought of it. "Just so long as you stay away from *his* shaft while I'm going down *the* shaft this might just work," she added, for good measure. When she was done with her cattiness she took her hand away, and spoke to both of them in a much more professional tone. "Acknowledged," she said, as she pressed the button on her gauntlet to deactivate the projection of The Void. "Just do not forget I am in there," she said, wondering if perhaps it was their way of abandoning her or luring her into a trap. It would not be the first time she had gone on a mission with Dimona and a man and ended up being the odd woman out, left behind to save herself ... and it might not be the last.

Dimona's green carefree eyes went a bit wide out of genuine surprise but then quickly filled out with comical glee. She did not at all attempt to lower her voice as they spoke, so it would be very likely that Rais could overhear this conversation. "What are you talking about?! I was sent to get him, he was my target from Major Eona! I don't see *your* target around, oh that's right, you fucking suck and never left the ship, you super poop! So here we are, just the three of us, when it could have been four storming this place." In addition to El-Nay's wild accusations, Dimona was also extremely amused with the Mandalorian's assumptions that they were sleeping together. Why was that always her first go-to? "Ha! Why does that matter? What if we are? Jealous? Want to be included? We could do a three way? Or not, because I don't even think you know what to do." Her heavy laughter could easily be heard over the comm system and Rais got a front-row seat to this type of insanity, or Dimii, as it were. "Don't worry, I already forgot you were on the team. I mean! Don't worry, we won't forget you, again, as you blow up uselessly like last time."

"I'm sure we could teach her, Dimii." The voice of Rais came over the half-covered comm unit, making it quite clear that he at least heard part of the conversation. With the flip of a few switches, Fortune's Debt was ready for atmospheric entry, and Rais guided it down towards the planet. "I'll provide some cover while the two of you get on the ground, then I'll join you." One of the reasons he had been so eager to get hold of the Bantha-class shuttle was its original design as a troop dropship. It was built explicitly for entry into a hot landing zone, its pair of quad turbolasers more than able to clear an area. As the ship broke through the atmosphere and headed for the mountain stronghold that was the Void, those turbolasers fired up, his targeting systems seeking out anything to begin firing at. He always preferred to be the one to shoot first.

"I would have gotten my target if not for that captain or colonel or whatever rank that guy was," El-Nay muttered underneath her helmet as the two women entered into a verbal catfight. "N-n-no ... I'm not jealous. Do I sound jealous. Wait ... do you think I'm jealous? Does he?" she stammered, like a very confused and perhaps jealous young woman. "Teach me..." she repeated, angrily, before letting out a deep scream from beneath her dome. Suddenly she was off mission and in an uncontrollable rage again. "There is nothing you can teach me!" she said, as she leaned forward over Dimona to get closer towards the comm panel. As she did, it caused the flight controls to move downward, sending the Adventurer into an erratic flight plan. The two women were so preoccupied with one another that neither noticed the sudden onset of ground fire that began shooting up at the Kazellis-class freighter. Suddenly the viewport flashed a bright color as a laser blast connected with the shielding, which immediately caused El-Nay to knock it off and return to her seat. "Watch where you're flying, di'kut," she said, before adjusting her strap to get more firm into the ship. "Great. We're going to get fried before we even land," she said, wishing she were at the controls of the ship. She feared that Dimona flew as crazy as she acted, as she tightened the harness as firmly in place as possible. She had a bad feeling about this!

Dimona was manning the controls when El-Nay leaned all into her, forcing the controls to be jerked forward and causing the hull of the Adventurer to lurch downward chaotically. "Will you shut up! No backseat piloting!" Dimona yelled at her would-be companion before the following turmoil ensued. The sudden movement would have caused the two woman to be splayed out, but luckily they both had managed to strap themselves into their seats. Unfortunately, Peep did not, and the small little droid went flying through the air to crash into the panel directly to Dimona's left. Sparks flew out of the severely damaged console that Peep was half-embedded into which caused warning lights to flare inside of the vessel. Suddenly, Dimona was unable to pilot the majority of the ship's turbolifts, and thus control was totally compromised. The whole ship began looming lawlessly towards the opening to the Void hangar bay. Damn, where did she see this before? "These re-runs, I'm telling you! We got this, I mean ... I do this shit for fun!" It would be a miracle if they survived this unharmed, but Dimona had an uncanny ability to live through the most unsightly of exploits. "At least you are not strapped to a table this time. Ha, brace for impact, we are going in!"

