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D. Wade Hyde and Christopher Levy.
Zero years after the Battle of Yavin (35:9:2) in the Alderaan system: Delaya (Leiliani: Medcenter).
El-Nay Darr, Kerrie Kiley, Lord Marcus Rodney, and Tycho Starlight.

Through the bacta Marcus Rodney could make out the images of the familiar Kerrie Kiley and the unfamiliar mercenary that was in her company. He knew they were not here for any social call, but his immediate concern moved towards El-Nay. His head shifted slightly as he breathed out a series of bubble through the respirator and gazed upon her battered, seemingly lifeless form in horror. Had he really done that to one so young and so frail? He thought to himself, reflecting on their epic confrontation of the preceding evening. He glared at the 2-1B medical droid that was managing his care and pointed his hand upward, indicating that he wanted out. A button was pushed that caused his body to be ascended up out of the tank, despite the fact that he had not spent enough time to completely heal his wound. When he emerged he was in a weakened state, covered in the bacta, and still in need of care. The droid was quick to put a robe around him to help with the remaining bacta, but as he could not yet walk, he simply flopped onto the nearest chair. "What is her condition?" he asked, regarding El-Nay, as he pulled the respirator off his mouth and began to wipe away the bata.

Kerrie quickly rose from her chair when she saw the man and hurried to his side, both out of instinctive concern for members of the House of Rodney and a desire to quickly get the information she sought. When his first question was about El-Nay she furrowed her brow in confusion, silently contemplating the man's motives. "It is not good. Your 'suicide seekers' no doubt? I never thought those were fair," she said to him, reminiscing about the past hunts they had cooperated on. As she looked at the man she could not believe that he was the same bounty hunter she had operated with, as the man behind the mask that she also knew did not seem the type. "I need to know what happened. Everything," she said, grabbing at the robe that covered him, pulling him closer towards her, despite the attempted interference from the droid. She needed answers and she needed them now.

As Marcus was being removed from the tank, Tycho took the liberty of clicking his helmet back in place; he had no desire for the man to see his face. Once again, he stood. Cradling his weapon, he leaned against the wall and watched the man. The way he carried himself spoke volumes; this was a man that could fight. When the man asked about El-Nay's condition, he almost snapped at him, but he kept it under wraps. It didn't occur to him that Marcus actually gave a shit. It seemed to him that he was just concerned about whether he'd killed his attacker or not. He wasn't in a state of mind to consider that the man actually hadn't wanted to hurt her.

Marcus allowed Kerrie to grab at his robe and manhandle him, having long understood her at times volatile nature. "What happened?" he asked, repeating her question, before rolling his eyes at her. "What happened was I was attempting to enjoy my evening when the felinx in a can over there showed up firing rockets..." he continued, as he threw a nod in the direction of El-Nay's bacta tank. "Frankly, I never thought she had it in her. I begged her to stop, but she wouldn't relent. Someone got to her. That's all I really remember before passing out..." he said, still feeling a little disoriented, while he brought a hand up to rub at his temple. It was only then that he noticed Tycho, before throwing a playful glance in Kerrie's direction. "He's a little big for you, don't you think?" he asked, his sense of humor seemingly unaffected by the recent happenings.

Kerrie released her grasp on Marcus' robe when he finally started talking and moved to fold her arms in front of her chest. "She used the rocket? Really?" she said, sounding both impressed and surprised at El-Nay's ingenuity. "It was a Major in Imperial Intelligence. Min Traebor. What did you do? Love her and leave her too?" she asked, somewhat serious, as she tilted her head to wait for his response. The comment about Tycho being with her caused her to snort at the absurdity of the notion. "*Him*? Don't be ridiculous. He's actually with her. So I'd watch it if I were you," she informed him incredulously, before throwing a glance up at the still unconscious El-Nay bobbing helplessly in the bacta tank.

"Didn't think she had it in her?" He echoed, then snorted derisively. "She's stronger than you think. Even now I wonder if you respect her. She may be a girl, but she's a Mandalorian and at least she had the balls to come after the Nerf Herder. She didn't even do it for Min Traebor. The real pity isn't seeing her here, torn up but alive despite your best effort ... the pity is that she couldn't finish the job. I'd drag your ass to Traebor myself, but I think I'd rather see *her* dead more than you."

