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Nicholas Baldwin, Alice Bee, Sean Brandt, Kit Gwynne, Christopher Levy, and Michael Vassallo.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:7:32) in the Chandrila system: Ascension and in the Essesia system: Retributor.
Major Serra Eona, General Morgan Glin, Commander Caligula Howe, Lieutenant Gertrude Jenson, Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Vice-Admiral Michael Raven, Grand Moff Claudius Rodney, Major Sierra Rodney, and Captain Darik Tailon.

The Executor-class Star Dreadnaught Retributor loomed over the planet Esseles like a dagger that was poised to strike. At 19,000 meters long and with nearly 100,000 personnel aboard the command ship was a city unto itself. Off the bridge an array of officers were gathered near the holotank, which was currently giving a holographic representation of the city of Cormond on the planet Brentaal IV in the neighboring sector, which neighbored Esseles on the Perlemian Trade Route. Members of the ShadowWhispers, an elite Storm commando unit, supported by hired mercenaries were preparing to attack a newly identified Rebel cell. Perhaps the most interested officer present, who was operating the holotank, and keenly interested was the Chiss Lieutenant and tactical officer, Meham'ohorovi'cloca, or Mohorovic for short.

Meham'ohorovi'cloca blinked her red eyes slowly as she watched the DX-9 Stormtrooper transport move towards the surface. "The initial reaction of the cell *should* tell us what these rebels are made of," she explained, as she coldly watched and waited for their personnel to come under attack. Her cold, blue skin contrasted with the grey-green Imperial uniform that fit her athletic figure. Her red eyes narrowed as she watched the initial deployment, desperate to learn anything that might help deliver an Imperial victory. They needed one. As she zoomed out the holotank to show the entirety of the system she observed ships from the Brentaal Force moving into position for support. "Given the information that Intel has provided on the cell thus far, I believe we have more than adequate resources for the attack," she commented in her decidedly exotic voice from the Unknown Regions.

For Major Sierra Rodney, this was a big moment. It was the first time her plans had come to fruition before her. After becoming aware of the activity of a Rebel cell on Brentaal IV, she had wasted no time in arranging the attack. Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca had all but confirmed this was not the main Rebel cell roaming within this sector. Regardless, Sierra wanted to uproot the weeds and crush them as a reminder to all Rebels. She also hoped to place her husband, Grand Moff Rodney, back in the graces of Lord Vader as well as Emperor Palpatine. For that to happen, Brentaal IV needed to be the beginning of a lengthy run of triumphs. She had already begun reviewing information from various ISB officers working within the planets compromising the Ringali Shell. She was hunting for the main cell, she simply hadn't found them *yet*.

Like so many other officers, she was hovering near the holotank. Unlike any others, Sierra was not there alone. Her cream ISB uniform was covered by a deep blue baby wrap which enclosed around her torso. Snuggled against her chest was a blonde haired newborn baby boy. His eyes were heavy. Within a few minutes listening to the Chiss tactical officer speak in her monotone voice, he had fallen asleep. It was Sierra's intention to force the boy to take a nap by listening to her. It worked *every* time. In her hands, she held a datapad with additional information pertaining to the attack. Like all other times, when she and the Grand Moff were around their comrades, they both were on their best behavior. Regardless, as there was a lull between Meham'ohorovi'cloca's monologue, her blue eyes lifted from the holotank and her datapad to quickly pass her husband a smile and a wink. It faded quickly. She made herself look stern like the other officers.

She searched through the other officers as much as was possible, notating each who wore the cream tunic like herself. Earlier in the day, while going through her mountain of datapads, she found one stating that she would be receiving an aide. Sierra could not decide if this was good news or not. On one hand, at least she had someone else to shift through her datapads...especially when hasty, impatient officers sent her duplicates. On the other hand, it was to be an ISB officer like herself. She didn't want to deal with a miniature version of the ISB Colonel who had freed the man who killed her father-in-law. She didn't want any new eyes in her office.

