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Alice Bee and Christopher Levy.
One year after the Battle of Yavin (36:8:28) in the Coruscant system: Coruscant (Imperial City: Magonlia's Pawn Shop, Magnolia Ta'em's apartment, Marcus Rodney's suite).
Duke Marcus Rodney, Duchess Zara Rodney, and Magnolia Ta'em.

"Shhhhhhh!" Duchess Zara Rodney whispered to her twins. "Daddy will never find us if we're quiet. Then we will never have to go and meet Great Grandma Magnolia." Within their Coruscant suite, Zara had requested that *many* pillows be brought to their room. Those many pillows now formed the ultra comfortable fort that she and the twins were procrastinating life in...or playing! Darrus cooed loudly, causing Zara's attention to shift from Sia to him. "What are you doing!?" She spoke in a playful voice. She gently grabbed him by his little feet and slid him closer to her. "You cutie baby boy!" Zara bent her head down and placed kisses on his tummy. Darrus began to laugh loudly, then Sia joined in as she grew over excited by her mother. Marcus was, of course, out on a pregnancy craving run. This time, Zara was after chocolate. If he wanted specifics, *any* was as specific as she got. Between the impending dinner with the Emperor, being on her home planet, and meeting with her grandma, Zara was feeling a teensy, weensy bit stressed out. The more chocolate her husband brought back, the better.

The door to their suite opened up revealing a soaked Duke Marcus Rodney. He had been caught in an unexpected rainstorm, and the airspeeder he rented did not have an umbrella. He did, however, have a bag under his arm bearing the all too familiar Auntie Mae logo. "Zara!" he called out, as he moved through the suite until he entered the bedroom, finding the pillow fort. "Oh my goodness. Impregnable defenses," he teased, as he attempted to find his wife and children. "I'm afraid I have some bad news. They were fresh out of purple potato ice cream," he said, with a cringe, hoping she would not send him back out into the rain. "The staff got a real kick out of my ordering it. At first, they thought I was a celebrity impersonator," he said, as he sat down on the edge of the bed. "Speaking of that ... I'm ... uh ... afraid I've made HoloNet News again," he said, as he rolled his eyes, and offered over the bag of ice cream. "I got the new Sierra flavor. Terrible thing the King did. We should have warned her," he said, before breaking down into laughter.

"Shhhh!!" She heard Marcus arrive. It wouldn't be long before he found where they were obviously hiding. "Gahhhh!" Darrus grabbed a handful of her silver hair and attempting to eat it. "Darrus, hair is not for eating. We've been through this. You get to try baby food when we get back home. That'll be yummier than milk... I hope." She pried her hair out from his vice-like grip. "Impregnable defenses, that's what she said." Zara shot at her husband then began laughing like a fool. "Hiya honey! You're all wet." She frowned. When she sent him outside, the skies had been bright. Five minutes later, they were dark and it was pouring. The words 'bad news' were met with a Rodney pout on her face. As long as he had something sweet in the bag, Zara would survive. She took out a wall of the pillow fort to reveal herself and the twins.

"You made HoloNet News again? What did you do this time? I hope we were wearing clothes... I swear, those reporters never leave us alone." She took the bag from him and opened it up. Inside, she found *ice cream*!! Her smile doubled. "Yay! Thank you, Marcus!" There was even a spoon inside of the bag! She opened up the ice cream before she burst out laughing. "Oh my Germanicus! I've watched that holocam video a million times. It's so funny!" She took a spoonful of ice cream and shoved it in her mouth. Her craving was instantly satisfied. "Don't let that King near me ever again, okay? I don't want the same thing to happen to me."

"What happened to you saying you'd do *anything* for the people of Delaya?" Marcus teased her, as she went to work on her ice cream. "It really wasn't her best moment, although it might have been his," he informed her, before turning his attention to their children, whom he missed very much despite being gone for only a half hour to purchase the treats. "Have you located Grandma Magnolia?" he asked her, feeling much safer now that she had ice cream. Before she could answer the question he reached over and plucked up Sia, as he now had an adorable shield to protect him as he broached the uncomfortable subject of the potential family reunion.