Marcus widened his eyes when he heard the name Min Traebor as he the name well, having run afoul of her before. He was just about to explain the situation to Kerrie when the mercenary intervened. "I don't believe I caught your name," he said to Tycho, sounding rather polite and dignified as he took on the heirs of his station in life. "The El-Nay Darr that attacked me was not the El-Nay Darr I had encountered in the past. This El-Nay Darr was inventive, courageous, and willing to do anything to succeed in her mission. This El-Nay Darr has my respect," he informed him, before showing the partially healed wound on his leg. "She nearly did finish the job. And, technically, she did catch me," he said, nodding his head, as he had to give it up to her. "Now, for the matter at hand. Do you remember when my brother and his wife were nearly killed during their honeymoon?" he said, shifting his attention to Kerrie for the time being. "Traebor contracted me for that job. She wanted him out of the picture. You Imperials are always scheming amongst yourself. I only took the job to make sure someone else didn't succeed and I failed ... intentionally. Well neither Traebor nor her Black Sun bestie took kindly to their little scheme going awry ... best laid plans and all ... and they've been after me ever since," he said, recounting his complicated history with Intel. "If it's any consolation I'm very sorry they involved El-Nay in their plot against me. So what do they want?" he asked of Tycho, turning his attention on the armored man.

As he spoke, Tycho slowly approached, coming to stand at the man's side, as Marcus was facing toward Kerrie. The moment Marcus turned his gaze in his direction, he struck out with the butt of his rifle as hard as he could for the gut. "I don't care if you're sorry," he said. "She's in this mess because of your spat with Traebor and she nearly died. You're going to help me kill Min Traebor."

That was unexpected, Marcus thought just as the butt of the rifle impacted with his stomach. He bent over slightly, sucking in a sharp intake of air. Slowly his head rolled up and he looked at him with his piercing brown eyes. "Manners. You're on my planet, after all," he said to Tycho, while moving his hand to rub his stomach. "Where'd she meet this guy?" Kerrie asked, referring to El-Nay, as he considered their next move. "I could have killed Traebor any number of times. It's not enough to kill her. Another one will pop up ... you people are like weeds ... and then of course there's still the Black Sun," he said, before putting his hand on Kerrie's shoulder and using her for support as he rose to feet. Slowly he circled her until he came to a stop in front of El-Nay's bacta tank, examining her more carefully than he had in the past. She was beautiful ... even with her wounds. "Well I won't be blamed for anyone else's suffering. El-Nay caught me. I'll let her take me in when she gets out of there. Then she'll be in the clear. I've dealt with these people before. I really don't care at this point," he said, without turning his head to face either of them, as his gaze remained clearly fixed upon El-Nay.

Marcus could take a hit, that was for certain. Oh, he'd felt it and he'd be in pain and bruising for a while, he knew, but the man had barely missed a beat. Tycho had to give him some credit. He didn't want to believe he was dealing with a good, or even half decent person. Yet, his concern for El-Nay seemed genuine, and even Tycho was given pause. "You mean for me to believe that you're just going to turn yourself in because the girl who failed to kill you is in danger and you respect her for just finding you? Do you know how insane that sounds?"

Marcus placed the palm of his hand upon the glass of the bacta tank as he noted each of the wounds that marked the young girl and whose scarring would likely follow her through life. "I don't know what you've heard about me, but I am not of the mind to let someone innocent suffer while I walk around unhindered," he said to the man, as eyes moved over towards the readout of her tank's vitals. "She did more than just find me. She bested me. Despite taking an explosive at close range from behind, she still found the strength to stab me and use her wrist gauntlet to ensnare me. If not for my droids she likely would have walked out of here with me ... at least until she got to the guards," he reasoned, before placing a reassuring pat on Kerrie's upper back. "I'm not the kind of man that likes to win based on the technicality of a droid or a bodyguard," he said, before sitting back down next to the Major.

