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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:1:33) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Medcenter).
Duchess Livia Rodney, Lord Marcus Rodney, Lady Zara Rodney, Commander Iyah Xergo, and Mug Zoran.

Livia Rodney flung open the door to the room where Marcus, Zara, Iyah, Callista, and Kat had taken refuge. She was drunk. She was very drunk. She was holding a bottle of wine in each hand ... this was not a night for glasses. "Where is he? What is the bastard?" she said angrily, as she looked towards everyone in the room in rapid succession. She was wearing a barely there nightgown, and could barely remain upright, but the news that her husband had not only cheated on her, but had not taken the necessarily precautions was an unthinkable insult. Her entire world was crashing and there was not enough wine in the castle to save herself.

Though Iyah stood next to a very excited, extremely hyped up Callista, her thoughts were elsewhere. She was very concerned with what was going on inside the Duke's suite between father and son. That man was the first one she'd seen Mug feel such animosity for. It practically was tangible when she informed him of the news. She wished she could be there to support her boyfriend...and to stop him from killing the Duke, should it come to that. Her opinion of the Duke and Duchess of Delaya would never change. They had both shown her daughter a shred of humanity, but it wasn't enough to unravel all the detest. Zara was probably the one she disliked most out of the group (excluding Kat), though she suspected that there was no real love between the couple. The man was nearly old enough to be her father. However, she'd been a normal woman who married into nobility. That was the position that she would find herself in should her and Mug ever wed. Her conversational skills sank like the titanic while worried plagued her mind.

The one benefit she had to give Zara was that she, also, was kind to Callista. As soon as Callista warmed up to her, they chattered away like the best of friends. It didn't seem like some façade like the Duke and Duchess. Zara and Callista talked about a range of things. Topics were constantly changing from what their favorite colors were to how absolutely adorable nerfs were. The mother-to-be was happy to play with the sweet girl. It made her realize how much she anticipated the arrival of their babies. She wanted to hold them, play with them, and nourish them. Her parents hadn't excelled at being there for her. While she loved them, they had always been very focused on their Rebel activities. Her older brother had raised her more than anyone else. She peered over at Marcus, wearing a smile that was almost as large as the child's. She was hopeful that Marcus' half-brother would take the throne, thus leaving them to the life that they had created. Everything was coming along in the chalet. They'd even managed to put together their daughter's crib. They had also begun to prepare her room. In a matter of months, Zara and Marcus would be parents.

Time was passing so slow. Uncaring for her visitors, the Commander began to pace. She was waiting someone to burst into the room and inform them that Mug had killed the Duke. Would she blame him? No. Would she break him out? Of course. What was having a girlfriend for!? She was ready to lash out at the royal couple for appearing and added onto an already long day. Mug had barely any time to recover before he was thrust into this. Her irritation feelings mounted when the door flung open and it *wasn't* Mug who entered the room. Instead, it was Livia. She was so drunk that you could smell it from the building across the way. Even worse, she barely wore anything at all. Iyah saw Zara cover Callista's eyes and, naturally, block the girl from the drunk Duchess' view. Commander Xergo was not fooling around. She moved as swiftly as she would on the battlefield. In the span of a heartbeat, she was across the room, in front of Livia, with her hands locked around the woman's frail wrists. "You're drunk." She told the Duchess in a firm voice. One of her hands quickly rolled from her wrist to one of the wine bottles. It was easy to pry it from her grasp. She set it aside, then repeated the process with the other bottle. She always kept the woman within the grasp of one hand. Now, her hands were locked around her wrists again. The Commander then led the woman out of the room, where she spoke to her. "Your husband's accidents are not Mug's responsibility. If you want to have a drunken rant, Julius' room is several doors over." She was unaware that Mug was close by, likely witnessing Iyah's mistreatment of the Duchess. "I will *not* have you busting down Mug's door while he recovers. While my *daughter* is present. Remember? He got shot because some idiot was willing to hurt my daughter to get to your husband. Show some respect. I highly doubt this is the only time he's been disloyal." Her hands remained locked around her wrists. Iyah looked so calm externally, but internally, she was very angry.

Rarely did anyone touch her in the way that Iyah just did, and the look on her face was one of anger and embarrassment. There was no outburst on Livia's part, rather she sunk down into herself, fully aware of how she was behaving, despite her intoxication. "I am sorry," she said, as she looked to the ground in shame. If she weren't being held she likely would have collapsed to the ground. "I never thought him disloyal ... *never*," she complained bitterly, before unexpectedly collapsing onto Iyah's chest. She began to cry uncontrollable, revealing her vulnerability and pain, as her husband's death was now being marked with scandal. "I cannot go to him, and any of my complaints would fall on deaf ears, or add to his ill health," she said, as her arms wrapped around the teenage Rebel, squeezing her for dear life. "Cherish what you have, because you do not know how long you have it," she said, before pulling her head up to look at her. Her violet eyes were purging years, ruining her heavy makeup that was designed to conceal her age. "Both of you," she said, as she looked past Iyah to Zara. Privately, she was jealous of the two young women and their budding, passionate relationships. The flame had gone out of her marriage decades ago.

