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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
718 years before the Battle of Yavin (683BrS:2:16) in the Corellian system: Corellia (Gold Beaches).
Baron Germanicus Rodney (Darth Crassus) and Baroness Raeni Rodney.

Dawn came and with it a light rain. The flight from Alderaan to Corellia had been a mostly silent one, as Germanicus did not want to talk about the unwelcome guest to their wedding. She wanted to know *more* ... *more* than he wanted to tell her. Corellia was the logical choice for their honeymoon, with its galaxy renowned Gold Beaches. When the ship landed he realized that they hurried so quickly that they did not have time to collect their bags. They were going to have to go shopping at some point. As he climbed out of the cockpit of the Hyperion, he turned towards her, and lifted his arms to help her down. Although she was one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy, he still did not want her to risk falling down the steps on the side of the starfighter. "Beautiful, isn't it?" he asked her, as he turned his head to the waves crashing upon the shore as the sun rose over the ocean. It was a lovely place for a honeymoon if they were not being hunted.

The flight had been rather uncomfortable. Raeni's emotions had rode one dramatic rollercoaster since the appearance of the Sith man. The longer he went without revealing the truth to her, the greater she looked at everything under a microscope. She had yet to decide who that man was. He was trouble for her. That was enough to put her on edge. As they landed on Corellia, she looked out on yet another world she knew nothing about. Even though storm clouds hung over her head, even she had to admit that it was breathtaking.

Her eyes fell on Germanicus as he helped her out of the Hyperion. She tried to maintain an angry look, but he made her soft. Her eyes lit up just a little bit. Her head turned, looking out towards the beautiful Gold Beaches. The visage was amazing. She looked briefly shocked, for she had become accustom to the beauty of Delaya. This planet was different, yet equally appealing. She wondered if they'd be able to enjoy themselves at all. "It is. Where are we?" She asked him. Her eyes fell back on him. Raeni still wore her wedding dress. She had removed her veil and her hair no longer appeared as flawless as it had at the ceremony.

"Corellia. They call this the Gold Beaches, presumably because that's what I had to pay to rent this area," Germanicus said, trying to make a joke to lighten the mood. He led her down the path that led directly to the fine sand of the beaches, taking her hand, as he soaked up the morning sun. "What is it you wish to know?" he asked her, as he turned away from her, kicking off his shoes, and moving into the shallows of the water. The cool water gently raked over his feet, before withdrawing into the sea. It had a calming effect on him, which was much needed after the events of the past week. The conversation he was going to have would not be an easy one.

Raeni tried to hold her ground and continue to be angry with her new husband. Instead, she couldn't stop herself from laughing softly at his joke. Once they had reached the sand, Raeni stepped out of her high heels. Instantly, she lost several inches of her height. Her feet sunk into the soft, warm sand. The feeling brought a smile to her face, for she had never visited a place like this before. The sun was slowly rising. It reflected off the water in a picturesque way. Finally, he made the first move to break into the subject that was maddening to Raeni. She approached the water, standing at the shore where the cool water just lightly touched with her feet. She dug her toes into the sand. She decided to start with two hard questions. "Who was that man? Why didn't you tell *me*?" She couldn't throw away the feeling that he had betrayed her until he told her otherwise. The man was going to try to kill one of them, if not both. Germanicus had ran from a battle they would not be able to stop for much longer.

Germanicus had been wondering the answer to that question himself for a long time. Ever since he first encountered Darth Diabolus as a child he had wondered who he was, where he came from, and why he wanted him. "Evil," he replied in one single, chilling word. He dropped to his knees in the water, allowing it to soak his pants, but he did not care. "My parents did not want to lose their only son to the Jedi Order. They had plans for our House even back then, and used a Senatorial bribe to prevent me from being taken," he explained, realizing it was the first time he had ever told an outsider this story. "That man found me when I was still a child. I was already manifesting my abilities. He appeared as a nightmare at first ... a monster under the bed," he told her, as the color retreated from his face like a vanquished foe. "Then one day that monster was real. His name is Darth Diabolus ... the Dark Lord of the Sith ... and for the past two decades he has been my *master*," he informed her, as he placed his hands beneath the water and splashed himself. "I did not tell you because I feared he would take you for his own and destroy me," he admitted, very honestly, and revealing a vulnerability he had otherwise hidden from her. "I've been training you ... or at least trying to train you ... to destroy *him*," he explained, *finally* telling her everything. How she would react was unpredictable.

The single word seemed to bring the temperature of the water to below freezing. Slowly, Raeni moved further into the water until she was standing before him. Then, she lowered herself to her own knees. She felt less angry with him now that he was talking to her. The silence drove her insane. She stared into his eyes while he explained everything. A man like that would be terrifying for a child. What choice did Germanicus have but to swear allegiance to him and become his apprentice? She shivered. It was all beginning to make sense. It would be no surprise at all for Darth Diabolus to take her and use her as a weapon. Raeni let out a sigh, extinguishing what anger remained. It made sense to not tell her. Her hands reached out towards his. She took both of his in her own. She could feel his vulnerability ... and his honesty. He wasn't trying to hurt her. He was trying to destroy a monster from his childhood.

