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Sam Allen and Christopher Levy.

One year before the battle of Yavin (34:3:9) in the Brentaal system: Black Raven and Brentaal IV (Cormond: Enkido's estate) and the Salliche system: Black Raven and Salliche (Netassa: Spaceport).


Maarek Dune, Rieve, Trassk, and Flight Lieutenant Reek Trolg.


Trassk, a Trandoshan thug in the employ of the Rodian crime lord Enkido, stood on the docking platform on the East side of Enkdio's estate on the outskirts of Cormond, the capital of Brentaal. He was expecting the imminent arrival of a freighter that his boss had contracted to transport a shipment of spice. He was an impatient being, and if he was made to wait much longer, this would surely sour his mood. His eyes slowly moved towards the cargo containers that had been neatly stacked on the platform, making one last headcount before the freighter arrived.

Maarek looked at the time. It was getting very close to the time. Dealing with the dang TIE fighters yet again with anything he was and is doing at all. The platform was right in front of him, as he lowered the landing gear down out of the Black Raven. Hands moved over the controls, as the loading platform from his ship lowered down so the cargo can be placed onto it. Making his way down to meet the other man that was there. "I am here for the cargo," cold eyes looked right at the other man.

"The shipment is over there," Trassk said coldly, motioning to the four cargo containers that had been stacked next to him. "The rate is the same as last time," he went on to explain, "But this time the shipment is going to Netassa on Salliche. Your contact will meet you in the spaceport. His name is Rieve."

Maarek's eyes narrowed, as a nod was given to him, "Well I may need more. One being that the TIEs up there are getting a little harder to get pass. Two being the trips are getting farther, and fuel is not cheep. I want five hundred more credits for the runs." Moving away from the man to get the cargo ready for transport.

Trassk sneered at the Human, which he considered to be a member of an inferior species. He then looked at the control panel next to the cargo, and accessed the terminal. After several moments of entering keystrokes furiously, his attention once again turned towards the smuggler. "Very well, Human," he began, "You will receive 5,500 credits for this shipment ... but you had better be quick with it."

Maarek shook his head. " It will get there in time, if I do not have any trouble up top with the TIE's in space." Loading the cargo onto the Black Raven, " Anything I need to know about the cargo?"

"No," Trassk said quick and to the point, "What's inside those containers is none of your concern."

Maarek shook his head some, as he had the lift with the cargo go back up into the ship, "The cargo will be where it needs to be in time." He did a look over of his ship, as he then got back onboard of her, and he then closed her up and made his way back to the bridge area of the ship. The Black Raven lifted up off the ground, as Maarek put more power to the engines of the ship. Slowly the ship moved away from the landing platform, as it made its way towards space. Getting ready for any trouble that may be there for him and the ship. Maarek hoped that the TIEs would not be there. Slowly putting more power to the engines, as he was putting in the coordinates for Salliche.

Lieutenant Trolg piloted his new TIE/ln towards the YT-1300 that appeared on his sensors. He was trigger happy after his encounter with X-wings last week, and was not about to let another transport get by carrying illegal cargo. He accelerated to attack speed, and attempted to raise the YT-1300 over the comlink, "Unidentified transport ... please identify. Over."

Maarek turned the comlink on, "This is the Black Raven. What can I do for you today? Over." Attack speed it seemed that the TIE was coming in on.

"Standby for a standard scan of your cargo. Over," Lieutenant Trolg informed the freighter captain over the comlink. He slowed his craft as the freighter entered his crosshairs, and began a standard scan of the vessel's cargo. He waited patiently for the scan to be completed while continuing to question the pilot, "What is your cargo and destination? Over."

Maarek chuckled to himself. He turned the comlink back on, "Dried goods. Taking it to Aldaaren." His eyes looked to see what was going on around him.

Trolg sighed to himself as the scan for weaponry once again came up negative. He wondered if this system was really as hot as the reports indicated. After a moment, he once again activated the comlink, "Very well transport ... you are cleared to proceed. Over and out."

Maarek hit the comlink back on, "Have fun." Chuckled yet again to himself, as he made his run to get away. The nav computer told him he was able to make the jump. The Black Raven made her way right into hyperspace to Salliche.

The Black Raven dropped out of hyperspace close to Salliche. Maarek looked over to make sure that is where he was meant to be. A nod of his head was given to him self, "Well kid you did it again." The ship would slow some, as they were approaching the planet. He had scanners up and running. All he would need know was a trap of some kind. The Black Raven made its way into the atmosphere of Salliche. Maarek closed his eyes some. He never really liked this part at all. After the ship stopped with her shaking he then looked for Netassa spaceport, "This is the Black Raven to Netassa spaceport. Over."

A docking authority officer from the Netassa spaceport activated his comlink after locating the Black Raven on his traffic control sensors, "Black Raven ... this is Netassa spaceport. What is your business here on Salliche? Over."

Maarek turned back on the comlink, " Dried goods. Over." A shake of his head was given.

"Very well, Black Raven," the docking authority officer continued, "You're cleared to land in docking bay twenty-seven."

"Understood dock authority," Maarek's voice came over the comlink. Killing the comlink, as he made his way into land. The landing legs folded down from under the Black Raven. His eyes looked to see how close the computer told him he was to touching the ground. Softly pulling back on the controls, as the Black Raven landed on the landing pad. Time to wait for this Rieve to show up.

Rieve, a male Human outlaw, walked into the docking bay. He had received the information regarding the shipment from Enkido's people on Brentaal. He was in a rush, and it showed. The last thing he wanted was the local pesky security force poking their noses in his business. "Hey," he shouted to the cockpit of the freighter, "Get down here and start unloading this stuff."

Maarek heard the yell. A shake of his head was given, as he moved to where the cargo was at and lowered it down from the cargo hold. Riding the lift down with the cargo, "Can always come onboard." A shake of the head was given yet again.

"We don't have time for that," Rieve explained, "Local security and SallicheAg corporate security are crawling over this rock. Why anyone would want to start distributing here is beyond me."

A nod was given. "Do not ask me. I just drop the stuff and go," Maarek said, "You have some one to take it from here?"

"Yeah," Rieve said as he walked towards the cargo containers to begin inspecting them, "The sooner you leave the easier this'll be."

Maarek gave a nod to the man, "Have a nice time." The lift rose back into the ship, as he then walked to the cockpit and turned on the comlink, "This is the Black Raven. I need the OK to take off. Over."

The Netassa spaceport docking authority officer again activated his comlink to the Black Raven, "Black Raven. You are clear to depart. We hope you enjoyed your stay on Salliche. Over and out."

The Black Raven lifted off the port's pad. The landing gear folded up into herself. Maarek looked to see how all systems where doing, as he then took off back into space and back to home.

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