With what control of the Adventurer she had remaining, Dimona attempted with all of her ability to steer the blistering dissent of her ship so that they did not crash into the side of the mountain, but at least, hopefully, made it inside the hangar bay! If this strategy had worked for an Imperial Star Destroyer, she seriously doubted some two-bit Black Sun losers would be able to handle it. With a catastrophic explosion, both sides of the vessel were clipped as they approached at an odd angle, ripping huge chunks of durasteel from the craft. Those pieces erupted in a fiery display, launching debris in every direction before the hull of the Adventurer collided with the hangar bay with a resounding blast of force and momentum. The scene following was absolute devastation as droids, equipment and other craft were rammed with blinding speed causing them to hurdle through the air in a chain reaction of explosions and mayhem. With so much power behind the rushed uncontrolled landing, it took the Adventurer skidding through the entire hangar bay to finally slow down. Rais would get a nice clear view of the mass hysteria, and it certainly looked like this crash may not be one that was so easily walked away from.

The moment the Adventurer began to show signs of losing control, Rais dropped the flirtatious, carefree act. There was nothing to be done about the other ship's plummet to the hangar, but he could at the very least attempt to prevent it from taking any more shots as it went down. Fortune's Debt was maneuvered to come in just over the Adventurer, quad turbolasers pummeling the mountainside defenses. Laser bolts violently rocked the ship, but for now its substantial shields held out. A string of curses escaped as he watched the Adventurer crash into the hangar bay. He brought Fortune's Debt in hard behind it. As much as he was concerned for the safety of the two aboard the destroyed ship, his first thought was to use the chaotic landing as cover to bring his own ship down. There was no need to use the assault shuttle's weapons anymore, considering what he hadn't cleared by now the Adventurer had most certainly torn to bits. In moments Rais was disembarking, his jetpack hitting a boost to carry him to the downed wreckage faster than feet would have carried him. First thing he did was try the hatch, and if that failed, then it was time to see if he could find another way inside. Hopefully one or, ideally, both of them were alive. Taking on this entire base on his own would be a bit more than he had bargained for.

"Oh not again!" El-Nay screamed at Dimona, as she closed her eyes beneath her helmet, and assumed a brace position as the Adventurer went spiralling into the hangar. When they crashed, she was forced forward, but the harness kept her from moving too far. It did not, however, keep her from being jostled around inside of her armor. "This is the *last* time I fly with *you*!" she cursed, as she unstrapped her harness, and stood up from the seat. She took two steps before collapsing to the deck of the Adventurer, nearly throwing up inside her helmet. "Ugh," she groaned, as she moved towards her comlink. "Treistar. We're down," she groaned, before she spit up a bit of blood inside of her helmet. She was not going to go down like this, and she forced herself onto her feet and moved towards the hatch. When she blew the hatch, she was quick to get down into the hangar, where she saw a bunch of flaming debris that they had left in their wake. "Well. That sure took out a lot of them," but she was cut off before she could say anymore as she heard the unmistakable sound of Clone Wars era droidekas spinning into the hangar. "Clankers!" she yelled over the comm, before activating her jetpack and flying off into the upper echelon of the bay. She was quick to turn on her display of the facility to find the airshaft that Rais 'ordered' her to enter, but unfortunately it was currently covered by debris from the crash. "Haran!" she cursed, as she rocketed over towards the debris covered shaft. As she landed she came under fire from a pair of droidekas, which she returned fire with her old heavy blaster pistol. She shielding put up a good bit of resistance, but fortunately she was able to make use of the debris as cover. "I'm pinned down ... thanks to skank pilot," she muttered over the comm, before activating the wrist rocket on her right gauntlet. The explosion cleared the debris in front of her, causing her to fall directly into the shaft, out of the firing range of droids, but into a whole nother world of problems.

