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Michelle Green and Christopher Levy.

One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:14) in the Corellian system: Kima and Talus (Nashal: Reg Collingwood's apartment and Spaceport).
Reg Collingwood and Oola Dulovic.

The Nella 342 light freighter Kima exited hyperspace in the Corellian system, Reg Collingwood's home planet of Talus, a green orb, dominated the forefront of the cockpit's viewport. "Home, sweet home," he said, as a warm smile came upon his face. He turned to Oola, while simultaneously moving his hand across to pat her fur affectionately. He almost could not help himself, as the excitement of seeing his home overcame him. He turned his full attention to the controls of the Kima and began to accelerate to the vessel's top speed. Gradually the green planet filled the entire viewport and they began to move through the atmosphere. The city of Nashal came into view in the distance, through which the Mephyt river flowed through. It did not take him long to land the freighter in the spaceport, which he had done countless times before. He lept from his seat, almost forgetting Oola was there, as he moved to the controls to open the hatch and activate the lift. "C'mon, slowpoke," he hollered towards the cockpit, as he quickly moved down the lift to the surface below. He took in a deep inhale of the air, which he found sweeter than any other world he had visited, as it was home. His chest puffed up, and his arms extended from his body, as an extreme level of happiness came over him. "Home!" he yelled, happily to himself, as he waited for Oola to catch up with him.

Oola has sitting back in her seat comfortably as she looked out head watching Reg's home world become closer and closer into view, she could tell how excited Reg was as he patted her in the most loving manner he could while behind the controls, once the Kima landed and Reg jumped from his seat she looked at him wondering if he even remembered she was there with him as he headed towards the lift, shaking her head she rose from her chair. Since Reg was in such a hurry Oola thought it would be best if she took her time, knowing he was a child in a shop full of sweet's, once she made her way to the lift she looked around and watched Reg's reaction to his home world. Crossing one arm around her waist, placing her elbow on her arms and resting her head in her hand she looked around and then up at Reg. "Easy there big fella." She said stepping forward till her bare feet were touching solid ground once more, looking down at her feet Oola sighed softly, it wasn't Naboo but she had to start thinking of his home as her's now, thought for how long would they be welcomed. Would Reg's people look at her and see a freak, a pet. Something that he found and needed to save.

Bringing her hood up Oola hid her face from the people that started to pass by, she didn't want anyone to see her, if they did they would only stair like all the other have in the past. Oola was finding it more and more easier for her to hide instead of being spotted where she would stick out like on every other plant but Naboo, stepping behind Reg she held her head down. "Well let's get going." She said softly glancing up at Reg.

"The people of Corellia and Talus are much more tolerant and liberal than the other humans you've encountered," Reg assured Oola, as they began to move through the spaceport and out towards the city proper. He led her towards the bank of the Mephyt river, grabbing hold of the railing and looking upon it longingly. He had fished along this river, albeit not in the city itself, with his grandfather during his childhood. But now industrialization and urbanization had caused it to become polluted, but he viewed it through rose colored lenses and could not see how it had changed. "Isn't it wonderful?" he asked Oola, as he moved her towards the railing so she could see. Everyone saw their own home in the best possible light, no matter how much it had changed over the years.

Slowly Oola followed as Reg lead the way to wherever he was taking them. Hearing what he had to say about the people she shook her head "I've seen a lot with you and back on Nal Hutta, Tolerant or not I don't exactly fit in like everyone." She said walking besides Reg as he headed towards the bank, when he started to speak about how beautiful it was Oola rose a brow looking over into the water. She didn't understand, how could he think this was lovely? It was polluted and she even could see it. Clearing her throat a little Oola nodded "Yes, it is." She didn't have the heart to tell Reg the truth after all it must have been years since he been back. She didn't have the right to tell him that the world he grew up on had changed so much in such little time while he was away, it was not her place and Reg would only have to find out for himself. Brushing a strand of her short pixie locks behind her ear.

