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Josh Barton, Sean Brandt, Andrew J. Fowler, Christopher Levy, and Shawn Lovelett.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:6:28) in the Ralltiir system: Heretic's Avenger and Ralltiir (Grallia).
Corporal Jason Athol, Commander Derek Atio, Jane Minersha, Corporal Lovora Rikki, and Trooper Kanner Varrik.

A seemingly endless barrage of concussion missiles poured from the dorsal hull of the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Renown. In rapid succession they impacted on the surface of the planet Ralltiir, obliterating everything in its path ... both civilian and military target alike. "I think it's time we get you out of here, Corporal," Commander Derek Atio exclaimed, as the duracreet above him collapsed into a fine, powdery substance that soiled him and damaged his eyes. "I do not think this structure will last much longer," he observed, as he looked out the window at the growing fire and scores of fallen soldier and civilian alike. The cacophony of screams was unrelenting as a result of the Empire's ceaseless barrage against the planet, whose citizens had been unilaterally declared as Rebels and enemies of the Empire. He had been tasked with evacuating as many of the Rebel personnel he could, starting with Corporal Jason Athol and those in his care.

"You know Atio, I think I need to re-negotiate that contract with Tong at our next chance, because I'm pretty sure this is well outside the parameters of it." Jason responded as he grabbed everything in range he could and stuffed it into his ever-present backpack. Once he was sure he had what was required, it was past time to be gone and back to the shuttle. Reaching down, he pressed a button on his comm to send an evac signal to the others present. "Lead on Commander."

Planetary barrages were pretty much the worst enemy of any soldier. What could you do against a starship but hope and pray it didn't blast you to hell before you got the chance to fight? Corporal Lovora Rikki had only been in a few serious engagements so far, and this was her first time on a planet the Empire had decided to lay waste to wholesale. Usually the weight of the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon gave her incredible confidence, but now it felt like a big hunk of useless metal. All the same, it wouldn't be useless for long; even with a planetary bombardment it was likely that ground troops would be coming in to clean up anything and anyone that remained. A few loyalists had already brought the fight to them, but it had been easy pickings so far. The voice of one of her fellow commandos came over the comm. "Clear, but I don't think it's gonna be that way for long. Where's the Commander with the Corporal, Love?" Lovora gave a small snort at the nickname she'd been given. Love. What a moniker for the tomboyish girl who'd ended up a heavy weapons specialist, of all things. "I'll check on it, Roller." Giving the Z-6 a heave, she headed in closer to where the Corporal and the Commander were talking, addressing Atio, of course. "Sir, we've got an open path, but probably not for long. Squad is ready to move on your command."

Kanner Varrik pushed himself up off the ground grunting as he did the first volley from the bombardment had caught him in the middle of a Sabbacc game, it annoyed the piss out of him since he was winning. "Looks like the game's been called on the count of Imps." He said, as he scooped up what little of his winnings as he could, and picked the discarded DC-15x rifle. He raised his comlink and opened a channel, "This is Trooper Varrik reporting from the lounge, what the hell is going on?" He asked over the comm.

The cockpit of the YT-2000 was comfortable, and she had her legs up on the console, crossed at the ankles as she enjoyed a slice of thin bread topped with a sweet vegetable sauce, melted cheese and small bits of some local meat of questionable origin ... but it was tasty! She had the ship parked quite a distance outside the city that was even now being bombarded. A long gulp of her glass of fruit juice, something of an addiction of hers, washed down the food as pretty explosions lit the dark skies. She knew people were dying by the score with each impact, but there was little she could do about it. Eyes closed a moment before the comlink she'd had implanted quite a while ago sent a message to sprocket. "So no communication yet..." she murmured. Finishing her food, she tossed the disposable plate in the recycler near her command chair and waited. The signal had to come soon. There was no way they could last that long under such a bombardment. She didn't mind mixing it up, but waiting was boring. Flipping the comm on the low band she was told the team used that would not be detectable by the ships in orbit, she spoke in a slightly vexed voice. "I'm sure the scenery is nice ... especially with explosions and all, but perhaps if you hurry there will be more than a few squishy chunks left for me to pick up."