Dimona closed her eyes tight in apprehension as the ship crashed, her body jolting awkwardly and substantially within the harness with every quake and violent tremor of the ship colliding with everything imaginable. The last time she did this, it had been on purpose, this time ... she was not nearly as excited for the outcome. The suspense carried for quite a few moments, until finally she carefully opened her eyes cautiously to survey the scene. Everything was certainly in turmoil, including the inside of her ship, wires hung from the ceiling of her vessel sparking and slithering dangerously around. Satisfied that she survived yet another catastrophe, she moved to unfasten her harness but made a grisly discovery. A large black piece of duraplast from Peep's shattered chassis was imbedded into her left shoulder, and the pain had just never registered due to the intensity of the surrounding event. "Well ... that ... is a problem," said in a somewhat shaky manner as she slowly, and with her good right arm, began to remove the harness from her torso. "Peep, you betrayed me!" She shouted in shock at the nearly disintegrated droid sticking out of the console, though of course it was not the mouse droid's fault. Dimona weakly attempted to lift herself out of her chair but she wobbily collapsed onto a knee, the extortion forcing up a cough of blood that splattered upon the metal grating. A survey of the damage and she realized it was bleeding at a dangerous pace, and she was savvy enough to understand that if she pulled out that piece of debris from her shoulder, it would be all the worse. "Peep! Make yourself useful and fetch me the med-kit," She said as she was starting to feel a little dizzy. "Damnit ... damnit Peep... you are ruining my ... adventure ..." Her vision was going in and out and she realized that this was not a good way to end her day, and thus Dimona started to weakly crawl towards her medical bag in a storage compartment she kept for emergencies, but she was not sure if she would make it. "Peep ... I'm so ... upset at you ..."

"Down seems like a bit of an understatement." At least one of the two was alive, which meant the mission wasn't a total wash. Once the hatch blew open and El-Nay came stumbling out, Rais breathed a sigh of relief. She seemed to be in fighting condition, thankfully. As to Dimona, well, she wasn't coming out behind the younger Mandalorian, so he had to assume she was injured or worse. Finding out could wait until after he made sure that Darr could get started on her part. The unmistakable sound of the incoming droidekas had him taking cover. He almost made to intervene and give El-Nay some cover, but the other Mandalorian was disappearing down the shaft before he could even get a target on the droids. With them distracted by her sudden exit, he took advantage and climbed into the wreckage to see if their partner in crime had survived. What he found, of course, was a badly wounded Dimona clawing her way across the ship. Rais rushed over to her, dropping to his knees in a sliding stop as he did so. "Hold still, Dimii. You're making a mess, and your ship is in bad enough shape as it is." He went to inspect where the plating had punctured her, and well, it was a mess. Fortunately for Dimona, as much as she ridiculed the Mandalorians for carrying so much stuff, he was at least somewhat prepared. From a belt pouch he produced a small injection tube. "This is going to feel like hell, but it's better than bleeding out." Provided she let him, Rais would be pulling out the duraplast and injecting the sealant into the wound, the synthetic goop expanding and hardening inside the laceration. It was hardly a permanent fix, but it would at least be enough to stop death.

Several layers below Tosha Previn began to panic. "They have made a mess of our hangar!" she snarled angrily, as she watched on the monitor as not one, but two ships penetrated their defenses. "This is your doing, Traebor," she said, turning her attention to the drunk Imperial Intelligence imbecile beside her. "You are on your own," she snarled, before ordering the Black Sun personnel to abandon their posts and activate the self-destruct device on their terminals. She then turned, causing her purple dress to flutter behind her, as she gathered what data disks and flimsiplast she could, tucked them into a satchel, and began to make her escape. The Black Sun had already prepared for such an eventuality and had built in escape pods as a necessity. As she moved away from the drunk she smirked one last time, before entering her pod. She was strapped in, and quickly pressed the button that shot her pod up the long shaft that would lead to another side of the mountain where her ship was waiting. In moments she, and the rest of the Black Sun, were gone, unnoticed, as if they were never there at all.