"If that's the case," Tycho said, trying to find argument with the reasoning, "why would you even use the droids? I'm shocked she's even alive after those suicide droids. If you think that's cheating, or a technicality, you should've taken her on fair and square and let her drag you in instead of disfiguring her." The big man shook his head and turned to face half away. "Who takes advantage of a girl, tells her that he loves her, then leaves her? For that matter, who refuses to take off their helmet during sex?" Tycho shook his head again. "Don't you realize how you hurt her? You were her first. You lied to her about loving her." Suddenly his head snapped toward the man again and his hands clenched tightly on his rifle, this time quite noticeably. "You're a bastard."

"Well in my defense she had just fired a rocket through my roof," Marcus said with a soft laugh, before looking to Kerrie with his eyes as if to ask 'why is this guy'. "I left the helmet on to conceal my identity from her. I have a family. People I care about. In this line of work you make plenty of enemies and none of them play fair. If you want to keep the people you love safe ... hide," he told him, offering some free advice that he likely would not heed. "Most men say anything to get women to lay with them. How was I supposed to know I was going to be her first? How was I supposed to know how she'd react? She wasn't a child. She was out there in broad daylight in an orange suit of Mandalorian armor chasing down contracts the same as us," he shouted at the man, in an attempt to defend himself against the personal insults. "I'm not the first man to fail at predicting how a woman will react. I won't be the last either," he said, lowering his head as he felt as if he was talking to a brick wall.

"Tch," Tycho said, then faced away. He couldn't hate the man. He was ... a good person, it seemed. Partially, at least. "You may not have wanted to hurt her, but you did. If you weren't trying to take advantage of her, then you were just being stupid." Even if Tycho was wrong about the man in other areas, he knew he was right about that.

"Then I'm guilty of being the first man to hurt a woman unintentionally," Marcus said, before placing wrists his together as if he were in handcuffs, and offering them up to the man. "Lead me to the gallows for having a one night stand with a woman. But I think you'll find the line would reach several times around the planet," he told him, as he looked again towards Kerrie. It would figure that this would be the kind of guy El-Nay would end up with, he thought silently to himself. "El-Nay's problems were not my doing. The blame can be placed on Odell Darr for neglecting her. And then Kerrie for leading her to believe she had died. And then me for taking her virginity in a less than romantic setting..." he said, before rising to his feet and looking the man squarely in the eye. "We are not made or broken by any one person. We're a product of a lifetime of people who disappoint us, who fail us," he said, nodding his head emphatically with the words. He had hoped he was getting through to the mercenary, but he felt as if his words were falling on deaf ears.

"You assume a lot," Tycho said, turning to look at the other bounty hunter. "I understand life and I know full well how it shapes a person ... believe me. What you did was a single thing to hurt her in a life of other things. The fact remains that you did hurt her, though. Try to reason it away as much as you'd like. You're not responsible for all of her pain, but some of it? Yes ... and it was pretty fucked up. You couldn't predict she'd take it this way, you say ... but you're not even apologetic that you lied to and used her in the first place. You haven't once said you're wrong, just ... oh, I didn't think she'd come after me for it." Tycho shook his head and tsked again. "You're one hell of a womanizer."

"Now that, my new friend, is something we can agree on," Marcus said to him, as he extended his hand to him in a friendly gesture, a smile coming upon his face.

For a few moments, Tycho just stared at Marcus in silence. Then, he looked away and shook his head. "We're not friends," he said, not shaking hands. Instead, he went to stand in front of El-Nay's tank, watching her float there in the bacta solution.

Kerrie had heard enough of the discussion, having remained silent for much of its duration. The words that Marcus had spoken about her responsibility in El-Nay's descent bothered her, but she could not deny they were true. Finally, she rose from her seat and moved between the two. "None of this is helping matters," she said, moving her right hand towards Tycho and her left towards Marcus. "We need to find a solution that doesn't involve you being an Imperial fugitive, or you being a captive," she pleaded, first to Tycho and later to Marcus.

"I'm not exactly on the Empire's buddy list to begin with," he said with a shrug. Tycho still kept his eyes on El-Nay. "But, no... I don't intend to poke the rancor."