The Commander stood firm all up until the point when Livia began to crumble into her arms. She could feel the old woman's weight shifting to her body. Iyah couldn't let go, no matter how badly she wanted to. If the woman hit the ground, she could break her frail, bird-like bones. She didn't know what to do. Indeed, she felt *slightly* bad for Livia. There was the stress of a dying spouse paired in with the pain that he'd cheated on her over three decades ago, then kept it hidden like it was nothing at all. Iyah loosely wrapped her arms around the old woman, patting her back. "You should take your own advice." The Commander said, looking down into the woman's eyes. "The end is too close to hold grudges. Think of all those moments when your husband made you happy. I'm sure they exist. Don't let this tarnish everything. He wasn't completely horrible. Not to you, anyway." She carefully led Livia to a bench where she lowered her down to sit. It was a horrible situation for Livia, honestly. Iyah would have been demolished if the same had happened to her. "You should rest, Livia." The Commander advised, taking a step away from her.

Livia was relieved to have been taken to the bench, as standing was becoming a difficult task for the old woman even when sober. "I suppose I am behaving quite foolishly," she said, as she ran her hands over her lap to flatten her skirt. Her appearance, despite all that was transpiring, was still of great importance to her. "So which one of you is going to succeed me at Duchess?" she asked, getting right to the point immediately, as she looked from Iyah to Xergo. "I find it slightly bothersome that something I have been proud to be all my life is no longer something anyone wants," she mused, bitterly, as her eyes bounced from Iyah to Zara repeatedly. "I do not want that Kuati, Nona Jast, to be Duchess. I do not trust my nephew," she said, hoping that *someone* ... *anyone* ... other than Gaius would step up and claim the throne.

The question caught Iyah by surprise. She was still trying to process the idea of *Duke Mug*. Her mind hadn't made it to *Duchess Iyah* yet. The blood seemed to drain from her face. Suddenly, the Commander was weak kneed to the point where she had to sit next to the Duchess. She sighed. Mug hadn't even asked her to marry him. While she knew they had a future together, they hadn't really seriously discussed marriage. They hadn't even talked about him potentially becoming the Duke of Delaya. Iyah fell silently into her own head.

Zara lingered in the doorway where she had watched everything go down. This situation had been weighing on her and Marcus. As the Duke's condition worsened, so did the pregnant woman's fear of actually becoming the Duchess of Delaya. She leaned on her husband for support. She looked forward to retreating from the city back to the icy seclusion of their home. "Livia... I know you want to see something happen here with Marcus and I ... but... We're happier in the north. Family is our top priority. When the twins arrive, we both want to spend time with them. I can't see any situation where becoming Duke and Duchess would make us happier than we are now." She explained, glancing upward at Marcus.

Iyah only half-listened to Zara. She was asking herself one question: Could Duke Mug be a good thing? Her eyes darted down the hallway. They needed to talk.

Marcus Rodney walked into the overcrowded suite, having waited outside to take a moment to speak with Mug in private. As he stepped into the room, his eyes widened, and he felt slight overwhelmed by just how many women were in the room at the same time. He took a step back, jokingly, before his face lit up. "It looks like everyone is here but Claudius and Htaere," he explained, as he moved his head around the room, manually counting each individual present. He took a step towards, Iyah, and dropped to one knee in front of her. He felt a twinge in his lower back as his muscles popped from the maneuver, which he immediately regretted. "Your grace," he said to Iyah, as he placed a kiss of obedience on her young palm. It was his way of letting her know ... of letting everyone know ... that Mug had made his decision.

The unexpected family reunion of the century, huh? Hopefully no more bastards of Julius Rodney came creeping out. Zara had found the news to be shocking. While he was a spiteful old man that she didn't like, she had assumed that he and Livia had something like love between them. She was happy to see that Marcus had rejoined the party. His presence made all the crazy moments less crazy. Her eyes followed him through the room until he dropped to one knee in front of the Rebel commander. He made it crystal clear that the nightmare was over for them. The growing worry of their future had lifted from her shoulder. Duke Marcus and Duchess Zara would never happen. Everything she wanted was happening. Marcus could continue to have a relationship with his parents for the rest of their days. The Rodney name would stay noble. Julius would die with something resembling peace in his heart. With tears in her eyes, she let go of all that stress. It was over. Over.

