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Michelle Green and Christopher Levy.

Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:10:35) in the Rhinnal system: Kima and Rhinnal (Rhire: Rhinnal State Medical Academy and Spaceport).
Reg Collingwood and Oola Dulovic

Rhinnal was the perfect spot for a pair of wounded individuals to seek treatment, and Reg Collingwood and Oola Dulovic needed just that. The medical students and droids had done an excellent job repairing Reg's broken ankle and shoulder wound along with Oola's broken rib and multiple cuts and bruises. Reg was done first, and was impatiently waiting in the corridor of the Rhinnal State Medical Academy waiting for her to arrive. He felt better than he had in years, but he knew in the back of his mind that the relatives of Derba the Hutt would soon be after both of them. This far deep into the core he felt safe from Hutt entanglements, but there was also very little to do in terms of illegal work. He was growing increasingly impatient, wondering why it was taking so long for them to finish with his Oola. He brought his left hand up his back before rubbing the hair on the back of his head, nervously pacing back and forth as if he were an expectant father in a maternity ward.

Once they had arrived on Rhinnal Oola didn't want to even step foot inside the Academy, thought she knew if she didn't have her rib put in place she wasn't going to get every far and would only make things worse for Reg and her. After what seemed like hours in a small room Oola was finally released, slowly she walked out taking it very easy as she looked at Reg who seemed to have been waiting for her and growing tired of it. Smirking she shook her head "Seems like humans can't keep their pants on for anything these days."She laughed lightly, her green orbs looked around for a moment as they fell upon a small child who was looking at her rather worried yet curious about what Oola really was, slowly she  started to noticed most everyone was looking at her or glancing. Slowly she walked closer to Reg and whispered softly while looking down "Why are they looking at me like this?" She didn't understand but it was starting to get on her nerves a little, slowly the child walked up to Oola, cocking her head to the side she smiled a little and reached out slowly for the long tail that draped down on the floor behind Oola's legs and curved around so no one would step on it, without realizing at first Oola looked as the small child cuddled her tail giggling softly.

"Pretty kitty!" The little girl said as she snuggled her face into Oola's soft fluffed tail, looking at Reg rather horribly she grabbed him and pointed "*Tell her I am not a cat!*" She said in a panic. Her ears pinned down as her eyes looked at Reg worried, soon the mother of the small child came rushing over as she spotted her child "I am so sorry for her behavior!" The mother said trying to take her daughter off Oola's tail but she seemed to have been holding on tight. Putting up a fight the child called "*No my kitty!*" Shaking her head Oola lifted her tail off the floor slightly and bent down so she was the same height as the little girl, the child danged and slowly turned side to side looking at Oola who to say the least was not very pleased with having an toddler attached to her tail. "How about I make a deal with you kid?" Oola said as the little girl listened "I give you a little tuff of my fur and you can say that a great mighty Amaran gave it to you and fought off a thousand beast and lived to tell the story to you. Deal?" The little girl thought for a moment as she let go dropping to her feet nodding, bringing her tail up Oola pulled a small fluff of her tail, the pain was something she hated as her ears shot up and the rest of her fur puffed up. "Here you go kid." She said in a strained voice handing the child the fur who took it proudly and ran off to show the other children.

Oola smiled a little as she rose back up looking at Reg "Can we go already before someone want to use me as a fur coat?" She asked raising a brow, flipping her band out of her face as little she looked out seeing several people coming inside. Her green hues fell upon one human that stood out from the rest, she was wearing a black cloak, her hands were inside a fur stole which made Oola snarl a little, she didn't like seeing someone wearing fur but knew that if she acted up here a lot of people would get hurt, watching as the women walked by Oola's eyes looked at her dress "Stuck up bitc-" She was cut off when she noticed the snow outside. "Great snow!"She said sighing "Do you want to wear me as a jacket... Or something else maybe?" She said to Reg slowly walking past him swaying her hips side to side as her tail moved side to side in a teasing way.

