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Bryan Banisaba, Ishtar Hernandez, Christopher Levy, Justin Maher, and Lee McDonough.

One year before the Battle of Yavin (34:3:25) in the Brentaal system: Brentaal IV (Cormond).


Trooper Rick Albun, Trooper Templeton Horner, Lieutenant Leer Saryth, Sergeant Evan Teague, and Trooper Shawn Veldn.


Darkness shrouded the streets of Cormond, Brentaal's bustling capitol city. The evening air was chilly and crisp and made anyone who was exposed to it this late at night feel a whole different sense of being alive. Trooper Templeton Horner, an Imperial Security Bureau Stormtrooper, maneuvered his speeder carefully through the city streets. He had been given an unusual assignment tonight: pick up an ISB officer who had a bit too much to drink at one of the city's more unsavory drinking establishments and return him to the ISB officers near the center of town. "Officers," he thought to himself, as he glanced towards Lieutenant Saryth in the passenger compartment behind him. Horner eased back on the controls of his speeder as it neared an intersection. He looked over the shoulder at the Lieutenant, and he reassuringly said, "Don't worry. I'll have you home soon, sir."

"You'd best be right, Trooper... The world looks far less daunting from one's bed than from the bottom of a liquor bottle," the Lieutenant wore elegant but unmilitary clothing. Today was not a day for just working. Wearing clothing that fit comfortably, the Lieutenant was clearly not starving. He was important and he knew it. But he was also tipsy and everyone knew that. Hold-out blaster safely in a holster in his coat, he felt threatened only by the other drunkards on the street. He leaned back in the speeder seat, not hesitating to make himself comfortable. It was not the most elegant ride, but it got the job done.

Sergeant Evan Teague stared intently ahead as his speeder cruised down Cormond's somewhat desolate streets. With his unit following closely behind, he expected a clean and efficient extraction of the ISB officer though with the military experience he had, nothing was ever truly that simple. He pushed the engine a bit more at the sight of Horner's vehicle, swerving expertly into prime position for a pullover. He turned his head to the side, and drew the attention of the officer parallel to him by removing a glowrod from his pocket and waving it momentarily. And right behind Horner, was his target. "We've spotted a problem with your rear exhausts, please pull over immediately for inspection," he declared earnestly, preparing to pull his speeder to a stop. Of course if this whole act crumbled, he was ready for that as well.

Trooper Shawn Veldn had followed the Sergeant on his speeder, now pulling over to examine the patron's exhausts Shawn had fixed all of his attention on the man that had occupied this speeder. If this was perhaps their target he hoped that it would be quick and painless. Another night of a cardio workout was not on Shawn's list of things to do tonight. However, time and the right words will tell.

Trooper Rick Albun also proceeded behind the Sergeant in his speeder, flashing lights code two ... pulling over to far side of the street, in case of a fleeing speeder.

"Imperial business," Trooper Horner said to the first man who approached his speeder, "I will have one of the technicians check it out later. Clear the road ... immediately."

"Negative, Imperial vehicle. Please pull to the side immediately for mechanical assistance," Evan offered smoothly. However, there was no denying the underlying command in his words. "Imperial vessel," he announced a third and final time when he sensed the other's plain defiance, "this will be a prompt inspection only. Comply," he ordered, flashing the glowrod in the direction of Horner's face in order to slow him down. He did not bother to glance back at his unit, the rumbling of their engines served as reassurance enough of their presence, "This is your final warning."

"Eat poodoo," Trooper Horner cursed at the man, "You Brentaal scum have no authority here." With that, he powered up his speeder and began to accelerate down the street once again.

Evan rolled his eyes, irritated, but not entirely surprised at the reply. "Fine, we'll do this the hard way," he muttered, gunning his engines to keep in line with Horner's. He keyed his comm. "Unit, prepare to engage. Flank the  vehicle from both sides, watch for weapon fire. Eyes open at all times," he warned, drawing his blaster rifle from its compartment in his bike. He juggled the task of keeping the speeder steady and aiming the rifle without complication. His finger came to the trigger, and his eye lowered to the position of the scope. "Go into containment formation as soon as they're disabled," he wavered his rifle a bit, then fired two clean shots into the thrusters  to halt the vehicle. "Now you have real mechanical issues," he muttered.

Trooper Horner could not navigate away from the oncoming blaster fire in the narrow streets of Cormond. "Damn," he said in frustration before turning his attention to his important passenger, "Get down!" As the blaster fire impacted his speeder's engine it began to slow, and it became difficult to maneuver. Losing control of the speeder, he was unable to prevent it from veering to the right and slamming into a fruit stand. "Stay inside," he shouted to Lieutenant Saryth, as he exited the speeder on the right side, and took cover behind the vehicle and the debris.

Lieutenant Saryth took cover in the the speeder, popping up a bit, blaster in hand. He took aim at Trooper Albun, and as if he had not taken but a swig that day, fired a bolt of energy at the opponent.

Rick took a bolt of energy straight into the chest of his padded armor, a large sparkle of light and smoke as he managed somehow to keep the speeder going straight.

"Albun, heads up!" he yelled over the roar of engines, but it was far too late. Thankfully the shot graced his armor and did not penetrate through. Evan had since killed his engines, sending the speeder to a screeching halt. A tug of the steering bar insured the vehicle to snap horizontally and slide to a stop, kicking up dust in its' wake. By then, the Sergeant had rolled off his seat and ducked behind his speeder to use it as cover. He drew his blaster rifle and leaned outward to catch a glance of Horner. Aiming directly for the man's head, he squeezed off some bolts.