"Cowards! You're all cowards!" Min Traebor said, as she remained slumped in her chair, staring in horror as she watched the bounty hunters on the screen. She took her bottle of Corellian whiskey and threw it at the hatch that Tosha had just closed, screaming like an impetuous child as she was left alone to deal with the ramifications. She would get them all for this, she vowed, as she took over the main control center that had been vacated by the Black Sun. The proximity alarm showed El-Nay Darr descending the airshaft and she immediately flushed it with a deadly dioxis gas. She then pressed another button to unleash more of the battle droids the Black Sun had been stockpiling to deal with Dimona and Rais.

"Gas!" El-Nay yelled over her comm to Dimona and Rais as she tumbled haphazardly through the air shaft, bouncing side to side, as she slowly bounced down to the lower levels. Fortunately her helmet had an air filter that prevented the gas from penetrating and killing her. Unfortunately for El-Nay what happened next she was a little less prepared for. Min pressed down a button unleashing a column of flame through the shaft, which threatened to cook El-Nay alive inside of her armor. "Usenye!" she cursed, as she fired off a blast into the durasteel plating that was directly in front of her. She barely made it out of the shaft alive, collapsing into an upper level that was on the other side of the shaft wall. She lay face down on the ground, panting heavily, as her armor was at an incredibly high temperature, and her blood was nearly boiling. "Didn't make it..." she murmured on the car, followed by several desperate pants. She was going to have to find another way down. One that did not involve crossing over a wall of flame. As she lay there, suffering in agony, she began to crawl forward, not willing to allow either of them to beat her to the prize.

Dimona looked barely consolable, a dull glassy look to her normally bright and optimistic emerald eyes, and it took a few moments for her to even recognize who he was. As he approached her and attempted medical aide, she weakly fought against him like he was an assailant, but her strikes were pitifully anemic and the woman was fading quickly due to immense blood loss. "Oh ... oh Rais ... I mistook you for the other guy that wears the exact same outfit." Her wound looked grievous, but not untreatable. Dimona was definitely not too happy about having that jagged piece of duraplast pulled from her shoulder. It was deeply imbedded and took quite a bit of strength to jostle it free until it came loose with a sickening wet popping sound. Blood immediately came gushing out from the profound injury all while the woman grew far more distant, the pain causing her eyelids to flutter and she grew increasingly more delirious. "Hun ... I thought ... you knew ... to mix pleasure ... with the pain." Unfortunately, he needed to inject her with sealant to stem the flow, but that was also an unpleasant experience causing the near faint woman to moan softly in agony. In addition to this event, there was the sound of destroyer droids rolling towards their direction in increasing number, and Dimona was in no position to defend herself, she barely even knew what was going on.

This was putting a hold on him getting back to the mission, but while that frustrated Rais Triestar, there wasn't much he could do otherwise. The wound was far too bad for him to just leave her here with a blaster and a prayer. The amount of effort it took to dislodge the chunk of duraplast made that evident. He did manage a bit of laughter at her remark about mistaking him, all while pinning her with a knee and hand while he got the sealant into her wound. She was damn near death, but the woman wasn't a pushover. "You'll have to take a rain check on the pleasure." The emptied injector was tossed aside. Just as his hand went back to the pouch, he heard the sounds of the droids coming in. This time he spoke over the comm in his helmet, reaching out to El-Nay. The cry of gas hadn't particularly worried him; so long as she had her helmet on, she should be fine. "Hope you can handle yourself in there for a minute. Dimona got herself almost killed. Patching her up as best I can for now." The droids were an immediate problem, but so was Dimona being near death. He pulled free a stimpack and, after rolling the delirious woman onto her back, rammed the injector right into the center of her chest. It was far from the boost a proper medical facility could have provided, but it would at least keep her heart going and keep her conscious. As for the droids, well...that was his next problem to deal with.