Light years away, and yet visible to all of those present in the holotank as a blue hued figure, Vice Admiral Raven stood at the tactical console of the Ascension. Unlike the other figures present on the Retributor his hologram was active but muted; he clearly wasn't paying attention to the pending battle. Instead his Star Destroyer had been dispatched to Chandrila to make sense of the the loss which had precipitated the day's action. For the past several days, he had personally interviewed several officers from the surviving ships and had meticulously gone over the dozens of associated reports. Even now he was continuing that work, skimming a report made by one of the fighter pilots that had managed to escape the debacle.

The after action reports all read the same ... that incompetence of leadership by Rear Admiral Phelphs had allowed the rebel forces in the sector to score such a decisive victory, including the destruction of the Rear Admiral's flagship. His death had made him the perfect scapegoat for those writing the reports. Unfortunately, that also made it incredibly difficult to *actually* find anything of substance that could be used to prevent such an event in the future. He sighed, his eyes darting over to the holoprojector ahead of him that was focused on the descending DX-9 Stormtrooper Transport. As it began to breach the outer atmosphere of the planet, he addressed his full attention to the console's screen.

The Vice Admiral was looking forward to seeing a live demonstration of the enemy's tactics and readiness; an Imperial victory would be an added bonus.

I walk briskly down the shiny hallway, adjusting my cuff slightly on my left wrist as I approach the main command room. I had only just arrived on board the massive dreadnaught, having been transferred from my previous assignment near the mid rim. Checking the small data pad clutched under my arm, I see once again the name of my new supervisor: Major Sierra Rodney. Passing a group of officers, I see the doors separating me from the command room. I stop, taking a deep breath as I adjust my collar, which suddenly seemed to be a little tighter than usual. While not usually a man to get anxious easily, meeting a new supervisor for the first time always seemed to unnerve me. Despite this though, I straighten my back, clear any signs of anxiety with a composed face, and stepped forward.

The doors slid open automatically as I marched into the room. Around a holotank were multiple officers, obviously of much higher rank. They didn't seem to notice as I came in, and I scanned the room, quickly identifying Rodney based on her uniform. I silently approach her from behind, coming to stand just behind her, to the point where I wasn't outside of her field of vision, but still not standing beside her. "Major?" I say quietly, as to not interrupt the officer talking.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney stood silently behind the other officers, his hands folded behind him and coming to rest at the small of his back. The recent defeats at Chandrila both in space and on the surface had tempered his enthusiasm for such engagements. It was Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca and his wife, Major Rodney, that had convinced him that this attack *would* succeed. Now it had to, as those above him would not accept another defeat. Privately, after what happened at Chandrila he was surprised to still be in command. As he watched the Stormtrooper transport land in the city it was not too dissimilar to what happened on Chandrila. Any moment now he was expecting to see the Rebels attack and decimate the Storm commandos. He had been turned into a pessimist. He stood close to his wife, both for practical support, and emotional support as well. As Captain Tailon arrived he offered a glance, but not a nod. His aide now had an aide ... a testament to the bureaucracy. As he watched the commandos and mercenaries file out of the transport he stepped forward, placing his hands around the rim of the tank and clutching it. The blue holographic images reflected onto the aged wrinkles of his face as he watched every move. He was hungry for a win. He angled his eyes up across the holotank to look towards Meham'ohorovi'cloca. Her reaction would tell him everything.

While the Storm commandos unloaded from their transport, Sierra felt a brief tinge of discomfort. Trooper Crion, the only Cathar in that team of commandos, had caused her problems before. The Cathar had murdered her adoptive daughter's family, yet she had slipped through the cracks. Sierra regretted letting her go. Facts were facts: Crion was a machine on the battlefield. She knew what she was doing. When Commander Updike appeared, Sierra felt disgruntled again. If Kerrie Kiley had been out there, then she would have felt much more comfortable. Leaning closer to her husband as he came to stand beside her, she spoke softly. "The probability that we're going to win here is high. It seems some of the other ISB factions are also working to prove themselves and bring me information of other Rebel cells. Let us hope that this is the beginning of better times." She remained as professional as she could. She ensured that the physical invisible wall remained around them.