Looking around she sighed wondering what else he was going to show her that hand changed to everyone else but not him. "So where did you grow up?" She asked him softly, Reg was able to meet her people the ones in her family if that what they could be called and he was welcomed with open loving arms. Would Oola have the same greeting? Would she be welcomed or would she be made to sleep outside in a small house? True she would be use to it but if people were different like Reg said to her then she only hoped his family if he had any alive would be like her people.

Reg turned them around showing the large tower that dominated the skyline of the small city. "I have an apartment there," he explained to her, as he began leading her through the streets. To his credit none of the locals seemed phased by her presence. When he entered the lobby of the high rise the floors were cracked and dirty, the door man had been replaced with a barely functioning droid, and it seemed as if it had not been cleaned in ages. Life for Talus had been hard with the Galactic Civil War raging, but Reg had still not picked up on the change. He led her into the turbolift, which slowly ascended to a mid level where his apartment lay. When they moved into the corridor the ceiling light was barely functioning and a drunk was passed out. Stepping over the man, they arrived at his apartment. He opened the door revealing a darkened living room that was in desperate need of a deep clean. There was a heinous odor coming from the direction of the kitchen, which threatened to overwhelm them like a chemical weapon. It was hardly a dream home, but to Reg it was perfect.

Oola looked around the lobby as she shook her head a little from under her hood, there must have been a time where this place was at it's prime, where it shined and sparkled like new, but now it had less appeal, walking on into the turbolift her green hues looked around, she was rather amazed the lift didn't break down or stop mid way. Exiting she noticed the drunk passed out and sighed softly, Reg must have been feeling a little less at home seeing the place he lived look like it was, she couldn't remember a time where she felt at home other than with him, so if this was to be her life then Oola would do all she could to make Reg happy to be home, once the door to the small apartment opened she did all she could not to cover her nose from the smell coming from with inside.

Swallowing the lump that formed in her throat she looked at Reg while removing her hood as she smiled sweetly "It will take some getting use to, but it's... Charming." How Oola hated lying to Reg but he was home and he was happy, the happiest he's been since they left Naboo and she didn't want to ruin that feeling for him. Thought where he lived was not a story from some kids story books to him it held something special, and hopefully Oola would soon see that specialness Reg seen.

Reg moved to the controls to activate the lights in his apartment, but nothing had happened. As he had been away on smuggling runs he had failed to pay the utilities, and the electricity had been cut off. He sighed, as he moved deeper into the apartment towards the large bank of windows that were hidden behind tired curtains. He pulled them open, which allowed more light in, but unfortunately the windows had not been cleaned in so long that the light was dim. "I really consider the Kima my home now," he said, as he turned to face her, offering up an embarrassed shrug. "Still. I grew up here. I never wanted to sell it," he explained, as he began to check around the apartment to see if there were any other surprises. It was a standard one bedroom, with one refresher, a food preparation area, and a living area with holonet receiver. It was a decidedly middle-class abode, but the history that Reg had made it all the more valuable to him.

Stepping in Oola looked around as she watched the dust dance in what little light was given. She sided placing her hands in the belt of her skirt smiling sweetly. "It's much more than I ever had, so I could see why you couldn't part from it. Maybe if we pay the on some of the old utilities we could possibly consider this a home, or a hideout." She started to stammer a little placing a hand behind her head scratching the back looking down, she was rather shy when it came to the matters of having a home, though with the idea of living with Reg off the Kima was a bit more embarrassing than normal, she didn't think they would be able to have a place from the stars. Clearing her throat she looked at Reg smiling a little more. "I mean if you want we could." She said looking at him curious to what he had to say on the topic of possible making this a home for the two of them to settle in after a few jobs.

Slowly Oola walked around the living room as he smiled "Clean it up really nice and it would be a proper place to live, we won't have to worry about bounty hunters all the time, we could stay here maybe fix the place up even not just this but possible the whole thing top to bottom, give the childhood home you once knew it's shine back." Oola said as she made her way over next to Reg looking inside the bedroom, it seemed to dark and not because of the lack of lighting but there was a shadow feel to her, something happened that maybe caused her to feel this deep feeling inside of her, or it was just her being so knew to his home that she thought the worst of it all. Looking at Reg, Oola place a hand gently on his shoulder. "I think it would be a very proper place to live off the Kima when we need to put our feet on solid land." She said nodding her head.