Derek flashed a worried glance to his wrist chronometer, as he knew the TIE bombers would soon be making another sweep of the city. Hearing the voices on the comm he went into immediate action as he began to evac the tumbling structure into the blood-filled streets, stopping only to brush the smoke from his face. "Trooper Varrik, rendezvous at the following coordinates for immediate evac!" he shouted over the comlink, before transmitting the coordinates to Jane Minersha's ship to him. "Rikki, make sure Athol makes it out of here. Nothing can happen to him ... he's too valuable!" he barked, over his shoulders as he tried to raise Minersha on the comm. "Jane, start powering up the main reactor, we've got to get out of here before those bombers make another pass or we're all done for!" he warned her, wondering how he had gotten himself into another mess like this.

'Too valuable? Oh he is not getting away without an explanation for that one!' Jason thought to himself as he stepped in to the cargo hold of the ship. "Derek! I am *not* leaving those people behind." he yelled, emphasizing the not in that. "Rikki, whomever you are get this bird in the air, I'll navigate. We're not abandoning them." Jason's voice had an almost durasteel quality to it, and he literally stalked to the navigation console.

"Yes, sir!" her words came through the comm built into her helmet and she fell in close to Athol, making herself not only an escort but an outright physical barrier between him and whatever might potentially come their way. As they booked it through bombardment and broken buildings for the cargo hold of the YT-2000, the orders that came her way from Jason caused a moment of pause. "'m not...yes, sir." She was, of course, going to stick to the Commander's orders above all else, and make sure that Athol was on the bird before doing anything else. A swift toggle of her tongue swapped over to the squad channel for her unit. "Mark is at the bird. He's requesting navigation control of the ship, but he's here. Converge on my location for evac." From the sound of it, the Corporal wanted to stick around, but that wasn't part of her orders. As nice as it would be to save a ton of lives, they had one to look after right now, and that was him.

Kanner squinted at the numbers from the dim lighting of the emergency lights. It was a park not that far from the base it's self. He turned, and started to run just then a wall collapsed knocking him forward, the dust from the duracrete filled his lungs. Kanner let out a long hack, before charging down the hall, he tried not to think about the fact he left behind members of his unit. That was when he saw it, a droid an astromecch pinned between some scaffolding and duracrete. There wasn't enough time so he pulled his rifle off his back, and aimed it at it's mid section, and fired a bolt destroying it's memories, there wasn't enough time to do much else. Kanner kept moving his boots carrying him as fast as he could, he grimaced over the fact that he had to leave his friends behind. Kanner kept moving the alarms were now going off all around the city, he tried to steady his nerves before charging off down an alleyway. A few minutes later he was running he could see a YT-2000 hovering beside an Imperial statue, the irony wasn't lost on him as he glanced around for the CO that made it there first.

Jane muttered, hearing Derek order her around. She supposed that he was allowed to, since he *was* signing the paycheck ... And so with a silent comm directly to Sprocket, and relayed from him to the other droids on the ship, she fired up the powerfully augmented reactor to the rather heavily modified 'cargo ship' and it came to life. she kicked on her repulsors and the ship began hovering. A flick of a toggle had the landing gear retract into the ship and she looked up. The toppled statue of the old, wrinkled emperor was doing a wonderful job of blocking her ship from whatever orbital weapons would lance down at her. Spotting one of the team she recognized, she popped out from under the shelter of the statue and kicked the ship forward about thirty meters. Dropping the boarding ramp, she put the ship in a hovering park and kept her eyes on the sensors. TIE Bombers weren't fun to play with, but she had the weapons to deal with most Imperial fighter craft. "Sprocket, keep those guns hot. If we have company, I want them dead, not us!" She had no need to speak out loud to the droid, but she heard his reply from within the ship. Keying up her comlink, she spoke into it again to her would-be passengers. "Things are getting a little crispy. You think you can take some pictures of the scenery while you walk here?" She smiled at her own quip, but she was beginning to sweat. That bombardment was getting closer...