Reg did not know when the young girl started playing with Oola's tale, but he knew one thing ... he wanted to be next. He cringed slightly as he watched her negotiate with the child, before having to watch her painfully remove a portion of her luxurious fur. Damn it, he thought silently to himself, that belonged to him now. "Let's get out of here," he said to her, as the mother and daughter moved off to another area of the academy. When he saw the human woman wearing a fur, he was quick to drag the quick to fight Amaran away from the scene. They were no longer on Nal Hutta ... this was a posh core world. "Oola..." he whispered quietly, so that they would not be heard by the others. "Oola ... this is Rhinnal. You can't talk to people like that," he warned her, raising his right index finger to just in front of her snout. "We're criminals, and the Hutts have a price on our heads ... we're here to blend in ... not make the top story on HoloNet News," he explained to her, perhaps a bit too harshly, but he was doing his best to ensure that nothing bad happened to either of them. When she moved past, swaying her hips and that tail, he suddenly lost track of what he was talking about and a glazed over, distant look came over his hazel eyes. "Wha-" he stammered, like a fool, as he followed after her, the side to side motion of the tail nearly hypnotizing him. "Something else!" he shouted so loudly that everyone else could hear, once he realized that she had asked him a question. Feeling quite embarrassed, his cheeks redenned almost to the color of her fur, and he took her by the hand and began to hurry back towards the ship.

Hearing Reg shout she looked at him, perked ear as her head turned looking back at him. Noticing that everyone was looking at hims she covered her face a little with her tail "Oh Reg and you yell at me." Oola muttered under her breath, feeling him taker her by the hand and rush out of the Academy back towards the ship the small Amara jumped over small hills of snow that piled up, looking back she watched as her feet left prints. For some reason she did so love watching how she was able to make her mark be known. Thought at the same time Oola had the feeling that she was going to let her mark be known on Reg as well. After they had returned to the ship she quickly make her way inside shaking off the white flakes of snow from her fur "Mmm refreshing wouldn't you agree?"She asked Reg before raising her arms above her head stretching her slender body. She forgot what it was like to feel this good, the Academy did know a thing or two about fixing a tired old broken body up. Turning around she looked over her shoulder at Reg smirking a little as she swayed her tail side to side slowly taunting him. Bending down slowly she spread her legs side looking between them at him.

"Oh Regggggg." She called out softly with a giggle, the tip of her tail slowly twitched back and forth almost as if she was beckoning him to come over to her with it. Slowing she stood back up placing her feet side to side and leaned over to the small sofa, patting it lightly she winked "What do you say about letting me practice a little doctor on you myself? After all if we're going to work together I need to know a little med training now don't I? "She asked softly looking at him rather innocently.

There was something different about Oola that Reg noticed as they made their way back through the city of Rhire. Watching her play in the snow gave her a childlike innocence that made her look less like the thief that he had met in the bazaar on By the time they reached the spaceport he was already getting turned on, but as she rejected his advances on Kessel, he was hesitant to make another move. Fortunately for him, when they entered the ship and settled into the recreation area, she seemed to be much more receptive. When he saw her bend over, he did not know what to do at first, despite his years of womanizing in outer rim of spaceports. He swallowed nervously, the collar of shirt nearly strangling him as his Adam's apple bulged in suspense. He stalked her like a predator, moving deliberately to close the distance between them, intentionally brushing across her unbearably soft fur while sitting down on the couch. "It's important you brush up on your medical skills, Oola. I have a feeling we're going to need it on our adventures..." he said, as he looked up at her with what could only be described as hungry eyes.

Slowly Oola ran a hand over his chest as she leaned in close looking into his hazel orbs smirking a little as her claws started to undo his shirt one button at a time "Well It's a good thing I'm good at using my hands." Slowly she closed the gap between them as her soft fur rubbed against his bare chest now, her lips parted a little as she whispered into Reg's ear "And tail." Placing both hands on his lap she ran them up slowly starting to undo his belt, pulling it out of his pants she draped it around her neck looking at him lustfully "I have a feeling one of us is going to need this." She growled softly. Licking her lips softly she started to undo the zipper slowly sliding it down as her green hues stayed locked on Reg's "You have done this with my kind before haven't you? Or am I your first?" She giggled lightly as her pointer finger and thumb on her right hand popped the button open with out any problems, slowly as she pulled open his pants her tail slithered up his leg like a snake before the tip made it's way inside wrapping around what she could only describe as his excitement for her.