"Well get to work, Oola. Place won't clean itself!" Reg said, as he moved towards the holonet terminal. He entered the controls to contact the local power authority who told him the outstanding balance was now several thousand credits. Overwhelmed, he paused slightly, before considering what to do. He looked around the apartment, remembering for what it was, instead of what it had become, and decided to transmit the credits needed to reactivate the account. There was a hum in the apartment and gradually the power was restored, bring lights back to the apartment to show the extent of the mess. Suddenly a small creature emerged from the bedroom, where it had taken up residence, and hurriedly moved towards the corridor as it sought a darker place to dwell. The drunk in the corridor screamed loudly as the creature attacked him, but he was soon passed out again. "Well, it's a start," he said, as he looked around their now illuminated home.

Oola had given Reg a hard smack on the arms as she looked arm him crossing both arms over her chest "Don't you dare think I'm cleaning this mess up by myself!" She shook her head. Glaring at him as he walked over to the holonet terminal, heading towards the kitchen she looked around for a moment as the hum started up, within a few second Oola started to smell something most foul coming from the fridge. "Oh my god what the hell is that!" She said covering her nose, opening the door to the fridge she looked inside and quickly closed it behind her as she looked at Reg with a terrified face. "I don't care how much it costs, what I have to do we are not using that t all, it is going out!" She said looking over her shoulder as the smell started to get worse as the power kicked on more.

Moving away from it she stood next to Reg watching the creature run out of the bedroom into the hall, she jumped slightly only seeing the black shadow of the mass that was what ever it was. "What the!" She paused looked at Reg. "Yea get to work my ass! I'm going to the Kima and getting some things... You get your buns working on that thing."Oola said waving a hand over to the fridge "And get it out of here! I mean it Reg!" She snapped narrowing her brows as she glared at him. "If you love me you'll do this for me. And yes I am playing that card." Oola said looking up at him smirking before turning quickly on her heels and headed out of the apartment down to the turbolift, her large long tail swayed side to side behind her.

Reg had never seen Oola react in such a manner, and he was quite taken aback on it. "Some slave..." he muttered under his breath once she was out of earshot. "How bad could it be?" he asked himself, before moving into the kitchen to check on the refrigerator. The mold had grown to such an extreme event that it could now be classified as a new lifeform. It took all of his strength to grab hold of the unit, moving it away from the wall, unplugging it. With one arm on the fridge, and another in front of his face holding his nose, he began to wheel the fridge out of the apartment. The area where he left the fridge exposed a colony or large insects that had made their home beneath the unit. It took some doing, but he managed to get the fridge into the corridor, and then down towards the refuse room where they were instructed to take their trash. By the look of things it seemed that no one had collected it in some time, but for now he had bigger problems to worry about as he moved back towards their apartment to continue the cleaning, by himself.

Oola had seen some horrid things in her life but nothing more that whatever it was living inside the refrigerator, quickly she made her way back to the ship to gather what little supplies they had to help them clean the living mess that was now called home. Grabbing her bag full of little trinkets Oola placed it over her right shoulder and slipped her left arm out as it rested against her hip. She had something she could possible sell to earn a little more credits but for now she needed to help Reg clean. Taking the arm full of cleaning supplies the small Amaran quickly left the ship making sure it was safely secured, running back to the apartment tower she started to have dreams for the little run down place though would they all come true or was it just a dream?