"They held me once before, Kerrie. I'll manage," Marcus said, before he moved closer to Tycho in front of the bacta tank. "I see the way you look at her. I've seen that look enough times to know what it means..." he told him, before raising his right hand to place it firmly upon his shoulder to offer support. "If you want some advice ... don't ask her to repaint her armor," he said, with a soft laugh, as he attempted to disarm the man with his words. He had learned long ago that the most effective tool any situation was communication. Perhaps some common ground, or even levity, might help thaw the coldness between them in the time they would be forced together.

Tycho's face twitched as he felt the slight weight of the hand on his armored shoulder. This man was trying so hard to be a friend to him. He knew logically that the man hadn't been looking for a fight. It almost seemed as though he liked El-Nay and regretted harming her. It didn't matter, though. Standing here, looking at the half-dead, torn up girl that he had feelings for. The man that had done her that harm was now trying to make nice with him. He just couldn't help himself. His hand snapped up to grab Marcus', and as he turned, he naturally twisted the wrist and forearm the wrong direction in a very quick and painful maneuver. "Don't touch me, prick," he snarled. "If you can see how I look at her, you should be smart enough to know that I'm not gonna make nice with the man who did this to her. Now keep your fuckin' hands to yourself!" He shoved the man back by the lock on his arm in what was no doubt a painful maneuver. "Just leave me in peace. I'll wait here 'til she wakes."

Marcus let out a sharp groan when his arm was twisted, but he made no attempt to resist the man as it would inevitably only lead to more violence. The shove caused him to stagger backwards, sending a wave of pain that began in his arm that quickly radiated throughout his body. When he finally collected himself he let his arm hang limp at his side, before shaking it loose several times. "Touchy guy," he said to Kerrie, rolling his eyes at the man's theatrics, before bringing his arms across his body to rub at his elbow. "Do you want a drink? We still have a case of Alderaan ruge my brother didn't get his hands on..." he suggested, as he felt very much in need of a drink after all this.

Tycho was tempted to take him up on that offer. A drink sounded amazing at the moment, yet he didn't want to let himself like the man. More than that, he didn't want to leave the girl's tank. He wanted to be there with her when she woke. Why? He wasn't sure why he'd developed such strong feelings for her, especially so quickly. She had been so vulnerable, so in need of help, he supposed. He sighed. "I'm not leaving her," he said."

"One of the joys of nobility is having things brought to you," Marcus said happily, before turning his attention to the communications panel on the wall. "Have a bottle of ruge brought to me at once," he instructed, before turning his attention back to the two. "Kerrie, you drinking?" he asked, turning his head to look at the woman. "I didn't make the mistake of sleeping with this one," he said to Tycho, as he pointed his thumb over at Kerrie. A moment later a droid arrived carrying a bottle of Alderaan ruge, a red liquor that had become quite rare now that Alderaan had been destroyed. His hand moved towards the bottle quickly, pulling at the cork, before pouring himself a quick glass. It was polite to serve your guests first, but he had just spent a couple of days in a bacta tank and felt no rudeness in downing the first glass. He then poured another, and then a third, which he finally offered up in Tycho's direction.

"No. No thank you," Kerrie said quietly, before shifting uncomfortably into her uniform. She turned her attention away from the two and the liquor. It was this drink that the Grand Moff had consumed prior to his attack on her and ever since then she could no longer look at the drink, or those who consumed it, the same way.

Kerrie wouldn't look at her the same way, that's for sure. Tycho, despite his irrational hate for the man, took the glass offered. Grudgingly, he nodded his thanks. He took his helmet off, revealing the scarred face and long hair. He leaned down and put the helmet on a nearby chair, then looked at the other bounty hunter with eyes like glacial ice. Then, he downed the drink in one swig, enjoying the burn. "I'm drinking an endangered commodity," he said, knowing that one day the brew wouldn't exist anymore, thanks to the Empire. He couldn't help but shift a glance to the Imperial officer in the room. Tycho passed the glass back to the man.

"We're all endangered commodities these days," Marcus said, before hastily drinking his second glass of the ruge. "You ever seen the kid drink? I've never seen someone that young and that small drink so much and walk away from it," he said, before filling the glass again, and raising it toward the bacta tank in El-Nay's honor. "Corellian ales though. Simple girl. Cheap date," he could not help but add, before taking another sip of the more refined, aged, and costly liquor.