"Okay. You can invite the King over and I'll do anything for Delaya. How would you like that?" She stuck her tongue out at him. Zara knew he wouldn't like that at all...and neither would she. She had seen far too much naked Squib on the video that he had given them. She spooned an extra big scoop of ice cream into her mouth as he asked about her grandma. The expression on her face provided a solid answer: yes. That was what prompted her to hide while he was away. She watched him use Sia as a super cute human shield. Zara was in awe of how much both of the babies had grown now that they were almost four months old. "...Yeah, I did.." Her birth family was the reason why they'd come to Coruscant. She needed to face her grandmother even though she was scared. She dug her bare feet into the carpet nervously. "I haven't seen her in so long. I'm scared. What if she's seen our video? What if she hates me? What if we find out that my family is really nasty and evil and you decide you don't love me anymore and leave me?" Zara said breathlessly.

"I think that would be the first battle of the Delayan-Squibbian War," Marcus teased her, as he imagined the King doing what he did to Sierra to Zara. "Well there's only one way to find out. How about we head over after the rain lets up and find out?" he said to her, as he tried to boost her confidence. "Oh come on!" he protested, as he turned his attention away from Sia to look at her. "You know that everyone who has seen our video loves us," he said, before smirking at her with a wide grin and reddened cheeks. "I will always love you and will *never* leave you," he promised her, before safely placing Sia down and moving over to place a reassuring kiss upon her lips.

She laughed. The Delayan-Squibbian War would need to take place on Skor II, otherwise there would be a spoon crisis. Zara was reluctant to agree to go meet her grandma. She was always going to have worries, especially after what Luna had done... She looked at Sia and recalled when her sister had stolen their baby girl. Whenever she felt doubt about killing Luna, Sia and Darrus reminded her of why she couldn't be around anymore. Everyone slept better knowing her sister wasn't out their plotting how to destroy their lives. "That's because our video was beautiful. It wasn't made for everyone to see." She grumbled. Zara would *never* be over the fact that their most intimate moments were all over the HoloNet. Her pout grew deeper while he reassured her. Still, she accepted his kiss and began to warm up to the idea of achieving what they had come here for. "You're not allowed to leave me," she said as she nibbled on his lower lip. "The drunky priest said you'd be with me until death. I'm not dead yet!" She kissed him once more. She couldn't do this without him. Being on Coruscant alone was uncomfortable. She had worries about the Emperor exposing her family's past. Zara's hormones were getting the better side of her. "We'll do it. When it stops raining ... *if* it stops raining, we'll go." She brush her hands over Sia's silvery hair. "You're going to meet your great grandma. She'll love you because you and your brother are *perfect*." She looked at Marcus. "You should change. I don't want you to be cold." Her arms slowly wrapped around him to share her own body warmth.

The moment Zara said they would go *if* it stopped raining a blinding light came through the window as the clouds parted and the sun began to shine brightly upon them. "Ah. That was fortuitous," he said, as he reached over and grabbed Zara's knee before giving her a little shake. "Yes. I'll go change to meet your grandmother," he said, giving her leg a squeeze, before rising from the bed and moving towards the walk in closet. He stripped out of his wet clothes, carelessly leaving them on the floor for the maid to deal with it. Then he began to change into his darkened outfit highlighted with the red that signified the House of Rodney. He stepped forward, outstretching his arms, and smiling at his family. "Tada," he said, before taking a comedic spin around.

"Noooooooo." She moaned at the sun. The little shake helped her out of her funk. Regardless of what happened, they were going to come back to this very suite and be together. Marcus could join in the pillow fort next time. While he dressed himself, Zara rose and slipped on a pair of shoes. She grabbed socks for the twins and was still sliding them on Sia's feet when he returned. Zara whistled. "Ooh. Gimme some sugar, sexy!" She gave out a pathetic catcall, laughing as she did it. "Alright kiddos. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can have pillow fort time with daddy." She lifted Sia off of the bed then Darrus. She kissed both of their foreheads. "I love you both." She whispered to them. She was *ready* ... mostly.

Inside of the speeder, Zara recounted the directions to Grandma Magnolia's home. She felt sicker the closer they came. It was mostly caused as a result of Zara noticing different places from her childhood. Everything felt different from when she had been a kid. She looked down at her children as she wondered what happy memories she had to share with them. "It's that one, right there." Zara pointed out a two story building. It was an old pawn shop on the first floor, but the second was obviously a living space. The sight of it brought back so much. She recalled spending time with Grandma Magnolia before Luna was trustworthy enough to care for her alone. She remembered working in the pawn shop on used droids. It was the first time someone had put a hydrospanner in her hands and had brought on her fascination with working on all things mechanical. Zara glanced down at the chronometer which bore her family's crest. She took a deep breath. "I-I don't know if I can do this, Marcus. She might not even know I'm alive."