She caught Captain Darik Tailon out of her peripheral vision and turned on her heel softly to greet him. Her head nodded. Loose strands of her blonde hair fell over her eyes. "Captain Darik Tailon, welcome aboard. As you've correctly guessed, I'm Major Sierra Rodney." She spoke with pride in her voice and offered him a hand to shake. Lowering her voice as to not distract Meham'ohorovi'cloca's report, she continued speaking. "We are currently watching an attack on a Rebel cell we recently became aware of on Brentaal IV. As you know, the fight with the Rebellion is one that feels never ending. I'm glad you're here to help. A lot of information passes my desk before it reaches the Governor... It can be a little overwhelming." Sierra smiled softly. She had decided that she would play the good guy until she saw it needed to be another way. She wouldn't let herself get pushed around by a fellow ISB officer.

General Glin leaned forward slightly to better concentrate on the holo. He hoped the intel on this operation was better than the last. If he kept losing Storm Commandos to bad intel, more heads were going to roll and this time he intended to see that it actually happened. He didn't envy Commander Updike having to take that Min woman into the battlefield, but he also couldn't quite keep a satisfied feeling from seeping in at finally being able to throw an ISB agent into the battlefield to experience up close and personal why the intel *had* to be good and the consequences when it was bad.

Wishing Updike luck, he turned his attention to the mercenaries. That was the element he was most concerned about. Sure, they had their uses, but he could not bring himself to view them as credible assets to support a Storm Commando unit. If they were good enough to support a Storm Commando unit, then they would have joined the Imperial Army and become Storm Commandos. He jotted a note down on his datapad for his aide, Lt. Jenson, to see about following up. Someone had a bug up their nose about using mercenaries and he wanted to find out who exactly.

A slow breath was let out as the transport landed. He understood transport pilots executing some evasive maneuvers, but the track of that transport spoke of bad piloting, not evasive maneuvers under fire. He made a few scribbles on his datapad watching the troopers disembark. Nodding to himself, he approved Commander Updike's orders. It would give him the opportunity to see if the mercenaries were actually capable of supporting his units.

Lieutenant Gertrude Jenson stood stiffly slightly behind General Glin. Her hair was pulled sternly back into a bun, her face expressionless as she watched the others in the room more so than the action. Her back ramrod straight, she would take occasional notes on her datapad. If anyone looked at her notes, they would be puzzled over what they were looking at. Over the years, she had created her own mnemonics to remind her of things and it had blossomed into a simple language she understood. It came in handy when she had to note down delicate details that she couldn't risk forgetting but also couldn't risk getting into the wrong hands.

The latecomer entered and went to stand by Sierra Rodney. Another aide, she thought, making a note to see what she could pull up on him. She turned her gaze from Sierra and her newborn back to the others. It was difficult not to sniff at her, bringing a newborn to bridge. This was an Imperial Warship, not a nursery. But, she kept her thoughts to herself. Whatever she thought, Grand Moff Rodney had the influence to make exceptions. It did not take a lot of imagination to know who that glimpse of a smile was meant for. At least it was only a glimpse. She was sure if it had been that Min was in a similar position they would all be subject to a gross display of poor discipline. She wondered now the woman was taking being on the ground with the troops.

Like all Army personnel, she held a bit of contempt for Naval personnel and, well, pretty much anyone who wasn't Army. They weren't the ones on the ground, face-to-face doing the killing. No, Gertrude was of the firm opinion that killing another should be a very personal thing, that doing it from a distance was cowardly. Of course, scopes made sniper rifles a very personal thing, if you were the sniper.

The Storm Commandos leaving the transport caught her attention and she felt a sense of pride as Commander Updike took command. Yes, she thought, throw the mercenaries to the wolves, let them walk point and take the first shots.