El-Nay crawled her way back onto her feet as armor began to cool back to room temperature. If she were wearing anything less than Mandalorian armor she likely would have been dead. Another victory for beskar'gam, she thought to herself proudly, as she moved towards the lift as fast as she could. As she sprinted the map of the Void was again punched up on her gauntlet with her body illustrated as a red dot. She was closer to the communications bunker than she thought, which caused her a great deal of self-esteem. She *was* going to beat Rais and Dimona, she thought to herself proudly, as she reached the lift. Once inside the programmed it to take her to the bunker, but it only made it about halfway before it was locked and she was trapped between floors. Was it ever going to be easy, she thought to herself, as she reached into her pouch to pull out a thermite charge. "That may be a mistake," she said both out loud and over the comm, as she planted the charge on the bottom of the turbolift. She then activated her jetpack, which brought her to the roof of the lift, and detonated the charge, which caused the bottom of the lift to blow out. An explosion would be heard over the comm as she was hit with shrapnel but, as if she were a swimmer, she used the jetpack to turn her body so that her face was pointed downward, and her feet kicked off the roof of the lift to send her spiraling down the new shaft.

When El-Nay reached the bottom only one door separated her from her target and she prepared her most effective weapon ... the rocket on top of her jet pack. She lowered herself into a crouched position and then fired the rocket, which blew the door into a thousand pieces and created a fiery hole through which she could pass through. "Eye on the target!" she cockily declared over the comm before she stepped into the hole and move towards the drunken, cowering Min. "I've waited a long time for this. After what you did to me. After what you did to my..." she stopped herself, not wanting to call any of them friends, to avoid sounding soft. She raised her gauntly towards Min and activated the blades, preparing to end her, but she remembered the mission and froze, trembling in front of her.

"You can't do it. Can you?" Min said, as she sat in her chair, looking up at El-Nay, barely able to keep from throwing up from the mixture of whiskey and fear. "Pathetic," she said, as she rolled her eyes at the girl. "You're nothing but a wannabe Mando'a in your silly orange armor. An impersonator of a once gone, but forgotten race," she said, before turning back around to watch the monitors. She did not fear El-Nay Darr, nor did she even feel she was worth her attention, as she instead chose to watch the droids destroy the other intruders. She put her feet up on the terminal, and leaned back in her chair, savoring her drink as she watched the battle draw on.

El-Nay screamed at the top of the lungs before she brought her gauntlet down on the terminal, which shut down the entire system, and disabled the droids that were attacking Rais and Dimona. "It is not my mission to kill you, Traebor," she snarled, as she fired her grappling cable around the drunken Imperial officer. "But hopefully the person who gave me the mission will," she said, as she activated her jetpack, flying out of the bunker with Traebor being roughly dragged behind her. She took the Major for a rough ride as she went up the air shaft with her, eventually arriving back at the hangar with Dimona and Rais. "You only got this far?" she asked them, as she dropped the battered and bloody captive to the ground in front of them. She then placed a booted foot on Min, folding her arms in front of her, and acting quite cocky in front of her associates. El-Nay Darr had finally succeeded.

Dimona was flopped over on her back by Rais like a lifeless ragdoll, since she barely had any strength left. Due to the amount of blood that had pooled around her, it was remarkable that she was not only conscious, but still alive. The stimpack jammed into her chest gave her whole body quite the shock and she could feel sensation coming back to her extremities and her mind clearing as the drugs coursed through her system. That courageous and eccentric spark lit back up within her eyes, the injection had done its part to revive this woman from a breath away from death. "Damn hun, you treat your ladies roughly, that's fine though, I like it rough." She managed a laugh despite nearly dying before she surveyed her appearance, unsightly to be sure and she was caked in blood. At that moment, it became clear that El-Nay had been wholly successful in the mission, which ... was surprising but a huge relief. With a small happy sigh, Dimona slowly attempted to pull herself up, but it was a laborious process, and she leaned heavily upon Rais to support her. "Oh, we got far enough, El. I might even be pregnant, who knows." She took one look at Min and burst into delightful laughter. "Oh shit! Min! I missed you so much! Remember me? Remember that cage? I still have it, I saved it *just* for you. Want to see?" Dimona's hysterical laughs turned into a fit of coughing that sputtered up some blood upon her lips, as it was obvious that she had not even come close to fully recovering for her ordeal. After a moment to gather herself, she directed her attention upon her would-be rival. "El, drag her sorry ass up here, and is she drunk?? I have the perfect place for her to be super comfortable."