Marcus was proud of Zara for doing this. He believed she was doing the right thing. As the speeder moved across Coruscant they passed an obnoxiously large neon billboard advertising Auntie Mae's, which made him shake his head and blush. "You can do it, Zara. She's your grandma ... if she doesn't know you're alive she'll be glad to know," he said, as he wrapped his arm around her tightly. "Set her down here," he instructed the droid, who gently descended their luxury speeder down to the street level in front of the pawn store. "Here we are, but take your time," he said, as he looked towards her, trying to instill confidence in her with a reassuring look.

Zara wasn't sure about that. What if she asked about Luna? She frowned, burying her head against Marcus' chest. She had never expected to come back here and reconnect with family. Her concerns increased as the speeder engine went quiet. They had arrived but Zara was still doubtful if she could actually do it. She stared down at her knees. It all happened when she was twelve. The day her family was executed would never leave her mind. She tried to lock it up, but it got out at times. She *had* to do this. If not for herself, for their children. Sia, Darrus, and whoever came afterward would never know *any* of the Ta'em family if she didn't stand up and walk into her grandmother's pawn store. "Okay." She inhaled. "Okay... I think you better hold the children.." Her knees were visibly shaking as she handed Sia and Darrus over to their father. She forced herself out of the speeder with buckling knees. "I used to come help my grandma here all the time." She told Marcus. "'Magnolia's Magnificent Junk', it used to be called." She noticed that now it simply said 'Pawn' in neon lights. "I worked on old droids. Nothing as old as Nana though."

Each step brought her closer to the door. "Okay... Okay..." Her hand reached out, gripping the handle of the door. When she pushed it open, a gentle chime of a bell could be heard. It made Zara jump ten feet. It also announced her arrival.

From behind the counter, Magnolia Ta'em shook her head. "This is *not* an original!" She said, tapping her finger on the jukebox in between her hands. "I know a fake when I see it. I've been in this very same shop for 45 years. I was alive when this fake was popular!" She grumbled at the customer who was very clearly trying to screw her out of credits. Throughout all of the years, the sound of the bell still momentarily caught her attention. She looked up through the heaps of random items in her shop. What she saw at the door made her drop the jukebox to the ground. Its pieces exploded this way and that. As the screws rolled across the floor, Magnolia stepped out from behind the counter. One of her hands was clenching her chest. Her mouth was wide open. She could hear the customer complaining, to which she threw up her palm to silence him. "A *real* SoroSuub jukebox would have never broken from such a short fall. Leave my shop! I'm closing early!" The elderly woman was too busy making her way towards a true ghost of the past. She stood before her granddaughter. "Zara?!" Tears were streaming down her face an instant later. Even if Magnolia was blind, she would have recognized her son's youngest daughter.

Marcus moved behind his wife, keeping silent, but doing his best to attend to each of their children with both of his hands. He cradled them in his arms, supporting their heads, but when their great grandmother stepped forward and began to cry he inhaled deeply, not knowing what to expect. Darrus began to get fidgety and make noises, which caused him to look down and make silly faces at his son to try and distract him, and to enable his wife and her grandmother to have an uninterrupted reunion. His eyes looked towards Zara, wishing he could do more to support her, but unfortunately his hands were full. He did, however, wish her the best with what was about to happen.

Zara wasn't feeling so hot. Seeing her grandmother brought on an overwhelming sea of emotions. The wave crashed into her and flooded her. There were so many reasons why she had avoided Coruscant like the plague. She couldn't mentally handle facing the past. "It's her..." Zara whispered, suddenly feeling like she was going to faint. "G-Grandma..." The woman had aged so much since the last time she saw her. Her dark hair had gone completely grey. The liveliness that once existed in her eyes was gone. She and Zara only barely resembled each other. It was clear that Zara had not inherited her silvery hair from her grandmother. As the woman approached her, the dizzy feeling magnified. "I think I need to..." She began as she lowered herself to the ground in time to faint. Her blood pressure had been sky high since talk of Coruscant began.