"No. I've never done this outside my species before," Reg confessed, honestly admitting that this would be his first alien encounter. "I know I need it," he admitted, feeling his body temperature begin to rise as she acted so aggressive towards him. His chest began to heave in slow, heavy motions that caused his pecs to rise. His skin color turned a darker shade as the blood began to rapidly flow through his body.

Pulling way Oola licked her lips slowly as she stood up on her feet, pulling her long red locks behind her head keeping her bangs covering the side of her face she smirked a little "Mmm I know Reg darling no need to speak." She said reaching out with a hand placing her pointer finger against his lips. "Shh you need rest now, I'll go get us something to eat, then we can take a moment to get our breath back. Once that is done we should be on our way, I do need to learn how to fly this if there ever comes a time where you are unable to." Oola whispered softly knowing she had taken a lot out of him just now. "Just rest up,"She said making her way out of the recreation area and into the galley, looking around she started to look for small thing they could eat. Oola didn't know when the next time they would find a spaceport to restock but with what little she was able to gather back on Nal Hutta. Grabbing a plate she placed a slice of bread and a thick chunk of cured meat alongside, setting the plate down on the counter she looked around for something for him to drink, finding a bottle of Corellian ale she slipped it in the nook of her arm before grabbing a glass.

Taking the plate of food she had for Reg and slowly made her way back to the rec area where she hope that's where he still would be, peeking her head out she seen him on the couch "Oh good right where I left you. Humans do have a way of disappearing without warning." She teased walking over to him before setting his food and drink down, finding a spot on the floor Oola sat with her legs crossed her arms resting on her knees, placing her head into her hands she looked at Reg nodding towards the food "Eat, you need it more then me." Oola said knowing that she would go days without having something to eat, she just was use to it. Sighing softly her tail wrapped around her body almost as a scarf. "Thought I do think I need to wash up soon," She said glancing up at Reg then her tail smirking.

Reg was in no mood to argue with her. He could not move even if he wanted to, and instead sat there with a happy little grin on his face that could not go away. After he began to come to his senses, he realized his trousers will still undone, and he did his best to get his clothing back in a presentable state. "You want to leave so soon?" he asked, before taking the cold Corellian ale from her. So she could do all that and bring him food? He thought pleasantly to himself, as he took a swig of the cold alcoholic beverage directly from the bottle. "The refresher is right through there," he motioned with a nod of his head, as he could not lift his arm that high to point at the moment. "Just don't clog the drain with you fur," he warned, half serious and half joking, before winking at her slightly. "I'm beginning to get used to the fact of having you around here," he told her, which coming from a scoundrel like him was as big a compliment as he was likely to give her so soon into their pairing.

Looking over where Reg had nodded she smiled "Thank you." Slowly she rose to her feet and headed towards the refresher, hearing his comment about him getting use to her being around and liking made Oola stop for a second, turning to face him she placed her hands in front of her. "Well to tell you the truth I'm enjoying myself too, though I know there's going to come a time where you're going to drop me off at a spaceport and tell me to find my way, and I know that day is soon." Her ears pinned down to the back of her head as she sighed. "Though truth be told I don't have anywhere else to go, I have no one else to turn to other than you, but I know you're the type of guy that's the lone wolf, don't want a fox to get in your way or she'll end up bit type of thing right?" Looking up at Reg she knew he wasn't use to having someone like her with him, wasn't use to having someone to look after every five minutes, thought she could be useful to him. "I'll just get cleaned up, I'll make sure the drain is clean too." Oola said heading back towards the refresher. Once the door was closed she turned on the water letting it warm up for a moment, it was funny to her how one moment she was in a hospital getting her rip fixed and then the next she was doing something to someone she only met. Life was funny that way.