Trooper Horner froze as he watched the blaster bolt from Sergeant Teague's rifle fly over his shoulder and impact the wall behind him. "Woosh," he said in disbelief, "That was close."

Trooper Albun sped the speeder between his Seargeant's and the disabled speeder to pull up around front. Taking up this lead ahead of the two speeders he quickly turn to a stop. After getting shot, it prompted him to grab his blaster rifle while he was going past. Leaning on the driver side of the speeder, his scope bared upon Horner's torso. Clicking the safety off and after his relaxation of his breath, Rick shot one shot to Horner.

The blaster bolt impacted Trooper Horner's torso, but it did not penetrate the armor. "Grr," he groaned as he staggered back a bit from the impact of the blast. Shaking it off he raised his blaster rifle to bear with Albun's chest, and quickly fired off a blaster bolt.

Trooper Albun flew back into the passenger side of the speeder, a large blast mark in his chest, the armor splitting in twain, not even a groan from the pain was heard he flew back so fast and hard. Laid there ... in agony.

Evan spared a glance at the downed Albun, calculating ways to reach him without getting shot himself. He gauged the distance, then broke out in a run, rolling to a cover beside Albun. "Hang in there," he said through gritted teeth. Hands on his rifle, he crouched beside Albun and fired at Horner's torso.

"Can't you rebels aim?" Trooper Horner said smugly as the blaster bolt soared way off to the side of him, impacting a nearby dumpster.

Trooper Rick Albun, gripping his last strength started to get up ... blaster rifle in one hand ... figuring that if he can shoot tin cans at home too, why not Imperial scum. He lifted his rifle up with his one hand shaking, "Yeah I cannot aim, but I sure can damn will hit you!" A blast bolt jolted from the rifle towards Horner's torso.

Trooper Horner screamed in agony as the blaster bolt tore through his torso armor and slammed into his abdomen. He was hurt ... badly, but he would still do his best to protect the Lieutenant.

Saryth looked back as his Trooper was downed. Thinking him dead, Saryth, blaster in hand, yelled out, almost insulted, "The scum is really started to grow thick around here!" Before he took a quick shot at Albun.

Rick moved his head back down as a blaster bolt came like lightning past his head ... ending up somewhere after hearing a cat howl down the alley way.

Trooper Horner decided to finish off the rebel that had wounded him so severely. He steadied his aim at Albun's torso, and fired off a bolt of energy from his blaster rifle.

Trooper Rick Albun's torso took another hit, a red splash of energy and blood spewed out all around the speeder, falling back limp, his blaster rifle dropped to the floor of the speeder.

Trooper Horner laughed to himself as he watched the rebel trooper fall to the ground, dead. Next, he turned his attention towards Sergeant Teague, the one who had started it all, and leveled his rifle. He smiled, despite the immense pain he was in, as he fired off a bolt of energy from his rifle at the man's torso.

Evan gritted his teeth as Albun went down, he would deal with the loss after this. Seemingly alone on the battlefield, he ducked as the shot went wide into the darkness. Recovering instantly, he clenched his teeth and shot at Horner's torso.

The shot from the blaster rifle soared badly past Trooper Horner. He would love to continue the fight, but his insides were badly singed as a result of the earlier shot, and he was beginning to weaken.

Saryth looked back at Horner, relieved that he was still ticking. It seemed as though he was the only protection he had from these ... rebels. His blaster had, unfortunately, not tasted blood and it did not seem to be especially thirsty tonight. Nevertheless, he took aim the remaining combatant and fired at the scumbag.

Evan noticed the bolt heading his way and ducked quickly, he was nearly hit if not for his reflexes. Two on one battles were never any fun, and this Lieutenant was proving more trouble than he originally thought.

Saryth glared at the rebel. Why did he so refuse death? It was to be a mercy killing considering what the Empire had in store for the rebels in the region. "Why ... won't you surrender?!" Saryth exclaimed, frustrated as he pointed his gun straight at his assailant's body and pulled the trigger once more, sending a highly concentrated bolt of scarlet energy darting toward the Rebel meat bag.

"Because I'm not a quitter?" he retorted as the shot went wide, "I'm guessing one of those cantaloupes struck you in the head and seriously impaired your vision, Lieutenant." It went from a capture mission to a fight-for-your-life situation, he noticed. Fine, slim odds were Evan's specialty. He would aim once more at Horner, but this time his head, and fire.

Trooper Horner ducked down suddenly, as another energy bolt soared above his head. "It's not over yet, Lieutenant," he said, before he rose back up and aimed his blaster rifle at Sergeant Teague. He pulled back on the trigger and unleashed another energy bolt at his head.

That one hit him square in the chest, sending him backwards into the dirt as steam rose from his body armor. Evan could smell the burnt flesh, but opted not to glance down. Still clutching his blaster rifle, he summoned strength to lift himself up into a crouching position.

Evan pushed himself up and moved towards Albun's speeder, which was the closest to him. With a heave, he swiftly lifted the fallen soldier's body into the back seat and kicked the engines to life. With a roar, he turned the vehicle and sped off. He would learn from this loss, and return.

Trooper Horner slumped down next to the speeder, clutching his badly wounded abdomen. He groaned in pain, but knew that he had survived to fight another day. "Looks like we made it, sir," he informed the Lieutenant.

Saryth spun his blaster in hand like a creature handler of old, as if it had done him any good. He blew down the smoking barrel of the blaster, the air hitting a brief and hollow note before silence was restored to the streets. One more spin of the gun, and it was holstered. The sirens and alarms were sounding. The real authorities were coming to clean up the rest of this mess. He turned to his wounded bodyguard and smirked, "Hah ... only rebels."

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