"I understand." Those were the only words she spoke to him at first. The waves continued to move back and forth through them. "I'll destroy him, Germanicus. I see now that it is essential for me to kill him in order for us to live in peace. I won't let him haunt you anymore." She certainly didn't sound afraid. If anything, she sounded strong. She held Germanicus close to her heart. She would fight his Master for his sake.

Germanicus was by now soaked, but at least he had revealed his secret to her. He rose, slowly, and nearly losing his footing in the sand that his feet had sunken into. "Let's see to the accommodations," he told her, before suddenly moving his hands beneath her to sweep her off his feet and up into his arms. He carried her up out of the water and onto the beach before moving through the shrubbery that dotted the shoreline. Before too long they were at a small cabana that had been reserved just for them. When they got inside he placed her down upon the modest bed before ridding himself of the wet clothes. He would have to make a note to request someone from the resort staff go into Coronet or Tyrena for some new clothes. He knew what was to come next, and his heart was racing. He was nervous ... he had never been with a woman before.

The accommodations. That's right. They still had to consummate their marriage. Raeni had never shared herself with anyone. As she was swept off her feet, her arms wrapped around his neck loosely. Her eyes closed. She *loved* him. She'd come to love him so much. Despite Darth Diabolus making a surprise appearance, their wedding had been memorable. She finally belonged to the House of Rodney. She looked around as they reached a private cabana. Raeni had felt so cold, but suddenly she was feverish with the thoughts of what was to come. As nervous as she was, she was also confident that this was what she wanted. No sooner had she been put on the bed did she sit up and scoot to the very end of it. There, her hands caught his to stop him from undressing himself. Instead, Raeni took over.

She began by slowly removing his tunic. She rose from the bed briefly to lift it over his head. It hit the ground with a *thunk*. It was completely soaked from their time in the water. Raeni was so close to him that her body was pressing against his. Her hands cupped his face. She kissed him. Rather than sharing a kiss of innocence, she let her lips convey her wants. She wanted him to be hers in every way. She tried to lure him into her and relax him.

Raeni's kiss drew him away from the thoughts of his master, of Alderaan, and even his quest for power. In that moment of passion all he wanted was *her*. The titles of Dark Lord of the Sith and King of Alderaan could wait ... right now he was content to be her husband. The heat between them stirred a passion in him that he had never felt before, and as the kiss broke he began awkwardly moving his hands over her in an attempt to help remove the wedding dress from her. What lay beneath was a sight of alluring, intoxicating beauty that he did not feel prepared for. The love he felt for her weakened him ... even now he could feel the call towards the light.

A happiness began to fill Raeni. Though the day had been trying, she had gotten to marry the man who she loved. Now she had the opportunity to share herself with him in the most intimate of ways. Her body began to ache for him. The clothing separating them became a burden she wanted to be rid of. Her dress was a pain to remove given that it was very tight and fit her body like a glove. She aided him in removing it until it slid down the length of her legs and pooled at her feet. She stepped out of the gown. All she wore now was a simplistic pair of white panties. Besides that, the entirety of her body was his to look upon. She'd become so much healthier since they met. The regular meals and lack of abuse did wonders for her. Raeni smiled shyly at him. This was a big day for both of them.

Her hands directed towards his wet pants. She fiddled with them for a moment before successfully undoing them and sliding them off. Her fingers were shaky on his flesh. She was nervous. She was excited. Her eyes fell on him, naked for the very first time. The heat in her body rose once more. She was so attracted to him. She was glad that everything was beginning to work out. "I love you, Germanicus." Spoken in a soft, sweet whisper.

"I love you too, Raeni," Germanicus pledged to her. What started as a bid for power and political necessity had become a genuine love affair. He never could have seen that coming, but that was what the force seemed to have willed for him. He moved towards the bed cautiously, as he feared disappointing her. In truth he was not much of a man, and his confident outward appearance was mostly for show. He had spent enough time on the HoloNet to have some idea of what to do, but he was not sure if he was capable of doing it, and for how long. As he looked to her he suddenly felt like his mouth was very dry, and he coughed attempting to clear his throat. He reached for the pitcher of water on the nightstand, but his trembling hand only clumsily knocked it over. "Damn it," he muttered, before shifting in the bed to make himself more comfortable.

It would be up to Raeni to lead the way, for she was growing in confidence, especially when she was around him. The young woman slid off her final garment. She sat on the bed and eased herself to lay down. It felt so exposing being nude. It was also nerve wrecking to jump from kisses and hugs to sex, yet she felt ready. Her eyes were on him. She watched every little movement he made, including when he accidently knocked over the pitcher of water. She tried to catch the pitcher before it all spilled out but failed. "Damn." She was nervous. He was nervous. They were fumbling at the foot of the final act of union. Again, Raeni tried to ease her love. She leaned over him as he laid down. Her lips reunited with his. Ever so slowly, she began to climb on top of his body. Her lengthy blonde hair fell over her shoulder. She was careful like she believed the weight of her body was going to hurt him. Five centuries later, the fronts of their nude bodies were pressed together. Raeni felt immense sensations from all the physical contact. She began to feel good, *really* good. Her hips initiated a little dance of intimacy with his own. She understood what was going to happen from an anatomy aspect. It was different emotionally. She didn't want to ruin it.

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