"Indeed, Major ... my last post definitely had it's shares of Rebel insurgency. They are an unrelenting bunch." Tailon shivers slightly, a memory seeping into his mind from his previous post that he quickly pushed aside with a calm smile of his own. He stood at attention, looking over at the Grand Moff, who seemed to be eyeing him from the corner of his eye, and gave him a respectful nod.

Tailon then looked up at the Holotank, watching as the pieces moved into place and the plan unfolding. He silently watched, trying to make sense of everything happening. While he was more accustomed to being in the field, and acting on his toes, he had had his fair share of seating's inside command rooms and discussions around a holomap. However, this operation was bigger than anything Tailon had ever personally seen or experienced over.

Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca watched as the Stormtrooper transport unloaded its personnel and two units moved into position near the structure believed to be housing the Rebel cell. Based on the indicators it seemed that Commander Updike had divided the Storm commandos and the mercenaries. Whether it was the Army or the Navy, the ISB or Intel, or now the Storm commandos and the mercenaries it seemed that no two groups expected to cooperate ever worked well together. She pursed her lips slightly, trying with difficulty not to frown to avoid giving away an honest assessment of affairs. She flashed a brief glance to Major Rodney, making a mental note to speak to her about this issue at their next private briefing. She believed that if they divided their forces in such a way against the experienced, elite Rebel cell that had been responsible for the setbacks on Chandrila they would already be looking at another loss. However, since it seemed they were just up against happy amateurs she expected an easy victory.

Reassignment. It had been inevitable, really. With the Inquisitor now supported by competent staff and focusing on her own initiative, the higher ups within Imperial Intelligence found that it was no longer prudent to keep a ranking agent assigned to her team. Major Serra Eona would remain in contact, of course; it paid to do so with a Sith when the relationship was a positive one. Her duty, however, was ultimately to the Bureau, and when orders came from her handler, Serra obeyed.

The parting of the blast doors brought with them a waft of cigarra smoke. Major Serra Eona stepped through, a woman of unintimidating stature with a mess of short cut dark hair, a face that spoke of minimal sleep, and eyes that betrayed little beyond cold, uncaring apathy. The stark white and black uniform was immaculately kept, of course, and from her initial glance at those who stood around the holotank, was the only one of its kind present. The cream colors of the ISB were present, of course. Serra had expected them; their evident failings had provided part of the motivation for her transition, along with the involvement of Grand Moff Rodney, a man who had the good fortune of falling off her radar when she had shifted to the command of the Inquisitor.

A few quiet steps were taken to bring her closer to the holotank, enough that she could see the events of the battle playing out while still keeping an eye on those within. The cigarra, from which she took another deep inhale, gave her a convenient excuse to keep a little distance between herself and the others, making it all the easier to spare a brief look here and there, taking in not only the reactions to the battle but also to one another. There was no real need to try and play down her purpose here. Everyone knew what it meant to have an Intelligence Officer present. Far better to use the fear and apprehension that inspired than try to suppress it.

A shiver ran up Tailon's spine as he sees the rear door open out of the corner of his eye, the newcomer striding in. She bore the black and white uniform of an Imperial Intelligence agent. She stood a little ways back from the group, smoking a cigarra. Tailon didn't acknowledge her presence, just looking back at the Holotank and observing the battle.

It was interesting to watch a battle of this scale from a Holotank. He had only ever been in an engagement of this scale once before, which was back on Balmorra during an earlier assignment. Tailon was in the field, leading a few squadrons of Stormtroopers in a counter maneuver again local militia and a Separatist Remnant that had reactivated an old, abandoned Droid factory. Lots of casualties on both sides. He hoped that this engagement would not end in the same manner ... at least for the Imperials.