Magnolia blinked the tears away. She moved closer to Zara. Darrus' noises made her look behind Zara. Clearly, Magnolia hadn't kept up with the times. She had *no* idea that her granddaughter was alive, married, and had two beautiful children. It was death that had pulled the Ta'em family apart, but it seemed life had brought them back together. "Zara!" She reached out towards her just in time to feel her faint in her arms. She looked up at the man, clutching Zara. "She's alive..." The old woman couldn't believe her eyes. She squeezed the girl for all she was worth before remembering that the girl had passed out. Her head lifted. "Horris! I need you!" She yelled. From within the shop, an old B2 battle droid came walking towards her. The paint job had been customized. It was painted purple and black...alike to Zara's bodysuit. The droid stopped in from of Magnolia. "Pick her up and take her upstairs. Place her in my bed." She ordered the large droid. Once Zara was secured, Magnolia turned her attention on the man and what could only be her great grandchildren. "Thank you for bringing my granddaughter back to me." She said. The tears kept coming while she spoke. "Come with me. I live above this shop. Tell me about yourself and about those beautiful children." She led Marcus towards a turbolift.

"Zara!" Marcus cried as he watched her go down and faint, wishing he could do anything, but whatever he did would likely jeopardize his grasp on the children. When he saw a repurposed B2 battle droid emerge on the scene, his guard went up, and he drew the two children nearer his chest ... grandma or no grandma. He was quick to follow Magnolia and the droid, never letting Zara out of his sight. "My name is Marcus Rodney. *Duke* Marcus Rodney," he explained, introducing himself, as he entered the turbolift. "This is Lord Darrus and Lady Sia," he continued, but when he named the children, he did not release his grasp on them. He was still acting cautious. *Very* cautious. The lesson of Luna Ta'em was still with him.

For the second time, Magnolia clutched her chest and her jaw dropped. "*Duke*?!" She thought of Zara eating flatcakes with syrup dripping down her chin when she was old enough to know better. "Does that mean..?" She looked towards Zara and Horris. Zara was a *Duchess*. It seemed they both had a lot to fill each other in on. She grasped the railing in the turbolift so she, too, didn't faint. "I'm so happy to meet you all. After what happened to my son, no one could find Zara. I assumed the Imperials had taken her and done away with her just like her brother and sister." Magnolia briefly reflected on it. She had not been strong enough to attend the public hanging. The turbolift opened. Magnolia Ta'em's home was like a time capsule. There were many pictures projected onto the walls of Zara, Luna and Valin. There were even pictures of Starcaster and his wife, Ava. It was Starcaster Ta'em who bore the family's signature silver hair while Ava was a dirty blonde. She watched the battle droid place Zara on her bed in the next room. "Great grandchildren..." Magnolia saw in awe as she looked over Darrus and Sia. She was a stranger to their father, so, understandably, she did not ask to hold them. "Please. Sit. Is there anything I can get you..?" Her hands were shaking as she reached beneath her coffee table to reveal a large photo album. "I never thought Zara would marry." She said, opening up the book. "She was such a dirty little girl. She always had a hydrospanner in her hand. She refurbished my droid."

Marcus instantly recognized the image of Luna, which caused him to momentarily cringe, but the other individuals were unknown to him. "Yes. Great grandchildren," he began, but hesitated before going further. "...with more on the way," he added, before moving through the living space to take a peek at Zara whilst Magnolia continued to speak. He moved to take a seat, but did not release his grasp on the children. "That's how I met her," he explained, remembering her in the garage where they reconnected and were nearly killed. "She is very handy," he explained, as he looked over the images that Mangolia was presenting. He was beginning to get comfortable. He was beginning to let his guard down.

"More on the way!?" She sounded delighted by that fact. The old woman had lived years believing that her only son and his whole family were gone. A happiness filled her when she discovered Zara was alive and that she had a *growing* family. "Congratulations!" She positioned the book where Marcus could see. "Really? You'll have to tell me that story... And others... It's been so long. When did you two marry?" She frowned briefly. It wasn't Zara alone who had to face the past in reconnecting. "Look," she said, pointing to a picture of a very young Zara held in a headlock by Luna. "These girls fought so much you would have thought they were brothers." She pointed to another picture. "This is my son, Starcaster." In the picture, the man was grinning. His arms were wrapped around a woman. "And this, Ava, Zara's mother ... it's such a shame..." She shook her head, quickly flipping past pictures of her son. The next image she stopped on was one of Zara, approximately six years old, dressed up like a Dewback. Magnolia chuckled. "I'll let you take this book home so you can share these memories with all of your children."