Stepping under the water she let it run down her body and tail, it was rather soothing to have hot clean water against her body and none of the cold dis-colored stuff she was use to. Sighing she opened her mouth letting some of it fill her mouth as she drank it, Oola didn't mind it wasn't like regular water she was just glad to have a place where she would feel safe, after she started to wash her body from the slight activity Reg and her had she rinsed the soap away letting it run down the drain, surprising to her none of her fur was removed. Turning the hot water of Oola gave a good long shake of her body starting from her ears down to her feet and finishing with her tail, stepping out of the refresher her fur was soft as ever though she looked like some type of children toy with her fur poofed up, making her way over to one of the bed she sat on the end looking up at Reg, there she remained quite.

Reg had used his time alone while she was in the refresher to reflect on everything she had said. She had sized him up, correctly identifying him as a 'lone wolf'. When she emerged looking as spectacular as when he first laid eyes upon her, he rose from his seat and began to move towards her rapidly. His arms wrapped around her, drawing her smaller body against him, so that she could hear how fast his heart was beating. He lowered himself slightly, bringing his lips to her maw to place a loving, passionate kiss upon her. "You can stay with me as long as you like," he vowed to her, just as soon as the kiss was broken. "I'm not so sure we should leave here, however," he explained to her, as their reality came crashing back down upon them. "The Hutts will want revenge, and we've got to stay hidden. These rich core worlds are a place where the Hutts have little influence, and I can blend in, but you..." he said, awkwardly, before moving one of the hands that was on her back, to angle her chin up towards him slightly. "You stand out. Especially with that attitude of yours," he said with a wink, before leading her towards the cockpit where they could examine the astrogation charts.

Oola was slightly taken back at first when Reg moved over to her quickly, the kiss upon her lips though was what made her relax with his sudden actions. Once he told her she could stay with him for as long a she wanted Oola's green orbs light up as she wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him, thought the mood changed once he started to become serious with what was going on. Looking up at him as he spoke about her she knew she would never fit in, she was always sticking out of placed, and on this planet she knew that there were going to be a lot more than just stoles of fur, looking down she sighed softly, as much as Oola hated it she knew what it meant to stick out. Fallowing Reg to the cockpit she sat down in the co-pilot's chair still repeating what he said to her about how she would stick out in her head. Looking at the chart she pretended to seem like she was paying attention when she really wasn't.

Resting her head against the back of the chair she placed her knees to her chest. Looking at the chart she glanced at Reg "Where do you think the next best place would be next?" She asked softly. "A place where I can fit in?" She asked mocking him a little. "I mean I do need to do what I do best now, I could to a little bit of snuggling here, but I don't think a human would like to be outfoxed now." She said chuckling lightly.

Reg looked at the local astrogation charts carefully, noting that they were currently in a region of space called the Ringali Shell, which was home to six prominent Core Worlds. Of these, Corulag seemed the most Imperial, while Ralltiir had been the most Rebel ... until the Empire unleashed a horrific bombardment upon the planet to punish the civilians. Brentaal IV and Esseles had the most trade, although Esseles was home to the bulk of the Imperial military. "I think our next port of call should be Brentaal," he explained to her, as he noted the large percentage of aliens who frequented the spaceports because of the large amount of shipping that moved through the trade routes that intersected at the planet. "Rhinnal is a little *too* human for our needs," he reasoned, before his hands went to the overhead controls to begin powering up the sublight engines. Once he had gotten her warmed, he activated the repulsor engines and began to lift the light freighter out of the spaceport. Moments later, he was angling the nose of the craft up, accelerating the craft to medium speed as the craft rattled through the atmosphere. The navicomputer began downloading the coordinates for the nearby Brentaal system, which would not be a long trip at all given the close proximity and major hyperspace route. As soon as the computer alerted them it was ready, his hand moved forward on the controls to send the ship streaking across the region to Brentaal.

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