The droids were Rais's next serious concern, but by the time he was on his feet and ready to deal with them, they stopped dead in their tracks. It wasn't long after that when El-Nay arrived, prize in hand. Mission successful and all without firing even a single rocket. That had worked out pretty well after all. When Dimona went to get up, Rais helped her to her feet and kept her propped in place, having little trouble with her almost total dependence on him to keep standing. The fact she was trying to stand at all surprised him, really, considering how bad the wound was. The woman would still need serious medical attention as soon as could be managed, of course. He had stopped things from getting worse, but not much more. "I don't think your ship is going to be keeping anyone anywhere for a while, Dimii. You'll be lucky if it ever flies again at all."

El-Nay was *furious*. Not only had they not congratulated her for capturing the target single-handedly, but now Dimona was giving her orders. "Excuse you?" she asked, taking her foot off Min and walking towards Dimona. "I just captured Traebor and saved your sorry ass from the clankers and you're barking orders at me?" she asked, raising her right hand and pointing her index finger at her angrily. What had she gotten herself into working with the likes of her.

Min was silent as Dimona addressed her, waiting for the hunters to make a mistake, as she knew they always did. She had their history and psychological profiles committed to memory and she knew that the two could not spend more than five minutes with one another before coming to blows and getting at each other's throats. Whatever idiot had paired them might have just saved her life. It was not unexpected when El-Nay abandoned her to argue with Dimona, and when she was released from her boot she considered her options. She could not run ... they would just catch her ... plus her legs were still wrapped in the Mandalorian's grapple. There was nowhere to go, but there was a chance at revenge. She pulled out a small dagger and shifted her weight behind El-Nay. In a quick and steady action she stabbed the dagger directly into the flesh behind El-Nay's left knee, between the plates of armor. "You weakling," she snickered, before collapsing back to the deck, laughing so hard she produced some blood.

El-Nay had suffered greatly, but she never experienced anything as painful as having Min's blade embedded behind her knee. She let out a painful groan so loud and blood chilling that it shook her helmet on her head. She collapsed almost instantly as she lost the ability to put any weight on her leg, not entirely sure what had happened. At first she wondered if it was Rais, Dimona's suspected lover, attempting to stop her from damaging his woman, but when she landed she saw Min there laughing at her. She should have killed her when she had the chance. She writhed in agony on the floor, reaching in vain for the dagger, but her hands could not reach it to pull it out. "Get this out of me!" she screamed, from behind tears, as she began to curl up into the fetal position, which only made Min cackle louder. She had gone from absolute victory to humiliation in the blink of an eye. This was the story of El-Nay Darr.

"You are such an idiot, El, I swear." She just shook her head at the woman while a condescending vile little grin played across her face. How could such a supposed warrior feel it was appropriate to turn her back on an enemy, even a subdued enemy. It was just not smart, which is why El-Nay was such a loser all the time, she didn't use her brain, ever. "Rais, I'll take care of stupid poop here, if you take care of super bitch there. Deal? In that storage room over there, I have this amazing cage on a turbolifting device, it floats! Easy secure transport. Could you go fetch it? We can throw Min in there and then poke her with sticks. It will be fun for the whole family, I promise!" With a massive energetic smile, much more than what should have been displayed for a woman with her injuries, she shuffled slowly over to where she had been trying to drag herself before. A small medical bag was retrieved before she carried herself back towards where the downed Mando was. "If you stop crying so hard, I might be able to do something, you huge baby. I almost died, and you get a little shanked? Please." Dimona began to administer aid to the woman, but her attention was diverted to Min, who she just could not help but to wink to.