Claudius was glad to see Imperial Intelligence had arrived on their scene. It was their information that had led to this operation so if anything went wrong he wanted someone he could chew out in person. "Is it wise of them to split their forces?" he asked, out loud, perhaps revealing his inexperience with such things. In his long career of Republic and Imperial service he had only fought one ground battle, and that was as a guide for a Clone trooper unit during the Battle of Skor II in the opening weeks of the Clone Wars. The horrors he had seen there were still with him, and he was glad that he had never fought in a battle like that again. He preferred to stick to capital ships, but even with those he was no expert. He was more politician than military strategist, but at least he acknowledged that. There were many incompetent commanders who believed they were competent and led their forces to defeat. He had come to rely on the brilliance of his Chiss tactical officer, Meham'ohorovi'cloca, perhaps a bit too much. "Nice of you to join us, Major Eona," he said, with a polite nod of his head. "I understand your Commander Treabor is personally accompanying the troops into battle. Quite brave," he said, remember the officer, who previously held Eona's position as commander of the Intel system branch in his oversector.

Grand Moff Claudius Rodney. It was a name that Serra would not soon forget; after all, he was a significant part of the events that lead to the Intelligence Officer, then a Captain, to be stationed in this sector. She had interviewed him around the time of his daughter's defection, and much had changed since then. The bodyguard she'd held in the Void was no longer protecting him. Jelena was believed dead, and he had traded one wife for another. Despite the almost spastic series of events that had transpired since her arrival, an investigation into a Grand Moff wasn't something that faded away with time.

Serra took a deep pull from the cigarra, focusing her eyes on Claudius when he addressed her. A silent exhale of smoke, and then she replied.

"My Lord. Seems I'll be returning to this vessel in a more permanent capacity." The Retributor had been her first assignment here, and still would have been if not for the ploy that had found Min ousted and Serra working directly for Inquisitor Seline for a brief period of time. Intel couldn't afford a sector head directly beneath a Sith, however, and so the orders had come down, and here she was. "It was felt that the Commander could use the experience, My Lord. She's accepted her new assignment with the humility one would expect from her." There was no tinge of sarcasm or cruelty to the words, but to those who knew Major Eona, the meaning wouldn't be too deep of a mystery. The fact Serra had played a direct role in the removal of Min from her more comfortable assignment helped. Eyes moved to the holotank, but she spoke to Claudius still.

"I would like to request a meeting, at your earliest convenience. No hurry, My Lord. There's plenty I'll need to see to as I settle in to my offices." The very ones Min had once called home.

"Very well, Major. Glad to have a sector level officer from Intelligence back on the staff, particularly in light of the branch's failure in the Chandrila campaign," Claudius replied to Serra in a slightly displeased tone as he flashed a gaze upon her with his brown eyes. "Please see my new aide, Major Rodney, to schedule," he said, as he nodded in the direction of his wife and aide. His attention turned back to the holotank as he watched the mercenaries enter the structure while the Storm commandos seemingly remained idle. It did not take a military genius to detect a pissing content when he saw one. He regretted Commander Kiley had been relieved of command of the unit, as he valued her more than this officer whom he did not know. Still, he was not about to confront the Inquisitor about her personnel decisions ... not after what she had done and could do. His attention then shifted to the live footage being broadcast by the droid that Commander Updike sent in, comparing what he was seeing on the live feed to how the holotank was displaying it. The Empire had remarkable technology at their disposal, but without skill, and a bit of dash, it would not be enough to win this battle, let alone the war.

Seeing someone from Imperial Intelligence, General Glin felt his tension ease off a bit. He felt a bit more confident in the Intel this raid was based on. Although he still kept alert for any shifts in the battle, he felt more confident of the outcome. Perhaps now we can begin to get *real* intel to fight back the rebels with.

Holding an inward sigh at Gran Moff Rodney's comment, General Glin answered his question. "Commander Updike is an experienced commander, Grand Moff, he knows what he is doing." He allowed a small smile to grace his face, turning his head to look at him, "The mercenaries enter from the rear, causing the Rebels to flee out the front straight into Commander Updike's forces. It is a simple, yet effective, strategy. The Rebels will be mowed down like the rats they are." He turned back to the holotank.