"Thank you, Granny Ta'em," Marcus replied, as he debated internally just how much to trust this woman and what to tell her. "Well, it was a private ceremony, in the islands," he told her, before his cheeks reddened and his throat tightened. When he was presented the image of Luna and Zara fighting he did not comment, but he wanted to say that things had not changed much. "Yes," he said, about it being a shame, but he did not know what else to say. "Oh. That is kind, but don't you want it?" he asked, as he looked over the remaining pictures. His wife made for a cute Dewback.

"Ooh. That sounds *wonderful*. I'm glad Zara found someone who's good for her. She's been through so much.." It was to everyone's relief that Granny Ta'em wasn't tech savvy. She was blissfully unaware of Zara and Marcus' HoloNet scandal. The old woman shook her head. "No. I want to make a new album with new memories. I want to be in Zara's life again." Magnolia's spirits had been lifted. She looked down at Darrus and Sia. "Twins." She said in awe. "I love the names."

Duchess Zara Rodney was coming back to in Magnolia's bedroom. "Mmm..." She slowly sat up. She knew exactly where she was despite all of the years. *Nothing* had changed. The sound of Marcus and Magnolia speaking barely touched the bedroom. She hoped that the conversation between the two of them was going well. She had developed her own trust issues after Luna. Zara rose and made her way towards the living room where they were sitting. She saw the photo album and immediately began to blush. "Granny, what did you show him?" Zara seemed to be feeling better. She smiled. She embraced her grandma tightly. "I missed you so much, Granny. I'm sorry I didn't come back sooner. After all that happened...I didn't know *how*."

Magnolia sighed. After hugging Zara, she felt certain that this wasn't a dream. She had survived. "I'm happy you're back now." The past didn't matter to her. Magnolia had spent a long time replaying the day of destiny in her head. She recalled exactly where she was standing when her friend delivered the news that Starcaster Ta'em's family was dead. As she pulled back from the hug, she noticed the chrono hanging from a chain on Zara's neck. "The Kain Burgan chrono..." She brushed her old hands over it. "How did you find one of these?" She adjusted. Her hands rapidly moved into her pockets. What she withdrew was a chrono identical to the one Zara had stolen, only it showed wear from Magnolia using it every day.

The chrono. The antique that brought him and Zara together and inexorably altered their lives for all time. It marked the moment in their lives when they ceased to become individuals and instead became a couple. He wanted to tell the story, but he decided that it was better for Zara to share. He felt like anything he could say would only spoil the reunion between Zara and her grandmother, and therefore focused his attention on the children, but never stopped listening. He was pleased that everything was going well so far, and could not contain the smile that had formed on his face. His grandparents were long gone ... his parents recently gone ... Magnolia Ta'em represented a link to the past he desperately wanted for his children.

A piece of the Ta'em family still existed in Magnolia. Zara felt her letting go of those untrusting feelings all too quickly. Magnolia Ta'em was old and frail. What was she capable of doing? Her question about the chrono brought a smile to her face. It held such a deeper meaning than just bearing the Ta'em family crest. Without that chrono, there would be no twins, and no Zara and Marcus. Her eyes flickered towards Marcus and their children. In her absence, it seemed nothing had gone wrong. It was the best case scenario. "It's complicated... You remember Kain Burgan, clearly. He smuggled me out of Coruscant after the execution." She began explaining. "He took me back to Alderaan and I worked in his chrono shop. It wasn't enough. Seeing my family die like that.. I started living wildly. I became a thief for hire. Data, valuables, *anything*." She lightly explained to her grandma. "Once Alderaan was gone, I heard rumors of one of the Duke's sons on Delaya collecting Alderaan treasures. It was a long shot. When I snuck into Marcus' quarters, I found that he had the chrono." She could see Magnolia's face turning pale as she explained her illegal activities. "I stole it from him. We made an impact on each other, and he came to the garage I was working in on Etti IV. The rest is history. It all started with this chrono. I wouldn't have anything without it." Zara reached out towards Magnolia and squeezed her hands. "D-Don't worry. I don't do anything like that anymore."