"Damn it, Athol, we don't have time for this!" Derek shouted, as he moved to the ramp of Minersha's YT-2000. "These people can take care of themselves. I've got to get you out of here while there's still something left of you to get out," he pleaded, another glance to his chronometer once again. "Incoming. Five minutes if they're on schedule, and those blasted Imps have a history of being precise," he warned, as he waited at the bottom of the ramp for the others to board her vessel. In the distance he could hear the faint, distinct sounds made by twin ion engines. Perhaps they were going to be early this time, he thought, grimacing somewhat as he scanned the heavens with his blue eyes.

Kanner moved up the ramp of the YT-2000, "I had to leave behind the rest of my unit buried beneath a ton of duracrete. Not to mention the rest of my gear. It was a good thing I never go anywhere without my lady." Kanner said, as he shifted the DC-15x rifle the weapon dragging down along his spine as he started to glance around the ship, "Really uh ... nice ship you have got here." Kanner said, sheepishly.

When Kanner showed up, Lovora shifted the Z-6 heavy repeater to one hand so she could offer one to him. She was in full commando armor, helmet and all, but her somewhat shorter stature and smaller frame probably made it clear there was a woman beneath it even before she spoke up. "Yeah, it'll get the job done. Too bad it comes standard with a comedian for a pilot." She joked a bit, but once he was on, her tone became more somber. "Sorry about your unit." She was resuming her position at the cargo door, the Z-6 hoisted into both hands and ready to lay down a rain of blaster bolts in case anyone tried to get aboard that did not belong.

Oh was he not happy, not a bit. When he got to Brentaal, Tong and Carson were definitely going to be informed of Derek's attempt to leave people behind. The last thing they needed was for anyone to feel that they would be left behind. It was tempting to hijack the navcomp and override the pilot, but for now, Jason was stewing and fuming. Radio silence would be a good idea right now, so he withheld the comments against Derek for a bit, until they were clear.

Once the last of them were aboard, Derek slammed his hand down upon the controls that would raise the ramp behind them. "Let's get out of here, Jane!" he yelled down the corridor, before hurriedly running through her ship, meandering through the corridors until he came to the cockpit. "Bombers coming in!" he shouted, as he pointed out the viewport at the row of TIE bombers that were dropping their proton bombs in formation upon the cityscape in the distance. He flung himself into the co-pilot's chair, and immediately began powering up the deflectors, even before strapping himself in.

She saw the incoming squad of TIE Bombers with Fighters as escort, and grinned. Her quad laser cannons far outmatched and outranged the Sienar Fleet Systems L-s1 cannons that those models carried. She seemed casual in her movements, but not a single one was wasted. "Attention passengers, this is your Captain speaking. We welcome you aboard the Heretics Avenger. Please fasten your restraints and remember to be kind to your flight staff. Our in flight holo will be 'Desperate Escape from Imperial Bucket Heads' and it will last until we break orbit. I hope you all enjoy your flight today. All complaints should be given to Emperor Palpatine in person naked." During her entertaining announcement, she had kicked the repulsors into full power, retracted the boarding ramp, set the powered up deflector shields to optimal power, and kicked the engines to full speed. She was not sure who would be more terrified ... the passengers seeing her fling the ship they were on straight at the flight of enemy fighters and bombers, or the pilots of said fighters and bombers seeing this crazy ship shooting like a dart right at them. "Open fire, all guns please!" she said with a laugh, charging right in. TIEs had no shields ... she did, and her insane laughter flooded the ship from cockpit to engine room ... and even the external PA system.

Kanner followed the path to one of the turrets, and glanced down the tube seeing that no one was down there, he cursed beneath his breath. "Sith spit." Kanner slipped the rifle from his back, and laid her down on the floor, before he started down the turret well., and fell the last quarter of the way down into the seat. He picked up the comm unit and turned it on as the maniacal laughter hit his ear. That was when he tucked away the skifter into his right sleeve, it made him feel worse he had been cheating but he needed the credits for his little sister's treatments, he turned on the targeting system , and secured the last buckle in. "Turret is on-line, and operational uh.. Captain." Kanner said dubiously, he caught the sight of incoming eyeballs, and started an open volley of shots which pierced the viewport on one, and the second volley from the quad cannons struck a wing sending it flying into a building. "I didn't mean to do that, honest!" He grumbled over the comm unit.