He hoped Updike would be able to get some prisoners and also hoped if he did that he was wise enough to do a bit of interrogating before turning them over to Intelligence. General Glin wanted some intel first hand, not filtered down through however many layers from Imperial Intel. Of course, he couldn't put such a blatant order into Updike's mission orders, not without stepping on toes he didn't wish to. But he figured the Commander was smart enough to read between the lines. If not, well, he was still covered and the game went on. Another note was doodled on his datapad to pull this Major Serra Eona's file as quietly as possible.

Commander Caligula Howe of the ISB had remained silent so far, but when the subject turned to the shortcomings of Imperial Intelligence he could not miss an opportunity to pounce. "I agree, Governor. Imperial Intelligence has always been the lesser of the Empire's resources when it comes to matters such as this," he informed the Governor, as he stepped forward. "We have been developing promising leads on other worlds, such as Rhinnal, which I am sure will pan out more than this little operation," he said, before giving a sneer at Major Eona, having a personal dislike all of members of Imperial Intelligence. Privately he hoped for another failure, as he was more concerned with the rise of the ISB and the fall of Intel than he was the victory over the Rebellion. To him it was inconceivable that the Empire could ever lose the war to such rabble, so small defeats dealt to his political enemies by the Rebellion were most welcome.

How many here would prove to be enemies? Major Eona tended to assume almost everyone was, but this sort of open hostility wasn't common unless the majority of the staff was truly set against Intelligence. The ISB Commander, Howe if she remembered correctly, was the worst at this point it seemed. Given the current situation and the ever present tension between the two Imperial branches, though, it was far from surprising. What she found telling, however, was his willingness to speak so plainly in their current company. It meant he felt safe doing so, which suggested that most here shared his opinion to some degree or another. Serra took a drag from her cigarra, the faintest hint of a smile quirking one corner of her otherwise inexpressive lips. This was precisely the sort of environment in which she thrived. This assignment would prove to be well worth her time, it seemed.

"Of course, My Lord. Chandrila is among my top priorities in this sector. I intend to work closely with the ISB as well, provided they can be spared for the effort. I know that serving one such as yourself can be a rather consuming task, particularly when having to also fill the void left by your ex-wife and your departed daughter. My condolences on your loss, My Lord. Hopefully your new brood will ease the pain, and prove more loyal." The remarks from Howe might have been the most overt display of distaste for Imperial Intelligence, but Major Eona didn't intend to trade barbs with an ISB officer when there was a much larger target to be dealt with. Grand Moff he might be, but no one was beyond the reach of Intelligence. Serra intended to remind anyone who required it of that fact.

Though he didn't react, his ears picked up the conversation this Intelligence Major was having with the Governor. He grit his teeth at Howe's words, wishing he just execute the moron. ISB, the "superior" intelligence force, had contributed to last debacle. Didn't that idiot realize there was a war on? That the rebellion needed to be crushed in order for the Empire to continue? That is very job was on the line if the Empire fell?

He kept his smile private at the barb the Major delivered the Governor. Good, he thought, perhaps we can get something done now. He made a few other doodles on his datapad, things to remind him but that would appear as nonsense to someone inspecting the datapad. Lt. Jensen would be getting a copy as the two datapads were linked. He looked forward to the file she would put together for him on this new player.

On the holotank display the images of the two mercenaries laying waste to most of the Rebels in the warehouse came into view. Grand Moff Rodney' face lit up as one by one the Rebel heat signatures faded. He was able to monitor the transmissions between the surface and the fleet in orbit of Brentaal and therefore heard when Inquisitor Thrope requested prisoners, and when Commander Updike reported that he had two. "Well done," he said, as he moved away from the holotank in a much better mood than when he arrived. "We have ended a Rebel cell. We have captured two prisoners. We have gathered intelligence," he sad, confidently to everyone in attendance. He smiled to his wife, and shared a small moment with her, as it was she and Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca who had pushed for this action. He almost felt bad for the Rebels who would soon face the harsh interrogation from Inquisitor Thrope.

