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Geoff Elder and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:27) in the Ringali nebula: Ringali Station.
Commander Derek Atio and Corporal Sienala Pavo.

Deep within the confines of the Ringali Nebula the former gas mining station that the Rebellion converted into a base of operations sat safely out of Imperial detection. Commander Derek Atio, captain of one of the blockade runners that was docked at the station, found himself in the expansive hangar bay. He stood next to one of the BTL-S3 Y-wings of Knave Squadron, which was half disassembled and being cannibalized to keep the other starfighters spaceworthy. It seemed that they were always short on resources and having to patch things together with makeshift repairs that barely lasted through an operation, and each time they lost resources to the Empire they became incredibly difficult to replace. The Empire could seemingly manufacture an infinite amount of TIE fighters, but the 24 starfighters the Rebellion had managed to ferry here were all they could amass, and they were impossible to replace. After a few moments with the Y-wing, he proceeded deeper into the hangar to check on the progress of the Sigma-class shuttle he had acquired from the Alderaanians last year. He would need that shuttle for upcoming missions, and its repairs were the prime topic on his mind.

Putting the finishing touches on the Gilded Thranta, Sienala was wiping the sweat from her brow. Squatting with a hydrospanner in hand, her lekku twitching in frustration, "This is crap. I need supplies. I need a decent hangar to..." Her eyes went wide as she suddenly had a thought. It was not her wisest thought, but maybe she could get Sgloggo as well as parts and possibly another ship. She'd have to propose it to ... who the hell was in charge of missions? She just figured she was told where to go, but this time, she had an idea on where to go and wanted her own team to pull it off.

The commander was dressed in the standard Rebel officer's uniform in varying shades of brown, complete with jacket that had a rank insignia of three blue dots signifying the rank of commander. When he came up behind the Twi'lek technician he cleared his throat loudly so that she would be alerted to his presence. His eyes scanned over the hull of the old shuttle, which they had extensively modified. From the outside, the ship looked pretty rough, but he still had confidence in the shuttle and believed she had it where it counts. *If* they could keep it spaceworthy. "How is it looking, Corporal?" he asked, as he took a step backwards, lowering his head in her direction, awaiting her report.

It took a moment for Sienala to realize he was talking to her. Looking up, tired but swelling with possibility, "She'll fly for now, but I have an idea for a mission that will help us with our ship problems. At least enough so that we can keep our ships better repaired." She stood and started fidgeting. "I think we can get two more ships out of it don't mind raiding a slaver."

Derek smiled with some relief that the shuttle would be ready in time, but before he could make it inside the craft to examine firsthand she suggested the attack on the slaver. He was halfway up the ramp when he turned, and lowered his body so that he could see her from behind the hull of the ship. "A slaver?" he asked, furrowing his brow and raising his eyebrows. He was from the Deep Core where slavery had not existed in millennia, and it was not something he had encountered with with his time in the Republic or aboard luxury liners. He had heard about it though, and what he had heard made his skin crawl. "Where?" he asked, before descending the ramp back into the hangar, moving close enough to her that he could hear her more clearly.

"Where I was found. I used to be a slave, you know. I was lucky. I got out. But there are others there, several Imperials visit the Dome for their entertainment. They have shuttles that land, they have the occasional fighter on shore leave. There are all kinds of things we can get there. Even normal folks who show up for a good time to have their ships repaired. We could do a small tactical strike, get a shuttle or two, maybe even a transport. If we're lucky, we could get some fighters."

The girl beamed proudly at her idea. Make trouble for a slaver, get parts, piss off the Imperials. It was perfect, at least in her eyes.

The prospect of additional ships, particularly ones of Imperial design that they could use for infiltration was an appealing one. "Where?" he asked, with a simple one word query designed to get more information. There were new personnel arriving everyday, and he barely had time to get to know them all. It seemed whenever he did get to know someone they were either transferred off or even killed. The turnover was pretty high in the sector command, but as they were the deepest operational cell in Imperial territory it was to be expected. Maybe this technician had information that would help.

"Kooriva. Babda Yoths Pleasure Dome and Emporium. We could move in, take a grab, move out. Maybe free some of the slaves? It could be a major coup, you know?" She was chewing on her lower lip, getting excited that the ideas was being considered. She'd have to focus though, part of her was really excited to see Sgloggo again, but there were others she was sure missed her and hoped she was not dead.