Walking to the turbolift Oola stepped inside with a great stride, she was smiling brightly but not realizing it till she seen her reflection in the dusty dull metal panel, it was strange for her to think such amazing things like she was, being able to call a place other than the Kima a home, where she would be safe away from the stars now. Once she arrived back on the same floor as the Apartment Oola made her way back as she stepped inside and placed the cleaning supplies on the floor. "Ta-da!" She said holding her arms out, tuffs of her hair and fur had become amiss but she didn't' mind, her long tail was swaying side to side fast with excitement as she looked at Reg. "So where should I start?" Oola asked looking around not sure what needed the most attention.

Reg was breathing heavily from the level of exertion it took to rid himself of the rotten refrigerator. He was covered in a thin layer of sweat that caused his clothing to cling to him. There was only one answer ... a Corellian ale. He reached into the pantry to grab a bottle, which was hotter than room temperature. He opened it and drank from it eagerly, but when the warm liquid touched his mouth he spit it out all over the floor. It had turned rancid from not being properly stored, and frustratingly he dumped the bottle into the sink and pouted like a child. It was then that she arrived with the resources they needed, and he smiled, moving quickly towards her. It looked as if he was about to hug her, but instead he went straight for the cleaning supplies. "At last. We can get started!" he said, as he planned out how best to clean their new home.

Once Reg headed toward her she smiled but that soon faded once he picked up the cleaning supplies, her smiled faded as her arms dropped to her sides "Yea...Okay." She said grabbing a old rag and headed towards the window in the bedroom, slowly she started cleaning to build on dirt that had been collecting over the many years, after several moments she moved on towards the living room and started to clean the dust, looking over at Reg she sighed softly as her ears pinned against her head, her tail was dragging on the floor, she was feeling rather hurt when Reg didn't show as much affection to her as he did when they were on the Kima. Once the windows were down Oola grabbed a broom and headed towards the kitchen and started to sweep whatever was now caked on the floor. By now she was panting slightly, her tail fanning her off as she worked on cleaning the mess in the kitchen up.

Looking at Reg she sighed softly "Thank you for getting rid of the fridge." She spoke lightly, making her way over to a bucket and scrubber that was next to the entryway., she placed it in the sink, turning on the water she let it heat up before moving it to the floor. Oola made her way down onto her hands and knees where she started to scrub the floors clean, over the many years she was use to the hard labor and it came rather second nature to her by now, the water moved along the grimed covered floor. It didn't take long for the once clear water to turn black making Oola have to change it several times before the kitchen floor looked new again. Standing to her feet, Oola's tail now fanning her faster she smiled a little "Well not too bad if I do say so myself, better then a cleaning Droid I can tell you that much!"

"It was no problem," an exhausted Reg told her between deep breaths, as he was still trying to collect himself after having moved the monstrous old fridge. He followed her into the bedroom, which seemed to be in much better condition than the rest of the apartment. Excitedly, he allowed himself to flop onto the bed in a dramatic crash. Out from under the bed came a flock of bats, which flew directly at Oola, before flying up into the ceiling and trying to find a way out of the apartment. They were letting loose high pitched screams as they searched for a way out. Eventually they made their way out of the apartment and into the corridor. It seemed a number of creatures and insects had taken up residence in their apartment while Reg was away.

Oola screamed at the top of her lungs as the bat started to fly around her. Ducking she watched as they finally made it out of the apartment, in a huff Oola marched into the bedroom and glared at Reg who was on the bed. "Are you going to lay about or you going to help me?" She asked Reg placing her hands on to her hips. Her tail was all a mess as she blew her bangs out from her face. "Or would you rather me do the cleaning all by myself while you get rid of the other creatures that are living in here as well?" Oola asked tapping her foot in annoyance now.

Reg was shocked and amazed by the presence of the colony of bats that had taken up residence in the darkened space beneath his bed. He reluctantly got out of bed and walked towards the kitchen where he found an exasperated Oola. "I'm sure that's the last of it," he said to her, as he moved towards her. He wrapped his arms around her lovingly, holding her smaller body close to his. He allowed his lips to fall upon hers, kissing her passionately, before spinning her around the room. "We have a home!" he said to her, excitedly, ignorant of just how much they would have to do to bring their apartment back to life.

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