Lieutenant Meham'ohoroiv'cloca studied the tactics of Dyrdek Roujier and Ath Kol as they went through the warehouse and eliminated most of the Rebel cell. "Very efficient," she said, in her cold, emotionless voice, as she typed within her datapad. Based on how easy the Rebels were dispatched she knew it was not the Rebel cell they had been up against on Chandrila. They did not have the experience or training of the other unit, which gave her concern because it confirmed Intel's report that there will multiple Rebel cells operating within the Ringali Shell. She had hoped this was wishful thinking on their part, and a way of explaining the setbacks by overestimating their opposition, but now that there really were multiple cells operating the task would be all the more daunting. Still, it was not all bad news for the Chiss tactical officer. It was a victory, and that would help morale, public relationships, and perhaps halt the bleeding of Imperial support in the region. She tried her best to smile in the direction of the Grand Moff to boost his confidence and confirm his good humor, but no matter how much force she put behind her facial muscles her lips only moved up slightly. It was an effort on her part.

With a smile, General Glin took a step back form the holotank. "There," he said upon seeing the mission successful *and* with prisoners, "You see, Commander Howe, what can be done with good intelligence?" He turned to Lieutenant Meham'ohoroiv'cloca, "Well done, Lieutenant." He bowed slightly towards the Governor, "Now, if you will excuse me, I have a debriefing to write up for the Storm Commandos."

With a signal to Lieutenant Jenson, he gave the proper acknowledgements to those in the room, though he kept eye contact with Major Eona perhaps a bit longer than protocol demanded. Then he turned and swept out of the bridge. Lieutenant Jenson stayed behind to further monitor the interplays between people. It never ceased to amaze him how invisible Lieutenants were, especially if they were aides.

Victory, decisive and without excessive loss or waste of materials on the part of the Empire. Major Serra Eona took a final drag from her cigarra then stepped away to drop its remains in a disposal unit. There was no need to gloat; Commander Howe had set himself up for failure the moment he made his hopes for a loss known. Serra was certainly willing to fight with the ISB, and had no doubts that she would, but the prosperity of the Empire came before all other concerns.

The attention of the General was met with her own steady gaze, a small bow offered by way of formality before she spoke. "Congratulations on your victory, Sir. Let us hope this is only one of many to come." It wasn't until he broke the look that she turned her attention to the Grand Moff then, giving him a similar bow. Such things were expected, of course, no matter her personal opinions or objectives. "My Lord." The others weren't given more than a passing glance, a nod here or there when eyes met, and then the Major turned to leave the holotank and return to her offices. Victory this might be, but the rebels were still entrenched throughout the sector, poised to make the Empire pay for this loss. Serra intended to ensure they didn't get the opportunity.

It had been a success! What played out before Sierra on the holotank had been best case scenario, especially following the Storm commando slaughter on Chandrila. It could not have gone better. The use of mercenaries had proved to be a wise decision, for they both clearly possessed skills which were desirable in the eyes of the Empire. Major Rodney thought she ought to spend more time looking for new assignments for them. Perhaps they would be the key to placing Chandrila back under thumb. There was also the two Rebel prisoners to take into consideration. Sierra would be reviewing those interrogation recordings for any chance at finding another cell. This was just one victory in the lengthy battle with the Rebellion. Her eyes lit up as the success set into her. It was a confidence boost, that was for sure. She knew her husband was listening to her and Lieutenant Meham'ohoroiv'cloca's recommendations as they worked together to led him to more victories. Her eyes flickered over to her husband to share in the success with him. She was grinning, wide. For Sierra Rodney, this was the beginning of taking more initiatives in her position. She then turned her attention to Lieutenant Meham'ohoroiv'cloca, "Well done." She said to the Chiss tactical officer.

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