Iyah, on the other hand, was experiencing some very different emotions. She stared down into Marcus' eyes, clearly several planets away. Mug *wanted* to be Duke? He would be the greatest Duke in the history of Delaya. She knew this. She knew that it was essential for him to become Duke. If he had decided otherwise, then she would have persuaded him to become the Duke. Mug was a good person. He deserved this. She exhaled slowly. "Please, stand. Where's Mug?" It seemed that Kat had become the momentary baby sitter while Iyah swallowed all this new information. She stood up, looking down at Livia. "It looks like I'll be succeeding you." She announced.

"Mug is right here," Mug announced, as he walked awkwardly into the room with an expression looking like he had just been hit by a speeder bus. There were so many people in the room that he thought perhaps now was not the time, but he could not wait. As his half-brother Marcus rose, it was he who dropped to a knee in front of Iyah. He was trembling and there looked to be a bit of cold sweat upon his forehead. He imagined doing this alone ... somewhere private ... but he knew that if he did not marry her *before* Julius died it was very likely he would not be allowed to as Duke. Fearing for an arranged marriage to a noblewoman, he used the time to summon a specimen from the House of Rodney crown jewels. He nervously raised the ring, anicnet and gaudy, to the young Commander who captured his heart. "Iyah, will you marry me?" he asked, as he looked up to her with endless hope with his innocent Hazel eyes. It was perhaps an awful thing to put her on the spot like he had just done, but his desire for this to happen overcame his better judgment.

Mug didn't look good. His face seemed pale. He was walking around and over exerting himself. He needed his rest, Iyah thought. It was time to shoo away all their uninvited visitors so that Mug could recover. Mug completely blindsided her with his marriage proposal, though it wasn't a bad blindsiding. She watched him drop to his knee in front of her. It was enough to shake the collected Commander. Iyah and Mug had quickly bonded with one another. He improved her life...he improved her too. Thanks to his big heart, Callista had become their daughter. She was there, witnessing the whole thing through her teary blue eyes. The little girl had never seen anything like it. Iyah knew what catapulted him to do this right now. There was no reassurance that they'd be able to stay together once he became Duke. Iyah was ready to reveal who her family was, or do *anything* to make sure nothing took Mug away from her. He had it all figured out. His proposal was beautiful and fulfilling. She didn't think about all the strangers around them. She thought about those that mattered; Mug and Callista.

The ring was gaudy, ridiculous, and *precious*. Tears streamed down Iyah's cheeks. Her emotions were flung into overdrive so quickly that she couldn't stop herself. "*Yes*." The word dropped from her lips just as her knees fell from the bench onto the floor directly in front of him. She brushed passed the ring, instead embracing him in a tight, loving hug. She could hear Callista's little happy squeals. People were cheering. Iyah was crying. "I *will* marry you." She whispered into his ear. "I love you, Mug." Losing him wasn't an option. He'd locked them in for the long haul. Iyah was so happy for that. She kissed him. Now she *really* wanted other people to start filing out of the room.

Livia watched silently as the title seemed to pass down to her husband's son who was not of her loin and it ate at her soul. "Congratulations," she said, politely, before rising back to her feet. She took a look at the ring, recognizing it instantly as one of the rings going back to the formation of the Duchy. "Hanson, help me to my speeder," she said, instructing the guardswoman to abandon Callista, and attend her, as she waited impatiently by the door. "My husband will be so pleased," she said to the bastard Mug, before she was led off to cry herself to sleep with another bottle of wine. She made a deliberate point of *not* saying goodnight to her husband.

Marcus took Zara's hand, and squeezed it reassuringly, before turning his head to whisper into her ear. "We're free," he said to her, quietly so that the young could would not hear their joy. "Congratulations," he said, as he moved towards Iyah. "Welcome to the family, Mya," he said, getting her name wrong, as they had only just met. He took his right hand and slapped it on Mug's back, forgetting his wound, as he congratulated him also. "In my earlier days I would have thrown you an exciting bachelor party, but I am a husband, and an expectant father, so now all I can offer is a game of Sabacc and Corellian ale," he said, as he looked towards Zara, and offered her an impish smile. The burden of responsibility had *finally* been lifted from him, and he could now retire to the north to be with Zara, the children, and their beloved sea monster in peace and tranquility.

Mug could not resist himself, and as he rose he plated a passionate kiss upon his young fiance that very nearly swept her off her feet. He even used tongue in front of his adopted daughter, half-brother, and sister-in-law. He had lost control and the impulsiveness had take over him. Almost as soon the kiss broke, Marcus slapped him, and caused him to let out a yelp of pain. "Thank you ... thank you everyone," he said, as he suddenly felt overwhelmed, staggering backwards and taking a seat. What a whirlwind of events had brought him to this moment. Father ... fiancé ... heir apparant.

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