Derek brought a grease stained hand up to his hair, not realizing until it was too late what he had done. "Ugh," he said in disgust, turning to look away from a moment, as he angrily scuffed his boot upon the deck. "Kooriva ... that's not too far from here..." he commented, his eyes seeming to move up in their sockets, revealing just how deep in thought he was on the subject. "Sergeant Correson's squad has an op coming up," he explained, as he rubbed his hand on the front of his pantleg to get the rest of the grease off. "Once we're all clear I'll see if we can allocate some resources to scout Kooriva. If what you say is true, we might be able to send a team," he said to her, speaking plainly about the situation and their limited manpower.

"I practically grew... No. I did grow up there. I know the Pleasure Dome like I know this shuttle, only more so. I know every security, every guard post, every patrol. I even know a guard or two who might help. We can do this." The grey-blue girl was grinning like an child being told she could have the run of the candy store. Twirling the hydrospanner in her fingers, she started to give her hips a gyrating dance. "We can do it, we can do it, we can do it."

Derek raised both of his hands towards her, fingers outstretched, and moving them up and down slowly in the air. "Okay. Okay. Calm down," he said, offering her a sympathetic, if not somewhat surprised look. "I appreciate your enthusiasm, Pavo," he said, his voice growing in warmth, empathizing with her need to be useful. "After the next operations I promise you ... we'll look into it," he said, nodding his head at her for emphasis. "If those kind of resources are there, believe me, high command would want us to check it out," he said, stepping forward, reaching out slowly to place a hand upon her shoulder. "It'll be okay. Really," he said, offering what comfort he could, in an effort to calm her down.

"Should I prepare a briefing of all the things I've seen, the layout, the movements of the guards? How should I prepare?" The poor thing was so excited, that at this moment, standing still was just not possible.

"Right now we all need to be focused on the missions at hand, Pavo," Derek said to her, doing her best to keep her on track. "We're going to be dropping two teams in, and the shuttle and all of the gear needs to be fully operational," he explained to her, as he withdrew his hand from her, and turned his attention towards the shuttle instead. "I don't want to lose anyone because of a faulty power cell, or a conduit giving out," he said, moving beneath the shuttle now, double checking everything that she had done. "Looks good. Looks good," he said, more to himself, than the Twi'lek.

"I've been careful. Seriously, I know how to do the repairs. It's the other things you have to worry about. The things that require new parts. Sure, I can go if you want, but there are other ships that need my attention too. But, when I'm not fixing, I'll work on the plans so that you'll have them just in case. Okay?" Still trying to be helpful.

The Commander was starting to emerge from the shuttle when his head collided with a landing strut, causing him to stumble for a moment. "Ow," he said, moving his hand up to rub at the welt forming on his forehead. He shook his head violently to recover himself, before emerging in front of her again. "This is going to be a long, prolonged conflict, Pavo," he explained to her, before raising his head to his forehead again. "It won't be won in a day, or even a year. We'll get to Kooriva," he assured her, nodding at her with a kind smile.

"I can still prepare. Just remember, the longer it takes, the less accurate my information. But I can infiltrate too. You know?" Now inspired, Sienala was busy collecting supplies to work on the next ship. "I actually feel like more than a tech now. You know, I didn't want to be a slave, but I am more than just an astromech droid."

"Those astromechs just might win us this war," Derek said, smirking at her, remember how valuable they had been on several of their missions. "Believe me. It's a top priority," he explained to her, honestly, as he began to circle the shuttle like a predator, carefully examining every inch of her in a preflight inspection. "You do good work, Pavo," he said to her, complimentarily, as he moved towards the sublight engines. What they really needed was another transponder, like the one they had used during their outer rim missions.

"Thanks. It's a passion of mine. Sometimes, I could work on a guy's ship instead of finding other ways to keep his hands off me." There was a dismissive shrug. "Some of the girls really liked that kind of thing. I'm never did. It always felt...wrong."

"We need passion, Pavo," the Commander said, sincerely, as he once again turned to ascend the ramp into the shuttle. "Work on your plans, Corporal. We'll have a briefing if any of us survive this op," he shouted at her from inside the ship, with a morbid sense of humor. He eventually made his way into the pilot's seat to power the systems on. Everything started up fine, but soon the lights began to dim. He reached up with his fist and slammed it into the electrical panel, which caused the system to start properly and the main reaction to come on line. They were ready.

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