Tycho clenched his teeth, trying very hard not to hurt the man again. He just kept saying the wrong things, prodding him with comments on El-Nay that were disrespectful. "You gonna pour me another drink?" He asked, looking at the other man coldly.

"Certainly. If I drank this much alone I'd be classified an alcoholic," Marcus said with a wry smile, before pouring him another glass of the ruge. "Fortunately your personality provides you an ample supply of ice," he commented, as he passed him the glass. His attention then turned to Kerrie, who he felt was being left out. He walked up from behind and put his arm around her, before holding the half drunken bottle in front of her. "One drink won't kill you. I won't tell my brother you drank on duty. He'd never believe me if I told him anyway," he said with a chuckle, before raising the bottle to her.

Kerrie cringed the moment he made contact with her as the last time a man had drunk that much Alderaan ruge and touched her it had been a violent act. Her concentration broke and in that instant she revealed her natural Clawdite appearance, but caught herself and only allowed her true face to be visible for a moment. "I said 'no'," she said to him sternly, before twisting her body to contort its way out of his embrace.

Tycho took the glass, staring at the contents for a moment, then glanced to Marcus at the joke he made. For a moment, it looked like he might strike the man again, but instead he snorted out a brief laugh. Shaking his head, he pushed his long hair back out of his face and ran his fingers through it. He had seen Kerrie's Clawdite side before, so the slight slip didn't bother him or surprise him. However, he did press his lips into a line when Marcus started bothering her. "No means no, man."

"Back on Corellia Kerrie could drink the lot of us under the table..." Marcus began, his cheeks starting to turn rosy from the effect of the ruge. "I remember one time, right around the time she went after Gradjaa the Hutt, where she closed down The Alderaan Cafe night after night. She used to spend all of the money she made on nothing but booze..." he began rambling, recounting stories of the old days, with a voice that became increasingly slurred.

Kerrie let out a sigh as Marcus began to tell one of the stories, which she had lived, yet tried her best to put past her. "He exaggerates," she said to Tycho, before shifting away from them uncomfortably. It was true that the period between the death of her parents and her attempt to kill the Grand Moff involved heavy drinking, but she had moved past that and did not want to hear about that any longer. "I am no longer that person, Marcus," she said, flashing her eyes at him for but a moment in order to encourage him to stop.

Tycho couldn't help but smirk as the stories began, amused by the idea of her drinking people under the table. He would have had a hard time believing it, perhaps, but she was a Clawdite. No doubt their metabolism made it easier. "Every old story is exaggerated," he said, shrugging. He kept getting refills and drinking them down, soon getting as red in the face as the other man. They would finish the bottle soon enough and he claimed a chair that he could drag over to the bacta tank to sit beside his... well, beside *her*, whatever she was to him.

"You know if I have another one of these, Kerrie, even you're going to start looking good," Marcus said playfully, winking at her softly. He then allowed himself to sit down on the floor next to El-Nay's tank as the alcohol started to render him inert. "I should order a case of Corellian ale for when she gets out. On the plus side it'll cost less than this one bottle we just drank," he joked, before leaning to put his head against the side of the tank as a makeshift pillow. His eyes began to grow heavy, closing slightly, the combination of drinking on an empty stomach with the lingering effects of his wounds.

"In your dreams, Nerf Herder," Kerrie said angrily, as she dismissed his advances. Did she really used to drink like this? She wondered silently to herself, but of course the memories of such events rarely stood with her. "Back then in those days when we were competing with one another to chase down marks all over the core I never would have thought it would be some Imperial Major in her mid-20s that would be the one to bring us down. Pretty pathetic," she muttered, as her eyes turned slowly towards the bottle. They lingered there for a moment and the temptation that was once within her moved towards the surface. She closed her eyes, turning her focus away from it, before grabbing the robe that the droid had left for Marcus. "I can't believe I'm doing this..." she muttered under her breath, before reaching down to pick it up. She walked slowly towards the barely conscious man and draped it over him to provide some warmth as he drifted off on the cold floor. "He is a very complicated man," she said to Tycho, when it was all over.