Silence answered Zara's wild story. Magnolia was digesting it. She had gone on to become a thief. To succeed in infiltrating a castle, Zara had to have some talents. Her shock started to wear off. "I blame your father. He was a wild child. Before he joined the Rebellion, Starcaster was a smuggler. His business was far from legal." Magnolia explained. "He was such a bad influence. He even involved your mother in it..." She rolled her eyes. "Whatever the story, I'm so happy to have you back. You have a beautiful family, my Zara." The tears began to return to Magnolia's eyes. She clutched both Zara and Marcus.

No matter how many times he heard the story of their union it never got old. A smile came to his face as he remembered their first, brief encounter and how it was love at first theft. He could not wait until the children were old enough to hear this story. "Yes. She's become quite the Duchess. An inspiration to the people of Delaya," he finally chimed in, seeing the opportunity to enter the conversation and celebrate his wife. He smiled at Zara's grandmother as she clutched them, before moving his eyes cautiously to his wife. "Granny Ta'em, would you like to hold them?" he asked, hoping it would be ok with Zara, as he finally released the twins from his tight grasp.

Magnolia lit up with pride. "I bet she is! That's *my* Zara." She squeezed her granddaughter extra tight. "I'm so proud of you, dear. Your father would have been proud too. He only ever wanted the best for you." She shifted towards Marcus at his question. Her smile had grown even wider. She opened up her arms. "Yes, yes, yes!" The old woman was crying again. The impossible had become possible right before her eyes. As he transferred each twin to her, Magnolia carefully held them. She began making faces at them. "I can't wait until you're old enough to eat cookies." She said to the two smiling children. Now she could imagine herself becoming a true grandmother. "You can come over to Granny Ta'em's house any time. I'll come visit you too." She looked down at Sia, amazed that the silver hair had been passed down to another generation.

Seated on the couch, Zara watched the exchange. Her cheeks were red from her husband's compliments as well as her grandmother's. She felt *good*. Meeting with Magnolia had been the right decision. She owed Marcus thanks for supporting her and not allowing her to hide in her pillow fort. She totally approved of her grandma holding the twins. Sia and Darrus remained in a good mood. She watched Darrus reach up to grasp at Magnolia's hair. He'd recently gotten into pulling Zara's hair. "You *have* to come visit, grandma! There's so much I want to show you. We live in a castle!" She said, laughing at how ridiculous it all seemed. When she left, Zara was twelve years old. In the span of five years, so much had changed. She looked over at Marcus. Her mouth was writing checks that she hoped he was approving.

Marcus watched how Magnolia handled the babies very carefully, as he entered full overprotective mode. He hardly breathed until she settled into a suitable position with them. "Yes. Do please come, Granny Ta'em," he said, echoing his wife's invitation. He reached across towards Zara, taking her wrist in his hand and giving her a gentle and reassuring squeeze to encourage her. He was so proud of her for going through with this. "Yes. A castle with *many* rooms. We'll always have room for *family*," he added, trying his best to be helpful in the reunion of the two Ta'ems.

Zara noticed herself moving closer to Magnolia out of her own overprotection. Nothing could turn that instinct off. Marcus made her happy by supporting her and having a relationship with her grandma after they were burned so badly by Luna. Her hand ran over his. She loved him so much. When they arrived back at the suite, she was going to snuggle the heck out of him! "Mhm! We won't have to share a bed when you come over. Do you remember me, you, and Luna all piling into one bed?" She laughed. Instead of going for Magnolia's hair, at last minute, Darrus grabbed his mother's silvery hair. "Aw, you got me." She reached out to take Darrus from her grandma. "I think we're going to go for now, Granny. I promise we'll be in touch."

Magnolia shifted her attention to Sia alone now that she held just one child. She placed a kiss on the little girl's forehead. "I love you," she told the child before carefully handing her back to Marcus. "Such wonderful children." She grasped the photo album, giving it to Zara. "Please, take this. I want you to be able to share these memories with your children." She hugged Marcus and Sia, then Zara and Darrus. "Thank you for coming."

After collecting the photo album and sharing a teary goodbye with Granny Ta'em, the family moved to the turbolift, then out of the pawn shop and into the speeder. In the back of the speeder, Zara leaned over and kissed her husband. "Thank you so much for encouraging me to come meet her. I couldn't have ever done this without you. Now I get to have my grandma.. And the twins have a *great* grandparent... All because of you." She had tears in her eyes. "I love you."

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