El-Nay was free to gloat for now, so far as Rais was concerned, right up until the moment she got stabbed. The wiggling about had been noticed but not thought much of until the other Mandalorian screamed, at which point the arm not propping up Dimona shifted and a blaster pistol was in his hand. It only took seconds to realize what had happened, and though the pistol was aimed at Min, he didn't fire. Fortunately for all involved, the helmet masked a roll of his eyes when it came to the two hunters he was working with, and the sarcasm was kept out of his voice to a fair degree. "Good a plan as any." Dimona was lowered down with at least some degree of care before Rais walked over to where Min lay, bound up in the grappling line from El-Nay's wrist. A short spin of the blaster and he was holding it by the barrel. Rais crouched down and promptly slammed the butt of the pistol across the side of Min's head, intending to leave her very much unconscious and easy to drag into the turbolift cage inside the unserviceable Adventurer.

From his command shuttle, High Colonel Mark Veller watched the sensor relays and took note of the Bounty Hunter's method of attack. If he could at all help it, that bounty hunter Dimona whatever-her-last-name-was would never be landing again on his ship as long as he had anything to say about it. When he got reports of the Black Sun ships fleeing, with a "What do we do, sir?" he almost snarled, "Capture them you fools!" but he managed to keep his temper down and calmly say, "Capture them if you can, otherwise track them and report."

If the Black Sun ships were leaving, then the bounty hunters had done the job they were intended to do, break and/or occupy the initial defenses leaving his troopers the easier assault. He gave the orders and was pleased to see the assault shuttles with him move out in good order. While he still didn't know a lot about his predecessor, the troopers he had left behind were above average.

Within a few minutes, the assault shuttles were disgorging their passengers and the area was filled with the familiar sound of Stormtroopers advancing. Mark's shuttle was one of the last to land. He went down the shuttle ramp, feeling very comfortable in his Stormtrooper armor, the E-11 a comfortable ally in his hands.

On his helmet display, he saw the advance of the troopers section by section. He gave a few orders here and there to make sure the troopers got what support they needed against the few remaining droidekas.

With his own squad, he went over to the tangle of metal that used to be called a ship to see if there were any surviving Bounty Hunters. It didn't take long to see the garish armor of El-Nay. Mark sighed to himself seeing the armor on the ground and then Dimona pulling a knife out of the back of El-Nay's leg. Mark didn't even have to know what had happened in order to know what had happened. El-Nay had forgotten where she was and lost all tactical advantage.

He shook his head slightly, then came up to the three of them and said through the helmet, "Report," interested in their response to a plain Stormtrooper, as his was not wearing any insignia on his armor to make himself a target for the enemy.

Rais was just emerging from the ship, Min successfully deposited in her cage, when the Stormtroopers came filing out of their dropships. For a moment it occurred to him that, if the Empire could have just done this...why send them in advance? To secure the target? It was the most likely explanation, and at any rate, he didn't have a ton of time to question it. Instead there was some Stormtrooper waltzing up to them and asking for a report. Rais, for his part, laughed. "Unless you're hiding a General's uniform under that white outfit of yours, I think I'll be saving my report for your CO. Carry on, *adiik*."

Beneath his helmet, Mark had to smile and admire the Bounty Hunter's response. Schooling his expression to one more formal, he holstered the E-11 (his escort kept theirs ready) and look off his helmet. "I believe a High Colonel will have to do, and you can report to me as I am the CO of this landing force."

The blessing of a Mandalorian helmet was how it entirely covered the face, meaning that Mark wasn't privy to just how much crow Rais suddenly found himself eating. Though he wasn't about to salute the man, Rais did straighten up and at least make a show of giving the man some degree of respect. "Most of the defenses are out of commission, and we secured the target. She's in a cage, sitting on what used to be a ship behind me. Much as it pains me to say it, El-Nay Darr did most of the legwork. This one..." Rais motioned to where Dimona was trying to patch up El-Nay, which in itself had to be a hell of a sight " herself taken down by a chunk of duraplast when she wrecked her ship. I got her stabilized, then Darr showed up with the package."
A moment later, a little mouse droid, missing a rather sizeable chunk of its duraplast shell, rolled out of the wreckage. With a few failing peeps, its motors failed, its little lights dimming as it bumped into Dimona and stopped.