Ordering her a case of ale ... that seemed like a nice gesture. It wasn't enough to make up for everything, but somehow he thought that she had evened the score herself. He didn't know how she'd react when she woke, but he suspected that she wouldn't be quite so angry with the man anymore. He watched as Marcus began to doze off and said, "Some people just can't hold their liquor." He chuckled faintly. He knew that the man was tired and still wounded, so he understood why, but the comment still amused him. He suddenly kicked Marcus in the leg. "Hey! Wake up!" Smirking as he looked down at him, he added, "Sleepiness is weakness, man."

Marcus eyes opened when he felt the kick, but it took a moment for his eyes to focus. "I have had my roof knocked down upon me. I have been attacked. I have had a blade of Mandalorian iron run straight through my leg. If that has not earned me the right to sleep then your standards are too high!" he shouted up at the man, before allowing his eyes to fall shut again. "We could all ... benefit ... sleep," he rambled, his voice trailing off, nearly fading, before the silence was shattered by the unpleasant sound of him snoring.

Tycho looked at Kerrie, eyebrows raised. "*Now* he loses his sense of humor," he said. "Figures. I was just starting to think about maybe liking him." The man shrugged, picking up the empty bottle and peering at it. "I wonder if we can get more..."

"Well they can't exactly make any more of it," Kerrie informed him, grimly, as the only source of production had been destroyed along with the entire planet. Good riddance, she thought, at least in regard to the drink that had caused her so much personal suffering. "I do not know if I should let him allow El-Nay to turn him in," she revealed, the wheels having been turning inside of her head the entirety of the time. She had wished the others had been as focused on the problem at hand rather than their foolish male posturing.

"No, they can't, I guess," he said, taking on a somber mood, for a moment. Even he had been upset by what had happened to Alderaan. He'd never been there, never known anyone there, had no connection to the planet at all. However, using a superweapon destroy and entire planet and all the people on it was repulsive to him. How could *anyone* be okay with that? He didn't understand that at all. "If that's what he wants, it would be a way to solve the problem ... but..." He paused, frowning deeply. "I'm not so sure he's a bad person. A bastard, for sure. But, he doesn't deserve to be turned over to Traebor. I know already she's a piece of shit. If anyone needs to pay, it's her. We're three very skilled mercenaries ... four, if you count El-Nay. If we put our minds to it and we're smart about it, we *could* take her down. Think about it." He stood and walked across the room, nearly tripping over the man's legs. He grumbled down at Marcus as if it was his fault. Then, shaking his head, he hit the button on the communications panel. "Um ... the, uh ... boss here wants some more booze... Moonbeam, preferably. And, uh ... hurry up."

"If she were simply one woman I would have already taken her out. It's the Black Sun that's the real problem..." Kerrie said, as she bent down to put the robe back over Marcus' legs where Tycho had just kicked it. "I honestly don't know who I'd rather have as an enemy ... Imperial Intelligence or the Black Sun," she said, as she moved back towards the chair. "Maybe ... maybe he's right. He's gotten out of some pretty tough scrapes. Maybe we just give him to them and let El-Nay get on with her life, and then his situation will sort itself out," she theorized, looking down at the inebriated man who had passed out on the floor.

"Maybe," Tycho agreed. "I don't know. If it's a situation he can dig himself out of, I agree. If there's no other option for El-Nay, I agree. It seems to me, though, that we need to find another option. There's got to be one. I don't want to take on Imperial Intelligence *or* Black Sun, but what if I spoke to the Grand Moff? I could tell him that I had learned about this plot in secret, or I could give him an anonymous tip. He wouldn't have to know all the details, but..." Tycho paused, his eyes glassing over for a moment as he worked it out in his head. Yes, he decided. Yes, it would work. Min Traebor had made a vital error. "We have a whole record of this. A whole workup of files on his brother and the mission to capture him. We have *hard evidence*. There would be no way to refute that. All we have to do is send it to the Grand Moff in an encoded message. I'd be willing to tell him that Min tried to hire me to kidnap his brother, show him all the info, and let him take it from there. There's no way she could weasel her way out of that, and with that evidence, we could link her to the Black Sun easily enough." There was a bit of excitement on his face. He knew that she might disagree with him, and that doing this might cause him problems in the future, but what better way than to turn the Imperials against each other. A Grand Moff could accomplish so much more. He looked up as a servant droid entered with the bottle of Moonlight. The droid looked at the passed out Marcus and started to turn around and leave. Tycho said, "Wait! He's just resting his eyes. I'll take the booze for him." He walked over and snatched up the bottle, then patted the droid on the head. "Thanks, see ya." He ushered the machine out, then went to sit down beside Kerrie. He popped the bottle open, took a swig, then held it out to her with a questioning look on his face.