Derek shielded his eyes as the cockpit illuminated from the repeated blaster strikes against the deflector screens. "Make for the nebula, Jane!" he shouted, stating the obvious as he pointed at the large formation of red and purple nebula gasses looming in the distance. Just then the Heretic's Avenger was struck by something a lot stronger than a TIE fighter. In a frenzy, his attention turned to his sensor readout and saw the menacing presence of a Nebulon-B escort frigate hot on their tail. "Escort frigate," he murmured to Minersha, as he rose from his seat and moved towards a control panel. "I'll try and angle the deflectors!" he alerted her, as he began shifting power from the forward shields to the rear shields.

Grunting in vexation, she felt the heavy impact of the primary turbolaser from the Nebulon, which sent the rear of the ship down relative to their angle in space. Checking the damage readout, she growled... an eerily feral noise coming from her. "Alright ... lets see how good these idiots can aim..." While no starfighter, she was fairly sure that no YT-2000 had ever made quite the array of wild maneuvering that she put it through in the history of the class. Rolling dips, Rapidly banking climbs, and as random an assortment of multi-directional barrel rolls would confound even the best gunner. It probably helped them that they were going at breakneck speed *away* from the big guns. Even TIE fighters would have difficulty outrunning them as she made her way towards the Nebula. She knew the reasoning well enough. Sensors in a Nebula were ... well ... terrible. Her sensor suite was nothing to shake a stick at, and even her sensors were quite heavily impaired within the swirling gases and eddies of a nebula.

Kanner's gloved fingers tightened down onto the controls of the quad cannon the erratic movement of the ship made aiming practically impossible. Kanner gritted his teeth as he tried to get a solid lock on the eyeballs on their tail, "Damm it I'm a sniper not a pilot jockey!" Kanner muttered beneath his breath into the comm unit. The cannon shifted as he tried to steady his nerves then he depressed the trigger releasing blast after blast, somehow he had clipped one, which was enough to make him feel not as half bad. Kanner turned the cannon towards the wingmate of the TIE pilot, he kept firing letting the volley of shots in the wake of the cannon's movement. Kanner pierced another cockpit and said, "Hey I ain't half bad!" He said with a smirk.

Basic ship controls, including weapon systems, were part of standard training, but all the same, Lovora hadn't seen any since then and even during training never felt comfortable with the damn things. When the orders came down though she jumped into action and ran to one of the panels, setting the Z-6 down beside her before strapping in. The helmet was torn off her head in a hurry, revealing the matt of short, messy black hair and the face of a young woman that most would have never expected to end up hauling around the giant repeating cannon, but so it was. "Ok can do this...just like that stupid training program..." Utterly reliant on the built in targeting system, Rikki focused on laying down a hail of fire at anything that looked like a target, managing to hit relatively little. It didn't help that every jolt and shift of the swifter maneuvers had her already pale complexion getting worse, and her stomach doing flips inside her skin. "I...hate...ships..." she muttered to herself, summoning all her intestinal fortitude to focus on firing at the Imperial vessels.

Another heavy blast from the Nebulon-B frigate inflicted crippling damage on the rear deflector shields, sending sparks flying into his exposed face. "Gaah!" he screamed, his hands immediately moving to rub at his eyes. "Corellians..." he muttered beneath his breath, hating the way they designed their conduits. "I can't hold it much longer!" he yelled towards, Minersha, bringing his hands back towards the control panel. Though his vision slightly blurred, and in a mild bit of pain, he remained at his post and continued to do his best to reroute power to the rear shields.

"I want hazard pay from this!" Jane yelled and with a curse she cut all engine power and let the inertia of the ship carry them into the thick gasses of the Nebula. All that engine power she shunted to the Forward shield array in a flurry of hand movements and button mashing. A quick push on the left foot petal, and an equally hard push on the right had the ship slipping backwards on inertia into the nebula with all engine power re-directed to the forward shields. If the rear shielding was taking a beating ... why not? They would be fools to follow into the nebula with anything short of their full fleet, and it would take them quite a while to get there even so. To further avoid detection, she deactivated the guns, flipped off the active sensor systems, and unless someone crashed into them ... they were just gone.

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