Dimona had been in the middle of attempting to tend to the sniveling El-Nay, but when her pitiful little droid came rolling along, desperate for love and attention, Dimona had to stop everything, leaving El-Nay's bandage unfinished. "Oh Peep!! I'm so sorry, I take back everything I said. I am so not mad at you, I love you so much!" Far more concern was given to the sad shape of that mouse droid than El-Nay or even Dimona's own injuries, and the small barely functional and slightly convulsing mass of metal and duraplast was scooped up into her arms and cradled like a small cherished infant. She paid no need to High Colonel Veller, nor did she care, for at this moment, Peep had her undivided attention. His woeful and distressed little beeps and chirps were miserable. "I know, it wasn't your fault. And I don't think I missed anything really, so don't feel bad. I'll get you all fixed up. Yes, I will!"

Mark nodded to Rais, then turned his head slightly to his escort, "The medical shuttle just landed, one of you get a medic over here ASAP." Mark pulled his comlink out of his belt, flicking it to the secure channel back to the Interrogator, "High Colonel Veller reporting, objective complete, target is in lockdown."

Mark called over a few squads of his people to move the cage to a more secure location and the middle of a bunch of wreckage, "Good job," he told the bounty hunters, then waved to the medical officer who had just arrived, "Get them fixed up." With that, he strode off, settling his helmet on to supervise the cleanup and make sure any remaining surprises left by the Black Sun were cleared out.

He also escorted a team of techs to the command center, hopeful they could salvage some data as to what the Black Sun had been up to.

As the all clear signal was given, Flight Captain Randi Trainor began her descent in the Darkened Oblivion. In all of the time she had spent under Inquisitor Thanor she had never seen her so irritated ... she had not laughed at a single one of her jokes as they waited for the signal. "Well, fine," she murmured to herself, as she accelerated the Conqueror-class assault ship down from the Interrogator to the short distance to the planet below. As they entered the atmosphere the Inquisitor seemed to be prompting her to go faster, and she accelerated to what was considered an unsafe speed in the atmosphere. The black and red craft began to experience buffeting as they approached the mountain range in the northernmost continent of the planet. "Hang on, Serry," she said, as she adjusted the angle of entry for the Darkened Oblivion, which gave them a smoother ride. For once she was not the worst landing pilot in the sector, as she managed to touch the craft down in the hanger relatively unscathed. She spun around in her chair, her pigtails swirling in a frenzy as she looked towards Serine with a smile. "We're heeeeeeeeeeere," she said, in an almost creepy voice, as she confidently folded her arms in her chest.

While it was indeed true that the Inquisitor at times found the strange and erratic antics of Captain Trainor to be amusing, Serine had been far too intently focused on the prospects of the task given to her mercenary group to afford her pilot any mind. She was beyond infuriated with the knowledge that Min Traebor had ordered the Inquisitor's team to be sabotaged, nearly compromising Serine's entire covert efforts. She could not even properly fathom the extent of the audacity and insolence of that Intelligence officer. Provoking the High Inquisitor in such a manner as treason was imbecilic, asinine and suicidal. Did Major Traebor have a death wish? Was Min truly so moronic that she assumed Serine would never find out what hand she played? What could she have possibly hoped to gain with crossing the Inquisitor so recklessly? It was beyond reason, and soon that Intel officer would feel the full brunt of Serine's violent wrath.

The moment Darkened Oblivion landed, the Inquisitor exited the craft on a heated warpath. A resolute determination glared in intense silver eyes that scanned the area until they came upon the unconscious form of Min Traebor in a prisoner cage. Every single individual was wholly ignored and quickly passed, as their presence was not worth noting or acknowledging. Stormtroopers in the area were mindful and very wise to quickly remove themselves from the Inquisitor's route as she rapidly approached the captive. As she grew closer, her pace slowed into a dangerous stalk, each measure brought her approach towards her soon to be victim in delayed deliberate steps. She finally stood before the caged pawn with a torrent of fiery malice burning within her eyes that menacingly bore into that unconscious woman. This pathetic and nearly meaningless soul now belonged to the High Inquisitor. Min Traebor's mind, body and spirit were going to be shredded savagely until nothing remained of her meager existence but a hollowed out shell of a woman desperate for mercy in a sea of agony. This would soon become Min's private hell, and Serine, her executioner.

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