Kerrie sighed when she heard the man's enthusiasm for a plan she knew would not work. "Major Traebor did not send El-Nay after Marcus Rodney, the Grand Moff's brother ... she sent him after the Nerf Herder," she began, before standing back up from the chair and moving towards Marcus. "The Grand Moff loves his brother ... such as he is," she said, checking to make sure he was alright since he had exited the bacta tank too early. "But he despises the Nerf Herder, because it was he that allowed the Grand Moff's daughter to escape the blockade of Esseles..." she said, having restrained in all of her efforts to confront the man about his actions in that regard. "To reveal to him that they are one in the same would destroy this family. A family that I have sworn my life to protect. I cannot ... will not ... allow you to inform the Grand Moff that his brother is responsible for costing him his daughter..." she said, swiftly turning on her heels to stare down the man. "Still. It was a good idea and I do credit you for trying. It's just a very complicated dynamic that Traebor is artfully playing to her advantage, but I do not know her endgame," she said, bitterly, as she watched the man begin to drink yet another type of alcohol. Her mouth watered slightly, but she bit at her lower lip in an attempt to satiate her desire for it.

Tycho stared at her for a moment, considering her words. It *was* a good plan. It *would* work. But there would be repercussions that she didn't want. In a way, that made Kerrie the problem. Yet, she was right, in a way. The Grand Moff wouldn't thank anyone who gave him this information, in his ire over finding it out. Then again, he had been planning to do it anonymously... After a long pause and another drink from the bottle, he gave her a curious, completely calm look and said, "Are you so sure you could stop me?" It didn't come across as a threat, or even confrontational. It was almost like he was just honestly asking the question.

Kerrie's glance started at Tycho's feet before slowly moving up his body, before finally coming to a rest at his face. "Yes," she said coldly, without feeling the need to elaborate. In her prime she had dealt with many a fearsome mercenary from all corners of the galaxy. And that was before she had a battalion of Storm Commandos to play with. Unlike El-Nay she was more seasoned, more deliberate in her actions, without the reckless streak that often condemned El-Nay, leading her down the path to disaster. No, when she went after a target she succeeded. There was no doubt in her mind.

It hadn't quite been the answer he had expected, but it made him chuckle. He wasn't going to get in a pissing contest with her, because there was no way to know without it happening. He was just as confident as her in his ability to overcome her. "Doesn't matter, I suppose," he said. "Ori'vod, and all that. She wouldn't take too kindly to us fighting." Tycho took another drink then let himself give her a smirk.

Kerrie's eyes flared slightly when he said the word 'ori'vod'. "While I am not one to give dating advice, I would highly suggest you not invoke her culture or her language. It does not suit you," she explained to him, after turning her head away from him to break eye contact. "The significance of that word goes beyond what you probably understand. It is bestowed out of love and respect. In basic it literally translates to 'big sister'," she informed him, before turning to look at the girl in the bacta tank again. "I should have done a better job," she confided both to herself and Tycho, ruefully.

"I know what it means," he said. "I know what you mean to her. I'm not invoking the word on behalf of myself, but on behalf of her. That's what she thinks of you. She's important to both of us, so it means something to me to understand her relationship with you." He blinked at her, seeming quite serious, putting thought into his words. It was probably a side of him that Kerrie hadn't seen. She hadn't known him long enough to seen much of him. "Besides, not only am I with a Mandalorian, I was trained by one. Odell Darr."

"Do you speak for her now, then? Is that what this is?" Kerrie asked quickly, turning on the overprotective friend mode that all women, regardless of species, seemed to possess. "I know what she thinks of me. I don't need someone to tell me, but thank you all the same," she said, abruptly as she continued to size him up. "What do you want from her?" she asked out of genuine concern and interest, having a hard time trying to understand what a man of his age and background would want with her. She did not see much of a difference between Marcus and Tycho in terms of the prospects of a long and happy relationship. "Well I guess you missed the lesson that started with 'don't sleep with my daughter'," she quickly quipped back at him, rolling her eyes in dismissal of what he said. "If he knew what was going on here ... then I'd be really afraid," she confided, a soft shiver going down her spine as she thought about it.

Tycho watched the woman in silence, his eyes narrowing as she went on and made assumptions about him that he didn't like. There was so much to say, so much to refute, but once it was all over, he had only one thing to say. Holding the bottle in both hands, he leaned forward, his eyebrows raised, and said coolly, "Maybe you should be afraid right now. Bitch."

"I will never fear you. There is nothing you can do to me that countless others haven't tried ... a few of which have even succeeded," Kerrie informed him, standing up to his threat without even a flinch. "I fear for the pain Odell would feel seeing his child in such condition. I fear for El-Nay at having to be castigated by her father if he knew. And, I even fear for you and what he'd do to you if he knew you were having a dalliance with his daughter," she said to him, with a firm nod of her head. "I no longer fear for myself. I have suffered ... and I have even faced death. My day will come and so will yours. It is not something to fear," she said to him, beginning to worry that El-Nay might have found a lover with a bit of a temper.

Tycho simply smiled at her and leaned back in his chair. "That's the spirit," he said, maddeningly calm. "You should know, though, even before she knew who my mentor was, I had already told her that I surpassed him. That doesn't fail to be true now that you know it's Odell Darr. As such an amazing warrior, he knew how to train someone to succeed, no matter how brutal his methods. He took a boy and molded him like clay into a warrior... with his bare hands. Literally." He held up a fist to show her. "Perhaps that was why he would never train his own daughter."

"In your dreams you have surpassed him," Kerrie quick said back, noting that the man had too much to drink. "Is that why you think he didn't train her? She never understood either..." she said sadly, as she threw another glance to the bacta tank. "For millennia the Mandalorians were the most feared warriors in the galaxy. They had a rich society and culture. That was all taken from them. Now they too live under the thumb of the Empire ... as my people do. Those Mandalorians that do travel the galaxy do so as mercenaries and marauders ... that is not how their culture intended them to be. He views his work as dishonorable ... and he did not want to spread that dishonor to his only child. I'm not even remotely Mandalorian, but I could understand that," she said, turning her back to Tycho, instead choosing to focus on the tank.

"I had no idea why he didn't train her," he said, shrugging. "It was a guess. That's why I said 'perhaps'. I can understand the viewpoint, though. Honor matters greatly to a Mandalorian ... to El-Nay..." He paused, looking down between his feet and sighed. He took another pull from the half-empty bottle, beginning to feel sleepy; it was catching up with him. "Believe it or not, what's important to her is important to me, too. Anyway ... I'm sick of being treated like the enemy. I'm going to sleep." He scooted his chair closer to El-Nay's tank, put the bottle down on the floor, and leaned against the bacta tank to get comfy. Immediately, he closed his eyes and cleared his mind ... something he was getting very good at. He would drift off to sleep quickly enough.

Kerrie stood there for a moment looking down at the two drunk men, shaking her head at them dismissively. She would have slept in the room, but she did not want to risk an outsider discovering she was a Clawdite when she slept, nor did she want to risk Marcus doing something inappropriate ... she did not put it past him. She crept silently towards the bacta tank, kissing the palm of her hand, before pressing it against the glance. She lingered for a moment as she looked at her battered and broken friend, before finally turning around to leave and ensure she had secured all of the evidence from the Alderaan Guard to prevent the situation from going beyond her realm of control.

In the tank El-Nay Darr's eyes suddenly opened and a sense of fear crept over her, causing her to breath in deeply and exhale a series of large bubbles from her respirator. She had never been in a bacta tank before and it took her several moments to grow accustomed to it. She was sure she had died and finding herself in this condition was both a surprise and a matter of confusion. As her eyes began to come into focus she surveyed the room, spotting both Marcus and Tycho seemingly incapacitated. She wondered what had been the cause of it, but her eyes soon grew heavy and closed again. It would take a little more time in the tank before she was ready to emerge and discover all that had happened.

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